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1. Canal Park Outdoor Ice Skating & Splash Park - Washington

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76 reviews
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Canal Park Outdoor Ice Skating & Splash Park
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Address: 200 M St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Telephone: (202) 850-0859

Business type: Ice skating rink

Canal Park Outdoor Ice Skating & Splash Park: what do users think?
E P: Great place to skate, parking was easy when we went (Sunday late afternoon), but I can see how it could be an issue in busier times. Rink is well maintained, and you can rent skates if you need. Great area for coffee or restaurants around.
Response: EP, thank you for your review and rating. Parking is always available in the vicinity of the rink. These ratings mean a lot to the staff to see returns on their efforts. Thanks for your visit skating with us. Best, Lance
Kelsey Elle
Kelsey Elle: This place seems like it would be fun but it’s actually extremely dangerous. It’s too crowded for how often they cut the ice and as a result the ice is extremely rough and in poor condition. What makes it even more dangerous is that the rental skate blades are not adequately sharpened. Skating on rough ice with dull skates is a recipe for disaster even for an experienced skater. I have skated my entire life and was a competitive figure skater and even I felt unsafe skating here. We saw many people get injured during the hour that we were there, including a member of our group. If you have your own skates it would probably be okay, but on the whole I was very troubled by what I encountered here, and the disregard for safety.
John Griffis
John Griffis: Very Fun! Skates in fairly good condition for a rental. Ice maintained pretty good for an outdoor rink in 50° weather too. All in all it was a fun time.
Danial Gebreili
Danial Gebreili: The ice-skating experience at this location is fantastic. The skate rentals are pretty decent and properly maintained. Overall, the staff are friendly, prices are reasonable, and it is not crowded making for a fun experience with friends, couples, or family.
A R: Really fun! We went on a Monday evening and it was fairly quiet with only about a dozen other people there. There is a lot of space to skate and a fun little passage to skate through too! Highly recommend
Sean Shechtman
Sean Shechtman: Cool rink shaped like a figure 8. Also good pizza, hot chocolate and coffee. Great place for kids because it has outdoor rink with indoor food/beverage when you are cold.
Nadine De williaams
Nadine De williaams: Fun spot. Not crowded. Had a cafeteria to grab some snacks. 2 hours for $15 including the skates.
Timothy Albright
Timothy Albright: The rink staff are very approachable and were willing to assist my child in his first time skating, last year. The shape of the rink allows for more enjoyable experience, compared to a conventional ice rink. The pizza place is a warm place to sit when the Zamboni is on the ice, but there are many other good food locations nearby. Since the change in management, my family has purchased season passes yearly. Great winter spot!

2. The Wharf Ice Rink - Washington

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40 reviews
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The Wharf Ice Rink
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Address: 970 Wharf St SW, Washington, DC 20024

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: (202) 317-9643

Business type: Ice skating rink

The Wharf Ice Rink: what do users think?
James Walker
James Walker: Open for skating from Wednesday through Sunday, admission fee required, with a discount offered for military and seniors. A special day and time is reserved for the sport of Curling. Located on Wharf Street Southwest between the Anthem and the Transit Pier.
Matthew Henry
Matthew Henry: Probably one of the most beautiful rinks in DC. You can hear the geese and birds, see the water and smell the food. Very enjoyable place.
Matthew Rusch
Matthew Rusch: It was super fun for me and my family. The cost was about the same as other ice rinks and you can skate for a long time if you want to. It had a great atmosphere right on the water and the staff was super helpful. It is a little smaller than a regulation ice rink for hocky, but not to bad.
Stefano Negri
Stefano Negri: Pretty bad treatment for my 3 kids last year - good to see it is open for review now so that I can say this They made us pay in full for 15 minutes after having told us we would have a full hour. Felt cheated and there was not even an apology, let alone a reimbursement. Not going back.
M: It was a beautiful little rink with string lights hanging overhead and water surrounding it. I give 3 stars because it was a little pricey. $38 for 2 people.

3. National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink - Washington

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8 reviews
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National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink
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Address: Constitution Ave NW &, 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20408

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 9PM ⋅ Opens 11AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 216-9397

Business type: Ice skating rink

National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink: what do users think?
CB: Cute rink but bad customer service and inaccurate hours of operation. The rink “sells out” of skates very quickly and stops renting out skates (when stocked) at around 7PM. Unless you plan to go as soon they open or you decide to wait an unknown period of time, you likely will not be able to enter. I have tried to go on two different occasions within a few days, hours before closing, and was refused entry/rental both times. We ran into several other people while leaving who experienced the same. In previous years, this rink was great, but they are not operating their best since the pandemic began. Would advise going to Georgetown rink instead
M Munoz
M Munoz: The only time I was able to skate at this rink was when I went around opening time, at 11AM. That’s the only reason I am rating one star. Any other time at night, I was turned away on multiple occasions. They always say that they’re sold out even if I’m there hours before their listed times. Misleading and unprofessional, especially since skaters were leaving as I had requested for a rental AND the person directly in front of me was able to get skates. There’s no structure or consistency in this rink’s operation. Save yourself the trip and go elsewhere!
Kate Bellows
Kate Bellows: I went here a few weeks ago, and we had so much fun! Very busy, so if you can go in the middle of the day during the weekday, that’s for the best. And pack light, because it’s hard to avoid not getting a locker unless you just want to leave your stuff out.

