Best Swimming Courses For Babies In Washington Near Me

SafeSplash Swim School - Columbia Heights SafeSplash Swim School - Friendship Heights WeAquatics Happy Hollow Children's Pool Goldfish Swim School - Alexandria AquaMobile - At-Home Swim Lessons Edlavitch Jewish Community Center of Washington, DC British Swim School of Patapsco Valley KIDS FIRST Swim School - Bethesda KIDS FIRST Swim School - Springfield Anthony Bowen Branch YMCA Big Blue Swim School Takoma Aquatic Center Washington-Liberty Aquatics Center KIDS FIRST Swim School - Bowie Turkey Thicket Aquatic Facility

1. SafeSplash Swim School - Columbia Heights - Washington

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3100 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20010

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SafeSplash Swim School - Columbia Heights: what do users think?

Greta Miner: I am a very proud Grandma and taking both my little ones to swim class is the delight of my day. I chose Safesplash for the location(they have many), the owners Jennifer and Michael, and the competent and caring instructors. The girls have been taking lessons since they were about 6 months old and now the 4 1/2 year old is doing freestyle swimming the entire length of the pool and the 2 1/2 year old is catching up rapidly. I am beyond thrilled with their progress and it鈥檚 a testament to the owners and their staff.

Lauren Coonen: I took my 8 month old here for his first swim class. Tyra and Sydney were the instructors and they were excellent! They were knowledgeable and friendly. At this age your just getting your baby used to the water. Bouncing them, getting their ears and face wet, holding their belly鈥檚 and encouraging them to kick. They had toys and a large floating surface for the babies to take turn playing on. Highly recommended!

Aja Shabazz: Jennifer was very helpful and understanding! Great small business

2. SafeSplash Swim School - Friendship Heights - Washington



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4300 Military Rd NW, Washington, DC 20015

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SafeSplash Swim School - Friendship Heights: what do users think?

Antonina Bernstein: Our son Tad has been attending Safe Splash for over a year. Initially he was a child slightly scared of water, disliked getting his face wet and didn鈥檛 want to let go of the adult helping him. He now jumps into the pool fearless & actually swims. The staff was always attentive, cheerful and passionate about helping their students master or hone their skills. The 30 minute private lessons are definitely the way to go!

Amanda Gilman: My children came to swimming at a later age, 9 and 10. Safe Splash was absolutely perfect for them! They were able to learn together in a non competitive environment with caring instructors. They both loved learning to swim, and my son overcame his fear of the water! After a year, they both qualified for swim team! I cannot recommend the company more highly!

Ashra Maude: Our children have been taking classes with SafeSplash for a few months now and we are extremely delighted with their progress. The coach has been wonderful and nurturing with them. The staff is supportive and fun to be around. We were, at first, a little scared to start swimming lessons because of the pandemic, but the owners, Michael and Jennifer, have done a tremendous job at following the safety protocols that ensure everyone can enjoy swimming safetly.They are communicative, flexible and just lovely people. We highly recommend SafeSplash.

Gen R: SafeSplash has been amazing for my 3 year old son. He has been taking lessons for nearly 2 years and has made so much progress. He is now very comfortable in the water and has started to swim on his own. He always loves his instructors and they have been really great about helping him come out of his shell. They are very supportive and encouraging and let him go at his own pace while still challenging him when they know he can do it! We LOVE SafeSplash and are so grateful for the care they put in teaching our son how to swim and be safe in the water. THANK YOU! They have also made sure to be very cautious when it comes to COVID. Our son is in a class with only 1 other student who we know and who鈥檚 family is as careful as we are about taking precautions. We are also so grateful that the staff is willing to wear masks to protect our children.

Caitlin Clark: We have been with Safe Splash for over a year and are so happy to be back safely after time off due to Covid restrictions. Not only have the owners been incredibly transparent about all the precautions they are taking but the instructors have been so reassuring to my twins who were excited but nervous to start back up again after months off from lessons. I highly recommend these swim lessons. They teach children how to swim in a very thoughtful and strategic way.

