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1. Eastern Plumbing Supply

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10 reviews
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Eastern Plumbing Supply

Address: 1121 Florida Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: +1 202-399-0999

Business type: Plumbing supply store

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Eastern Plumbing Supply: what do users think?

Harold Brenner: I was redoing my daughters vanity drain after she bought a new one. After extensive research and measuring, I thought I knew what I needed. I failed to find the required pieces at a generic hardware, so I went to Eastern Plumbing Supply. The person there looked at my pictures and suggested a much better alternative for much less money. Their prices were great. It worked out exactly as they suggested!!

Barney King: Very helpful. Great price. Will definitely use them for future needs.

Jose Bone: They have Judy about everything residential.

Lord “Noturavgnewyorker” Walters: Their great but its closed . . . Hope they have survived the Covid

Richard Jackson: They help more than big box stores!!

christina bacon: Pretty good. Close to the bus line.

Will Allen: Convenient and good personal service

Rodney Davis: Amazingly helpful!

2. Ferguson Plumbing Supply

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77 reviews
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Ferguson Plumbing Supply

Address: 3194 Bladensburg Rd NE, Washington, DC 20018, United States

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5PM

Telephone: +1 202-529-7411

Business type: Plumbing supply store

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Ferguson Plumbing Supply: what do users think?

Florence Auld: I had the complete pleasure of having Pam Neughborshelp me locate a product for our shower door that Ferguson didn’t even sell!! What excellent customer service. Thank you Pam.
Response: Thank you, Florence, for sharing about the excellent customer service Pam provided you during your visit. We are glad to hear you were able to find everything you needed for your shower door, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Robert Jacklow: Always have a good experience here.
Response: We love to hear about when our customers receive friendly and helpful service, Robert. Thank you for sharing your experience with us here, and we look forward to assisting you again soon.

Tarik Smith: Went in and the clerk directed me to the aisle that I needed. While standing there another customer came up and saw what I was looking for but directed me to more modern parts. Gave me some tips and I was in business. I went to the counter and the clerk gave me the last parts I needed and verified with my old set that the new stuff would fit. I highly recommend them as they have helpful knowledgeable staff and the customers are friendly and helpful also.
Response: Thank you, Tarik, for the 5-star review. We strive to provide the same level of service you received to all our customers. We are glad you were able to find all the parts you needed with the help of our knowledgeable staff. Until next time.

Omroy: Nice and quick service. The gentlemen who assisted me was polite and pleasant. He answered my questions thoroughly and he helped me get my hot water heater into my truck.
Response: That's what we like to hear, Omroy!. We will be sure to recognize the team in Washington, D.C. for your positive review. Thank you for your business and we look forward to seeing you again soon at our plumbing supply location in Washington, D.C.

Jim B.: I came looking for a custom part. Sonny was able to find the part in a parts book. We have to order them but at least they are available. Thanks Sonny.
Response: That's what we like to hear. We're glad Sonny found the part you needed from our wide selection of merchandise. If you have tips for how we could have made your experience a five out of five stars, you can contact Mike Cataldo, Director of Branch Management, at to share your recommendations. Thank you for your business, Jim.

Konstantin Shutikov: Under staffed. One person working the coner???. People treat the place as a social club watching TV and and talk football so it takes 30 min to get through the line. Is that a way to do business?

3. W.T. Weaver & Sons Inc.

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12 reviews
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W.T. Weaver & Sons Inc.

Address: 1208 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: +1 202-333-4200

Business type: Bathroom supply store

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W.T. Weaver & Sons Inc.: what do users think?

Maya Weil: I purchased door hardware for a complete house remodel a few years ago. The experience in the showroom was excellent. The products are high end and service is great. A few weeks ago a door knob came off and I took it to the hardware store to replace the screw. They could not figure out what I needed so I reached out to Mike and Selena Weaver. She was really helpful and sympathetic. She had the screw shipped to me and then Mike Weaver made a video actually taking apart a knob in his own home to demonstrate how to install it. Now that’s service!

