Best Boxing Classes For Kids In Washington Near Me

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1. Urban Boxing - Washington

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Urban Boxing
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Address: 1116 24th St NW Space 200, Washington, DC 20037

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 621-8131

Business type: Boxing gym

Urban Boxing: what do users think?
Megan Eitel
Megan Eitel: This is the best boxing gym I’ve been to in DC. Coaches take every opportunity to improve individual form and technique while giving the entire class an excellent workout. Every coach provides an intense and unique workout. I especially love the attention to form and technique that are provided in both Josh and Jeremy’s classes. This gym, and all of its coaches have improved my boxing form, technique, strength and stamina.
Response: Hi Megan. Awesome! Super happy to hear that! We appreciate the kind words
Vanessa Salazar
Vanessa Salazar: 100% recommend Urban Boxing to anyone looking for a high-quality boxing gym! All of the coaches are knowledgeable and friendly. All levels are welcome! Kickboxing with Ify on Wednesday’s are awesome!
Response: Thanks Vanessa! You rock :)
Anne Richardson
Anne Richardson: When my 14 yo son said to me “mom, I want to try boxing” I thought: “great! But how on earth do I get into the boxing world not knowing anything , and, it’s it going to be an ok place for a kid?” UB was incredible, they walked him through the into process, treated him like a kid with kindness but also as a serious athlete. They are patient, kind, and approachable. Christian and Josh in particular, are spectacular trainers and really great people. Crane is at the desk and is informed, kind, and a super friendly presence to greet you. My son is certainly challenged, and leaves the place feeling so great about himself every time:like going to church! We love UB and will continue to train there as long as we can!
Nicolette DeLorenzo
Nicolette DeLorenzo: I love urban boxing! The coaches are professionals, and yet make boxing feel accessible. I started kickboxing, then transitioned to taking all classes. You get the opportunity to train, spar, develop athletically and strategically. Would recommend urban boxing to anyone looking for not only a new workout routine, but a chance to feel empowered and strong inside and out!
Response: Thanks Nicolette, we love you back!
Gabriel Söderberg
Gabriel Söderberg: Super professional, honest, and with awesome atmosphere. No binding multi-month or yearly contracts for training- just as it should be. Also, awesome trainers and staff - totally recommend training here.
Response: Thanks so much Gabriel!

2. Bethesda Boxing & Kickboxing Academy - Montgomery County

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Bethesda Boxing & Kickboxing Academy
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Address: 4940 St Elmo Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM Thu

Telephone: (301) 656-3098

Business type: Boxing gym

Bethesda Boxing & Kickboxing Academy: what do users think?
Anna Breiteneder
Anna Breiteneder: I love BBKA! Ken is really nice and always has a smile on the face and makes jokes. You feel like a part of their boxing family from the moment you step in the room. Julie is the absolute best! She is really encouraging and always in a good mood. I only started kickboxing a short while ago but I feel as if I‘ve already made a good progress. They always take their time to talk to everyone individually and show interest in you as a person! Every lesson is different and so much fun!! Would recommend 11/10!
Kim Bohince
Kim Bohince: Bethesda Boxing is hands-down the best boxing studio for beginners, intermediate and advanced individuals who want to feel mentally and physically powerful. I attend classes three times a week, and always immediately look forward to the next. Ken, the owner, is fantastic and makes a point to know your name and you genuinely feel like part of the Bethesda Boxing family. Base is my favorite trainer, who always pushes you to your max, varies the workouts, is beyond helpful, and wants you to be your best self. You will thank yourself for signing up, I promise you!
Response: Thank you so much Kim for taking the time to write a review. We are happy you like our offerings.
Caitlin Caselli
Caitlin Caselli: Being someone who moved here knowing no one, BBKA has provided me with a community. I look forward to coming to class almost everyday and I have learned a lot. The instructors are highly qualified and genuinely care about you learning the skills. Classes start on time and get you sweating, I guarantee you’ll be sore after your first couple classes but in the best way. Instructors, owner and fellow boxers and kickboxers keep tabs on each other and make sure they are doing well outside of the gym as well. The only thing that would ever make me leave this gym is when I have to move again.
Wolf Mina
Wolf Mina: I love BBKA! I’ve been a long time member and still enjoy it. The team always welcomes you with smiles and happiness. At one point I was exercising while pregnant and Julie was excellent. She always made sure I would not hurt myself. Now I have my baby and they are SUPER ACCOMMODATING! I can workout and bring my little one with me, and everybody is nice to her. Now it’s like a family for her too because she sees them on a regular basis. This Club is great!
Le Bustiere Boutique
Le Bustiere Boutique: Excellent gym for kickboxing and boxing classes. All the trainers are motivational and will help you get that form and extra rep in. Highly recommend them for a boxing class or functional strength training class. We have been coming here for a while and love it! Great for getting those fitness new years resolutions complete.
Deirdre Angelastro
Deirdre Angelastro: Hands down best workout for Kids and Adults-- a true Family Boxing Gym! Ken started an Autism Boxing Program that is not only a great workout but my son feels empowered and engaged! He looks forward to going every time!
Hannah: I have been coming here for about nine months, and every time I come in, I have a great time. Everyone is incredibly supportive and more than willing to provide assistance. There are many options regarding class rigor, which is perfect for those who are beginners or pros. When I was beginning, the instructor was so helpful, and I was paired with someone who helped me go through the motions. I haven’t had a single negative experience here, and I highly recommend coming here!

3. NUBOXX - Washington

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Address: 1449 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 921-9238

Business type: Boxing gym

NUBOXX: what do users think?
Katherine Cotsonas
Katherine Cotsonas: NUBOXX personal training totally saved me during COVID. Not only was it safe according to all protocols, the facility is beautiful and new, and the coaching staff is top notch. The workouts are amazingly, effective too—I started at twice a week and upped my training to three times a week. Eric’s knowledge and expertise is unmatched, and his ability to motivate and push you is not like anything I’ve ever experienced—and I’ve tried basically every workout when it comes to boutique fitness. Seriously—sign up—you won’t regret it.
dekexz19: Really great establishment. Has a variety of equipment and can get you into shape at any fitness level. Moe is an especially helpful and understanding trainer who helped me get the most out of my workout🔥
Michael Kearney
Michael Kearney: NUBOXX has been a life saver. I started back in November as a way to get myself out of the covid funk. Working with Eric over the past 8 months has given me the strength, mental clarity and focus that friends and family can see. Highly recommended for anyone at any fitness level. Boxing and strength training is, in my opinion, the best form of workout.