Melissa Kaplan: I鈥檝e been taking my daughter to Safe Splash for years and it鈥檚 been an amazing experience. The instructors are kind and encouraging, making the lessons productive but also a fun experience for my daughter. The owners, Jennifer and Michael, run their business with care and professionalism and are clearly invested in making the experience valuable for their clients. The price is a very good value compared to other swim schools in the area. We love Safe Splash!!

3. WeAquatics - Douglas MacArthur

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Chinquapin Park Recreation Center, 3210 King St, Alexandria, VA 22302

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WeAquatics: what do users think?

James Keller: We love WeAquatics and highly recommend the ISR classes! Coach Brad has been phenomenal with our 18 month old son and we are amazed at what he has learned over the course of the last 6 weeks. We can鈥檛 wait to continue with maintenance courses and for him to learn even more. Coach Brad and David are great and if you are thinking about ISR classes look no further, you will love WeAquatics!!

Shawn K: David at WeAquatics is a phenomenal swimming coach for infants and kids. We started working with David about 4 years ago when our first son was about 10 months old after David had been highly recommended to us from a friend who had herself 3 boys who he had coached. He was extremely pleasant and friendly and took things on a gradient so that my son warmed up to him after a few sessions- and he was totally willing to work with us on our input as parents because seeing our kid get accustom to swimming as new parents was terrifying :) After that, we had David back each summer after to teach our 8 month old daughter and then the year after for our second son- and he gave touch up lessons to the older ones too. It all worked out great and Dave was totally cool and flexible on everything from schedule, to multiple lessons, etc. We actually just had him back again this summer for another set of touch up lessons- he really is committed to doing what it takes so that our kids ended up as confident swimmers. Thank you David! ML, The Kimmels

Kimberlee Simpson: We had already tried 5 other rounds of swim instruction in various other states before landing with WeAquatics in Alexandria, VA. The ISR lessons with WeAquatics were by far the best swim instruction we have received. After 6 weeks both of our boys can rescue themselves if they were to accidentally fall in the pool. My 4 year old can actually swim and is working on strokes now. My baby loves the water and is so proud of himself that he can flip over and float. Both kids are confident in their skills and there is really no price you can put on the value of their safety. If you are on the fence about the time commitment just go for it! It is so worth it!

Diplomatic ERA: We initially tried other swim schools in the DMV and were less than impressed with the level of instruction and lack of progress we saw in our son鈥檚 ability to learn how to swim. We felt like the classes for small children/babies consisted of parents in the pool with their children doing a lot of splashing, playing, singing and just about everything other than giving our son swim skills. Not that playing with your kids in the pool isn鈥檛 fun, but we don鈥檛 need to pay a swim school to do that. Anyway, all that changed when we found We Aquatics and started classes with Mr. David. We started with the ISR lessons and within the first week we saw great progress. Since then my son has mastered ISR and is now working on perfecting different swim strokes. Mr. David is an exceptional teacher and his calm demeanor, expert knowledge and teaching skills makes this the best option in the DMV area for swim school. The other instructors are also top notch. Our only regret is that we didn鈥檛 discover We Aquatics earlier!

Hossein Noshirvani: David and his team are courteous professional and are quite frankly amazing at what they do! Next step is turning my toddler into the next Michael Phelps!

Tanya Smith: The staff were great with the kids and very pleasant.

4. Happy Hollow Children's Pool - Washington

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2200 Champlain St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Happy Hollow Children's Pool: what do users think?

David Miller: Epic. Secret. Oasis. Shhhhhhhh!
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5. Goldfish Swim School - Alexandria - Douglas MacArthur

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3155-B Duke St, Alexandria, VA 22314

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Goldfish Swim School - Alexandria: what do users think?

Samantha Youngblood: Goldfish Swim School is awesome! The staff is very competent and they know how to engage with kids in a manner to quickly teach them how to be confident swimmers and also make it fun in the process. My daughter, Victoria is 6 years old and she absolutely loves her weekly glider 2 swimming lessons! Goldfish is the right place to enroll your kid for swim lessons! They will benefit greatly and will love it!

Anthony Slade: Goldfish is awesome. Love the confidence that this helping my son develop. At first in the infant classes, the quality of the coaches was pretty inconsistent. But now he鈥檚 in the toddler class and, Coach Jess, is amazing! Highly recommend Goldfish to any parents that want to keep their kids active.

