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DC DMV - Rhode Island Service Center DC DMV - Southwest Service Center DC DMV - Georgetown Service Center Arlington DMV Metro at Virginia Square DC DMV Adjudication Services Deanwood Road Test Office DC DMV - Benning Ridge Service Center DMV Self Service Kiosk Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles Virginia DMV Alexandria Customer Service Center Arlington County DMV Select Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles DMV NEWSTAND MVA - White Oak District of Columbia Motor Vehicle Inspection Station Maryland DMV

1. DC DMV - Rhode Island Service Center - Washington

· 465 reviews

2350 Washington Pl NE #112N, Washington, DC 20018

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DC DMV - Rhode Island Service Center: what do users think?

Omoyeni Oyekola: I was so disorganized and completely clueless on the documents I needed to bring. But K. Castro was extremely nice. She was so patient, understanding, and helpful. She really made my day so much better and lighter. Her customer service is top notch! Like, she was so effective, and courteous while still maintaining her professionalism. The world will be so much better if everyone had her interpersonal skills. Thank you miss. Castro! I wish you a genuinely wonderful life!

Tiffany Leung: It’s a bit surprising to be giving a DMV 5 stars, but they were great. Yolanda was so helpful and was incredibly kind. Be sure to look on the DMV website to make sure you bring all the correct documents. Have it printed and ready when you go. It’ll speed up the process and make it quick and painless for everyone.

Deviana Dewi: I came here to apply for an ID card. I arrived 30 minutes after the office opened, and there were 19 people ahead of me. The wait time was reasonable although I brought my book with me. Staff were organized, particularly Ms. Castro was so nice!

Nils Hünerfürst: You have to get there an hour before they open or you come after noon then you have nearly only 5 minutes of waiting. The rest is up to you.

2. DC DMV - Southwest Service Center - Washington



· 608 reviews

95 M St SW, Washington, DC 20024

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DC DMV - Southwest Service Center: what do users think?

Tisha Reese: Ran in to convert my out-of-state license & I was in & out in under 30 minutes. Customer service was outstanding from the moment I walked in until I left. I interacted with 3 employees & all 3 were delightful & superbly helpful. Shout out to Ms. Tolliver for making this my most positive DMV experience ever. Also, it was raining & chilly so I drove instead of walking & it was easy & convenient to park. A+ experience.

Cameron: Had amazing customer service. Moving from out of state so had to change my license and register my vehicle with just two short visits (I had to come back because I hadn’t changed my insurance to a DC policy) but Miss Perkins took amazing care of me and had me in and out in less than half an hour.

Amruta Ghate: Painless and the person I worked with was wonderful. She mercifully printed out a form for me that I was missing.

3. DC DMV - Georgetown Service Center - Washington

· 460 reviews

3270 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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DC DMV - Georgetown Service Center: what do users think?

Delainey Boyd: I love this DMV! Every time I go I am in and out. As long as you do your research and bring in your documents you’re set. I forgot the initial form but they had one there for me to fill out. By the time I was done I was being called up. Most recently went on a Friday at 1:15 and was out by 1:45, longest I’ve ever waited was about 45 minutes on a Saturday. The workers are helpful and kind, I’ve never had a bad experience!

Rodrigo Gramajo: I had to renew my drivers license. I went to the DMV in Georgetown around 1pm on a Saturday. There were between 15-20 people. I was provided with the information I needed, waited for 10 min while completing a form and then a woman processed my case, reviewed my documents; she was very helpful. She was amicable and made sure I understood the next steps. The next station a young men directed me to do the knowledge test. Again, he was efficient, nice and friendly. My best visit to the DMV in 8 years! Go DMV Georgetown! Keep it like that-

Mariah Collins: Jessica was AMAZING. She tried really hard to help my husband and I with our issues. She was super friendly! But when it came to another employee Mercy, she was as rude as they come. She kept cutting me off when I was trying to explain my situation and walked off in the middle of me talking. I’ll never understand how people APPLY to work in customer service and treat people unkindly for no reason. What a nasty acting individual.

Kathryn Martin (Kate): Had a wonderful experience at this DMV! I went early on a Saturday, and couldn’t fill out the paperwork fast enough before I was seen. In and out in 30 minutes to change my name and address! The staff were friendly enough and efficient.

Stacey Gwynn: I don’t usually leave reviews, but I feel like I have to. This was the best DMV I have been to in the D.C area.. and maybe ever! Everyone was so kind and so helpful - the customer service was outstanding!