4. Downtown Boxing Club - Washington

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77 reviews
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Downtown Boxing Club
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Address: 1271 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM Thu

Telephone: (202) 765-0280

Business type: Boxing gym

Downtown Boxing Club: what do users think?
Edson Florez
Edson Florez: This ain’t a gym this is a movement. Through the pandemic this club got better. The people that have joined this community at Downtown Boxing Club are stronger for it. Thank you for showing me what passion fitness really looks and feels like. 🙏🏽
Karen Livingston
Karen Livingston: DBC is like no other boxing gym in DC. I’ve trained here for years for a lot of reasons. To start, I saw immediate and lasting results in my overall conditioning. I value and respect the trainers’ methods and guidance. I appreciate how the classes are structured. I’m able to focus on improving my technique while figuring things out at my own pace. It’s a welcoming and supportive environment for new or experienced boxers, regardless of whether you’re there for a serious workout or sparring in the ring.
Anthony Istrico
Anthony Istrico: Hands down the greatest workout you can get. Dave doesn’t manage a gym, he manages a community, a family. He is a wealth of knowledge and if you’re willing to learn, this is the place. You’ll get the best workout of your life, you’ll make solid connections and you’ll learn how to box. You won’t have to punch it out to the beat, listen to loud music or deal with anybody who’s looking to become the next boxing influencer. This is a real boxing gym, run by a real boxer.
Dan Murphy
Dan Murphy: Absolutely love working with Dave and Aaron at Downtown. Hooked up with them last summer when I moved to DC. I’d been boxing for a decade or so and was having trouble finding a gym I like here, but have now learned a ton from both of these guys and have a ton of fun sparring with Aaron and other DBC folks. It’s a great group of people that love boxing.
Miguel Perez
Miguel Perez: This is the perfect place for beginners and laying the ground work for boxing. Dave is really knowledgeable, it might feel like you start off slow but he really lays a foundation for what you need to excel. I have since moved on to another gym and have competed but I owe the foundation of my work at DBC.

5. Rumble Boxing - DC - Washington

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35 reviews
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Rumble Boxing - DC
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Address: 2001 M St NW Suite 120, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4:30AM Thu

Telephone: (212) 804-7918

Business type: Boxing gym

Rumble Boxing - DC: what do users think?
Nono Khiengsombath
Nono Khiengsombath: I love Rumble. It’s such an amazing workout class and great addition to any work out regime you may have. My favorite instructor is Mona because she’s so interactive with her class. She checks in and corrects your form which I feel is so important for people who are new or for who continue to do HIT classes like this. The staff is incredibly excellent as well. Amazing energy every time ! And all the instructors are great that I have had. ❤️
Lindsey Casella
Lindsey Casella: Ambience of studio is well worth the price of the class. Bring your own gloves, wrap, and water and all extra amenities are free of charge! Shower is inclusive of drybar products and lockers offer free charging. The physical classes have a great atmosphere and are uplifting. Instructors are well-versed and support you well-beyond any other studio, throughout the class. Very happy they opened this location in DC. :)
Response: Lindsey! Happy to have you a part of the RUMBLE fam. Can't wait to have you back in soon! Erika Hammond, Founding Trainer
Lauren Schmitz
Lauren Schmitz: I went to my first class this week and will definitely go back! The people checking me in obviously like working there and are energetic to get you started. I took Arnie’s class and it kicked my butt, in a great way. He modeled all of the moves and kept the workout upbeat and challenging. He played great music and reminded me to push it until the end! I would recommend Arnie’s class to everyone!
Response: Lauren! Happy to have you a part of the RUMBLE fam. Arnie loves having you throw down for 10 rounds with him. See you back in soon! Erika Hammond, Founding Trainer
Amee Bhavsar
Amee Bhavsar: Badass is how I feel every time I leave Rumble, especially with Arnie and Mona’s classes. The workout is always unique and tailored to the instructors expertise and background. They are extremely well versed about form and I especially want to give props to Arnie’s combos! I’ve been boxing for ten years and been to a variety of studios. Also the facilities and staff are stellar! Go get yo’ rumble on!
Response: Amee! You ARE a BAD@$$. Mona and Arnie love having you crush it in their classes! Sara, Team Rumble
Alycia Deihs
Alycia Deihs: I have been taking classes with Arnie since the day the studio opened its doors and I am hooked. He is one of the best instructors I have encountered in the DC area. He is different. He always brings the fire with his playlists and energy and the workouts never disappoint. Rumble provides all of the amenities you will need(showers, towels, dry bar products, etc) to freshen up and get on with your day or night. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first class or your 50th - you’re sure to get in a great work out and most importantly you’ll enjoy yourself while you’re doing it.
Response: Alycia! Arnie loves having you throw down with him. See you back on the bags soon! Erika Hammond, Founding Trainer

6. Nuboxx - Washington

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43 reviews
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Address: 701 2nd St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Telephone: (202) 547-7700