Sarah Olson: Wonderful staff who are an amazing resource for the specialized product lines they carry! We purchased a home with sigma fixtures and after several years developed a small leak. Mike Weaver helped us identify the parts of these fixtures that fail over time (like any product), how to locate replacement parts, and even tried to help us find a plumber who is familiar with sigma fixtures! I cannot speak more highly of Mike and the whole operation. We are so grateful for all their their time and assistance.

Kenneth Sterne: Time does pass so quickly and the people that have helped you enrich and enjoy life are rare. Two, my wife and I have known since 1985 are Bryce and Mike Weaver. They are like their Dad, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful in fulfilling your wishes to make your home beautiful. Recently, we needed to repair water damage to our home and wanted qualified people to do the work and who were familiar with the quality the firm represents. Our contractor has done wonderful work and matches the quality of W.T. Weaver & Sons Inc. Problems, yes, not their cause, but, none the less, they went out of their way to help us solve them. I would recommend them to anyone who wants the step beyond in quality, beauty, service, and yes, fun. They are great and we will keep going back.

Christopher Dietz: If you know or have dealt with Michael or Selena or any other team member at their store, you will know you are treated with respect, appreciation and care. Each and everyone of the team sincerely values your business and your time. They want to provide you with the best solution specifically for your needs, not theirs. Should you need any plumbing, decorative or architectural hardware, there is no better place to see it all. Makes it easy when matching door handles to cabinet pulls to bath fixtures.....

Michael Altuner: Best service and selyection. Mike Weaver pays attention to detail.

Robert Andrews: This is a good showroom with high end products. The staff is down-to-earth and very helpful. Thoughtful and not pressuring you. They even have a parking lot!

Udi M: If you doing a renovation in your house or building a luxury house that the place to come ! Great place! Great people!

Paul Innella: Wonderful experience. Honest, pleasant and extremely knowledgeable.

Alex Condor Vidaurre: (Translated by Google) Excellent customer service ... very nice place and has a large stock of products ... regarding the location ... there is not much reference ... it is difficult to locate access unless you have more than one. .. (Original) Excelente atención al cliente...lugar muy agradable y cuenta con un amplio stock de productos...con respecto a la existe mucha referencia... es complicado hubicar el acceso a no ser que tenga más de una...

4. Washington Winnelson

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24 reviews
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Washington Winnelson

Address: 3333 Pennsy Dr, Greater Landover, MD 20785, United States

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 4:30PM

Telephone: +1 301-386-7771

Business type: Plumbing supply store

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Washington Winnelson: what do users think?

james mink: Visited this place last Saturday one of the only places I could find that was open with the part I needed very knowledgeable people even got to meet the owner surprised he was in there on a Saturday definitely found that good to be part of your store like that would definitely recommend this place prices were acceptable actually surprising I figured most people would charge more being available for Saturday

Michael Greenfield: The worst customer service since coming to Here. Chris #010. Don’t get him to service your order. I asked him two questions. Do you provide customer discounts and can you add a P.O? He did not add a P.O. and Lied to me about account holders. Is the worst

Graeme Powell: I was impressed. Well stocked and good prices. The location is great and they had everything we needed.

Joseph Anderson: Knowledgeable staff and most plumbing parts available under 1 roof

John Peck: Awesome place,great options and excellent customer service.

Edwin Miranda: Always good service and fair prices

Daniel Garrison: Easy to get to, the people at the counter were good help.

R Edwards: Very good, easy to unload here and quick

David Depaz Nicolas: Much better prices than Ferguson.

5. Plumbing Parts Plus

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54 reviews
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Plumbing Parts Plus

Address: 12172 Nebel St, Rockville, MD 20852, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: +1 301-881-1001

Business type: Plumbing supply store

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Plumbing Parts Plus: what do users think?

Michele Pearson: I went to several stores shopping for a bathroom renovation, no one was nearly as helpful as Sebastian at Plumbing Parts Plus! Yes they are often busy, but I signed in and he got to me within 15 minutes. He then took the time to explain all the shower options to me and helped me choose wisely based on function and price range. He ordered for me and it ended up being way cheaper than what was advertised online for those parts! They called within 2 weeks with all of my things ready to pickup. I would say save yourself the trouble and go here and request Sebastian. I really appreciate how helpful they were and everyone was so friendly!

