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1. Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center

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Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center

Address: 11151 Veirs Mill Rd, Wheaton, MD 20902

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 10AM

Telephone: (301) 946-8808

Business type: Musical instrument store

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Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center: what do users think?

Carlton Jones: Chuck Levins Washington Music Center, has been the most anticipated retail store visit since I was 13 years old. Every local musician I know in DC has spent time and money at Chuck’s. I recently made a purchase and it went as all my transactions made there since approx 1970. This time it was online but a very personal affair, Adam Levin was helpful and more accommodating that an old guy could ask for. It was still like xmas awaiting my package that came overnight and with a wonderful gift. I can honestly say it was the most emotional purchase I’ve made in decades, not the most expensive, not a life changing acquisition just a memory evoking moment that included family members and friends passed on that I think of frequently whom I spent many hours playing music with and having the best times of my life. Me, my family, friends and Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center…. Thanks again Adam, if this is my last purchase please know they have all been the best!

Rachel Ellis: Bought my fiancé a guitar here a year ago. Sales person was friendly and helpful. Good covid protocol for the time. Sales people weren’t pushy and were well informed on guitars. Bought the Taylor GS Mini and it’s been a great guitar. Would definitely check them out if you’re in the market for an instrument. Only downside was slightly outdated equipment/billing systems, but nothing a little patience doesn’t fix.

Richard Capeless: My experience was through an online order and I am here to testify to their exceptional customer service. I had a small problem with a piece of gear I was really excited to get, and the staff went above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate me. General manager Adam Levin reach out to me and oversaw my exchange. That kind of personal touch made it clear that they care about their customers.

Bryce Wagner: I worked personally with Pete Fleming to order my new bass amp. I saw a post on Reverb for an amp I had been looking for and Pete was very helpful. I’d also like to mention that he made me feel safe making such an expensive purchase over the phone for it to be shipped to my home town. Pete even went back to the warehouse to grab the amp because we both couldn’t believe they actually had one in stock. As soon as I paid, it was removed from reverb and he’s sent me receipts very swiftly to assure it was mine! I would highly recommend this store. If I had one complaint, it’s that it isn’t in my hometown. Haha
Response: So glad we could make this happen Bryce!! Going out the door today. Rock on 🤘🤘

Gary Rosen: Ordered on-line and called when I got there. Brought my purchase right to my car. Shop local! Spent a bunch of time there today with Pete who was super helpful in helping me decide what guitar to consider
Response: Thanks for using our curbside service, Gary! We appreciate you shopping with us.

dylanvs: I ordered a yamaha dtx8k mesh electric kit online. This kit was impossible to find anywhere else backordered on every other music site i went to so i was already happy i found it here. They got it to me quick using a freight company called distribution by air, i think it took just about a week which is good considering it was an entire pallet of boxes. The customer service from both the freight company and chuck levins was great, both companies reached out concerning my delivery making sure i could be there to sign and to let them know id got my shipment. Also the shop pay option for 4 installments is a huge plus! Couldnt ask for more

Mitzo: The staff are amazing, a huge variety of musical equipment, and I managed to get rototoms at over a 90% discount! If you’re in the area I 100% recommend stopping here

2. Guitar Center

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Guitar Center

Address: 3155 Duke St, Alexandria, VA 22314

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 10AM

Telephone: (703) 370-6240

Business type: Music store

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Guitar Center: what do users think?

Irish Car Bomb: This particular store is an embarrassment to the music community, and Guitar Center alike. Everything is cluttered, off shelves, out of place. The floors are absolutely filthy. There are broken instruments just laying around. There are items out of packages. You can tell staff doesn’t take pride in their store. I visit guitar centers around the country frequently, as I’m represented by a pro rep, via guitar center professional. I am a drummer, so I will include the photos I took of this establishment in my area only, I didn’t venture into the other areas as they were just as bad from afar. The used selection is just in piles all over the floor. Who would want to spend money here? The employees seem nice when you’re paying but there was absolutely no engagement with me until I was at the counter.

Sahil A: I would give this Guitar Center 0 stars if I could. Ben and all the other employees seem nice over the phone but in person they give you smart answers especially Ben, when you ask about the return policy Ben gets very offended. I asked for the return policy cause I was buying a used controller without it being tested. Ben then says if your gonna return it then don’t buy it, then why the hell do u guys have a return policy. Never shopping at this store again and I don’t recommend it to anyone!
Response: Hello Sahil, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I would like to apologize, we want our customers to not only feel comfortable in our store, but also receive the assistance they need so we take instances like this very seriously. I would like to get this to a member of management for them to look into and reach back out to you to address. Please email your preferred method of contact to and we can have them reach out.

