Best Japanese Restaurants In Washington Near Me

Rakuya Yosaku Japanese Restaurant Sushi Taro Kotobuki Momiji Sakana Japanese Restaurant Umi Japanese Cuisine Donburi Sushi AOI Izakaya Seki Torai Sushi Toryumon Japanese House KAZ Sushi Bistro O-Ku Shibuya Eatery Nama Sushi Bar & Restaurant Kofuku Ramen & Sushi Sushi Hachi Tono Sushi Restaurant Sushi Capitol


1. Rakuya - Washington

· 921 reviews

1900 Q St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Rakuya: what do users think?

Danny Chong: Food here was delicious. There were a lot of actual Japanese people here. Not that that means anything itself but always a good sign. The lunch sets were great - the cod and eel was yummy. I do wish the protein portion was slightly bigger.

Julie: Big menu. Great happy hour. Nice interior and ambiance in general. Favorites include the mussels, age dashi, kara age, salmon apple crudo, white tiger roll, sake don buri... never really miss here. REALLY must try some of the ramen, nearly mugged the guy next to me for a taste of his...

Traveling Clown: Prompt service. The food was very good and the cocktails delicious! Had the Nigri sampler. Highly recommend if interested in trying different fish.

Ben C: My go to sushi place in the area. I’d recommended taking advantage of their happy hour menu from 4-6 to get good value on their appetizers and sushi rolls. I really enjoy the grilled salmon harasu roll as well as the takoyaki and steamed shumai.

Fei stetzwa: Delicious sushi. Hide your white shirt if you order the curry noodle soup. Scrumptious cocktails, outdoor seating in Dupont Circle what more could you ask for.

Hudson Harris: As an outsider to DC, the modern industrial, atmosphere of Rakuya instantly drew me in. The menu was extensive yet easy to choose from for those who don’t often dine in Japanese restaurants. The sushi rolls were PHENOMENAL, and of course you can never go wrong with any of their Ramen bowls. I was very excited to see Japanese beers on the menu as well. Cheers!

Scott Matus: One of the best spots for sushi and Japanese fare in the city. Always fresh, high quality ingredients, all at reasonable prices for what you’re getting. Brunch menu is awesome and a has particularly good deals for bento boxes that will absolutely leave you feeling full. Plenty of outdoor heated seating.

S. K. Hill: Rakuya saved the night! We went to a very horribly ran Asian Night Market event in downtown DC. We left and decided to go to Rakuya near Dupont Circle. JACKPOT! Best decision we could have made. The extremely polite and friendly staff served us well. Their “Mocktail” Strawberry Lemonade was absolutely good. The Calamari with the Cucumber Sauce dip was outstanding. The Karaage Chicken rocked! I am not a vegan, but I loved the Vegetable Tempura. Finally the Shoyu Ramen was DELISH! Every piece of food I ate at Rakuya was extremely tasty and well prepared. It is safe to say that I will be patronizing Rayuka often. Well done!

2. Yosaku Japanese Restaurant - Washington



· 212 reviews

4712 Wisconsin Ave, Washington, DC 20016

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Yosaku Japanese Restaurant: what do users think?

Jonathan: Everything we ordered was delicious (but a little rice heavy) and came out quick. Based on how busy they got, extra waitstaff would be beneficial.

Joseph Schachner: Delicious food and attentive service. Outdoor seating! What more could I possibly ask for?

Nancy Cosner: Very very good. Sushi fresh and tasty. Ramen one of the best around. Staff kind and cordial. Would recommend

3. Sushi Taro - Washington

· 945 reviews

1503 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Sushi Taro: what do users think?

Julia Schwartz: Sushi Taro was an absolutely lovely experience. I went with my brother who lives about 5 mins away while I was in town visiting. The service was impeccable and the food was fantastic. It was right after the snow storm and I was happy to see how many other people were still getting out and dining. My brother and I split everything and it was to die for. I know this is kind of random, but one of my highlights of the meal was the spicy mustard they served with the duck. I seriously could drink that mustard. I can’t wait for my next visit!

Michael B: This place is a very traditional Japanese sushi restaurant. The dishes are beautiful, the hospitality and service is too notch! I went here for my birthday and it was incredible! I loved the little green tea pudding they gave as a gift, it was the perfect treat to end the meal!

