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1. DC9 Nightclub

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DC9 Nightclub

Address: 1940 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 483-5000

Business type: Pub

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DC9 Nightclub: what do users think?

John T: This dive bar is awesome! In the summer you can relax on the 3rd fl rooftop and laugh at everyone waiting in line for the "popular" bar across the street. In the winter they have small indi bands on the second floor. Great concert space. Staff has seen it all so be respectful!

Katelyn Stenger: Intimate venue and very friendly staff. I would highly recommend if you can! The tickets were shockingly affordable and the folks at the front actually checked vaccination and ID. Much appreciated.

Jessica Strahin: Went there for a small intimate concert. Loved the venue and the staff!!

Robert Cardoni: Great intimate show space to see smaller up and coming bands ... only hold about 150 people - so sold out shows are tight. Staff is super friendly. Beer is cold. Sound is good. What more could a music fan ask for Check set times though. Sometime shows are early with dance parties afterwards ...

Omny Miranda Martone: I love DC9. We go here regularly. The bottom floor is a typical indoor bar, the second floor is for dancing, and the top floor is a rooftop bar. Definitely recommend.

Stacey Brooks: Little but intimate. TTNG played twice here and it was a laid back experience. Bar on every level, food always smells great, bands perform on the second level without it being over crowded! Great place to rock!

Joe Nicol: always a good time, the best unofficial gay bar in DC — great acts, cool space

Chris B: 150 person capacity venue means you can get up close to the bands but shows usually end pretty early and the beer list is not impressive by any means. The food is pretty good tho, and be sure to get their garlic fries as a side to whatever you order.

Daniel Cox: Great place for live music. It is a really small and intimate venue which makes for a much better experience. Bouncer was really nice, drinks are averagely priced, and overall a good experience. Would come to a show here again.

2. Decades DC

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Decades DC

Address: 1219 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10PM

Telephone: (202) 519-4607

Business type: Night club

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Decades DC: what do users think?

Alex Vlad: I’ve been coming to this spot for years now, and it never fails to deliver that one-of- a kind retro timeless experience. The floors are all unique with their own theme— from 2000s to 90s to hip-hop/ and an EDM rooftop, music and DJs are always on point, and the staff and security are always very friendly and helpful. The venue is clean and hand sanitizer stations are offered; the staff wears masks, and considering we are in hard times with COVID im happy I can still enjoy clubbing, and a night out with friends safely. Overall, I would highly recommend Decades to anyone as its gives you a little bit of everything and more!

Kim & Ben: We were a little nervous to visit decades after reading the reviews, but we ended up going for a bit to celebrate a friend’s birthday and actually had a great time! The line to enter was long, but moved quickly. They did a thorough check point where they pat you down, check bags and check jacket pockets. You get carded at the door and have to pay a $20 cover if you don’t have a VIP pass. We all got the free VIP pass off their website and, so we didn’t have to pay the cover fee. Once inside, you can visit each floor of the club to get a different music experience. The top floor was the most crowded, and it was very hot, but our group still had a good time dancing. One of the middle floors (I think it was the 90’s floor) was less crowded, and you could feel the air conditioning, so we stayed there most of the time. Our friends said the bartenders were nice, and we didn’t have any negative experiences with bouncers either. We had a ton of fun at Decades and would love to visit again sometime! If you haven’t been, I’d stop by and give it a try!

Itzel Trejo: I used to love this place but friends and I went to a day party after Sunday brunch and saw a rat right on the rooftop bar. We notified staff and they did not care. We decided to leave because the rat was right next to the bottles so we felt uncomfortable getting drinks. Staff response was that we live in a city and rats are everywhere and although I understand there’s still expectations when it comes to rats near what costumers consume. I would have expected a better costumer service response. Go at your own risk.

Niyah Baptiste: I would definitely recommend, me and my sisters celebrated our birthday here and it was on point!! Music was amazing drinks were decent priced. I’d definitely suggest getting there early so you don’t get caught in the rush of people tryna get to the “good”floors. It was definitely the vibe 10/10 totally going back.

Ali Hamza Dar: I have the worst experience in this club. First we almost spend over 1500 on Thursday night on my friend birthday. Towards the end of it I wanted to use the bathroom and this one security guy did not let me use the bathroom. After I insist I really need to use it badly than he told me that if I give him 100 dollar and the other security guy 100 then he will let me use the bathroom. What a worst service is that. I ask him who is the owner of this place let me speak to him and he refuses me and told me get out of here. Is this how you treat with the customer. It was so terrible. There many other people standing and watching this incident.
Response: Hey Ali – Thank you for your feedback. Could you please send us an email to regarding this matter, so we can further look into it.

Deanna Joan: You’ll have a good time, but be prepared to spend a lot of money! $20 cover charge and pricey drinks. But it’s spacious and clean, it doesn’t get too crowded, and they play some GREAT throwback music. Pick your battles!

Steven Fernando: Overpriced and crowded. Rude staff. Was being charged $14 for Coronas and other cheap beer pre covid, can only imagine what it’s like now. Paying that much for drinks youd atleast expect to be treated with some respect
Response: Hey Steven! Thank you for your honest feedback. Our drink prices match to those of our competitors in the area. Check out our social media for any ongoing promotions we currently have such as the $4 Budlight, $8 Absolut Mixed Drinks on Friday nights. Thank you again, and we hope to have you back soon!

Drew Inge: If you’re an LGBTQ person do NOT come here. First of all, aside from the fact that this bar is not lgbt friendly it’s absolutely disgusting. The first floor of decades smells like a portopotty. The drinks are ridiculously overpriced compared to any other comparable “club” in DC. The cover is $20 which would be fine if it had any redeemable qualities worth the cover. As far as it being not LGBTQ friendly, the staff is not trained on how to handle LGBTQ people, the bathrooms are labeled All Gender but they have staff guarding them(even though they are single stall) allowing only females into one and “men”(those they deem visible men) into the room with only urinals available(on the rooftop) My personal experience on the rooftop after entering the “all gender” restroom was I was pulled out by the staff and then told I was not allowed to use that facility and I could enter the mens room because that room was for women only. I politely informed them I did not want to use the room with the urinals and the straight men and was then yelled at by security and told that I had no choice. IF YOU ADVERTISE ALL GENDER RESTROOMS THEN YOU STAND BY THAT STATEMENT. Will not return after this. I’ve visited numerous times and had multiple bad experiences but returned because I have so many straight friends who visit and want to experience different decades of music. If you want to experience the cliche of every decade and it be absolutely horrible then by all means please visit Decades DC but I’d spend my money at other establishments that cater to their clients much better; lgbtq or not.
Response: Hey Drew thank you for your honest feedback. We can assure you that we value and respect all people regardless of their race, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual-orientation. Please email us at regarding this matter, and a manager will be in contact with you.

