Best Italian Lessons Washington Near Me

1. Casa Italiana Language School - Washington

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Casa Italiana Language School
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Address: 595 1/2 3rd St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (202) 638-1348

Business type: Language school

Casa Italiana Language School: what do users think?
Roberto Sola
Roberto Sola: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityThe ideal place to learn Italian. Perfect for adult and K12 education. Here Italian is seriously taught
N.E. Coviello (necworld)
N.E. Coviello (necworld): Warm & welcoming place for those interested in Italian language & culture!
Joseph C. Fazekas
Joseph C. Fazekas: Friendly people promoting Italian culture and traditions
Alex pen
Alex pen: (Translated by Google) i am american lol(Original)io sono americano lol
Gabriele Pascali
Gabriele Pascali: Positive: Professionalism
Rolando Davide
Rolando Davide: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
Leonard 417
Leonard 417: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

2. The Italian Cultural Society of Washington D.C. - Montgomery County

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The Italian Cultural Society of Washington D.C.
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Address: 4833 Rugby Ave Suite 201, Bethesda, MD 20814

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM

Telephone: (301) 215-7885

Business type: Language school

The Italian Cultural Society of Washington D.C.: what do users think?
Helena Tang
Helena Tang: I have been taking classes at the Italian Language Program for over 7 years and have had a wonderful experience. The Program is well-run, the facilities are nice, and the atmosphere is friendly. What I appreciate most is my teacher, Cristiana Fabiani, with whom I have had classes for the entire 7+ years, starting from the Beginning level (I literally started with zero knowledge of Italian) to now where we are reading books (including one by an Italian Nobel Prize winner). Cristiana is a great teacher; she is very patient and encouraging, and has the best classroom management skills. She tries to ensure that everyone in the class has a chance to speak, and encourages those who are reticent to speak up. Thanks to Cristiana, not only am I reading Italian literature (it is still a lot of work for me!) but I have gained enough listening comprehension and speaking skills that I feel I can function in Italian (with mistakes and gaps in vocabulary, of course). All in all, the Italian Language Program has really worked well for me and I fully recommend it!
Francisca Helmer
Francisca Helmer: I have been taking Italian language classes at ICS for seven years. The programs and teachers are excellent. The Society offers a wide range of language and cultural programs in a congenial setting. I highly recommend ICS to anyone who has an interest in Italian language and culture.
David Cieslikowski
David Cieslikowski: The Italian Cultural Language Program is terrific! Great teachers, with in person and online classes at all levels.
Graciela Luna
Graciela Luna: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueExcellent instructors, high quality learning material, conducive to a good learning environment.
Elena Drei
Elena Drei: Great Italian classes for children!
Response: Wonderful! Thank you so much!
Rossitza Newhall
Rossitza Newhall: A lot of language classes.
Response: We agree! Thanks for the review!
Marina Martin La Strega Tax Services
Marina Martin La Strega Tax Services: Authentic Italian environment
Response: We certainly try! Thank you so much!

3. International Language Institute - Washington

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57 reviews
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International Language Institute
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Address: 1717 Rhode Island Ave NW #100, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM

Telephone: (202) 362-2505

Business type: Language school

International Language Institute: what do users think?
keith o'connor
keith o'connor: We went though Caribou for our refinancing and our experience was great thanks to Daniel Schoonmaker! He was very helpful and kept us updated on our status through email, text, and phone calls. If we had any questions he would get back to us fast with answers. He was awesome!
C D: I did not get the level of instruction I expected. While my instructor was a nice person, I expected the beginner class to build vocabulary and grammar, however we rapidly advanced beyond the basics. When discussing the class with a fellow student, he said he was having difficulty and he studied the same language in college. Ultimately, the final day of class came and only myself and another student showed up for the “final.” When I requested I discount to repeat the beginner course, I was told there are no refunds or discounts. I understand we are still working in Covid limitations and business isn’t quite what it was beforehand, but providing subpar instruction and effectively telling me to “deal with it”, is bad business. The instructor even told us the faculty told them to slow down, so they were aware it wasn’t proceeding effectively. I’ll be continuing my instruction with another provider.
Monir Salim
Monir Salim: I like the school very much. All of the teachers are very knowledgeable, friendly and cooperative. The educational environment for the international student is very positive. I miss my teachers. Jim & Jena are very good instructor for TOEFL preparation class. Bethany, Bonnie, Jennifer and Cloudia are also so good in the school management.
Romain Devaux
Romain Devaux: I would not recommend Hindi classes. The teacher is really nice but is just not a teacher (and I am a language teacher, I can tell). No instructive approach, no teaching material but her book she followed to the letter. She kept distressing, reading chapters after chapters without taking the time to let us actually use the language. My advise - ask for a trial course to get to know the teacher before making any commitment to that school.
Leslie Shah
Leslie Shah: I really liked the International Language Institute (ILI). ILI has clear rules and expectations of teachers, staff, and students. There is a high degree of client customer service, respect and trust. ILI wants and works for student success. They offer and do as they so they do. Testing and Assessment are routine and part of progression.
Chaleeya Sri-intaranan
Chaleeya Sri-intaranan: I had an appointment there to meet with the director name Fredrick! I really want to go to school but I have my visa situation (change of status) especially curently visa situation in the immigration is really bad and take so long. (But I have a Lawer on my side) Anyway, the way he looked at me and talked to me like I’m fresh from the boat!! And he said I’m just trying to get the visa just for staying in America !!! Not for studying!!!!!!!! I can’t believe that I heard that word from a school director!!! That’s unprofessional, but now I got acceptance from the other schools already. I definitely not recommend this school !! They should have talked to applicants better more polite and more Professional!!!
Response: I'm very sorry to hear that you feel like you were not treated fairly and professionally. That was certainly not my intention. As I explained to you when we had our meeting, your case is very complicated. Not only were you already here in the U.S. as an au-pair for two years, but you also have two B1/B2 visitor change of status applications pending for almost a full year. If you now file change of status application to be an F1 student you would have to file another B1/B2 extension application without even having a decision on your pending applications. I'm not an immigration attorney, but I'm not sure this is even possible. We have never had a case like this in my 16 years as director of ILI. As I also explained to you, if you want to be a student it would be a lot easier and quicker to travel back to your country and apply for the student visa from there. It is currently taking about one year to get a response on change of status applications. However, you stated you really wanted to stay here and wait another year to begin your studies if approved. I respectfully informed you that we are unfortunately not willing to accept your application due to the complicated nature of it, but you insisted that we should still help you. I wish you the best with your application and future plans of being a student in the U.S.

4. International Center For Language Studies - Washington

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24 reviews
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International Center For Language Studies
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Address: 1133 15th St NW #600, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM

Telephone: (202) 639-8800

Business type: Language school

International Center For Language Studies: what do users think?
Teacher Jessie Foreign Language Instructor.
Teacher Jessie Foreign Language Instructor.: As a student and also as a former teacher I can say that ICLS exceed your expectations. Great resources, well trained and experienced teachers from different backgrounds. ICLS cares about their teachers and students. It was a wonderful experience not only to work there but also take some French lessons.
Tatyana Ariyevich
Tatyana Ariyevich: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityI took 2 tests with ICLS. The staff was professional yet friendly, and the testing process was well-organized. The instructions for both tests were clear and sent ahead of time. I received my test results in an hour. I would highly recommend ICLS for language testing.
Veronika Jerdetski
Veronika Jerdetski: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueI really enjoyed my French evening group class w Philippe! I gained a lot of knowledge about grammar & the class was heavily focused on improving students’ speaking ability. The value I got from my studies is certainly worth the (very reasonable) tuition. Thank you!
Brigid O'Donnell
Brigid O'Donnell: I took an evening foreign language here. Classes are engaging and teachers are knowledgeable. The curriculum is rigorous but manageable for busy people. 5/5 experience, would recommend.
Driss Bernoussi
Driss Bernoussi: I took the Spanish evening group class for beginners and it was an amazing experience. This is much different than learning a language in high school or college, which was much more boring for me. At ICLS, they get you speaking Spanish from the beginning, and its highly interactive style helps you become comfortable with your classmates. My teacher, Astrid, was fantastic. Our class became so close that by the end we went out for a dinner on our last class and practiced ordering in Spanish. I highly recommend to any language learner in the DC area that is looking to take a class after work. It meets twice a week so it is perfectly manageable for my busy schedule.
Response: Thank you, Driss! We are glad that you found our teaching methodology to be helpful to your learning process.