Daphnemels Melodia: Highly recommend. I had an amazing experience at Sushi Taro. Booked a reservation for our wedding anniversary and the restaurant made it really memorable for us. Our orders were: Sushi tokujo, Tai Zohsui and a raw octopus tentacle dish. Service: Excellent. Tara was our server and she’s attentive to our enquiries. She also patiently explained the names of the dishes to us (we showed her google photos). They were quite flexible with my request for no tamago, include uni and roe sushi. Dishes: Excellent. The sashimi slices on the sushi and octopus tentacles was fresh. The porridge had this umami flavour, simply delightful. Each dish was also plated in a pleasing manner. Price: $$$$ as what google dictates. But it’s worth it. Experience: Excellent. The restaurant surprised us with a matcha dessert at the end of our meal to celebrate our anniversary. The mochi was soft and chewy, the brown syrup paired well with the ice-cream and jelly cubes. I really appreciated the kind gesture and extra mile that Sushi Taro went for us. Thank you (:

Miguel Curiel: Some of the best sushi I’ve ever had. Don’t be fooled by the small and shady entrance: the place is spacious and nicely themed. Also, it is located on 17th street food corridor which is youthful and picturesque. Lastly, everything we ordered was absolutely delicious which explains its Michelin level ratings!

Hannah: Wow!! When we first walked in I was a little surprised that this place was a Michelin star. We came during restaurant week (menu attached) and every single dish was absolutely amazing! The freshest & most delectable fish my tastebuds have ever experienced, they were literally dancing. Decor was simple but elegant, was a nice environment and good service. This restaurant is definitely deserving of their star & highly recommend !

Salman Haji: Delicious food with lots of variety! The menu is intimidating for someone who has even a basic understanding of Japanese food, but our waitress was super kind and patient in explaining everything to us. Definitely loved the dessert and tea options too.

4. Kotobuki - Washington

· 216 reviews

4822 MacArthur Blvd NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Kotobuki: what do users think?

Mike H: Nice little authentic Japanese eatery. Chirashi and Unagidon were both excellent. Kamameshi is their real specialty, and it comes with sashimi and 3 side dishes. I do not recommend Chicken Kamameshi, though, unless you are OK with ground instead of diced chicken. Their sushi is also quite good in ingredients but a bit lacking in craftsmanship.

H D: Best sushi happy hour in DC and some of the best period. The best eel I’ve had, and definitely try the spicy white tuna roll. Amazing hidden gem.

HK: A small cozy authentic local place. Absolutely love their eel Kamameshi!

Mike Ragusa: Amazing food, great service. Walked in on a whim and found a new favorite. If you are in the area, it is a must stop by

kjhlkjh kljhlkjh: An absolutely amazing gem of a restaurant. If you want quality japanese cuisine in a cozy environment -- hit this place up. You will not be disappointed.

Alexander Tieger: Great local spot, worth the drive where ever you are. Whole restaurant seats around 20 people. Simple priced fair and delicious sushi
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5. Momiji - Washington

· 987 reviews

505 H St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Momiji: what do users think?

ALEXXXANDRIA 1313: I WAS CRAVING SUSHI AND HAD SEEN HIGH REMARKS ABOUT THIS PLACE ON SOCIAL MEDIA SO I WENT. EXPECTING TO SIT DOWN AND EAT THEY’RE ONLY OPEN FOR TAKEOUT! BUMMER! BUT THAT DIDN’T STOP ME FROM GIVING THIS PLACE A GO. I ordered 2 rolls, an avocado salad, eel + ikura + mackerel sashimi and shrimp/veggie tempura. Everything was great. 10/10 for Presentation!!! They even have alcohol for sale (TO GO). Definitely adding this spot to my list Hopefully they return to dine-in service soon because if their TO GO looks/tastes this good I could only imagine how the experience is sitting inside the place enjoying the food.

Majo Lares: The sushi was great! We ordered different times of sushi, and all of them were good and fresh .

Mischa: As far as sushi goes, the prices are fairly good, and the quality and taste is also good…I just wish they would have more Japanese craft beers! This place is nice, though, so try it if you like sushi and or sake!

Amritha: Was @ Momiji for lunch on a Sunday. We, a party of 2 walked in during late afternoon and were seated right away. Service was good and the food was also good. Would visit again. Ambiance and decor : 4/5 Location and access : 4/5 Service: 4/5 Food taste and quality: 4/5 Cost : $$ ($60 for lunch for 2 with drinks) Worth the $ : yes We ordered cold sake and it was really good. Appetizers were tasty. Loved the sweetie rolls sushi from their signature sushi list. Did not like the “dynamite” sushi rolls much. Must try their white tuna for appetizers. Would visit again 👍

Gabriel jimenez: I order the Rainbow and the crazy roll. I recommend this place.

Ekaterina Mateorova: It was delicious! A huge portion of the freshest fish! the quality of the fish is at a very high level. This portion of Chirashi dinner can feeds two. It is so difficult to find a good restaurant when you have a trip. Momiji was the best chose for my family yesterday.

