Best Manga Shops In Washington Near Me

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1. Big Planet Comics - Washington

· 156 reviews

1520 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Big Planet Comics: what do users think?

Ian Grossberg: Wonderful comic shop with such a wide selection in such a small space. And apparently Big Planet does their own publishing!

Frank Chatterton: Nice, small, actually smaller than I expected but nice selection particularly for indy and local books. Not really worth the trip out there if you are an out of towner... like myself but the walk there from metro service is nice and the store is well kept, clean, organized and well stocked with a nicely curated selection of books. (I do not mean nice in a mean way its more like a cute hipster version of a classic comic shop)

Marissa: Great place to get comics, they have some good manga too!

Leo Lancaster: great selection atmosphere! The woman running the shop was very kind and knowledgeable.

Howard Smith: Big Planet Comics on U Street is amazing. They have a large selection of comics, trade paperbacks, and more to choose from. They also have variant covers of various comics that might interest you. This establishment is also for both new and regular comic fans alike.

Nicholas Moy: Best spot in the city hands-down. Love the local zine rack, their community focused events and helpful staff. This is NOT the straight-white-man hellscape of comic shop cliche - its apparent they work hard to find content for all audiences. The spot is small but they can order whatever you need!

Terri A: Great selection. I found a number of graphic novels that I have been looking around for, as well as being introduced to several new titles. The comics are shelved by genre, which is really helpful. I was particularly impressed by their Graphic Medecine selection, as those can be hard to find. You can also flip through a rack of comic zines. The store is up a steep flight of stairs and definitely not wheelchair accessible.

Kevin Duy: i bought two comic books for 8 bucks! one was crisis on infinite earths and the other was avengers reunited. good energy for comic book fans.

2. Fantom Comics - Washington



· 398 reviews

2010 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Fantom Comics: what do users think?

James Bacon: Nice shop with a great selection of current comics and graphic novels. Some nice displays and thoughtful art on the walls. Not a back issue store, per se, they had recent issues, and a solar box, but ample to enjoy and find, excellent selection for kids. Friendly staff for sure.

Andy Benavente: Awesome shop! Great selection of graphic novels and current comics! The young woman behind the counter was very helpful and provided some great recommendations from the writer of the book I picked up. Would highly recommend to stop in and check out!

Luis Pantoja: Great comic book store with friendly and knowledgeable staff. I have always had a positive experience when visiting this shop. I highly recommend it!

Michael Kellar: Awesome little comic shop. Friendly staff, comfortable environment to look around, read a comic, and explore. If you’re in the area and looking for a space to check out some of the more recent interesting comics, definitely a good spot to check out.

Kamal C: @Fantomcomics in #washingtondc #dupontcircle is most definitely a place you would want to visit bo matter if you are a DC native or just visiting. Fantom Comics is among my favorites of all places to spend a little time, some things that makes this place cool is the chill layout,the little knickknacks,collectables,pins,snacks and more... even if you dont collect comics this place has something for everyone.😎👍🏻 "" Hey everyone this is kamal and I like to do reviews in my spare time from work and if you enjoy any of my post please like with a thumbs up and follow me on here on Google Maps or Instagram @chefkamalc Thanks and stay safe 🙏 mask up 😷

R KM: Great spot. Nice selection and “subscription” service. Check the bargain boxes for scores (some at only $1)

Jonathan Mckay: Lovely little comic book store with a fun rating system for new releases, staff picks, events and custom grab bags

3. The Amazing Comic Shop - Fairfax County

· 256 reviews

University Mall, 10647 Braddock Rd, Fairfax, VA 22032

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The Amazing Comic Shop: what do users think?

Doug Marcks: Cool store. They have material for a wide range of ages here. The knowledgeable and helpful staff took the time to help me navigate the Manga section (which I know nothing about) when I needed to purchase a gift. Check it out.

Spencer “Spe” Martin: Neat inventory. Surprised me when they had just what I needed: the complete collection of Great Lakes Avengers.

Dinh Pham: Nice little comic store. Good variety of comics to read through. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

4. Alliance Comics - Silver Spring

· 269 reviews

8317 Fenton St, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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Alliance Comics: what do users think?

