Best Ice Skating Spots In Washington Near Me

The Wharf Ice Rink National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink Fort Dupont Ice Arena MedStar Capitals Iceplex Silver Spring Outdoor Ice Skating Rink Cabin John Ice Rink Washington Canal Park SkateQuest Anacostia Park Roller Skating Pavillion Mount Vernon RECenter Ice & Lights: The Winter Village at Cameron Run Mt Pleasant Ice Arena Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool Mimi DiPietro Family Skating Center Nationals Park The St. James Lanham Skate Center Georgetown Waterfront Park

1. The Wharf Ice Rink - Washington

· 40 reviews

970 Wharf St SW, Washington, DC 20024

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The Wharf Ice Rink: what do users think?

James Walker: Open for skating from Wednesday through Sunday, admission fee required, with a discount offered for military and seniors. A special day and time is reserved for the sport of Curling. Located on Wharf Street Southwest between the Anthem and the Transit Pier.

Matthew Henry: Probably one of the most beautiful rinks in DC. You can hear the geese and birds, see the water and smell the food. Very enjoyable place.

Matthew Rusch: It was super fun for me and my family. The cost was about the same as other ice rinks and you can skate for a long time if you want to. It had a great atmosphere right on the water and the staff was super helpful. It is a little smaller than a regulation ice rink for hocky, but not to bad.

2. Canal Park Outdoor Ice Skating & Splash Park - Washington



· 76 reviews

200 M St SE, Washington, DC 20003

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Canal Park Outdoor Ice Skating & Splash Park: what do users think?

E P: Great place to skate, parking was easy when we went (Sunday late afternoon), but I can see how it could be an issue in busier times. Rink is well maintained, and you can rent skates if you need. Great area for coffee or restaurants around.

John Griffis: Very Fun! Skates in fairly good condition for a rental. Ice maintained pretty good for an outdoor rink in 50° weather too. All in all it was a fun time.

Danial Gebreili: The ice-skating experience at this location is fantastic. The skate rentals are pretty decent and properly maintained. Overall, the staff are friendly, prices are reasonable, and it is not crowded making for a fun experience with friends, couples, or family.

A R: Really fun! We went on a Monday evening and it was fairly quiet with only about a dozen other people there. There is a lot of space to skate and a fun little passage to skate through too! Highly recommend

Sean Shechtman: Cool rink shaped like a figure 8. Also good pizza, hot chocolate and coffee. Great place for kids because it has outdoor rink with indoor food/beverage when you are cold.

Nadine De williaams: Fun spot. Not crowded. Had a cafeteria to grab some snacks. 2 hours for $15 including the skates.

Timothy Albright: The rink staff are very approachable and were willing to assist my child in his first time skating, last year. The shape of the rink allows for more enjoyable experience, compared to a conventional ice rink. The pizza place is a warm place to sit when the Zamboni is on the ice, but there are many other good food locations nearby. Since the change in management, my family has purchased season passes yearly. Great winter spot!

3. National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink - Washington

· 8 reviews

Constitution Ave NW &, 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20408, United States

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National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink: what do users think?

Kate Bellows: I went here a few weeks ago, and we had so much fun! Very busy, so if you can go in the middle of the day during the weekday, that’s for the best. And pack light, because it’s hard to avoid not getting a locker unless you just want to leave your stuff out.

4. Fort Dupont Ice Arena - Washington

· 124 reviews

3779 Ely Pl SE, Washington, DC 20019

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Fort Dupont Ice Arena: what do users think?

Darian Smith: What family had a great time in this ice skating rink. The price of the rental skates are very affordable. The skating rink is a nice size plenty of space to sit in the bleachers and watch people skate or sit down and change your shoes you will have a great time there

Mary O'Brien: Fort Dupont is a wonderful place to skate! It is an extremely welcoming environment and there are good, clean rentals available. Overall, I highly recommend.

I SLAY ALL DAY TRAVEL The Solo Traveler: Perfect place! It’s hidden gem nestled away in Washington, D.C.

Jennifer Jay: If you grew up with rinks built in the 80s/early 90s this place will feel like coming home. Yes it’s dated but that’s part of the charm and they are breaking ground on a new rink soon so enjoy it while you can. They offer free learn to skate to DC residents in 2nd thru 12th grade, it’s a rink you can feel good about spending your money at. The giant windows and natural light make this rink even more special, fabulous skating under the sunset glow.

