Best Uruguayan Restaurants In Washington Near Me

1. Del Sur Cafe - Washington

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Del Sur Cafe
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Address: 2016 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 758-0228

Business type: Restaurant

Del Sur Cafe: what do users think?

geraldine govanlu: What a beautiful atmosphere with the greatest service and delicious drinks, food and dessert. Chef Debora is absolutely spectacular! The food was delicious. The octopus appetizer was by far my favorite along with the entree Malfatti de espinaca y queso. The chivito al plato is outstanding too. The pisco sour drink is all made from scratch and you can taste each ingredient; another delight! This place is truly a hidden gem of DC!

Karen Gonzalez Fory: My Experience was amazing, the food was just delicious, I loved the way the chef put the food on the plate and make it look like a master piece.Definitely recommend

Livi N: This is such a lovely restaurant! The lighting and decor really set a warm ambient atmosphere. Cocktails and food were delicious. The menu offers a mix of items from all over South America. Our server was friendly and attentive. The owners are super awesome too <3

Kathleen Elliott: This place is incredible! The food was delicious, the atmosphere was lovely, the music was great, and the staff was wonderful. We had a great time, and I would definitely go back again. The shrimp appetizer is phenomenal, and my ribeye was perfectly cooked. Fantastic date night option!

Carrie Crowther: We went for dinner on a Wednesday night, so the restaurant wasn’t crowded at all. The staff was very attentive and friendly. But the food and the drinks.. STOOD OUT ON TOP. We had the red sangria and although it wasn’t mixed as strongly as we would have liked it was still tasty. We also tried the Caipirinha maracuyá and WOW, the flavors blended so well together. For food, we had the tostones and beef empanadas. The mojo sauce that came with the tostones definitely added something special. For our main, we had the Del Sur Parilla which was a bbq platter and it was glorious! We had our meat done medium-medium well and everything was flavorful, juicy, and absolutely amazing! The space and bathroom was super clean so that was an added plus. Keep up the great work!

Janine Odin: Amazing food! We had octopus, plantain, and the del sur parrilada. The Caipirinha maracuja was the best we had in usa! Only minus: cold - everything someone opened the door it was freezing. A simple curtain after the door would take care of this. And there is no need to check every minute if we want a box. If customers say we are working on it, give them a moment!

Egor Chorny: Wow, it’s hard to believe that there is such a place in the USA! Overall best restaurant experience for me in this country! If I could leave 6 stars I definitely would! We will go there tomorrow again because it is going to be our last day in Washington but so far I strongly recommend to start with Grilled octopus (Pulpo) as appetiser and then go straight to Del Sur Parilla (it is BBQ plate with huge meat variety some of which you probably never tried before. Like blood sausage or cow neck meat. Be aware though, that this is a huge portion for no less than 3 people) And huge thanks for warm and welcoming staff! It has been real pleasure to be served there!

Marcela Alava: Del Sur staff is the warmest in DC! Friendly, welcoming and happy!! We live close by and decided to come in one time and have never stopped coming in anytime we are craving a really good dinner and great service. This for us is one of the best restaurants in DC. Family -owned, with the owner attentive to every detail. My personal favorite is the grilled short ribs. Portions are big and I always end up taking half home. They have happy hour specials and a bar menu with a twist on jalapeño poppers which are so good. My all time favorite here are the beef empanadas. I always ask for a side of chimichurri sauce to go along with them. The mushroom pasta is also rich and decadent! If you are really hungry and come with a large party, go for the meet fest, parrillada... all of the meet is super tender, well seasoned and flavorful! Their chef comes out from time to time and always give her my compliments. Authentic Uruguayan food!!! Their caipirinha maracuya is also the best drink on the menu!!

2. Malbec Boutique Argentine Steakhouse - Washington

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Malbec Boutique Argentine Steakhouse
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Address: 1633 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 232-0437

Business type: Argentinian restaurant

Malbec Boutique Argentine Steakhouse: what do users think?

Lou Costanza: Sat at the outdoor patio on 17th Street. The service was very attentive. Steak was delicious. I really enjoyed my salad which was fresh. They have a nice selection of wines. Since we were at Malbec we ordered a glass of Malbec! Very impressed and will definitely be back

Traveling Clown: Loooved the dressing on the Classic salad. Tomatoes were so fresh and just the right amount of ripeness. Ordered the Parillada and enjoyed the variety meats with the red pepper and chimichurri dressings. Paired with Bornada red wine. Finished with creme brulee.

