Best Psychiatric Clinics Washington Near Me

Psychiatric Institute of Washington Washington Interventional Psychiatry (Ketamine and TMS center) The Ross Center DC Department of Behavioral Health - Emergency Psychiatric Services McClendon Center John Beyer MD One Care DC Inc Jimmy Ibikunle, MD LLC St. Elizabeths Hospital Washington Nutrition & Counseling Group

1. Psychiatric Institute of Washington - Washington

· 109 reviews

4228 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016

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Psychiatric Institute of Washington: what do users think?

Andrea: Grateful for this place to exist. I came in as a walk in off the street because I needed help that minute. It was experience here that the vast majority of the staff went above and beyond in every way they could think of to make myself as a patient comfortable and cared for. The minute I walked into admissions I felt cared for and that I did not have to handle it alone any more. Shout out to Hazel for seeing what I needed and giving me her own water bottle when I had not had anything to eat or drink till I walked in. Margo who did my intake interview was so amazingly sympathetic to what I had been going through. It felt so good to be validated. Then I went up to unit 7 and met Gary who I would later see be a phenomenal caretaker for all my fellow patients on the unit. From keeping calm when someone displayed extreme behavior to joking and finding ways to give us a therapeutic experience. The taker for me was when my roommate had a panic attack and I asked for ice to help calm her. He could not give me the packs they had for safety reasons but he came up with a wonderful solution. Showing again that true passion and care for our wellbeing. Thank you all for the work you do everyday.

Jessica Fullington: If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and/or mental health, this is an EXCELLENT place to receive help. The staff is truly exceptional and very compassionate! I was in TERRIBLE condition when I was brought to the facility. The expert level care that I received made it possible for me to return to my normal life in just one week. They even made sure that I had a solid plan to continue my care once I was discharged. I would urge ANYONE who is looking for this type of assistance to go to this wonderful place. Hopefully, I will never need them again. God bless

2. Washington Interventional Psychiatry (Ketamine and TMS center) - Washington



· 106 reviews

4325 49th St NW suite 200, Washington, DC 20016

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Washington Interventional Psychiatry (Ketamine and TMS center): what do users think?

Carolyn Smith: I have not had an infusion yet. This rating is based solely on the consultation with Dr. Raczynski. The doctor answered my questions completely and honestly. He explained when there was no scientific evidence currently available to answer some of the questions. Dr. Raczynski was as personable as he was professional. His questions to me were pertinent and helpful as well. I am looking forward to working with this doctor and Veritas Health.

K Murray: Dr. Rokoske always takes the time to listen to me, to answer my questions, and to explain things to me. She’s the best psychiatrist I’ve ever had.

David Sloane: Dr Reddy is an exceptional psychiatrist, and has done an excellent job of assessing my challenges and responding to them effectively, where other providers have failed.

Susan Anderson: Dr. Raczynski has treated a family member for a few years. He is responsive, compassionate, and up to date with latest therapies, and medications. I would highly recommend him to work with your teen.

Gina Mann: I receive kind and informative care from Dr. Raczynski.The Registered Nurses, Andre and Sam, are also kind with a genuinely warm touch. I feel I am in good hands and am very pleased with my experience at Veritas. I continue to receive care from Dr. Raczynski and the registered nurse- all excellent experiences and my health is continuing to improve.I highly recommend Veritas Health, PLLC.

3. The Ross Center - Washington

· 16 reviews

5225 Wisconsin Ave NW #400, Washington, DC 20015, United States

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The Ross Center: what do users think?

Rachel Wise: When my teenage daughter was experiencing some anxiety, I called the Ross Center and she was scheduled the next day for an evaluation. The entire process was smooth and efficient. The professionals on staff worked with us to figure out the best treatment options. My daughter had an extremely positive experience at The Ross Center. I highly recommend the Ross Center.

Laura Webb: The Ross Center has been an extraordinary resource for me. Because of them, I’ve found exactly the right treatment to manage my anxiety, and I’m so grateful.

4. 35 K Mental Health Clinic - Washington

· 6 reviews

35 K St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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5. DC Department of Behavioral Health - Emergency Psychiatric Services - Washington

· 8 reviews

1905 E St SE # 14, Washington, DC 20003

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DC Department of Behavioral Health - Emergency Psychiatric Services: what do users think?

Channy B: Very charitable in a sense. Kinda hard to find. Most of the employees here were very accommodating though.I particularly liked the security lady with the Mohawk braid style, Mohammad, Ricky, and Mr. Walker. The lady with the 27 piece was nice as well. Great if you need emergency treatment, they seem to have an open door policy.

6. Dr. Ifreke Williams - Washington

· 15 reviews

1300 I St NW #400e, Washington, DC 20005, United States

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7. Mc Clendon Center - Washington

· 1 reviews

1313 New York Ave NW, Washington, DC 20005

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Mc Clendon Center: what do users think?

byron briscoe: thank you for help me starting over

8. McClendon Center - Washington

· 12 reviews

Core Services Agency (CSA, 1338 North Capitol St NW # 201, Washington, DC 20002

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McClendon Center: what do users think?