Alex Navarro: My children have been attending swim lessons here for nearly a year. The facility is great. It鈥檚 always clean and they have everything you could need. There are changing rooms, showers, blow dryers, and even a bathing suit dryer that spins the water out of their suits before you take them home! The staff is just lovely! They always welcome you as you walk in the door and every instructor my child has had is absolutely wonderful. They are so great with the kids and make them love swimming. We had only planned to go for the summer, but my children did not want to stop because they loved it that much. Now the reason I did not give goldfish 5 stars is because there is some room for improvement. One, the app is great and shows where the children are assessed on different skills at each level, however my children鈥檚 scores have only been updated once. They have clearly mastered skills as they鈥檝e moved up levels but it is not reflected in the app. If they have this great tech, I just wish they鈥檇 use it. The lessons are also a bit pricey and they don鈥檛 really get as much attention as I鈥檇 like because the classes have up to 4 children who take turns with the instructor. So in actuality a 30 minute lesson is more like 10 or less minutes of actually swimming per child. Lastly, using your make up tokens is nearly impossible at times. They only open a week before so it鈥檚 difficult to plan and some classes never seem to have any available makeups. Overall, we do like this swim school and will continue to go because the staff and instructors truly care about our kids (shout out to Mr. Alex who is awesome!)

Jacob K: This GoldFish Swim School is very good, how the environment is decent and clean, instructors are very patient and caring. Recommended to all.

Danika Denzer: We had such a great, accommodating experience at Goldfish Swim School! Miss Grizelda took my 4 yr old from zero to swimming by herself in just a few months. She went above and beyond as a teacher and really put her at ease. My daughter looks forward to class and we love her confidence in the water!

Erick Nemec: So far it has been great for my toddler son. Her current couch, Lily is great and very encouraging. My son loves his class and I can see how fast he is improving.

Val G: Nice set up. COVID safety conscious which is great.. Instructors are good and friendly.. Easy and free parking. Not a great value for the amount of time spend with each child. Extremely expensive! Private lesson prices for group classes.

6. AquaMobile - At-Home Swim Lessons - Washington

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AquaMobile - At-Home Swim Lessons: what do users think?

Anastasiya Sidorova: Aquamobile and our instructor Carla G was awesome during the entire process. I signed my 3 year old daugher up for swim lessons mentioning that it was her first time and that she felt "too comfortable in the water." I asked for Carla G as the instructor and she was awesome! She definitely has a way with kids, teaching them proper breathing and swimming in a way that is memorable and enjoyable. My 3yr old (after only 4 lessons can swim half-way across the entire pool now!! I would have never expected that. Thank you Carla G! 5 stars!

David Silver: In 5 days, Ray helped our five year-old son develop his swimming skills to the point that he can swim across the pool. We recommend him highly!

7. Edlavitch Jewish Community Center of Washington, DC - Washington

路 22 reviews

1529 16th St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Edlavitch Jewish Community Center of Washington, DC: what do users think?

Eric Hanson: The gym is a "hidden gem" in Dupont Circle. Small but has everything you need. Off-peak hours discount avail.. The whole gym will be yours if you go before 4pm. Ms. Howell is really nice.

Lisa Paquette: The DCJCC overall is a wonderful place. First, the gym was recently renovated and has good equipment. They also offer a nice variety of exercise classes such as spinning, zumba, body pump and more. The best part about the gym is that the price of membership is less than that of other gyms in DC, so you really get your monies worth. The JCC is also a great venue to see shows or attend any of the other awesome cultural events they host. The staff are friendly and welcoming. You feel like part of a great community!

Nicole Lohr: Saw a play here and it was a great, intimate playhouse. Friendly staff.

Sam Greenberg: Great, friendly resource.

讗诇讬 诪讙谉: (Translated by Google) An excellent community center for everyone. (Original) 诪专讻讝 拽讛讬诇转讬 诪爪讜讬谉 诇讻诇 讗讞讚 讜讗讞转.

8. British Swim School of Patapsco Valley - Howard County

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British Swim School of Patapsco Valley: what do users think?

Val Magnolia: The staff is fantastic, classes are fun and swim skills are progressing quickly. We are always greeted with a smile by Maya and she keeps the equipment sanitized and safe between classes. Couldn鈥檛 be happier with BSSPV!