4. Pentagon Row Outdoor Ice Skating - Arlington

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120 reviews
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Pentagon Row Outdoor Ice Skating
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Address: 1201 S Joyce St, Arlington, VA 22202

Telephone: (703) 418-6666

Business type: Ice skating rink

Pentagon Row Outdoor Ice Skating: what do users think?
Emilie K
Emilie K: I’ve gone ice skating here six times now, it’s such a great time! The staff is nice. It rink isn’t exactly large, but fun place to go for an hour or so! Decorated nice around Christmas time
Kel Millionie
Kel Millionie: A little ice skating rink with skate rentals and adjacent restaurants. Ice is well maintained and the timed tickets didn’t make the rink over crowded.
Maritza Cooper
Maritza Cooper: What a lovely setting for this outdoor activity. Pentagon Row is a wonderful space to to have an outdoor rink. Lots of restaurants, shopping and people watching. The staff at the rink are fabulous. Ethan, both Olivias, Cartrell and Julian were FABULOUS as usual. Been here numerous times and its always a pleasure. They keep a watchful eye out and are vigilant in their duties. Bring Gloves, warm clothes, long socks and a fun attitude. Be sure to tighten the skates around the ankles to avoid injury. Lots of newbies on the ice, so try not to run them over. Most important of all.... HAVE FUN!
Response: Hi Maritza, Wow! Thank you for the awesome review! We will pass your kind words along to Ethan, Cartrell, Julian and both Olivias. They are incredible employees and we are lucky to have them! We are so glad that you had a great experience at our rink, the staff works hard to make every visit a 5 star experience. Thank you again for the great feedback and pictures, we hope to see you again soon! Best, Bryton
Jennifer Stehle
Jennifer Stehle: It may have just been the time of day we went, but there were many children on the ice without supervision, skating across the rink or in the opposite direction of the group. There was no staff on the ice making sure the rink was safe for guests either. This is very dangerous. Skating is always "at your own risk", but many rinks take their rules seriously and ensure their guests are safe.

5. Fort Dupont Ice Arena - Washington

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124 reviews
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Fort Dupont Ice Arena
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Address: 3779 Ely Pl SE, Washington, DC 20019

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 584-5007

Business type: Ice skating rink

Fort Dupont Ice Arena: what do users think?
Darian Smith
Darian Smith: What family had a great time in this ice skating rink. The price of the rental skates are very affordable. The skating rink is a nice size plenty of space to sit in the bleachers and watch people skate or sit down and change your shoes you will have a great time there
Mary O'Brien
Mary O'Brien: Fort Dupont is a wonderful place to skate! It is an extremely welcoming environment and there are good, clean rentals available. Overall, I highly recommend.
I SLAY ALL DAY TRAVEL The Solo Traveler: Perfect place! It’s hidden gem nestled away in Washington, D.C.
NUALA OLEARY: Needs updating. Across a parking lit from a beautiful baseball facility sponsored by the Washington Nationals. It would be wonderful to have an updated rink sponsored by the Washington Capitals.
Jennifer Jay
Jennifer Jay: If you grew up with rinks built in the 80s/early 90s this place will feel like coming home. Yes it’s dated but that’s part of the charm and they are breaking ground on a new rink soon so enjoy it while you can. They offer free learn to skate to DC residents in 2nd thru 12th grade, it’s a rink you can feel good about spending your money at. The giant windows and natural light make this rink even more special, fabulous skating under the sunset glow.
Greg Pryzby
Greg Pryzby: great resource. if you live in DC there are free classes on Saturday.
Ms. DC
Ms. DC: Now this Ice Skating Rink brings back memories I remember my friends and I.would hook school and hang out here. We.use to like to watch the hockey players while school were in session. Until they caught on we were hooking school then they stopped letting us in or we would meet up there and go to the movies.

6. MedStar Capitals Iceplex - Arlington

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175 reviews
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MedStar Capitals Iceplex
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Address: 627 N Glebe Rd SUITE 800, Arlington, VA 22203

