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1. Cisco Systems

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Cisco Systems

Address: 601 Pennsylvania Avenue NW # 900N, Washington, DC 20004

Telephone: (202) 789-1497

Business type: Software company

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2. ASM Educational Center (ASM)

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ASM Educational Center (ASM)

Address: 11200 Rockville Pike Suite 220, Rockville, MD 20852

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (301) 984-7400

Business type: Computer training school

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ASM Educational Center (ASM): what do users think?

byron gray: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueThanks to the team at ASM, I have passed my Network+ and Security+ exams. The classes were well worthwhile and paid off. Ed was an amazing instructor and has an astonishing way of breaking topics down so they are very understandable and keeping the class light and fun.Thanks ASM
Response: Dear Byron. On behalf of ASM Family & Team, we are SO proud of you by passing a very difficult exam (CompTIA) with such a high score. You re on your way to success. Keep up the great work. It was our pleasure to be of service to you. Be Well.

Isaac Asare: ASM exam facility and staff provide a very comfortable atmosphere and happy to have passed both my AWS Cloud Practitioner and Solutions Architect certifications on site. Had the pleasure of also taking their AWS Solutions Architect class and had a good experience. The material they recommended to prep for exam was the only material I used and passed the first time.
Response: Congratulations Isaac for your continuous success. ASM Family & Team is honored to have the opportunity to serve your IT Training needs. As we celebrate our (30 + years) in operations, customers such as you that make it worthwhile. Be Well.

Aaron Lynn: I am so happy to have passed my Microsoft Networking Fundamentals exam. I had no IT background and looking forward to take more certifications. Thank you ASM. Praise the Lord
Response: Dear Aaron, You did it! Great achievement. After taking your Boot Camp class shortly thereafter your course completion, you have successfully earned your first IT Certification. We are confident more successes are in your future. Thank you for allowing ASM Family & Team to be of service to you. Keep up the great work.

April Avril: I would like to extend my appreciation to ASM. I was able to pass my Amazon AWS Cloud Practitioner exam on the occasion of my first attempt because of your training center. You are the best resource for IT training and Certification. Update 2/25/2022 Today I passed the AWS Solution Architect Associate exam. Thank you ASM for all your hard work and support. Praise Lord!
Response: UPDATE (2-25-2022) You keep raising the bar April! Congratulations for another success. Keep up the great work. We are SO proud of you. It is our honor to be of service to you. Enjoy your weekend. Congratulations! What a great way to start your Memorial Weekend Holiday. ASM Family & Staff are SO proud of your outstanding Achievement. Keep at it. You are on your way to continued success. Be Well.

Amanullah Ahmadyar: I really appreciate from ASM education center that gives me this opportunities to be here as student and passed the Microsoft networking fundamentals, I came from Afghanistan with zero IT background if I can do it, you can do it. Thank you ASM
Response: Dear Amanullah, You DID it! Congratulations. We are SO proud of your great achievement. Your Journey from Afghanistan to USA is a remarkable one and now in a very short period of time by studying hard and following the guidance provided, you have your FIRST ever IT Certification! You are a great example for everyone and specially our Afghan Community. Keep up the great work. More successes to come.

Janelle Mcmillan: Thanks Asm I passed my MTA security. They are really good at what they do. I passed on my first try. They really exceeded my expectations. Thanks again ASM for providing me so much information.
Response: Dear Janelle, We are SO proud of your great achievement (Security Credentials). You DID it. Your hard work paid off. We are confident you will continue with your success. Keep up the great work. Have a blessed weekend.

ladan taheri: Thank you asm , I pass my Mta networking exam . So happy👌.So excited to Starting next course AWS in two weeks .
Response: YOU did it Ladan! SO proud of your accomplishments. Way to get your weekend started. ASM Family and Team are looking forward to be of service to you for your Amazon AWS course. Keep up the great work.

Najiba Rezaie: I am so exited to pass my first IT exam . ( Networking fundamentals ) . Thank you ASM to give me a chance to pass this exam .I am from afghanistan and if i can do it , you can do it .
Response: Dear Najiba. Once again congratulations for this tremendous success. You have overcome many challenges. Your courage and perseverance paid off and now after recently completing a Boot Camp course, in less than 2 weeks you achieved your first ever IT Certification. You DID it! Entire ASM Family & Team is SO proud of you. We are confident there will be many more successes in your future. Keep up the great work.

