Best Places To Dance Reggaeton In Washington Near Me

Cafe Citron Club Timehri Ultrabar Tropicalia Lounge HEIST Decades DC Pure Lounge Club Heaven Soundcheck Bravo Bravo DC9 Nightclub Rosebar Lounge Cloak & Dagger Zeba Bar Eighteenth Street Lounge Bossa Bistro & Lounge Kabin Lounge


1. Cafe Citron - Washington

· 1187 reviews

1343 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Cafe Citron: what do users think?

Ed: Good vibe and good food. Definitely a place I will visit again, staff is friendly and music is great. After 9:30 pm the vibes gets better. Recommended

sol sol: the food is good and the place very fun.

Gerald Mansfield: Had a wonderful time here last night celebrating a bachelorette party with a couple of our girlfriends, we had no idea that he shows existed at this location. Now that we have attended the show at this location for the bachelorette party last night and had their food, we will definitely be back. What a hidden gem

Keisha Shepherd: Offers free salsa and bachata lessons. Great vibe.

kevin menjivar: Boris was amazing!! Come here for the day party, starting at 6 pm. This guy is amazing. Great service

2. Club Timehri - Washington



· 116 reviews

2439 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Club Timehri: what do users think?

K A: My first experience at Club Timehri was a good one. It’s a totally different vibe for me. But I must say the music was so good that I couldn’t help but dance. Overall, I had a great time. First time here and I shall definitely revisit. I highly recommend if you want to have a feel of the Caribbean night life! Good Service ✅ Good Vibes ✅ Very Friendly And Courteous Staff✅ 🚻Restroom

Green Roses: I visited becoz of the good reviews. True, its wonderful. Nice vibe. Music was more soca. I hope more reagge can be played since Timehri is the home of Reagge. The bartenders were grooving like no joke. They were fast in getting the drink orders. The crowd was on fire-grooving like oh my. Music was kainda too loud for me, so I stepped away from the main floor. Thumps up. Well done Timehri. Good job. I will return with more pple.

Samuel Ondieki: The music was good, the bartenders, security and owners were very nice and professional. Would most def visit again and recommend to any looking to have a lit night in DC

Celine Aka-Koffi: Visiting DC from New York, we came to Club Timehri two nights in a row. The Carribean music selection is so good. Drinks are good as well. There is a $10 cash only cover charge per person to get in.

Shaneka Boothe: The owner and the workers here are wonderful omg I enjoyed it so much I came here two nights back to back they took real good care of us from the dj to the bartender to the owner they made sure we enjoyed our night and made sure we was safe Johnny your great your a real humble and we appreciate you thank you and your employees for the wonderful care and customer services you guys provided Washington DC doesn’t owe us anything thanks to you and your wonderful employees #yournewfloridafriends

Pharaoh Jonez: Let me tell you buddy. I was out one night bored and stumbled on this place. I got so drunk here that I ended up having the best time of my adult life. They are EXTREMELY good at mixing drinks. I mean to the point where my Long Island tasted like a sweet tea but hit like 5 shots of Henny. The bar tenders are hilarious, and it wasn’t the liquor laughing. They legit must be trained in comedy. Lastly some fine woman bit me on my back and I think I found true that night. But overall this place is a definite YES in my book.

3. Ultrabar - Washington

· 508 reviews

911 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004

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Ultrabar: what do users think?

Angela Mendoza: I went to ultra bar recently and had a much better experience than before COVID. This club has really stepped it up, it’s not over crowded by 18+ and the music has an actually updated set. I love that I can choose the music I want to hear based on the floor. Be sure to visit them all to get the full experience and if you want a really good time you might as well get a table, they have decent bottle pricing for the area. Bottle girls there are really nice, we had Katie and she made sure we had fun.

Fernando Bernardus ABT: Love Ultrabar! Great music and atmosphere throughout the multiple levels of the club. The mixed drinks and their first-rate line of imported beers are top notch and fairly priced, considering the fact that this establishment is located in the heart of the nation’s capital. Getting a table is extremely affordable and I would recommend it if you come with a big group of friends. Security is on point inside and outside the club. It’s simply the best 18+ club in DC. Special thanks to Jimmy, Giuseppe, Galen, for always providing my friends and me with courteous customer service.