Greg Pryzby: great resource. if you live in DC there are free classes on Saturday.

Ms. DC: Now this Ice Skating Rink brings back memories I remember my friends and I.would hook school and hang out here. We.use to like to watch the hockey players while school were in session. Until they caught on we were hooking school then they stopped letting us in or we would meet up there and go to the movies.
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5. MedStar Capitals Iceplex - Arlington

· 175 reviews

627 N Glebe Rd SUITE 800, Arlington, VA 22203

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MedStar Capitals Iceplex: what do users think?

Anthony Alatis: Great to be able to watch practice. Leaving the parking lot took 10 minutes with only one attendant in 1 of the 6 payment lanes.

Jacques Bertrand: Very nice locker rooms, good ice as well. Only complaint is that the game usually have to be curfewed. I think they should have reserved spot for referees, so they will be more enticed to come.

Vaibhav Gupta: Great place to ice-skate. The staff is really friendly. And if lucky, you can catch the caps practicing here. We had a great time here.

Todd Berman: Aside from the 8 stories of winding parking garage - there is much to like at Kettler. Skate rentals, food concession and of course, the Stanley Cup Champions home practice ice. Come for a relaxing skate session or to see the Caps practice. Convenient to Metro and parking is a bargain!

Bill Rizzo: Two rinks, for hockey on Friday nights. The Arlington Rink is better for spectators as you can sit in "box-like" seats and watch the game. Parking is a buck for three hours! Pay before you leave or use a credit card at check out booth.

Alyx Barnes: My son and I both skate at Med Star Caps Iceplex as part of the figure skating program. The rink takes significant precautions both on occupancy and cleaning protocols to keep skaters and staff safe. In this time of the pandemic, masks are also mandatory on the figure skating rink and in the facility overall. Hours for figure skating are somewhat reduced most Fall/Winters due to the Caps need for the ice, but if early mornings work for you, there is generally ice time to reserve. Reservations are made via the OpenSports or Dash apps. Classes and individual lessons are available. My son completed the Basic skating lesson series here and now does Sky High for more advanced figure skaters. He also participated in some of the Summer figure skating camps, which are offered for various ability level skaters. He has really enjoyed his skating journey so far and this is largely due to the wonderful coaches (Mary Clamp and Connor Tasker, to name two) and fellow skaters on the ice with him. This is our go-to rink in the area. Great people and well maintained facility.

6. Silver Spring Outdoor Ice Skating Rink - Silver Spring

· 102 reviews

8523 Fenton St, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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Silver Spring Outdoor Ice Skating Rink: what do users think?

Christian Mukete: I got here all the time during winter, sometimes crowded, sometimes not. But overall love place and they’re restaurants nearby and a whole imax theater so this is perfect

Karen Lopez: Small rink and tends to be crowded but always a fun time. Great for people of all ages! Staff is very friendly and helpful.

Erin McGuire: Last night for outdoor skate this season and rink is lovely!

7. Cabin John Ice Rink - North Bethesda

· 475 reviews

10610 Westlake Dr, Rockville, MD 20852

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Cabin John Ice Rink: what do users think?

Jack jack: The ice rink is a great place to skate. I love to come here more than any other ice rink in the area because it is such a friendly and family oriented place. Staff is very approachable.

Morela Granda Linares: Great place to skake. 3 ice rinks. Pay attention to the public skate hours before going.

Benjamin Polster: Please Read the full review: I’m a former employee from 2015-2019. Loved working here and it’s great for hockey and figure skating. That said, I decided to look up this place again out of curiosity and and low and behold; the most recent 1 star review from 2 months ago starts off with criticism of Nancy. For those of you who want to take your kids here for lessons, Avoid her like the plague. I had witnessed her verbally abusing children on multiple occasions and one time screamed at inexperienced skaters during a public skate for falling down. Any skating qualified instructor would know that falling down is an part of learning how to skate and learning how to do it correctly is very important. She treated employees like absolute garbage. I was no exception to that. She made an assumption that I had autism and told my coworkers I needed to be suspended and given special special needs training. This happened on multiple occasions as a matter of fact. Not to mention, her instructor bio says she’s a national coach but I have not found anything to back that up. She’s related by marriage to a figure skating legend but multiple people who have skated around her for decades have implied that she basically used her last name to advance her career and is basically a fraud. We used to joke that Nancy is living proof that only the good die young. I guess my point is, there are lots of good instructors at Cabin John. Don’t pick her, especially if it’s for your kids.