6. Sakana Japanese Restaurant - Washington

· 330 reviews

2026 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Sakana Japanese Restaurant: what do users think?

Linden Yee: The sushi is always really fresh and tasty, and the bill is always reasonable. I really like the bento boxes. The salmon roll sometimes comes raw and sometimes comes cooked which is confusing but both are good. Good for carryout or a casual sit-down dinner.

Neil Anstey: The cutest hole in the wall joint. Loved everything we got (sushi) and the service was very good. Places like this make DC special to visit.

Simon Atapan: Just amazing! If you have been to Japan and you eat sushi, do not skip SUSHI (rice&fish) here! The Japanese chef/owner knows how to make the perfect sushi rice here which is so hard to find nowadays (most Japanese restaurants here owned by other Asians). For those who says the food here is bad, I suggest you travel to Japan and find out what the REAL LEGIT sushi supposed to taste like, HERE!

Cadye Murphy: No frills high-quality sushi! We eat here at least one time (sometimes more than once) each time we visit DC!

Hanna Ozbeki: got the spicy tuna, sakana dc, yellowtail roll, and green caterpillar rolls - all were great ! would definitely come back for quick and cheap sushi!

M planetmike: Neighborhood gem. There is more to be said for a consistently good restaurant at a reasonable price. This is actually rare for a sushi restaurant. I come here for the sashimi but there are hot dishes as well. From outside, one can easily walk by this relatively small space. Inside, the long and narrow restaurant gives it a cozy feeling even without booths or partitions.

7. Umi Japanese Cuisine - Washington

· 265 reviews

2625 Connecticut Ave NW 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20008

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Umi Japanese Cuisine: what do users think?

David Zeledon: Easily one of my favorite sushi/Japanese restaurants in DC. Near the National Zoo by the Woodley metro this is a true neighborhood gem with great quality with fresh ingredients and they do not hold back on the meat, plus friendly staff. I’ve been coming to this place since 2014 and each time I dine or carry out food they do not disappoint.

Becca Doermann: Delicious sushi! The Mexican roll is our favorite but all of their rolls are amazing!

Jeff Vaughan: I like the location, close to the Marriott hotel and Metro Station. The sushi was delicious and the service was friendly. The dining area is small, so this place is good for smaller groups and individuals.

Meredith Fennessy: Delicious fresh sushi. Best sushi I’ve had in a long time. Their hand rolls are amazing.

8. Donburi - Washington

· 284 reviews

1134 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Donburi: what do users think?

Rose Muise: We both ordered the Sakedon and did all but lick the bowl clean! The simplicity and cleanliness of the first floor gave me the sense that my food was about to be GREAT- and I was entirely correct. I ordered to go and then got delayed on my way out the door so my food sat for an extra 15 minutes before I got to it. I was nervous about how the salmon would taste with the delay, but the way that the bowl was packaged with the fish separate from the rice was the perfect level of protection. The quality of the food was excellent for the price. Every component was intentional and with the perfect ratio. The salmon seemed to be great quality so there was no need to hide it under piles of unnecessary toppings. I am truly looking forward to coming back to try out the rest of the menu.

Hilda Kroll: I really enjoyed the Ebi Katsudon. The shrimp was delicious, the rice piping hot, and the egg well cooked to order. Very nice staff. Seating is up a flight of stairs.

Mohan Sun: We got dinner here and the food is very solid. We ordered pork butt and mixed katsu don. Both are very flavorful and perfectly cooked. A big shoutout to the staff too. I forgot my purse there. They called and waited for me even though it already passed the closing time. Very nice and hardworking folks. I would definitely go back.

Sharon: Delicious! Nice fast dining experience and incredibly yummy :) Staff was also so friendly. Loved the variety in my meal as well, I will definitely be back! Just note this was the perfect amount for me (a pretty small person), but might not be enough for someone with a larger appetite.

baba stephan: Nice meal, but a bit expensive , small portion, 20$ for a meal and a coke add 10% tips and you serve yourself... it should be around 12$ it is the real price all around the world... even less in Japan

Derek Kim: Very good signature dish! Salmon tasted little off but everything else was good!

9. Sushi AOI - Washington

· 691 reviews

1100 New York Ave NW, Washington, DC 20005

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Sushi AOI: what do users think?

Annie Sri: The location is fantastic at the city center.The food was delicious. The sushi is a perfect dish. My favorite was roll combo special. The staff is very friendly and gives some good recommendations. If you are in the area. I would recommend this place.

