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1. Stork Childbirth Education - Washington

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Stork Childbirth Education
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Address: 4001 Brandywine St NW Suite 300, Washington, DC 20016

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (203) 858-9470

Business type: Childbirth class

Stork Childbirth Education: what do users think?
Natalia Buniewicz
Natalia Buniewicz: Being pregnant with my first baby early in the pandemic, I was really nervous about not being able to do a real birthing class. I came across Stork and did their virtual baby bootcamp, and am so glad I did! It really made me feel prepared for the experience and demystified the terms doctors were using and the various ways I could go into labor and how it could progress. As a bonus for me, the nurse teaching was a nurse at Sibley, where I was going to deliver, so she was able to actually speak to practices at the exact place I was doing to deliver. Having now had two babies at Sibley, I can confirm that her version of what to expect was accurate! As a second time mom and coordinating a community mamas group, I was grateful that Vanessa from Stork volunteered her time to speak to our group. It’s a great women-led local business that gives back to the community.
Andy Johnson
Andy Johnson: I first want to thank everyone from Stork Childbirth. You all are very professional and you speak very clear and very easy to understand what you are explaining. The training was one of my best trainings. Hope we have more training from you in the future.
Response: Thank you Andy for joining and such positive feedback. We will share this with Jen, RN, and Christina, RN. Have a wonderful summer and congratulations on your certification.
Emily Doyle Knarr
Emily Doyle Knarr: I used Stork for both CPR/choking and childbirth education for my first child almost three years ago, and I recently had a CPR/choking refresher before the birth of my new baby. Caroline was our nurse/instructor, and she was fantastic! She was professional, thorough, personable, knowledgeable, willing to work with us until we were comfortable. Everyone at Stork that we have worked with over the years has been top-notch. They are responsive and provide excellent instruction and additional resources. Highly recommend!!
Response: Thank you Emily! Congrats on your growing family. Caroline, RN is an amazing part of our team! Registered nurse, mother and expert!
Audrey Field
Audrey Field: I have nothing but amazing things to say about Stork Childbirth Education. First of all, their website is informative and user-friendly. The class descriptions were very helpful in selecting the right classes to take. I recently took the Baby Care and infant CPR class with Julia. Julia did a fabulous job taking the class through all of the content and demonstrating all of the CPR techniques. Though the class was virtual due to COVID, we still felt like we had a great experience and left the session feeling informed and empowered. I have recommended Stork Childbirth to all of my pregnant friends and highly recommend to anyone else that is expecting!
Response: Audrey we appreciate your feedback & glowing review of Julia, pediatric NP! She is evidenced based and in practice in DC so we know she has the most up to date information for our families.
Aminat Balogun
Aminat Balogun: I’m a grad student currently working on my thesis regarding ways to improve maternal mental health. I was lucky enough to interview Flynn, about her work with new and expecting parents and wow! She was so helpful and super knowledgable about maternal health. Even though I haven’t had the privilege to take courses with Stork just yet, I have no doubt that they provide amazing advice and emotional support for parents and their new additions!
Response: Thank you Aminat and for all you do to further maternal mental health!
MiMi Nabily
MiMi Nabily: What can I say other than superb, first-rate, and extremely knowledgeable! My Husband and I had the absolute pleasure of taking the Stork Childbirth Education + Baby Care & CPR class with Flynn. The hours flew by with us wanting even more! In our opinion this class taught by Flynn is hands-down the most effective way to learn all the different facets of Childbirth & Education. Flynn is as AWESOME as they come!!!
Response: Thank you Mimi! It is our pleasure and we appreciate your rave review. Great work Flynn!

2. The Breastfeeding Center - Washington

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The Breastfeeding Center
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Address: 1020 19th St NW Suite 150, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (202) 293-5182