Greg Lavalleye: Great Place! Steve Luteran is a God Send and amazing, will work and help you 24/hours as will the rest of the staff. Highly recommend. They care!

John Quinn: One of the critical problems facing the Washington dc metro area, and large cities the Nation over has been the insidious creation of a primary tier of psychiatric services being administered by local. Jails, many of which are privatized thus ensuring their primaryconcern is to their shareholders dividends, thereby motivating private wardens to cut to the bone essential services across the medcal spectrum. Many,if not most,of these mentally ill offenders would be better seved by the Somes and Mclendon Centers of the world, at a dramatically different price tag to the American Taxpayer while at the same time providing better supervision working with mental health courts the Nation over.

Truth BeTold: I miss AUTUMN (case manager) and Dr. Moghimi (psychiatrist)! They truly saved my life! 💜💜💜

LEFTY HALL: Nice people

9. Bernard Vittone - Washington

· 3 reviews

2440 M St NW #315, Washington, DC 20037

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Bernard Vittone: what do users think?

Jonny Simpson: The best mental health care in the city.

10. John Beyer MD - Washington

· 11 reviews

2000 P St NW Suite 308, Washington, DC 20036, United States

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John Beyer MD: what do users think?

Hannah Braunstein: Dr. Beyer is an extremely talented psychiatrist, grounded in both psychotherapy and medication treatment, which is rare. It is difficult to find a warm, compassionate, and expert psychiatrist, and Dr. Beyer has all of those qualities. He is gifted in his ability to provide personalized, non judgemental care. He is the real deal and will help you to make permanent change in your life. Also, he is highly experienced in trauma.

phil bellios: I have worked closely with Dr Beyer in a professional setting for a number of years. He is a very insightful and thoughtful clinician. He is attentive to patient needs and will provide guidance and assistance in addressing your individual issues. I believe you will be very pleased with Dr. Beyer’s services.

Toby Jorrin: Dr Beyer is a rare find. He is patient, kind, caring, and compassionate while also being detailed and thorough. He finds ways to bring warmth and humor into what are often very difficult, even excruciating circumstances. He takes a real and lasting interest in his patients and makes himself accessible and available in a way that few doctors do.

C: Dr. Beyer is an excellent physician and deeply invested in the well-being of his patients. He is down-to-earth, open, non-judgmental, and practical, while possessing a keen understanding of underlying motivations and biases that influence our behaviors and thoughts. Whatever is your style and comfort zone, he will work with you to achieve your hopes and goals.

Ryan Schammel: John Beyer and I have worked together for the past 3 years. In this time I have seen very attentive fair supportive and insightful interactions with patients. He brings a strong and realistic plan forward for patients and guides them through the progress or missteps. If you are engaged and willing participant in treatment you will see results. In my opinion John brings a good balance to the psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy balance. John Beyer will be a surely missed part of our team but we understand that his departure is based on wanting to have further autonomy. A need to be an integral part in one to one therapy and medication management. As well as getting back to the purpose of his training to help others and be able to follow long term progress. I am sure this will lead to a rewarding career choice as he follows the success reinforcing the decision to spend his life helping others. Our loss is your gain thank you for your service Dr. John Beyer. Ryan Schammel, RN

Ogo Onifade: Dr. Beyer is an amazing physician and kind-hearted man overall. He’s patient, experienced, very knowledgeable in his field and truly cares for each of his patients. I highly recommend you book an appointment with him. You won’t be disappointed!

Roy Braunstein: Dr. Beyer helped guide me through serious depression and (unbeknownst to me) self destructive behaviors recently. Using skillful talk therapy with light pharma (a gentle mixture without untoward side effects), I am now in a healthy easily sustainable mental state. In short, he’s got (psychiatrist) game.

Adela Stroescu: Dr. Beyer is an experienced psychiatrist who shows much compassion for his patients.

Adam Lebowitz: Dr Beyer is a fantastic clinician and an even better person. You will be in excellent hands!

11. One Care DC Inc - Washington

· 1 reviews

2501, 1628 Good Hope Rd SE, Washington, DC 20020

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One Care DC Inc: what do users think?


12. Jimmy Ibikunle, MD LLC - Washington

· 19 reviews

1426 21st St NW Suite 7, Washington, DC 20036

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Jimmy Ibikunle, MD LLC: what do users think?

Christopher King: Dr. Ibikunle is a kind, professional, highly competent psychiatrist. After a couple of unhappy experiences with other providers, I finally found the right fit with him. The well-being of his patients is his primary focus, and it never feels like he is just going through the motions. He also knows medicine inside and out, so you can always be confident in his good judgment about treatment options. I feel grateful to have been his patient, and would continue seeing him indefinitely except that I have moved to another state. Highly recommended!

Gianni Graham: Dr. Ibikunle is a lovely doctor and counselor—he has helped me find life-changing medication with integrity, and without being pushy. I have always appreciated his way of showing care and compassion in our sessions while delivering his opinions honestly. I recommend him highly!

Susan Balding: Dr. Ibikunle is kind, compassionate, and careful. I have immensely enjoyed and benefited from his care over the years, and am sad to transition away from his practice as I move abroad!