Sophie Wophie: Me and my friends used to love to come to decades but each time we get some sort of mistreatment. The guards are rude and RACIST. One time one of the guard told us ‘this ain’t your s**t, when we try to get to our VIP table. Ever time we go there it feels like they assume just because we’re black we can’t afford VIP. I’m tired of this racist treatment, I will take my money somewhere where it’s appreciated.

3. The Pub & The People

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The Pub & The People

Address: 1648 North Capitol St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 234-1800

Business type: Pub

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The Pub & The People: what do users think?

Ethan Z: Great Restaurant!! This Restaurant is in the city area and offers indoor and outside seating!! The menu is rather small but the food and drinks were great!! The wait staff were friendly and professional!! The restaurant was also clean and well presented. The bathrooms are coolly decorated too with people sending pictures in of there family pets in to be featured on the wall. Overall great!

Becky Gomez: Such a great spot for a lonely, taveling vegetarian! 😂 Bar service was superb and a delightful vibe. Great beer selection. Perfect shishitos 🌶️ and tempura cauliflower!

AJ Hendricks: Pub and the People is our favorite outdoor spot in Bloomingdale. The beers they have on tap are great, and the food (specifically, the Black Bean burger and "The Heidi" Fried Chicken sandwich) is very solid. The tempura cauliflower sauce is also amazing. Matt, the manager, is very friendly and just a welcoming face to see when you come in. This radiates through the whole staff. The happy hour specials are awesome, and run for most of the day on the weekends. Enjoy!

Parker Kelley: Very great experience here ! We’ve passed this place numerous times and I’ve always said I wanted to try it. So, we finally did ! I ordered the Heidi chicken sandwich which was very tasteful. It came with a side of fries which were also very good. The service was great - 3 or 4 people continuously came to check on us. I’d definitely eat here again.

Bobbi DeAnda: Such a great brunch spot! The outdoor patio is pup friendly (and the bathroom inside is a must see for dog lovers haha). The biscuits and gravy with fried chicken was TO DIE FOR. So yummy! Staff was super friendly and helpful.

Callum Wayman: A great local pub for people in Eckington and Bloomingdale. The pub offers a great selection of beers, wine, and cocktails as well as an excellent food menu (try the tempura cauliflower, chicken sandwich, and the fries). In the winter they offer group seating around large fire pits for small gatherings. I found that to be a huge boon when trying to gather friends outdoors while being mindful of COVID during the winter. The staff are nice and helpful.

Amy Burdon: Had dinner and played trivia - food menu was fairly short but with lots of tasty items - I enjoyed the curry wings and gazpacho. Staff were friendly, happy hour drinks were a good deal. All positives!

Daniel Albert: Not sure what happened to this place. The drinks we got were fine, but the food was pretty subpar. Got the Cuban sandwich and the fries that came with it were way too peppered and salty. The food used to be great here. The vibe is still good - cozy and perfect for winter time.

4. Ultrabar

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Address: 911 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9PM Fri

Telephone: (202) 519-8557

Business type: Night club

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Ultrabar: what do users think?

Angela Mendoza: I went to ultra bar recently and had a much better experience than before COVID. This club has really stepped it up, it’s not over crowded by 18+ and the music has an actually updated set. I love that I can choose the music I want to hear based on the floor. Be sure to visit them all to get the full experience and if you want a really good time you might as well get a table, they have decent bottle pricing for the area. Bottle girls there are really nice, we had Katie and she made sure we had fun.

Fernando Bernardus ABT: Love Ultrabar! Great music and atmosphere throughout the multiple levels of the club. The mixed drinks and their first-rate line of imported beers are top notch and fairly priced, considering the fact that this establishment is located in the heart of the nation’s capital. Getting a table is extremely affordable and I would recommend it if you come with a big group of friends. Security is on point inside and outside the club. It’s simply the best 18+ club in DC. Special thanks to Jimmy, Giuseppe, Galen, for always providing my friends and me with courteous customer service.

Alexander Zacapa Centenario: Ultrabar happens to be among the best clubs to party in DC. The establishment has four floors with different music genres played by talented DJs, and the overall atmosphere is always entertaining. My friends and I have enjoyed table service on multiple occasions and we’ve always had a fun time. The customer service from Jimmy Mar is absolutely exceptional, I consider him a tremendous asset to Ultrabar for many reasons, as well as the entire staff who are always very welcoming, friendly, and professional. This place also has outstanding security inside and outside the club in order to ensure the safety of its patrons. It is well situated near the Verizon Center and Constitution Avenue. Check out their pictures online showing how crowded and lit this place is. It is truly amazing on so many levels. Just make sure to look your best by following their dress code. Be ready to have a good time! In conclusion, I strongly recommend Ultrabar to anyone looking to have an enjoyable night out.

Alex Gonzalez: Perfect place for those who want a bit of everything. Sometimes I get tired of hearing the same type of music so it’s nice to be able to just switch floors to get a different atmosphere instead of having to go to completely different clubs and wait in line again. It gets packed but the bartenders are really friendly so they make the wait for a drink enjoyable

Angel Long: Went there Saturday for one of my buddies birthday. The stairs are a killer but the top floor is jumping. VIP service the way to go the floor was a bit crowded for me. Our waitress took care of us she was cool and brought girls to our table.

Brittney Vo: Always a good time when you come here! I’ve always had a good night coming to ultra. The music is up to date and I love the variety they have. Each floor is such a different vibe and my favorite are the latin and hip hop floors.

Tianna Chantel: This club is super cool! It has multiple floors and they each play different music so there’s a vibe for everyone! The service is fast and all of the bartenders are hot! Highly recommend!

Stephanie Trelles: I came to visit Washington DC for the weekend for Easter. My husband and I went to Ultrabar waiting in line for a little over 30 minutes just to get to the door and staff checking ID told my husband he was not allowed in because he had sneakers on. When I asked how come if every other male there had sneakers on and it was never mentioned in the dress code online. He responded very rudely and very unprofessional. The experience would have been a lot better if staff would have treated us fairly. I would think twice about attending this nightclub.

Xinyi Yin: The atmosphere, drinks, and music are great! They have a variety of different music on each floor, so you will not get bored of the place. Love the bartenders, they are super friendly and fun to talk to.

5. Players Club

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Players Club

Address: 1400 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 986-4730

Business type: Bar

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Players Club: what do users think?

