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1. Stork Childbirth Education - Washington

· 31 reviews

4001 Brandywine St NW Suite 300, Washington, DC 20016

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Stork Childbirth Education: what do users think?

Natalia Buniewicz: Being pregnant with my first baby early in the pandemic, I was really nervous about not being able to do a real birthing class. I came across Stork and did their virtual baby bootcamp, and am so glad I did! It really made me feel prepared for the experience and demystified the terms doctors were using and the various ways I could go into labor and how it could progress. As a bonus for me, the nurse teaching was a nurse at Sibley, where I was going to deliver, so she was able to actually speak to practices at the exact place I was doing to deliver. Having now had two babies at Sibley, I can confirm that her version of what to expect was accurate! As a second time mom and coordinating a community mamas group, I was grateful that Vanessa from Stork volunteered her time to speak to our group. It’s a great women-led local business that gives back to the community.

Andy Johnson: I first want to thank everyone from Stork Childbirth. You all are very professional and you speak very clear and very easy to understand what you are explaining. The training was one of my best trainings. Hope we have more training from you in the future.

Emily Doyle Knarr: I used Stork for both CPR/choking and childbirth education for my first child almost three years ago, and I recently had a CPR/choking refresher before the birth of my new baby. Caroline was our nurse/instructor, and she was fantastic! She was professional, thorough, personable, knowledgeable, willing to work with us until we were comfortable. Everyone at Stork that we have worked with over the years has been top-notch. They are responsive and provide excellent instruction and additional resources. Highly recommend!!

Audrey Field: I have nothing but amazing things to say about Stork Childbirth Education. First of all, their website is informative and user-friendly. The class descriptions were very helpful in selecting the right classes to take. I recently took the Baby Care and infant CPR class with Julia. Julia did a fabulous job taking the class through all of the content and demonstrating all of the CPR techniques. Though the class was virtual due to COVID, we still felt like we had a great experience and left the session feeling informed and empowered. I have recommended Stork Childbirth to all of my pregnant friends and highly recommend to anyone else that is expecting!

Aminat Balogun: I’m a grad student currently working on my thesis regarding ways to improve maternal mental health. I was lucky enough to interview Flynn, about her work with new and expecting parents and wow! She was so helpful and super knowledgable about maternal health. Even though I haven’t had the privilege to take courses with Stork just yet, I have no doubt that they provide amazing advice and emotional support for parents and their new additions!

MiMi Nabily: What can I say other than superb, first-rate, and extremely knowledgeable! My Husband and I had the absolute pleasure of taking the Stork Childbirth Education + Baby Care & CPR class with Flynn. The hours flew by with us wanting even more! In our opinion this class taught by Flynn is hands-down the most effective way to learn all the different facets of Childbirth & Education. Flynn is as AWESOME as they come!!!

2. The Breastfeeding Center - Washington



· 41 reviews

1020 19th St NW Suite 150, Washington, DC 20036

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The Breastfeeding Center: what do users think?

Cherie Richards: I just had my first appointment today. The specialist, Phoebe, was very knowledgeable, supportive, and very patient. We had a couple of victories which she celebrated with me. I would certainly refer any new mom to learn from these experienced professionals.

Jacob Karpinski: My wife and I went to The Breastfeeding Center to receive assistance with specifically pumping. As the husband I had no idea there were so many things that could be sold in conjunction with breastfeeding, this center seemed to have everything. Every type of pump, cream, herbs, as well as most importantly the consultants. Our consultant answered every question we had and provided needed encouragement.

Natalia Bailey: I had a great experience going to the breastfeeding center, both in terms of their classes (baby basics, infant sleep, introducing solids), and their in-home and office consultations. Maureen helped overcome some breastfeeding challenges, and she was patient, extremely knowledgeable, and reassuring. I strongly recommend their services to anyone. The shop might be a bit more expensive than getting the same items on amazon, but I see it as a way to support the work they are doing. Also, I loved going and trying on the several nursing bras options they have available, as well as trying on the baby carriers. I also loved going to the free new moms group, hearing other moms nursing issues made me feel not alone, and encouraged me to keep at it.

3. Momease - Lyles-Crouch

· 96 reviews

1800 Diagonal Rd Suite 600, Alexandria, VA 22314

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Momease: what do users think?