Abe Garcia: I just moved to Md and was looking for a comic book store and this happened to be down the street from me, i was actually happy to see the amount of selections they had and i didnt have time to explore their downstairs although i was intrigued and hoping to be back. The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly.

Marcela: I absolutely love this comic store! They have so many selections and they also have a good selection of manga. The staff is so friendly! If I want to get a comic book that they don’t have in the store they end up ordering it for me without me having to buy it first and they call me once the book arrives at the store. The books are also in perfect condition, the pages are super crisp and the layout of the store is amazing cause I get so excited when I turn my head and find more books I didn’t think to grab. The downstairs is all discounted comic books and they have so many to choose from. Highly recommend this store! Support your local comic book store

LP: A smaller but Cool spot, friendly staff that will chat with you about their stock and your purchase.

tomato sauce: Really nice staff and a great environment!! One of my favorite places to stop by on my way to downtown

Aaliyah Brandon: Great comic shop, friendly and helpful staff and has a huge selection of comics
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5. Victory Comics - Falls Church

· 746 reviews

586 S Washington St, Falls Church, VA 22046

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Victory Comics: what do users think?

Steve Carle: Friendly helpful staff. Huge selection of Magic and pretty good selection of Pokemon. Tons of singles as well. They do Magic drafts Friday at 630 and Sat & Sun at 12. There was also a big table and boxes of discount stuff.

Robert: The folks at this comic shop are the BEST! My daughter and I came in because she wanted “a nature comic about sloths” and I was looking for some of the new Magic the Gathering cards. After we completely befuddled the friendly person working the front desk, my daughter took a seat to rest and I went card shopping, figuring such a task would not be fulfilled on this day. Well, as the equally lovely person at the rear desk answered all my questions and showcased various products, the valiant front desk attendant tracked us down with A NATURE COMIC WITH A SLOTH IN IT!!! Quest fulfilled! Not only did my daughter get her comic, but I pulled some truly exceptional cards from the bundle I had purchased. Five stars are not enough for this crack squad. Kudos all around.

Natasha Trock: I love this place. Excellent books and staff. Very LGBTQ positive. Got to get over there more

6. Tosche Station - Burke

· 210 reviews

7521 Huntsman Blvd, Springfield, VA 22153

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Tosche Station: what do users think?

Laura Inglis: Shop is inside the mall. Great selection of vintage and current toys (Star Wars, Transformers, super heroes, etc) as well as Pokemon and other gaming cards. Funko Pops too. Toy prices are also reasonable, friendly staff - ready to assist and answer questions.

James Closs: Their Free Comic book Day event was exceptional! Also the shop is in general delightful!

Cristy Gallagher: Always the best experience! Special shout out to Natalie and Frankie! I brought my youngest son in for the first time and it made his day! He got several Pokemon cards he wanted. Thank you ladies and see you and everyone on Comic Book Tuesday. Sincerely, Bryan Boyd

Stephanie Guffey: Great place to find collectibles, and toys to complete sets. I will say that I thought the prices for the individual toys from sets that were scuffed or preused were a bit high for certain brands. This place though is a great find for people who work with kids who are looking for specific types of toys or genres, or toys that fit a certain theme, or cartoon.

Luis Gonzalez: Found this place outta the blue and was thoroughly impressed . The staff of Franky and Natalie super friendly and knowledgeable . The place itself is basically a treasure chest of new and vintage collectables and toys . AND comics ! Looking forward to a long relationship with this establishment . Check em out . You will be pleased 😀

Whale: They have a large kids section! Staff is wonderful and have helped me find some of interest each time I have visited. (they also employ local artist!)

Symon Phoenyx: If you are a nerd you gotta stop in here, if you know a nerd live them the right way and buy them something from here. If you just like a nerd, well, tell them this place exists. Big selection of comics, new toys, old used toys, games pokemon cards, posters, snacks and more...yes. I said more. Staff is very knowledgeable and always helpful and a pleasure to talk to. They also host local artists with a small showcase displaying nerd themes art pieces for sale with the artists contact info. Suck a fun place for all your nerdy needs.

7. Anime Pavilion - Newington

· 254 reviews

7700C Backlick Rd, Springfield, VA 22150

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Anime Pavilion: what do users think?