Business type: Boxing gym

Nuboxx: what do users think?
Brian Doty
Brian Doty: Both the H St and U St locations are top notch! Started going to Nuboxx from ClassPass and instantly got hooked and signed up for my own membership. It’s so much more than a boxing gym, it really this awesome community where the owners and coaches get to know you and are there to help you meet your goals.
Francesca Caal Skonos
Francesca Caal Skonos: I would give Nuboxx 10 stars if Google let me! Incredible family like atmosphere! Q and Moe are amazing coaches and Rachel, the owner, is AMAZING! I have been going to the H Street location weekly for 8 months and I am hooked! 10/10 would recommend!
Nate Wong
Nate Wong: Pape, Donte, Will and team are all stars. The coaching is tailored for skill level and each coach ensures that the fundamentals are strong. I especially like having different coaches rotate since act has their own style. Donte helps me with my technique and fast punch combinations, while Pape works cardio and speed with punches. Will ties in footwork and blocks to punching combinations, so throughout a given week I feel like I’m getting a full boxing work out. There’s also a good energy and camaraderie that’s welcoming to everyone no matter if you’ve been boxing for years or it’s your first day. I’ve been coming for the past 3 years coming in with 0 experience. Kudos!
Jamie Morgan
Jamie Morgan: Disappointing from boxing gym perspective. Conditioning was decent. Very little technical training or adjustments were provided, and what was given was poor. If you have any martial arts training, or are looking to learn to fight and defend yourself, I recommend another gym. Not a bad place if you’re more interested in the physical workout.
Response: Hi Jamie, Thank you for sharing your experience. We’re sorry to hear that you were disappointed. We recommend starting with our Technical Boxing class, which is structured to focus on technique and skill. The 30/30 class you took is designed to push and challenge you once boxing technique has been developed. We’d love to have you back in for a Technical Boxing class. Please email us at with any other questions or concerns. Thanks again for sharing this experience! – Team NUBOXX
Jim McNamara
Jim McNamara: I’ve been going to this gym for the past 3 months and it is easily the most fun I’ve had exercising. I had no previous boxing experience and tried it out of curiosity. It has become my favorite hobby, as well as a consistently great workout. The coaches are both patient and motivating. The facilities are very nice. I’d recommend it to anyone.
Shannon Mehaffey
Shannon Mehaffey: Bachelorette party at nuboxx! We had a bachelorette event at NUBOXX and the bride and bachelorette attendees could not have loved it more. Prior to the boxing class, Rachel and management were very easy to communicate with and happily answered all of my questions regarding booking, cost, other details. The cost was very affordable and more reasonable than other fitness studios in the area I had called for a private class. On the day of, the team at NUBOXX had set up a great table of NUBOXX gear for all of the ladies as well as a gift for the bride. The bride felt so special! The class itself KICKED OUR BUTTS. It was fun, lighthearted, and a great workout. Lauren was our instructor and we Would 10/10 recommend her for your class! She was awesome! Rachel and the team took pictures throughout our class for us and we are so grateful to have the afternoon’s memories documented. NUBOXX partnered with South Block juice co to offer us delish juices at the end of class and we ended up staying for an hour after the class in the lobby just enjoying the juice and good company. It made for a relaxed atmosphere and time to celebrate the bride-to-be! Thanks so much, NUBOXX! We all hope to come back soon.
Monica Puerto
Monica Puerto: This is my second boxing gym and it has been a great experience. The teachers are friendly and will go at your pace but also challenge you. The studio is really clean, elegant, and has lockers. The receptionist is always so kind and helpful and taught me how to properly wrap my hands.

7. BOOMBOX Boxing Club - Washington

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37 reviews
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BOOMBOX Boxing Club
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Address: 1221 Van St SE #140, Washington, DC 20003

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 599-2799

Business type: Boxing gym

BOOMBOX Boxing Club: what do users think?
Jasmine: I started going to Boombox consistently after doing their sustainability challenge in January 2022. First heard about them in 2020 but officially got a membership in January. I really enjoy this studio and love the instructors. The music is really high pace and keeps me upbeat. Amazing workout that engages all parts of your body. Also, the participants who attend the class are super friendly and I love how welcoming the staff are. They show much appreciation to to us fighters. Boombox is a vibe! 💪🏾
Response: Jasmine you are part of the reason why we do this. Thank you for sharing your energy with us every week!
Esse Darden
Esse Darden: Studio with scheduled classes, personal sessions in their ring. Gloves provided, and merchandise available...thanks to Bridgette for all the info.
Response: Hi Esse! Thank you so much for fighting with us and sharing your feedback!
Roderick Torrrence
Roderick Torrrence: I Was interested In the studio and the Assistant Manager Saron Amare was very friendly and took her time explaining the facility and program to me.
Response: We love that you came by to visit us Roderick! We look forward to having you back! We will certainly share your feedback with Saron.
MD B: You really get a great workout and encouragement throughout. They do provide boxing gloves to borrow for the class and handwraps. I highly suggest Cobra or Reggie.
Response: Thank you! We agree, they are great coaches!
Dreux D
Dreux D: I love Boombox! Incredible trainers and fun workouts! Would definitely recommend going to get in shape or to just have a good sweat session!
Response: Thank you Dreux!
ChiChi: Yall this place is AMAZING! From the front desk staff and coaches. The best money i spend every month, is on their membership class. My favorite classes are Coach Angela, David and Reggie (no particular order lol). Im here at least 3-4 times a week. So far ive gotten 3 of my friends to come because they see how fun and great it is. They love it too! 😂 You will always get a full body workout (warm up/stretch, boxing, strength/core, and a cool down/mini yoga stretch). Boombox is THE place to be. PERIODT OK!
Response: Thank you so much for your feedback and rating. The feedback is always appreciated. We hope to see you again real soon.

8. Urban Boxing Bethesda - Montgomery County

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62 reviews
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Urban Boxing Bethesda
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Address: 4834 Cordell Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Thu