Caroline: Don’t walk, RUN, to book your doula and birth class with Momease. This is my first pregnancy, and I was feeling a bit apprehensive about birth and labor. I was a labor and delivery nurse for two years, and have been a NICU nurse for five, so I am very familiar with birth and the technical/clinical aspects, but personally felt so unprepared mentally and emotionally to face it on my own. Carolyn Alexander truly has a gift for this. She relates to people so well, instantly makes you feel comfortable, and is incredibly knowledgeable. My husband and I both loved her and cannot recommend her enough. THANK YOU.

Meghan Noury: My husband did the weekend childbirth class for our first baby due with Carolyn, who was great! It was a good mix of comfort measure techniques and the anatomy and details of labor and delivery with evidence based medicine. We worked through a booklet that we had online access to to go back and review some things on our own. Thanks for a great learning experience to prep for baby!

Giuliana Pence: Had a wonderful experience taking the childbirth weekend at Momease with Carolyn. She was great -- and my husband and I walked away from the experience feeling informed and also having enjoyed the class.

Kalisha Dessources: Working with Momease meant that the very incredible Shannon was my doula, and that I had a successful VBAC!!!! I could not have wanted more in a doula experience than what I got with Shannon. I was extremely careful in selecting the doula I trusted to journey with me on a VBAC, two years after an emergency c-section with my son. Shannon was just what I needed. She offered support, confidence, expertise—and most importantly, she was so honest and practical. I never felt with Shannon like I was over-promised that my birth experience would end how I wanted: with a successful vaginal birth after Cesarian; and I also never felt like it was impossible. It was an honest balance that prepared me for either outcome—because birthing is innately risky and unpredictable. What I felt, and what Shannon always reinforced, was that there were so many different ways to set myself up for success, and Shannon coached me through it—giving me honest feedback and redirecting me when things weren’t going as planned. Shannon is smart, calm, and kind. She made me feel confident in making decisions, and she was a good sounding board when I needed it through my labor and delivery. After 3 days of prodromal labor, I journeyed through 28 hours of a slowly progressing labor, that ended in a successful VBAC and a beautiful, healthy baby girl—born at 41 weeks and 3 days. Those 28 hours were filled with twists, turns, anxiety, and moments of uncertainty. I could not have done it without Shannon. If not for the patience and confidence of Shannon and my midwife team, I surely would have had a second emergency c-section. I will always have deep gratitude, and plan to have her by my side for any future births. I highly, highly recommend her!

Caroline Quat: Really great class! Due to the pandemic, my husband and I took the virtual Friday/Saturday birthing class. Carolyn our instructor was wonderful and really engaged us and the other couples during the two days. We definitely feel a lot more prepared for the birthing process. Beforehand, I was nervous on how it would go in the virtual environment, but it honestly made me more comfortable to be able to do everything from home! Highly recommend.

Stephanie Baum: I HIGHLY recommend any services you can use through Momease. My husband and I first connected with Momease to take the Breastfeeding and Baby Basics course. We then signed up for the daylong Childbirth 123 course and Infant CPR course. All the information was professionally delivered and the instructors also brought in a lot of fun and personalization. Great additional resources, handouts, and reputable websites were also provided. All the classes helped us feel more prepared for both labor and delivery as well as life with a newborn. Carolyn also served as our doula during labor and I cannot recommend her more highly! We met virtually on a weekly basis in the weeks leading up to my due date. Carolyn also coached me and my husband over the phone when I started laboring at home. As a first time mom it is difficult to know when to go to the hospital and Carolyn helped us with strategies to stay home until it was necessary to go to the hospital. She was an INCREDIBLE coach to both me and my husband during labor. I could not have done it without her. She worked so well with the nurse and midwife, helped us advocate for ourselves, and provided such a spirit of encouragement, safety, and peace in the delivery room. You will not regret working with Momease!

Jessica Labella: Carolyn was our doula. She was the absolute best and helped my husband and I get through a 36 hour labor. She helped me have the birth experience I always hoped for, even when I was sent to a completely different hospital unexpectedly.

4. NOVA Birth Partners - Fairfax

· 47 reviews

10560 Main St, Fairfax, VA 22030

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NOVA Birth Partners: what do users think?

