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Washington English Center International Center For Language Studies Mentora College - Washington, D.C. Inlingua Washington DC International Language Institute LinguaLink DC ILA - International Language Academy of Washington, DC Varsity Tutors - Washington DC International School of Languages Alliance Française Fusion Academy Washington D.C. British International School of Washington Trinity Washington University International Language Institute, MD Georgetown University

1. Washington English Center - Washington

· 4 reviews

401 9th St NW c100, Washington, DC 20004

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Washington English Center: what do users think?

Annie Prusky: Positive: Professionalism, ValueI have been a volunteer at WEC for several years; this is a truly community-oriented organization that provides excellent education with care.

Alejandro Rizo: It is a very good institute and I recommend it.

2. International Center For Language Studies - Washington



· 24 reviews

1133 15th St NW #600, Washington, DC 20005, United States

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International Center For Language Studies: what do users think?

Teacher Jessie Foreign Language Instructor.: As a student and also as a former teacher I can say that ICLS exceed your expectations. Great resources, well trained and experienced teachers from different backgrounds. ICLS cares about their teachers and students. It was a wonderful experience not only to work there but also take some French lessons.

Tatyana Ariyevich: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityI took 2 tests with ICLS. The staff was professional yet friendly, and the testing process was well-organized. The instructions for both tests were clear and sent ahead of time. I received my test results in an hour. I would highly recommend ICLS for language testing.

Veronika Jerdetski: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueI really enjoyed my French evening group class w Philippe! I gained a lot of knowledge about grammar & the class was heavily focused on improving students’ speaking ability. The value I got from my studies is certainly worth the (very reasonable) tuition. Thank you!

Brigid O'Donnell: I took an evening foreign language here. Classes are engaging and teachers are knowledgeable. The curriculum is rigorous but manageable for busy people. 5/5 experience, would recommend.

Driss Bernoussi: I took the Spanish evening group class for beginners and it was an amazing experience. This is much different than learning a language in high school or college, which was much more boring for me. At ICLS, they get you speaking Spanish from the beginning, and its highly interactive style helps you become comfortable with your classmates. My teacher, Astrid, was fantastic. Our class became so close that by the end we went out for a dinner on our last class and practiced ordering in Spanish. I highly recommend to any language learner in the DC area that is looking to take a class after work. It meets twice a week so it is perfectly manageable for my busy schedule.

3. Mentora College - Washington, D.C. - Washington

· 63 reviews

1510 H St NW, Washington, DC 20005

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Mentora College - Washington, D.C.: what do users think?

Linh Truong: Mentora College is totally the best place in DC to study ESL. Tuition is better than other ESL schools in the area and during COVID, they provide student housing to students and even gave a discount so everyone can afford it and continue attending classes online from the dorm. The teachers and administration clearly care about their students, and they are attentive and really listen if there is any issues.

Alex Roset: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueMentora College is highly recommended. Small classes, very affordable prices, several class schedules, excellent location half a block from a metro station, and upscale facilities. More importantly, a very qualified team of experienced English-speaker teachers.

Koray Bintas: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueGreat place to work and study! The school provides scholarships not only to its students, but also their employees so that they could continue their their professional development while working. Fantastic location in the heart of D.C!

Mustafa Aktaş: If you think about studying ESL in DC, this school is the best option. They have modernized classrooms, the library and the computer lab are very convenient to spend time. They have ESL and American Experience classes which are giving you chance to choose the days you want to go to school. You also have different teacher every session. I had an amazing experience and really loved the location!

nutthaphat champasak: I used to study in Mentora college 3 months. In my opinion, this school is good but not all. i like teachers in this school because they are friendly and informally. On the other hand, i do not like the tuition process that you have to pay before you want to take vacation or transfer to other school.

Tiptunya Kampim: Mentora College is a good international school that I have learned in USA. There are a lot of fieldtrips and activities. I have many good teachers and cute friends. My best teacher that I have studied with is Mr. Brian Murphy. He always took care students and helped students when we had some problems of learning in the class. He taught very well and applied many games and activities that is easy to remeber the words in many lessons. He is active and creative. I met him in the first time of ESL class. He made me like learning English and start intending to study English. I love ESL class so much because I can know how to write good essay and how to speak or presentation in front of many people and we always practiced to learn English so I can use English in routines very well and this school is my best for me.