Arnold Flores: Sushi was delicious. Chicken teriyaki same as anywhere else. Enjoyed the rolls very much washed down with Saporo Beer. The meal was enjoyed by myself and 2 European friends. The day turned interesting because my friends decided to pay for lunch. We finished a nice meal and used the nature break room. My friend walked out first. The waitress asked my friend if service was good. He said "very good." She asked the question many times and he answered many times "good!" He was annoyed after the umpteenth time. I heard the entire conversation walking out. The waitress then asked me "was the service good?" I agreed and said yes. She asked me the same question again and again. I asked her "what is problem because you keep repeating yourself?" She showed me the bill. My friend left a $4 dollar tip on $100 lunch bill. I offered to pay the 15% and she refused. I explained to her that Europeans do not pay tips and this is their first experience in USA at Washington DC. She did not understand and seemed annoyed. I left her extra cash. Would have left more, but was annoyed by passive aggressive questioning. The repeated questions were like being interrogated under lights in smokey room. Communication is important. Waitresses were annoying passive aggressive. They did a superb job on service. Overall good experience sitting outdoors dinning with great sushi. Loved it.

Julian Fishov: Ordered take away. Order was ready 5 min before promised. Very friendly staff, opened the door for me, greeted me and grabbed my order right away. Miso soup was good. Sushi was delicious, the only place I know in dc that has real caviar sushi. Excellent sashimi Fish was fresh and the flavors were really good. Prices are on the higher side comparing to other sushi in town.

Enrique Dentone: I absolutely love the food here. Spain (our server) was amazing and really added to the dining experience. We got the sashimi dinner and the 3 roll combo and it was all delicious. I highly recommend eating here!

Traveling Foodie: Great sashimi here. Outside seating is really nice and the staff is efficient and attentive. Food-Get the sashimi. The miso soup taste exactly like what you think. The sushi rolls are about the same as well. But the sashimi is thick and yummy.

Kim Nguyen: Came here for a quick lunch before leaving DC. The service was exceptional. We were able to get seated quickly. The food quality was good as well.

Alisa Viwatdechakul: The sushi was very good, great plate presentation. The fish is also fresh and the sushi roll specials are very good. the location is close to the city center and walking distance from chinatown. the best part was the service!!super friendly staff! will come back again if i find myself in the area!!

Karen Lickteig: Came here for lunch on a Tuesday with a group of 4. They were pretty busy and service was attentive, but quite slow. Took a while for our order to come out, so don’t come here if you’re looking for something quick. Sushi was quite good, but I’d say portions were on the smaller side for the price.

10. Izakaya Seki - Washington

· 360 reviews

1117 V St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Izakaya Seki: what do users think?

Da-Wang Wu: A very nice Japanese restaurant. We made a reservations several days before our visit, and it had cancellation fee and also requirements for customers to show their vaccination record. The food was very good in general, and they served dishes very fast. I would recommend to order 2-3 dishes every time to keep the path more relaxing. It’s a bit pity that they don’t really have dessert menu except complimentary ice cream, but we enjoyed the ice cream anyway. Highly recommend!

Eunice Ng: Cozy. Has classic Japanese おつまみ (otsumami, small plate for mainly drinking occasion). I am so glad that they maintained everything Japanese way - My boyfriend (European) asked for burger, mayonnaise for dipping grilled squid and vanilla flavoured ice cream and they got non of these, which is amazing!!!

Tiffany Leung: One of the best meals I’ve had since moving to DC. I recommend asking the server to choose a couple dishes for you. And if you’re still not sure, definitely get the scallop carpaccio and Japanese sweet potato. This place reminds me so much of my dining experience in Japan. Great find!

Jo Ro: WONDERFUL! I asked the server to pick for me, and he did a wonderful job. I had beef tongue, 3 different types of pickled vegetables, 7-type sashimi, and a warm oyster. All some of the best I‘ve had. The sake selection is also varied and sophisticated. I hate to write reviews like this, because it may mean it will be even harder to get a table the next time. 😉

Sam Goldmsmith: Fantastic restaurant. Really amazing food. Always something new and exciting to try. I also recommend the hi-ball!

An “Jane Doe” Ame: Emailed them with a request, owner called back almost immediately! Got some food to go and they were QUICK!! Amazing accommodation, phenomenal service, cute restaurant. Bento boxes are incredible. So tasty. My special treat spot. 😍

Tyler Whitford: Perfect atmosphere, nice Sake selections, even better food, and attentive service. The Mustard Tuna special on 1/14 was one of the best dishes I’ve ever had - full stop. Will be back, will bring friends!

11. Torai Sushi - Washington

· 236 reviews

751 8th St SE, Washington, DC 20003

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Torai Sushi: what do users think?

Lani: Tried this place and it was great. The miso soup was SO GOOD!! Usually miso is just miso but this miso had me wishing I bought more lol. The sushi was great. Wish I had tried it sooner.