Chris Scuderi: Warning. This guitar center is selling used items as new. Purchased 2 “new” KRK 8 inch studio monitors at almost $300 each. When grabbing them off the shelf I noticed one of them looked like the box was retaped. I asked if this unit was used and the salesman Zack assured me it wasn’t. When I got home (after 2 hour round trip) the unit that I thought was opened was certainly opened because the power cable was missing. I immediately called the store and the manager was prompt to tell me he would over night the power cord. I raised my concern about the item being used and he assured me it wasn’t. Well, it’s used. There is a white scuff on bottom left (like it was hit on a white wall) and there are what appears to be soda that has dried on bottom. Now I get to spend another 2 hours swapping out this unit with a new one. A complete waste of my time and money.

Michael Fortenberry: Great location close to a lot of attractions and other shopping areas. They have a wonderful selection of music equipment bass, electric, and acoustic guitars. I think what a lot of people don’t know is Guitar Center also has a great selections of equipment keyboards, sound, lighting and turntable equipment. The staff here is superb, helpful and provided a lot of great recommendations I didn’t initially considered. I highly recommend this location to anyone passing through this area or are visiting.

Quentin Workman: After a mixup in shipping, and UPS losing my guitar, I was refunded for the price of mine and sent a new one on them. They are a great company that I will continue to frequent!
Response: Thank you for your feedback. We really appreciate your comments and are glad to hear you were pleased with the service you received.

Hasan ibn-Sabah: Decent stock, helpful and friendly employees who seem to like what they do. Minus 9ne star for the horrible parking lot situation.
Response: Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate your time and letting us know about your experience Please let us know if we can ever be of any service in the future. Thanks again!

Ken Pierce: I bought a new Álvarez guitar is it place so good in the Customer satisfaction is excellent I love shopping at this place
Response: Thanks for the review!

Travis Roland: I brought my martin custom X guitar here to have the bridge re glued down, and have a neck adjustment. My first issue was that i was told the total cost was going to be 150$ which included putting elixer strings back on. When i went to pick up the guitar I was charged extra for strings and they didnt put elixers back on. Not too big of a deal to me. When I got home and proceeded to inspect the repair I was immediately shocked by the lack of attention to detail, the bridge was crooked and not flush against the body. I returned the guitar to have this corrected, when I went to pick it up, I inspected it in the store, there was glue all around the bridge and looked even worse than the first time! I spoke with Steven H. Who conducted the repair and he said he would address the issue. Im thinking third time is a charm, wrong! I picked it up 20 minutes ago and it still looks like garbage. At this point my guitar has spent almost 3 weeks at guitar center and I have lost all patience so I brought the guitar home.

MOHAMMED DALOWAR HOSSAIN: This an amazing place to buy a guitar and necessity of the music world instrument

She Fancy: These folks are just AWESOME. The young lady (the only young lady- pardon me for being absent minded) educated me on my desired purchase and went above and beyond to select the very best electric drum set available. She helped me prank surprise my husband with the drum set for his bday. She purchased balloons for him at zero cost to me. I can’t say enough. Extremely satisfied with the value AND service.

3. Action Music Ltd

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Action Music Ltd

Address: 111 Park Ave, Falls Church, VA 22046

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (703) 534-4801

Business type: Musical instrument store

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Action Music Ltd: what do users think?

TJ Sanner: I love guitars. I love visiting awesome shops that have amazing inventory and amazing staff that are excited to be in that environment. Action did not disappoint today. Hands down the best inventory of Huss & Dalton, Collings, and vintage Martin. They even spur of the moment fit me in and made a quick truss rod adjustment while I waited. Totally unbelievable. I am a small business owner myself and only hope these guys know how awesome they are! Thanks for an amazing visit, truly a 6star experience! We traveled from Annapolis just to see their shop and will be back 100%.
Response: Thank You TJ It was really nice to meet You! Thank You for Your kind review. Matt

Matt Lyttle: The greatest guitar shop around, no question. Incredible selection of new and vintage instruments. All sorts of pedals and gear. Extremely knowledgeable staff. And they are as welcoming as can be. Just be respectful of their stuff and they will treat you like family - no matter how deep (or empty) your pockets are!
Response: Thank You Matt!

Elisa: Great store! The staff are so friendly, kind, and willing to share advice. I always have a pleasant experience taking my guitars in for work or browsing for new gear.
Response: Thank You for the kind words Elisa!