Darren Hoevel: Selection, knowledgeable staff, and a passion for Anime!! These guys live a breathe this stuff. The store is a bit crowded with stuff, but that means more selection. If you ask the owner or employees anything about Anime, they will know the answer.

Erik Ramos: I’ve been able to get cards at pretty decent prices, the only shop I’ve been at that carries Weiss cards which I love and I always pull amazing cards when I buy Pokémon cards here

Rolling Peacefully: Amazing visit! I came down to Virginia from vacation and I loved the place a lot because of the typical mangas, art books, stickers and everything that’s anime/ entertainment related! Also the one thing that I loved so much about this place is that even though it’s not the most biggest or spacious... it actually makes up because the entire store is filled with mangas and actual content instead of just being one big place with a lot of space but no Content. For sure will be visiting here again when I visit the dmv!

Lei and Andrew Ryan: This place is a gem if you are looking for mangas! They even give 20% off when you buy 3 more mangas. They also have friendly staff members! This will definitely be one of my go to manga destinations now.

Jose Guzman-Vives: First time going in with my son and we was treated pleasantly. My son was able to choose his deck and the owner was able to help us with no frustrations. Store is tiny but overall good vibes. He made my son feel welcome and appreciated for loving the game of YuGiOh and being new to the game. Wish the store was bigger or hopefully gets bigger space but overall they have everything you would want. From comics to all styles of cards, accessory’s as well. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover it’s a good spot to go to. I coming back again.

8. Big Planet Comics - College Park

· 244 reviews

7315 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD 20740

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Big Planet Comics: what do users think?

Clyde has Pressing Issues: Great store. Nice stock of new comics and trades. Not a huge selection of back issues. Employees, especially John, are super helpful and knowledgeable.

Josue Lemus: My favorite local comic/manga shop. I really appreciate the selection, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and location. I haven’t once had a bad experience coming here and for as long as I am living in the area, I’ll keep returning.

Carl Mitchell: I think they are good at keeping stock of what people are looking for, and not just random stuff.

Paul Herbert: This place still is great. I took my son to see where dad used to buy his comics.

ShyDoll Pinky: They had a lot of mangas / comics as well as figures. It was really clean as well and the prices are pretty fair.

Rais Djampa: They have a reward system, where if you make one purchase of $10 or more, on the 10th purchase you get $10 off. Really nice if you frequently buy comic books or Manga.

9. Purple Narwhal Music & Manga - Rockville

· 98 reviews

326 N Stonestreet Ave unit b, Rockville, MD 20850

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Purple Narwhal Music & Manga: what do users think?

Tommy Oh: Had everything I was looking for in terms of manga. Beautiful selection. Definitely a mom and pop shop but well done.

Tripper Tate: Hands down one of the best places to look for MANGA, VINYLS, ANIME FIGURINES and more! The owners are so nice and welcoming!

Justin Funk: Great store, good selection and friendly staff!

10. Lil' Thingamajigs - Annandale

· 332 reviews

7031 Little River Turnpike #7B, Annandale, VA 22003

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Lil' Thingamajigs: what do users think?

Andrew Harper: I love this place, I’ll definitely be visiting again and again to pick up gifts for friends… and for myself! I found so many fun Pokémon items that I’ve never seen at other stores.

t mac: A place of your kids are into anime. This is a place to go.

Thanh Le: Cute store!! The worker was amazing! She was very helpful.

Rebecca Romero: Crowded parking lot. Cute stuff. Centreville store has more selection.

Tracy Gilmore: Cute store with awesome anime figures. Will be returning soon.

11. Painted Visions Comic Cards - Dale City

· 191 reviews

3065 Golansky Blvd, Woodbridge, VA 22192

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Painted Visions Comic Cards: what do users think?

Dan Floyd: Have never had any problem and the have a very large collection of comics plus many old ones they pull out for "Comic Book Day". My son and I have been stopping here for years and enjoy doing so. "Funky" one of the store managers is always very helpful and friendly. Friendly staff and good collection.

bryan mejia: They have great customer service. They’re are always nice & help out. They always have what I am looking for. I love how every week they have new stuff, and yes i’m there every week. I love to build up my funko collection especially with hard to find pops which they have. I’m glad to have a comic store like this locally.

