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Escape the Room DC (Penn Quarter) Insomnia Escape Room DC The Great Escape Room DC The Escape Game DC (Georgetown) Escape Artist DC Escape the Room DC (Midtown / Golden Triangle) Escape Room Arlington The Escape Game DC (Downtown) Escape Room Live Alexandria Bond's Escape Room - Fairfax Cyber Raccoon Escape Room Fairfax DC Escapology Escape Rooms Fairfax Big Escape Rooms Bond's Escape Room - Arlington Escape Quest (Bethesda) Escape Quest Escapology Escape Rooms Bethesda All In Adventures Escape Rooms Escape Room Herndon

1. Escape the Room DC (Penn Quarter) - Washington

· 561 reviews

409 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20004, United States

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Escape the Room DC (Penn Quarter): what do users think?

Dylan Berwick: Friendly staff. Hard room. We did the jurassic theme and it was one of the best rooms we have ever played. Very well thought out and not just a bunch of locks. We escaped with 11 seconds to spare. Would definitely recommend!

alexis mcmenamin: Went with my family to play the depths. Very challenging but the game guides helped us through the room! I’ve played prison break at this location before and thought I would try out another room. The designs of these rooms are unparalleled in dc. Definitely check it out.

Emily Kwong: The Dig was amazing! Clever puzzles, and really cool room design. The game master kept us laughing and in good spirits when we got stumped; we got out with minutes to spare…

Kat VonDu: This was amazing! My friend and I finished just 1:27 before the timer ran out. The Jurasstic was very fun and bery cool and interactive! Had a great time!

Estifanos Kidane: Amaaaazing place to go have fun as a group. The puzzles are really great. Challenging in a very fun way. If you go once you are definitely going back for the other challenges. FYI be ready to think out of the box. 💡

2. Insomnia Escape Room DC - Washington



· 1024 reviews

2300 Wisconsin Ave NW #200b, Washington, DC 20007, United States

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Insomnia Escape Room DC: what do users think?

Aamiyah Peters: Blake was the best! Very patient, kind and helpful. I had a lot of fun. We played the patient, and it almost got us but we got out with about 20 minutes left. I would recommend for first timers, people who are experienced, and family and friends. Great experience and I would come again. :)

Isaac Moscoso: The mafia room is very high quality and fun! Cleverly put together but extremely linear meaning there are no concurrent puzzles or things that others can focus on while one task is being accomplished which can be counted as a pro or con depending on your preference. We had a good time

Clara Ferrari: Blake was incredible and we had an amazing time! I did a room here 5 years ago and am so happy to have returned, love how they’ve expanded/grown. Would definitely return! Great air conditioning and clean facilities too!

Darius D: It was a good room. But giving 4 stars instead of 5 because some of the items in the room were not working. We lost about 10 min because we were looking for something that didn’t work. Other than the the staff was very friendly, helpful, and accommodating.

Robert Warrington: Did the Mafia Room for a second date, went really well and we escaped which is of course a very important part of wooing someone. Would love to return and try more of the rooms and some of the VR experiences as well. Off street parking was very available and there is quite a bit of food in the area too.

3. The Great Escape Room DC - Washington

· 109 reviews

1730 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

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The Great Escape Room DC: what do users think?

Dharanidharan Subramaniam: It was a last minute plane to go to escape room and have some fun as a family. We did the “Game Room” option and even though we couldn’t finish we loved it. It was fun solving puzzles and hunting clues. The folks who run the place are friendly and very helpful. Would love to go back here and solve other rooms. If you are looking for some fun as a family or friends this is a great place to try.

CB DCDiva: Fabulous fun and entertaining! Great for work or friends! Very different! Loads of fun for all.

Andrea Conway: This place was very fun. The building was a little difficult to see from my vehicle in normal traffic. It was also a bit confusing to figure out how to get inside once we arrived. They share a building with multiple other businesses. Luckily, an employee arrived as I did and politely welcomed me in. Otherwise, expect to ring the doorbell and have someone buzz you in and direct you downstairs to sign waivers. The staff was welcoming and accommodating. There is a small sitting area to gather while you wait for the members of your party. Being prompt is key, and by that be a few minutes early. The building has lots of stairs, so be prepared to walk if you choose an upstairs adventure. Knowing what I know now, if you get winded easily, I would ask what floor the room is on prior to booking. The challenge levels are accurate so choose your room wisely. I will definitely go back, and take more friends!