Matthew Morgan: This place is the best guitar shop in the DMV and it’s not even close. The guys know their stuff and they care about what they do. I came in with a California strat a few months ago and the owner took time to walk me through the history of the guitar, the value, and helped me weigh pros and cons of investing in some repairs. They’ve set up 4 of my guitars and have done A+ work on each one. Love these guys!
Response: Wow Thank You Matthew-we appreciate Your kind review.

Cameron Quinn: Music shops like this are a dying bread and thankfully we still have killer shops like Action. Super knowledgeable about all things music and guitars. Best and most eclectic selection of vintage guitars in the area. Thanks Action!
Response: Thank You Cameron!

Harrison Z: I found a guitar on their website listed as in stock, called to buy it and they explained their website is out of date by about 5 years. Ok. They mentioned they have a Mustang Bass for sale though so I was interested. Rob told me he had to check with his boss on how to do the sale but the best way would be to mail a check. I accepted the terms and asked to please place a hold tag. They said they could put the tag on for me. I called them the next day to ask for the pictures they promised me, they were “slammed; call back later no time to put a hold tag on”. I called back later. “The shop is closing now but we can make a reverb listing for you tomorrow and you’ll just buy it first as it goes up.” I told them, Saturday on reverb, it’s very possible someone will buy it in those seconds before me. They said it’s never happened and won’t be a problem. I call back the next day to remind them of the deal, they said call a little later. I did. They say 3,2,1 the listing is up, Reverb wanted my CVV code (which doesn’t usually happen) which I scrambled to get, then someone else bought the bass in those seconds. Apparently the other buyer is a returning customer so they sold the bass to him. After all the calls I made and the changing of terms I accepted, they simply sold it out from under me. This is the number one worst experience I’ve had buying a guitar. They cant accept a credit card over the phone? The reverb listing wouldn’t have even been created if it weren’t for me and they sell it to this other guy who is apparently on the way to pick it up 30 seconds after purchasing? Come on. Who do you think would have been inconvenienced more; him or me? After all the phone calls I made and patience I had after reminding them several times about the sale, obviously me!! they didn’t seem to mind at all selling it out from under me. Almost proud of their decision. A simple explanation to the other buyer and I’m sure everyone would understand that the bass should have been sold to me. And a bonus complaint, I asked them at the end of the call if they have anymore vintage fenders in stock and they told me I was already told what they have in stock the day before. As if somehow I was inconveniencing them! Absolutely unbelievable and extremely unprofessional. “We’ve been doing the same thing for 25 years buddy “. Is what I heard many times. What??? Reverbs been around for about 6 years. And you’d think they’d know how to honor a deal after all their years as a shop! Extremely disappointed and so much of my time and energy wasted for nothing.
Response: The item was listed on Reverb specifically for You and we notified You and were on the phone with You as we went live with the listing so You could grab it. We specifically asked You, if You were ready to proceed, after you said Yes we listed, But then You continued to haggle and were told that the item was in two other peoples carts. Then someone bought it out from under you. I'm sorry but we tried very hard to work with You, and patiently explained our policies multiple times. We tried, sometimes things just don't work out. Thank You Matt

Christopher Frakes: Great selection of instruments, equipment, and accessories. Matt and co. are knowledgeable, kind, and a delight to chat with. Hands down the best music store in the area!
Response: Thank You Chris!

muscle man: action music is a really good store. the people that work there are all super nice and welcoming. i gotta come back here one day. also the location is very nice considering its right next to a record store and a recording studio
Response: Thank You!

Shawn Hatfield: Always a good time. Thank you guys for the Orange cab this time. I usually get vintage fuzz pedals here. Great selection of instruments, amps, fx, and other music goodies!

4. Crown Pawnbrokers

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Crown Pawnbrokers

Address: 1726 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 10AM

Telephone: (202) 332-2522

Business type: Pawn shop

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Crown Pawnbrokers: what do users think?

Francis Jafari: I have been to many pawn shops throughout my life! I’m a bit of a junkie for them. I love shopping there and finding great things for great prices. I will say crown pawn shop is by far the best I’ve ever encountered! Everyone there is so amazing and willing to help anyway they can! Just ask for mike and he will drop what he’s doing to help. He has always been fair and given me the best deals and gives top dollar for all my items. They also have a female staff member, mrs Jessica who has extensive knowledge of jewelry and can really help you with all questions you have and will work with your budget to help send you home with the ring or watch you desire! All in all this is a 5 star pawn shop and I would recommend it over and over again, so make it your first stop if you’re looking for great deals and great staff!!!
Response: Thanks for your thoughtful review. You are awesome

nick: Amazing service! I love this place! I just bought my wife and daughter last minute gifts, and they were all very helpful. They helped me pick out a necklace and a bracelet. The prices were great. I really liked the omegas and Rolex’s they have for sale. I’ll be back
Response: Thanks nick for the great review.