12. Kramers - Washington

· 3499 reviews

1517 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Kramers: what do users think?

Jon and Amanda Lewis: Great little bookshop near Dupont Circle. They have a wide selection of titles & subjects and an attached cafe and restaurant. I found some wonderful vintage looking postcards such as a DC cherry blossom one and tried the Kramer’s Goober Pie. So incredible. I would highly recommend this place!

Arun Vishwanathan: Cute little bookstore in DC and you should stop by if in the area. Eclectic collection of titles and journals/calendars They do have a restaurant/diner inside, so you can grab a bite as well if you’re hungry. Wish I had more time to spend there..

Juhi Pac: Great bookstore-bar-restaurant combo right at DuPont circle. Very easily accessible by DuPont circle metro and good selection of books and atmosphere

Karen cohen: Helpful staff and a ton of books from every genre! Browsing is part of the fun or going there and see all the books you want to read. Have lunch in the dining area and spend the whole afternoon there. Huge children section,too.

C Luna: Food was fantastic! Especially the cherry blossom cheesecake :) Service was amazing- our waitress was sweet and funny. Definitely a great date spot ❤

John Weber: What a lovely place to look for books and grab a bite to eat! I only walked around the bookstore but from what I could tell, the food both looked and smelled amazing!! On the restaurant side, there are a couple lounge chairs/couches to relax in as well. Definitely stop by and drop in if you are nearby. I was able to park just a block away on a Friday night.

bruce hutson: Kramers. Since 1976, so it’s not new to many, unless you visit from outa town, like we did. Our friends, Bob and Lynn, came here on dates years ago, as many did and still do. Lots of stories within these walls, ups and downs, and today we sat in fleeting sunshine to taste the excellent Kramers Breakfast(tasty potatoes), and the full mouth, comforting Ham Benedict(such creamy Hollandaise). Oh, and the books fairly pulsed into our hands within the well laid out spaces. Feed your body, nourish your soul

Quarib Chowdhury: This is a Washington DC institution. Everyone should visit, buy a book, and eat at the cafe. I’ve browsed through this place many many times and even bought books and ate at the cafe. I ate at the cafe years ago but remember everything being delicious. As someone with a big sweet tooth, the apple pie crust desert was amazing. The expansion to bring the cafe into the bookstore actually works really well. I’ll have to revisit the cafe next time.

13. Lost City Books - Washington

· 291 reviews

2467 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Lost City Books: what do users think?

Hanna Foreman: Great bookstore in Adams Morgan with a wide range of books to choose from in an eclectic building. The staff is always helpful and friendly. The mask policy at the store makes me feel a lot safer. Highly recommend joining the events at the store because they bring in great writers and moderators. Only gripe is that the selection on area studies books is a little limited.

Mark Rhoades: The best book store my wife and I have ever been to. There is a huge variety of books, and the the staff picks always lead to me great books I would have looked over otherwise. We always leave with a stack of books; they also have a surprisingly large selection of Japanese authors that I haven’t found elsewhere.

Angus Bennion: It’s a well-organized local bookstore with very friendly staff.

Rachel McCaffrey: Such an amazing bookstore! I love the mixture of new and used and the great prices!

Hwa Shi-Hsia: Great selection of new books mixed with used books in good condition, many vintage editions. Dedicated science fiction room. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

Patrick Carey: Is there anything better than a local , independent bookstore? Incredibly friendly staff and a great selection of books (organized in very helpful categories). Highly recommend!

14. Senpai's Corner Anime & Gift Shop - Herndon

· 74 reviews

795 Center St Suite 4, Herndon, VA 20170

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Senpai's Corner Anime & Gift Shop: what do users think?

S Gomez: This was a unique anime shop. It had everything from stickers, backpacks, figurines, to costumes. If you can think of it they just might have it. Demon Slayer, BT21, Hello Kitty, Naruto, etc. It is worth just investigating because around every corner I would see something I missed when I looked just a second earlier. Will be visiting again.

Sheepish: Went there for the first time, IT WAS SO CUTE!! they have so many different things from posters to stationary, plushies, bags, figures ect. The figures are very overpriced i will say, about 20 more than most retailers so keep that in mind. I got a three in one kirby bag and its great quality. Their posters are also good quality and beautiful. Other than the overpricing for figures this store is a must see!