4. Inlingua Washington DC - Washington

· 48 reviews

1911 Fort Myer Dr Suite 400, Arlington, VA 22209

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Inlingua Washington DC: what do users think?

Hanan KSA: I miss my school and my great teachers 👩🏻‍🏫 👨🏻‍🏫 so much. I had a spectacular experience with all the staff at inlingua school 💛 love you guys 💕 Hanan 🇸🇦April 2015

Komal Ganjoo: I had an awesome experience studying at Inlingua DC. I took an IELTS test prep, where I enhanced my all four areas- Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. My special thanks to Patricia Layden, who responded to all my concerns and guided me accordingly; I am also thankful to Katja Edwards, who helped in all smooth transactions and big thanks to my instructor, Jessica Fast Michel, who patiently worked hard on my weak areas. Sincerely, to learn English, Inlingua is the best.

Mehmet Osman Coskun: I studied at Inlingua prior to going to law school. Learned so much and had so much fun. Teachers were great and very friendly. After studying there i got a 7.5 on the ielts exam.

5. International Language Institute - Washington

· 57 reviews

1717 Rhode Island Ave NW #100, Washington, DC 20036

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International Language Institute: what do users think?

keith o'connor: We went though Caribou for our refinancing and our experience was great thanks to Daniel Schoonmaker! He was very helpful and kept us updated on our status through email, text, and phone calls. If we had any questions he would get back to us fast with answers. He was awesome!

Monir Salim: I like the school very much. All of the teachers are very knowledgeable, friendly and cooperative. The educational environment for the international student is very positive. I miss my teachers. Jim & Jena are very good instructor for TOEFL preparation class. Bethany, Bonnie, Jennifer and Cloudia are also so good in the school management.

Leslie Shah: I really liked the International Language Institute (ILI). ILI has clear rules and expectations of teachers, staff, and students. There is a high degree of client customer service, respect and trust. ILI wants and works for student success. They offer and do as they so they do. Testing and Assessment are routine and part of progression.

6. LinguaLink DC - Washington

· 10 reviews
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LinguaLink DC: what do users think?

Carolina Abrusci Quijada: The sessions with Marike have been excellent. She assessed my level of English and has adapted each session to my needs. We have used the sessions to prepare material I need for my work, which has been of tremendous help. It goes without saying that she is an expert when it comes to English, but I especially value the approach she has to explaining everything with perfect and very clear examples. The sessions with her have improved my English and built my confidence. I recommended her to several colleagues, and they all share my opinion. Thank you Marike for all your help. Your sessions are not only educational, but also very fun.

Helga Veigl: I had a great time with Marike and I have learnt a lot during our sessions. She always customizes the lessons to my actual needs, and she makes sure that we are making progress. I always got some homework that was tailored to my needs and interests. She always gives feedback and sends it after the lessons. I highly recommend taking her classes. It is a very unique skillset she is offering, and it is very hard to find someone like her who understands all the delicacies of the business world.

Flavia Tello Sánchez: Marike is not a simple English teacher. She is a fabulous private coach. Marike knows about global politics, different cultures and diplomacy, so you can encourage your skills to communicate in a professional way. She is also a friendly person. If you try some classes with her, you will understand why I am saying this. 100% recommended.

ISABEL CLAVERO: When I met Marike, the founder of LinguaLink DC, I realized right away that > she was the English teacher I needed. No more exercises not tailored to > your needs, no more so-called small groups of 8 people always focusing on > the same questions without any customization! Marike has changed all this > with her unique combination of being a great conversationalist and teacher > all in one. She has really helped me a lot with diverse topics ranging from > pronunciation to complicated press articles and always adapts her approach > to my needs. Isabel Clavero. Embassy of Spain

Javiera Sandoval Quiroz: I highly recommend LinguaLinkDC to improve your English. I took a 3-months course to improve my speaking, and I feel that I have improved a lot. The methodology of the teacher is useful and practical, so you can easily track your advances. In addition, the teacher is very nice and smart, so she challenges you to think beyond. I will definitely continue recommending her to my Spanish-speaking colleagues. Thanks again, Marike.