Business type: Childbirth class

The Breastfeeding Center: what do users think?
Cherie Richards
Cherie Richards: I just had my first appointment today. The specialist, Phoebe, was very knowledgeable, supportive, and very patient. We had a couple of victories which she celebrated with me. I would certainly refer any new mom to learn from these experienced professionals.
Meiling Chen
Meiling Chen: The review is given on the front desk who is in charge of the breast milk. We ordered the breast milk. But I was not able to pick them up and texted that we will pick them up on Saturday. However, the center gave away some of the milk without confirming with me. We made the trip there but only got a portion of the milk which not enough for our baby. Sad.
Jacob Karpinski
Jacob Karpinski: My wife and I went to The Breastfeeding Center to receive assistance with specifically pumping. As the husband I had no idea there were so many things that could be sold in conjunction with breastfeeding, this center seemed to have everything. Every type of pump, cream, herbs, as well as most importantly the consultants. Our consultant answered every question we had and provided needed encouragement.
Natalia Bailey
Natalia Bailey: I had a great experience going to the breastfeeding center, both in terms of their classes (baby basics, infant sleep, introducing solids), and their in-home and office consultations. Maureen helped overcome some breastfeeding challenges, and she was patient, extremely knowledgeable, and reassuring. I strongly recommend their services to anyone. The shop might be a bit more expensive than getting the same items on amazon, but I see it as a way to support the work they are doing. Also, I loved going and trying on the several nursing bras options they have available, as well as trying on the baby carriers. I also loved going to the free new moms group, hearing other moms nursing issues made me feel not alone, and encouraged me to keep at it.
Christina Hyde
Christina Hyde: My hope for every city and town is to have a Breastfeeding Center. I’m grateful for the informative classes, and the little baby thrift store. The Breastfeeding Center helped me feel a little less anxious about what came after giving birth. That said, I relied on their expertise too heavily. I was a first-time mom. I didn’t know lactation consultants have a very specific focus - babies who latch (or physically can latch). The lactation consultants weren’t upfront about where their expertise started and ended. That was my issue. My baby had a tongue tie (which we had released) and struggled keep a latch on the bottle. Lactation consultants pointed out the issue, but didn’t seem concerned about it. Again, as a new mom I took my cues from the lactation consultants. I figured everything was okay. It wasn’t. My pediatrician diagnosed our baby with failure to thrive because she was losing weight at three months. Our doctor ended up referring us to a feeding specialist, where we sorted out our baby’s feeding issue. I didn’t understand a lactation consultant wasn’t the same as a feeding specialist. They aren’t. I’m more disappointed that the lactation consultants didn’t point me in the right direction, but rather continue to tell me everything was okay when it wasn’t. Since our baby wasn’t latching well, I became an exclusive pumper. Again, I didn’t get sound advice from the lactation consultants on this front. You do need to pump longer than 20 minutes a session if the baby isn’t also nursing to keep up your milk supply. I was told something different. All and all, the Breastfeeding Center is great at what it does best - helping moms nurse. Outside of that scope - or any deviation - explore other avenues.

3. Momease - Lyles-Crouch

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Address: 1800 Diagonal Rd Suite 600, Alexandria, VA 22314