Belen Webber: Absolutely amazing food!! We had the barbecue for two which has every staple of a traditional Argentinian asado. I have to say that every bite was exquisite, good quality meats, cooked with smoked flavor and seasoned to perfection. We had the crepes and flan for dessert, both were as tasty as the entrée. Would go again on a next trip to Washington DC.

Marcos Zaballa: Great Argentinian food 👌The skirt steak is imported from Argentina and it is an absolute delight.

Steven Ceva: Amazing food but most importantly amazing service by Miguel! We ordered a Patagonia parrilla for two and there was enough food for three!

Kevin Alvey: Going Argentinian. Be sure to try the sweet bread. Delicious!

Jérôme SARRAZIN: Extraordinary meat and wine experience in Dupont Circle. Came once. Came back. Will come again!And service is truly excellent. How many times do you go back to a place and the waiter remembers you, the wine you chose and how you like your meat cooked?

Victor Gomez: Loved the Entraña at this location. When we comeback to DC, this will be a must!!!

3. Estadio - Washington

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Address: 1520 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 319-1404

Business type: Spanish restaurant

Estadio: what do users think?

Hanna Ozbeki: came here for brunch and it was great! we did tapas style and it worked out for us even with the larger plates. we got the brussels sprouts, caluflower, patatas bravas , arugula salad, chorizo hash and hanger steak and eggs the star of the brunch were the steak and eggs everything else was good, but the patatas braves were not my favorite compared to everything else on the table service was great! quick, respectful, and mindful of our requests!

Da-Wang Wu: Some dishes are good (e.g., cauliflowers, shishito peppers, shrimps, cheesecake, churros), but others are just okay (e.g., steaks with blue cheese, fried potatoes, mussels). Since it’s tapas style, it’s better to order dishes by batch vs. all at once. Outdoor dining space is available. It can be a bit pricy for a casual Friday dinner.

Shalini: Perfect place for the first in person meeting with my team! The food here is fantastic. I loved the Bomba rice which is a rich but not too heavy and has umami-ness from the mushroom, truffle and manchego cheese. The corn was my next on my list of favorites followed by shishito peppers (decadent pepper aioli on the side), crispy cauliflower which was good. The churros were amazing- they were served with dark chocolate sprinkled with sea salt on the side, were perfectly crispy on the outside soft on the inside and not cloyingly sweet. Good service and recommendations as well!

Genesis Christina: First time eating here and YOU have to go, the ambiance is so welcoming and warm. The food is to die for! Great prices and you are able to try so many different plates because of the sizes! If you are looking for smaller plates snacks you have to go here. If you are a fan of butternut squash, you need to try their butternut squash soup! The customer service was also amazing, our waitress was so sweet and accommodating. 100% recommend!

Martha M. Castro: Food is on point. Food is spectacular and fresh, with plates for every taste. Service is very friendly and very helpful. Drinks exceeded expectations.

Emily Crisan: Amazing food, drinks, and atmosphere! Do yourself a favor and get the grilled octopus and the braised short rib! Wonderful dinner and will definitely be back!

Colvin Will Do It: This is such a great restaurant!! The little portions are how I think American portions should be as well. I took my wife out to eat a great dinner and we were not disappointed. It was expensive but we knew that walking in.

Kaylun Draughn: Food and service were impressive. We ordered the octopus, mussels, arugula salad, duck, and crispy pork belly. Everything was cooked to perfection and came out pretty quickly. The churros were good but crispier than I typically like. I can’t wait to go back!

Jacob Fitzpatrick: Estadio has an outstanding menu that is small enough to navigate, but large enough to find something for all tastes. The unique tapas range from vegetarian flavors to unusual meats - but all with roots to Spain (and Basque Country). The vibe is hip and fun, but not overpowering or too loud. A definite DC gem!

Brandon Richardson: Yummy Tapas place. Indoor and outdoor seating. Mask required. The crispy cauliflower and chicken tapas were great! Well seasoned and delicious!

4. El Pike Bolivian Restaurant - Arlington

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El Pike Bolivian Restaurant
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Address: 4111 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA 22204

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM

Telephone: (703) 521-3010

Business type: Restaurant

El Pike Bolivian Restaurant: what do users think?