Jodi Dobinsky: Went for open skate and was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to find space on the rink. It was busy, but not impossibly crowded. Almost everyone was wearing a mask (which was great given the number of under-vaccination-age kids in the rink).

8. Washington Canal Park - Washington

· 528 reviews

200 M St SE, Washington, DC 20003

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Washington Canal Park: what do users think?

Mother Goose: Went with my children and grandchildren and everyone at every age level and every experience level had a great time. Food court is skater accessible as are the restrooms. Restrooms were in need of upkeep. The pizza and ice-cream were wonderful. Would definitely go again.

Prabha Shankar: A very good urban park with water fountains for the kids , some food place to try and it is Mainly having a seating with roadside view while childrens playing on the water fountain . Roadside parking are available but it might be tough to get at busy times , nearby there is a Marriott garage parking also a couple of blocks has carriage parking as well. All in all a great place to rest while kids in the park

Rick Roll: This is a nice small park that is well kept. The kids love playing in the water and the ample seating ensures that everyone can relax. There is a pizza, sushi, and Gelato restarunt attached to the park as well as numerous other retailers in the area to get food and drink. If you live in the area and have kids I recommend this park on a hot day.

Vlad Sinayuk: Lovely ice skating rink in SE DC near the Nationals Stadium. It features a unique figure 8 type of shape, which actually makes skating there more fun. This is not a touristy site, but rather a place for local families and school groups to hit the ice together. For rentals, I recommend the standard blue skates because the hockey skates don’t have any padding whatsoever in them.

SupaMan Tey: Love to ice skate here plus they have one of my favorite pizza spots with Wise Guys. My wife also loves the gelato here.

Jeff Boelter: Great weather kids playing in water. Very family oriented

Smart Kitty: Good Place to eat inside and outside good prices good scenery good customer service enjoy going there no one begging for money that I dislike.

Voncia Hall: Took my granddaughter ice skating for her birthday

9. SkateQuest - Reston

· 137 reviews

1800 Michael Faraday Ct, Reston, VA 20190

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SkateQuest: what do users think?

Shauna Ward: Great place. Good rentals and good prices. There also a cool snack bar inside if you get hungry after all the skating.

Robert Entwistle: Excellent experience buying hockey skates here. They fitted me, heat molded and sharpened the skates, all right there. Lots of skates in stock. Helpful pro shop.

Jose Munoz: Nice venue. This place has 2 rinks. A hockey store and snack bar with Starbucks coffee. 1 rink has an over look area so you can stay warm.

Colin Barnett: Sami Saghir is the best front desk person you could ever ask for.

Jacques Bertrand: I think they should have reserved spot for referees, so they will be more enticed to come.

Elisa Hernandez: Great place for kids and adults. I send my sons here and they love it. The ice is great, the space is large enough for everyone to go out and practice, and the locker rooms are convenient and easy to access.

Brilin “Brilin” Brilin: This place is really nice for children and adults. The staff is super helpful. I have been going to them for years and will not go anywhere else. I am very close to the Ashburn Ice house but they are super rude and arrogant. I happily drive the extra miles to have pleasant caring staff. My children have been at SkateQuest for regular skate lessons and summer camps and they love the staff. The skate manager Shelley is super helpful. Thank you SkateQuest!

10. Anacostia Park Roller Skating Pavillion - Washington

· 361 reviews

1500 Anacostia Dr, Washington, DC 20020

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Anacostia Park Roller Skating Pavillion: what do users think?

Dawn Davis: Love skating here. My fiancé call play basketball, my son can play at the playground and I can skate. A perfect trifecta.

Kev- keepingitreal: Anacostia Park Amenities Include a Roller Skating Pavilion, Music, Restrooms, Playground, Outdoor Basketball Courts, Baseball Field, Tennis Courts, Open Green Space, Walking Trails, Picnic Tables, Boat ramps and Plenty of Parking Space.

Roslyn Rawles: This brought back so many memories as a kid skating here. The music and the people were great. We had so much fun young and old.

L. Anderson: I enjoyed this park very much. The kind people of DC and the surroundings

Rachelle Mitchell: This pavilion is big and spacious! I love the community feeling from everyone in the surrounding area enjoying themselves at the park. It was a great outdoor experience.

11. Mount Vernon RECenter - Belle Haven

· 345 reviews

2017 Belle View Blvd, Alexandria, VA 22307

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Mount Vernon RECenter: what do users think?