Its Me Jessica: This place was so fun. Definitely old school pinball machines, pool tables, board games you name it they had it! Great time I will be back!

Ellie Somers: Don’t recommend. Staff is rude and condescending. Drinks are eh at best. The only thing they have going for them is the rooftop and that’s only worth it if the weather is nice. Wouldn’t go out of my way for this place when there are MUCH better bars in the area. And if you’re going for the games, there are better places for that too. Definitely would skip this one.

Tim Jenks: Come for a bar or billiards, not for the arcade. Bar service was typical, no complaints there, and they have 3 billiards tables with ample room around them. The arcade portion was very underwhelming though. Very few machines, the pinball one I chose needed maintenance because the ball got stuck multiple times, and the machines are a confusing mix of accepting bills or quarters.

Tom: Charging full dollar for pinball that doesn’t work. Lock bar on black knight is off, shield doesn’t work, GNR has zero ball save, and Iron Maiden doesn’t even have working coin slots. Dollar pinball is fine if it’s in working condition. Until then, Stay away. Stay far away.

ciara d: Fun place to drink and play games with your friends. Cool date on calmer nights . They used to have a window to order shake shack through but I’m not sure if that is still available.

Official Godiva: I really love the nice 70s vibe here. The drinks are nice but it would be great if they had a wider selection of cocktails. I would definitely visit again.

Addy Adds: Racially targeted. I was the target of racial discrimination by several black males who worked when I visited on March 4, 2022. I was followed by one INTO the restroom as he watched me urinate. They claimed I was "too drunk" to be there before FOUR of them escorted me out. A bar with 200 people drinking and after two drinks I was "too drunk". Terrible, racist establishment.

6. Duffy's Irish Pub (Dupont Circle NW)

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Duffy's Irish Pub (Dupont Circle NW)

Address: 2153 P St NW, Washington, DC 20037

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

Telephone: (202) 296-0560

Business type: Irish pub

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Duffy's Irish Pub (Dupont Circle NW): what do users think?

M.: Great place to watch a rugby match. Wish they had more than 1 TV outside but whatever, you get to make friends. Local teams also hang out here, and it was fun to meet some other players. Would recommend. Food was also well beyond typical pub food and was in fact quite good.

SM Smith: Eli was hospitable the other night, but his “boss” or manager so hyperactive tonight. Yelled at an older man who mistakenly lit a cigarette. When I asked about the whereabouts of Eli, got angry and ego-centric that he was Eli’s boss, and that he had sent him home earlier, blah blah. Who cares dude? Just be a top notch friendly bartender, not a rude dude. You need to seriously chill. This place could be great, but needs some ego check. Was fine earlier in the week food-wise and service-wise before anti-customer service reps came in to swing their experience and ego against easy customers. Hire new people to make your vibe right.

John Evans: Great experience at a long time DC restaurant relocated to my neighborhood. Loved the fish and chips recommended. This is the new West End spot for casual dining, beers, drinks and sports TV everywhere. Happy Hour prices for food and drinks. Wings!!

BigMaMaSaiyan: I LOVE the Buffalo wings. The bleu cheese dressing is fresh and full of cheese. These alone are worth the trip. Good service and even better drinks make it a fabulous date night.

bigman250: I went to this place on the recommendation of my friends for their good food.. I got an attitude from the guy taking order. I asked him he was having a bad night. he said no. I am a black American, the only one in the restaurant, he was not accommodating at all. I ordered a ruben and fries and a Guinness while I waited he acted like I was bothering him with my request. I told him if he did not want my business I would go else where. I know when I am disrespected after my order was filled. If you are a POC, do not go to this place unless you want to be disrespected. The Rueben was not that good too.

john hammond: The menu was pretty much what you would expect --- basically fried. But, suprisingly, it includes a number of Central American dishes. The deal breaker was the insouciance of the management and server. Never again.

Parker Kelley: We googled this place and saw it was noted for the best wings in DC! We had to try it ! I got the fried chicken burger which was good, but wasn’t the best I’ve ever had. My fiancé got the wings with hot barbecue & Buffalo hot - he says they were 10/10. We were expecting the wings to be tossed in the sauce instead the sauce was poured on top, however, it didn’t take away from the flavor ! The atmosphere was great & we came on Tuesday trivia night. Would definitely recommend it to others for the wings !

Martin Brennan: Great little bar excellent food and service.Richard and his Staff are amazing and the bar captures a great friendly atmosphere. Well worth a visit. Definitely will visit again in the future.

7. Rosebar Lounge

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Rosebar Lounge

Address: 1215 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10PM

Telephone: (202) 955-5525

Business type: Bar

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Rosebar Lounge: what do users think?

Lane McCall: Pros - Clean environment - Beautiful aesthetics - Great lighting effects - I got compliments lol Cons - Most bartenders are rude - $20 cover (cash only) - Venu is small and cramped - Music was severely lacking

Carson Goff: Come to this bar if you want to fear for your life. Worst crowd of any bar in DuPont. Avoid at all costs.

Tracey Hart: i fly down to dc once in a while to visit friends and family and was very disappointed to learn this place was boring and colorist. They apparently dont hire women of deeper complexions and their waitresses are online arguing, being fatphobic, and unprofessional. I could never do that and expect to keep my job but of course this place has no standards so im not too surprised. Spend your money somewhere else.

Google User: Guess you gotta be a somebody to get a table or section here, I reached out way in advance before my birthday letting them know I was interested in getting a table for when I come celebrate my birthday. Someone responded asked for my contact info, left me on read and never heard from them again. It would’ve been my first time in DC and my first time going here.

Shaneaka R.: The music was great in the room all the way to the back. Loved the decor on the ceiling. You must have to reserve the hookah because it was sold out.

soccerqueen181: Not professional! From the hiring process to the social media presence they do not know how to conduct business. They also refuse to hire women of color which is confusing because DC is referred to as chocolate city. Definitely take your business elsewhere because they need to actually learn how to run an establishment properly.

Ed E: This place is a waste of time and money. Bad music, overpriced drinks, they want to charge a lot of money to get in, bully bouncers pushing people because they feel less in their small brains, small space. There are many other options in DC than this awful place.

Brandon Jones: It might very well be awesome, but when I went, it was deadlocked in the back bar.


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Address: 15 K St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10PM Fri

Telephone: (202) 854-8844

Business type: Night club


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CLUB ELEVATE: what do users think?