Phillip Brodzinski: Had a lunch! The owner was super friendly and the meal was delicious. The empanada was wonderful. She explained the menu and gave me a great meal! Will definitely be back.

Wil M: Latest update (June 2021): Last visit was greasy… 🤢 Update: We have come come about 5 times and have to say the service and flavor has decrease in quality. We are thinking about giving this place a long break till they bring back the good cooks and waitress 😒 ———————————————————————— Good taste and portions, fair prices, will come back again. (Silpancho and Pollo Saltado)

Estefany Zelaya: Almost shed a tear while eating Falso Conejo!!! Same ingredients as how my grandmother would make them! This place is a gem! ♥️♥️

Enrique De Anda: The place is a wonderful and fun place to spend time at while eating very delicious salteńas along with horchata, 100% recommend to try this place out !!!

Emilie Salinas: Best Trancapechos in town guarantee to fill big apetites and it comes with fries. Great taste tender meat.

Natalie Larenas: I have been going to this restaurant since I was a little girl. Although my family is ecuadorian, having salteñas is home to me. I love the salteñas and just about all food made here. Its so delicious.

Ea Monphen: Authentic Bolivian food. Very delicious just like eating in a restaurant in Bolivia. The food will sooth the craving for any home sick Bolivian for sure.

Zelma Bowman: The first Bolivian restaurant in Falls church VA, love the food but the prices are high now for sure

Ali Reza: Very friendly staff. Good Bolivian food.

5. Del Mar - Washington

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Del Mar
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Address: 791 Wharf St SW, Washington, DC 20024

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

Telephone: (202) 588-7272

Business type: Spanish restaurant

Del Mar: what do users think?

R: This was my first time going to Del Mar and the food was phenomenal! We went as a group of 8 to celebrate a birthday. It was my first time trying octopus and it was really good. The parking in the garage was $45 since I stay for 4+ hours which was a downside for the night so it might be better to find street parking.

Genesis Marrero: I was truly impressed with this dining experience. We flew to DC for my birthday week and had my birthday dinner here. Luis served us and he was definitely one of the best servers we have ever had wait on us (and we are huge foodies so that is saying something). He was so attentive and just knew exactly how to guide the dining experience based on what the guests is wanting out of their night whether they know specifically or not. We let him take the wheel with all of the knowledgeable recommendations and we were so happy from start to finish. We came back for our last meal in DC and again, Amber served us, and again we were not disappointed. She was so sweet and also had wonderful recommendations and made sure all of our needs were met before we said goodbye and hopped on a flight. Luckily Luis was also there and he remembered us which made us happy because he was also so memorable for us. He was so nice and sent us our new favorite drink that he enlightened us to - the carajillo. I don’t think you could go wrong with a single thing on this menu. The rest of the staff was also very efficient and everything just seemed to flow so smoothly with the teamwork here. I can’t wait to go back someday!

Khalid Sam: Great places for tapas. A bit pricey but the quality and service is fantastic.

Alya's Aura: The food was SO delicious and of course the service was top notch. Our waiter (I believe his name is Michael) was so nice and helpful and made some great recommendations. I definitely suggest leaving space for dessert because their little dulce de leche dark chocolate cakes with the horchata ice cream was beyond amazing! The perfect end to a great meal 👌🏾

Theodora Lau: Love the food and the service. Def order the seafood paella 🥘 … you won’t be disappointed.

TexCat: In town with a friend. It was getting a little late and we were still trying to find somewhere for dinner - came across Del Mar and it enticed us. Waited for a table as we really wanted to sit outside on such a beautiful evening. Everyone was very friendly. Bryan our server was wonderful. Very attentive and sweet, he took great care of us. We shared some tapas - a little surprised at how small they were based on the price….admittedly they were extremely tasty, but I think what you’re really paying for is the location. A great place to return to sometime for a romantic meal

Omar Cardin: The service here is as good as a fine French restaurant with the ideology that plates need to be ready when the guest is ready for them and when they are done, the plate disappears. Great service, most meats just melt in the mouth. Highly recommended for sauce lovers.