Alexander Zacapa Centenario: Ultrabar happens to be among the best clubs to party in DC. The establishment has four floors with different music genres played by talented DJs, and the overall atmosphere is always entertaining. My friends and I have enjoyed table service on multiple occasions and we’ve always had a fun time. The customer service from Jimmy Mar is absolutely exceptional, I consider him a tremendous asset to Ultrabar for many reasons, as well as the entire staff who are always very welcoming, friendly, and professional. This place also has outstanding security inside and outside the club in order to ensure the safety of its patrons. It is well situated near the Verizon Center and Constitution Avenue. Check out their pictures online showing how crowded and lit this place is. It is truly amazing on so many levels. Just make sure to look your best by following their dress code. Be ready to have a good time! In conclusion, I strongly recommend Ultrabar to anyone looking to have an enjoyable night out.

Alex Gonzalez: Perfect place for those who want a bit of everything. Sometimes I get tired of hearing the same type of music so it’s nice to be able to just switch floors to get a different atmosphere instead of having to go to completely different clubs and wait in line again. It gets packed but the bartenders are really friendly so they make the wait for a drink enjoyable

Angel Long: Went there Saturday for one of my buddies birthday. The stairs are a killer but the top floor is jumping. VIP service the way to go the floor was a bit crowded for me. Our waitress took care of us she was cool and brought girls to our table.

Brittney Vo: Always a good time when you come here! I’ve always had a good night coming to ultra. The music is up to date and I love the variety they have. Each floor is such a different vibe and my favorite are the latin and hip hop floors.

Tianna Chantel: This club is super cool! It has multiple floors and they each play different music so there’s a vibe for everyone! The service is fast and all of the bartenders are hot! Highly recommend!

Xinyi Yin: The atmosphere, drinks, and music are great! They have a variety of different music on each floor, so you will not get bored of the place. Love the bartenders, they are super friendly and fun to talk to.

4. Tropicalia Lounge - Washington

· 261 reviews

2001 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Tropicalia Lounge: what do users think?

Melissa Sky: Great location, vibes, cocktails and music (Live and djays). Diversity is the spice of life and Tropicalia takes you outside the "bubble". Mix up the music! Irie!

Edward Eilers: Open later and good atmosphere, decent drinks. Well lit areas plus spaces to sit and also less light in some areas. Overall as a small club it is good for the area, another way to unwind.

frank swyca: Topicalia Lounge is a really cool night spot. Eclectic live music and decent DJ later at night keeps the vibe popping. I took a friend from out town there and they loved it! My favorite spot in that 14th St. club area. Worth checking out if you have not.

5. HEIST - Washington

· 104 reviews

1802 Jefferson Pl NW, Washington, DC 20036

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HEIST: what do users think?

Muzafar Umarov: Excellent bartenders. They are very professional and fast. Music is also very good here. Only bad part is that the place is small and can get packed really quick. But it has an awesome vibe. Especially on Fridays.

Kevin Orlandi: Wow! What a night! I once was lost, but then I found Heist! Place is amazing. Bartenders were slinging drinks faster than I could order them! Service with a smile is an understatement. I asked my server for a bottle and she ran so fast to get me it that she made Bo Jackson’s 40-yard dash time look slow. This establishment is the epitome of “excellence.” If I could, I’d give it ten stars!!

Kaz Okochi: Heist is a gorgeous venue for special events, has an amazing sound system, and the art is SO unique. We cater some private events there and always are excited to get to stop by. Very upscale clientele and vibe.

6. Decades DC - Washington

· 359 reviews

1219 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Decades DC: what do users think?

Alex Vlad: I’ve been coming to this spot for years now, and it never fails to deliver that one-of- a kind retro timeless experience. The floors are all unique with their own theme— from 2000s to 90s to hip-hop/ and an EDM rooftop, music and DJs are always on point, and the staff and security are always very friendly and helpful. The venue is clean and hand sanitizer stations are offered; the staff wears masks, and considering we are in hard times with COVID im happy I can still enjoy clubbing, and a night out with friends safely. Overall, I would highly recommend Decades to anyone as its gives you a little bit of everything and more!