Krista Hull: Full disclosure: I’m an escape room enthusiast, designer, & owner from another state. I love to play all sorts of rooms and I’m cool with variety among venues. I don’t think everything has to be high tech or glossy to be awesome. The venue itself is somewhat of a maze. We were frazzled getting started because we ended up at the top of a bunch of flights of stairs instead of in the basement with the lobby is. It’s not very well marked. This escape room is very heavily weighted toward finding stuff, more than solving puzzles. (Which by the way they do make clear on the website.) There is very little to actually unlock. One of the puzzles requires 21 pieces to be found, all in separate locations. Some people love a search, but I found it to be frustrating eventually. (On the other side of the coin, we played another room in town this week and there was hardly anything in the room. That was frustrating in the opposite way. I guess if I had to choose, I do prefer having more stuff to look at and touch! So this place gets points for that!) When it was time to actually do the solving, there were a lot of puns and math. We never would’ve solved the puns without the “lifelines” provided. I happen to be fond of math but I know from experience that 99% of people would’ve never have been able to solve the math problem of one particular path, which required outside knowledge of several science and math concepts at once! The game master sat in the room with us, which was sort of awkward. That was a first for me. Another review I read said that it was like playing an escape room which your friend designed in his basement & watches you play from a corner in the room ... and that is spot on! Our guy seemed sort of smug, apparently just browsing his phone while we scurried around the room. He wasn’t rude, he just wasn’t exactly friendly. They sell this room for up to 15 people but I’m begging you not to play with that many. I’ve never had a good escape room experience for more than 10 people at once. For our game we just had two players, which is really too few for the amount of work to be done. We knew that going into the game so that was fine. I would think 4 to 6 players would be ideal. There were a few interesting puzzles in the room. We did enjoy the thrill of finding things (for awhile). The design and theme are pretty cute and a couple of puzzles are clever. At times it was really fun, and other times just frustrating. It looks as though this game has been played a while. As others have noted, it might be time for a refresh.

Faith McNeill: The Great Escape Room was an awesome experience. Took a group of ~20 young adults ages 17-24, and they absolutely loved it. It was great that the rooms were large enough to accommodate our entire group plus 5 staff. Everyone was able to engage with the ultimate task of escaping the room making this a great team building experience for our program. We will definitely visit again!

Michele Barone: SO MUCH FUN!! We did the Sherlock Holmes Room. It was pretty challenging but a lot of fun. When needed you can ask for clues. You definitely need to work together to solve. We escaped with 43 seconds left. We went for an adult birthday celebration. There were three of us and we had the whole room to ourselves.. Nice that they do it for small groups even as small as ours.

4. The Escape Game DC (Georgetown) - Washington

· 2371 reviews

3345 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007, United States

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The Escape Game DC (Georgetown): what do users think?

Benjamin Flores: I brought my team here for a Team Building activity, it was great. The atmosphere in the main area was very chill and relax. The chess sets and giant Connect 4 was really cool. The Pirate Adventure was a lot of fun. The whole team had a great time solving the clues and escaping game. I would definitely recommend for team building or just going to have a good time.

Diana: The Escape Game was an awesome experience. We entered with a party of 3 and awesomely had the room to ourselves. We chose the Dr Whack room and we had a ton of fun. This really an awesome experience and the staff is exceptional, especially Hyde. She really brought the experience to next level.

Jacob Jackson: We did it!! We escaped the titanic! 5th escape room. Much smaller than what I’ve done in the past but the fit a lot of FUN into a small room. Cool interactive experience, polite game leader, good hints when we needed them. Relatively straight forward, there are one or two things that I’m not sure you’d get without the hints. Nice rest rooms and lockers. Very neat waiting room. Would love to come back and try more. Not a great parking situation, but hey that’s what it’s like being a city slicker huh. Parking? Who’s she? Amirite

Ashleigh McNew: I’ve played all the games except the pirate one and they are all exceptional. Alex was my game guide today and he was top notch! This location is an excellent addition to The Escape Game!

la Au: Such fun. We are from new jersey and this wasy first escape room ans i was able to escape. The staff is great and helpful with the clues when need. Absolutely recommend and will come back on my next trip to Washington dc.👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Julie F: I took two of my classes here for an end of the year field trip and it was a big hit all around. Ash and Alexis could not have been better and accommodating hosts. Most of the students had never been to a room and their audible screams of surprise were a clear sign of how much fun they had. Ash and Alexis walked everyone through the whole process and our game masters were very helpful as well. The space was perfect for us to have our pizza party and booking could not have been easier with the large group helpline. Thank you 1,000 times over for such a wonderful end to the school year. Most of the students fell asleep on the bus ride back!