Black Star Dust: Absolutely stunning place. Great service. Top tier experience. Everything was a ten. The Seafood Paella is delicious. Highly recommend that dish. It comes in different sizes for sharing. It was my bday so they brought out gratis champagne and this cheesecake that was literally the one of the most delicious desserts to grace the planet. Don’t even get me started on the churros! Amazing! I also did come in with a VIP who goes there regularly so that surely may have enhanced the experience to 10 stars!!

6. Masseria - Washington

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Address: 1340 4th St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM

Telephone: (202) 608-1330

Business type: Italian restaurant

Masseria: what do users think?

Ryan Montoya: This was the best meal I’ve had with my wife in Washington DC, and I can’t believe it was take out. The staff were very friendly and professional and allowed me to wait at the bar for my pickup order. At home the meal included heating and preparation tips which was an excellent touch. A lot of care was put into how well the food would travel and reheat and the restaurant did an amazing job. Every course was perfect and my wife and I were stunned at how transcendent every single component was. We were remiss because we’ve always wanted to eat here in person but both the pandemic and getting childcare has prevented us. After this experience we will absolutely order again and hopefully be able to finally dine in person soon. I can’t recommend their “a casa” service enough, and also recommend adding their desert course.

Renee Ethier: Masseria didn’t disappoint. I had a lovely birthday dinner here. The service was top notch, the restaurant was beautiful, and the food and drinks were amazing. We added the foie gras mini cannoli, which was SO worth it. They even sent us on our way with a gift bag with some goodies. Everything was perfect.

Micah Robinson: Confusing upsell process when you first arrive. Most dishes were good — not great — but not particularly voluminous (inflation, I’m sure). The duck was NOT good. Tough. Tasted like it was pulled out of the Anacostia after subsisting off mud water and cigarette butts for a lifetime. There was a pickled carrot that was quite tasty. If it had been just a little larger than half a cashew (see photo with circle), then Masseria would be cruising at four stars for me. The desserts were good no doubt. We came hungry. We left … still pretty hungry. But we “checked that one off the list 🤡.” Not to rag too hard on the restaurant — maybe it was an off night — but I polled my partner after the meal: “Would you have been more satisfied with that for $500 or a gut-bomb Chipotle burrito bowl for $30, using the remaining $470 for two months of a personal trainer for two to kick the burrito bowl?” Of course, it was an obvious choice for her. Hope this helps. Gotta run to meet the personal trainer!

abigail snoznik: Masseria was one of my favorite tasting menus in DC. We sat at the chef’s counter and got the tasting menu and wine pairing. The meal starts with a homemade kombucha and only gets better. We had 8 dishes beginning with bread, and following up with various plates including a fish, octopus, 2 pastas, and duck. I especially loved the beet dish and linguine (I really really loved the linguine.) They finish things off with a gift bag including some desserts and olive oil. Atmosphere and service were both great. 5 stars.

Naresh Singh: Birthday lunch. This is probably the most unique Italian spot I’ve experienced so far and it’s obvious why they earned a Michelin star. Ambiance is great inside and the outdoor seating area is a nice touch. Cigars are available outside too!

C Hanlon: We have dined at Masseria several times for celebrations and special occasions and enjoyed it, so we had booked tonight for a birthday dinner. We just received a call midday to let us know that they had suddenly decided to close the restaurant and cancel our reservation. Nothing was offered as an apology such as some type of credit or incentive for the future, even after explaining this was for a special occasion and it would be difficult to find a reservation at a similar place on the same day. We understand that it is a stressful time, but this is a high end, expensive restaurant that requires its guests to book, pay, and confirm in advance and does not allow them to cancel on the same day. There are many wonderful tasting menu options available in DC but what sets them apart is the service, and this was truly disappointing customer service.

Ryan Kaminsky: Food was great, service was pretty terrible. Price was not worth the meal.

7. Ambar Capitol Hill - Washington

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Ambar Capitol Hill
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Address: 523 8th St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (202) 813-3039

Business type: Eastern European restaurant

Ambar Capitol Hill: what do users think?

Maya Bryant: I’ve been to this location for brunch twice so far. It’s a great place to go if you want to try multiple things. I went last time for my birthday brunch, which was on the rooftop floor. It was beautifully decorated and spacious for my party of 9. The food is always really good especially if you want to try new things. The crispy cheese slider really impressed me. Other great menu items include the mini burgers, beef prosciutto Benedict, and pecan and maple waffles. I would honestly skip the mac and cheese and bacon and grits, but it’s still worth a try being that you pay one price for everything. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. I definitely wouldn’t mind coming back for dinner one day.