Telephone: (301) 656-2186

Business type: Boxing gym

Urban Boxing Bethesda: what do users think?
Kevin Scott
Kevin Scott: For those who have never boxed and are hoping to find a way to lose weight and improve overall fitness, this is the place for you. From requesting a free first class session to being a member for 2 months now, I can’t say enough about how great this place is. The coaches and members are very encouraging and friendly, making a great atmosphere overall. I’ve never felt judged for my (lack of) technique and the more experienced boxers have provided me with bits of advice when I need it. Based on my work schedule, I’ve only attended Coach David’s classes, which have been exactly what I needed. He’s great at pushing you to work harder, but will also praise you for your improvements. I’ve also only heard great things about all of the other coaches, so you can’t go wrong with anyone. It’s definitely a place where you get out what you put into it, but everything is set up to lead you to success. I wish I joined sooner, but late is better than never.
Response: Thanks so much Kevin! We appreciate the feedback! Better late than never indeed! Welcome to the family :)
Isaac Chelminski
Isaac Chelminski: Really happy with my experience at Urban Boxing. The classes are challenging in a great way and always fun. I appreciated that there are folk of all levels in the classes and the instructors are great and push you in a good way. Coach David is awesome, I enjoyed all my classes with him in particular. You can’t go wrong with Urban Boxing Bethesda!
Chris Bolinger
Chris Bolinger: Took class with Tom, he’s a great trainer and a cool a** dude. As someone who is from out of town just dropping in, the class was very welcoming. Great atmosphere, great workout. Highly recommend.
Response: Thanks Chris! If you are ever back in town, do not hesitate to come back and visit us :)
Adan Z
Adan Z: I love going to urban it is such a great experience and all the coaches are incredible. Coach David is the kindest and the nicest coach on the planet! Coach Sula is the coolest and was my first coach and I feel that he is a really cool guy and is just fantastic! Tom is really just plane awesome and cares to make sure you are safe and happy plus those kicks he does are kinda scary but also really cool! I also have to say the all ages class is an incredible work out and the kids class is just fun and really cool that we get to spare and learn more about this sport
Response: We are so happy to hear that! Thanks so much Adan
Spencer Grant
Spencer Grant: This is a great gym for boxers of all levels. The coaches are very friendly and are always willing to help you get the most out of the classes. I especially appreciate that they use both the indoor and outdoor areas for classes so that I can get lots of variety in my workouts
Response: Hi Spencer! Thanks for the awesome review. We're glad you like the variety. Keep up the hard work :)
Brandie Huffman
Brandie Huffman: Awesome gym and environment - as someone new to the sport of boxing I immediately felt comfortable and welcomed here. The instructors are very knowledgeable and I always leave feeling like I’ve learned something and gotten a great workout as well!
Response: Aw! That is great to hear Brandie! At Urban Boxing, we are family and we wouldn't want it any other way for our members.
Hannah Margolis
Hannah Margolis: An absolutely incredible gym and very Covid-safe with mask mandate and outdoor classes available. In my experience, boxing gyms tend to either overemphasize the workout at the cost of quality or overemphasize the motions with a cost in cardio workout, but Urban Boxing is great at both! I always leave feeling well exercised and that I improved my skills too. The staff are all SUPER friendly and helpful and I see a lot of boxing beginners take shape here with lots of support.
Response: Hannah, thanks so much for the encouraging words! Your health and safety is a number 1 priority and it's members like you that keep us going! See you at the gym.

9. Fort Washington United - Fort Washington

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19 reviews
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Fort Washington United
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Address: 11050 Livingston Rd unit f, Fort Washington, MD 20744

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4:30PM Thu

Telephone: (301) 859-4551

Business type: Martial arts school

Fort Washington United: what do users think?
Willie Hicks
Willie Hicks: Hope this review helps anyone on the fence……..our son is an energetic (kid has a lithium Ion Tesla battery), rambunctious, 100% boy. We love him to pieces but noticed his weight was slowly creeping up, his attention span, and listening skills weren’t where we wanted them to be. We wanted to be proactive and get him into a disciplined environment while also increasing his physical activity. We researched different Martial Arts Academy’s in the Fort Washington area and came across Fort Washington United. We initially called in January 2021 and spoke with Nicole. Within a week we decided to bring our son in for a trial class. The atmosphere and environment was very welcoming. The staff stopped what they were doing to invite us in, take us on a tour, and answer the zillion questions we had. Our son immediately fell in love with the class and was a participant 4-5 times a week in the evenings and on Saturday’s. Fast forward to the Spring and we were prompted with the decision to do the traditional Summer Camp for our son, or enroll him in the Summer Program offered at Fort Washington United. We are so glad we went with FWU. Our son (who turned 6 in May) has progressed immensely in the areas of reading, problem solving, communication, public speaking, water safety (swimming), and leadership. The lessons and principles instilled by the staff has turned our son into a responsible, respectful natural leader who can also throw a hell of a punch and follow with a roundhouse kick, but will also help an old lady across the street……..AWESOME STAFF! AWESOME MARTIAL ARTS PROGRAM! Can’t say enough great things……wish I could give them 10 STARS!
Kisha DeSandies Lester
Kisha DeSandies Lester: Earlier this spring, I was looking for a martial arts academy for my five year old son, who was about to start kindergarten. My husband and I wanted to help him get used to being about other kids, since he had been in quarantine for over a year with little to no other time to play with kids his age. We also wanted to instill confidence, respect and self-control and believe that mixed martial arts is a good way to achieve that. I had planned on starting our son in a program in the fall, but as I looked for summer camp programs, I discovered Fort Washington United (FWU). Initially, we wanted to make sure that our son could keep up with the summer program and the evening classes. The staff was great is working with us and our son to assess his ability and we were able to register him for 5-6 weeks of summer camp and the daily martial arts classes. Our son LOVES FWU! He enjoys the structure and working with the coaches and all of the moves that he learns each week. He also is making friends with the other students. Because our son doesn’t attend school nearby, we are not enrolled in the after school program, but we would if we could. Martial arts has given our son confidence and he’s excited to practice his moves at home to anyone who will watch! The summer camp was simply phenomenal! Our son loved the weekly themes, lessons and field trips they went on. The coaches taught the kids important values and taught them how to speak up, be respectful, be responsible, and be a good citizen of the academy. We also loved how the kids worked in teams, by age and presented their projects each week. We were blown away that our 5-year-old was doing PowerPoint presentations and building airplanes and coming up with business plans. There is also a wonderful education track during the summer camp week and after-school program to help keep your child learning at their grade level and beyond (if they are able to). This summer camp also prepared him for the social aspects of kindergarten (eating lunch, playing with others, transitions to different activities, keeping up with your personal items, etc.) I read a review about how this program may not be for younger kids. I would say that it would depend on the child. My son has thrived at FWU. He was one of the youngest kids in the summer program and he did great! He also is inspired and motivated by the older kids, and teens who help with the summer camp. I also think that a lot of our kids need to get a little real-world consequences for their actions when they don’t follow the rules. My son is motivated by that and the point system is an appropriate tool in the academy setting. He doesn’t like losing points because other kids on his team aren’t listening, so he tries to be a leader and example, which we like to see. Overall, I have and will continue to recommend FMU to parents. It’s a safe and nurturing place to have your kids. The staff (Steve, Nicole, Karen, Jason, Charles) are all upbeat and keep you informed on what’s going on. I love how Coaches Jason and Charles are with my son and all the kids. We love that Steve and Nicole are veterans and they have made the decision to pour into the lives of kids. Karen is always helpful, pleasant and supportive every time I see her. My husband and I have been really happy with the decision to enroll our son in this program.
Dawn Washington
Dawn Washington: I am the mom of a special needs child. I was very hesitant to put him in martial arts. I’m glad we did, best decision we ever made! Grappling and striking have boosted my sons self esteem. During summer camp, the group went on museum tours. Each week had a educational theme. They learned coding, finance principles and received points for each book they read over the summer. The points could be used for toys and games. Now that school has started, the focus is on homework. I worried the staff wouldn’t be one on one with my son for his studies so I didn’t bother sending his homework. Imagine my surprise when his teacher sent multiplication homework home and my son already knew it! He’d work with staff using Kahn academy. Great place, great staff!!!
Jazmin Simms
Jazmin Simms: I highly recommend UMAA. My son Mason has attended the after school program for almost 2 years now and I could not be more thankful to the coaches and staff. Since attending, Mason has become a lot more confident, disciplined and an overall better student. The coaches and staff care a lot about the kids and always go the extra mile to help whether it’s with training or homework.
Steven Hoang
Steven Hoang: The United Martial Arts Academy has classes for the entire family! The classes are great for people of all ages that want to learn top rated self defense and get fit! The kids have a ton of fun during classes! I would recommend this gym to anyone again and again!
Charmicielle Goodine
Charmicielle Goodine: This establishment does not know how to handle primary children. The punishment for a 5 year old should not be the same for a 12 year old. The point system that the children are on is very subjective. And thinking that a 5 year old should have the same responsibility as a 12 year is ridiculous. It is probably a great establishment for older students but not for younger children.
fairlane urbina
fairlane urbina: My son goes to UMAA to their after school program. The coach never misses a day to update us that my son got picked from school, in the van and when they’re in school. We celebrated my son’s 11th birthday at UMAA and the theme was Nerf Blast. The party was a “BLAST” all kids had a great time and the staffs did a “BLAST” job! I highly recommend this school. Not only they love what they do, but they care the well being of their students.
Jaquan Butler
Jaquan Butler: United Martial Arts Academy is great environment to build a foundation for martial arts. With a diligent staff and wonderful community it is an excellent environment for learning, guaranteed to instill the calmness and confidence needed to succeed.