Shoshana Eisenberg: We spent $30K on our cabinets from here. 6 years later, our glass cabinet spontaneously broke in half and we were told that it was not covered by the lifetime warranty because "we opened it too much." I would seriously discourage anyone from purchasing cabinets here.

B AC: This place packs a lot of bang for your buck into a small store. It is not quite a showroom in the sense that they do not have cohesive looks on display. They do have tons of items individually on display that give you a lot to look at. Most of the stuff needs to be ordered, but it is a great place with friendly staff who all seemed ready to help out anytime you need it!

chrandall90: I went to Plumbing Parts Plus to select a sink top, and faucet, towel bar, etc. accessories for my new bathroom. Pat Regan was very helpful,spending over an hour with me looking at all the options. He was knowledgeable about all the products, had good suggestions, and wrote up a complete list of all the items I looked at with the prices, so that I could decide. I would definitely recommend Plumbing Parts Plus, and Pat Regan, tp anyone needing to shop for plumbing appliances.

John Camp: We remodeled our entire bathroom and have bought a number of fixtures at Plumbing Parts Plus over the years. I depend on these guys to provide top quality products and service. The price is the same or maybe a little higher than the internet or Home Depot, but you will get the right part and it will not break when you use it.

6. Ferguson Plumbing Supply

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30 reviews
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Ferguson Plumbing Supply

Address: 1821 Washington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19146, United States

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 7:30AM

Telephone: +1 215-790-8504

Business type: Plumbing supply store

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Ferguson Plumbing Supply: what do users think?

Johnathan Cuevas: Super friendly group of guys. Took time to explain to me what products they had and what would be best for my project. They were awesome to my kids who were present as well. Wish more stores had guys with customer service like theirs.
Response: Johnathan, thank you for the wonderful review. We love to hear that you and your family received helpful and friendly service during your visit, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

vonda trawick: This staff was excellent. Every associate I encountered was welcoming and pleasant. We even joked a lil🙂.The was by far the best plumbing supply store Ive ever been to. They exceeded my expectations. Great job guys.

Stephanie Rodigas: I don’t know what I’d do without these guys. I work a lot with Jim, Javi, and Jay. Always so patient and helpful with all my DIY questions. They’ve saved me a lot of time and money over the last couple of years. Even helped me with a return from the Ferguson showroom out in Conshehocken. Always friendly, funny, professional, it literally brightens my day stopping in there, and they always have what I’m looking for!

Adam Weinraub: First left me preface this by saying I’m a somewhat handy guy that wanted to fix my garbage disposal that was leaking. I knew what parts I needed and went in this afternoon to get said parts to fix my garbage disposal. I looked around the store for a bit and eventually asked for some guidance as to where the replacement parts were. The store was empty of any customers and I was sent to the back wall to look for the part I needed. Mind you there was no one else in the store shopping just three guys at the front, one of whom was listening to Kevin Hart standup. I found what I needed and asked a few more questions regarding the parts and whether I needed to make some additional part purchases. The clerk dismissively told me “I don’t know much about plumbing”. Overall, the store had a limited selection of replacement parts for garbage disposal specifically and clearly had a preference of catering to those in the plumbing industry.
Response: We're sorry this happened, Adam. We never want a customer to leave with a negative shopping experience. Your feedback helps us to improve our showrooms/counters and we appreciate you letting us know this occurred. If there is anything we can do to further help at this time, please send your contact information to: and we'll look into it ASAP.

John Coppa: Unbelievably amazing service! I truly cannot get over how amazing their customer service is! Such a breath of fresh air!
Response: John, thank you for leaving us an excellent review. We take a lot of pride in providing all our customers with the same amazing service that you received and we look forward to seeing you again soon here at our Philadelphia location.

HBL Development: Worst plumbing supply ever.Tbey lie and very unprofessional

Kevin Waggle: Awesome They act like they care And sell plumbing supplys Hard to get both now days
Response: Kevin, thank you for providing us with your 5-star review. We assure you that we do care and we really enjoy delivering all our customers a first-class experience. We look forward to working with you again here at our Philadelphia location.