Scott Nguyen: Came in with high expectations based on recommendations from friends and certainly was not disappointed! The food was so delicious and the service was top notch. We ordered a lot of small dishes with plenty of options for meat and vegetarian eaters. Our servers constantly had food orders taken and delivered, and we walked away very stuffed. Highly recommended.

arun varughese: One of the best restaurants in DC. The price is high but you get unlimited food of premium quality. 45$ for dinner and 35$ for lunch. The food quality is of the level of a good high end restaurant with normal ingredients. All items are small plates but it’s not an issue as you can order them again. My favorites are rainbow trout, lamb lasagne and slow cooked beef. Almost all their items are good. I did not like salmon as it tasted very bland.

Leighton Smith: Our experience at Ambar was phenomenal. One of my top 5 favorite dining experiences across the world. For only $45 (plus drinks if desired), you get 2 hours at a table to sample anything on the Balkan / Eastern European menu. Everything tasted fantastic. The service we received from Tamara and others was 5-star. I cannot believe how flavorful everything was. What an awesome cultural experience. Thank you Ambar!!

Doris Becerra: I enjoy this place... I love it. All the food was great!! I would recommend! The lunch was amazing and very quite place. I went with my baby, my mother and husband and all was perfect! The waitress was phenomenal and very nice!! She explained how its works and she brings to us every plate that we want it repeat! We love it the place. Some photos of the lunch.. but I must take more photos!!

Stefan Tobler: Wow, this was my first bottomless brunch experience in DC and I’m glad it was. Ambar is a hell of a deal with some delicious food and exciting atmosphere. The photos below are from breakfast but their dinner is equally as fun! HIGHLY recommend, one of the only places I find myself at time and time again bringing all my new guests!

Gina Abrams: Me and the crew had a great time! We went for brunch. We were seating as soon as we arrived! Melissa was an excellent host! She kept the food coming. Everything was good (except for the bacon was too salty, I typically eat turkey bacon). Make your reservations today!

Brittani Spaulding: My absolute favorite brunch spot ever. All you can eat food and drink for under $50 pp. Can’t beat it. Everything on the menu is tasty and the drinks are good. Make a reservation ahead of time. Make sure you come hungry and thirsty, the service is always great and plates and drinks are refilled quickly.

Viraj Patel: Great $35 unlimited plates brunch on the weekend. Be sure to get here at least an hour before closing so you have time to order all the plates. Best items: cheese pie, salmon Benedict, veal soup, kale Caesar, Balkan salad, grilled steak, fried chicken slider, pecan and maple waffle.

8. Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse - Washington

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Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse
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Address: 1101 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20004

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

Telephone: (202) 347-4668

Business type: Brazilian restaurant

Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse: what do users think?

Vy H.: LOVE THIS PLACE!! My work company had our holiday lunch gathering here recently! The restaurant has a nice and fancy vibe, and surprisingly was packed for a weekday lunch. Their salad bar is awesome—with a huge selection of choices. Their meats (that come around your table) is so delicious and well flavored. In addition, staff is very friendly and attentive. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have the chocolate cake as a dessert option for our meal, but the cheesecake with strawberry sauce was really good!

JennyLovesGogi 제럽고 (제니럽스고기): Especially, the lamb was fantastic.They provide fresh salad, salmon, soup, and fruits at the self corner.And they gave us a fantastic cheesecake for our birthday! 💯💯Thank you for nice food and service!

Morgan: Fantastic service. The employees here really work well as a team. The food is always great. I took my boyfriend here when we first started dating and he loved it. Took him again along with my grandparents, who were in town visiting… I didn’t tell our server, but we were also celebrating my grandma being cancer-free. Our server went out of his way to give my grandma a free dessert that said “Welcome to DC” (see picture)… That was really nice. Thanks for many great experiences.