Kristal “Kick it With Kristal” Bartley: This was a very nice vibe for Poetry on a Wednesday night in DC.I love the lights and hookahs! Limited parking.Street Parking.Security.Clean.Limited Seating. Multilevel. Art. Outside seating. I’d come back.

erik rodriguez: I was traveling to see a old friend of mine from high school I had big expectations for the capital of the United States, being that I was only gonna be in town for only 2 nights I was hoping the one night we could go out would be a blast, unfortunately the could be further from the truth. First the bouncers were VERY rude to us and for most of the people in line to the point were there could’ve been an altercation between us, but we tried to not let that ruin our night, thinks only got worse from there. We requested a table before hand and pay a good bit to get it, turns out they couldn’t give us the table because they apparently already gave it to another group, things could’ve be fine if we simply got our refund but unfortunately that wasn’t the case, after pleading our case over and over with to the management we decided to leave CLUB ELEVATE to go to some bar down the road before heading back home with this bad taste in our mouths. Would not recommend this place even to my enemies. Thumbs down

terry: When I was 10 years old I had a dream. A dream so vivid that I woke up frantically from my bed, and ran to my mothers bedside crying. When asked what’s wrong all I could muster was “they robbed me”. To my surprise, it almost seemed like dejavu when I realized Club Elevate refused to refund me for a section I never used. $600 is what I paid. $600 is what I will never get back. All I can ask is that as someone reading this review, as someone who is considering attending such a terrible establishment, please “elevate” your standards and go elsewhere. I leave you with a quote by Winston Churchill and he said “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Even without the $600 in my bank account, I will continue to live, I will continue to prosper. But I will never, and I mean never, stop hating on Club Elevate. In other words, DONT COME HERE.

Shukriyyah Greaves: This place desperately wants to be an upscale club but for the amount of money I rather go to echo stage or 9:30 club . They want you to pay 5 star prices just so they can serve you drinks out of red solo cups. The booths are falling apart dingy like an old dennys. The door person or whomever they are was in sweat pants collecting payment like she rolled out of bed. Can’t enforce a dress code if your staff looks homey. The bottle service girls are cute , bartenders are great and can make a decent cocktail. The owner is oblivious cheap so this club reads cheap which is unfortunate. Don’t plan on going back here, this felt like a last stop for minors or a place for kids because they didn’t really card and the standards are appropriate for such . We had fun dancing. It was a good crowd, felt safe, the woman to man ratio was about 4-1 which is a bonus anywhere ! Just had the plastic cup situation and the cheap furniture…like come on, and of course the bathroom was disgusting and probably only gets cleaned in the morning.

Malick Dakama: A bit disappointing 😞. The place is a bit expensive for the overall quality of the place. The DJ was all over the place and letting people down in the middle of good songs; not if he was noticing the empty dance right after each time he does that. But the staff was very nice. Elevate can do better!

Byron Medina: Absolutely worst establishment in the DC area, stole $600 from me and after being promised a refund has been terrible to communicate with as he hasn’t responded to me. Wish I could leave zero stars and never come back ever again.

9. Solly's

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Address: 1942 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3PM

Telephone: (202) 232-6590

Business type: Bar

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Solly's: what do users think?

Aubri O'Connor: Hands down my all time favorite dive-bar in DC, and I say that with tons of love and respect. There is no pretension here, and all are welcome, you won’t go broke drinking, you can bring your to-go food, and there’s always something fun to do! Aside from their massive, excellent cover patio that lets you watch all the fun of U St, there are also two bars inside. Downstairs is where all the regulars begin and end their night, where the owners are just as likely to be behind the bar as the employees. Upstairs they hold events almost every night of the week - from comedy, to trivia, to bands, to plays. And of course Kostume Karaoke every Thursday, which is a crazy night of doing shots with the KJs on your birthday, and meeting crazy strangers wearing tiaras or judo gis (provided by the karaoke hosts) to sing! The walls tell the history of the bar, especially behind the bar and in the bathrooms. But the bartenders and regulars will tell you just as easily themselves - and what a long crazy history it’s been! Ask them about when the car crashed through the window, or the Caps won the Cup, or the neighbors almost sent it all crashing down during an ill-fated renovation. This is no a fancy dress up joint - although no one thinks twice if you walk in looking your best. You come here to be comfortable, to have well poured, affordable drinks, to have the bartenders become your besties, to meet your new best friends just chilling at the bar.

Scott Hughes: Solly’s is a perfect two-story dive bar. Memorabilia galore, cheap whiskey, and great service. There’s an ATM inside, Big Buck Hunter arcade game in the corner, and always amazing music playing. Ask for Antoine when you arrive.

Edward Kennedy: Went here before a show at the 930 club. Matt the bartender was great. He really knows his stuff. Def will stop by here again.

Anthony Oakes Comedian: They have great drinks upstairs. I think Quinton is the bar tender. Awesome Starr Struck Comedy shows. Good times were had.

Igor at Fantastic and consistent U st bar with awesome staff, drink specials, and food!

Harriet M: A great dive bar! Friendly bartender, good prices and most importantly ice cold beer! Stayed in the neighbourhood during a recent trip to DC and come to Solly’s twice. Would recommend!

10. The Lucky Bar

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The Lucky Bar

Address: 1221 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2PM

Telephone: (202) 331-3733

Business type: Pub

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The Lucky Bar: what do users think?

Saif Al-Alawi: This is the official supporters bar for Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United. They offer some local IPA and I recommend the 3 Stars if you love your simcoe hops. The bathroom upstairs is a work out but clean. Glad I hit it early before those United fans stunk it up.

Joe Joemer: The breakfast was excellent, the staff was very nice, and the rates were fair. Fantastic collection of draft beers chosen by a beer expert.

Samantha Elizabeth: After being rejected by Decades nightclub, my boyfriend suggested Lucky Bar for drinks. I liked how dices of different sizes were mounted within the bar counter. When we sat at the bar, at first we had to wait to place a drink order. I asked for a drink menu and the bartender Shannon asked what kind of drinks I liked. They had three types of ciders - Magners, Woodchuck, and Angry Orchard. I ended the night with an Angry Orchard.

Geoffrey Fleming: Excellent bar, good atmosphere for sports and good on prices for both food and drink. Ordered a Philly cheese steak and it was delicious. Great selection of beers and food. Definitely recommend for anyone around the area looking for a good sports bar and excellent service. The bar staff were excellent, especially the lady Shannon who took care of us all night.

Michael Wiredu: The atmosphere is electric win lose or draw. Great place for Gunner fans. And the food is very good.

Todd Boppell: Great place to catch an Arsenal game! Staff is super friendly, breakfast was great, and prices are reasonable! Awesome draft beer selection curated by someone who knows beer.

Skanbass: Good sport bar. I went there a lot during the African soccer cup. One of the only bar that passes the games.