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (703) 739-2831

Business type: Childbirth class

Momease: what do users think?
Lenora Abel
Lenora Abel: I definitely do not recommend this place. If you can find classes at your local hospital or somewhere else I highly recommend that option. My husband and I were excited to take this class as we are expecting our first child. However, tithe instructor we had seemed burnt out, unenthusiastic, and sometimes irritated when questions were asked. I immediately regretted taking this class. The instructor was also not up to date on certain hospital regulations such as c-section patients (scheduled) are are offered time umbilical cord clamping and transparent drapes. She told a class participant who asked about timed umbilical cord clamping that is not offered to c-section patients and she imposed her views on infant vaccines on the class. I later call the office and spoke to a woman who stated she trained this instructor and she didn’t believe me that my delivering hospital offered timed umbilical cord clamping and transparent drapes. This woman asked me who my physician was and said she was going to call the hospital to confirm it. I told her I have he printed document which confirmed what I told her and she claimed she would call the other participants, follow up with me on Tuesday of this week (she didn’t and didn’t return my call) and she claimed she would return my $75. None of which ever took place. Save your money and use it to invest in a much better class and organization/hospital somewhere else.
Response: Dear Lenora, Good research takes sometime, Sorry for the delay. I spoke to several clients who attended the Baby Care Basics class with you. Some complained about too many Childbirth questions, and spending too much time on Labor and Deliver procedures. Since this was a Baby Care Class and not a Childbirth Class, Another couple mentioned problems with technology. But all felt their questions were answered thoroughly and were pleased with the instructor's answers. Regarding your specific comments. I spoke with about the instructor, her comment regarding the clear drape during Cesarean, and she said she was not sure and checked with our provider. I called your hospital and spoke to the L&D Surgical Nurse, and yes, the information in the hospital brochure is correct. But the provider must request it in advance. This is new procedure. * Regarding Cord Clamping, as we discussed on the phone, this is determined by your provider. Your instructor mentioned reviewing the Evidence Base Birth website to provide more details about Cord Clamping. The provider will resolve how long before they clamp the Cord. *Immunization is a family decision. Momease support various vaccine, and we suggest discussing this matter with your Pedictraction Again, I am very sorry about your experience. I have thoroughly investigated this matter with the instructor, the hospital, and the clients that attended the class. We will gladly refund your money. Since your credit card is no longer valid, please let us know how to refund your money. Carolyn Alexander, Momease
Caroline: Don’t walk, RUN, to book your doula and birth class with Momease. This is my first pregnancy, and I was feeling a bit apprehensive about birth and labor. I was a labor and delivery nurse for two years, and have been a NICU nurse for five, so I am very familiar with birth and the technical/clinical aspects, but personally felt so unprepared mentally and emotionally to face it on my own. Carolyn Alexander truly has a gift for this. She relates to people so well, instantly makes you feel comfortable, and is incredibly knowledgeable. My husband and I both loved her and cannot recommend her enough. THANK YOU.
Response: Thank you attending the Weekend Childbirth, it was a pleasure meeting you both. Blessings and keep in touch
Meghan Noury
Meghan Noury: My husband did the weekend childbirth class for our first baby due with Carolyn, who was great! It was a good mix of comfort measure techniques and the anatomy and details of labor and delivery with evidence based medicine. We worked through a booklet that we had online access to to go back and review some things on our own. Thanks for a great learning experience to prep for baby!
Giuliana Pence
Giuliana Pence: Had a wonderful experience taking the childbirth weekend at Momease with Carolyn. She was great -- and my husband and I walked away from the experience feeling informed and also having enjoyed the class.
Kalisha Dessources
Kalisha Dessources: Working with Momease meant that the very incredible Shannon was my doula, and that I had a successful VBAC!!!! I could not have wanted more in a doula experience than what I got with Shannon. I was extremely careful in selecting the doula I trusted to journey with me on a VBAC, two years after an emergency c-section with my son. Shannon was just what I needed. She offered support, confidence, expertise—and most importantly, she was so honest and practical. I never felt with Shannon like I was over-promised that my birth experience would end how I wanted: with a successful vaginal birth after Cesarian; and I also never felt like it was impossible. It was an honest balance that prepared me for either outcome—because birthing is innately risky and unpredictable. What I felt, and what Shannon always reinforced, was that there were so many different ways to set myself up for success, and Shannon coached me through it—giving me honest feedback and redirecting me when things weren’t going as planned. Shannon is smart, calm, and kind. She made me feel confident in making decisions, and she was a good sounding board when I needed it through my labor and delivery. After 3 days of prodromal labor, I journeyed through 28 hours of a slowly progressing labor, that ended in a successful VBAC and a beautiful, healthy baby girl—born at 41 weeks and 3 days. Those 28 hours were filled with twists, turns, anxiety, and moments of uncertainty. I could not have done it without Shannon. If not for the patience and confidence of Shannon and my midwife team, I surely would have had a second emergency c-section. I will always have deep gratitude, and plan to have her by my side for any future births. I highly, highly recommend her!
Caroline Quat
Caroline Quat: Really great class! Due to the pandemic, my husband and I took the virtual Friday/Saturday birthing class. Carolyn our instructor was wonderful and really engaged us and the other couples during the two days. We definitely feel a lot more prepared for the birthing process. Beforehand, I was nervous on how it would go in the virtual environment, but it honestly made me more comfortable to be able to do everything from home! Highly recommend.
Stephanie Baum
Stephanie Baum: I HIGHLY recommend any services you can use through Momease. My husband and I first connected with Momease to take the Breastfeeding and Baby Basics course. We then signed up for the daylong Childbirth 123 course and Infant CPR course. All the information was professionally delivered and the instructors also brought in a lot of fun and personalization. Great additional resources, handouts, and reputable websites were also provided. All the classes helped us feel more prepared for both labor and delivery as well as life with a newborn. Carolyn also served as our doula during labor and I cannot recommend her more highly! We met virtually on a weekly basis in the weeks leading up to my due date. Carolyn also coached me and my husband over the phone when I started laboring at home. As a first time mom it is difficult to know when to go to the hospital and Carolyn helped us with strategies to stay home until it was necessary to go to the hospital. She was an INCREDIBLE coach to both me and my husband during labor. I could not have done it without her. She worked so well with the nurse and midwife, helped us advocate for ourselves, and provided such a spirit of encouragement, safety, and peace in the delivery room. You will not regret working with Momease!
Jessica Labella
Jessica Labella: Carolyn was our doula. She was the absolute best and helped my husband and I get through a 36 hour labor. She helped me have the birth experience I always hoped for, even when I was sent to a completely different hospital unexpectedly.

4. Birthing Basics, LLC - Fairfax County

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8 reviews
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Birthing Basics, LLC
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Address: 5905 Old Sawmill Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12AM Sat

Telephone: (703) 625-4285

Business type: Childbirth class

Birthing Basics, LLC: what do users think?
Shalini Sharan
Shalini Sharan: Super helpful class and Lisa’s energy is so great! My OB recommended her class and I’m glad we did it. I haven’t given birth yet but I feel a lot more prepared about the process. My husband and I completed the videos over the weekend which was a good pace to retain the information. The handbook is by my bedside now and super helpful for recollecting notes as we prepare to meet our baby.
Claudia Johnson
Claudia Johnson: I took this course back in 2016 and have used its knowledge & training in a total of 3 births! One induction with pitocin and an epidural which I wasn’t afraid to get bc I learned all about it here. And then two unmedicated births using all her tips and tricks for contractions. I just had my 3rd and my providers are always amazed at how well I labor through contractions all because of this class. This course is worth every penny; it’s the course that keeps on giving!
Jes Gaige
Jes Gaige: We had a wonderful time in class with Lisa! She answered any questions the group had and gave us loads of information on all methods of birth. Whether you are doing a natural birth or have a scheduled c-section she goes over all possibilities. Will deff be using ALL of her pain management recommendations. We both feel very prepared for labor and birth now! Thank you so much for everything!