7. ILA - International Language Academy of Washington, DC - McLean

· 18 reviews

8000 Westpark Dr #160, McLean, VA 22102

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ILA - International Language Academy of Washington, DC: what do users think?

Divine Damango: Such a great school !!! I strongly recommand this school to learn english ! I met an excellent professors and students. We learned english faster but brillant !

Laura Sansone: ILA is an amazing English school. I studied at ILA for 2 months and I has been a great experience!

Ummuhan Yavuz: It is a great place to learn English. Teachers are very good.

Wesley Taylor: Great school and excellent staff. Highly recommend.

Ayman Ibrahim: Excellent institute, dedicated instructors, honest management

8. Varsity Tutors - Washington DC - Dunn Loring

· 50 reviews
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Varsity Tutors - Washington DC: what do users think?

Richard Fan: Working with Varsity Tutors has been a great experience. The staff are great people and genuinely care about the interactions between the client and the teacher. The staff are are a joy to communicate with. In addition, the hours are flexible and practical. I would definitely recommend Varsity Tutors as the go-to tutoring service.

Nathan Sick: Working for Varsity Tutors has been a very positive experience. They have been extremely flexible and provided many tutoring opportunities with students who have fit my teaching personality, and who have been very enjoyable to work with. The online platform is also sophisticated, with minimal technical difficulties and robust support. I would recommend working for Varsity Tutors to anybody.

Valerie Pisierra: I have really enjoyed working with Varsity Tutors. Whenever I have had issues either technical or administrative they have been very quick to help me solve the issue. They have just recently revised their payment schedule where tutors get paid every week. This is a great advantage over other companies that only pay once a month. I really enjoy my students and Varsity Tutors is in constant contact with me regarding their accounts and any issues that might arise. The Directors are all very knowledgeable and easy to get in contact with if I have questions or concerns.

Kathryn Whitelaw: I have had a great experience working for Varsity Tutors. They are always available if you have any questions, and they are extremely welcoming. They also keep you up-to-date on all of the latest tutoring opportunities through multiple portals, such as email, text, and on their website. You have the opportunity to help students reach their full potential at a click of a button, and it has been an extremely rewarding experience.

Javier Cepeda: My experience working with Varsity Tutors has been extremely positive. The flexible work environment and hours make it ideal for people who want to tutor outside their routine schedule. The online teaching platform is also attractive since it allows you to essentially teach anyone, anywhere.

9. International School of Languages - Montgomery County

· 15 reviews

7906 Woodmont Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

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International School of Languages: what do users think?

John Wood: As a current student I can say I am a huge fan of ISL for many reasons. I have been taking Portuguese there online with a fantastic professor and support staff and am having a lot of fun learning the language. When I visited Brazil my inlaws / family / friends all were asking me how I had improved so much recently and I told them about my classes at ISL. They told me I must have a good teacher and I said I definitely do. Other benefits include the flexibility of online classes and the the very affordable cost. Overall I am extremely happy with ISL and am excited I am finally on my way to becoming bilingual.

Tatijana Pesic: I had the excellent experience with the International School oh languages. They came to my assistance when I needed them and were most prompt and expedient when I needed them. I am most happy with everything with them. I recommend them completely. The language teacher was most nice and helpful. I had the good experience with them. Thank you International School of Languages. I will use you again.

Ana Toribio: I had english conversational private lessons for 12 hours. The teacher was great, she had lots of patience, very good manners and a big constantly smile. I can say my english really improved. I would highly recommend International School of Languages to anyone who wants to improve in english speaking language.

Matthew Wilson: THE place to sign up for intensive personalized training at the right level for you!

Nancy Shalett: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueMy professor is fabulous - and the staff is attentive and pleasant I can highly recommend them!

10. Alliance Française - Washington

· 31 reviews

2142 Wyoming Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

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Alliance Française: what do users think?

Melanie La Force: Positive: ProfessionalismThe staff are always willing to help. The teachers are awesome. I succeeded at getting my DALF C1. This was a tough exam and the prep was great.

Bonnie Beavers: Bassima was my teacher for my class (level 104.A.2), which for me was the first French classroom experience since university days 40 years ago. I enjoyed it enormously and will sign up again. We spoke French the entire time, and the materials were very helpful & well-organized. French immersion schools abroad know about Alliance and respect their teaching.