TODD DILLERSON: If your looking for the best place for any kind of assistance along with the best customer service available go to Crown Pawnbrokers. This place is ran by a unbelievable management and staff who make you feel comfortable and at home ! I’m a regular here and wouldn’t go anywhere else! Thanks guys !!
Response: Thanks for the great review Todd 👍

Carlton Reynolds: I have been a long time customer of Crown Pawn , they are hard working , generous and fair when it matters most , at least I can say that for myself I have been given a fair shake . . .
Response: Thanks Carlton.

Nakita Anderson: My son and I have been coming to this establishment for games since he was 5 he is now 12 and he loves to come and see these wonderful people. My son is into gaming and I’ve learned so much about it with their help and the greeting we get from everyone is so warming. They have been around for so long and the variety of things they have are reasonable and no matter the item, there’re always someone with knowledge of it, check them out, you will come out with the best deals and not to mention the politeness and helpfulness. We love them
Response: You both are so kind. Thank you. 😊

Leon Elliot: This place saves my life every time I’m in a bind and it’s the only place in DC where I can find quality products from my jewelry to my camera equipment love it here
Response: Thanks for the great review.

5. Atomic Music

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Atomic Music

Address: 11011 Baltimore Ave, Beltsville, MD 20705

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (301) 595-4190

Business type: Guitar store

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Atomic Music: what do users think?

Linda Neuman: One of our favorite places! We come here just to soak in the fun atmosphere. It is like a funky museum of used guitars, amps, drums, and keyboards, with an emphasis on guitars. Stunning collection. Have bought both acoustics and electrics here. They also have lots of both acoustic and electric bass guitars.The staff is super friendly and helpful. They will always give you a good deal. You can stay as long as you like and browse the warehouse-like premises that also include rock memorabilia and posters, really fun to look at. Come see the Kiss action figures and amazing rock artwork, like the main characters from Star Wars jamming out to a live audience. This place is a one of a kind gem, a must-see for rock music buffs of all ages with all budgets.

Colin: More than I could ask for in a Music Store experience. Everyone was friendly and helpful. I brought a guitar to trade in and put the money towards the purchase of another expecting to haggle on the price. Instead I was given a great deal off the bat and they threw in a free hard shell case. Any time I’m back in this area I’ll be paying this place a visit.

Mike Workman: I was considering to buy this g-400 epi Toni Iommi edition. I was skeptical at first ,the set up was horrible like it never was played. One of the tuners had a bad screw. They had their tech fix it up and it was like a different guitar. I was very pleased at the results and the price was fair for the condition and they even gave me a nice case for it. This is one of the old school misic stores left around .Nice helpful staff I RATE AT 100%

Josh Hess: I visited for my first time today and traded a few guitars I didn’t play for a really nice guitar. I couldn’t have asked for a more helpful people and satisfying experience. They were extremely fair on my trades and they have great prices on the gear in the store. Although I’m about 90 minutes away, they’ve earned a customer for life. 🤘

Tj Tj: My favorite place!They are the absolute best.Whatever u want, They make it happen

Daniel Tana: I’ve been shopping for guitars and other gear at Atomic music for 20 years now, and they’ve never let me down. If you want a guitar, bass, amp, etc. and don’t want to spend a fortune on something new, you absolutely can’t beat them for used gear. They guarantee everything they sell used so if you have a problem with it, they’ll take it back within 30 days. They also have a great buy back policy so if you’re someone like me who’s slowly upgraded to nicer instruments over the years, you know you’ll get a good price selling back a guitar that you bought there if you want to upgrade it a few years later. I recently found what would have been a 400ish dollar Marshall combo amp there tagged at $219, played it in store, and walked out with it for an even better price. Unbelievable. I’m just saying, it’s worth a trip or a call/email to them if you’re looking for something specific, and you can find some great stuff if you have time to browse around their inventory. So before you go to Guitar Center or whatever, check them out. You’ll be supporting an awesome and vital local/regional business and you’ll probably find a really good deal too!

Ed Gallagher: Great Store and team. Brought in a bunch of lefty Guitars and Helix Floor. Got a great and fair price! They are the best!