Rick S.: Great selection and knowledgeable staff!
Response: Thank you for the great review of our Philadelphia location, Rick. We are happy to hear that our team provided you with knowledgeable service and that you enjoyed our selection of plumbing supplies. We hope to see you again soon.

Norman Weiner: Never have items I want in stock. Always have to order from another location.
Response: Norm, we are always looking for ways to improve and will share your comments with the appropriate teams here at Ferguson.

joe dougherty: Go to spot for any plimbing needs specitaly items included! Good friendly service

7. Famous Supply

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7 reviews
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Famous Supply

Address: 1110 W Chestnut St, Washington, PA 15301, United States

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 4:30PM

Telephone: +1 724-225-8330

Business type: Plumbing supply store

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Famous Supply: what do users think?

William Kottner: Have to go thru a contractor, but helpful and knowledgeable staff guides you thru, offers appropriate suggestions and orders your construction needs. The showroom was excellent before and they are updating it currently. For your kitchen, bathroom and cabinetry needs it is the place to go

Ronald A. Bouvy: Plumbers & HCAC supply house

Alex Moore: Excellent.

8. Elite Plumbing Kitchen & Bath

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4 reviews
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Elite Plumbing Kitchen & Bath

Address: 18 Country Club Rd, Washington, PA 15301, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: +1 878-218-1188

Business type: Plumbing supply store

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9. Lin Supply Co

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74 reviews
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Lin Supply Co

Address: 250 NJ-31, Washington, NJ 07882, United States

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 7:30AM

Telephone: +1 908-689-3386

Business type: Air conditioning contractor

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Lin Supply Co: what do users think?

Matthew Taylor: Lin Supply was the ONLY place that had what I needed on short notice. I gave them a call and they knew exactly what I was talking about. When 4 other stores had no clue and nothing in stock, Lin got me taken care of. Now my furnace has the part it needed and my family is warm again. Thank you Lin Supply!Service: Repair HVAC

William Bundy: I went to Link n sons this past Saturday showed the store hours and the sign said it was open but no one was there

Joe Menes: Need plumbing supplies? This is the place. Owner very helpful

John Mahoney: First time here helpfully staff will definitely return

Michael DeRosa: Great work, friendly service. Will use again for future jobs.

Mike Krauss: Many thanks to Lin Supply Co. (aka Link & Son) for their prompt response to my failed DIY attempt. I was not able to navigate the 20-step instructions for replacing a fill valve in the toilet tank late Monday afternoon. By early Tuesday morning, Pete M. came by, expertly performed the work and additionally replaced the supply line, all the while pointing out what I had missed and sharing other little tips. Perfect job!

10. Active Plumbing Supply

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25 reviews
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Active Plumbing Supply

Address: 9890 E Washington St, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023, United States

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5PM

Telephone: +1 440-543-2233

Business type: Plumbing supply store

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Active Plumbing Supply: what do users think?

Brad Mueller: I use these guys for all my “difficult” plumbing needs. If they don’t have it, your only alternative is to look on line. I don’t like their “if you bought too many, you’ve got spares” return policy. This just isn’t how business is done today.

Chris S: Very friendly and helpful staff. Wide selection of upscale kitchen and bath fixtures and accessories.

Pista Farkas: They are my main suppliers of plumbing related equipment. Competent and helpful. Great service.

Ted Vitale: Excellent service and price and the coffee and pastries were a additional bonus.

Carol Veleba: Great local place for plumbing supplies.

11. Clinton Electrical & Plumbing Supply

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15 reviews
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Clinton Electrical & Plumbing Supply

Address: 1546 Co Hwy 22, Washington Ct Hs, OH 43160, United States

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 7:30AM

Telephone: +1 740-335-3800

Business type: Electrical supply store

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Clinton Electrical & Plumbing Supply: what do users think?

A Murphy: The guys behind the counter know more about what you need than you do. If you are an inexperienced , experienced contractor or just a diy person these guys can help with most all plumbing and electrical goods and services. I used to know the guys on a first name basis when I was a contractor and very seldom did they lead me astray on items I needed for jobs. Wish auto parts stores had employees like they do.