JC Kollmorgen: Membership and the cost of classes are pretty steep altogether. However, the quality of teaching is good. Much better than taking a class at USA Graduate School, for examples. Their library is also fantastic. You can borrow books, DVDs, and audio. I only wish they had more higher level class offerings at their Penn Quarter location as it would be more convenient for me.

Charlotte Dadzie: I think the class I took helped me improve my language skills a little, I did not like the fact that the teacher I had did not say anything when students were laughed at when they made a mistake. I mean We learn together, we shouldn’t laugh at people when they make a mistake, we should instead help them.

joseph Thompson: Wissam is a great French teacher. I took several classes with him and would highly recommend.

11. Fusion Academy Washington D.C. - Washington

· 15 reviews

2000 Florida Ave NW 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20009

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Fusion Academy Washington D.C.: what do users think?

Chloe Duran: My name is Chloe Duran and I just left Fusion. I am 14 and going to 9th grade next year. I am going to boarding school next year, but I had a phenomenal time at Fusion. I had a great experience and made many great relationships in the little time I was there. There are no words to describe the amazing teachers and staff at Fusion. I felt like I could trust everyone and ask for help without feeling judged. The students were amazing as well. I made a lot of friends very quickly because of how welcoming everyone was. I highly recommend this school to any student. :)

anne: My son, who is 18 years old and now a senior at Fusion, just finished his Junior year there. This is a big deal because he was in terrible mental shape not long ago. He would need a new style of teaching, one that would ease him back into learning, attending class, making friends, and lastly, creating supportive connections with his teachers and peers. When my husband found The Dorm in Washington, DC, to continue his mental health treatment, they encouraged us to reach out to Fusion Academy. They explained that with Fusion’s 1:1 ratio, he would have the most amount of support, while still getting exposure to that all important social life with other students. (This was something our son desperately wanted, which is why we would not consider him learning from home remotely, on-line, any longer.) His time started well at Fusion, he made friends and really liked his teachers. He grew more confident that he could manage his class schedule and make it to class on time. He learned how to navigate the city, have some fun, and also keep up with his studies. His grades slipped at a mid point, he was not following through on assignments. Fusion Academy reached out to us, and The Dorm, to let us know the situation. Because I and his dad get the ‘Daily Notes’ from his teachers on his progress, we were aware of his decline before they even needed to reach out. His teachers, with Fusion’s director leading the charge, empathetically but firmly got him grounded again, making it clear that just because life can get a bit tough or busy, he had to learn to reach out for help, finish all missing assignments, and keep his promises towards his teachers. He learned to better manage his time, the work/life balance, yet also find ways to be social, caring, and connected. His teachers have been one of the BEST driving forces in his transformation. He deeply respects them. He enjoys his classes. He wants to succeed. He also doesn’t want to slide back into video gaming, which is why he prefers not using a computer, but using his smart phone. Dad and I are very proud of the choices he is making on a daily basis. He has to mange himself, something he has always struggled with. His teachers guide him daily, hourly if necessary. The shear amount of attention he gets from his lead advisor, his teachers, and the school, is unbelievable. He knows deep in his bones he is accepted for WHO HE IS. HE KNOWS HEIS ENOUGH. A work in progress. (As we all are!) Thank you so very much for shepherding him along on all the many challenges he has faced and will continue to face. Each obstacle he overcomes further builds his experience level and confidence.

Matthew Huggins: We have been extremely happy with Fusion Academy DC for our daughter, who attended for grades 7 and 8. At Fusion, our daughter’s teachers understood her intellect, challenged her with extra assignments, and worked with her as a unique individual. They recognized her as a person with unique and valued gifts and talents and way of seeing the world, and helped her develop those gifts and talents further. Fusion DC allowed her to grow intellectually and academically, while also having the opportunity to make friendships in a kinder setting. In our experience, Fusion is a 100% no-tease zone, and that is just what our daughter needed – an environment where the other kids were open and accepting of her and one another, and where she could get the academic rigor that she and we were seeking. We have been very pleased with our experience at Fusion Academy DC.

Alison Hollis: I have never worked with such a compassionate and student-centered group of teachers. Our students come to Fusion because something about the traditional school system does not work for them, and our teachers make sure that those students- many of whom hate school- have a positive educational experience. When you walk down the hallways of our school, you hear laughter and high quality discussions. You see teachers creatively engaging students based on their interests and learning needs. If you want to work with educators who put students first or learn from teachers who center your ideas and needs, then Fusion DC would be a perfect fit.