Trina C: Great staff and great value for the price! The adult classes are fun and easy going! I never felt intimidated or embarrassed and kids leave the pool when it鈥檚 the time slot for the adults. After a month, I was actually swimming! I would highly recommend!

Stephen Majerowicz: We are so impressed with the instructors at British Swim School Patapsco Valley. The care they take with their students shows real dedication to teaching.

Adelaide May: I was so impressed by how great the staff is at British Swim School Patapsco Valley! They make the kids comfortable by providing a safe and fun environment to learn how to swim.

Plush threepeater But the picture is horribly taken: I love how the teachers have such patience. My son loves swimming and it is great that he is not afraid of the water anymore. Great school . People are great .

Rhoda Kroeker: The British Swim school/Patapsco Valley instructors are knowledgeable and so patient! My children look forward to each lesson.

Erin Majerowicz: The instructors at BSSPV are great! They make learning a lot of fun for the students!

9. Brookland Swim Academy - Washington

路 5 reviews

125 Michigan Ave NE, Washington, DC 20017

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10. KIDS FIRST Swim School - Bethesda - North Bethesda

路 44 reviews

4888 Boiling Brook Pkwy, Rockville, MD 20852

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KIDS FIRST Swim School - Bethesda: what do users think?

Ryan Mercer: My 2 daughters love coming here. They ask all the time when they can go again. The building is very clean, the staff is friendly and helpful, and the instructors are great at watching the kids and keeping them safe. We love it here

Logan Matsushige: My son has been taking swim lessons here for 4 years, and he has grown from being a kid who was scared of the water to now one who will jump in any pool in the dead of winter. The instructors focus on technique and provide lots of one-on-one time with students due to their small groups. Whenever there has been an issue (e.g. we are out of town, we need to change the class, etc), Michelle and Rebecca are so responsive and helpful. We are lucky to have found this facility!

I-Wei Lee: Both of my kids graduated from this swimming school. Staffs are super helpful and instructors focus ed on teaching the kids techniques rather than just passing so kids could move up the levels quickly. Highly recommended!!

Jessica Veffer: my daughter had attended several months of fun swim lessons at Kids First prior to COVID. we recently returned and she had a bit of trouble reacclimating- not sure if it was new (safe) covid procedures at the pool or just shock at resuming normal life stuff but Michelle spent significant 1x1 time with my daughter and helped reintegrate her to the class and achieve most of her level 1 benchmarks in stride! thanks to Michelle and the staff, we plan to return in the Fall with a little sister in tow.

11. KIDS FIRST Swim School - Springfield - North Springfield

路 45 reviews

5238 Port Royal Rd, Springfield, VA 22151

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KIDS FIRST Swim School - Springfield: what do users think?

Megan Kvandal: This is a great swim school. My two sons are enrolled and my nephew and all have made significant improvements. My son started at 4 months and is now 14 months. He can get out of the pool independently, he鈥檚 working on his kicks and float, and going underwater for a quick dip. My older son is 10 and started this session and has mastered his front kick, back kick, and dive. Such a great value and an invaluable life skill!

gina jackson: This place has been amazing! They are easy to work with for scheduling and make ups. Carly is super fun and engaging and my kiddos have learned so much! I highly recommend KFSS for swimming lessons!

Natalia Padron: Kids First has implemented great safety protocols that include: wearing face masks, face shields for instructors, social distancing and continuous cleaning of high touch areas. They open the front door for you and apply hand sanitizer to anyone who enters the facility. There is a 10 minutes break between classes to disinfect all the facility included the pool area, from pool handrails to door knobs, changing rooms and bathrooms. I appreciate all their efforts and would definitively recommend them to others. Front desk staff is always friendly and very helpful with rescheduling missing lessons. Instructors are very knowledgeable. They bumped up my 4 years old boy from level 1 to level 3 when they saw he was above level. They have also been very patient with my 7 years old boy with short attention span. This is the only place where he has done great improvements, we tried different REC centers but larger pools made him anxious and the smaller class sizes allow instructors to engage more with the kids. My 3 kids are always looking forward to their swimming lesson and they really enjoy it.