Kimberly Bishop: he doesnt have service guys to do my work, but took the time to give me a handful of people that could help me. thats rare anymore

Jack Sharp: It was great got to see my little buddy on his last day at work. You go Bill service is always good. Very professional

Colin Campbell: All the counter service people are EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE and courteous. Pricing is AWESOME. Been doing business with Clinton Electric since 1974.

High Class: Great place great prices helpful staff and polite. Well recommended

Skeet LeBeau: Go above and beyond to take care of you. A++++++++++

Brian McCracken: Best in the business

12. Frager's Hardware

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739 reviews
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Frager's Hardware

Address: 1115 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: +1 202-543-6157

Business type: Hardware store

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Frager's Hardware: what do users think?

Audrey Lester: Blind Customer: I increased shopping here during pandemic, as it’s in my community. On nearly all visits, I’m greeted at front door by a very knowledgeable staff member. I love how they know where every item is specifically located - like really! Upon entry, you’re on main isle. To your left are short isles leading to registers. Staff always escort me through store or to elevator where I’m met by another team member on lower level. Ayesha, General Manager, allows items to be opened for me when possible so I can feel item. I especially love their text message lime where consumers can ask questions before visiting store. Great Team!
Response: It's so great to hear from you Audrey, thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We're so glad our staff provide exceptional customer service that makes shopping a pleasure. Thank you for being a customer- we look forward to your next visit!

Michael uthe: The store with more. Walked in and thought was small. But as I got farther in it opened up to huge room with a downstairs and outdoor garden section. Truly awesome and amazing staff.
Response: Hi Michael! Thanks so much for the kind words and for shopping local! We love that you had such a great experience! Our team looks forward to seeing you again in the near future.

Hope Greenleaf: Great shop with a large selection of plants, gifts, household items, and hardware. Friendly helpful staff!
Response: Thanks for choosing Frager's Ace Hardware and for leaving such a great review, Hope! It's good to know that we were able to provide you with a great selection and the highest level of service. We look forward to your next visit!

Stephanie Sneary: Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. The store often carries products you can’t find at larger stores— for instance I recently had need for a shorter length of 14/2 electrical wire that I found here.
Response: We love to hear that we can outsource our competition! Thanks for shopping and supporting Frager's.

koura Gibson: Disappointed to be rudely treated for “walking into store” before opening. The door was wide opened and I entered only to be charged aggressively by the 3 attending employees, shouting for me to exit. I had to calm them down of their excitement to reprimand me for entering the store. There was no indication that the store was not opened. No hours were posted ether. Then the older guy rudely and aggressively closed the door as I exited. He then snarkly stated “I guess!” When informing him that 8:00 was in 14 minutes. It was really disappointing to have to endure such rudeness in the morning.

Kristin Roesch: William was so helpful in matching a specific furniture screw I needed for a Murphy bed. He answered all of my novice questions and was so funny and kind. He also helped with copying a house key.
Response: Thank you Kristin! William has been with us a long time, we're glad to have him on our team! We appreciate your business, hope you'll shop with us again soon.

13. Magnolia Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

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622 reviews
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Magnolia Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

Address: 600 Gallatin St NE, Washington, DC 20017, United States

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +1 866-339-5352

Business type: Plumber

Near Magnolia Plumbing, Heating & Cooling:

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Magnolia Plumbing, Heating & Cooling: what do users think?