5. George Washington University Hospital - Washington

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2734 reviews
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George Washington University Hospital
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Address: 900 23rd St NW, Washington, DC 20037

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (202) 715-4000

Business type: Hospital

George Washington University Hospital: what do users think?
Barbara Thompson
Barbara Thompson: For the past 2 months, I have been fortunate enough to be seen at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital. I am new to Washington DC, so it is the first time I have experienced the level of care that goes on there. Because I have several physical issues to deal with, I am at the hospital a couple of times a week. The Doctors have been able to diagnose and begin treatment for .a couple of major physical issues that I have. The Physical Therapy team that is working with me is showing me great kindness and patience. There is a confidence and optimistic feeling among the staff that permeates the hospital. You can’t help but feel better after spending time with this crew. I have never felt so comfortable in a hospital before, or looked forward to going to it! I am so grateful for the professionalism and the knowledge that the doctors and nurses have. I am looking forward to healing in a better life because of their care. So to the doctors, nurses, therapists and the rest of the staff, please know how much we appreciate all the hard work that you do for us. You are greatly appreciated and loved! Barb Thompson
Response: Hi, Barbara. It means the world to us that you took time out of your day to leave us this great feedback. Thank you, and we hope you have a pleasant day.
Jackie Wlodarczyk
Jackie Wlodarczyk: I went in with an issue with my eye because it would not open. I obviously was not able to see much at all. The staff was very friendly and helpful, they guided me so I would not run into anyone or anything. I was seen by a medical student, a resident, and an ER doctor almost immediately. They were all very nice and were quick and efficient in order to cause me the least amount of pain possible. The student and resident were extremely nice and provided me with as much information as possible. The only downside was that it took a really long time for the head doctor to approve my discharge paperwork. Which I kind of understand since it is an emergency room, but at that point I just really wanted to leave and go home. I eventually just left on my own after waiting an hour and a half for the head doctor to sign it. But overall, the staff really made the experience great.
Response: Hi, Jackie. Thank you for taking the time to leave us such great feedback. We're glad to hear you found our staff to be so friendly and helpful. Take care!
LyshaReneéTV: From the time of my consultation to the time I had my surgery the nurses and doctors were excellent! They made sure at all times I had everything I needed. Throughout my consultation, the doctor was very informative of my issues and well informative about my options. During my surgery, it did start an hour late but throughout my time waiting the doctors still made sure that I was comfortable and the job got done. I would definitely recommend!
Response: Thank you for your kind words, Lyshareneétv! Shout-outs like this are so meaningful to our team and we will be sure to pass your comments along. Thank you again and take care!
Jessy Manuel
Jessy Manuel: The staff had excellent bedside manner and were comforting and kept me well informed. I was very nervous as I had a prior surgery after which I woke up in horrible pain. I told the anesthesiologist and he reassured me before the procedure and stayed with me until I was in recovery to make sure that did not happen. Highly recommended.
Response: Thank you for the five stars, Jessy!
Vonda Lewis
Vonda Lewis: I had in and out surgery here last week and I was really nervous but once I checked in and was called to the back to get prepped for it. My nurse came in then the doctors who were doing the surgery came in and introduced themselves and then their assistant and so on. I was like I really feel welcomed and at ease a little. When I got to the surgery room the room was nice and cozy they had soft music playing, everyone was so very nice and at that time I knew I was in good hands. I was not nervous anymore. From the time I switched doctors GW has always been on point with everything! I would definitely recommend this hospital and the doctors to any and everyone! They get 5/10 stars from me! Thanks GW😊
Response: Hi, Vonda. It is very thoughtful of you to leave us such positive comments. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We hope you are doing well!
Leandra Brown
Leandra Brown: I just recently gave birth at GWU and I had an amazing experience. From the check in process to discharge and everything in between, I felt well taken care of. The Midwives are incredible! They are all so kind and knowledgeable and really attentive to your needs. I couldn’t be happier. All of the Nurses I worked with during Labor and after were awesome! They were super helpful and took such good care of me! Even though they had their hands full with lots of other patients, they were still very attentive, constantly checking in to see if I needed anything. I also loved working with the Lactation Consultant. She was so supportive and encouraging and I learned so much from her. It was such a pleasure working with her. I appreciate all of the staff (it’s impossible to name them all) for making my experience a great one.
Response: Hi, Leandra. Thank you for taking the time to share your kind words with us! Compliments such as these are held very dear to our hearts. We’re currently working on a staff recognition campaign and would like to share your kind words with our community. If we may include your feedback, please fill out the following form by visiting Thank you again for sharing your thoughtful comments with us.