Katlyn Haney: I’m not totally sure how to rate my experience with Nova Birth Partners because I received two services and one was outstanding and one was pretty terrible. Overall, I’d say I recommend this service very much, but be very careful about requesting services online and be clear about what you need. My son ate poorly and had trouble sleeping. Our sleep consultant at was AMAZING and it was a joy to work with her. She communicated clearly with us and gave us direct but gentle guidance. Our son is the best sleeper I know and I credit her entirely. Our lactation consultation however, wasn’t helpful at all. She called me twice for a total of about 30 minutes, told me how to calculate weight gain per day (literally add and divide by the number of days), told me my son needed to eat more (which is why I requested help), and then I got a bill for $350. I tried to tell her the specific issues I was having with nursing and she cut me off, so none of my issues were addressed. I did reach out to the owner who was very kind and responsive, but because I had requested a consultation and the consultant said she performed the service, I still had to pay the bill. I was happy to accept responsibility for it and move on, but I’d advise being very clear about what you want before you agree to any terms online.

Rashida Harris: I had the absolute pleasure of working with doula Lauren Digby during my first birth. I have nothing but phenomenal, top-tier, 5-star things to say. First of all, I was absolutely impressed and floored (in the best way possible) by her incredible bedside manner, respect, candor, kindness, follow-up, and genuine care for my family’s well-being. She took her time answering any and all questions I had (and there were a lot lol). I thought the support she offered me before the birth was top-notch, but she outdid herself when it was time for the baby to come. She provided the educational facts, maternal support, and guidance I needed and more. She was attentive during the entire process, staying in tune with what it seemed like I needed, and was gentle in her approach On top of that, she was the best guide for my husband. They were both very active during my birth, I’m talking holding my weight in many positions as I pushed, feeding me, keeping me hydrated, annd talking me through my contractions when necessary, honored the silence when necessary. She created a line of communiation that had us and the midwifery team all working together smothly. My midwifery team was even impressed with Lauren and how well she stayed attentive and anticipated ALL OF MY NEEDS. They expressed in interest in having her alongside them again! After the birth she called, checked on me, offered text support, and provided breastfeeding education. If you are on the fence about hiring a doula, please just go ahead and do it. If you’re in the area, hire Lauren! We love her! You will not be disappointed.

Tiffany T Smith: Navigating your first pregnancy during a global pandemic is anything but easy. I knew I would hire a doula before I got pregnant but was unsure of what that looked like during these uncertain times. I did interviews with a few different companies and after speaking with Faith and Lauren my decision to go with NOVA was much easier. I had great prenatal support whenever I had questions and their support during my labor was also great. They knew which positions were best to get my baby down while also providing me with some relief. Lauren was awesome leading up to the birth. She gave me tips when I started doing a little too much toward the end of my pregnancy and helped me to relax when I started to get concerned about the possibility of induction. I also used their placenta encapsulation services and working with Sarah was wonderful. She checked in leading up to my delivery date and my capsules were completed and delivered faster than I expected! I am very grateful to NOVA for the support I received in delivering my son. However, reflecting back on the day, I did have a few issues which I have since made them aware of. As a result of that and their response, I honestly don’t know that I would use their services again. I would say to make sure you make all of your expectations known and have anything said to you that may not be in the contract in writing. Also make sure everyone is on the same page to prevent any communication issues or misunderstandings later.

Alex Quarles Arrivillaga: I don’t think I could’ve made it through my birth without Shannon and couldn’t recommend her and Nova Birth Services enough. She was so supportive, knowledgeable, and engaged but we never felt like she was taking over or pushing my husband out of a role. Whenever there was a big decision to make, Shannon would calmly discuss my options with me to make sure I understood all the options and felt comfortable with my decision. The best part is that she was easygoing while still assertive when necessary. Childbirth is a long, intimate process and it’s so important to have the right person in the room, we loved spending time with Shannon during and after our birth.

Kelly Lawyer Cabana: My husband and I have had the best experience with NOVA Birth Partners and delivering our first baby! We took the one day birth class and the newborn class and found both extremely helpful. Moreover, our doula, Kim, was amazing! She helped support and walk me through my first labor and delivery. I couldn’t have asked for a better support system or calming presence. Kim offered supportive measures and helped me to stay focused throughout the entire delivery. I couldn’t recommend Kim or NOVA Birth Partners more!