Charlie Turner: This place is criminally underrated. The fact that the objectively terrible sushi restaurant two doors down is busy all the time, while this gem is mostly quiet is a scandal. Fish quality is outstanding. The dine-in atmosphere is really chill and cool. Not pretentious at all. Great service and talented chefs. Don’t sleep on Torai Sushi.

Ricardo M Gonzalez: The best place in Navy Yard for suchi... great service, food and they staff is super friendly

Alison Neary: I’d been to Torai Sushi once prior to COVID, but once we started getting takeout from them in the age of social distancing, we were blown away. Ordering online is extremely easy and the time estimate they provide you is actually accurate. Whenever we’ve ordered from them, they’re super quick - no longer than 20-25 minutes. I will recommend doing takeout from them (whether we are in a pandemic or not). They are definitely a hole-in-the-wall spot and don’t have a ton of seating inside, so don’t go with a big group. Usually when we order from them, we’re in a sushi rut and go wild ordering 7-9 rolls at a time for the three of us, and they display them so nicely on a tray every time. The rolls are great for the price and we appreciate the time and effort they take in making our sushi beautifully displayed - it’s like we got catering for our own little sushi night. Definitely check this spot out!

Xavier Agnelli: You walk in to the tiny and hidden Capitol Hill gem at the end of Barracks row, across from the USMC Commandant’s house and think to yourself, is this place going to be any good? Rest assured this place is wonderful. I have to say, this place is more than worth the visit. The Korean Husband and wife owners are both incredibly friendly, and the Sushi is the best Sushi on Capitol Hill, unless you want to shell out a bunch of clams over at Sushi Hachi, which is fantastic, but significantly more costly than Torai. Also the selection Sushi at Torai is much more extensive and imaginative. Sushi Hachi is the best sushi on Capitol Hill, but you pay for it and it’s far less imaginative with a much smaller menu. Torai is the best sushi on Capitol Hill for the price and it really is number two after Sushi Hachi.

Caitlin Kinsey: This place was amazing. The chirashi bowl was really fresh with thick, quality cuts of fish and the rolls were equally as incredible. I also got a spicy poke bowl with ahi tuna and loved it.

Brian Wilson: Really enjoyed our meal here. The rolls were complex and flavorful, the poke bowl was bigger than expected. The Yellowtail Belly sashimi was the best. But the part that I will go back for is the intimacy, the handful of small table, the proximity to the chefs and the quiet ambiance that allows a conversation.

12. Toryumon Japanese House - Washington

· 444 reviews

1901 Pennsylvania Avenue NW #0001, Washington, DC 20006

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Toryumon Japanese House: what do users think?

Elizabeth Dou: This was the perfect place to stop by during such a cold and windy day. The food came out hot and everything tasted fresh. There was a lot of flavor and sizable meat portion within the ramen. We only ordered one sushi roll and it was just okay. It was missing something maybe it needed more sauce or something. We ordered strawberry mochi for dessert and it was absolutely delicious. This place had a great atmosphere and our server was friendly. I’d definitely come back and try other things on the menu.

Liliya Susong: Great food, everything was very fresh and very tasty (note that whatever is marked “spicy” on the menu is not terribly spicy in fact). Served very fast too. The restaurant was clean, casual but cozy, with a true Asian vibe and friendly staff. We absolutely enjoyed our dinner here and will definitely bring the guys more business.

Promiti Ghose: Absolutely love this place! We were visiting and found this place right by the Marriott. Friendly servers and great food. Good comes in quick. They have a bar and serve alcohol. Noticed they also served take away . Highly recommend for a good sushi , Asian food place

Sisi: I am and was a regular customer during the pandemic— before they had opened back up the restaurant in person. And let me just say that this is most definitely one of my favorite sushi spots in DC. In my opinion, better than the sushi they serve in Chinatown. A few key points to keep in your mind when you come to this restaurant. 1. Very clean! 2. Definitely try the speciality sushi rolls, they are amazing (tried the Toryumon, Truffle, and Dragon rolls so far!) 3. During rush hours, you may not able to have a waiter fast enough as you were during there chill hours. Thanks for reading my review! You should definitely come to this spot!

Chris Nicholson: Would have walked right past it if not for Google maps. Below street level. The staff is exceptional. Friendly attentive and make sure everything is the best it can be. Order a bunch of different things which range between solid to good to great. Pricing was pretty reasonable for D.C. as well. Would definitely stop in again.

Zoe Rabago: Great spot for sushi/ramen/other Great price for the portion they give you Was seated fast with reservations Friendly staff Attentive server Good food

13. KAZ Sushi Bistro - Washington

· 608 reviews

1915 I St NW, Washington, DC 20006

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KAZ Sushi Bistro: what do users think?