5. Language Trainers USA - Washington

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2 reviews
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Language Trainers USA
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Address: 1300 I St NW Suite 400E, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM

Telephone: (202) 301-4610

Business type: Language school

Language Trainers USA: what do users think?
SEAN KIM: Great student. I loved teaching my native language to the student. A great experience.
Response: We are thrilled to read this, Sean! We work hard to find the right student-teacher setup and are glad you had a great experience! Your student shared similar comments with us, highlighting how helpful you were with his Korean learning.

6. Fluent City - Washington

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38 reviews
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Fluent City
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Address: 1100 G St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM

Telephone: (877) 284-5122

Business type: Language school

Fluent City: what do users think?
Mark Johnston
Mark Johnston: I had an excellent first experience with Fluent City. My teacher was incredible! He really brought the class to life and had us practicing Spanish constantly throughout class. Our teacher used a number of engaging activities to make the class social. Besides feeling like I really made progress in learning Spanish, I felt like I got to know my classmates and my teacher. Highly recommend!
Response: Thank you so much for your review Mark! We are ecstatic to hear that you enjoyed your class! Keep up the amazing work in Spanish 3 :D - Jess, and the Student Success team
Lauren P
Lauren P: I loved taking classes through fluent city!! They are conveniently located near the metro in downtown DC. My teacher was great! (Thanks Ramiro!) Class size was small so it was a more personal feel. Would (and have) recommend this course to my friends!
Response: Lauren, we are thrilled to hear that you enjoyed your class with Ramiro! Gracias for joining us on your path toward Spanish fluency!
Chris Pabon
Chris Pabon: Fluent City is the way to go to learn a new language. Modern classrooms, small class size, located across from Metro Center. Very reasonable class times. I have taken classes at USDA and Goethe, and feel that Fluent City has provided me with the best overall learning experience.
Amenaua Foy
Amenaua Foy: Class was excellent. Instructor made the material relevant and fun while getting into the nuances of French. The location was not desirable as downtown D.C. at 1830 is a challenge to navigate/park.
Reed Muhra
Reed Muhra: This review is NOT for students... it is for teachers trying to find a job at this school. I applied for a PT teaching job at this school; I was asked to send a short video introducing myself then was transferred to a hiring manager in NYC, or I should say the only hiring manager. This person apparently has a hectic daily schedule, but insists to do all the interviews by himself- the interview was supposed to be via one of the social media platforms- first appointment he did not show up at all with no explanation whatsoever, he did not even send an email to apologize for mot showing up. I sent him an email, he apologized and gave another appointment; this time he showed up after about 45 minutes- I was already gone. Again, as if nothing happened- he did not even send an explanation, not even acknowledgement! I sent another detailed email... Simply and to sum up- if is the most unprofessional language school I have experienced!
Response: Reed, I am sorry to hear about your experience applying for a position as a teacher. We're growing quickly, but strive for a high level of communication. Our Hiring Manager will be contacting you today to address these concerns!
Vitória Lima de Moraes
Vitória Lima de Moraes: Overall good. I would recommend, but would ask if the professor will be able to teach all ten classes. In my class, I had three different professors, and that turned out to be inefficient. No one to blame, these things happen, but I would just make sure of that.
LuAnne Patrick
LuAnne Patrick: A wonderful learning experience. I think the materials are the best of any program that I looked at. The teachers are wonderful and friendly do a great job of teaching adults.

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