4. Arlington DMV Metro at Virginia Square - Arlington

· 384 reviews

North Metropolitan Building 3434 Washington Boulevard ret01, Arlington, VA 22201

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Arlington DMV Metro at Virginia Square: what do users think?

Michael Bustamante: Service at the DMV is great. However, DO NOT park at the giant next door and walk over. There’s a tow truck that parks across the street from the giant and waits for people to walk off the lot. They quickly drive over and pry your door open and tow your car. It’s an easy $135 for them. I was told by the company that if you walk off the lot for any reason, your car will get towed. That means you can’t go anywhere before or after going to giant.

Imani Porter: Great experience!! Went here this morning at 7:30am. Only 1 person was in front of us but by the time they opened at 8am, there was roughly 10 of us here. I was out by 8:20 only because there were a couple of people who made appointments, so they were prioritized ahead of me. The two women I talked to were so friendly and efficient. Tbh as long as you’re polite, have all your documents ready, and let them do their thing… you’ll have no issues!

Manda B: Still took me 45 minutes to get to a desk... But besides that everything was quick and clean

Christopher Lugo: This place was fantastic. I waited less than 10 minutes and was out the door in five. I’ve never had a good DMV experience until now.

Crescenzo Esposito: I had to visit the DMV multiple times in the last years. I have tried many different DMVs and it never had a pleasant experience, until today. This DMV is efficiently and professionally managed. Not only, the employees are very friendly and willing to help, despite the amount of people that daily shows up. Going Saturday morning to the DMV has never been so pleasant and fruitful
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5. DC DMV Adjudication Services - Washington

· 95 reviews

955 L'Enfant Plaza SW, Washington, DC 20024

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DC DMV Adjudication Services: what do users think?

Jamaica Harvey: Mrs masey reallly helped me at this lpcations , I appreciate you so much

6. Deanwood Road Test Office - Washington

· 95 reviews

1421 Kenilworth Avenue Northeast, Washington, DC 20019

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Deanwood Road Test Office: what do users think?

Christie: The guard was very helpful and answered every question I had. Even came and looked at my car so I wood know that my son could not use it. Deanwood is on point

Emily Pakulski: Took my scheduled road test here. They were running exactly on schedule and all 5 people I interacted with were friendly and helpful. Perfect service. They had to charge me $30 extra because I missed my appointment back in December because that means I took the spot from someone else. Fair is fair.

M B: Be prepared becasue parallel parking is first and you have to get it right. Spanish lady was nice and calm. I asked alot of questions and she was patience and explained no problem.

Battle For lasagna: I had the black-braided hair pretty lady ( Sahita) as a instructor. She was was really chill, nice and laid back .I passed my test.Jehad

effie jennings: Took my youngest nephew there for his road test and he was done pretty quick!

bravell douglas: Like to give thanks to ifan for helping me with road test today i great guy

7. DC DMV - Benning Ridge Service Center - Washington

· 363 reviews

4525 Benning Rd SE, Washington, DC 20019

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DC DMV - Benning Ridge Service Center: what do users think?

Luisa Parra: Amazing service! This is the best DMV I’ve been to in all the D.C, Virginia and Maryland area. It was fast and attentive. Everyone was very kind and respectful. This was my best experience going to a DMV! I won’t feel stressed anymore about doing any paperwork DMV related because I’ll be coming back to this location !

elaine ross: Everything was fine good works just moved in area fast service customer service was awesome in out no problems Thanks

Nance Nance: Fast service and we went around 1:30 in the afternoon we were out before 2pm. I followed the lunch hours so avoid a long wait. Bathroom is super clean at this location, this meant alot because I am pregnant.

Jacqueline Smallwood: Ms. R. Mathis @the Benning road location was a true blessing. I appreciate people who care about the people.

Lauren James: Everyone was so helpful and friendly. The staff went above and beyond. I was in and out in 40 minutes!! Such a seamless process.

Marcela Melbon: I was extremely nervous for this appointment. I only chose this location because it was the only thing available, even though it’s a bit out of the way. I was scheduled to transfer out of state license and registration. The process wash extremely easy and fast. The worker who helped me was so nice and patient. I know the DMV (overall) has a bad rep for poor service, but this was not the case here! My appointment was at 8:30 AM and I was done by 9:10 AM! I thought the vehicle would be inspected at the time (my fault for not reading the instructions thoroughly) but the worker who helped me provided me with ALL the information I needed. She didn’t even seemed annoyed when I asked her the same questions over and over! She was so sweet! Even the security guards there were so helpful and polite. Definitely going back to this location in the future!