S.K. Tan: My chicken bento box was really good. The sushi rolls was more like 4/5 stars for me (it could be just that little bit fresher IMO even though there’s nothing wrong with the quality). The service was excellent. If it was just $5 - 7 less per pax for the meal, the value would have been excellent. I am rating it 5 stars even though 4.5 stars is what I would have rated.

원오직나만: Good sushi, true to traditional style. Grilled octopus was also excellentHad to order uni separately because it was not included in any set menu

Bibiana Oe: The restaurant was super accommodating in moving reservations when I called that same day. Ordered the special clam miso soup, seaweed salad (could be shared between 2 people), sashimi moriawase, and a spicy tuna roll. The host was aware it was my brother’s birthday and even sent over a beautiful, complimentary green tiramisu sponge! A delicious, super satisfying meal with a beautiful ambiance that would be great for dining in! All waiters were in masks and tables were distanced enough from each other. Highly recommend!

Tamekia Buckner: Amazing Sushi and Sake, servers were gracious and helpful with our selections, everything we had was amazing, vegetarian options available for my hubby !

Jon B: The place had excellent sushi. Very authentic and disciplined to Japanese standards. While we understand how tough it is with labor, our wait staff member was a still a little green and could have been a little more attentive. She was very nice and cordial but it took her about 12 minutes to greet us and ask us for drinks or waters. I think she missed a few things on the order too. The sushi was amazing however. The kanpachi was insane. The seared scallop melted in our mouths. The salmon with the lemon zest was incredible. I could have ordered another two rounds of their sushi at the sitting!

Gabrielle Nico Reyes: One of the best sushi bars in DC. Amazing and well crafted nigiri.

14. O-Ku - Washington

· 512 reviews

1274 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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O-Ku: what do users think?

Bobbi DeAnda: Would be a 5 star, but the service was not up to par. Our server Peter was amazing, but it took literally an hour to get my food. My husband got his food and waited for awhile to eat together but I told him to go ahead and eat because it was clearly taking a while…he was literally done with his meal by the time I got mine. Had they discounted it or SOMETHING, I’d give 5 stars, but going out to dinner and eating separately is just not the experience I expect for that caliber of a restaurant (and prices). That aside, the food was SO GOOD. The table side lobster was absolutely delicious.

Aminah Imani: Nice ambiance. It was nice and quiet but a good amount of ppl in the establishment. The service was superb. It was my sisters birthday and the staff all signed a birthday card for her and brought out a treat. The food was delicious and well seasoned. I would definitely come back here.

Jinny Trang: O-Ku has top-quality sushi worth trying, especially if you’re traveling and seeking for distinctive places to eat. Certainly not your typical, run of the mill sushi establishment. The menu is diverse and appeases to those who favor more authentic, “exotic”, Japanese-style sushi such as myself. I also dined alone and felt well-accommodated. I wish I came hungrier. My server Vivian was so sweet, personable, and attentive!

Krishna Bhavithavya Kidambi: Made a reservation on Christmas eve. There is parking in the front and also street parking. Make sure you arrive on time (we went a bit early and had to wait). There is a 2 hour time limit for your dinner. The ambience and the decor was nice. All the staff were wearing masks and the service was very good. There were a lot of items on the menu. Here are my recommendations: 1. Salmon Usuzukuri - The salmon melts like butter and it was very good. 2.Scallop Kun - Exceptional. It was hard to pick it up from the plate. 3. Curry Noodle - A MUST. One of the best udon I had. It is on the spicier side. The curry had a good flavor and creaminess to it. 4. Citrus Kai - The scallops and shrimp combination was great. 5. Baller Status - It was ok, but I would not get it. I had better wagyu. 6. Premium Makimono - I would get it. Huge portion and its filling. The flavor profile and the combination was very good. 7. Yuzu Fuego - It was spicy and a good flavor. It was presented well. 8. O-ku Chocolate Deluxe and Newyork Cheese Cake - I would get the chocolate cake. Both of them were good. But they were out of Tartlette and Coconut Gelato. Oh and btw do get the Yuzu soda, it goes very well with any meat dish. They have a good selection of Japanese Whiskey. Overall a great place with good food and service.

Maggie Howell: Really was stunned at Oku’s level of perfection. I now understand the hype and why it’s so difficult to get a reservation. We started with the pork dumplings and had the most delicious bottle of wine (Alexander Valley Vineyards Cab Sav). Dumplings were delicious and had a great pan fried crunch, the dipping sauce was incredible as well. I am a huge yellowfin fan and had to try the Yuzu Fuego…not exaggerating when I say it might be the best yellowtail/roll I’ve ever eaten and I eat a ton of sushi. It was so fresh and practically melted inbetween bites. We also tried the Wagyu skewer (to die for) and the vegetarian sweet potato Harvest roll - which actually surprised me, I enjoyed it! We then ended with their brownie ice cream dessert and it was of course delicious. I am dying to go back as soon as possible. Thank you Oku for one of the greatest and most memorable meals in DC.