Ajmal Ward: I’m so thankful to come to ASM and USA and pass my first IT exam (Microsoft Network Fundamentals. I’m from Afghanistan if i did it you can do it too.
Response: Dear Ajmal, Once again congratulations for your tremendous success. ASM had the honor of training Afghani Participants in the last 2 weeks. You and others set a perfect example for everyone else (from your Community) and others (immigrants) as well as anyone else, that even with language barrier and other challenges, when you set your mind into achieving your goals, it is possible. You got your IT Certification within a week of completing your course. This is remarkable. We are SO proud of you. Keep up the great work.

3. New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

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New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

Address: 2010 Corporate Ridge Suite 200, McLean, VA 22102

Telephone: (703) 749-4030

Business type: Computer training school

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4. SecureNinja Cybersecurity Training

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38 reviews
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SecureNinja Cybersecurity Training

Address: 2034 Eisenhower Ave # 170, Alexandria, VA 22314

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: (703) 535-8600

Business type: Computer training school

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SecureNinja Cybersecurity Training: what do users think?

will richter: Thank you Secure Ninja helping our team getting through all our Mission Critical IT Certification Requirements for our cyber security needs. We have used other trainers and providers in the past with some success. But you guys helped our team succeed like no other. Truly the best IT training we have ever had. We will use you in the future for our Consulting and Certification needs. Happy to give reference as such. We would highly recommend your company Secure Ninja for IT training needs. Thank you again for a great job. We our all truly grateful.
Response: Thank you for your generous response to SecureNinja team. In today's highly competitive market, we especially appreciate your compliments. Best wishes.

Omar Chaaban: I wish I have taken these two cool courses CEH and Advanced Cyber War before. They are exactly to what I needed and expected. I have learned a lot of tips on how to use my expertise in performing offensive and defensive. The boot camp provided me enough knowledge and by studying during the 5 days period I was able to pass the CEH exam. I would recommend these coursed for those who are black Hat as well as white hat. Special thanks to our instructor Joe. Looking forward to take more follow up course in 2020.
Response: We greatly appreciate that you have chosen our course. We are glad to hear that you found the training sessions helpful. It is always good to hear that we have made a difference. Thank you for your review, and best wishes.

Jeremy Parker: 5/5 stars for SecureNinja!! Secure Ninja is an amazing Organization. Outstanding staff and experts training. Fuwad Tufail was fantastic!! Assisted me from registration up to the completion of the course. Answered all my questions in detail. Amazing person to work with, extremely detail oriented!!! Can’t wait to attend my next training/bootcamp at secure ninja Alexandria!
Response: We greatly appreciate that you have chosen our course. We are glad to hear that you found the training sessions helpful. It is always good to hear that we have made a difference. Thank you for your review, and best wishes.