Steffon Greatness: Danie Magalhes & Staff are super accommodating. They understand customer service. Daniel kept a smile on his face as if he wanted to be at work. The Service, QUICK, Efficient, & Friendly. It’s as if they want you to ask question. 🤣 The Food, Fresh, Hot, Tasty❗️I’ve been to hole in the wall Brazilian spots and I’ve been to Texas de Brazil… the food tastes better thank all of those I’ve experienced. Pro Tip, They get busy quick, they have a full dining area. Tables fit 2, 4 & round tables that must fit about 8. They fill up pretty quick. (And this was a Thursday) Try the bottom steak & lamb. It’s the best. I wasn’t a fan of the beer marinated chicken however it wasn’t bad. Last thing get the soda in the picture it’s AMAZING. I want a case of them lol. *** Please mark this helpful if it helped you***

Naturally E: The food and service was top notch! I really enjoyed all of the selections & the quality of the meat. The market table was my favorite! Soooo many options to choose from. The drinks were fantastic! Surprisingly, they have Happy Hour all day! Our server, Ryan, was ahhhmazing! He was super cool! Really enjoyed our meal.

John Kurton: Great place for meat lovers. Great quality meats and good size cuts just kept on coming. The salad bar was great too. Some how even managed to find room for dessert.

Autumn Bishop: We went for the first time for my birthday, everything was amazing. Our server Denzel was overall a 10/10 super attentive even though it was crazy busy he made sure our needs were met and even offered to have specific meats brought to us if we hadn’t tried them yet. He also had great recommendations and accommodations. The food was all fantastic. We will be definitely coming back the next time we are in DC !!

9. Old Ebbitt Grill - Washington

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Old Ebbitt Grill
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Address: 675 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (202) 347-4800

Business type: American restaurant

Old Ebbitt Grill: what do users think?

Natalia Mednikov: There are straightforward American-style food. This restaurant is best known for its huge old-school oyster bar—think lots of dark wood, brass fixtures, and big mirrors. That oysters was fantastic and fresh. We’ve enjoyed also cheese sampler, fried calamari and baked oysters. Everything they do is absolutely delicious. The service was very fast and friendly. We were happy to choose this great restaurant to end our busy day in Washington, D.C.

Aditya Karandikar: Had an awesome time here as a late night/ early next day stop. The food was quite nice and fairly refined, especially at such a late hour! The atmosphere was popping as well which made it more enjoyable. Service was very friendly and they had great oysters. Fresh complimentary bread never hurts either…

Sam M: This place is one of the more famous restaurants in DC. I visited this spot during brunch and it was packed. I would definitely recommend making a reservation for both weekend dinner and brunch services. I started with New England clam chowder and some salad dish. For entrees, I got eggs benedict and catfish. All the dishes I ordered were pretty good. But, I definitely enjoyed their desserts more even though I was pretty full before it. Their key lime pie and salted caramel bread pudding were both amazing! Staffs were very accommodating and attentive during the whole service. I’m planning to visit this restaurant and will get some oysters and burgers next time. I heard they are pretty good. I definitely recommend this place to celebrate any special occasions.

Suzi Figueroa: Wow, wow and wow! A friend recommended this establishment to me when I asked for dining recommendations for my upcoming DC trip. I am so glad I listened. The warm and inviting ambiance matched the service. And the food? Oh my goodness. Delicious. My SO ordered meatloaf. Who knew meatloaf could take on a such an extraordinary presentation.

Elaine Viegas: AMAZING! There is no other word to describe it. Since we arrived until we paid the service was perfect. I couldn’t be more happy for their food, service and kindness on my birthdays lunch. We didn’t mention that it was my birthday but they saw on my profile and as soon as I arrived they asked to confirm and no only brought my desert with a candle and a cute chocolate happy birthday place on the top. Our server was amazing, she arrived singing happy birthday, was very classy and really surprised me. Thank you for the excellence in your service. BTW the food it’s top quality, my oysters and shrimps were fresh abs really tasteful.

Jelena M: Great food, great price, great service! The waiter we had was so nice, knowledgeable, and friendly! The calamari was very good, but watch out for the spicy peppers in it . My salad was yummy! I usually never order salads, but I am glad I did as the dressing was citrusy and refreshing! They also give warm bread and butter while you wait 😍

10. Barcelona Wine Bar - Washington

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2505 reviews
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Barcelona Wine Bar
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Address: 1622 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2PM

Telephone: (202) 588-5500

Business type: Spanish restaurant

Barcelona Wine Bar: what do users think?

Eva Milstein-Touesnard: This food was SO good and the bread is house made fresh and complimentary! 😉 so you know we got LOTS of bread. Also, the price wasn’t too bad for dine in! The wine was also really good. And such an amazing vibe inside and outside. Overall loved it!