Faith Mitchell: Visited O-Ku yesterday and it was delicious! We went during happy hour and they have some pretty good specials - especially for them to be serving craft cocktails. The drinks and sushi were delicious. My favorites were for sure the peso for your thoughts drink and the firecracker roll. The service was wonderful as well. This place is very popular and I will be back. I walked in and unfortunately did not get to go to the rooftop bc it was packed! Definitely suggest making a reservation ahead of time.

Lauren Pitman: Our server Wesley, was awesome. The food was good though very small portions for happy hour small plates. Sushi was fresh and very good quality. Cocktails on point particularly the Sugar & Spice! Loved the decor, music, the complete chill atmosphere!

courtney: this place is so good! i wish the portions were a little bigger bc everything was so flavorful! you never want the dish to end! (pictured is the chocolate cake with ginger ice cream which was very good) also i highly recommend the garden flight sake!

15. Shibuya Eatery - Washington

· 88 reviews

2321 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Shibuya Eatery: what do users think?

Rachel Mangum: I enjoyed the food and the atmosphere on each floor. The waiters and cooks were all exceptional. Shout out to Daniel and Mike.A good bunch of vegetarian options.

16. Nama Sushi Bar & Restaurant - Washington

· 86 reviews

465 K St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Nama Sushi Bar & Restaurant: what do users think?

Rachel L: Wow. We received a recommendation from a friend to try this place out and I’m so glad we did. The sushi was so amazing and so fresh. we got several rolls and ate every single piece!! The service was awesome and the ambience was great. The drinks were also very delicious. I can’t wait to go back!

Sam OB: Very tiny and cozy place but one of the sushi place. Miso soup was good and the rolls are very fresh and delicious. Definitely will come back.

JC: Definitely one of the best sushi I have ever had. Chef Wei has the best Signatures

Michael Brown: We stopped in right before they closed. They were cool about it and gave great service. The miso soup is better than most if not all places in DC. I think the rolls are a bit pricey, but I’ve never had a bad one here. They also have a good happy hour for food every day.

17. Kofuku Ramen & Sushi - Washington

· 375 reviews

815 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Kofuku Ramen & Sushi: what do users think?

Inawis Neupane: We went here for some good Japanese food and we were not disappointed. It was a little expensive than the regular japanese places I have been to but the food was really good. I had Gyoza, sushi and ramen. There was very little to complain about.

Rachit Agarwal: Great tonkatsu ramen. First snow of the winter.. I was cold and hungry, walked into this place, and was so delighted. Surrounded by places that were closed because of the snow.. Kōfuku was open! Got the kofuku tonkatsu ramen to go and it was delicious :)

Rachel L: I have been craving sushi and stumbled upon this place. Our food came out very fast and it was pretty yummy. The sushi was fresh and the fried rice was delicious. It was quiet, clean and our server was kind. Not too pricey and actually decent sushi.

Donnell Lyons: Kofuku Ramen & Sushi, was a good experience. The ramen was good, the gyoza was great and the teriyaki chicken was outstanding. The place is small, but the ramen made you for it, but it needed more miso. Overall great food and customer service.

Chris Crocitta: This place requires two seperate reviews. The sushi is esquisite and delicious! The ramen not so lacks flavor and pressence. Overall pretty good place, especially for the sushi. Very fresh and yummy

Thomas Corcoran: あなたの料理は私の子供時代を思い出させた I grew up over in Japan and this was spectacular. It took me back to my childhood. Service was great and server was exceptional. I had my meal modded to extra fish cakes and no egg. They had no problem doing it for me. The spicy miso broth was full bodied and the balance of spices masterful. When an inspired chef believes that they are creating edible works of gastronomic art... this is the quality and experience that results. Thank you. I will be back.

18. Sushi Hachi - Washington

· 466 reviews

735 8th St SE, Washington, DC 20003

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Sushi Hachi: what do users think?

Philippe Jacques Kradolfer: Sushi Hachi is a small quaint restaurant! It is nicely setup with good food and great service. A nice touch to get started were the compressed towels that rapidly expand when adding water. There is a small tray with the compressed towel and water...cute detail to wipe your hands as you sit down at the table. The sushi is good but not great. The price is on the higher side considering the quality. Nice atmosphere and great service making the whole experience a good one.