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9:30PM

Telephone: (571) 224-0555

Business type: Ice skating rink

MedStar Capitals Iceplex: what do users think?
Andrea Cox
Andrea Cox: Been skating at Kettler for years. Med Star takes over and decreases the public skate time by a 1/3 while doubling the price. They also make you jump through hoops by creating an online portal and signing your life away just to come skate for an hour on Saturday night. RIDICULOUS!!!
Anthony Alatis
Anthony Alatis: Great to be able to watch practice. Leaving the parking lot took 10 minutes with only one attendant in 1 of the 6 payment lanes.
Jacques Bertrand
Jacques Bertrand: Very nice locker rooms, good ice as well. Only complaint is that the game usually have to be curfewed. I think they should have reserved spot for referees, so they will be more enticed to come.
Vaibhav Gupta
Vaibhav Gupta: Great place to ice-skate. The staff is really friendly. And if lucky, you can catch the caps practicing here. We had a great time here.
Todd Berman
Todd Berman: Aside from the 8 stories of winding parking garage - there is much to like at Kettler. Skate rentals, food concession and of course, the Stanley Cup Champions home practice ice. Come for a relaxing skate session or to see the Caps practice. Convenient to Metro and parking is a bargain!
Bill Rizzo
Bill Rizzo: Two rinks, for hockey on Friday nights. The Arlington Rink is better for spectators as you can sit in "box-like" seats and watch the game. Parking is a buck for three hours! Pay before you leave or use a credit card at check out booth.
Alyx Barnes
Alyx Barnes: My son and I both skate at Med Star Caps Iceplex as part of the figure skating program. The rink takes significant precautions both on occupancy and cleaning protocols to keep skaters and staff safe. In this time of the pandemic, masks are also mandatory on the figure skating rink and in the facility overall. Hours for figure skating are somewhat reduced most Fall/Winters due to the Caps need for the ice, but if early mornings work for you, there is generally ice time to reserve. Reservations are made via the OpenSports or Dash apps. Classes and individual lessons are available. My son completed the Basic skating lesson series here and now does Sky High for more advanced figure skaters. He also participated in some of the Summer figure skating camps, which are offered for various ability level skaters. He has really enjoyed his skating journey so far and this is largely due to the wonderful coaches (Mary Clamp and Connor Tasker, to name two) and fellow skaters on the ice with him. This is our go-to rink in the area. Great people and well maintained facility.
Anna Shumaker
Anna Shumaker: My review is based on the public skating. The facility is clean and well maintained. However, the skate guards are not very friendly or helpful. They mostly skate around ignoring everyone else. As an obvious beginner, I would have appreciated being asked if I needed any help, some tips and tricks, or at the very least a greeting. The atmosphere was not very welcoming. I felt like an inconvenience rather than a guest who paid money to be here.

7. Cabin John Ice Rink - North Bethesda

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475 reviews
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Cabin John Ice Rink
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Address: 10610 Westlake Dr, Rockville, MD 20852

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: (301) 765-8620

Business type: Ice skating rink

Cabin John Ice Rink: what do users think?
Jack jack
Jack jack: The ice rink is a great place to skate. I love to come here more than any other ice rink in the area because it is such a friendly and family oriented place. Staff is very approachable.
Morela Granda Linares
Morela Granda Linares: Great place to skake. 3 ice rinks. Pay attention to the public skate hours before going.
Response: Thank you for your rating and for supporting Montgomery Parks.
Benjamin Polster
Benjamin Polster: Please Read the full review: I’m a former employee from 2015-2019. Loved working here and it’s great for hockey and figure skating. That said, I decided to look up this place again out of curiosity and and low and behold; the most recent 1 star review from 2 months ago starts off with criticism of Nancy. For those of you who want to take your kids here for lessons, Avoid her like the plague. I had witnessed her verbally abusing children on multiple occasions and one time screamed at inexperienced skaters during a public skate for falling down. Any skating qualified instructor would know that falling down is an part of learning how to skate and learning how to do it correctly is very important. She treated employees like absolute garbage. I was no exception to that. She made an assumption that I had autism and told my coworkers I needed to be suspended and given special special needs training. This happened on multiple occasions as a matter of fact. Not to mention, her instructor bio says she’s a national coach but I have not found anything to back that up. She’s related by marriage to a figure skating legend but multiple people who have skated around her for decades have implied that she basically used her last name to advance her career and is basically a fraud. We used to joke that Nancy is living proof that only the good die young. I guess my point is, there are lots of good instructors at Cabin John. Don’t pick her, especially if it’s for your kids.
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person: For starters, I’m a current employee at this rink so I’m keeping my identity hidden. But I most likely will be for no longer. I would like to say for the most part it’s really great working here. Everyone is very nice and it’s not a bad working environment. However, there are a ton of issues with communication between scheduling and what the job entails. I help with group lessons and we don’t receive any type of schedule of the group lessons. We’re expected to show up and just go with the flow which makes things complicated when parents ask questions about where their kids are supposed to have class. My one star review is so that there will be attention drawn to the treatment employees by some of the coaches. Nancy Lussi for one is not only rude to the employees but, also the children. I don’t really interact with her much since she hardly teaches anymore. However, Alicia Cavanaugh is another coach who’s behavior is not okay. She works okay with the children but is incredibly condescending if she thinks you can be bossed around. I understand that I am not a “real” coach but I work for the rink and my job is to assist with the group lessons. It isn’t okay for her to boss me around and tell me what to do when I’m helping out with another coach. It also is not okay for her to raise her voice to tell me what to do when she’s instructing children- that just doesn’t set a good example. I’ve worked with countless other coaches and they are all incredibly respectful and kind. She just isn’t at all. I’m not the only person with complaints about her. If the management sees this- please talk to Alicia. It’s not okay for her to treat the group lesson or even camp employees rudely. I know that at the end of the day if I quit it doesn’t matter since they’ll just find someone else to replace what I do. However it’s not okay that employees have to deal with rude coaches and they can get away with it scotch free.
Response: Anonymous - We are sorry to hear that you have had a negative experience working at Cabin John Ice Rink. We would love to engage with you offline and see how we can work to make it a better job experience. We do ask that you speak with your supervisor or directly with the Ice Skating Program Manager. Sincerely, Montgomery Parks
Jodi Dobinsky
Jodi Dobinsky: Went for open skate and was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to find space on the rink. It was busy, but not impossibly crowded. Almost everyone was wearing a mask (which was great given the number of under-vaccination-age kids in the rink).
Jacques Bertrand
Jacques Bertrand: Scoreboard issues, horrible lighting.I think they should have reserved spot for referees, so they will be more enticed to come.

