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Washington Conservatory of Music Levine Music - DC Campus: NW School of Rock Dudley's B Sharp Academy Duke Ellington School of the Arts DC Youth Orchestra Program Corcoran School of the Arts & Design at GW Washington Shruti -Fusion Music School The United States Air Force Band University of Maryland School of Music Model Secondary School for The Deaf Washington International School The George Washington University National Cathedral School

1. Washington Conservatory of Music - Glen Echo

路 3 reviews

7300 Macarthur Blvd, Glen Echo, MD 20812

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Washington Conservatory of Music: what do users think?

Diana Rumrill: Wonderful place to take lessons, attend high quality concerts, and find a supportive community of other adult music students!

2. Levine Music - DC Campus: NW - Washington



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2801 Upton St NW, Washington, DC 20008

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Levine Music - DC Campus: NW: what do users think?

Gilles Alfandari: Music teachers at the top of their art, for all ages and levels.

3. Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art - Washington

路 4 reviews

348 University Dr NE, Washington, DC 20064

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4. School of Rock - Washington

路 2 reviews

3529 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

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School of Rock: what do users think?

Kate Christopherson: Our child is thrilled going to DC School of Rock. Now he wants to go every day. The attention that he gets is unbelievable. Thank you so much to Chris and his team for delivering marvelous experience for our kids. Keep up the great work!

5. Dudley's B Sharp Academy - Washington

路 51 reviews

2101 Rhode Island Ave NE, Washington, DC 20018

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Dudley's B Sharp Academy: what do users think?

Lisa Jamison: A great learning experience! Being a beginner piano student, the training I received from Mr. Dudley was great especially since I didn鈥檛 know my way around the piano. He is very patient and thorough. I definitely would recommend this studio for all your musical ambitions!

fatima khambaty: Mr Dudley is patient and meets you right where you are- even as an adult student . He was able to assess me right away and we jumped right back (after my break of 25 years) into piano Lessons. He understands even though I have no jazz background how to get me to start thinking differently from my classical training. Honestly- he makes learning fun, easy and less daunting ! Thank you !

Lamia Matta: My 5-year old daughter loved taking ukulele classes with Mr. Dudley. After only a few classes, she became very enthusiastic about playing music. The classes also gave her a lot of confidence. Mr. Dudley is super kind and has a very very nice manner. I highly highly recommend the school.

HARVEY Harris: He is an excellent teacher and my 8y/o son has learned so much in a short time. He gets right down to business, and he allows him to advance at his own pace. My son looks forward to piano lessons every week. I would recommend him to anyone; a true christian demeanor on top of it all.

Bruce Britton: Working with Coach Dudley has been an amazing experience, He is very encouraging and I like that he pushes you put of your comfort zone in order for you to grow as a vocalist. I have worked with him and seen improvement as a singer. I definitely would recommend taking up his classes to anyone!

Natasha: Mr Dudley is great! My kiddos (ages 5&3) love taking lessons with him. I especially appreciate his approach in teaching younger kids.

kara taylor: Amazing, amazing, amazing. One lesson and I saw my daughter shine! She is autistic with add and Darryl was so patient with her. I am a thankful and proud mom.

6. Duke Ellington School of the Arts - Washington

路 49 reviews

3500 R St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Duke Ellington School of the Arts: what do users think?

Gina Lee Thomas: My daughter is a freshman at Duke Ellington. She has wanted to attend the school since she was six years old. She LOVES it. Duke Ellington School is such a wonderful experience for these children. Kids who are driven by the arts are special. These kids find it difficult to navigate in some school environments. Ellington is a place where they not only survive鈥hey thrive!

jayesh lakkad: Verry good school. Im from Indian state Gujarat

Maddie Grant: Awesome music school, taught by actual practitioners of the various arts.

William Young: What a School!!! If My school was like this I think I would spend more time there than At home Amazing

Jamed Sutton: A very good school,Many of the students performed well in college.

Sunya Musawwir: Beautiful school. Friendly staff.

Diana Pineda: Yes I Love This Bar and Washington I ran the Sun Maryland

7. New Sewell Music Conservatory - Washington

路 3 reviews

712 Kennedy St NW, Washington, DC 20011

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New Sewell Music Conservatory: what do users think?