Kim & Ben: We were a little nervous to visit decades after reading the reviews, but we ended up going for a bit to celebrate a friend’s birthday and actually had a great time! The line to enter was long, but moved quickly. They did a thorough check point where they pat you down, check bags and check jacket pockets. You get carded at the door and have to pay a $20 cover if you don’t have a VIP pass. We all got the free VIP pass off their website and, so we didn’t have to pay the cover fee. Once inside, you can visit each floor of the club to get a different music experience. The top floor was the most crowded, and it was very hot, but our group still had a good time dancing. One of the middle floors (I think it was the 90’s floor) was less crowded, and you could feel the air conditioning, so we stayed there most of the time. Our friends said the bartenders were nice, and we didn’t have any negative experiences with bouncers either. We had a ton of fun at Decades and would love to visit again sometime! If you haven’t been, I’d stop by and give it a try!

Niyah Baptiste: I would definitely recommend, me and my sisters celebrated our birthday here and it was on point!! Music was amazing drinks were decent priced. I’d definitely suggest getting there early so you don’t get caught in the rush of people tryna get to the “good”floors. It was definitely the vibe 10/10 totally going back.

Deanna Joan: You’ll have a good time, but be prepared to spend a lot of money! $20 cover charge and pricey drinks. But it’s spacious and clean, it doesn’t get too crowded, and they play some GREAT throwback music. Pick your battles!

7. Pure Lounge - Washington

· 261 reviews

1326 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

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Pure Lounge: what do users think?

Anthony Oakes Comedian: Awesome service. Great shows. Drinks a little pricey.

jamal whack: Definitely have good music good nice drinks and you can have fun and relax and enjoy the night I am definitely going back

City Mob: It was a great night with alot of local artist doing a show case. Alot of up an coming talent in the building.

Keisha Gray: Old Bar None. Black Wall street club. Black Owned. Always a Great time! Love it! ✊🏾💙

Antione “Tephlon Tione Perion” Kelly: Pure always supports hometown talent great venue to relax and chill at every wendsday 6 to 10 come check out the Complete Crank Band . Enjoy the heartbeat of the city some good old Crank to get you thru the week $20 admission.

Mark Brown: Drink prices are extremely too high! Did not have any drink specials at all! Beautiful place beautiful atmosphere just got to work on the drink service

jerrod satterfield: The dj was great played all the top hits and was funny on the mic any only 10 bucks to get in the only thing it is small area to dance

8. CLUB ELEVATE - Washington

· 106 reviews

15 K St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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CLUB ELEVATE: what do users think?

Kristal “Kick it With Kristal” Bartley: This was a very nice vibe for Poetry on a Wednesday night in DC.I love the lights and hookahs! Limited parking.Street Parking.Security.Clean.Limited Seating. Multilevel. Art. Outside seating. I’d come back.

9. Club Heaven - Washington

· 63 reviews

2327 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Club Heaven: what do users think?

jimmy Dormeus: Come turn up on Fridays & Saturdays with DJ HK on the ones and twos

Andrae Taggart: Place is nice for a fun night out great location

7Figga Dreamz: I mean compared to some of the other clubs, yea this place might not be the best, but when i went, i had a blast. I liked the environment. I seen one persons negative comment saying it was like someones living room, your righr, it was like back when we used to have house parties in aparments.i cam go on and on about what i liked about the place.

10. Soundcheck - Washington

· 191 reviews

1420 K St NW, Washington, DC 20005

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Soundcheck: what do users think?

Giles Peng: I visited this club recently to hear some DJs I hadn’t heard live yet. Overall, it was a fun experience with a friendly crowd and very danceable music. I got there early, but the line to get in starts getting long between an hour or two after the club opens. The crowd was trendy and more than a few club-goers were quite good dancers. I’m sure to visit this club again for the intimate dance floor, nice selection of drinks, and the DJs spinning music that kept the crowd going on a fairly high fidelity sound system.

Rob Garcia: 10/10 hands down. This place rocks and is a venue staple in DC. Headliners come through weekly. Staff are super professional. Lighting and sound are off the charts good.

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11. Eden Lounge DC - Washington

· 150 reviews

1716 I St NW, Washington, DC 20006

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12. Bravo Bravo - Washington

· 189 reviews

1001 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

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13. DC9 Nightclub - Washington

· 457 reviews

1940 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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DC9 Nightclub: what do users think?

John T: This dive bar is awesome! In the summer you can relax on the 3rd fl rooftop and laugh at everyone waiting in line for the "popular" bar across the street. In the winter they have small indi bands on the second floor. Great concert space. Staff has seen it all so be respectful!