Becky Sachs: We have been so happy with our experience at Fusion for our 12th grader and 7th grader. The teachers are wonderful and work hard to connect with students and make lessons meaningful. Both of my kids have been engaged in and excited by what they are learning. The experience has been great for them academically and for their confidence.

Crosby: My little brother went here this past year and I honestly think it saved his school experience. He had been struggling worn the traditional school model especially during the pandemic so we decided to pivot to Fusion and WOW is it great. Not only are the classes/ education very customizable, but the teachers are all so kind and more than willing to help when necessary. Would HIGHLY recommend to anyone. Thanks Fusion!

Gretel French: Working with Fusion D.C has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life and career! I love how we customize for our all of our amazing stakeholders, so that we may all reach for the stars.

12. British International School of Washington - Washington

· 7 reviews

2001 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

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British International School of Washington: what do users think?

BSW PA Treasurer: A super professional independent private school in the heart of DC serving Nursery to High School Students. What makes this school standout is its British high quality curriculum and diverse student population. Class sizes are small and the teaching first class.

Tuna Şeker: Its professional school for me. Education is super and beautiful classes in this school.

13. Trinity Washington University - Washington

· 61 reviews

125 Michigan Ave NE, Washington, DC 20017

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Trinity Washington University: what do users think?

Sharon Winget: The pool and gym are well equipped and clean. Locker room is spacious and clean. Friendly, welcoming place.

Chaturbhuj bhojwani: Excellent Education institute.

Malik Freeman: Beautiful campus just a few miles from DC. A great place to meet, eat and sleep.

14. International Language Institute, MD - Gaithersburg

· 22 reviews

26 N Summit Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20877

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International Language Institute, MD: what do users think?

Emily S: Great staff, plus hardworking and sweet students.

Abofaisal 23: I like my school

Francklin DOUCKAGHA: Excellent teacher

Lucas Ribeiro Principal: (Translated by Google) English: This place was so great in my life, I recommend to everybody who wants to learn english. English: I did not know anything about English this place in 3 months miraculously made me fluent, super friendly teachers super fun classes just struggle, but the only thing I do not like is that the place gets very deserted at night so go by car or accompanied with some friend, hugs (Original) English : This place was so great in my life , i recommend to everybody who wants to learn english. Portuguese : Eu não sabia nada de inglês esse lugar em 3 meses milagrosamente me tornou fluente , professores super simpáticos aulas super divertidas basta se esforcar ,mas a única coisa que não me agrada é o que o lugar fica muito deserto a noite então vá de carro ou acompanhado com algum amigo , abracos

mahdi dohan: (Translated by Google) Language Institute(Original)معهد اللغه

15. Georgetown University - Washington

· 877 reviews

3700 O St NW, Washington, DC 20057

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Georgetown University: what do users think?

Da-Wang Wu: I have several talented colleagues who graduated from Georgetown University, so I always want to visit this school. The campus is very beautiful, especially with the fall foliage. It’s a nice half-day trip to visit the university, the shopping area (mainly on M Street), the canal and the waterfront park.

Danny L: Must place to visit if you are visiting DC. Lots of things to do around the university. Great place for photography and sightseeing. Plenty of Restaurants around that area. You would love it.

David Gilbank: I fulfilled a lifelong ambition when I came to Georgetown to see where The Exorcist was filmed. I particularly wanted to throw my self down the stairs that featured in the finale. Obviously that could cause terrible damage, so I through a soft toy down instead. See photos. Its a brilliant beautiful neighbourhood. Well worth a visit.

Mj Dillenburg: Great graduation ceremonies! Except for the 95 degree heat and was beautiful.

Russ Watts: Excellent university, superb perspective on the political realm, mindful about the Jesuit values.

Enric Piferrer Torres: We stopped for a quick walk around the university buildings, and it was worth it! It reminded me of Harry Potter somehow. Beautiful main building. We parked outside for free in a 2 hour parking (no meter). The neighborhood is beautiful too

Justin Ahearn: So charming and beautiful. Feel like I’m going to get culture of Washington DC and the people that I meet are great

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