10. TITLE Boxing Club Falls Church - Falls Church

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87 reviews
new review
TITLE Boxing Club Falls Church
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Address: 450 N Washington St, Falls Church, VA 22046

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30AM Thu

Telephone: (703) 992-6888

Business type: Boxing gym

TITLE Boxing Club Falls Church: what do users think?
Kailyn Cross
Kailyn Cross: I went to this gym for the first with little to no experience in boxing. My experience from when I first step through the doors has been nothing short of excitement and sweat!! Liv is an instructor but normally at the front desk — she is extremely helpful and hilarious. If you’re trying to pass out and not be able to feel your core definitely take Cory and Renee’s class atleast once a week! You’ll learn to tie your gloves and catch on to the types of punches. This location has military discounts as well in plans!
saed rabu
saed rabu: Basically, every time I call they give me a different price. Today I talked to Cody and he said the membership is $159 a month for a yearly membership, last week I called they said the yearly membership is a one time payment of $195! In January 2022 I called to ask if the 90$ One time payment membership is still available and they said yes?!! Today, I told Cody that last year I got the student membership at this same location for 90$ a year , he said that the gym who offered this will never make money , I explained that I’m talking to the exact gym the offers that and the same exact location , he said that never happened and they never offered a membership at this price and they’re not going to make money this way. I still have the yellow paperwork from last year’s membership of $90 to prove it , I think Cody is new to the gym because he wasn’t there last couple of years. I just think it’s not ethical that you’re changing your prices every week, and you should start listing your prices on the website. Thank you! Update : the manager just called me to try to fix things up, but she just made it worse. She admitted that they had $90$ membership a year for unlimited classes, and it’s no longer available, but she failed to explain why they keep changing their prices. They had 3 price changes so far in 2022!! Stay away from this gym they are in for the money and they are not even good at it!!
Bea Valentine R
Bea Valentine R: Personally love them! They got me fit for my goal of getting ready for the academy and they’re LITERALLY the best. All the trainers and instructors do a wonderful job with keeping up motivation
Liz Price
Liz Price: In these times you would think that retention of clients would be more important than being right and "following policy". I simply wanted to freeze my account for a couple of months to let an injury heal. Instead I was lectured about policy and was sent the cancellation email for me to send back. I will miss the classes and wish the trainers well. But what I will not miss is dealing with a company that has no focus on service and cultivating loyal clients that will encourage others to join. It is really sad!
Dayna Broskey
Dayna Broskey: This gym has reignited my passion for fitness! Since the shutdown I was stuck with home workouts but coming here I absolutely love the boxing classes (best cardio) and I signed up for the semi-private lifting sessions which has taught me A LOT. I’ve learned about nutrition and what works for my body. Most importantly, I now have the correct form for lifting (YouTube videos can only take you so far). Highly recommend this gym. Lots of friendly people who are all just trying to better themselves. The staff here is GREAT too. 10/10

11. #11 Overcomers Boxing and Fitness Gym - Washington

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18 reviews
new review
#11 Overcomers Boxing and Fitness Gym
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Address: 1351 Alabama Ave SE, Washington, DC 20032

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30PM Thu

Telephone: (202) 900-9950

Business type: Boxing gym

#11 Overcomers Boxing and Fitness Gym: what do users think?
Yvonne Harris
Yvonne Harris: Y.Harris Dec 8, 2020 This is great place to learn how to box. The classes are great, the coaches are knowledgeable and very patience. Great fundamentals and pleasant attitude. I would recommend this gym to anyone, kids and adults who not only wanting to learn old school boxing but to get in shape as well. You definitely would get great conditioning and I always left the place feeling satisfied watching my son grow and increasing his skills as a boxer.
Response: Thank you so much Yvonne
asa simms
asa simms: Coach Cooper is one amazing trainer and teacher and not only that, he is a great role model and sets the standard high right out the gate. He pays attention to detail and is very patient with you, he will develop your skills and turn you into a beast!
Response: Thank you so much Asa for those kind words.
JA Judan
JA Judan: I instantly felt @ home & in good hands -w- "Coach".. WoW! He presents himself as a Genuine Caring man of Integrity in this world which is important for a person like myself. Boxing is more than just fighting &/or a way to keep in shape TO ME it Truly Is An ART.. And I very happy I chose "Coach Coop" to be my instructor & guide! SALUTE YuSuf
Response: Hey YuSuf, I really appreciate those kind words. I am looking forward to training you long term. . .
Dominique G
Dominique G: Great coaching!! Coach is awesome and very attentive to the boxers. He have so much patience and is thorough in his teachings. I definitely recommend him.
Response: Hi Dominique thank you so much for those kind words. . .q
Justin Tzuanos
Justin Tzuanos: Coach Coop runs a great training session. Certainly knows his stuff. He’s a very patient and natural teacher. 100% recommend.
Response: Hi Justin, thank you so much for them kind words. I am always looking forward to are continues training and growth. . .
John Nyiambayu
John Nyiambayu: Absolutely loving the time I have spent at this GYM thus far. Coach Cooper is an amazing instructor and I really feel like I can go far with him!
Response: Hi John, I appreciate the kind words and I look forward to our continues journey. . .
Ace Simms
Ace Simms: Yea it’s pretty elite. Whether you wanna just get in shape or really wanna box, they will get you to your goals. They make beginners comfortable and know how to instill confidence in you. Effective routines and no cut corners, just what you need to succeed, nothing more nothing less.
Response: Thank you so much Ace