6. Sibley Memorial Hospital - Washington

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290 reviews
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Sibley Memorial Hospital
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Address: 5255 Loughboro Rd NW, Washington, DC 20016

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (202) 537-4000

Business type: Hospital

Sibley Memorial Hospital: what do users think?
Anna Katt
Anna Katt: We just arrived home from receiving excellent care from Sibley’s Labor and delivery department. Everyone involved at every stage of the process was so kind and helpful, including the room service staff and environmental services. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to support us during the process of welcoming our first. Really appreciate all of it considering the current challenges faced by health care professionals during this pandemic.
Erin Taylor
Erin Taylor: I had such an amazingly positive experience at the Sibley ER yesterday and had to write a review. The triage nurses were really fantastic and caring. They stayed calm even though it was a hectic day and they were so kind. I especially appreciated them because I passed out in the ER and they were so kind when waking me up and helping me feel better. The ER nurses (Alex and Liz) were amazing! So helpful and kind and attentive. They really lightened my mood because they were so kind and caring. They also took the time to explain everything to me and really make sure I was okay. This was amazing to me because I knew the ER was very busy that day. The doctor, Dr. Eltaki, was absolutely fantastic. She was so smart and caring and made me feel really cared about and important. She also really took the time to explain things to me. I really really appreciated her!
Ronald Willis (Toke Masta)
Ronald Willis (Toke Masta): This was the worst experience I’ve ever had at an emergency room. But still very worthy of 5 stars. I was in at 9:30a. They drew blood at 10:15a. I didn’t get into a room until about 4p. I watched literally every person in the lobby get called back before me. By the time I go in a room. There were no familiar faces. A supervisor came out around 3:15. And I explained to her what I came for. And how long I had been waiting. She assured me she would look into it. And about 45 min later, I had a room. Once in the room. The nurses jumps into action. I got my cat scan. Nothing unusual. And they did what they needed to do. Once complete. I did have to wait an unusually long time for my discharge papers. But when I asked what was going on, I was out within 10 minutes. The staff was very overwhelmed but the people, the attitudes, the trash talking. But nobody lost patience. Everyone did the best they could. And even though it took a while. I left happy and satisfied with how the day was spent. Kudos to the entire ER staff at SMH! Thank you!
Karen Luttrell
Karen Luttrell: I just has surgery here at this hospital. My third surgery in 5 months due to breast cancer, but the first time I had surgery at this location. The staff in both pre-op and post-op went above and beyond to take care of me. My anesthesiologist was fantastic. I generally get very sick from anesthesia, but not this time. I greatly appreciate courtesy, kindness and care I received. I would highly recommend them!
Emalee Jimenez
Emalee Jimenez: This hospital needs to be seriously investigated for negligent patient care and no standards of cleanliness. This is a liability and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve been sued for negligence in patient deaths. I will be contacting more people because of this. Took my friend to the ER because she was having extreme abdominal pain that probably occurred because of a gluten allergy attack. The staff kept asking if she had drank or smoked weed recently, probably trying to really push to see if it was just a hangover. The staff was extremely rude and aggressive and caused her even more pain at times. The ER was less than half empty when we were there but somehow they took 2 hours just to give her an IV. As they were getting blood samples I guess the phlebotomist was too lazy to get a separate cart so she just used our table with all our personal belongings on it to do her blood work. The picture shown was AFTER the lady took the 4 blood viles off the table. She looked confused and didn’t know which vile went in which bag , and even got BLOOD on the table near our stuff!! Didn’t bother to clean up the spilt blood. I had to wait another hour just to get somebody’s attention to ask for gloves and wipes to clean it up myself. After 3 hours, and complaining about 2 or 3 times, they gave her morphine. Still rough and aggressive. We were fed up and just told them we wanted to be discharged. We waited another HOUR AND A HALF. At this point we’ve been in the ER for 4.5 hours. Nothing was done. Nobody was helping. Still haven’t seen any doctor. We pulled out the IV ourselves and walked out and went to another hospital. Wasted so much time and actually caused more pain. Please don’t come here
Response: Hi Emalee - we appreciate the opportunity to resolve concerns and learn about ways we can improve our services. Please contact our Patient Relations Department by filling out this form:, or by calling 410-955-2273, M–F, 8:30a to 5p.
elijah: I’ve always had positive experiences at sibley but not this time. I’ve been sitting in the er for 9 and a half hours. I’ve had my blood drawn and and IV put in and left to sit in the waiting room this whole time. I am an amputee (amputation done at Sibley) and I have an infection. I was admitted last week for 3 days for IV antibiotics and sent home with 5 days of oral antibiotics even though I told them I cannot take oral. I vomited the oral antibiotics for 5 days and am back at the hospital because my infection is still there. Everyone that came into the er after me is gone. They say they are going by acute cases but leaving me in the er for almost 10 hours (and counting) makes me feel like I don’t matter. I’m extremely upset and feel neglected.
Response: Hi Elijah - we appreciate the opportunity to resolve your concerns. Please contact our Patient Relations Department by filling out this form:, or, if you would like to speak with them, please call 410-955-2273, M–F, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thank you.

