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1. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - Washington

· 13624 reviews

100 Raoul Wallenberg Pl SW, Washington, DC 20024

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United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: what do users think?

The Maldonado’s: The Holocaust is one of those historic atrocities that we shouldn’t forget. This memorial is well thought out, planned and kept. Come with time to spare because there is lots to see, learn and explore. Find the password before you hop in the elevator and start your journey as a Jew prisoner.

Roberto J. Fajardo: This is a must stop in DC. Powerful, somber. Tragic. But we must remind ourselves every now and then do that we use our voices and actions to stop evil before it gains power. It only cost $1 to get in. Excellent organization. Permanent exhibit is informative and has a lot of "artefacts" to support the message.

Robert Wagner: A story that must be told. Devastatingly real. MAYBE A TICKET HACK: I could not get daily tickets that became available at 7 AM. The program kept telling me that they were not available for the day. I noticed the program kept mentioning somthing about purchasing tickets previously. So I went in a purchased them in advanced for a dollar a piece then I went back to the tickets that were available for the day at 7 AM and the program let me buy the tickets for that day. I guess since I had already purchased tickets previously the program had me in the system. I hope this helps anyone trying to get tickets at 7 AM.

kevin haughey: Everyone should experience this, understand what happened, how it happened, and never forget. Blindly following a government or charismatic leader can be tragic. Not speaking up when it begins can be deadly.

Anthony Scott: An amazing museum to see, and very eye opening. So many facts, and so many things I have never seen or heard before. You can enter for free, but just get there early enough to get tickets to see the whole exhibit. The museum allows military, police, and fireman in anytime to attend the entire museum, even if all the tickets were given out. A definite must see while in DC.

Curtis Tucker: Beautiful museum. Just felt a little rushed because it was very busy. Wish I could of spent more time viewing each and every part of the self guided tour without feeling like I was "hogging it" from people behind me. But I loved it otherwise. It was a heartbreaking and enjoyable educational experience at the same time.

2. National Gallery of Art - Washington



· 13937 reviews

Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20565

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National Gallery of Art: what do users think?

Terry Bexton: AWESOME art. Absolutely unbelievable to witness these masterpieces in real life. I was astonished by the gift shop as well. Most people that know me know that I LOVE gift shops, and this one was definitely one of my new favorites. It had all the different art related things a person could think of. Absolutely would recommend this gallery to any art lover.

R Lin: I’ve been to the Gallery of Art a few times now, and it really just never gets old. It would also take at least one entire day to truly get through everything that’s there (the museum is HUGE, and has more than one building), so when I say it never gets old it’s the honest truth. There’s something new pretty much every time because there’s a back corner or section you accidentally missed the previous time. This place is beyond easy to get lost in. It’s definitely an iconic Smithsonian, and worth seeing. But again- this place is massive! Schedule a big chunk of your day if you want to see a lot of it, or else prioritize the works you want to see and grab a building map to help you stay on track (there’s a good chance you’ll still get a little lost). You get to see some true, original and iconic pieces here. I think it’s also fun seeing where the Gallery got the pieces from. If you’re at all a souvenir person you’d better also visit the gift shop (again, view the building map and follow signs because it can be tough to find). Love this maze of a museum!

Shravya Boppana: FANTASTIC! This is a great place to visit for all ranges of art lovers! It has such a wide range of art that is a ranged in an easy to digest walk through. The interactive guide through the app can help with understanding the history behind the artist and art, which is great for people who are just beginning in the art scene as well. It is a must visit!

Evan S: A free museum with so many fabulous paintings! The Van Gogh selection was amazing.. if you have time check it out! It was so easy to get in and out.

Kevin Shim: No entry fee. Wear a mask. This museum has a good collection of art. From early Rennaisance to modern. Da Vinci, Raphael, Vermeer, Degas, Monet, Degas, Rothko are the highlights of this museum. It’s laid out in a way to showcase how our perception of art has evolved over the years. The East building holds all the modern art. The underground concourse that connects the West and East building is worth checking out.

3. United States Capitol - Washington

· 4130 reviews

First St SE, Washington, DC 20004

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United States Capitol: what do users think?

