Best Flamenco Venues In Washington Near Me

GALA Hispanic Theatre Yolit Flamenco, Alma Dance Studio Furia Flamenca Dance Company Taberna del Alabardero Bodega Spanish Tapas & Lounge Atlas Performing Arts Center

1. GALA Hispanic Theatre - Washington

· 227 reviews

3333 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20010

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GALA Hispanic Theatre: what do users think?

Sandy Ovalle: It’s easy to access! I love supporting local art and this place has a lot of history. They are keeping masks on which I support. I was there for the screening of La Manplesa and loved the experience. They validate parking, but our ticket didn’t work.

Tan Sav: Small theatre. I thought the stage design was excellent. Sound got a bit loud here and there otherwise excellent. Centrally located near the metro and restaurants.

Rosana Barkawi: Almost 3 hrs of singing and dancing. Made my heart smile 😊

Brandon Johnson: Went here twice in a weekend for the reel affirmations film festival. Very nice space that keeps the charm of an old theater while still being updated.

Frank Canales: An entity that contributes to keep our culture flourishing.

Brian M: Great venue. The table church has a service here every morning on Sunday. Great acoustics, ample seating but I will say it’s a little tight. Cute lobby. On site parking is available.

Jean Horner: Went on a 3rd grade field trip, saw a play about Picasso. Perfect content for the kids, emphasized he zest for life and living to the fullest. Bilingual production. Really in impressed. Located downtown DC. Rough commute for showtime, got stuck in am traffic. Lovely theater, small and intimate, but professional.

Karen L: Have not seen a bad production here. Some I have liked more than others, but the theater is intimate and comfortable. Pick a higher seat if your Spanish is rusty. The subtitles worked well for my non-Sp friends.

Soky Losada: Great venue, one of the hidden gems in DC. Amazing production with local artists. I went to see Exquisite Agony, (Exquisita Agonía) if you don’t speak Spanish they have subtitles in English projected onto two screens. Fascinated by the high level of the Artists, definitely I will come back for more.

2. Yolit Flamenco, Alma Dance Studio - North Bethesda



· 4 reviews

12221 Parklawn Dr #160, Rockville, MD 20852

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Yolit Flamenco, Alma Dance Studio: what do users think?

Dorcas Taylor: Yolit is an amazing dance instructor, she is patient, and kind. She makes you feel valued and welcomed in her studio and she is gentle in guiding you to learn the dance moves. I took her beginners flamenco course. The content was spaced out evenly through the lessons so it wasn’t too difficult to stay energized and focused. I learned so much! Can’t wait to take more classes!

T N: Yolit is a wonderful flamenco instructor, she will introduce you to the magical powerful flamenco💃. She is patient, dedicated, proffesional, friendly and warm. Her studio lights up with her love for flamenco and her dedication to students. I just took her basic flamenco class and will be back for a second session and sevillanas! . No matter how basic your dancing experience is -or how advanced- you will benefit and fully immerse in her flamenco classes. We had the pleasure to learn some choreographies and got understanding of the music and feelings and technique involved! she is just amazing!!💃🌺

3. Furia Flamenca Dance Company - Fairfax County

· 5 reviews
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Furia Flamenca Dance Company: what do users think?

Lissette Godoy: Excellent Flamenco Lesson. She is very talented and a very nice person.

4. Taberna del Alabardero - Washington

· 834 reviews

1776 I St NW, Washington, DC 20006

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Taberna del Alabardero: what do users think?

Queli: After being disappointed with DC food, we ran into this gem. Not only was food incredibly delicious, the presentation was amazing and portions were great, and the service was phenomenal. Shoutout to Edgar for bringing me a real spicy spice to accompany my delicious food. He understood what Mexicans need :) Thank you to all the Taberna team for being amazing ! PS- I recommend paella and, sausage and blood sausage tapas !

Eduardo Sevilla: Old school D.C. restaurant, classic service and ambiance serving fine Spanish cuisine that no longer overwhelms you but will satisfy your Iberian peninsula cravings. Tapas for dinner is the way to go, variety and well executed, albeit small portions. Outstanding wine list, only the very best varietals from all the growing regions in Spain. Grilled Bronzino, Chilean sea bass and grouper specials are highlights. Expensive paella options not my favorite.

Rachel U: Reservations for Saturday night, we were warmly greeted and seated. Unfortunately due to the busy night, we were only able to order 1 kind of paella for at least 2 people. So we ordered the lamb and cod. Both were yummy. The squid ink sticky rice was so fun. We ended with complimentary pastries. Live band and dancer were the cherry on top! Such a great experience, we will be back.

David Arrimadas: Amazing restaurant. It is a piece of Spain in Washington. The quality of the food is very high same as the professionalism of all the staff. We really felt at home. It was a great experience for our Spanish family that after five months in US is really missing our country delights. Highly recommended if you want to have a good time and food!

Joshua Russell: Classic DC restaurant that specializes in Spanish cuisine. We were able to get reservations for Sunday night to celebrate a birthday. At time of reservation I mentioned it was birthday celebration. When we arrived, we were greeted quickly and sat. They had a nice, cozy table reserved with a very nice Happy Birthday card written for our special guest! We started out with tortilla de patata, friend manchengo cheese with raspberry sauce and the cherry & mango gazpacho. Everything was superb, the favorite was the cheese with the raspberry sauce. We ordered a chicken and seafood paella to split with everyone. It was spot on with both the texture and taste one would expect from paella. The seafood that came with it were clams, mussels and shrimp. For dessert we ordered the churros with chocolate and the warm cheesecake. Not were very good and just the right size. We were surprised yet again with a very special Happy Birthday plate written in chocolate with some berries, chocolate and cookies. Very good and will look forward to coming back here again soon.