8. Fairfax Ice Arena - Fairfax

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165 reviews
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Fairfax Ice Arena
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Address: 3779 Pickett Road, Fairfax, VA 22031

Telephone: (703) 323-1132

Business type: Ice skating rink

Fairfax Ice Arena: what do users think?
Opsec Classified
Opsec Classified: Great time for and with the shorties. Kids had a blast. Skate rental was a breeze and had everything you need their to keep the shorties happy...soda, drinks, food.
Jack jack
Jack jack: Excellent customer service. I highly recommend coming here to buy ice skates! We were about to buy ice skates from another location but we came here because we heard about their excellent customer service. They did not disappoint. Their customer service exceeded expectation. They were very patient and pro active. They took the time to measure feet and ask questions to determine the best pair of ice skates. They even put together the blade protector. The level of care and concern they showed towards making sure we bought the right pair of ice skates was awesome! We will definitely be back and will probably sign up for lessons at some point.
Yulia Evseeva
Yulia Evseeva: Bad ice, dirty, and useless staff. Very dirty, everywhere! Immediately as you enter, an unpleasant smell is felt. The ice is of a poor quality, it seems to be straightened with the help of a special machine, but this does not help to get rid of the holes in the ice. There are lockers, but they are one-time-use, you cannot use them many times in one period, or rather you can, but for extra money, they close for 2 quarters, and every time if you need to take something and close, you need to make sure that you have coins. Rent skates are stink very strongly, here you will NOT be given shoe covers that you must wear before putting on your rental skate and they will not process the skates afterwards. Disgusting. They do not have a support for children, racks on which children who do not yet know how to ride can lean on. On the ice, there are staff who seem to be supposed to manage the process and help people if they need help, but there were two guys who were rolling in a circle and talking to each other, not paying attention to the visitors. I did not find anywhere information and at the checkout I was also not warned that I could not go on the ice in my shoes to help my child learn to skate (I myself do not stand well on the skates). There is a manager who was hired to say one phrase "we have such rules, rules are rules"
Brooke :p
Brooke :p: Amazing ice arena! Is always clean workers and super nice! I come here for ice skating and all teachers are amazing! There is also a food cafe with amazing food! Sometimes a little crowded but amazing ice skating but rank and skate patrols skate around the rank to see if everyone is ok and not falling 100% recommend this ice arena
Animal King
Animal King: I went for the 4th time trying to give this place a chance, but its a very dirty rink. Second you walk in it smells like sweat and trash. Rink has massive holes to the point you trip. They cut the ice ONE TIME in the morning for stick and puck. One time I felt I was skating on actual snow. The locker rooms smell horrible, they dont supply pucks, and only two goalies free. Other rinks dont charge for any goalie. Furthermore the pro shop is never open, we need to sharpen our skates too. Overall, the place has potential but at the moment its not good. Will not be returning.
Noah Kim
Noah Kim: If you’re an entry level skater, it’s a decent place. For literally anyone else, it’s not worth it. It’s an old rink that is questionably maintained, ice is of lower quality, has a moldy smell at times and limited facilities. With Kettler, Reston, Prince William, Fort Dupont, St.James. There is very little reason to come here over the superior options in the area.
Gregory Lynch
Gregory Lynch: They still have a strict mask policy for people who are by themselves and not around anyone else. I was kicked out for that reason. The hockey players and the refs don’t have to wear masks even though they’re the ones not social distancing. It’s a shame, I liked this place but illogical policies like this make it hard to support.
Ryan Dodd
Ryan Dodd: The place is pretty run down but I had a ton of fun going to a free skate session in a Wednesday night. I used their skates and it was not too crowded. The ice was kinda rough.

9. Silver Spring Outdoor Ice Skating Rink - Silver Spring

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102 reviews
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Silver Spring Outdoor Ice Skating Rink
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Address: 8523 Fenton St, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: (301) 588-1221

Business type: Ice skating rink

Silver Spring Outdoor Ice Skating Rink: what do users think?
Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher: Ice is patchy as hell and they clean it very rarely. Customer service is also lacking. The guy I was talking to literally left me hanging mid-conversation. If you’ve got kids, don’t do it as well — a kid fell and was audibly crying because he hurt himself. In other places there’s usually an employee on the ice to tend to these situations, but they had no one on the ice. There was an employee on the outside and he watched the kid cry for a while before he decided to intervene after all the guests stopped skating to check. Seriously, save your money.
Christian Mukete
Christian Mukete: I got here all the time during winter, sometimes crowded, sometimes not. But overall love place and they’re restaurants nearby and a whole imax theater so this is perfect
Karen Lopez
Karen Lopez: Small rink and tends to be crowded but always a fun time. Great for people of all ages! Staff is very friendly and helpful.
Kaylin Hunzicker
Kaylin Hunzicker: Fun if you’re a kid sure, but if you’re older actually trying to skate get ready to spend your entire time avoiding children pushing penguins. They go fast as hell and can’t stop and you have a 9/10 chance of wiping one out. I’ve seen it. Other than that the rink is also pretty small (which makes avoiding the penguin children even harder) but overall it’s alright. Little on the expensive side.
Erin McGuire
Erin McGuire: Last night for outdoor skate this season and rink is lovely!