J C: I visited to sell some music gears. They’re pretty big and had lots of varieties at the store! Staff were so kind and friendly. If you’re looking into buying instruments or selling them, you should definitely check Atomic Music for sure!!:)

6. Guitar Center

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Guitar Center

Address: 6272 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22044

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 10AM

Telephone: (703) 533-8500

Business type: Music store

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Guitar Center: what do users think?

Nate Fields: Spencer did a good job giving me all the info I needed over the phone. Came in the next day found what I was looking for I think it was even less than Spencer mentioned. Dennis hooked me up with what I needed and there was no snickering, drama, or stress. Guitar center seems different now.

Steve Williams: Rented amp [Hot Rod] for the 2nd time for Kidd Funkadelic. Crew there were polite and courteous. the amp performed well but most of all they were quick

Jason R.: Awesome store. Very courteous staff. I had pick ups installed in my guitar. Excellent work & they were completed before the estimated time.

Emily Reid Campbell: This place is huge. Pictures don’t do it justice. There is a large open “main” area devoted primarily to guitars and accessories and sound systems and sheet music and whatnot. Off this main area there are many additional spaces with all sorts of cool stuff in various adjoining rooms, halls, alcoves, and other curious display areas of varying size and shape. Acoustic gets its own special room with a door and everything that you can access at the back of the main area—I didn’t go inside because it looked a bit too exclusive for me and too dangerous for my little kids to go near of course, but if you’re looking for acoustic stuff you’ll probably love it. You’ll also look really cool going inside. Other areas and offerings: a huge drum section filled with drums and drum stuff and related accessories and all sorts of things that I have never even seen or heard of because I do not play drums, all located in a large room/additional area just to the right of the entrance as you walk in the store from the parking lot (with potentially more spaces located off of that first “drum area,”—I didn’t venture that far in). Another several adjoining areas off the main space are similarly dedicated to pianos, keyboards, and synthesizer type stuff. Further back into the distant corners adjoining piano land, you’ll find another room or two full of speakers, amps, and all sorts of sound systems and devices for DJs and sound engineers and audiophiles of any sort. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a secret entrance to another realm entirely back there, with dancing elves playing trumpets and harps and accordions and other strange creatures of that sort, given how many corners and alcoves and sections they had there already. It’s pretty cool. On the other side of the store I saw additional rooms and areas for music lessons and rentals and a few other doors to miscellaneous realms of musical store excitement. I’ll have to check that side out next time. You get the idea. This place is BIG. In fact, the “main” area alone is as large or larger than the entire square footage of the few other guitar center locations I’ve seen before. Granted: size is not the primary determinant of quality, especially not for specialty stores of this sort. But if you need music equipment, this is a good bet. It’s a cool place overall and makes me want to learn more about everything there and maybe learn to play a few more instruments in the future. I don’t have enough experience to comment extensively on the quality of their actual stock or their prices in comparison to other stores. But they have a TON of stuff there for musicians and DJs and sound engineers and audiophiles and anyone else seeking musical instruments and music related goods. And they do price match other stores, so if you find something cheaper at another store they’ll give you that price (up to 45 days after purchase, with some exceptions of course). As for customer service and sales and whatnot: I have only purchased one thing from them thus far, but my experience was positive and the sales process was smooth and nicely handled. Overall, the sales associates are nice and unobtrusive. They’re not necessarily going to greet you enthusiastically when you walk in, or even greet you at all. They’re probably not going to ask you if you need help right away either, or perhaps at any point, and they’re almost certainly NOT going to follow you around the store just to see if you need help later. If you need or want all that, this might not be your type of place. Personally, I prefer this approach. They’re there and quite helpful if you need them, but otherwise they’ll let you explore and do your thing. If/when you do need them, they’re happy to help. Just ask. It works. I’m a fan.
Response: Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate your time and letting us know about your experience Please let us know if we can ever be of any service in the future. Thanks again!

Todd L: I like the store a lot it has percussion and the staff is friendly got a decent choice of ancillary services and boxes and supplies and you got a national system behind you
Response: Thank you for your feedback. We really appreciate your comments and are glad to hear you were pleased with the service you received.

Luan Nguyen: I stopped by this store to purchase 2 bose L1 pro 8, the first one is ok but the second one when I open everything very dirty and the power cord is already opened, look like they sold the open box for me with the price of the new one.

Jacob Ferguson: This place has *excellent* customer service. I had somewhat of an emergency and needed a small tan windscreen for my Countryman mic. Jim Hodges called almost every music store in town and finally we figured something out. Thank you so much to Jim Hodges and Guitar Center.

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