12. More Than Human LLC - Washington

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24 reviews
new review
More Than Human LLC
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Address: 1726 Kalorama Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Thu

Telephone: (240) 347-5658

Business type: Personal trainer

More Than Human LLC: what do users think?
Semir Abdul
Semir Abdul: Coach Anthony Rowland has a vision for his clients that shows through his tenacity and extraordinary effort. When I am taking his class I feel like I am fighting my demons and going above my limits. I can’t help but feel like I’ve grown 1% better by the end of his class. The pool of sweat I leave behind leaves me stronger and more confident! Coach Anthony will nudge you to go beyond your comfort zone and you will want to after you see what you are capable of. These are qualities in a trainer that will keep you accountable and help you transform into whoever or whatever you want to be. All while being able to defend yourself. Very humble soul and you can really feel the “human” in “more than human fit”. Thanks Coach!
Lance Jackson
Lance Jackson: I am a long-time student of martial arts that has been training with Coach Anthony for 4 months or more. As a martial arts instructor, Anthony goes the extra mile to invest in his students progress and fitness. A month into my training, Anthony helped me organize a meal and exercise plan, in addition to my martial arts training. Since then, I have lost more than 35 pounds. I am also kicking harder, improving my footwork and ring mobility, as well as my ground game. Anthony does not tolerate complacency; he pushes his students to challenge themselves and grow within the arts.
Andrea Pippins
Andrea Pippins: Anthony is an excellent trainer. He offers the perfect combination of inspiration, instruction, and fun. He will push you to do more than you thought was possible. He is able to work with people at any level of fitness from couch potato to fitness nut. You can tell this truly is his calling and passion. I would strongly recommend him to anyone trying to further strengthen their physical body and psyche. 5 stars.
Satyam Bharadwaj
Satyam Bharadwaj: Coach is amazing! My lifestyle has changed (in a good way) because of Coach Anthony. I am now more focused while training (boxing) and I can not only see results but feel it as well! All thanks to Coach Anthony! He is the best!! I would recommend everyone to join classes with Coach Anthony and see the results on your own....
Fee: Anthony has been my personal trainer for about 3 months now. I have learned so much about my body and how far I can push myself with proper form. Anthony is my first trainer that has incorporated nutrition, boxing, kickboxing, weight training and cardio sessions and I’ve seen some great results! I’m stronger, fitter, and can kick some butt if I have to LOL. I’ve also loss about 10lbs and a lot of inches. Overall, Anthony’s passion for what he does really pushes me and he never lets me quit! I’m grateful for his expertise and motivation.
Response: It was a pleasure having you as my student/friend whilst you were here. I hope where you are now you are continuing your physical fitness and that you are happy! Stay great!
Ponciano Q. Manalo
Ponciano Q. Manalo: I had been in training for over a decade but needed to take a couple of years off. Coach Anthony game highly recommended from a former training partner and his recommendation was spot on. As an experienced martial artist (but somewhat out of practice) Coach Anthony was able to knock the rust off my game and build upon the foundations i already have. I still have a long way to go, but rest assured I am in good hands with him.
Jane Kelly
Jane Kelly: I have only been fortunate enough to take two (back to back) boxing classes with Anthony so far, but he was an incredible instructor. My skill and general fitness level were far below other class members, but he made sure that every exercise was a challenge I could overcome. I never felt defeated because an exercise was simply too difficult to complete properly, and I never felt discouraged or talked down to when I was given an alternative. I came in nervous, knowing nothing about boxing, and in two hours Anthony led me to breakthrough after breakthrough- I’m certainly no expert now, but i’m distinctly better than when I started. I can’t speak to his individual training, but the class environment was wonderful. Everyone knew each other and there was a lot of teasing, but everyone was really nice too. Students who were more experienced than me helped correct my movements and gave me advice. I felt really welcomed, and I hope to go back before I leave town!
Response: Thank you so much! We hope you come back before you leave!

13. BETA Academy - Washington

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133 reviews
new review
BETA Academy
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Address: 1353 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 538-0422

Business type: Martial arts school

BETA Academy: what do users think?
Ma D
Ma D: Awesome place for beginners and advanced BJJ lovers. Very friendly people. Good technics. I highly recommended this place who visiting Washington DC also who decided to start practising Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Guys when you browsing different clubs with thoughts about what to choose please go there and you will meet really cool professional people. Good luck everyone. Oss.
Jack Cantlay
Jack Cantlay: The instruction is top notch. Your instructors are amazing and follow a coherent system of training so that each week is a new thing. The gym culture is very friendly and welcoming but I still feel like I can get competitive live rolls. It really matters that your instructors are so friendly. That goes a long way. But they still push me! I love the balance.
Response: Thank you so much Jack, we appreciate that! We pride ourselves on our welcoming community and believe that a strong community fosters growth in our students.
Thuhuong Dao
Thuhuong Dao: - Coach to child ratio was excellent. - Coaches did a great job working the room and - working with each child/group. - Introduction/greet for my children’s first class was great and energetic. - Disciplining the students during class was thorough and appreciated. - Dismissal of students was organized (liked how the coach only let the kids go when he say the parents).
Response: HI there! Thank you so much for the review! We appreciate your feedback and we're so happy that you experienced the professionalism of our Kids' coaches!
Tara Trinity
Tara Trinity: Coach Carlos, coach D, everyone is amazing. We love Beta!!!! My son has come into an environment that supports him and is compassionate as well as disciplined. The diversity is something I was personally looking for, and that’s something that is even more a bonus.
Tim .G
Tim .G: We were in DC on vacation and they welcomed us in for open mat, even stayed later to roll. Coach Gabriel was awesome. Awesome facility! Super friendly community! I definitely recommend!
Tyrone Calvin
Tyrone Calvin: I’m no strange to BETA academy and every time I go, I leave better than I arrived. Everyone is very friendly and professional. The Brazilian Ju Jitsu class is informative and state of the art in self defense.
CJ Francis
CJ Francis: I love the welcoming culture, the high level and clarity of instruction, the daily availability of no gi classes as well as gi. Also the ample amount of time given for both drilling and sparring.
Saron Dessalegn
Saron Dessalegn: Friendly Coaches are willing to help and give good instructions!! Definitely recommend for a great education in Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu.
Response: Thank you so much Saron!

14. Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center - Greater Landover

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55 reviews
new review
Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center
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Address: 7707 Barlowe Rd, North Englewood, MD 20785

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3PM Thu

Telephone: (301) 386-5888

Business type: Community center

Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center: what do users think?
Kameelah: They take the time to encourage the best in my children. I have children of both sexes and they push them both in their own special way. The coaches are amazing. The staff are friendly and helpful. I love it! Thinking of joing myself
t Whittington
t Whittington: As a boy I talked about sugar ray non stop. I have so much respect for this champion. When in Hagerstown prison I was introduced to a friend of Sugar Ray. Derrik Holmes. He was the splitting image of champion Leonard. I often think of Holmes and the good talks. This brings me to this awesome gym Sugar Ray Boxing Center. Its the best in the world because the heart of sugar ray. Great History of boxing is the the Boxing Center. The real deal.
Timmey Williams
Timmey Williams: The staff are very welcoming & eager to help with any and all entering information needed far as new members signing * Looking forward to gaining direct guidelines for Coaches program under USA certification
rodrigo sauno
rodrigo sauno: I love the place I don’t like the new way they change online
J B: Its fairly cheap $50 for 3 months and you can get your own coach for a little extra.
Carolyn Fairfax
Carolyn Fairfax: Soo Good I am joining with my grandson excellence 🙌👏😍
Alex Maltez
Alex Maltez: Me and my sons have been boxing here for years and we all love this place. Great coaches and staff!
Kayode Abrams
Kayode Abrams: Reasonably priced at 50 a quarter. Most spacious boxing gym in the area.
Nonya Beeswax
Nonya Beeswax: Good Prices Good People love to see all the young girls in there learning technique for self defense

15. Capital MMA & Elite Fitness | Takoma Park, MD - Takoma Park

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34 reviews
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Capital MMA & Elite Fitness | Takoma Park, MD
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Address: 6836 New Hampshire Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM Thu

Telephone: (301) 388-5020

Business type: Jujitsu school

Capital MMA & Elite Fitness | Takoma Park, MD: what do users think?
Dimitry Vesensky
Dimitry Vesensky: I started training at Capital MMA & Elite Fitness in Takoma Park fairly late in life, in my 40 and was little worried about being injured and all but I can say that I could not find a better, safer place to train with more competent, motivated, attentive and patient teachers and comrades in arms. In few years I trained i got in probably best shape I have been. The group of people that formed in these years in the academy is fantastic, these are one of the best training partners I had...It is great to see guys grow immensely in skill and conditioning in these few years. All in all excellent place to train in authentic, battle tested system. The only warning I can give is that it gets addictive!
Hernan Guadalupe
Hernan Guadalupe: I have been training at Capital MMA & Elite Fitness in Takoma Park for close to 4 years. Above the amazing Jiu Jitsu program they offer is the even more amazing people that belong to Capital. My growth as a Jiu Jitsu practitioner is due more to the overwhelming concern and attention giving by the instructors and other teammates than anything else. There is no ego nor individualism that exists in the academy which facilitates and accelerates your growth in the sport. I have awesome training partners and have built great friendships along the way and that, to me, is the essence of the academy. The great part is that this also extends to their other locations in Alexandria, Loudon, and Fairfax as I have had the chance to train at all. So if you want to learn quality Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu in an ego-free environment and train hard while building awesome relationships, this is the place for you.
Amy Boccardi
Amy Boccardi: My 7 year old son has been training at Capital MMA/Takoma for the past year. Unlike other martial arts schools that seem impersonal and focused on making money, the folks at Capital are truly committed to building relationships with families and helping kids to grow as both young people and athletes. Kids classes are a nice size of 6-10 kids with 2-3 coaches. While active, but not really a "sports" kid, training jiu jitsu provides my son with a good balance of both physical activity and thinking for strategy.
Joe McMahon
Joe McMahon: I have been training at Capital Takoma for over three years now and I have loved every minute of it. What started as just a way to get in shape while learning Gracie self-defense and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I then added on Muay Thai on top of that to get in even better shape. The thing that has always struck me is not only is the instruction top notch but also friendly and inclusive. On top of this Jay Ferrari and company strive to make a family friendly environment where even the most die hard competitors can excel.

16. UFC GYM Arlington - Arlington

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23 reviews
new review
UFC GYM Arlington
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Address: 1200 N Herndon St, Arlington, VA 22201

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM Thu

Telephone: (571) 312-7305

Business type: Gym

UFC GYM Arlington: what do users think?
Jade David
Jade David: Before the gym closed, I loved going to Matt’s boxing & conditioning classes. He made sure we got our money’s worth. He was extremely personable and played all types of music. His passion comes across when he teaches.
Brandon Clear
Brandon Clear: This gym feels like family from the start! Noel and Kevin do a fantastic job with boxing/conditioning classes and show a ton of patience regardless of your boxing experience. Ive been going here consistently since January 2019 and have become even more involved.
Rachael Johnson
Rachael Johnson: I have been going to this gym and the Alexandria one for over three years and love them. The workouts for the group classes are so intense and awesome. Kick my butt every time. The technical classes are awesome for actually learning technique and Coach Terrance is great at working with you whether you are a first timer or a pro. This place definitely helped me in get into the best shape of my life.
Ann Maupin Foley
Ann Maupin Foley: The boxing conditioning classes at this gym are so much fun and a fantastic workout. Kevin has awesome energy and killer playlists. Can’t wait to get back here!
Alexander Ramirez
Alexander Ramirez: The workouts and trainers are great. UFC billing however is the WORST! If you do decide to join them, don’t use your credit card!
Jay Conklin
Jay Conklin: Great boxing gym with knowledgeable trainers who push me every time. If you commit to the gym, the staff shows commitment to you.