Noor R: this is an awesome store, with friendly staff and an amazing selection of stuff, from figurines to hoodies to gunpla. they’re my go-to place for all of my gundam needs

Charlotte Olsen: The staff was so nice and easy to talk to! The amount of products they could fit was amazing, there was a lot of variety of things from different anime/manga that you could buy. Overall I am very pleased with this experience I will definitely come again!

Brian Check: Cool little shop. Owner was very friendly.

Thatcher Whitacre: Excellent Gundam selection!

15. Lil' Thingamajigs - Rockville

· 120 reviews

1050 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

Address Website
Lil' Thingamajigs: what do users think?

Sarah Kinchen: Really cute items. Some things are a bit high priced but it appears a lot of their items are imported so that makes sense. Its definitely worth a look, especially for kpop/anime fans.

Bianca S: I am so happy that my favorite store is now in Maryland and closer to me! They have other locations in VA which were always a bit far to get to. This location is big and filled with not only cute items but lots of anime figures! If you love cute stationary and anime this is the place for you!

Mike: Great store really good selection of statues and models. Plenty of kpop stuff too. Really enjoyed the Pokémon merch and anime stuff as well.

claudia aguilar: Very cute items. Great for gift shopping and getting something for your anime-loving friend! Friendly and helpful staff.

Chef Sanji: So much anime and merchandise. Now I no longer need to wait and pay shipping from Japan. Very decent price margins.

Brandi Rhone: Great gift shop for anime and jpop fans. Great stuff for all ages from toys to stationary to jewelry. We went for my friends birthday....we really like the big bear but too big to transport at this time but...I will visit again soon.

Ayana Casey: I’ve never done a review before so I hope this helps but omg I went the other day and everything was so cute!! I saw some people complain about the prices but honestly they seemed pretty fair to me! And the cashier was so sweet and conversational!! I think she said her name was Michaela? (Not sure if I spelled that right) she helped me pick out a gift for my sister who loves anime and she ended up loving it!! Thank you so much, will definitely be back sometime in the near future :)

16. Third Eye Comics - Annapolis

· 2310 reviews

209 Chinquapin Round Rd #200, Annapolis, MD 21401

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Third Eye Comics: what do users think?

Kyra Cundiff: Visited for the first time today and picked up a few comics. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Most people you see there are wearing masks which is great. There is tons to look at! You could spend hours in here if you had the time. There’s also a sister store that sells games in the same building with a restroom to accommodate guests. Great visit and well worth the trip

Sam Chin: Great place for comics, Manga and collectibles. Also has a Board game store with vinyl records and Gundam models next door. Stay is friendly and knowledgeable.

Allison Becker: Love this place! They have a great selection of comics, books, vinyl, skateboards, toys, stickers, t-shirts... The people are awesome and the soundtrack is a great mix of punk and new wave. Make sure to sign up for the loyalty program!

Y2K The Real: Definitely worth the trip. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. They have a very large selection of reading material, games, models, and paraphernalia.

17. Capitol Hill Books - Washington

· 421 reviews

657 C St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Address Website WhatsApp
Capitol Hill Books: what do users think?

ghe rahadi: Glad I found this place! Quite organize, sorted by the book genre so you can easily find your desired literature. The counter lady is nice and friendly..

Brian Hagan: Such a cool used bookstore in DC! Staff was super friendly. Space is cozy so be prepared to squeeze between rows of books. They have 3 floors of books which includes the upstairs and basement. Loved checking this place out!

Hans-Martin Ishida: Best bookstore in the city. Amazingly wild and eclectic collection of used books plus a good variety of new releases. Many of the new releases are also relevant and topical to the social justice issues in the US and DC today.

Monique Johnson: I really enjoyed browsing here some warm days after work on my way home. It’s that kind of place. You go when you’re looking and when you’re not. They will always have some thing you might like. I’d recommend

John O'Connor: Capitol Hill Books has to be one of the best DC gems. Their social media is wicked smart, and their store is a staple of the neighborhood. For anyone who calls DC home, this place is a must.

Joseph S.: Great selection of books and the man who runs/owns it is pretty cool. Store is setup in a really unique way as well.