7. Pascal Women's Center at UM BWMC - South Gate

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4 reviews
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Pascal Women's Center at UM BWMC
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Address: 301 Hospital Dr Third Floor, Glen Burnie, MD 21061

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (410) 787-4600

Business type: Women's health clinic

Pascal Women's Center at UM BWMC: what do users think?
Jessica Wolf
Jessica Wolf: I delivered here 2 days ago and the staff was AMAZING. This was my first time having a baby, and the nurse (Ally I believe was her name) was an angel sent from above and helped me through every second of the birthing process. When I was transferred to the post care room, the nurses & staff there were amazing as well. Definitely a beautiful experience and I am so blessed to have been able to have all of the wonderful nurses that I had.
Response: That's wonderful, Jessica! Thank you so much for sharing your experience during your visit and congratulations on your newest addition!
jessica Taylor
jessica Taylor: when I had my daughter in 2019 I didn’t have a good experience with most of the nurses however I am delivering again here in June. I’m 34 weeks pregnant and Last night I had to come in to be evaluated for abdominal pain, cramping and decreased fetal movement. Everyone was so nice from the minute I got onto the labor and delivery floor. The woman that checked me in was very sweet and made the checking in process very easy. The nurse that took me to triage (Lauren) was nice as well. I got there later at night and they were doing a shift change when I was there, so after I had changed into the hospital gown I had a new nurse named tomika and she was great. She explained everything that her and the doctor would be doing and made me as comfortable as possible. The dr that was there was dr Hopkins and she was wonderful. She also explained everything that they would be doing and had amazing bedside manner. They checked on me often while waiting for my blood work results and I never felt like they had forgotten about me in the room. I was scared to deliver here again because of the bad experience I had with my first daughter but after my visit to labor and delivery last night I feel a lot better about choosing this hospital again :)
Response: Thank you for your kind review, Jessica! We are happy you chose us for your upcoming delivery and will be sure to pass this along to our staff.

8. US Department of State Office of Medical Services - Washington

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3 reviews
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US Department of State Office of Medical Services
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Address: 2401 E St NW L209, Washington, DC 20037

Telephone: (202) 663-1718

Business type: Medical group

US Department of State Office of Medical Services: what do users think?
Manhhanguyen Nguyen
Manhhanguyen Nguyen: HA NGUYEN VISA JOURNEY MEMBER#278759

9. MedStar Washington Hospital Center - Washington

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713 reviews
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MedStar Washington Hospital Center
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Address: 110 Irving St NW, Washington, DC 20010