Alexandra Griffin's Channel: Sewell is unpretentious, unassuming, and its instructors are steeped in a love for both music and teaching. Magic happens there! The instructors are beyond professional - they have a passion money can鈥檛 buy. From the great Ms. Mattie Jones (God rest her soul) I learned to 鈥渟ing on the breath鈥 and how to explore what my voice could do musically. I still hear her coaching words. From Mr. G. Alexander Moore I got my start in guitar, how to follow a baseline, and received a thorough grounding in music theory. They set me on my path to writing and performing songs in the area, and inadvertently led me to my now husband, a guitarist/vocalist as well who played in Austin, TX clubs. Mr. Harlan Jones kept all the trains running on time and somehow managed to do it with a smile on his face. This is a long overdue thank you to Sewell for setting me on my musical path, which has been quite a ride. If you have a chance to try them out, do it! You won鈥檛 be disappointed with the level of instruction you receive.

Jim Ingram: I am a grandparent sponsoring a grandchild...and I am pleased with the New Sewell music program

8. Levine Music - DC Campus: THEARC - Washington

路 4 reviews

THEARC, 1901 Mississippi Ave SE, Washington, DC 20020

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Levine Music - DC Campus: THEARC: what do users think?

Aron Rider: This is a beautiful campus with a great staff and fabulous faculty! Lessons are a big investment, but the orchestra program here is the best deal in town: kids 8-14 learn in a group setting, with instruments for only $100.00 a year for a weekly 90 minute class. It helps create a love and commitment to music making that can make other opportunities, like lessons and school orchestra programs, more accessible. There are so many wonderful programs at THEARC for children and adults alike: you simply must visit and see for yourself!

Emily Thaler: This is an amazing site that hosts not only Levine music students but also ballet and other students as well. Great parking space and warm and inviting space. There is also a garden group on the property that grows fresh fruits and vegetables. Truly a community center

9. DC Youth Orchestra Program - Washington

路 10 reviews

7010 Piney Branch Rd NW, Washington, DC 20012

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DC Youth Orchestra Program: what do users think?

Clayton & Jennifer Ward: We love the DC Youth Orchestra Program! Our four kids have participated over the last six years, from the intermediate level orchestras up through the top level youth orchestra. They have also been involved in the chamber music program, and the two youngest attended the summer chamber music intensive twice. Three of them have competed in the annual concerto competition. They have learned an amazing amount of repertoire, and their musical abilities have increased significantly through the DCYOP. They love their conductors and sectional teachers, and have made many friends that they keep in touch with outside of rehearsals. We love the multicultural atmosphere and the opportunities to perform in many different venues through out DC, and we are excited about the upcoming international trip!

Angela Taylor: The DC Youth Orchestra Program (DCYOP) has been a wonderful enrichment experience for our children. It has given my sons the opportunity to perform with orchestras that are suited for their current skill levels while also helping them advance to the next level of expertise. DCYOP offers a warm environment where students interact and socialize with other young musicians. DCYOP opens doors to opportunities which allow students stretch and develop. In a few short years, my sons have performed in many venues across the city, including Howard University, the Atlas Theater, the Organization of American States, the International Development Bank, and the Kennedy Center. This past winter the Youth Orchestra performed Christmas carols at the National Gallery of Art. It addition to local exposure and experiences, DCYOP has granted several travel opportunities. My oldest son, who is a member of the Youth Orchestra, participated in a free trip to New York and was able to perform with the Girls Choir of Harlem and learn more about the Civil Rights struggle through music and song. He also traveled to Bogota, Columbia, and was able to perform with members of one of the world鈥檚 largest youth orchestras. A few weeks ago, my youngest son was able to participate in a summer intensive program. Although he is not in one of the advanced orchestras, he was able to receive intense musical instruction; perform with a small chamber as well as a combined orchestra; and participate in a leadership opportunity designed for community outreach. I highly recommend the DCYOP! It helps students develop a love of music while building lifelong memories and opportunities.


Kwame Kankam-Boadu: This is great for the children and community. Fantastic music teachers, excellent program.

Lisa Davis: It is a music program where they teach from beginning music students to advanced level musicians.

Maria Alva: An amazing program with inspiring and dedicated teachers. Open to all. So thankful 馃檹

10. Corcoran School of the Arts & Design at GW - Washington

路 38 reviews

500 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20006

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Corcoran School of the Arts & Design at GW: what do users think?