Zay McCullough, MSW, LCSW-A: This was the last major attraction I saw during my one week trip here from 12/28/21 to 1/4/2022. You can see the Capital Building from several blocks away. I actually remembered I needed to stop by because I saw it after exiting the Children’s Museum. It was a little after 5pm when we made it there. We say the reflecting pool, which is wider but shorter than the reflecting pool between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Unlike the latter, the Capitol’s reflecting pool isn’t easily accessible to stuck your feet it. The view, however, was still nice. This was my first time being in DC since I was in elementary school. It was extremely awesome to see the Capitol building. It was ironic that I had just watched Olympus Has Fallen on TV in my hotel just a day prior. Unfortunately, the perimeter of the building is gated off due to the events that transpired a year ago. I’m saddened to see that public access still isn’t available. Of course COVID is an added barrier to tours. Going inside is something that I wanted to do. I did not go to the visitors center that is close by as my son was ready to go back to the hotel, lol. There was a large Christmas tree in the lawn area between the capital building and the reflecting pool. Many people were taking pictures and appeared to be having a good time. I was grateful for the experience because I talked to my son (8) about what goes on in the building, the legislative bodies, and etc. I’m sure he’s forgotten everything we talked about but he can say he seen it in person whenever he does learn about it in school.

Ganindu Madhawa: A place where one can probe into the political history of USA.It is an iconic place and you need to reserve tickets beforehand visiting the place. You will be provided with a guide who give descriptive analysis of the architecture of the place and historical events. 😊

Yusra Nabeel: Such a great experience visiting one of the US symbols. Great place with beautiful reflection in pool.

Ali Shajarizadeh: This beautiful building is a must-see for everyone who visit Washington DC. The building has a long history. The place is where many important decisions were and are made that affects the world.

Stephen Butler: My first time taking the tour. Our Representative arranged a VIP tour. It was very small and personal. There’s no cost, but if your going to take a tour book it in advance. It takes about 3 hours or so. It was worth the time. Please hit “Like” if this was helpful. Thanks.

Ben Henderson: Really enjoyed the tour inside the Capitol building. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and funny. Really interesting history and beautiful inside. Liked the fact you can then walk through a tunnel to cross over to the library of Congress which again was beautiful.

Isabelle Tran: Beautiful architecture from the outside. Recommended to book in advance for a tour. The park outside is a beautiful place to relax after a long day of touring, including some cherry blossom trees.

4. U.S. Travel Association - Washington

· 6 reviews

1100 New York Ave NW Suite 450, Washington, DC 20005

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U.S. Travel Association: what do users think?

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5. Embassy of Brazil in Washington, D.C. - Washington

· 55 reviews

3006 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

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Embassy of Brazil in Washington, D.C.: what do users think?

constance price: If you need consular services in the DC area, for visa etc, see:

MHZ Zoia: Embassies take care of diplomatic matters, Consulates process documents (VISA, etc). Instead to call them, read the information on the website, do your homework, plan your trip in advance and, you will be able to solve your problems in time. Very often people get frustrated because forget to plan in advance.

Thayse Lima: People, this is the address of the EMBASSY , which takes care of international affairs with foreign government bodies, not the CONSULATE,which takes care of visas, documents and such. About wait and difficulty with visas: usually these rules are bilateral. Go ask a Brazilian how they are treated when applying for visas in US consulates in Brazil. Ask how far they have to travel to even apply for it.

roland matthews: Under renovations throughout buildings. Great in house restaurant and friendly staff.

Lara Picanco: The Embassy of Brazil has many events and does a great job promoting things of interest to the Brazilian community and others in D.C.!

6. Organization of American States - Washington

· 584 reviews

200 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20006, United States

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Organization of American States: what do users think?

Statuesque Events: As event designers we LOVE this space! We designed the Spirit of Barbados gala in 2017 for the Embassy of Barbados and the ballroom gives an amazing canvas to build on! We love the columns and the overall style. We would love to return to plan and design another event very soon! Photos by Softclick Studios

Janet Hubbard: I’ve been going to my stylist now for 2 1/2 years .. She totally changed my look with a new haircut and color the first visit and I was so happy and satisfied with the new me! She is very talented . Holly is at this salon . It is a beautiful and peaceful environment . Holly definitely gets a 10+++++!

Maricela Chavez Ruiz: Great place to visit. Limited parking, food trucks around the block. Restaurant within walking distance

Gwendolyn Robertson: President Biden was returning home from all his activities that day. So traffic was halted for 30mins. Right in from of this memorial. I watched the presidential helicopter and caravan to end the delay on Constitution Avenue.

Youssef Elkei: Gorgeous location and excellent ball rooms. Highly recommended for large diplomatic receptions and larger formal events.

Brian Bristol: Attended the graduation ceremony of Class 61.

Marcelo Pereira: One of the most beautiful places in Washington DC!

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