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (202) 877-7000

Business type: Hospital

MedStar Washington Hospital Center: what do users think?
Chaturbhuj bhojwani
Chaturbhuj bhojwani: I believe this is the best hospital in Washington DC Compare with other hospitals. Unfortunately waiting time is so much here cannot explain. This location needs major renovation more facilities for patients and staff.
Response: Thank you for your review, Chaturbhuj. We're happy to hear that you have had positive experiences with us. We value your feedback and will share it with our leadership team so that we can make improvements in the future. Thank you for choosing us for your care. We wish you the best!
Hannah: Was flown into the emergency department after a major hemorrhage, post-tonsillectomy that left me unable to stop throwing up large amounts blood. The ER team got me straight into a room, explained everything they were doing, and made sure I was comfortable. My primary ER nurse, Raquel, was incredibly helpful. In less than 10 minutes after my arrival the resident ENT, Dr. Randolph, came to exam me and was very kind and had excellent bedside manner. He collaborated on my treatment plan with my surgeon and communicated everything to me and my mom. After a few hours I was admitted to the hospital in my own room. They allowed my mom to stay the night with me since I am under 26 years old. My nurse, Mary Kate, was incredible. She made sure me and my mom were comfortable, that I wasn’t in too much pain, and was very very sweet! The next morning Dr. Randolph came back to discharge me. Every nurse, doctor, and staff member I encountered there was great - which is very meaningful considering I was in such rough shape. Great medical team. Wait times were a bit long at times, but as to be expected in a hospital.
Response: Hannah, thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We are so glad that we could be here for you when you needed us, especially during what must have been a very frightening situation. We will surely share your kind words with our team. Thank you for your trust and for choosing us for your care. We hope you are doing better and wish you the best!
Johniece Robinson
Johniece Robinson: Don’t let these people lie to you this by far the worst hospital ever! Back in the day it was okay but I don’t know what happened over the years. I’ve watched my sister have the worst labor and delivery. The doctors was unprofessional they even had students practice on the patients. They barely clean, sanitize my sisters room, if it’s supposed to be COVID why nobody not doing they’re job! I was so irritated and annoyed for my sister. She came in the hospital Great left out with a fever. The nurses will get irritated if we ask them a question, they will take along time to respond to us if we call for them it was just too much I felt so bad. Hopefully in the future they will have better doctors and more professional nurses. I will go more into details but I’m not! Just hope In the future things will be so much better and more professional
Response: Johniece, thank you for your review and feedback. We are very sorry for your sister's experience with us. We take your concerns very seriously and would like to reach out to you or her as soon as we can for more information. Please fill out our secure online patient feedback form so that we can reach out as soon as possible: We hope to speak with you soon and will do everything we can to help.
Julio Argueta
Julio Argueta: It was the worst experience in a hospital, my daughter was on surgery for 6 hours, and no one come to me and let me know how was everything, not even after the surgery, in other cases I saw doctors come and tell there family how was everything and that everything went well. But not in my case and not even the receptionist could tell us anything not even where she was. Until 10 hours later when my daughter called me and send me a picture of the board information that she can verily see. That was the only way that I could see her. They ask her if she wants to see a minister, she told them that she wanted to see me because her father was a minister but they didn’t let me in, she stay overnight and now I am her outside waiting until 11:00 they won’t let me in until visit hours, even when she ask for me. Her father. We are used to have a better treatment. Georgetown is the best hospital. For sure….
Response: Julio, we understand that having a loved one in the hospital can be difficult and emotional. We're very sorry to hear that you have not been satisfied with your family's experience. We'd like to reach out to you as soon as we can to see if there's anything we can do to help and support you. If you're willing, please send us your contact information by filling out our secure online patient feedback form: We hope to speak with you soon and will do everything we can to help.
joy adona
joy adona: My sister was a patient at this hospital just recently. She had chest pain and fainted while working. She was brought to the emergency room department and had the worst experience since. The nurse who took care of her yelled at her when she was asking for something, she could not move at all and needed assistance getting what she needed. She was not treated with respect, her privacy was violated. She was in pain and did not receive anything to manage it. Her calls were ignored. It is hard enough to be in pain more so being treated rudely while dealing with it. The nurses’ priority should be the provision of safe and quality patient care. My sister just experienced the opposite.
Response: Joy, thank you for sharing your review. We are very sorry for your sister's experience with us. We take your concerns seriously and would very much like to speak with her regarding these issues. Please ask her to fill out our secure online patient feedback form so that we can contact her as soon as we can: We hope to speak with her soon and will do everything we can to help.
Greer Dog Adventures
Greer Dog Adventures: The front desk and security are horrible. No compassion, no empathy, unhelpful, and always have an attitude. They will give you different information policy than the doctors and nurses, and it is not always correct. If you can get past that, the other staff is gracious, kind, compassionate, and helpful. Mask mandate in effect. Normal visiting hours vary from 11a-6p to 2p-7p. Only one person PER DAY. Palliative care visiting hours are 24/7 under order of provider. Two people are allowed at a time, and they can switch with other documented visitors.
Response: Thank you for your review and feedback. While we're happy to hear that you had a positive experience with some of our team members, it's very disappointing to hear that this was not the case throughout your visit. We'd like to reach out to you for more information regarding your concerns. If you're willing, please fill out our secure online patient feedback form: We hope to speak with you soon and will do everything we can to help.
Naya -Monet
Naya -Monet: April front desk at suite 108 for pregnant women had a really nasty attitude talked to me any kind of way no greeting busy speaking to co-workers while speaking to me must be really miserable. She definitely needs more training on people/communication skills if you don’t like your job don’t work there simple. In the hallway while I was waiting for feedback I even overheard other patients complaining about her attitude which sucks. She needs to learn the basics of patient care fire her or have her get more training .
Response: Naya, thank you for your review. We're very sorry for your experience and would like to reach out to you for more information as soon as we can. We expect all members of our team to treat our patients with the highest levels of kindness and professionalism. If you're willing, please fill out our secure online patient feedback form: We hope to speak with you soon.
Jade Dawson
Jade Dawson: I had a very good labor and delivery experience here via c section, as I could not labor naturally with my midwife as planned for several reasons. I labored naturally here until 7cm and I’m so glad all I had to do was pace my breathing. They took wonderful care of me, knew how and when to manage my pain before I realized it myself. The low stress of this resulted in a calm trust when it came to the c section. Will come again for the next baby!