10. Wheaton Ice Arena - Wheaton-Glenmont

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252 reviews
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Wheaton Ice Arena
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Address: 11717 Orebaugh Ave, Wheaton, MD 20902

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11PM

Telephone: (301) 905-3000

Business type: Ice skating rink

Wheaton Ice Arena: what do users think?
Andrew O
Andrew O: Great place to ice skate year-round. There are several public skating sessions per week and they offer beginner and advanced classes for kids, teens, and adults. The teachers are excellent and many participate in one on one sessions outside of class as well.
Andrea Silver
Andrea Silver: Came skating with my family on Saturday and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The staff was all smiles, friendly and seemed to be enjoying their jobs. Having no idea about skate sizes, we wound up exchanging skates three times before finding some we could get our feet into( thanks Zane and Aliana!). Then we needed help tying them and Heather helped us with that. Loved the atmosphere- felt like a family run rink and it was obvious that everyone was having a good time. Kudos to management.
Gabriel Gualteros
Gabriel Gualteros: Good place to take family or adults for indoor ice skating...clean a good value and lots of fun.Can get busy plenty of parking....wear a helmet!
lovelyslyons: So patient with my lil one which was her 1st time. Loved that they treated us with such kindness and answered question before I got there on the phone and when I got there in person.
Y Fessehaye
Y Fessehaye: Great place for lessons and fun! Love it
Michael J. Ferreira
Michael J. Ferreira: The more I go here, the more it feels like family. The staff is courteous and positive. Classes are excellent. The only concern I have is that a class begins at the same time the previous class ends. If there are any hiccups and a 30-minute class may lose 20% of class time. This, however, does not outweigh the benefits at all. Great place to go!

11. Mount Vernon RECenter - Belle Haven

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345 reviews
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Mount Vernon RECenter
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Address: 2017 Belle View Blvd, Alexandria, VA 22307

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 9PM ⋅ Opens 6AM Thu

Telephone: (703) 768-3224

Business type: Hockey rink

Mount Vernon RECenter: what do users think?
Crystal Groves
Crystal Groves: I grew up going here and until today, I would have given every trip 5 stars. Today I wish I could rate ZERO stars. I also wish I could rate the ice rink and pools separately as the ice skating was wonderful as well as all the employees, friendly smiles and help all around. The pool however is run by teenagers either sitting in their office or directly reprimanding children rather than informing them of rules OR possibly speaking to the parent (me) that’s standing at the edge of the pool. When did it become okay for a lifeguard to discipline a 10 year old for bouncing a second time in the diving board? We have been here 30 minutes and my son has been pulled aside by two separate guards whom have both run straight back to the office when approached by me. Both things he was stopped for (bouncing more than once and deep end swim test), he was one of at least 4 doing the same activities together in the pool. Why him? Why do the rules in this facility not apply to all visitors. Needless to say, I understand why the attendance here has dropped & the reviews are terrible. We will be joining the majority in going to other local rec centers.
Barbara Faith
Barbara Faith: Loved it. Great place to swim. More private, less crazy, more relaxing than the other pools in this county group. The spa area, also smaller but worked well. Love the stand up pressure valves! Though the shower area is much smaller, I had no problem being able to shower since the place was never crowded while I was there. Showers, bathroom stalls, and locker room very clean. Just a quieter more serene place to workout and swim. I wish I discovered you at the beginning of spring instead of the end of summer, and my time in Alexandria. If the kids move back to the area, this Grammy will come here first for my summer exercise program.
Savannah Langley
Savannah Langley: My favorite rink so far. Definitely the place to go if your thinking of taking up ice skating 👍👍
Jules: A good place :) great ice skating rink and wonderful pool. Staff is lovely and very accommodating. Please allow others to register for aquatics as well, not just the usual crowd :) it seems it has became a private pool for retirees and there are never any available slots for anyone else.
Chris Rizzo
Chris Rizzo: Please change skating direction half way thru public skating time to allow skaters to learn and work on turning right ☺️
Daniel Hackett
Daniel Hackett: Very affordable, but the ice rink can get busy and bumpy on weekends.

12. SkateQuest - Reston

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137 reviews
new review
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Address: 1800 Michael Faraday Ct, Reston, VA 20190

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 9PM ⋅ Opens 8AM Thu

Telephone: (703) 709-1010

Business type: Ice skating rink

SkateQuest: what do users think?
Shauna Ward
Shauna Ward: Great place. Good rentals and good prices. There also a cool snack bar inside if you get hungry after all the skating.
Matt S
Matt S: Love the place and great facilities. Can the people who run the public skating sessions particularly on weekends please take a hard look at how many figure skaters are there practicing. This isn’t a public skate when both ends of the rink are filled with figure skaters occupying them practicing. There is a perpetual figure skating lesson ran by the same woman every weekend in the middle of the rink. A few times I just about got hit with the blade of a raised leg figure skater practicing whatever that is. Please let the figure skating community there know there should be dedicated ice sessions for this- it isn’t the place at public skating.
Robert Entwistle
Robert Entwistle: Excellent experience buying hockey skates here. They fitted me, heat molded and sharpened the skates, all right there. Lots of skates in stock. Helpful pro shop.
Jose Munoz
Jose Munoz: Nice venue. This place has 2 rinks. A hockey store and snack bar with Starbucks coffee. 1 rink has an over look area so you can stay warm.
Colin Barnett
Colin Barnett: Sami Saghir is the best front desk person you could ever ask for.
Jacques Bertrand
Jacques Bertrand: I think they should have reserved spot for referees, so they will be more enticed to come.
Elisa Hernandez
Elisa Hernandez: Great place for kids and adults. I send my sons here and they love it. The ice is great, the space is large enough for everyone to go out and practice, and the locker rooms are convenient and easy to access.
Brilin “Brilin” Brilin
Brilin “Brilin” Brilin: This place is really nice for children and adults. The staff is super helpful. I have been going to them for years and will not go anywhere else. I am very close to the Ashburn Ice house but they are super rude and arrogant. I happily drive the extra miles to have pleasant caring staff. My children have been at SkateQuest for regular skate lessons and summer camps and they love the staff. The skate manager Shelley is super helpful. Thank you SkateQuest!