Julia Davis: The staff at Kids First Swim School have gone above and beyond time after time for my daughter with special needs. They have her best interests in mind and will do whatever it takes to make sure she has a good experience in the pool. Costumer service is top notch and the swim instruction is great. I highly recommend Kids First Swim School to anyone.

Sabz: Staff is exceptional!!!! I鈥檓 very pleased with this swim school. Instructors are great and my kids love it! My daughter had lost her earring in the pool. It wasn鈥檛 a big deal, but the staff went above and beyond searching for it. Thank you to all staff for being so friendly and accommodating.

12. Anthony Bowen Branch YMCA - Washington

路 94 reviews

1325 W St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Anthony Bowen Branch YMCA: what do users think?

Forrest Cory: Beautiful YMCA neatly tucked in the heart of DC. Awesome Life Fitness, Hammer Strength and Cybex equipment, a rock wall, swimming pool and friendly staff and trainers. Parking isn鈥檛 too bad considering the area and there is a garage around the corner . Highly recommended!

Andrei Jacobs: Well maintained but too small if you wanna get to a few pieces of equipment. Its a Nice community but smallish gym.

13. Goldfish Swim School - Silver Spring - White Oak

路 93 reviews

11800 Tech Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20904

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Goldfish Swim School - Silver Spring: what do users think?

Ricardo Vasquez: School was clean and fun with very friendly staff. The teacher was on time and she was super nice with the little ones. My little one had a wonderful first day and enjoy every second of the class. Definitely will continue to come for more.

cedric cherry: The facility was always clean and the staff was always friendly and polite. However we just didn鈥檛 see the progress in our son鈥檚 swimming ability. I get it, everyone progresses at a different rate but we think the issue with our son at this particular location was the high turnover rate with his instructors. We would see progress then bam, his instructor would leave and he would immediately regress and have to get used to another instructor. We went through numerous regular instructors in less than a year. I get it, people leave jobs and no owner/manager wants a high turnover rate, but it is what it is. Also with 4 kids per group per lesson the instructor can only spend a few minutes of 1 to 1 instruction per child. At some point we decided that spending money on private lessons for 6 months somewhere else would be better than dropping $1600 a year for 5 minutes of actual 1 to 1 instruction per class. Goldfish works for some kids but if your kid requires a lot of 1 to 1 instruction you may want to consider private lessons or at least a Goldfish location that offers private lessons

Denelle Robinson: My son has had an amazing experience. He looks forward to lessons every week. We were in another swim school for at least 2 years before joining GFSS and I wish we would have started sooner! And, even more important is the online customer portal - the convenience is unmatched!

Sylvia Bryant: My kids (1 yr old and 3 yr old) have been attending for quite some time. We have loved every minute of it. The organization and execution of the people matrix tin is the best I鈥檝e experienced at a swim school.

Bryan Parthum: While classes are expensive and it鈥檚 a big investment, the facilities are great and the instructors (especially Alexa!!) are amazing. Our kiddo wouldn鈥檛 be as far along as he is without GFSS.

Emily G: We love the small class sizes and personal attention, flexibility to make up a missed class, rolling admissions (not being locked into a defined session) but most importantly the positive and energetic instructors at our location

Margee: We鈥檝e been very leased with the coaches, front desk and support staff at goldfish silver spring. Our girls have enjoyed class and look forward to coming every week. Thank you!

14. Big Blue Swim School - Fairfax

路 16 reviews

9658 Main St, Fairfax, VA 22031

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Big Blue Swim School: what do users think?

Kia Pearce: I brought my daughter here this past Saturday for her first swim lesson. She is hypersensitive to water in an uncontrolled environment so I was very nervous. I believe her instructors name was Nitza. She was so patient with my daughter. She kept reassuring her that she wouldn鈥檛 let anything happen to her. It was a hit nerve wrecking for me since my daughter was very scared but Nitza did her thing and made her calm down. 5 stars!!!!!

Victoria Poe: We love Big Blue! I鈥檝e tried a few other area swim schools and none have compared to this one. It is clean, the classes are small, and every instructor we have had has been so friendly and engaging. My kids have so much fun they don鈥檛 even realize what important skills they are learning. My 2.5 year old was nervous for her first class away from mom, but Steve and Kat had her in the pool and laughing and swimming right away! Highly recommend if you need swim lessons.