TexCat: One of the BEST sushi restaurants I’ve ever been to. Everything was great - from the restaurant decor, ambiance and vibe to the food and drinks. Friendly attentive staff. LOVED the ‘Dreams Come True’ cocktail. Ordered a selection of nigiri, sashimi and the hachi roll. Everything was delicious. We were able to relax and take our time. HIGHLY recommend

Brian Glover: The food was excellent. The experience was meh. You have to scan a barcode, then order and pay online. Ordering sushi on my phone was awkward. Since the whole table places their order on a single device, they have no idea who is supposed to get which item, so plates are mixed up. Not a big deal, but kind of annoying. They also brought everything out way too fast. Before we knew it we had soup bowls, an appetizer plate, and the main plates cluttering the table. Let me finish my delicious miso soup, man.

John Dabbs: Pretty good. Scallops were nice. Prime beef wasn’t bad and uni was just alright. Service was average. The wet towels are a nice touch and tuna was good

Parker Kelley: Very great experience here! There was a little bit of a wait when we first arrived but we were seated in a timely manner. I was a little confused with the ordering process at first but then it was very easy as we ordered from our phones! I had the Hachi roll & Volcano roll (highly recommend)! I’ll definitely be back!

brianlidawg: Excellent quality fish, great service, and all at a reasonable price. Excellent ambiance for a dinner with friends or if you feel like having sushi in general. Get the sliced steak to cook over the hot stone its super cool to do! 10/10 would recommend!

Ana Gallardo: The sushi here was delicious! My mom & I just wanted a light lunch & we left there so satisfied. I enjoyed the atmosphere & staff. Great spot.

19. Tono Sushi Restaurant - Washington

· 551 reviews

2605 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

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Tono Sushi Restaurant: what do users think?

Rakhshanda Khan: The food was amazing, we loved the Sushi, soup, Ramen, and Noodles dishes. Would love to visit again. Wholesome food.

K R: Been coming to Tono for a few years now, usually for the Happy Hour Sushi. The price has gone up from $1 to $2 for certain items, but is still quality. The restaurant, at one point, did have two floors, but since reopening after COVID generally just see the downstairs open. Very friendly staff and large selection of sushi, noodles, appetizers or main entrees. Great little spot about a half block from the Woodley Park Metro.

Aly Galik: Our sushi was fresh and delicious. Staff was super friendly. Went for the $1 nigiri on happy hour which is a great deal so I’ll definitely be back!

Rosie HK: I’ve been ordering and going to this place for years. It is my favorite sushi in the city! M was our waitress for this particular occasion and she is the sweetest person ever! My favorite rolls are the Alaskan, Mexican and Bagel. And the gyoza is always delicious too. I got ramen for the first time and it was a nice hearty portion bursting with good flavors. I can’t recommend this place enough!

Alejandra Zegarra Blanco: Great sushi place. My waiter was very nice and friendly, it made our experience enjoyable. I will definitely come back to this restaurant.

Ryan Rotundo: Tono Suhsi provides a great experience for those looking to have sushi, noodles, or other Japanese cuisine in the District. The service was fast and friendly, and the food came out in a reasonable time and tasted amazing. Would definitely recommend.

20. Sushi Capitol - Washington

· 295 reviews

325 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003

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Sushi Capitol: what do users think?

Sam M: One of the better sushi spots in DC near Capitol Hill. This place is tiny! I definitely don’t recommend this place if you are planning to visit this place with a big group. They have several tables and you can also sit at the bar. I ordered sushi and sashimi gold platters. The place was packed and took a while to get both orders. The quality of sashimi and sushi were pretty good. I wouldn’t say this place is better than sushi taro or nakazawa, but it is still good for the price even though their price went up dramatically since my last visit. I was frustrated that they didn’t serve the sushi right away and waited until another sashimi platter to be made. They should’ve just served it right away. Other than that I had a very pleasant experience and the staff were friendly and accommodating throughout the dinner service.

Savanah Ferguson: Best sushi I’ve had in DC. Great atmosphere, BYOB, and extremely friendly staff. This is the perfect date spot! We came here two nights in a row because we liked it so much!

Scott Matus: Stiff competition with Rayburn Cafeteria sushi, but this takes the cake. Prices are commensurate with quality, so thank goodness for that MRA increase. Helps ease the pain of those long markup days when you start questioning the decisions in life that brought you to this moment.

Riley Chu: Amazing experience! Great food and awesome staff. Cooks were so friendly and one even helped me learn how to use chopsticks!! The owner is a very kind man. My family had a great time. Definitely recommend:)

Laura Hergert: I order take out from here at least once a month (probably more during these quarantine times). I typically get the Sushi Gold (and a spicy yellowtail roll) and I’ve never been disappointed. The fish is always super fresh and the flavors are incredible. The staff is super kind - I love the cute messages on the take out bags!

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