13. Anacostia Park Roller Skating Pavillion - Washington

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361 reviews
new review
Anacostia Park Roller Skating Pavillion
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Address: 1500 Anacostia Dr, Washington, DC 20020

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 472-3884

Business type: Roller skating rink

Anacostia Park Roller Skating Pavillion: what do users think?
Dawn Davis
Dawn Davis: Love skating here. My fiancé call play basketball, my son can play at the playground and I can skate. A perfect trifecta.
Kev- keepingitreal
Kev- keepingitreal: Anacostia Park Amenities Include a Roller Skating Pavilion, Music, Restrooms, Playground, Outdoor Basketball Courts, Baseball Field, Tennis Courts, Open Green Space, Walking Trails, Picnic Tables, Boat ramps and Plenty of Parking Space.
Roslyn Rawles
Roslyn Rawles: This brought back so many memories as a kid skating here. The music and the people were great. We had so much fun young and old.
L. Anderson
L. Anderson: I enjoyed this park very much. The kind people of DC and the surroundings
Rachelle Mitchell
Rachelle Mitchell: This pavilion is big and spacious! I love the community feeling from everyone in the surrounding area enjoying themselves at the park. It was a great outdoor experience.

14. Reston Town Center Ice Skating Pavilion - Reston

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182 reviews
new review
Reston Town Center Ice Skating Pavilion
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Address: 1818 Discovery St, Reston, VA 20190

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: (703) 709-6300

Business type: Ice skating rink

Reston Town Center Ice Skating Pavilion: what do users think?
Rebecca McCulley
Rebecca McCulley: Enjoy a 2nd time at this ice rink… we’ll in 68 degree a little wet! But I enjoyed a sweet spin on the ice! Thanks for a nice Sunday evening after dinner..
rajesh sharma
rajesh sharma: This is an amazing place. Lots of people were having a lot of fun and I was so happy to see so many different age groups skating together. They have staff to guide you and supporting gear for safety. Thoroughly enjoyed the awesome feel that the lighting gives. Must visit place in Reston.
ryanne: it was a nice are but there were constantly people sitting on the rails and made it inaccessible for people who couldnt skate well. all of the employees just sat inside on the phones and only came out to watch when someone complained.
Kiwi SK
Kiwi SK: Really beautiful place but gets crowded at evening times. The only reason for 4 stars is the pricing.
vinphill Seung Phill Lim
vinphill Seung Phill Lim: Deluxe skating place for guys. Even free parking at holiday season. You should check it for visiting. Free parking on Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

15. Tucker Road Ice Rink - Oxon Hill-Glassmanor

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70 reviews
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Tucker Road Ice Rink
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Address: 1770 Tucker Rd, Fort Washington, MD 20744

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: (301) 265-1525

Business type: Community center

Tucker Road Ice Rink: what do users think?
Aiden Thompson
Aiden Thompson: This place is great. The "saver" skate option is only like 7 dollars and it includes rental skates and 2 hours of skating. This place is often not busy and the facility is very nice. It has a nice place to watch the skating in the warm, perfect for parents.
harriet Portillo
harriet Portillo: Great place to get reconnect to your life to think pray,talk to yourself meet people, and most of all a great place for family
Vanessa Lyde
Vanessa Lyde: Great place to take family. So much fun. Atmosphere good and clean. Parking 👍.
Chris Upham
Chris Upham: The Tucker Road Ice Rink is a gorgeous, new facility that is an absolute pleasure to play in!
Beautiful Star
Beautiful Star: I loved it. The place is very clean and is not crowded at all. The lady in the front desk is not very friendly but once you pass her, your fine...
June Bulldix
June Bulldix: Great walking trail for the brief walk I needed.
Edwina Gray
Edwina Gray: My family loves this place!Place: cleanStaff: great

16. Herbert Wells Ice Rink - College Park

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149 reviews
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Herbert Wells Ice Rink
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Address: 5211 Campus Dr, College Park, MD 20740

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 9PM ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (301) 277-3717