Nik Rama: Barcelona is always an amazing chain of restaurants to get high quality drinks and tapas. The four of us were quickly seated and ordered several tapas and drinks. The tapas were incredible (I forgot to take photos and only got one…). Empanadas were super tender and savory on the outside while encased in a crispy exterior. The other crispy fried appetizers with with cheese and meats were unique and delicious in their own ways. The view of the street from this restaurant is also great. You can watch the bustle of the city go by while enjoying the cool and shaded seating of this restaurant. The only reason for the 4 stars is because it’s a zoo here. So many people trying to come eat here leads to long lines and people loitering outside. Make sure to come during a non-peak hour to enjoy this experience itself!

Анжела Четина (Сексолог и психолог): Visited Washington from DC for two days and I am happy o could come to this cozy restaurant. In December I could eat outside thanks to heaters which is amazing, food is good quality, big variety of choices. Amazing ambiance, small piece of Spain 🇪🇸 tasty, stuff is friendly and smiling, wine is also high quality with an incredible smell. Highly recommend that place !

Erick Vivas: The food is very good! The place is beautiful but too loud! I was very happy with the tapas. All of them simply delicious.

Jay Law: Although we got seated immediately, on a Saturday nonetheless, service was slow. Now, that doesn’t take away from quality of the food but it’s definitely hinders your experience some. Which the said, the tapas style menu items are perfect for someone who like to taste and try different foods. The drinks were great and vibe was on point.. plus, it’s patio is great for afternoon eating and people watching in DC.

Alex Gonzalez: Amazing atmosphere and the Sangria is by far the best we have had. For food we had the charcuterie and the meats and cheese we had were absolutely amazing. It seems to us that they have very fresh ingredients. The staff was very friendly and service was top notch. It’s worth checking out if you live here or are from out of town and want an enjoyable dining experience. We highly recommend it. Edit 1. I forgot to talk about the bread. The freshest bread I have had at any restaurant.

Mica Ann: I’ve tried Barcelona Wine Bar when vacationing in Denver and our experience was rather intimate. It was definitely a shock for me to not only have an extremely crowded bar but also too loud of a music you cannot even hear yourself giving the order. Server recommended two to three tapas per person which is about right. We ordered ten tapas and the only ones I remembered are: patatas bravas, shishito peppers, boquerones (sardines), mussels, ham croquettes, shrimp in garlic, and half paella seafood. We just came back from Spain two weeks ago and all of the tapas we ordered are very much comparable in taste, quality, serving size, and price. So I am very happy about that. The place is extremely packed when we came in at 10:15pm with a reservation. The service is rather slow. I think our waiter has way too many tables for him to handle. The manager actually served our first round of tapas and got our order drinks. I was very impressed that he remembered our drinks without writing them. Got me a little bit worried that he got them right because it took a very looong time before our drinks came. But hey, he got them 100% right! Five stars for the really great tapas and good but not great paella. Five stars also for the cocktails and wines we ordered. I’m normally empathetic coz the world is short-staffed. But I think since this is a franchise, they had a choice not too accept too many customers or to hire more help and whatever their choice was, it was not displayed right the night we visited. Less one star for the awful service. This is a wine bar, not a nightclub. Less another star for the too loud music. Make sure you make a reservation especially on weekends and holidays.

Rebecca Kert: Virtually everything was a 10/10. The server had super helpful recommendations. The drinks were creative and delicious— especially the guns and rose and bourbon spice. All the tapas we ordered was delicious and the bread was wonderful. Fun atmosphere but still family friendly.

Ivy Chan: You’re paying for the environment. Pricey dishes. I went for brunch and their tapas dishes are small and overpriced. Taste was good but not worth the price. The braised pork was barely 2 pieces and cost $9. Lots of alcoholic drinks to choose from.

Miguel Curiel: Popular place with delicious food and drinks. This may not be the best place to have a deep and intimate conversation, but it is a great pick if you’re searching for a youthful ambiance, party-like vibes and some good Spanish meals + wine! Due to its popularity, it is strongly advised to reserve beforehand (tried to walk in once, estimated waiting period was 45 minutes which actually ended up being 2 hours i.e. it is VERY popular and entails lengthy stays).

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