Barbara Faith: Loved it. Great place to swim. More private, less crazy, more relaxing than the other pools in this county group. The spa area, also smaller but worked well. Love the stand up pressure valves! Though the shower area is much smaller, I had no problem being able to shower since the place was never crowded while I was there. Showers, bathroom stalls, and locker room very clean. Just a quieter more serene place to workout and swim. I wish I discovered you at the beginning of spring instead of the end of summer, and my time in Alexandria. If the kids move back to the area, this Grammy will come here first for my summer exercise program.

Savannah Langley: My favorite rink so far. Definitely the place to go if your thinking of taking up ice skating 👍👍

Chris Rizzo: Please change skating direction half way thru public skating time to allow skaters to learn and work on turning right ☺️

Daniel Hackett: Very affordable, but the ice rink can get busy and bumpy on weekends.

12. Ice & Lights: The Winter Village at Cameron Run - Lyles-Crouch

· 69 reviews

4001 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria, VA 22304

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Ice & Lights: The Winter Village at Cameron Run: what do users think?

Nancy Price: We visited Ice & Lights on Christmas Day. What a fun, relaxing evening enjoying all the beautiful lights. Loved watching families and couples taking photo ops and even laying on the ground looking up at all the lights! Awesome place to take the kids! Much better than sitting in a car looking at the lights. This was an experience!

Nan Bronder: Spent an enjoyable night there last night with my family. The place was clean, well laid out, had a good variety of scenery and best of all they limited the number of people allowed in the attraction.

Shirin Toychiyeva: Its a really nice place. Not sure about some of super negative reviews. We had fun. The lights are magical, nice holiday music and songs. We enjoyed hit chocolate and donuts. Just do not go early, before your appointment. Otherwise you wait in the car or like us outside freezing lol

Irsan Sutanto: GA fee $9.19, ice skating ⛸ additional fees. Please bring camera 🎥 for taking lots of pictures.

Amanda Doran: A fun, winter date night. Loved skating at the rink, enjoying a slice of pizza from the concession stand afterwards, and strolling along the lights display with a cup of hot chocolate finish put the evening.

13. Mt Pleasant Ice Arena - Baltimore

· 154 reviews

6101 Hillen Rd, Baltimore, MD 21239

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Mt Pleasant Ice Arena: what do users think?

Gloria Prettiman: Lovely place to skate, convenient location, reasonable cost. Those who have bad things to say, shame on you

Jean Donati: Modern facility. Nice ice. Great people.

Julian: Such a great place to skate. Good prices and great facilities

KAREN CHANCE: Good location and well kept facility for all ages

Sarah Brownstein: Had fun! Facility old and needs aesthetic repairs, rental skates is a gamble - some good condition, some very not. But for $5+3 it was worth the money. Gets really busy Sunday afternoon.

14. The Washington Harbour - Washington

· 3567 reviews

3000-3050 K St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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The Washington Harbour: what do users think?

MILKOS D SOSA: This is a very nice place to eat and have a few drinks. It is essentially an entertainment venue with shops, restaurants, and bars. Several boats that give tours of the river and water taxis that take you to The Wharf also leave from here. A space to take cool photos, and enjoy the youthful atmosphere of Geortown.

Reema Srivastava: Cool getaway along the Potomac River. The Halloween spirit is evident! Enjoy the cool breeze & walk along the waterfront. I couldn’t see if the waterfront is wheelchair accessible. If you’re not dining in any restaurant there , then look out for Starbucks restroom facility - the only one 😔. The place is crowded on weekends and parking can be tough. One can easily spend an hour walking around before a waterfront sit down dinner/ lunch.

Aaron Ochse: Nice spot for dinner or lunch in good weather. Some shops as well as the restaurants.

archana pillai: Vibrant, lively, musical,friendly atmosphere all-round.It was my first time after a decade to watch so many happy people together.

Tonya Coffey-DMV REALTOR / eXp Realty: Lots of good food options and great views. Not much parking but garages are nearby. Very family friendly location.

Shaunde' Marie: Beautiful views! Many things to do, including boat rides, restaurants, bars and more. Parking is a little expensive, unless you can find st parking and not get a tkt/towed.

Aishwarya Sabane: The pink flowers along the road looked so pretty. The walk by the water was very peaceful. The place was bustling on a Friday evening.