Business type: Ice skating rink

Herbert Wells Ice Rink: what do users think?
Life with Kyt
Life with Kyt: It was magical but for a first time skater I thought I could just get up and go skate! My niece got the hang of it though!
Kawaii Rabbits
Kawaii Rabbits: Website needs to be updated. My local rink is open all year but no public sessions on Wednesdays, so thought I check out Wells. The employees looked at me so crazy because I came to ask if the ice rink was open--the website says the ice rink is open "365" and there are hours listed. Additionally, I wish they wouldve at least mentioned if they still do roller skating here, but the employees seemed generally confused.
Donna Hershey
Donna Hershey: We had lots of fun! Not too crowded and only $4/person Wednesdays 12-2pm
micharoni: not open, waited 30 minutes and no workers showed up ! had at least 30 people waiting and everyone knew they were supposed to be open at 9:30.
Response: Hi Micharoni. Thanks for taking time to review the Herbert Wells Ice Rink. We understand your concern and we apologize for the inconvenience. If you are referring to saturday february 26th, was not possible to offer open skating from 9:30pm. We had been impacted on finding enough staffing to cover and keep the facility open during that time. We will continue working hard to have the appropriate staff to continue offering the best service. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the director at Thanks.
Taylor Frazier
Taylor Frazier: Great lesson for my 2.5 year old. Her instructors were awesome & even though we missed a few classes, she was able to keep up.
Keith C.
Keith C.: Great place for kids hockey. Unfortunately when we went out warmed outside which caused condensation on the glass making it hard to see.
Steph Y
Steph Y: We had lots of fun. Prices are reasonable. We scored a groupon that included admission and skate rentals for 4 people ($17)! I wish they had those things to help keep your balance. Overall, a nice place for some fun.
Hm: Good time, no big issues

17. The Gardens Ice House - West Laurel

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489 reviews
new review
The Gardens Ice House
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Address: 13800 Old Gunpowder Rd, Laurel, MD 20707

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11PM

Telephone: (301) 953-0100

Business type: Ice skating rink

The Gardens Ice House: what do users think?
Anna Mari Green
Anna Mari Green: We enjoy competing here at the garden skatehouse! We cannot speak to the day today operations, but we do know that during competitions the ice is maintained well. Thanks for hosting both the May Day competition and the Chesapeake Open!
Anil Chandel
Anil Chandel: Noob to skates and the place. Awesome staff and trainers. Keep going back there for more and more training… 😀
Chuck Wasson (Fosod)
Chuck Wasson (Fosod): Nice facility and welcomed our random attendance of our first hockey game. Dress warmly and bring some insulation to sit on. Looking forward to returning.
Response: Thanks Fosod. You definitely need to dress warm here! Thanks for the review.
Eric O
Eric O: Two great rinks. Excellent rental equipment. Be sure to visit the store inside and the Curling arena next door.
Response: Thanks for the review Eric!
Conrad Campbell
Conrad Campbell: Great sheets of Ice. Nice pro shot and an outdoor rink.
Response: Thanks Conrad for the 5 star review!
Anna Apicella
Anna Apicella: Wonderful programs and hospitality. Programs for children - Adults. Saw Frozen on Ice! Spectacular!

18. The Washington Harbour - Washington

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3567 reviews
new review
The Washington Harbour
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Address: 3000-3050 K St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (202) 295-5007

Business type: Shopping mall

The Washington Harbour: what do users think?
MILKOS D SOSA: This is a very nice place to eat and have a few drinks. It is essentially an entertainment venue with shops, restaurants, and bars. Several boats that give tours of the river and water taxis that take you to The Wharf also leave from here. A space to take cool photos, and enjoy the youthful atmosphere of Geortown.
Reema Srivastava
Reema Srivastava: Cool getaway along the Potomac River. The Halloween spirit is evident! Enjoy the cool breeze & walk along the waterfront. I couldn’t see if the waterfront is wheelchair accessible. If you’re not dining in any restaurant there , then look out for Starbucks restroom facility - the only one 😔. The place is crowded on weekends and parking can be tough. One can easily spend an hour walking around before a waterfront sit down dinner/ lunch.
Aaron Ochse
Aaron Ochse: Nice spot for dinner or lunch in good weather. Some shops as well as the restaurants.
archana pillai
archana pillai: Vibrant, lively, musical,friendly atmosphere all-round.It was my first time after a decade to watch so many happy people together.
Tonya Coffey-DMV REALTOR / eXp Realty
Tonya Coffey-DMV REALTOR / eXp Realty: Lots of good food options and great views. Not much parking but garages are nearby. Very family friendly location.
Shaunde' Marie
Shaunde' Marie: Beautiful views! Many things to do, including boat rides, restaurants, bars and more. Parking is a little expensive, unless you can find st parking and not get a tkt/towed.
Aishwarya Sabane
Aishwarya Sabane: The pink flowers along the road looked so pretty. The walk by the water was very peaceful. The place was bustling on a Friday evening.
Cass: Did a cruise here going around the harbor talking about iconic landmarks it was a perfect spot to grab some lunch sit down at the tables on the boat and by far my favorite way to have lunch and learn some stuff!