11. The Dubliner Restaurant

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2044 reviews
new review
The Dubliner Restaurant

Address: 4 F St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (202) 737-3773

Business type: Irish pub

Near The Dubliner Restaurant:

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The Dubliner Restaurant: what do users think?

H: I have never had a sublime turkey burger until I went here. Half a pound patties on toasted brioche buns with a side of thick cut fries. Great spot to hit a spot for pub food. The fries were a tad overly seasoned for my taste but I was thoroughly impressed by the burger of the day and the bison burger. Okay service. Restaurant is connected to a hotel in the back. Outdoor patio seating available. Nice atmosphere even though music was a bit too loud at times to converse.

Samar Al Kobrossy: Great place! The food is tasty and flavorful. The portions are big. The decoration is amazing. The waiters are attentive and can give you tips on how to navigate your way around the city. You can sit down, relax, and enjoy your food while listening to some beautiful Irish songs.

Kelly Hyer: Great local choice. Fabulous service and really great food. When in an Irish spot, must have the fish and chips. Seasoned fries- yum. Sooo good, highly recommend. Pretzel stix appetizer delish. Nice kids options too 👌 🌭 🍟

Brett Daviau: Breakfast was great. Salmon bagel with all the fixings. Poor server was trying her best to handle the whole shop by herself. Hope she can get some help. Delicious.

Bobbi DeAnda: AMAZING SERVICE!!! Food was ok, but the service was amazing. So friendly. So fast. So responsive. I actually left my sunglasses and someone ran them out to me!!! The French fries are AMAZINGGGGGG, but the rest of the food was just ok. Fish and chips, fish ok. Burger, ehh. I ordered the burger medium and it was well done. Probably a great spot for drinks and snacks, but wouldn’t go for lunch again. For drinks and French fries, YES!

Edward O'Beirne: Decent menu, good quality food, worth going again. Service was lackluster, possibly an element of understaffed but the place was nearly empty on a Friday afternoon 1pm. Greek salad with salmon was enjoyed. Philly cheesesteak about average. Cold beers. Nice outdoor seating view. Not first choice but would return.

craig mossinger: This is an absolute must for lunch! Service is quick and friendly! Fish n chips and the Irish Rueben are phenomenal.

Steve Meier: Great place, and of course what do you order at an Irish Resturant? Fish & Chips and it was probably the best I have ever had. Some of my coworkers were Shepherd Pie fans and a couple others were more traditional and had a Chicken Sandwich. The common theme was everyone was happy with their meal. Service was great and atmosphere was pleasant.

12. The Crown & Crow

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280 reviews
new review
The Crown & Crow

Address: 1317 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: (202) 763-7552

Business type: Bar

Near The Crown & Crow:

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The Crown & Crow: what do users think?

Christopher Yuen: I was in town for a business meeting and I took a few friends out to this bar on a whim and we had a blast! The bartenders were friendly and the drinks were unique and delicious! I had so much fun I ended up leaving my blazer at the bar. I called the manager Graham a few days later and he mailed it back to me all the way to Connecticut. He’s awesome and this place is too!!!!!
Response: Thanks Christopher, it's our pleasure to host you and your friends!

Annie: Cool bar with a chill vibe. Came here on a Monday night at 630 and there were only 2 other groups. Not the typical DC bar. There are a few tables and the bar to sit at. The cucumber mule was really good!
Response: You can always count on us for good vibes and great drinks, Annie. We're happy to hear you enjoyed your cucumber mule. Come back and see us for more cocktails in the future! -Cheers, The Crown & Crow

Corey Nolan: Always have a great time in this nostalgic Bar. Brian "Bar Man" has done an outstanding job building his dream. Staff is super friendly and they have stepped up their cocktail game since I last visited. Glad I was able to ring in 2022 in such good company! Thanks C&C team! Stay safe!
Response: We're glad to hear you always have a great time with us, Corey. Our friendly staff is always here to take care of you and treat you to a cocktail. We hope you'll be back to celebrate with us sometime soon. -Cheers, The Crown & Crow

Adriana Cortés-Buelvas: I absolutely love the Crown and Crow. Great cocktails and a huge offer on drinks. Great indie rock music, feels like an Irish experience.Graham is the nicest!
Response: You can always count on us to show you a good time, Adriana! We're happy to hear you enjoyed your cocktails and the music. Hope to have you back again sometime soon! -Cheers, The Crown & Crow

13. Exiles Bar

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470 reviews
new review
Exiles Bar

Address: 1610 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3PM

Telephone: (202) 232-2171

Business type: Bar

Near Exiles Bar:

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Exiles Bar: what do users think?

Molly Crabb: Exiles has been the go-to UNC bar during the tournament (and hopefully forever?) and going to all the games has been a BLAST. The waiters were SO accommodating and pushed through a packed room to deliver food with a smile. We had tech issues with the TV and they had multiple people come and try to fix and figured it out quickly! My 64 year old mom even had a good time and said she’d go back.

Shaina Eckles: Great drinks, fantastic atmosphere & super rad bathroom art.
Response: Thanks for the kind words Shaina. We really appreciate it!

Brian Webster: Loved this DC area Buffalonian bar! Exiles is a great location with awesome service, great food, and impressive drink selection. I got the wings (crispy and great) paired with a couple of Labatts, as well as a Catalonian Spritz that was refreshing. This place would be amazing to watch the Bills this fall!
Response: Cheers Brian, fingers crossed for a big year for the Bills

Amit S: The 5th best bar on u street apparently. I still have to find the first four. The whole team is rocking. Good time guaranteed. Love you all!!!

Christopher Williams: A wonderful neighborhood bar. The owners and staff will make you feel at home. Nice outdoor patio with a “hook game.”

Shahnaz Punjani: Nice atmosphere. Friendly with great service. Just what I was looking for. A place to have a drink and chill.
Response: Thank you very much Shahnaz. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Alain Parcan: As a sworn Stetsonite, I never wanted to admit I liked exiles as much as I did but if it isn’t one of the best bars in dc to get a beer and decent bar food, I dunno what is

14. Froggy Bottom Pub

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530 reviews
new review
Froggy Bottom Pub

Address: 2021 K St NW, Washington, DC 20006

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (202) 338-3000

Business type: Pub

Near Froggy Bottom Pub:

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Froggy Bottom Pub: what do users think?