Katelyn Stenger: Intimate venue and very friendly staff. I would highly recommend if you can! The tickets were shockingly affordable and the folks at the front actually checked vaccination and ID. Much appreciated.

Jessica Strahin: Went there for a small intimate concert. Loved the venue and the staff!!

Robert Cardoni: Great intimate show space to see smaller up and coming bands ... only hold about 150 people - so sold out shows are tight. Staff is super friendly. Beer is cold. Sound is good. What more could a music fan ask for Check set times though. Sometime shows are early with dance parties afterwards ...

Omny Miranda Martone: I love DC9. We go here regularly. The bottom floor is a typical indoor bar, the second floor is for dancing, and the top floor is a rooftop bar. Definitely recommend.

Stacey Brooks: Little but intimate. TTNG played twice here and it was a laid back experience. Bar on every level, food always smells great, bands perform on the second level without it being over crowded! Great place to rock!

Joe Nicol: always a good time, the best unofficial gay bar in DC — great acts, cool space

Daniel Cox: Great place for live music. It is a really small and intimate venue which makes for a much better experience. Bouncer was really nice, drinks are averagely priced, and overall a good experience. Would come to a show here again.

14. Dirty Bar - Washington

· 58 reviews

1223 Connecticut Ave NW 3rd floor, Washington, DC 20036

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Dirty Bar: what do users think?

J Winns: My friends and I had a great time here. It was on a Sunday for brunch buffet and bottomless mimosas. It is the perfect mix of shall I say,”Bougie and Rachet”. Upstairs and downstairs has tables and seating,so you can dress nice,have a seat, and socialize.The buffet is pretty good as well as the music which was nice with a good mix of old and new hits. The vibe is chill and ready to have a good time. While i was there i even seen a cast member from Love and Hip Hop NY which was refreshing lol. The drinks were a little pricey,but the atmosphere to me makes it not so bad.

15. Rosebar Lounge - Washington

· 435 reviews

1215 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Rosebar Lounge: what do users think?

Shaneaka R.: The music was great in the room all the way to the back. Loved the decor on the ceiling. You must have to reserve the hookah because it was sold out.

16. Cloak & Dagger - Washington

· 297 reviews

1359 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Cloak & Dagger: what do users think?

Aminah Imani: DJ was lit. I came for a comedy show hosted by Rallo, it was a good vibe. The venue is nice. I would come back for sure!

Sharetta King: Cloak & Dagger made my VIP birthday party an experience to never forget! Everyone had an amazing time and we have future plans to celebrate there again. Sonny and his staff were phenomenal. A member along with security checked on us often. The service was great and always on time and they knew what we wanted before having to ask. The atmosphere was really fun and the DJ could not have been better. Sonny also took the time to hang out with the party and conversed with each of us much longer than other club owners had.

C Lee: Fun and casual nightlife with a great DJ and good music! We got table service and it was perfect. The area is small but it worked out well for our group. Service was excellent - she was present without being overbearing and was accommodating about splitting the check. The dance floor was packed with people ready for fun and dancing. It was cozy and comfortable - definitely not a pretentious spot. We went for a bachelorette and they did everything to make it a fun night for our soon-to-be bride. The owner was friendly and helpful. And the DJ and host were friendly and really good at getting the crowd going.

Christina Tang: One thing I love about Cloak & Dagger is that you will always have a great time. The music is always hype, the crowd is filled with positive vibes and high energy. The dj at Cloak & Dagger really knows what type of music to play to please a diverse crowd. The bartenders always makes my drinks perfectly! Out of all the clubs on U st. , I know that if I want to go somewhere that has good music, good alcohol, and a good crowd, Cloak & Dagger is the place to go. Not to mention, the owners are super sweet and genuine. They will always take care of you and make sure you have a fun time. Anytime I have been to Cloak & Dagger, I would stay until 2-3am without realizing it, because I would be having such a great time that I would forget to check my phone. 10/10 would recommend!

Royce Glover: Ya I have to give it up to my man John ,his club is great good vibes. I have done alot of work for him in the past electrical, floor tile, paint, put in new fans

Yvonne Truong: I NEVER write reviews but let me tell you the place is amazing! Filled with good energy and a lovely atmosphere. Every time I am there the owner (Sonny) always makes sure I have a good time.