Sarah McBurney: Enjoyed looking at the great variety of used and new books. Was a small and intimate location. The upstairs fiction section was great and well organized. Wish I could have spent more time there.

Joseph Kerski: I love this store. I wish I could live there ! Thank you all. Even geography books in the basement !

Bruce Lowther: interesting hole in the wall book store. great book summaries in inserted in some of the books. lots of interesting titles. prices are a bit high but that’s very likely due to the location.

18. Transcendence-Perfection-Bliss Of The Beyond - Washington

· 9 reviews

3428 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

Address Website WhatsApp
Transcendence-Perfection-Bliss Of The Beyond: what do users think?

Thomas Tesoriero: The best collection of unique cards and a great assortment of small gifts and (yes) plush animals for kids. And a few other interesting small gift options. Really a lovely and wonderful NEIGHBORHOOD store.

Stephanie E Walker: Great cards, calendars, a variety of stationary, mugs, incense, candles, jewelry, wrapping paper, toys for children to adult, some books and much more. Great atmosphere.....

lydia pesant: Suprabha, the owner, is one of the most pleasant and kind in DC area.Store is a lovely and peaceful place, with nice selection of gifts and cards.

Miriam Elise: Really lovely store! Definitely will return - suggest holidays shopping here.

Paula Suarez-Buitron: Great place to find a gift for all ages and beautiful cards

d k: A cute place, with a lot of interesting nicnacks.

19. Solid State Books - Washington

· 372 reviews

600F H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Address Website WhatsApp
Solid State Books: what do users think?

Olivia S.O: Such a beautiful bookstore with great atmosphere. It was quiet, well organized, and clean inside. Staff was kind and helpful, I love that they greet you at the door. They also seem to really enjoy each other which always boosts the energy. The children’s section is so inviting, if I wasn’t wearing a dress I would’ve sat in the nook and read a book myself— can’t wait to bring my son here. The cafe was a nice touch, I enjoyed my wine while reading in one of the lounge chairs. I left with “The Body Keeps The Score,” and will definitely be back for more.

Katelyn Bodwell: Adorable book store with so many options! They also serve beer and coffee and have a couple seats at the window. The kids section was really cute! They also have some little trinkets and gifts like items to buy.

Bobbi DeAnda: SUCH A COOL PLACE! The kid section is another level! Our little one didn’t want to leave! We will definitely be back. Also bought one of the coolest books I’ve ever seen - a “photicular” book. Such a great spot!

Ashleigh N. DeLuca: This bookstore is small but cozy. I love that you can order beer and wine and they let you walk around and browse the books while you finish your drinks. A lot of charm and a decent selection of drinks.

Anna Brazel: Amazing bookstore but also wonderful community space. We visited while traveling and we were thoroughly impressed by the warmth of the staff and the space overall.

Erik Deckers: A friendly and hip bookstore with a lot of great titles for everyone’s interest. Not one of the mega stores, but just enough to pique anyone’s interest. The coffee is good, the food is good, and it’s a nice place to hang out and relax and read your new purchase over an iced latte.

20. Bonjour Books DC - Kensington

· 23 reviews

3758 Howard Ave, Kensington, MD 20895

Address Website WhatsApp
Bonjour Books DC: what do users think?

Raquela Fine: Such a charming little book store! I am a high school French teacher so this place was an actual dream come true!

Álvaro Morales: Lovely bookstore with a great selection both for adults and kids. My son also adored their story-telling time!

Gina Wirfel: Stopped by here on the way home from visiting a friend in the area and I’m so glad I did! I had heard about the store through the Alliance Française and had purchased on their online store, but it was even better to browse the great selection of adult and children’s books, BD, french greeting cards, French gifts, and so much more!

Nastasia Peteuil: Bonjour Books DC is my favorite bookstore in DC. This is the only place I know I’ll find books in French for the whole family!

David Gould: Just ordered two books, "The Caterpillar with Holes" by Eric Carle and "Freight Train" by Donald Crews. The price was a lot less than that other bookseller. When it is safe to travel I hope to visit the store!

Maggie Schlichter: Great French book store!

John Freymann: A wonderful place with a wide selection of French books and art.

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