Karen Zacarias: He is especially kind and thoughtful when dealing with adolescents. We are so grateful for his care

John McElderry: Dr Ibikunle was nothing but professional and wonderful while I saw him. He is very warm and welcoming, which was greatly appreciated in my time of need. I moved out of state unfortunately, but I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking psychiatric treatment in the DC area.

Angel Tucker: Dr. Ibikunle was really patient with me and did all in his power to help me reach my treatment goals in the year that we worked together. He always offered realistic expectations and pushed me to challenge myself. He celebrated the highs with me and gave me an outside perspective on my lows.

13. St. Elizabeths Hospital - Washington

· 34 reviews

1100 Alabama Ave SE, Washington, DC 20032

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St. Elizabeths Hospital: what do users think?

Charles Robinson: Is there any vacancy in always looking for a second home 🤪aka houseofmadness

Lisa Hults: Scary Place

14. Washington Nutrition & Counseling Group - Washington

· 33 reviews

1200 G St NW #800, Washington, DC 20005

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Washington Nutrition & Counseling Group: what do users think?

Lindsey McDermott: Ms. Zubair is a truly gifted mental health practitioner. She is completely invested in positive patient outcomes and she works collaboratively with her patients to find the best solutions for them. The front desk staff diligently works to ensure patients are able to see their providers. I am surprised to see negative reviews. I have only had fantastic experiences with this office and have recommended this practice to friends and family members. It can be hard to find good mental health providers. You are in good hands with Ms. Zubair.

Sonola S Onasanya: I had Bru Prasad as a therapist for about 6 months between October 2020 and April 2021. When I started, I was dealing with a lot of anxiety and stress. Bru worked a lot with me on my personal relationships, loss of loved ones, and managing my health and performance at work. Working with Bru, I was able to develop my own internal accountability tools as well as learn to better manage my emotions. It was not an easy road. We met weekly in the first few months for a one-hour sessions each time and slowly transitioned the sessions to once every two weeks. Bru was always extremely professional and organized. He offered several different hacks to help me deal with both my personal and professional issues. He talked with me about my relationships and offered his council. He was a great listener and had an intuitive understanding of others’ emotions. He was always on time for our sessions and was flexible in rescheduling whenever a conflict arose in either of our calendars. Bru challenged me when he needed to while always remaining reassuring. Our sessions were all via telecommunication online as it was during the pandemic period. The online system he used to have the sessions and take payments was extremely easy to work with, and we had minimal technical issues. As a first-time therapy patient and client of Bru, I felt the sessions were akin to a discussion with a trusted friend. He has a strong personal interest in leadership and is an avid reader of books focusing on the topic. He is humorous and witty, and definitely enjoys a good joke. I sincerely appreciated all the guidance, challenge, and company that Bru offered me during our sessions. I of course still have a lot to work on, but I would one hundred percent recommend this gentleman as a therapist for anyone looking for assistance with their mental health, personal anxieties, time management, or professional/leadership development. Your time will be well spent.

15. Columbia Associates in Psychiatry - Arlington

· 22 reviews

2501 N Glebe Rd, Arlington, VA 22207

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Columbia Associates in Psychiatry: what do users think?

Tiffany Yeckel: Great place. Have been working with NP Cody Eccard for about a year through the Perinatal Project. She is absolutely wonderful and although she is no longer seeing patient I know I am in good hands with NP Felicia! Tean, the admin has been so helpful when I have questions. Highly recommend this practice!

Pilar Rial: The front desk and billing dept. (Nick) was very helpful and responsive. Nick was able to set me up with an affordable payment plan and was very professional and attentive in answering all my questions and resolving my billing issues. The front desk was very accommodating to my requests.

luis lozano: The billing team (Nick) was great to work with when dealing with my insurance. They pro-actively took care of my issues vs. just telling me to deal with it.

Leah Stribling: Completely life changing. I am receiving TMS therapy and everything about this experience has been exceptional. Half way through my sessions now and I already feel better than I have in my entire life. I had lost hope after years and years of unsuccessful treatment through medication and therapy. I was ready to give up on trying to get better until I was referred by my psychiatrist to have a consultation for TMS. Tean has gone above and beyond to accommodate my work schedule because I would, otherwise, not be able to do my treatments and keep my job. I told her on the phone while scheduling my first appointment that I couldn’t believe someone who doesn’t even know me would go the extra mile like she had already done. She told me she was happy to do whatever she could to help me get better. Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time with her while she administers my treatments 5 days a week. The words of encouragement she gives, and even the cheerful “good morning” and smile when I walk in the door every day has touched me more than she knows. I would 100% recommend Columbia Associates in Psychiatry to anyone looking. They are life savers and I am so thankful for each person involved in my care.

16. Washington School of Psychiatry - Washington

· 2 reviews

5028 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016

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Washington School of Psychiatry: what do users think?

Theodore Richards: Wsp, their initials, is a fine training institution for interpersonal/psychodynamic therapy, more than 80 years old. They also have a low-fee clinic for those seeking therapy.

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