Aaron Poe: Really impressed with the progress my kids have made since joining this location. My 4 year old is swimming freestyle and almost has his back stroke down. He loves his instructor and looks forward to coming. My daughter moved out of the parent-child class and is already checking off skills in her new level. Her instructors patience and kindness helped her quickly adapt to her new class without a parent in the pool.

Ben Farley: Our family loves Big Blue. Our kids have been to other swim schools, but their progress at Big Blue has far surpassed those other schools. My kids enjoy it so much, that they are asking daily if they can go swimming. The environment is clean and the staff are always very friendly. All the instructors do a great job, but their favorites are Steve and Sarah. We recommend it to everyone we know.

Stacey Finn: Everyone here is so friendly and encouraging to my kids. I love how everyone, from the managers to the instructors know the names of my kids and what seems like everyone else鈥檚 kids as well. I鈥檓 happy with the progress I鈥檓 seeing from my kids as well. The managers and those working the front desk area are always a huge help if I have any questions and are always very energetic. Overall 10/10

hasan Al: All the staff does a great job but particularly the instructor of daughter SOFHIE and the supervisor KARI are great assets of the business there.God bless you guys

Cassie Free: Our daughter has been going here since they opened last month. I鈥檝e seen more progress in her in that month than I did in months at our last swim school. I love how personalized it is and how friendly/knowledgeable everyone is. At her last place, I felt like the instructors were just going through the motions with no real purpose. Here they have goals for her and she鈥檚 already moved up a level! I would highly recommend bringing your kids here for swim lessons!

Josh Park: We cannot say enough good things. We love this place. Sad to see our favorite instructor go but hard to be upset for her promotion. You鈥檒l love the family friendly atmosphere!

15. Brookland Swim Academy - Washington

路 1 reviews

5719 Kansas Ave NW, Washington, DC 20011

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Brookland Swim Academy: what do users think?

Melody Spriggs: Great instructor for babies to elders

16. Takoma Aquatic Center - Washington

路 211 reviews

300 Van Buren St NW, Washington, DC 20012

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Takoma Aquatic Center: what do users think?

James: For those wondering, it is still closed and under renovation. Will the pool ever reopen?

Anna Katt: The facilities are clean and well-maintained. There are plenty of areas for recreational activity as well as lap swimming. They offer some great swim camps for kids. The pool temperature is a tad warm for those looking for more of a competitive swimming style workout but very comfortable for leisure laps.

d B: Solid lap pool, with accessories. Fun kid pool with splash features. Locker rooms much improved, but always big and with good water. Better light and air now, and centrifuges. No hot tub. Strong chlorine smell. :( free to DC res.

Andrew Fitch: Great location for a pool and fitness center (short walk from metro). Weight room has all the equipment and machines you would expect a gym to have. Pool has plenty of dedicated swim lanes. Bring your own lock! Lockers no longer have preinstalled locks on them, and stuff can go missing even if you bring it out on deck with you.

Liz Burman McEntire: The pool is clean, I can consistently find a lane within a few minutes of getting to the pool, lockers are secure and free, the showers are private and comfortable. Staff are also super friendly. When I forgot to bring a swim cap or a hair-tye and tired to maneuver my goggles to keep my hair out of my face, the office staff gave me a swim cap out of lost and found so I could finish my workout. This is easily my favorite DCPR aquatics center in DC.

A FEW GOOD COLLE MEN Movers: Takoma rocks for lap swimmer and pools goers. It underwent a major locker room reno a few years back.Covid restrictions are in effect (god job by the way).Appointment necessary

DC Ernest: Into my 3rd month of 2-days a week weight training and swimming. Just increased my workout to three days a week. My summer body is showing off. Like the atmosphere and nice people. Highly recommend these facilities.

17. Washington-Liberty Aquatics Center - Arlington

路 156 reviews

1301 N Quincy St, Arlington, VA 22201

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Washington-Liberty Aquatics Center: what do users think?

Brenda Fonseca: Clean, water is not cold (it is nice to see my daughter swiming without purple lips or shaking).