Cass: Did a cruise here going around the harbor talking about iconic landmarks it was a perfect spot to grab some lunch sit down at the tables on the boat and by far my favorite way to have lunch and learn some stuff!

15. Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool - Washington

· 1876 reviews

2 Lincoln Memorial Cir NW, Washington, DC 20024

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Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool: what do users think?

Yvonne: Absolutely beautiful. The perfect place to take a walk and to enjoy the day. Not many words can capture the whole feeling and vibe when strolling along.

Jose Ortega: Does it get better then this place? Sure the water is not that clean and there are so many people trying to take selfies that it can get nuts at times but if you go early in the morning, you can have the whole place to yourself. Walk around and just take it all in. Put the phone away and just enjoy it.

Saad Althabiti: Fabulous place to visit and have a nice walk, especially in the winter :)

Joered05: This place is very nice looking. The pool itself is very large and properly taken care of to maintain its clean looking water. The pool can be seen from the Lincoln Memorial and other structures in the area. I would reccomend walking by this pool if you get the chance!

Rodrigo Gonzalez: It is a fantastic place. The view is amazing. You can feel a very good vibe just by watching the landscape.

Naseer Faheem: Although we went on a cloudy evening, still lots of places to see.

Rachel Milito your Realtor: The reflecting pool is a great walk and beautiful scenic views! Definitely recommend waking around the area and viewing the large fountain also. Loved seeing the veterans in this space as well it was heart warming. 💓

Kailash Mongar: What a amazing place to visit. Limited parking, be prepared to walk and have some water. Love to visit in coming days

16. Mimi DiPietro Family Skating Center - Baltimore

· 25 reviews

200 S Linwood Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224

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Mimi DiPietro Family Skating Center: what do users think?

YAMILKA BRYANT: Very affordable Came here with the UA House kids as a volunteer event and the children had a blast! Admissions is VERY affordable. The children loved it, I would bring my kids here. Big, spacious and clean. Go take your kids ☺️

Janielle P. Maynard: Nice place for a quick skate with family or friends. Very affordable. Free street parking on weekends

Dayona Harvey: Great prices. Not often crowded. Decent music playing in the background. Friendly staff. A bunch of new ice-skates. Great for families groups, couples etc

William Small: A gem in the gem of Patterson Park. Baltimore has a lot to offer and many great values - this place is a steal at about $6 including rental. The family skating center puts us all on stage in the romantic, tragic and true comedy of all Baltimorons falling down and getting up.

17. Nationals Park - Washington

· 12452 reviews

1500 S Capitol St SE, Washington, DC 20003

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Nationals Park: what do users think?

Kyle D: Beautiful ballpark. Wide open concourses and plenty of good choices (very pricey though but that’s expected at at a ballpark no matter where you go.) Convenient location close to the Metrorail station. Coming from Boston, this ballpark doesn’t compare to the charm, history, and character of Fenway Park but it is nonetheless a great place to watch a game and it seemed like no matter where you sit, you have a great view.

M. Scott Zimmerman: Great view from almost all seats although smallish for 6ft 1 and 230lbs. Food adequate but pricey and varies in quality between vendors. Love the concourse round the main level and the diamond club is nice.

Cindy Luetkemeier: Great Game! We love the Nats even though they lost today, they put up a good fight!! Pizza was good & the beers were cold!

Christian Matlock: First time at this ball park. I didn’t have a ticket and didn’t know where to get one from. There was a helpful young lady at the front that walked me all the way around the stadium to help me get a ticket. Once I was in, someone greeted me from guest services and gave me a first time certificate and welcome pack. Such a great experience.

Juanita Barnes: I was there for Enchant, a winter display of lights. It also happened to be bring your dog night. Lots of people, cute and sweet, friendly dogs, hot coca, and vendors. Personally, it was nice and worth it, but a one and done kind of event for me.

Henry Garcia: Love the Stadium. And I love the atmosphere there! The people are so nice and the fans are very friendly.

18. The St. James - Springfield

· 770 reviews

6805 Industrial Rd, Springfield, VA 22151

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The St. James: what do users think?