8. Office of Motor Vehicle Management - Washington

· 2 reviews

1800 F St NW, Washington, DC 20006

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Office of Motor Vehicle Management: what do users think?

Sarah Sweetheart: My experience is about this place is really cool to work with cars and help the President of the United States of the America

SAI AUNG KO TUN (AIKE BEE or Aite Bee): Coffee

9. DMV Self Service Kiosk - Washington

· 65 reviews

300 Van Buren St NW, Washington, DC 20012

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DMV Self Service Kiosk: what do users think?

Anastasia Lordes: I WILL NEVER WAIT IN LINES AT AN INSPECTION CENTER AGAIN!!! If you are a DC resident, and know the horrors of the inspection process in the district. Sitting in lines wrapped around will be amazed at the kiosk and the process. Very simple and quick. Literally under 5 minutes from start to finish.

Patrick Ferguson: Easy, fast and available 24/7 what’s not to like.The OBD plug is a bit messed up and should be replaced but I got it to work by being gentle and making sure the pins lined up before pushing in.

Christina Malliris: Working as of 5/23/22. Scanner not working but manual VIN input did.

Jon Lewis: Visited site on a Monday evening, well outside of usual business hours, and with the adjacent sports fields full of players. Even with that volume of folks, access to the kiosk was a breeze. Working with DC regulations should always be this easy! Total time was about 6 minutes, much of which was spent reading screen prompts. I hope to never again schlep all the way down to Half St, SW for an inspection. Smart move DC!

10. Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles - Arlington

· 871 reviews

4150 S Four Mile Run Dr, Arlington, VA 22206

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Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles: what do users think?

Jules: I recommend this location. I am taken aback by the negative responses. I have been at this location three times already for various issues. It was the most efficient, superbly administered DMV I have ever been at. I arrived before my appointment, was given a number and was helped and left before my online appointment time. I like that you are guided by someone to whom you explain your need, given a number and then puff, helped. Staff is kind and patient and professional. If you want efficiency, and speed, this is your DMV.

Mohammad “Mo” Mumtaz: I dread going to the DMV, but this was actually a painless experience. Staff was super helpful and I was able to get my new to VA license and registration stuff taken care of within 45 minutes! I definitely recommend making an appointment though!

Mark Roepke: Fairly quick getting to a window, but typical slow convoluted situation once at the window. Better than 5 years ago, but plenty room for improvement.

11. Virginia DMV Alexandria Customer Service Center - Lyles-Crouch

· 954 reviews

2681 Mill Rd, Alexandria, VA 22314

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Virginia DMV Alexandria Customer Service Center: what do users think?

Cara Nicole Stock: I had a really seamless experience here! I made an appointment a month out to replace my out of state ID with a VA REAL ID. I forgot my passport but they allowed me to go home and come back same day which was a godsend! They also let me retake my photo which I thought was really considerate. The entire staff was really pleasant, and the environment was clean and calm. Best DMV experience ever!

Steven W: I have been driving for 12+ years. This Virginia DMV is easy to locate, short lines and delightful customer service from the entrance until I exited the building. Organized, quiet and functional center you have. Therefore, I invested in a Breast Cancer 🎀 Awareness plate for my new car. Thanks for making the beginning of my weekend successful 👌. I definitely recommend this location!

Gwen Liang: I took my 90 year old mother to this Alexandria DMV yesterday 5/19/22 to renew her placard. She was treated with the ultimate kindness and consideration. We were done in and out within 10 minutes. We were both very impressed.

Kristine “Kristinafina” H: I have used this DMV my whole driving life. The process is much improved and, while the wait can be long, it it no fault of the employees. There are just too many people coming at the same time.Friendly employees every time I go!

12. Arlington County DMV Select - Arlington

· 92 reviews

2100 Clarendon Blvd #218, Arlington, VA 22201

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Arlington County DMV Select: what do users think?

Concerned Citizen: Came here with my wife before closing on a Wednesday afternoon. Staff were friendly, knowledgeable, even made jokes with customers. Only complaint was they registered my car in the wrong county and I now have to deal with figuring out how to get it registered correctly. Otherwise, a shockingly good experience overall.

Amanda Delp: Had to return my license plates after getting rid of my car. This DMV select location had SUCH helpful staff who were SO efficient, friendly, and courteous. Very willing to double-check things were squared away for me, and even with that, I was in and out in 7 minutes (counting the practically non-existent line). NOT EVEN REMOTELY COMPARABLE to my experiences over the last few years with the large DMV customer service centers.