Ann Faust: We came here during a quick visit to DC on a Saturday afternoon. The pub food I ordered (Fish & chips) was very nice. Proper fish pieces were hand-battered and fried crisp. One of my kids had the PHÒ and it was unexpectedly wonderful. Simple noodles and meat but the broth were exceptionally good. Moses was the gentleman who served our food. I say he was also a 5-star server, quick, witty and nice. I would definitely like to come back when we are around.
Response: Thank you so much for the great review . We are so glad you had a nice lunch served by Moses . I make sure to let Moses and kitchen staff know about your comment . Hope to see you again in the near future . Best . Hien

Jessica Martin: Got Pho Froggy to go (go in and ask to order takeout) and it was delicious and fresh. Best part was the kind and considerate service, though. I’d like to go back during their happy hour, since it looks like they have really cool cocktails and I felt a comfortable vibe the time I spent there. Also they clearly mark gluten free (and other allergen) items on their menu, which is always very much appreciated.
Response: Hello Jessica. Thank you so much for great review . I am so glad you enjoyed the Pho and will let my staffs know about your review. Please come for happy hour and I like to meet you. Best. Hien.

Daniel Ruiz-Rossi: Excellent. Really good Chicken Pho. The búfalo wings were fantastic too. It was my first time there. I didn’t feel like drinking tonight but it seems they have really good beers as well. Just give it a try! It’s good.

Tina: Unexpected and great place, an odd combination of Vietnamese fair and pub food...everything was delicious. They had a private event when we went but we were able to sit outside, we got Cobb salad, pho and butter pasta (for our little guy). Service was awesome and food was good and reasonably priced. Will definitely go back.
Response: Good afternoon , thank you so much for the great review . We are appreciated your support and understanding . We are glad you had a pleasant time with us and I will certainly let my staff know about your compliment , Hope to see you again . Best . Hien

Joe Weaver: I had the Pho Froggy and it was excellent. Some other members of my party tried traditional tavern fare like cheesesteaks, and it was also great. The place has a nice vibe. The service was fast, friendly, and they got everything right even with a couple of us showing up late. Decent beer selection and good prices for the area. Only minor complaints I would register, and not enough to knock off a star, but I do perceive these reviews as an opportunity to give the owner feedback if they read it, so here goes... 1) the place was slightly warmer than my preference, not egregiously so, but just slightly. We were sitting in the front on a 90 degree day. 2) again, just my preference, but the stools at the high-top tables in the front do not have seat backs. I prefer seat backs for comfort. I would absolutely stop here again if I am in the area.
Response: Thank you for the great review . I’m glad everyone had a good experience with us . I will fix the chair and in-house temperature when you are here . Best . Hien

15. Board Room

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1017 reviews
new review
Board Room

Address: 1737 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM

Telephone: (202) 518-7666

Business type: Bar

Near Board Room:

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Board Room: what do users think?

Abdul Kader Surti: I absolutely love board games and this place has an amazing collection of games. The drinks are great and they make a mean spiked hot cocoa! I wish there were some snacks to munch on, other great place to hang with friends

Ciara B: Margarita pizza was disgusting. Came out lukewarm (barely that). No taste and just a real disappointment. Do not order. Atmosphere is nice and they have a large selection of board games

Samantha: So much fun to grab a few friends and shake off the workday here. Their happy hour deals are insanely good, especially for DC. $4 rail drinks & $4 drafts. Games are free to rent during happy hour, too! Loved the bartender.

Helen Michie: Attractively decorated Dupont Circle bar and young adult hang out spot in a very trendy DC neighborhood. Great place to have a party. Has unisex bathrooms.

Jeff Corcelius: Good drinks, awesome courteous staff! Go play, drink, and have fun!

Cimmanon K: Went here right after going to a sushi bar, and boy did it scratch the right itch for game night lol. I wasnt told about this place, as bringing me there was a surprise, but the miniature golf, the drinks, and the company were all wonderful. Great staff there too!

Andriana Genualdi: Great bar for chill hanging out with friends. I went there recently in the late afternoon to play some board games with a couple of friends and we had a great time. We ended up sitting at the small round high top tables that’re near the bar, there was enough room for card games and battleship but I suggest if you have more than 2 people you pick a larger table so you don’t have to worry about losing pieces onto the floor. My friends seemed to enjoy the beer selection and I opted for a glass of house wine on happy hour

16. The Game Sports Pub

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128 reviews
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The Game Sports Pub

Address: 2411 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM

Telephone: (202) 846-1952

Business type: Sports bar

Near The Game Sports Pub:

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The Game Sports Pub: what do users think?

Patrick Poculan: Must try dinuguan! Crispy pork belly was perfect and the noodles. They have great cocktails too. Nice patio location and great service

Jay Vizcarra: Sports bar with Filipino food and Tiki drinks? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Nicely tucked on 18th street with phenomenal food and plenty of TVs to catch any game (F1 included). Upstairs hip Tiki restaurant. Food is to die for! Pancit topped with Lechon? Halo Halo, Ube Cheesecake!!!

Lauren Toms: Had the best time here watching our team in March Madness! Tristian was a saint and went out of her way to make our experience fun and memorable. We’re so grateful!

Paul Delagrange: We went the Game on a Saturday to watch football and grab a couple of beers. Plenty of TVs, good seating, super friendly staff!! Their selection of bourbons is fantastic. One of the owners told us he sells the bourbon he has at his own house. We only had the Lumpia but man was it good!! Authentic and fresh!

jemmairose eddy: I would have given this bar a 3 star if my Sisig dish was good and also I ordered a Martini and it was served in a tiny margarita glass. My hubby was happy with his spicy chicken sandwich. The egg rolls and shrimps appetizers were good too. Then the bill was over $90 for the 4 dishes and 1 drink.

AJMDF LOCA: Fabulous! The food is divine. The cocktails are addictive. Atmosphere is chill!
Response: Thanks for the kind words. Please join us soon!!!

Sally Xmd: The only reason it isn’t 1 star is because the wait staff are amazing and attentive. Review is purely based on food, no drinks ordered at this location. First off, holy fry oil Batman- this fry oil is older than my cat. Fries so dark they look like they deserve reparations. The chicken skins are questionable at best. Weird texture and off flavor. Got the Nashville chicken sandwich and same issue. I don’t know what they coat their chicken skin in but this black woman from Kentucky does NOT approve. The final straw was they serve burgers, but have no gluten free buns. Unacceptable as they are literally 25 ft (or less) from the best gluten free bakery in the whole state. *bonus points that they partner with tiki on 18

Punk Pagong: Awesome food and drinks, great atmosphere and pleasant staff. IG@punk_pagong

Yohannes Tafesse: The food was great. However, our bartender Shaena was terrible. Our food took forever and when we asked how much longer, she yelled at us, I can get you to go boxes if you like. She even did get us to go boxes as soon as our food arrived. It was a very disappointing and disrespectful experience.
Response: Yohannes, Sorry for your experience with us. We have addressed these issues and it took longer than anticipated. We would appreciate you giving us another opportunity. Hope you will. Cheers,