Ciara Long: A phenomenal facility to say the least! Our DC HBCU Alliance 5K was hosted here and I was truly impressed. Ample parking and the building exterior is beautiful but when you enter you see the gem that it truly is - areas for lacrosse, batting, wall climbing, weight and cardio training, saw there’s a water park as well as kid friendly areas as well. There were areas to shop with athletic gear including shoes plus a nice eatery. I’d love to come back on my own time and really experience The St. James for all it had to offer!

beyondTabu: It’s massive!! Everything from golf, swimming pool, basketball, ice hockey, football, restaurant, indoor play area, climbing gym, to an exercise gym. It’s a membership/ daily fee and it was pretty busy on a Saturday when we went to Super Awesome & Amazing indoor play. There’s also pretty good wifi in the entire complex.

Robert Christopher-Strayhorn: Incredible! Beautiful facility. Uniquely under a single roof, and great location for swimming, climbing, courts and fields, gymnast-ing, lifting, golf, ice skating, turf fielding, kid and adult parties, food and cocktails and more.

Tabitha Walter: I have been a member of the St. James for 2 months now, and I can’t say enough good things about the place! The staff is super friendly and hospitable. The entire facility is clean. They are consistently cleaning while I work out. There are many options to choose from when it comes to fitness whether it’s machines, free weights, cardio, various classes, sports-related activities, etc. I’m never bored there. Plus, it’s very family friendly and the fees are affordable. I feel great every time I’m there. The St. James has truly renewed my desire to be healthy.

19. Lanham Skate Center - Lanham-Seabrook

· 591 reviews

9901 Lanham Severn Rd, Lanham, MD 20706

Address Website WhatsApp
Lanham Skate Center: what do users think?

Millennial Max: Amazing Skate Center with good quality skating shoes for all sizes.Cool DJ Themes!

Cynthia Saunders: We had a Great day at the Skating party today. Woo-Hop YESS! Staff was friendly and helpful.

Jay Hugee: Took the family skating after the Juneteenth Celebration in Watkins Regional Park…GREAT TIME! Can’t wait to return. ❤️🖤💚

Doreen W: Kudos to the updated skating rink. Floor is beautiful, music is good and good atmosphere. I was pleasantly surprised to see the amount of people skating. There was a birthday party after our session and it was a big crowd. Look forward to having fun here again.

Safiya Parker: Went for adult night. $10 admission, $5 rental. It was a good experience and nice to watch the different skater skills

Tasha Vaughan: I’ve been going to this rink since a child an have seen many changes for the good this is home away from home the staff are friendly an always willing to give a helping hand or just great info for new skaters to make them feel comfortable The music is great an they cater to age so if u are older the they have the throwback jams on Thursdays except the 1st Thursday of the month But over all great staff an customers Keep doing what your doing!!!!

20. Georgetown Waterfront Park - Washington

· 6110 reviews

3303 Water St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Address Website WhatsApp
Georgetown Waterfront Park: what do users think?

eriko p: An incredibly beautiful area to see the Potomac as well as strolling and people watching. We arrived quite early and all the waterfront restaurants were not open yet. There is a Starbucks nearby. However we were able to witness the rowers practicing this morning which was a plus! I would love to live here! The airplanes flying out of Ronald Reagan Airport can be seen and heard so that might need getting used to if I lived here! This is a 10 acre grassy park along the water. If one needs a sense of calmness and peace, come here! From the waterfront, it is easy to take one of the side streets up to M street where many of the shops and restaurants are located. We were fortunate to take a street which crosses the C & O canal!

Kids Industry Prep LLC: This was the most beautiful place to visit! We made sure we got there very early! 8am. Street parking was abundant. I decided to take photos with my little model and she enjoyed the sites just as much as everyone else did that is until she had to go to the bathroom! 🤣 Luckily mom had a portable potty 🚽. We finished up with a few snapshots of her riding her bicycle with natural flowers she picked along the way. Take a look at some of the photos we took!

Wadud Safa: The best waterfront park in the DMV area. It’s always beautiful in all seasons. It’s a great place to walk with your family and friends. If you are new in town you definitely want to visit this place.

Manny G.C.: The Georgetown Waterfront Park is a national park completed in Washington, DC in the fall of 2011. Part of the Georgetown Historic District, the park stretches along the banks of the Potomac River from 31st Street, NW to the Key Bridge.

Tarang Srivastava: Very beautiful area especially in the evenings. Lots of restaurants with outdoor seating and plenty of parking nearby. The Halloween exhibits on display right now are very nice!

Tan Sav: Part of this park use to be a parking lot years ago. Definitely a nice place to walk, bike and people watch when the weather is good.

Jeovany Espino: This view of Georgetown was immaculate at night. We walked around to get this view. Well worth it

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