John Gregal: Some of these reviewers don’t know how good they have it. I grew up in DC during the Marion Barry years. Mayor for Life’s dmv had lines that were hours long and you didn’t get out of that place in under 5 hours. Arlington has their sh!t together, this place rocks. Half the tax rate and 10 times the service, I’m never going back.

Sabrina Martin: Security was very polite and nice. This location is closed and he was nice enough to tell me about 2 other locations that are open. However you should schedule a appt during covid-19 times.

13. Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles - Franconia

· 612 reviews

6306 Grovedale Dr, Alexandria, VA 22310

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Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles: what do users think?

Joseph Lilli: We arrived early and joined the queue just before open. Once inside, we were called quickly to the service counter. The person who helped us was great: very knowledgeable and kind.

Bruce Blue: Got there at 715 on Saturday line was long. Doors opened up at 800 line was constantly moving. I got inside at 815. Greeted by a nice security guard. Information ladies very helpful as well. I was done with my business is less than 45 minutes. Great job DMV!!

14. DMV NEWSTAND - Washington

· 2 reviews

470 L'Enfant Plaza SW #804, Washington, DC 20024

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DMV NEWSTAND: what do users think?

dev atit: About store open back. Candy, Drinks are cold and good choices of snacks.

15. MVA - White Oak - Calverton

· 972 reviews

2131 Industrial Pkwy, Silver Spring, MD 20904

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MVA - White Oak: what do users think?

Orma Moorman: It was great. I like the changes in the office and it is so much clearer but the wait time is still long and that is due to us the customer. They are many people needing help either for driving licenses, title, or driving licenses.

Adrian Shelton: This still continues to be my overall favorite experience at any DMV. They are very organized here and customers are able to get seen and taken care of, with or without an appointment, with amazing efficiency.

Justilian Marshall: No wait, I scheduled an appointment as ordered. The staff was courteous. Thank you. Respectfully Justilian Nathaniel Marshall

16. DC Policy-Planning - Washington

· 2 reviews

2000 14th St NW # 4, Washington, DC 20009

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17. DMV DIPS - Joint Base Andrews

· 2 reviews

7141 Old Alexandria Ferry Rd, Clinton, MD 20735

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18. District of Columbia Motor Vehicle Inspection Station - Washington

· 648 reviews

1001 Half St SW, Washington, DC 20024

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District of Columbia Motor Vehicle Inspection Station: what do users think?

Lindsey Rivera: I was worried that this was going to take a long time. Went on a Friday morning at 8am and was in and out in about 5 minutes. Everyone is super nice too!

Kim Barr: It was a fast process and all the staff was very friendly and helpful with any questions that I asked.

Vivian Kim: Super efficient. Went on Wednesday 7:45 and was in and out by 7:50. You guys rock!

Jen Rhodes: They are super nice! Mr. Herbert Jones and Deangelo Baucum got me out in 10 minutes and they are funny and informative. Great job y’all keep up the great work!

Delainey Boyd: Updating this review to emphasize how amazing they are here! Drove right up at 12pm on a Friday, was in and out in 3 minutes. The crew is kind and I actually look forward to this knowing it will be so easy! Paired with the Georgetown DMV, DC makes anything related to a car easy peasy. — Old review: Went at 1pm on a Saturday, drove straight up and was done in under 10 minutes! The crew is so nice and funny, they always make this chore an easy one.

M G: So fast and efficient! Maybe spent 6 minutes there. By far the best operation in DC government.

Corey Lynch: Just went to get my truck inspected and both gentlemen were very friendly and helpful.

19. Maryland DMV - Lake Arbor

· 185 reviews

10251 Central Ave, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

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Maryland DMV: what do users think?

TerryandKelley Bates: When we went to the Maryland DMV in Glen Burnie on Governor Ritchie Hgwy., they were set up for Covid-19 to meet all State of Maryland regulations for this pandemic. The employees were professional,. Nice and went out of their way to give you all the information you needed, directions where to go etc... We were only in there a short amount of time, accordingly. Highly recommend the personal visit. It was a pleasant experience as it were.

Pat Conly: There are two faces to your DMV office: the slow-moving, procedure-obsessed bureaucracy versus the expert and caring service shown by some individual employees. I was trying to get my new temporary disability parking placard, but after two weeks of hearing nothing, not even an acknowledgement that my application had been received, I went on line to ask if they had received it. After the usual weeklong runaround, I finally got through to Janet Robertson in the disability department. After I sent her a copy of my original submission, she responded that she would mail my placards that afternoon. What a delightful surprise!

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