William Schuster: I mistakenly placed this review for Tiki on 18th prior and realized that this bar is a separate entity entirely but located below. TLDR: Visited this place Saturday night. This place had mediocre service and was overpriced, expect to wait a long time for warm drinks. Last night we visited a couple of bars on 18th street in celebration for my friend and unfortunately this was our first stop of the night. We got there around 10:30 and the place wasn’t too packed. There was immediate seating available for all 6 of us. That was nice. The management must be unaware that there’s limited phone service in there because it took a while for the menu to load from scanning the QR. I don’t know whether there is or isn’t any physical beer menus. I waited after ordering 2 beers for myself and 2 beers for my friend over 25 minutes from when we were seated until when the beers were brought to the table. I say this because around 10 minutes into waiting I looked over and saw the four beers were sitting in cans, opened, on the bar counter. I kept my eye on those until we got them and yes they literally let our drinks sit out and get warm before serving them. Keep in mind the bar was not in any way overrun during this time. It seemed like a Wednesday night in the place. We received the drinks and they were absolutely warm but our mixed drinks that my friend ordered didn’t come for another ten minutes. I had to ask and wait again for a glass just to put my warm beer into. You would think for $8 a single can of beer could be poured into a glass first, right? As we tried to split the table into two bills the bald bartender came over and got angry. This starts the verbal altercation! (Is the customer not always right?) He kept saying and raising his voice “it’s house rules we can only accept two cards and can only do 50/50”. We were only requesting to use two cards but have our bills split differently because there were two subgroups to our outing. We weren’t at any point asking for every single one of us to be charged separately. While I realize that’s complete BS I wanted nothing more than to leave after being there so long for warm beers and terrible service. So I said “take my money I want to leave and I will not be back” about three times. He kept arguing and yelling “It’s house rules!” In response even though I was agreeing and knew I was about to be changed $58 for 4 warm canned beers. I still tipped our waitress even though she didn’t seem to care about the terrible service or the fact her manager was being a child. The unfortunate reality is that this is what most bars are like in this area. Incredibly over priced, terrible service, and the customer is never right. It was two minutes later he swiped my card and I was able to leave. The bottom line is the staff here are either rude, not trained enough to do their job, or too busy dancing to the music to provide you with service. It was funny hearing him say he wasn’t arguing with me after raising his voice. “ITS HOUSE RULES!” Will now be used by my friends and I every time we have terrible service. Note to management: I have used that exact point of sale / merchant services software I saw on your tablet. I know it’s absolutely possible to fix the error of our waitress for not splitting the tab. Which we initially asked for. I wanted to like the place but in reality everything about our experience sucked. If you want to have a better bar get better employees or train them better on the software. If you just want to keep partying behind the counter and serving guests overpriced warm beer then so be it, but there’s totally more people like me who LOVE to leave honest reviews. I have no regrets about causing a little scene because this place really did let me down! I am anticipating a response to this review in which you paint me as the bad guy in order to cover your own, however if you apologize and promise to improve that would look much more professional. Let’s see how the management reacts to this honest review, shall we?
Response: William, We apologize about your lengthy time on waiting for beers. Completely agree - regardless of how busy or not busy you shouldn’t wait that long for beers. I do understand your frustration with the QR Codes. It’s pretty much a standard everywhere nowadays after COVID. The efficiency with them is great. As for the issue with service we are aware and offer WIFi throughout the building. No password is required. As for splitting checks - yes it’s possible and yes the server should have been more accommodating and it will be addressed. Guest service should be still a priority and that is not the right way to handle on our part. In our defense we clearly state on all menus at the top that we boy split checks on two cards. This is obviously to be more effective on our part. Still not an excuse on the additude given to you. Lastly as you highlighted we are priced competitively to our neighbors. So realistically we are not over priced. Sorry you felt that we are. Please let us know if you choose to give us another opportunity. Email us so we can ensure you have a great experience. Cheers, Management lol

17. The Fox and Hounds Lounge

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233 reviews
new review
The Fox and Hounds Lounge

Address: 1533 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (202) 232-6307

Business type: Bar

Near The Fox and Hounds Lounge:

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The Fox and Hounds Lounge: what do users think?

Brian Redder: I confirmed with the waitress before ordering that the online menu was valid, then when she brought the check all the prices were 3-8 dollars more. She said the website was old and it didn’t work that way anymore. She refused to correct it even after i pointed out she said at the beginning the website was fine. Very disappointed as the food was not worth the price. My dish went from $10 to $18. Cannot recommend this place.

Jordan Wolfe: Racist. The bartenders did not believe a friend when asking for their card back, even after multiple white people in the group easily got their cards. Didn’t even apologize after realizing they did in fact have the card. Will not be returning.

M Ramachandran: Great very satisfying and fresh American eats. Like a Midwest diner with fresh veggies and simple, pure ingredients. Incredible staff and patio!

dipika: F&H is a model neighborhood bar. Spacious patio, well priced drinks, friendly owners & service, all around perfect for a no-frills outing. No notes.

Walter Bayer: Cool spot for Monday night beers after a rec league game. Staff is super friendly and drinks are well priced.
Response: Thanks for visiting & sharing your experience with us , it will help us serve you better in your next visit…see you soon!

Candace Walls: Terrible wait staff, random “bar charge on bill” not honoring happy hour when it clearly says on the site happy hour. Too much stuff to list. I will def not be going back

Betty Gonzalez: Terrible service! Bartender was racist toward my friend and tried to gaslight him into thinking he gave my friend his card back, when the card was on the floor behind the bar. Once they found it, they gave it back to him without an apology of how rude he was acting.

18. Penn Social

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1467 reviews
new review
Penn Social

Address: 801 E St NW, Washington, DC 20004

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Business type: Sports bar

Near Penn Social:

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Penn Social: what do users think?

Aaron-Micheal Blackman: Solid bar, decent food, good staff. Very much enjoyed the music on the lower floor, which has a dance floor and a few nice games. I imagine it can get more lively but it was almost empty at the time. I did enjoy the music selection though.

Black Star Dust: Penn social is a dope spot for watching sports! The downstairs area is filled with projector size screens and the sound system is a close second to being at the game. Great place to go check it you favorite teams and meet up with friends. They have other games to play like corn hole, basketball and giant sized Jenga. Lots of choices on tap and a full bar. Great spot.

Daniel Dias: Cool spot to hang out with friends have a drink and play some games. Staff was cool! Only complaint was online it said they would have the UFC fights on and when we arrived no fights. So had 2 drinks and left.