Hilda Kroll: The current exhibit has some very interesting photos, paintings, and sculpture. It would have helped so much to have some information about the pieces.

Gigi G.: Attended a graduate open house and learn a lot about the program and met some staff of other programs and they were fabulous to hear from.

Yaser AlSaghrji: One of the architectural gems of the Nation Capital

Es K: Saw a phenomenal end of year exhibit some years ago

Nik Novakkain: So much talent and this is one of the best schools/museum

Arnold Thomas Bigger: Course selection is very good; faculty and staff are very good; and general vibe is good.

11. Washington Shruti -Fusion Music School - Centreville

路 1 reviews

5706 Regal Crest Ct, Clifton, VA 20124

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12. The United States Air Force Band - Washington

路 25 reviews

201 McChord St, Washington, DC 20032

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The United States Air Force Band: what do users think?

Susan Spitz: As a former Air Force Brat, (Old Man served 30 years in Army, Army Air Corps, USAF) still get chills whenever I play our CD of the USAF Band playing "Wild, Blue, Yonder

Victor Santiago: They are an incredible group of musicians that do all they can to motivate the troops and the civilians that attend there concerts.

ian doaank: Nice

Fasttrac68: Best band in the world!

Bill Sill: Awesome

Robert Labort: (Translated by Google) Excellent(Original)Excelent

Carlos Gatica: (Translated by Google) 5 stars(Original)5 estrellas

13. University of Maryland School of Music - Adelphi

路 10 reviews

2110 Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, College Park, MD 20742

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14. Model Secondary School for The Deaf - Washington

路 18 reviews

800 Florida Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Model Secondary School for The Deaf: what do users think?

Brigitte Hearst: A deaf college preparatory academy and/or vocational high school is the next-door campus of the deaf university.

Ah鈥橸ania Mealing: This school are the best and amazing supports!!!

Nazmus saif: Better get back with you story of the deaf

shakema nanco: I missed my old high school.. mssd is my second home..

Muhammad Azan Malik: Next year 6 grade new schools in deaf sign language

Robert Horner: Greatest thing that ever happen to my son Ryan !!!!

Marvin Miller: My alma mater.

Dezaree Moss: I never touch before

15. Washington International School - Washington

路 24 reviews

3100 Macomb St NW, Washington, DC 20008

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Washington International School: what do users think?

graysmiles: I used to go to this school and it was a great experience the lunch is great the kids are so kind and the teachers and staff are really really caring. There is no such thing as detention and they have all these special events in the school year. The sports day is amazing and the P.E program is very good. Now in Paris I am doing everything I can so that I am up to level in my Spanish and can get back into the school when I come back to DC.

David Zamula: WIS has the best Art program in the world, Annette and Nancy have transformed art education at WIS. The graduates of the program have gone on to pursue fine art, graphics and design ventures.

Andre Gardiner: Best. School. Ever

delee 18: There is no better school.

Ana Diaz-Young: It is awesome

Yaquelin Jimenez Martinez: (Translated by Google) It is very large and beautiful also has a large court (Original) Es muy grande y bonitas adem谩s tiene una cancha grande

16. The George Washington University - Washington

路 628 reviews

2121 I St NW, Washington, DC 20052

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The George Washington University: what do users think?

Dominick Withanachchi: Love the way its situated. If you like a university in a big city, this is one of the best.

Garth Hedley: Amazing complex, beautiful buildings and friendly atmosphere.

Steven Zimmerman: an outstanding University for our son to obtain his Masters in Public Health

17. University of the District of Columbia Community College (UDC-CC) - Washington

路 59 reviews

801 North Capitol St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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University of the District of Columbia Community College (UDC-CC): what do users think?

Danny Hirschfield: I graduated UDC-CC with an AA degree in Liberal Studies Fall Class of 2015 Alumnus. This college really helped me develop my learning skills as I am an older non-traditional student that started as a freshman with very little prior knowledge and discipline in academia. I have transitioned to the UDC flagship campus pursuing my BA degree in Political Science as a pre-law student. This university is the most affordable place to get a good quality education being the only public higher learning institution in Washington, D.C.

18. National Cathedral School - Washington

路 7 reviews

3612 Woodley Rd NW, Washington, DC 20016

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National Cathedral School: what do users think?

Pete Carey: An excellent school!

henry castellon: Great church

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