17. Zeba Bar - Washington

· 436 reviews

3423 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20010, United States

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Zeba Bar: what do users think?

Tommy Keirnan: Good vibes and great drinks. Place would be much better if the sound system had some bass tho. We need good beats!

Dominique Harvin: Enjoyed celebrating my friend Bday. Drinks were nicely made and the DJ kept the party going with a variety of music genres.

Christobal Urquiaga: The bar offers great deals, the vibe is great and attractive hookah is baller. Nice lil spot

Shelby Funes: Good choice if you want a couple drinks and meet local people.Very nice service, the staff is really cool people.

Maggie Cha: Great prices Amazing bartender, Felix ❤ Hookah and service is great Awesome happy hour!!! My go to spot ❤❤

The Motivator Williams: Best local chill spot in Columbia Heights. Best happy hour and bar food.

18. Eighteenth Street Lounge - Washington

· 1202 reviews

1230 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Eighteenth Street Lounge: what do users think?

Love Lacy: Been here several times before. Great to see the transformation into the Bacardi Rum Room. I love the vintage feel of it. Lots of modern hacks but it gives you vibes of a time that has passed.

Le Mont Bennett (Mr Monte): As I topped the stairs I was transported to a magical space, Victorian parlor meets speak easy, with a few sprinkles of rave. The vibe was chill and but energetic, like meeting friends one has not seen in awhile. I met new people and had my soul filled with good music.

Will Sullivan: My favorite spot in DC. I love the different rooms and vibes in each. From live bands, DJ’s, an outdoor bar, to a nice relaxing lounge; this place has it all. I heard the owners are pretty cool too 🤙

Cary Owsley: Sweet night spot in downtown DC. There are four separate dancefloors that all place different music. On the top floor, they had a live jazz band playing as well. Reasonably priced drinks and a coat check as well. Keep in mind there is a $10 cover charge after 11.

Sharde McQueen: Loved it!!! Everything was Fabulous drinks 🍸 people and vibes! The music was definitely a delight all the varieties were amazing 😉 will return! Our server was excellent and the atmosphere couldn’t have been better !

Ella T: Incredible bar. Beautiful, smells great, and adorable bartenders. I wish I lived here. You should come and visit for sure

19. Bossa Bistro & Lounge - Washington

· 261 reviews

2463 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

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Bossa Bistro & Lounge: what do users think?

Comely Weirdo: very dark and dirty place, waited for my food for very long, but they made a cocktail for me as a compensation. glasses and plates not clen. food is very good. improve smell and cleanliness

Anita Hinnerichs: A great place for authentic Brasilian cuisine, excellent live music and dancing to Latin music salsa, bachatta, merengue, samba and more. Saturday nights are my favorite, but every night has something different and full experience to tantalize all your senses.

Disha Vyas: Great ambiance; excellent music. Must visit if you are looking for a fun night weekday or weekend while in DC. We plan to go again.

Alice Ramos: The most fun in town! Connect with your latin roots through the best music and joyful people.

amir naimi: This place has awesome live music on Saturday by the amazingly talented Jorge and his band . Small not crazy busy environment and very enjoyable .If you’re in dc it’s a must see

Rahma Hejja: Cozy place, arts all around you, great atmosphere, had delicious food (shrimp + Salad) for $24 , it was Saturday, they had live music, two bands, once finished around 8:30pm the other started around 10:40pm, Ok I am not bachata or salsa dancer, went there with no partner, but I found a space to dance and have fun with my self, as usual 😍 Ok I don’t drink so I can’t tell you about drinks there, also don’t expect a huge menu of food, what you saw in pictures here you will see around you with people if you go there.

20. Kabin Lounge - Washington

· 53 reviews

1337 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Kabin Lounge: what do users think?

Jonathan Bryan: My experience is limited to a few birthday party outings. The music selection has always been a combination of hip-hop, pop, and EDM sprinkled in. Everything was hassle free from the bar to the dance floor. The crowd was diverse and drama free. Bottle service is more expensive then you might imagine given the venue so check ahead before you book.

Laura Robertson: Wow, what an amazing experience! Kabin does it right. I wanted a fun night out with my girlfriends and we decided to try Kabin. We had a great night with craft cocktails and a unique venue. I will definitely try this place again.

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