Mark Blanchard: Spain meets Dorothy Draper on the decor, pretty awesome. Food was great, serrano leg sitting in front of you getting sliced. Sadly we got a piece of bone with the serrano. The food was good, and so was the service. We enjoyed the flamenco dance and music around 830pm.

Morgan Niu: I was there for DC restaurant week. They have special menu for us. Food is good but I am a little disappointed. Service is excellent. Live music and dance are impressive. I would like to talk more about the taste of food. I had tuna guacamole tartare, tastes like poke bowl. My husband had blood sausage. Seafood paella is good. Usually it is salty in other restaurant, but not here. However it looks messy in the plate. I shared this paella with my friend. But server didn’t share it equally in out plate. I have more in my plate, it is little awkward. Dessert is caramel flan. Caramel sauce is way too strong. My husband gave it a try, he agreed with me. One drop of the caramel sauce could stay in your mouth for 5 mins. By the end of the dinner. I forget all the taste from previous dish. Only the taste of caramel in my mouth and my brain

Lynelle Nicole: The owners at DCanter Wine Boutique in Capitol Hill recommended this place. It did not disappoint. We had papas bravas, garlic shrimp, and the mixed paella with a bunch of wine. The happy hour section was lively and full of people. The section we were in was quiet and secluded; perfect for a business dinner or confidential conversation. I’d love to come back when they have live music.

Aleyda Villavicencio: We came across this place entirely by luck, but having been in Spain and loving Spanish food like we do, this place didn’t disappoint, and we felt really confident the food had to be good when we walked in and realized many tables were taken by Spanish guests. If you’re in town you have to stop here. Plus they have a lunch menu that’s very affordable!
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5. Bodega Spanish Tapas & Lounge - Washington

· 951 reviews

3116 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Bodega Spanish Tapas & Lounge: what do users think?

Dilu Namaratne: Randomly stepped into this place and it was crowded and we sat at the bar. The portions sizes are small and it is pricey. We were going to order the Paella but it was about 25 minutes to get that. We went with the hot tapas instead. They also gave bread and that was good. We had Tortilla Espanola which is basically a slice of omelette . It came with Mayo and was a bit salty for me , otherwise it was good. The Calamares fritos was not bad too. Gambas al Ajillo (shrimp sauteed in garlic)was what my husband had and the garlic and olive oil in it was good with the bread they served. We also got the Brocheta de Pollo which were the chicken skewers with peppers and that was the best dish personally.

Trev: Great Spanish spot I normally grab the Paella ! It’s good considering I’ve been to Spain a few times of course you can’t compare but I would recommend giving this restaurant a try you won’t be disappointed 👍🏼!! Grab the bottle of Sangria as well !

Mallory Bramlett: I’ll be honest, I was nervous about trying this place because I’ve never had Spanish cuisine before. My husband wanted to come here. Wow, I’m so glad I stepped outside of my comfort zone because the food did not disappoint. We had the cheese tray, a salad and lentil soup. It was surprisingly filling and SO good. Atmosphere was great too. I loved all of the details in the decor.

Alondra Ramirez: Great food! The Spanish food here was amazing! It tasted so fresh and unique. Never thought I would eat anchovies but they were phenomenal. The food was delicious and it’s always worth trying new food. You won’t be disappointed at this restaurant.

Jonah Lawson: Came here for my birthday and it was great! They have great service, great atmosphere, and great food! Any seafood options are well worth it, as well as the lamb and meatball tapas.

6. Atlas Performing Arts Center - Washington

· 394 reviews

1333 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Atlas Performing Arts Center: what do users think?

Patrick: Fantastic performing arts venue. The personnel were very friendly, funny and helpful to the artists. The theater is certainly a fantastic place for groups to get their fuse of cultural events and performing arts.

Michael Covington: Excellent venue for performances. Viewing angle from all seats are great.

Linda Neuman: This unique and gorgeous performance space never disappoints. We have seen several incredible shows here with creative staging and impressive acting. Located near many wonderful restaurants and bars, it is a great central point for an enjoyable evening out. Come by metro, then hop on a shuttle that runs up and down the street. We need more places like this.

D Waldo: A stellar cast performed the production of MARY SEACOLE. Mary, a British-Jamaican holistic nurse, frequently considered the black Florence Nightingale also nursed war wounded soldiers.

Justin Hanna: Join Triumph DC Church on Sundays at the Atlas at 10a. Atlas Performing Arts Center is a fantastic venue for arts and theatre as well as worship. Come join us and make some new friends.

ron lu: Awesome bunch of musicians from the Capital City Symphony Orchestra and the Director VickiGau is more than awesome!

Adrienne: Saw a fascinating and moving play called "The Agitators" about the decades long friendship between Frederick Douglass and Susan B Anthony. It was my first time to The Atlas and it did not disappoint. The show was great and the facilities are very nice. The picture is of an after show discussion with the Artistic Director, Playwright and Directo.

Jabari Clark: Nice set of theaters with an organic, neighborhood feel. Friendly staff and clean facilities. Comfortable chairs and temperature. Not a fan of the service fee per ticket when buying as a bundle. That may prove to be cost prohibitive to some. No dedicated parking and street parking is limited. No local metro but streetcar stop is across street. Overall pleasant experience to bring local acts to the stage.

Tracey Newman: I am STILL talking about this performance! It was phenomenal! I am hoping there will be encore performances in the future. A beautiful kind was eloquently portrayed in this piece. Very well done!

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