10. sweetgreen Dupont - Washington

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249 reviews
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sweetgreen Dupont
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Address: 1512 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM

Telephone: (202) 387-9338

Business type: Health food restaurant

sweetgreen Dupont: what do users think?
Nils Hünerfürst
Nils Hünerfürst: Always great to have a solid place for healthy food. Thank you sweetgreen for existing.
Laura Delgado
Laura Delgado: Everything was good today except for when I found a bug attached to one of the spinach leaves in my chicken chimichurri bowl... Staff should be instructed to wash greens better, I am pretty sure that is the problem because the leaf looked like it had been munched on by that bug for a while (not me!). Yuck.
Bob Collopy
Bob Collopy: While I like sweetgreens, this branch consistently has less than fresh produce. The salad itself seems to be properly handled, but other ingredients like broccoli, chickpeas, apples, etc seem to have been left out for far too long. Maybe just go during the lunch rush because it seems to be mostly the same stuff by closing time.
Sophie: Delicious food. I usually make my own salads. They make for a good, hearty meal and their bread (especially when warm) is delicious.
Debby Stahl
Debby Stahl: Love this place!! First time there and I really wish that we had one in Lancaster, Pa. Does anyone know how to get in touch with them and ask them to come to Pennsylvania? I would be going there a lot. Vegan friendly and very tasty.
Aparna Soni
Aparna Soni: Delicious salads and bowls. Ingredients are super fresh and dressings are amazing. Love the spicy Thai vegan salad! Great for a quick healthy meal.
Ah Ar
Ah Ar: I just replaced an order today . and i was not happy with the bowl. The salad was very dry and the bowl was almost empty with a tiny slice of fish. I know this is not a Sweetgreen standar. Concerned customer.
Kia Orion
Kia Orion: if you’ve been to one SG you’ve pretty much been to em all food wise. but what warranted this review was the staff. the supervisor Alex made my day. super nice guy and put up with all my annoying requests for extra things. we got to chatting and he gave me some great recommendations for places around the city and other spots too. worth the trip just for the sweet folks who work here
Phoenix Moonlilly Show
Phoenix Moonlilly Show: Excellent food! Not too pricey and one bowl can feed two

11. United States Postal Service - Washington

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91 reviews
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United States Postal Service
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Address: 2000 14th St NW Ste 104, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (800) 275-8777

Business type: Post office

United States Postal Service: what do users think?
Catania James
Catania James: Since moving to D.C. in 2019, I have seen this post office go through a couple staff changes. I think it’s been a positive thing!! Today (Sat, 12/11/21) I have received the best service to date!!! There were 3 women behind the counter and they were professional, courteous, knowledgeable about the services and gave prompt service to everyone in the line. When I first entered the post office, I was a little nervous about joining the line however they had the line moving in an efficient manner. I waited about 5 minutes. they were also clear with the customers about which register took cash only and patiently assisted customers who were sending packages internationally and helped them refill out paperwork that was illegible or filled out incorrectly. I hope this post office keeps this configuration of staff!!
Shalin Nohria
Shalin Nohria: The location is great, the service is awful. I literally heard the employees laughing about how they sent someone away when they could have helped. New management is definitely needed.
Jordan Bickham
Jordan Bickham: I arrived at 9:10 to drop off a prepaid label package but the doors were locked. Me and other people have been waiting and watching as the people inside ignore us even though they are supposed to be open at 9. It’s now 9:30 and still nothing. Absolutely horrible USPS!
Kelly Shurtleff
Kelly Shurtleff: The USPS is a disgrace!! It should be abolished and charged with racketeering. They charge for services that they do not provide in good faith! They now want more money and want to do less! They tell you to pay more money for Priority services (not guaranteed) and NEVER come close to delivering on time. What the @#$@# are we paying for??? they cannot be held accountable like almost every other business. You cannot sue or take any legal action!!! AND THEY ARE NOT A FEDERAL GOVT. BUSINESS!!!! how can congress allow this to happen with repercussions??? Now you cannot even file a missing mail for at least a week!! What a joke on the American public!!!! write you congressman and demand changes!!!!
Jessica Hsu
Jessica Hsu: I almost didn’t come here because of the reviews, but had no choice. I was here at 1:36pm on Thursday. Clerk 12 was helpful and kind. My two other packages with pre-paid labels were scanned promptly. I had a positive experience at this location.
elijah: I didn’t get her name but the young lady working around 11am on June 17th (she was working the register to the left as you face the registers) was super helpful! I was shipping a package and she had me out in under 5 minutes. I’m in a wheelchair and she informed me that they finally fixed the handicap button for the door so I just had to hit it to get out. I don’t know about all these negative reviews but I firmly believe just be nice to folks and you’ll get the same back. So sorry I didn’t catch your name but thanks for making my experience great!
Oancea Marcela
Oancea Marcela: 9:41am supposed to be already open and working, it’s about 15 people waiting for them to open the door, I can’t believe this can actually happen on a regular day looks like people here work by their own working schedule. Worst experience ever.

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