ThinkPink Cottages: We had a great experience at this place on Sunday. Our bartender Jasmine Was very knowledgeable and attentive we had Prosecco on tab with fresh orange juice pot pie and couple cocktails. This place is a great relaxing for easy beverage.

Natalie Thomas: Drinks are fine although they kept making my friends and I’s orders wrong (I ordered for a whiskey sour, got a gin and tonic, someone asked for a vodka cran, we don’t even know what we got.) The place is huge though and dancing is always fun and they play a variety of music which is nice! Kitchen closed before we got there sadly so don’t know what the food is like

Mayo Tracy: I really like this spot. Great music and the drinks were really good. Staff was friendly and I like the option of being able to purchase seats. Kevin Ross was amazing too.

erica chin: Went to see Kevin Ross at this venue. Show was supposed to start at 8:00 PM and at 8:20 show hadn’t started. The seating chart that was published for the show was different than how the seats were ranged for the show. Everyone was jammed into a small space and people were allowed to stand and block views of people who bought tables. Never coming back here. Horrible, horrible venue.

Jim Dalton: Had pictures of games. Not open unless large event. Happy hour prices are always applied. Wouldn’t come back.
Response: Hi Jim, I'm sorry your visit to Little Penn Coffeehouse didn't meet your expectations. We had to pivot after COVID and we're trying something new! I hope you give us another chance if you are ever in the mood for a craft cocktail, breakfast sandwich or a boozy coffee cocktail. Best,

19. Post Pub

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495 reviews
new review
Post Pub

Address: 1422 L St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

Business type: Pub

Near Post Pub:

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Post Pub: what do users think?

Hilda Kroll: My Diplomat Bacon Cheddar burger ($12.95) with sweet potato fries ($3) was so good and very reasonably priced for so much food. A good place to enjoy a relaxed, casual lunch.
Response: Thank you for taking your time to review us, Hilda! We are really glad to hear you had such a great experience. We look forward to having you back soon.

Nikoloz Gogilidze: very friendly service and nice public. I have been there twice and enjoyed both times. Burger is really nice and they offer to prepare meat even rare which is not an option in every bar.
Response: Thank you Nikoloz :) We are happy to hear you had such a great experience at Post Pub. We look forward to hosting you many more times in the future

Mark Orebiyi: A friend and I got a drink and some dinner at this location recently and we were very happy about the service. Unfortunately the food did not match. We both ordered a fried chicken sandwich and were extremely upset. We relayed our disappointment to the manager and he seemed receptive.

Lisa Sullivan: All the way from Vermont and am loving this outdoor patio, mixed drinks during happy hour and a really amazing bar tender!
Response: Thank you so much for the kind review Lisa :)

Emma Austin: I felt so welcomed at Post Pub. The staff was over the top and extremely friendly. They were constantly checking in on us. The drinks were great. We only got one order of fries and they were good too. I would definitely recommend this place to a friend.
Response: Thank you Emma! We are so happy to hear you had a great experience with us- please come back soon!

kristen jones: Went here at 9pm on a Saturday night with two friends. Ordered 3 beers totaling $20.90. Paid with $30 cash and the bartender took my money and didn’t give me any change. When I asked for my $9.10 change (with full intentions of tipping on the 3 beers we ordered) the (drunk) bartender went back to the register and got a $10 bill and slammed it on the bar in front of me and yelled in front of everyone “here you go, princess!” Apparently he thought he deserved a $10 (50%) tip on a check for three beers. I’ve been in the service industry for 15 years. This place deserves 0% gratuity for customer service. Would not recommend. Take your business elsewhere.

isela martinez: Drinks were good. Food took way too long for a simple burger,fries and mozzarella sticks. There only two other customers when we got there. The cheese wasn’t even melted onthe burger,the buns were burnt and mozzarella sticks didn’t even have mozzarella in them.Only came here cause Stans was closed. Next time I’ll just wait till theyopen. Server was nice
Response: Hi Isela- I am sorry that you had a less than satisfactory experience with us. Hi Isela. We appreciate your feedback and will take it into consideration- we hope your next experience with us is better.

George Stover: The historic Pub in downtown DC is back. It was always cherished before and now with the new staff and menu, it can be cherished again. Go for the pub fare and stay for the experience.

20. ChurchKey

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1814 reviews
new review

Address: 1337 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM

Telephone: (202) 567-2576

Business type: Pub

Near ChurchKey:

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ChurchKey: what do users think?

C Yager: Great craft beer bar, knowledgeable bar staff, 50 beers on tap, wish they had less national/big craft beers on tap and more local. Extensive beer bottle list with hard to find beers, especially good Belgium beer selection. Fast friendly service, hard to notice from the street. Definitely recommend a visit if you love beer.

Jonathan Isett: Top notch selection of craft beers in DC. Also one of the most extensive whiskey/ bourbon catalogs around. Atmosphere is good, and the food comes through. The homemade tots are a must have. Great location on 14th st close to Logan circle. Stop and have a beer or two.

Rossukon Jandech: Beer Brunch Event on June 25th, 2022Great event, great employee, great service.Meet famous brewers there as well, so awesome.

Taylor Friedman: I love churchkey but the service here needs improvement. I’ve been twice since they reopened with the latest being a Saturday night around 11:30. Busy but not crazy. Was able to find a seat at the bar. After I sat down it took at least 5 minutes just to get a bartender to acknowledge me. Was handed food and drink menus. After that probably another 5 minutes to get my order in. I thought it was weird that the bartender didn’t provide water when I sat down. I feel that it’s customary to do so at a bar as so not to make people drunk quickly. After I ordered my second drink I placed an order for food as well and was told the kitchen closed at midnight. That would have been helpful to know as I got there at almost quarter til so that was annoying. Shortly before I left there was also a guy at the bar who was passed out and one of the bartenders slammed a bottle really hard on the counter to wake him up and I thought that was kind of unnecessary. All in all, definitely a craft beer Mecca but just keep in mind service can be kinda spotty. (P.S.- they made the place brighter after they reopened so you can actually see going up that long flight of stairs and the menu once you’re inside!)

Tom W: Great list of beers. Nothing I was too interested in and I love me some craft beers. But that’s not their fault, that’s my palate. The issue was the service being absolute trash when the bar wasn’t even busy and they had ample staff. Drinks took about a half hour to come out so we ended it early and just left.
Response: Hello Tom, I am very sorry to hear about your experience. Thank you for your feed back. We appreciate any kind of feed back that can help us improve. I would love to hear more about your time here. If you would be able to email me at Best regards, Dylan

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