Zach Geller: My experience with Magnolia was abysmal. I called Magnolia on a Thursday asking them for the first available appointment because my air conditioner was dripping a lot of water every time it turned on. They said the first time available is that Sunday... fine, I get it’s the busy season. Sunday comes along and the technician’s equipment, a wet vac, isn’t working and says he will have to come back when it is working. He notes that the cause of the problem is likely the condensate line and that he will call to schedule the new appointment. Days go by and I don’t hear back from him or anyone at Magnolia so I called again. It is now Wednesday, 6 days since my first call. Miraculously, they say he can come that day! I stay home that day and wait for his call but it never comes. Late that evening I get a call from the tech saying he can’t come that day but he’ll be there Friday morning. He arrives on friday morning with his wet vac and nothing else and vacuums out the condensation pan and then asks for paper towels - I figure he’s cleaning up some of the splashed water that got on the walls and floor. Then he says something along the lines of “if the problem persists, we will need to rebuild the condensate line” and hands me his card reader to pay the bill. $189 dispatch fee and $235 for vacuuming out the pan. I was shocked. Had I known he was just going to vacuum out the pan for $235 and not actually fix the problem, I would have spent the $200 at Home Depot to buy my own wet vac. Unsurprisingly, the drip started back up within the day but was coming from a different spot now. I followed up directly with him and then with the dispatch team. I asked for them to apply the money I already paid to actually repairing it... a full week later and I still have not heard back. I’ve never felt like anyone has ever taken advantage of me so aggressively before. $424 is no small amount of money, especially considering the time I needed to put into this for negative results. Not to mention that when I hired a more competent company to clear the condensate line, they found the paper towels I handed the Magnolia tech shoved into the pan which caused the leak to move and damage even more drywall. I’m still waiting for my refund. Make this right, Magnolia. Service: Repair HVAC
Response: Thank you for reaching out Mr. Geller. We are very sorry the customer experience wasn’t as expected. We will have company representative review your submission and get back to you. If we agreed to reimburse you then be sure our accounting department will issue the proper documentation to ensure it is done. Thank you for your review.

Chris Faircloth: The customer service at this company is atrocious. I have been rescheduled and cancelled on multiple times after providing a down payment and being repeatedly assured that service would be performed during the scheduled appointment. I will update this review if they ever actually fix the air conditioning but so far we are going on week 5... Update: The AC has been fixed but at double the cost that was estimated based on the initial visit. While the technician was kind and apologetic, I will be looking elsewhere in the future.
Response: Hello Chris, I am very sorry for the scheduling issue we have had on our end. Our technician was out for an injury, and miscommunication and delivery issues from our supplier compounded the issue. We can have our department manager reach out to you ASAP. She is following up directly with our coordinators to ensure he gets to you today!

Alonzo F: Magnolia Plumbing Service. A couple of days ago I noticed water was leaking from my hot water tank. Call around for estimates for a tankless water system but was shock at the prices. I call several companies for the estimate and decided to go with a regular tank water heater. I chose Magnolia Plumbing to replace my tank. The plumbing service technician was mainly why I chose this company. He followed up that night with a call to see if I made a decision to go with his company. He saw that my water was ready to go and to call in the morning if I had any problems. Sure enough, that night the water tank fail and water all over the place. I called the plumbing technician Pasquale Skok, he call back and told he would check his schedule and see if he could come that morning. He did come and installed my new water heater and this is the first time that I received such great service from a Plumbing company. Magnolia Plumbing your technician is a true value to your company. He is probably why I will do business with your company in the future. As long as to send Pasquale to do the job. Thanks Pasquale for your sincere help. Alonzo F Service: Water heater installation
Response: Hey Alonzo - thank you SO much for taking the time to leave this awesome review. We could not be happier that our company, particularly Pasquale, exceeded your expectations and was able to take care of your PHC needs! Feel free to request Pasquale for your next service and we will do our best to accommodate you with anything you need.

Bill Lawall: After having them come out and determine that we would need about 1k worth of services we were not able to do on the first appt. Paid for coming out and giving an estimate. Next made an appt for 2 weeks later on the only day the building can/would turn off the water to do the work. wanted first thing and was told they would be there between 8-10. Day of appt they canceled at 9am! Never will i use again and i suggest you think twice before scheduling because who knows if they will show!!!! Services: Plumbing leak detection , Shower repair

Cat A: Critical: Professionalism, Punctuality, ResponsivenessDo not use Magnolia Plumbing in an emergency! We have sewage coming up through our pipes into our house. We had a 6-8 appointment slot tonight. It’s 8:30, no one has shown up, no phone call, and no one from the call center will return our calls. How does this company stay in business?Service: Plumbing pipe repair
Response: We do understand that we missed our time frame and apologize. Its my understanding we communicated that we were still coming but we were just running behind. We run tight timeframes for the benefit of our customers, but in this case we just ran over. We do apologize.