19. Ashburn Ice House - Ashburn

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426 reviews
new review
Ashburn Ice House
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Address: 21595 Smith Switch Rd, Ashburn, VA 20147

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10:30PM

Telephone: (703) 858-0300

Business type: Ice skating rink

Ashburn Ice House: what do users think?
Cristin Harber
Cristin Harber: Huge, clean facility. Two ice rinks with plenty of rink-side and enclosed balcony seating. The skates and equipment were well kept and of good quality. The locker areas and bathrooms are spacious and clean. The staff seemed knowledgeable and fun. Adult and kid skaters were able to do their thing in different areas, as were what seemed like more and less experienced skaters. There was enough room for everyone. I look forward to a future visit.
Lana Moore
Lana Moore: This is my first time being here for a hockey tournanent. So far it seems nice. There are plenty of seats, a snack shack, two rinks, a heated seating area. The kids seem to love it and we would be delighted to come here again.
ISMAEL Diaz: Granddaughter did the weekly "ice camp" she had never skated before. Needless to say she loved it. Caring young staff that communicates well with the kids of all ages.
Brooke Mitchell
Brooke Mitchell: Such a fun home town ice rink. Offers public skate, hockey, and lessons. Great place for birthday parties, snow days, and long summer days.
Chris Holland
Chris Holland: Fantastic establishment. Family oriented, great instruction and the staff makes you feel as though you are part of a larger skating family.

20. Enchant Christmas DC - Washington

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168 reviews
new review
Enchant Christmas DC
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Address: 1500 S Capitol St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Telephone: (833) 362-6445

Business type: Ice skating rink

Enchant Christmas DC: what do users think?
Yvonne Marbury
Yvonne Marbury: This was my first time seeing Enchant at Christmas. I loved it, I took my daughter as part of her sweet 16 celebration. We had so many beautiful light displays to see and take pictures in front of. The first thing we did was get some hot chocolate ($6). They had a booth selling drinks, spiked ones and regular ones. The regular hot chocolate was perfect for a cold night walking around with family. The spiked one also included a cup you can keep that lit up and was shaped like an ornament. Very cute keepsake. When you first walk in someone hands you a map that gives you a list of secret displays that you want to search and find in the maze. This is a cute adventure for families with children. They also had a skating rink you can skate on too. So much fun! I highly recommend this for families or anyone wanting some fun family activity to enjoy holiday decorations.
Olga Graves
Olga Graves: Though it was pretty, I’d say it’s a great one time event, wouldn’t be a holiday tradition for us. We hoped it would be more than what it was, being very crowded didn’t help, which of course it was. If you can, take some other form of transportation there, parking was no picnic even with reserved parking
J Passaro
J Passaro: This was our second time experiencing and we enjoyed it so much more on a weeknight. Thurs night, no crowds, no lines- beautiful to take it all in and not be pushed and shoved to do so. Yes expensive and there are plenty of upgrades and charges for much of everything but all we paid extra for was the drinks and some food and we still thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We went on a event special day called the Feast of the Night or something and there was literally no feast nor much food at all. Last time there were a lot more unique food options so it’s a shame that we lost out to the food offerings just bc it was a weeknight and they failed on the advertised event. Ben’s Chili Bowl wasn’t open as weren’t many others. Easily found parking on the street. Lots of security/police outside of the stadium so felt safe. Everyone was friendly and helpful. No issues at all- oh and we didn’t see a Santa despite a sign saying he was there. The setting was beautiful and the maze was fun. We spend just as much for a baseball game outing so this was no different in cost and the kids really enjoyed it, so that’s what matters.
Austin Graff
Austin Graff: If you’re looking for something to do during the holidays with kids, Enchant DC is an option. Here’s our experience: 1) Kid-Friendly: The main attraction is the scavenger hunt through the light maze. The hunt is a little confusing and underwhelming for adults, but kids are into it, which was fun to see! My four-year-old daughter loved finding the eight “gifts” around the maze, stopping at fun stations like the dance floor and the light tunnel. 2) Photo-Ops: The lights are magical making for many great shots of the family and friends. 3) Amenities: There’s an ice skating rink, market of local businesses (a win!), Santa and Mrs. Claus and food stations. It all comes at a price. For example, the cheapest cotton candy was $11. 4) Price: For our family of three to go, it costs $110+, not including parking. To save money, spend the time finding street parking. Also, eat dinner beforehand. Skip the ice skating rink as there’s a cheaper option nearby at Canal Park.
Jessica Long
Jessica Long: This was a really nice experience with shops and food. The main attractions are down on the field. The ice skating loop is not very long—takes about 30 secs to skate. So, it gets crowded quick. The maze is very cool. It had a open concept. I would definitely go back in the future! Bring friends! Bring small children—they’ll have a blast!
Alita brown
Alita brown: My first visit to the Enchanted Christmas was a success. It was very clear the time and effort put into putting up the beautiful lighting, preparing the food, and the staff service was excellent. Everyone had such a positive attitude and went above and beyond to answer questions and just provide excellent customer service. This is perfect for all types of visitors, families , couples and singles.
Sonya Williams (Wildflowers and Hooyahs)
Sonya Williams (Wildflowers and Hooyahs): We had such a great time. Do not recommend for folks with strollers or wheelchairs because even though they had accessibility, it was horrible for folks to maneuver with sooooo many people there stopping every few feet for a photo. Granted it was pretty and something we haven’t done before, I still Don’t think we will do it again. The price was okay but still, not worth a repeat in my book. The light up floor was cool and I liked how every corner had something different to look at. Also liked that they had a Santa that our son was able to meet. Def an experience, but not worth a repeat.
Vy H.
Vy H.: Love how pretty the decorations and lights are here! There’s so many picture worthy spots but at the same time there’s tons of people so you end up having to wait to get some good shots. Once you get inside, you can stay as long as you want. They serve cute drinks too, but it’s overpriced—$17 for a lightbulb drink that tastes more like juice and barely any liquor.

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