17. N-Flux - Washington

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55 reviews
new review
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Address: 1722 I St NW, Washington, DC 20006

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 340-7790

Business type: Gym

N-Flux: what do users think?
Katherine Daw
Katherine Daw: I went to self defense for women and femmes with Colleen! Amazing course! Colleen has designed the curriculum with both practicality and thoughtfulness in mind. She made sure all of us felt safe, cared for, and heard throughout the experience, even as we were tackling difficult topics and potentially triggering exercises and drills. She and the folks helping out were very knowledgeable and gave great pointers and individual attention to everyone in the class. I’ve come out of the weekend very sore, but feeling empowered and much more confident in my ability to defend myself in an emergency. This class has also inspired me to continue training in martial arts so that I continue to hone my self defense skills. Truly can’t recommend this highly enough.
Kay Tang
Kay Tang: Colleen and her team of instruction assistants are amazing. They truly create a great space for females to voice, share, and learn the everyday challenge to their safety. I learned a lot!
Leah Wilson-Lyons
Leah Wilson-Lyons: I went to self defense for femmes with Colleen and had the BEST time. A welcoming gym environment for women that you won’t find at other places. I feel strong and empowered and lucky to have taken the self defense course. Every woman in DC should take this course!! It is so worth every penny. Colleen goes above and beyond to help you outside of class and to get to know you personally. The environment is very supportive and helped with my anxiety going in. Great community at that gym. I will be back!
Sean Leonard
Sean Leonard: I was a complete beginner to martial arts classes, and N-Flux was a fantastic, welcoming environment. There was a broad range of skill levels – from completely new people to seasoned professionals. Would highly recommend for someone looking for a place with a good sense of community, wide range of classes, or even a good open gym environment.
Jaimie Nawaday
Jaimie Nawaday: I traveled from Brooklyn to DC for the women’s self-defense intensive with Colleen Daly because I heard such great things about Colleen and couldn’t find anything comparable even in NYC. It was absolutely the best thing I’ve done for myself in years. The training, the environment, the instruction, the whole atmosphere was everything I was looking for. It was both incredibly tough and incredibly supportive. I was sore from head to toe, my knuckles were wrecked, and I had the time of my life. Will recommend to everyone I know.
Alexis Barton
Alexis Barton: I highly recommend the Guerrera workshop and Colleen that I took with N-Flux. I took the workshop with my 12 year old daughter and we both had an incredible experience - both with Colleen and the other instructors and with the group of women in the workshop with us. We were a mix of women of different ages, sizes, life-experience, and abilities but we all felt included and comfortable - which for practicing something like this is so important. Colleen made every technique and strategy accessible and straightforward but we still learned so much. Thank you!

18. Level Up Boxing & Fitness - Lanham-Seabrook

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41 reviews
new review
Level Up Boxing & Fitness
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Address: 9901 Business Pkwy Suite D, Lanham, MD 20706

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM Thu

Telephone: (240) 206-8505

Business type: Boxing gym

Level Up Boxing & Fitness: what do users think?
Winston Foster
Winston Foster: Very fun and people friendly, they actually care. Tones of different kinds of people with different fitness levels and even stuff for kids. The classes are definitely worth the $ you pay and the coaches will help motivate you to help reach your goals. Fun time.
Gary Connell
Gary Connell: I love coming every Tuesday and Thursday to not only blow off some steam but just to interact with everybody which is a very friendly environment
Response: Thank you, Gary!!!
Bryan Hatcher
Bryan Hatcher: The training itself was fun and very thorough but the guy they have working the front desk is very unprofessional. I would not recommend or reuse their services
Response: Hi Bryan, I am sorry you had a negative experience. We hope that you visit us again so we can do better and show some of the changes we have made to improve the front desk customer experience.
Rashim Gray
Rashim Gray: ...I had the pleasure of attending their Spar Wars...what an awesome time had in a fun and safe atmosphere...
Response: Thank you for coming, Rashim!
Yemi: One of the best gyms in the DMV period. Great coaching and great facility. You will improve if you put in the work
Response: Thank you!

19. Urban Boxing Arlington - Arlington

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71 reviews
new review
Urban Boxing Arlington
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Address: 3701 Fairfax Dr, Arlington, VA 22203

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM Thu

Telephone: (571) 312-0488

Business type: Boxing gym

Urban Boxing Arlington: what do users think?
F Zervou
F Zervou: What a gem of a place. Professionally run and maintained, excellent coaches and yet they retain a personalized touch and connect with each student. My teenage son is taking boxing lessons and they quickly focused on understanding him and developing trust, then gave him a perfect mixture of training for his physical and mental conditioning. They focus as much on the mind as the body. I’m a supremely picky dad, and I’m sold on these guys. Good people.
Response: Love it!! Thanks so much
LFK: I have been a member since January 2018. It has been such an amazing experience and I have learned so much. All the coaches and the front desk staff have been amazing! They have class for everyone, from level 1 at the bag to sparring. Don’t miss the chance to workout while learning a new skill! Priceless!
Response: Welcome to the family, we are honored to have you :) Thanks for the review!
Rico Chandra
Rico Chandra: Moved to DC from Europe and looked for a boxing gym. After a quick phone call with Dan I went for a class the same day. Signing up at Urban Boxing turned out to be a great decision, life saver really: A whole lot of classes, run by super instructors, and an app lets you sign up first come first served. Do it!
Response: Hi Rico, you are missed! We look forward to having you back in September
Phuoc Nguyen
Phuoc Nguyen: Great experience. I went with my teenage daughter as first timers to a kickboxing class. All of the coaches made time to say hello and welcome us. The class was challenging and fun.
Response: Hi Phuoc, we are delighted to hear that!
Kristin Lee
Kristin Lee: I love this gym! Very clean and welcoming with a team of great coaches (Mike, Filip, Nathan and Antoine, to name a few). I would recommend to anyone, no matter their level of boxing experience.
Response: Thanks Kristin! We appreciate the love. Did you know for each friend you refer who joins, you get a free month! Bring anyone in you think will love Urban as much as you do :) Thanks again

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