A. Gomez: Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, ResponsivenessAdan was extremely professional and friendly. He provided detail information of the work performed and how the plumbing system worked throughout my home.Service: Plumbing leak repair
Response: A, thanks for leaving us a review! We're glad you had a great experience with us.

Michael Mazzuchi: Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, ResponsivenessI have used a fair number of plumbers in DC before Magnolia — Magnolia has great professionals who stay on schedule and really know what they are doing.Service: Toilet installation
Response: Michael, thanks for leaving us a review! We're glad we could meet your expectations!

Rachel George: Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, QualityI am very pleased with the work that they done for me will definitely refer them to all my friends and family.Very friendly and professional.I will be using Magnolia plumbing and heating for all my needs in the future.A+Service: A/C system maintenance
Response: Rachel, thanks for leaving us a review! We're glad we met your expectations!

14. Lowe's Home Improvement

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Lowe's Home Improvement

Address: 2438 Market St NE, Washington, DC 20018, United States

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: +1 202-378-2500

Business type: Home improvement store

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Lowe's Home Improvement: what do users think?

Sassy Sauce: Great discounts on Christmas items as part of the holiday sale. I picked up Christmas stockings for under $5.00. There were fire pits on clearance as well. I like this location and they generally have the items I’m in need of for repairs or decorations, etc. The staff is very helpful as well.

Kev- keepingitreal: This location offers a variety of affordable items for your home improvement needs. I really appreciate the staff in the aisle for assisting me with finding items on my check list. At check out the cashier was welcoming and friendly. This store was very clean and offers plenty of parking.

Jessica Fullington: Today I went to the garden center for some outside plants. Yolanda was so very helpful! She was able to answer my questions, she even went and got me a cart so that it was easier for me to get the items I purchased to my car. It is so refreshing to have people who are pleasant and helpful at their jobs I will definitely come back to this location to get all the plants I need this spring! Marla was very helpful as well along with the young man who answered some of my questions about my plans. All around a wonderful experience!

goklt: Lots of materials here. Check out was fast. However good luck asking for assistance. Lots of associates are walking around but not helping customers. I tracked an employee down for assistance in moving materials from a high shelf to store level in the door section. He called two times for assistance to my aisle but no one came and he advised going to customer service. They called and still no help. Had to track somone down in a different department altogether. Crazy.

Chase Johnson: The employees here are courteous. But the wood cutting service they claim to offer is not available when needed. The store should just be candid that wood cutting won’t be available (or at the very least won’t be available at any specific time). I am a local DIYer (not a contractor). Before I bought wood I asked about cutting and was told it was no problem—buy it and then request a cut. I did. I was then told the lumber associate wasn’t available for an hour. I couldn’t get the wood (a single sheet of plywood I needed to cut in half) into my car, so I waited. After an hour, there was still no lumber associate, so the wood was never cut.

Annie Signorelli: I ordered a dishwasher with professional installation and the process from start to finish was completely nontransparent and unprofessional. The installation had to be rescheduled because the dishwasher wasn’t pulled down for pick up in time, and then when it was installed it was the incorrect dishwasher — not even the right brand. After several hours on the phone with the Lowes installation line, including being told multiple times that they couldn’t advance the process because they couldn’t get in touch with anyone at their own Lowes store, I called the store directly and was able to sort it out and get the installation rescheduled. A Lowes associate later told me that they don’t have the “luxury” of waiting on hold with the store which is what I had to do in order to ensure my order was completed. Finally the correct dishwasher was installed on the third attempt and I was told I could contact the installation line again to discuss compensation for the inconvenience. Again it took multiple attempts to even get an update on where my case stood, despite being told every time that I should expect a call back “by end of business” every day I called. When I finally got offered compensation it was for less than half of the amount I requested (I requested the installation service be refunded seeing as it took 3 attempts and I was the one having to set everything up because Lowes did not follow through). While I am satisfied with the product I am in disbelief at how difficult and unprofessional the process was with Lowes. I do not recommend purchasing appliances from installation from this store or using the Lowes installation services.

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