Steve Kadish: I travelled from New York to Virginia to attend SecureNinja’s week-long “Python Immersion” class, taught by Joe McCray. I was pretty excited about it. My excitement faded quickly. I guess I should have worried when I when I walked through the unlocked back door of the office building and was shown into a classroom without anyone asking my name or confirming my enrollment. I should have worried when there was only one other student in the class. I should have worried when SecureNinja’s Director of Customer Success had a Colorado phone number. By the end of the first day I had realized how bad this was going to be. You will not get immersed in Python in this class. Rather, you’ll occasionally get splashed with Python from Joe’s shallow pool of knowledge. This will mostly take the form of running other people’s scripts to automate offensive and defensive security tasks. Joe didn’t write most of the scripts, and sometimes doesn’t really know what’s in them. There was a lot of Googling to find answers to questions we asked. In the meantime, Joe expected us to learn Python the way HE learned it - from YouTube. He assigned it for homework - ten YouTube videos a night. Not Joe’s videos mind you. Just a series of Python tutorials posted five years ago by some young coder named Bucky. . There were no coursebooks. No hand-outs. No slide decks. There was just Joe, plowing through a bunch of text he’d put on PasteBin five years ago. Much of the text - the entire lesson on Regex, the entire lesson on Python classes - was pulled verbatim from other people’s lessons or articles. I could take the text and plug it into Google to find the original source material. Joe’s stuff is old. He teaches Python 2, despite the fact that it’s going to be deprecated in less than a year. The class material hasn’t changed much in the last five years. You can look at his PasteBin to see how he’s been copying from class to class for years. The software you use in the class is old. We used a copy of Olly Debug that was from 2004. On the second day, Joe laid out his philosophy on programming for us. Don’t be a programmer. Don’t get too involved in the syntax of any one language. All the interpreted languages are pretty much the same, anyway. Don’t code more than an hour a day. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Pretty much everything you’re looking for has been done by someone else and you can find it via Google. After a lot of emails back and forth between myself, my boss, and the SecureNinja Director of Customer Success, the class started to become less structured. This was both good and bad. Good because Joe was actually talking about stuff he knew, bad because it wasn’t about Python. He started pulling material from his other PasteBin “classes.” One morning was all about Web Application security testing. Basic SQLi & XSS stuff I learned ten years ago when I did my GSEC. We used SQLmap which is *written* in Python - does that count? On Friday Joe decided we were going to develop our own tools with Python. This was great except he had nothing prepared. So the day was just us trying to write our own scripts while Joe Googled stuff and read tutorials, trying to help but mostly working on his own on his laptop. At 1:45 pm he announced that class was over, because he had to get to the airport and fly to his next conference speaking gig. By the way, if you are considering paying SecureNinja $3,000 for one of Joe’s classes, first be aware that all of his lessons are publicly available on PasteBin. Also, that he sells his classes online at his other organization, InfosecAddicts, for considerably less money. Not to mention the fact that he has actually recorded a bunch of his LIVE classes and thrown them up on YouTube. But your $3,000 will get you lunch every day, and fancy smart whiteboards. So that’s what SecureNinja is good for. Meanwhile, if you want to learn to write Python scripts, maybe do it the way Joe did? Watch YouTube.
Response: Dear Steve Kadish, thanks for sharing your feedback. We’re sorry your experience didn’t match your expectations. It was an uncommon instance and we’ll do better. Please feel free to reach out to our customer service +1 703 535 8600 with any further comments, concerns, or suggestions you wish to share. We would love to make things right if you give us another chance.

John Haider: A lot of information provided in such short time, pretty overwhelming, however, SecureNinja made sure I did well and helped me pass my CEH. Thank you guys so much

5. The Academy of Computer Education (TrainACE)

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The Academy of Computer Education (TrainACE)

Address: 7833 Walker Dr Suite 520C, Greenbelt, MD 20770

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM

Telephone: (301) 220-2802

Business type: Computer training school

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The Academy of Computer Education (TrainACE): what do users think?

Johann Collins: Educational resource highly overlooked. Their representatives operated in a very professional, versed manner. Friendly and courteous, I left with a clear overview of my skills as well as pointers to improve my marketability as an IT professional. Excellent consultation.
Response: Hi Johann, thanks for coming in, and for your positive review. We look forward to helping you prepare for your next certification.

Max and Whisky: I took a training program through TrainACE to attempt an advanced level certification that I needed to jumpstart my career and open new doors for myself professionally. The instruction I received at TrainACE increased my chances for success when I challenged the exam (which I passed). The teacher provided quality instruction of theoretical information as well as facilitated practical application of hands on exposure to labs- and did it in a manner that engaged the more experienced students in the class, as well as those with less experience. All of this further ensured a passing score. Because of the excellent customer service I received I would recommend anyone to come to this institution of learning where a student can start from square 1 and go into the stratosphere if they have the time because TrainACE DEFINITELY has the quality!! I WILL be back!
Response: Thanks for the great review. We really appreciate. We look forward to seeing you again