Ryan Scirocco: Preparing to be a first time Mom is a very daunting endeavor! I received a referral for NOVA Birth Partners from my OB/GYN doctors office and they helped me prepare for every aspect of first time mommyhood. Their Doula service was incredible, everyone of their doula’s is impeccably trained, friendly and supportive. My Husband and I worked with Nancy Goodman and I cannot say enough positive things about her! She absolutely helped us prepare for labor and get through labor in the most supportive way possible. We attended the Newborn Care class which was the best class in helping us feel prepared to bring home our baby. We also hired Danielle to do our Newborn photography session which turned out absolutely perfect. My overall experience was FANTASTIC! I recommended NOVA Birth Partners to three of my friends already and will definitely be coming to them for our next child!
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5. Community of Hope - Family Health & Birth Center - Washington

· 40 reviews

2120 Bladensburg Rd NE, Washington, DC 20018

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Community of Hope - Family Health & Birth Center: what do users think?

frank swyca: Fantastic health services. Compassionate, friendly, committed, and qualified. They take care of all my health needs. I highly recommend. Lots of good programs.

Jessica Smith-Young: I Love the service of everyone there. Everyone is very nice and friendly. However, it is very hard to get some one on the phone. You have to pray before you call that you are able to get an appointment with in the year. LoL. Maybe this is due to Covid 19, but it is ridiculous how the phone is NOT being answered. :-(

Leslie Dandridge Davis: Gave Birth here to my now 14yr son Dylan! The only way to give birth in my book. Gave birth and 6hr later back in my home with my healthy baby. With all the support from my Amazing Midwives and Doula!

Erin Davis: Love this center. Had an amazing experience birthing my second child at their birthing center and I love all the midwives and staff! I have never had an issue here. I’ve been to some of the best practices, but this place far exceeds them all.

Renela Rucker: I absolutely love COH! I received prenatal care here and delivered my daughter at the birthing center. I loved all the midwives (you meet each one at some point or another) and the front desk staff. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. I really enjoyed the Centering program they have because you get to interact with other expectant moms who all have due dates near yours. The group visits were encouraging and informative! COH offers support in various areas with access to a lactation consultant, healthy start program, and behavioral health specialist, if you have any mental health issues or concerns such as post-partum depression. I would definitely choose and recommend COH again!

6. Birthing Basics, LLC - Fairfax County

· 8 reviews

5905 Old Sawmill Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030

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Birthing Basics, LLC: what do users think?

Shalini Sharan: Super helpful class and Lisa’s energy is so great! My OB recommended her class and I’m glad we did it. I haven’t given birth yet but I feel a lot more prepared about the process. My husband and I completed the videos over the weekend which was a good pace to retain the information. The handbook is by my bedside now and super helpful for recollecting notes as we prepare to meet our baby.

Claudia Johnson: I took this course back in 2016 and have used its knowledge & training in a total of 3 births! One induction with pitocin and an epidural which I wasn’t afraid to get bc I learned all about it here. And then two unmedicated births using all her tips and tricks for contractions. I just had my 3rd and my providers are always amazed at how well I labor through contractions all because of this class. This course is worth every penny; it’s the course that keeps on giving!

Jes Gaige: We had a wonderful time in class with Lisa! She answered any questions the group had and gave us loads of information on all methods of birth. Whether you are doing a natural birth or have a scheduled c-section she goes over all possibilities. Will deff be using ALL of her pain management recommendations. We both feel very prepared for labor and birth now! Thank you so much for everything!

7. FIT4MOM Arlington-Alexandria - Arlington

· 4 reviews
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FIT4MOM Arlington-Alexandria: what do users think?

Sabrina Reilly: Fit4Mom is an amazing fitness program!! Jennifer and her team encourage, motivate and empower you to be the best you can be. Every workout provides a mix of cardio, core, and strength set to great music. I have been taking Fit4Mom classes for over a year and as a result I have more energy, joy and strength than ever before.

Courtney McCreesh: Best workout in Northern Virginia plus a group of supportive women who help each other.

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