Nassim Safadi: This pool is very nice. Have a big changing room with shower and a locker space for you belonging. The kids swim lesson is fun the instructors are very knowledgeable they take time with kids to learn how to independent swimmers

Sarah Cox: We had a blast with our 5yo son. The pool was a bit cold. It worked well when our hotel who advertised a pool did not have one! Thank you!

Vinni: This is a great pool, with six Lanes, sometimes eight Lanes, but it certainly gets crowded Monday through Thursday evening after work. Be ready to swim 3 to a lane on those evenings. Best times to go for it not being crowded is Friday night

Mason Eoyang: The kids area gets real crowded in the evenings with classes, and so. Times its a struggle to find a lane, but the facilities are nice, well staffed and reasonably clean for a public pool. Arlington county residents get a discount for entry, all others pay full price (check website for current prices)

Sof铆a Fonseca Mu帽oz: It is a very nice pool and they are very organized for avoid contact due to covid. The booking system is nice, I just wish that you could book two days in advance or so.

Michael Goldring: Washington-Lee is a great facility. I always get a good workout there. The competition pool is very well designed and maintained. The water quality and temperature are excellent. The staff is friendly and helpful. It is open both to residents and non-residents. I travel a lot, and swim in many pools. Washington-Lee is one of the best anywhere.

john jonson: 10 swim lanes open seven days a week. It can get crowded so plan on having to share the swim lane. It could be improved by better management as there are often multiple classes going on at once with 1 lane open for everyone else.

18. KIDS FIRST Swim School - Bowie - Bowie

路 40 reviews

6836 Race Track Rd, Bowie, MD 20715

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KIDS FIRST Swim School - Bowie: what do users think?

Aeisha Lawrence: Absolutely love this place! They are patient and take their time with each student. 14 years ago I started my daughter off in the Mommy and me class and she progressed through the levels ultimately learning how to swim. Here I am back again with my 2 year old son because I know their system works! Class times are convenient and if by chance you miss a class, they allow you to make it up. They are reasonably prices and their staff is friendly and professional. I would recommend this place to all.

Rene Richardson: We came here 4 years ago for mommy and me and I was very pleased with the staff and instructors. We just started back with private lessons. My kid screams and hollers the first 5 min of each lesson (sorry about that馃う馃従鈥嶁檧锔). And the ride home he tells me how much fun he had and the new thing he did. Thank you for your patience and kindness. After a year of not being around anyone but family, this is quite an adjustment. And we appreciate the kindness.

Erica R: It is wonderful. The administration and the adults swimming with the children is worked with very well

Kirsten Poe Hill: My six year old daughter is an excellent, confident swimmer thanks to Kids First Swim in Bowie and Phil in particular. We did private lessons straight through and she is just as comfortable in nine feet of water as three feet; best of all she loves to swim and I feel safe with her in the pool.This was a process, my daughter was terrified during Mommy and Me and I feared she would never swim. Brandon was wonderful, extending my class credit until my daughter was ready - which must have been two years later! But when she was ready and found Mr. Phil at about three years old, she soared. I am forever grateful to them.

SunnyTee O: Awesome place with awesome instructors... price is a little more than public swimming lessons at the county level.

claudia ayllon: My son has been going to KFSS for about a year and a half. He made great progress in a very short time. He is now in the swim team. Coach Corrie and Phil are AMAZING!!!! For them this is not just a job. They take the time to talk to the kids about tools they need to be successful in their swimming as well as life in general. Corrie and Phil give 150%. They are great role models for the boys in the team. I am so grateful to have both coaches in my sons life.

19. Turkey Thicket Aquatic Facility - Washington

路 123 reviews

1100 Michigan Ave NE, Washington, DC 20017

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Turkey Thicket Aquatic Facility: what do users think?

Bobbi DeAnda: This pool is HUGE! Water was pretty cold but not as cold as Rumsey鈥ou can adjust to this lol. AND there鈥檚 a hot tub!!!!! I always appreciated a ramp entry for the little ones as well. There鈥檚 plenty of places to sit (bleachers), it鈥檚 warm inside the facility (that鈥檚 what made the water temp more bearable too) and there鈥檚 lap lanes and a diving board! Overall good. Will definitely be back!

Mary Evans: Very friendly staff. Clean and not too crowded.

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