Emmanuel Johnson: I wouldn’t know where to begin. It’s been such an outstanding experience from day one. My experience began with Joe Coughlan whom; I believe is the enrollment advisor there at the Greenbelt campus. Joe, spent quality time and gave me detailed information that I needed to enroll in Train Ace and what was required. There were times I had to call him back because I was kinda busy at work but every time I needed him, he was available and patient. Mr Coughlan is the example of what an exemplary enrollment advisor should be. Then, we have the first John I know there, whom is the Director of the Train Ace facility, or in my opinion ( the Dean). He has walked me through his facility and has given me such confidence, due to the environment he has set up for my fellow classmates, staff, and I. In this pandemic, we really have to maintain a safe, orderly, and productive at home, business, or in the workplace. I understand how difficult this can be to, maintain that type of management and still be able to deliver good customer service. If there was ever a single person to fulfill that role, John (the dean) would have my vote, unquestionably. Then last, not discredit in the least, we have the second John (instructor) I know there and in my opinion, my Comp Tia mentor, Mr John Eberle. In the beginning I had the option to chose remote learning, or either in hands on and in person learning to, obtain my certifications. I chose in person because I knew I’d have questions that I’d need immediate answers for and I wanted to physically see, my sata ports, and feel the motherboard. You won’t get that experience from home unless you come to class, and see Mr Eberle (preferably). Any question I have whether it’s from course material or something I’ve discovered on my own, John has been there to instruct me through all the headache. Fifty percent of earning your certification is retaining information. The other fifty percent is application. Those are just my beliefs. John is a walking resource and has proven to me that, he has the valuable knowledge of helping any novice to intermediate IT professional excel to the next level. As a whole, the entire staff there at Train Ace (Greenbelt) campus has been welcoming, by the book, and has made a safe and comfortable environment remotely, or in person for everyone. This has been an awesome fourteen weeks. Today, I am scheduling for my core 1 and core 2 exams to receive my A+ cert. I am confident in myself and in my school that i have learned what it takes to receive my certification. Looking forward to receiving as many as I can from (this) facility. Thankyou Train Ace and staff. I highly recommend.
Response: Thanks Emmanuel, for the glowing review. We're pleased you had a great experience and hope you do well in the exams. We look forward to hearing from you in the future.

schapiro kalu: The over experience at TrainACE was phenomenal from the classes to conversing with office personnel. As rehabilitation counselor, I came to TrainACE hoping to change my career path and I did just that!. I took the combined A+/Network+ course with an awesome professor Mr.O. His teaching methods, instructions, and labs were easy to follow and understand for technical and non-technical persons. As a result, I passed and received my A+ and Network + certifications and was able to change my career path. Thanks TrainACE!!!!

R S: I recently attended training at ACE to get ready for the Security+ certification exam. The team at ACE were very professional and helpful from beginning to the end. The instructor was very knowledgeable about the material and related the course and teachings to real life situations which made comprehending the material that much easier. After I take and pass my Security+ certification exam I plan on enrolling back at ACE for the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) course they offer.Training at ACE is sure to help me accomplish my career goals! Thank you Thomas B and team! R.Santos 2014

Privxte Palxce: Terrible experience on my behalf. I waited for the new version of certifications to come out to ensure my schooling would be up to date. Despite waiting for the newest course to come out, paying all the money, showing up, being on time etc. I was given an OUTDATED training manual, the old version, WITH typos. I reached out to comptia themselves because of the short comings and was told that my book(that was sold to me by train ace) was outdated, had been for some time and wasn’t assembled by them was assembled by GTs learning(who doesn’t have much contact info) one thing I do like is they give you course retakes, but does it really help if your training manual is bad? My professor when I brought this up to him(the information that’s inaccurate) he basically said that yea that’s wrong and that book shouldn’t be used really as a reference point. Not to mention the professor I had was extremely tired every day, so tired he could barely complete the course, we got out early everyday, and would ramble.. about his experiences. For the price it’s lack luster to me.
Response: 'Privxte' we're sorry you feel you had a bad experience with us and would like to have an opportunity to correct the situation and make sure you are properly prepared. We can categorically assure you that our classes cover the current certification exams and as a Platinum Level CompTIA training partner we order our courseware directly from CompTIA. The courseware that you mentioned was the courseware that CompTIA was using in 2019 and was phased out in early 2020. We do allow students to repeat the classes at no charge for up to one year. In the event that you repeated a class it is possible that the courseware changed. If you ended up with a book that was not appropriate for the class you enrolled in, we would have corrected that immediately if had you notified us at the time. Since you are posting anonymously, it is difficult to review the class you are talking about, particularly since no other students have made similar complaints. Please contact us directly (and reference this review) so we can better understand the issues you had and clarify any misunderstandings. If appropriate I would gladly allow you to repeat the course with the updated courseware.

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