Emily Becker: My son and I stopped in on a whim and were met by the kindest people ever. They were full that night but helped us book a room for the next night. The room was a blast and our guide, Gregory, was so awesome and helpful. Highly recommend!

5. Escape Artist DC - Washington

· 109 reviews

720 I St SE, Washington, DC 20003, United States

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Escape Artist DC: what do users think?

Teonna Tunstall: The manager/staff member greeted us upon entrance. He was very nice and patient with my family members as we came in one by one. I recommend this experience for everyone! This was my first visit to an escape room and it was a 11/10. I will definitely be returning soon.

Melanie Stone: My son and I are escape room junkies and we attempted 6 rooms in one day. We saved the escape artist DC for our last 3 rooms. We were concerned because there were just 2 of us and some rooms needed more people. But the host had adjustments in the puzzles to accommodate teams of 2 if needed We had been successful with the first 3 rooms on our quest so we were pumped to see if we could actually do it and escape all of them. We got to the escape artist DC and it is in a little row house. There are no frills here but lots of adventure. We were greeted by our host and he suggested we start with the hardest room first This ended up being good advice since we were pretty mentally-spent after #5 but back to the rooms All of the rooms appear to be really basic but looks can be deceiving. They were all so well themed. The system they use to provide hints was very unique. It was also neat to see new devices and games / challenges. We did all 3 of his rooms but we would definitely do more if/ when they change them up and we are in the area. We did escape all 3 rooms with just the 2 of us. We were physically and mentally wiped out but what an awesome day.

Michael Lockwood: It was my first escape room experience and I really enjoyed it! The owner is super smart and also an amazing artist. His story on how he started his escape rooms is powerful and will leave you wanting to do more. While the game is usually played with three to four people, my friend and I got pretty far as a team of two. It was a great team building experience for everyone! So, if you are looking for a fun activity to do on a weekend with friends, family, or coworkers, go do an escape room at Escape Artist DC! Find the Escape Artist Within You!

Chris Mullins: My group of six adults completed the Night at the Museum room in April 2017. The experience was challenging, fun, and exciting. Without giving away any spoilers, completing the challenge and escaping the room requires a combination of logic and creativity, for an experience that works both sides of the brain. The puzzles are colorful, diverse, and fun. The owner/designer has created a consistent theme in the “story” behind the puzzle so that the participants must solve a mystery to obtain the key and escape. The premises are very well-maintained with a nice lobby and foyer for the initial briefing (hint: listen carefully) prior to being “locked” in the room and puzzles in the room ranging from simple to highly unique and complex. In the world of growing digital media and experiences, it is great to be able to complete an in-person and hands-on experience like this one. My group found this to be both a great team-building experience as well as gratifying to each of us individually. I highly recommend Escape Artist DC and would encourage groups of all ages and sizes to try it.

Bella Love: Had a blast with my husband and children (11, 7 & 6). It was our first time and although it took a few minutes to figure out exactly where to start, the owner and provided hints were SUPER helpful. I thought it was cute and very entertaining and thankfully with the help/hints were found the thief and escaped (Gallery Heist). I definitely plan to visit again!! 😊

6. Escape the Room DC (Midtown / Golden Triangle) - Washington

· 19 reviews

1720 I St NW, Washington, DC 20006

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Escape the Room DC (Midtown / Golden Triangle): what do users think?

Bridget Hamilton: Thank you to Jalou (I’m so sorry if that isn’t your name or I’ve spelled it wrong!) and our other game guide for our wonderful trip! This was an absolute blast and the fact that my friends and I solved it with 9 minutes to spare really made us feel like we’re smart lol the props and sets look amazing and I’m so glad we chose this place!

TheReal Deonna: Definitely fun with friends, the staff was so kind, very friendly and kept us informed the whole time! The Bank heist was so fun.

Madison Littlepage: We did the Submarine and really enjoyed it. Combined classic escape room puzzles with virtual reality technology. The VR technology is very cool but slightly slow and can be frustrating with the time crunch. Overall fun room!

Cole Bienes: Lots of fun with friends, and the curator was fantastic! A true 5/5

Marshawn Kalfus: Had a wonderful time. For my first time at an escape room.

Monique Edwards: Great fun for the whole family!

Lance Counts: One of the most fun times of my life

Daniel Mark: Very fun, staff is incredibly friendly!

Craig S: Great Place! We had a blast!

7. Escape Room Arlington - Arlington

· 211 reviews

2301 Columbia Pike suite c, Arlington, VA 22204, United States

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Escape Room Arlington: what do users think?

Kurt “Aerial” Brunken: One of the better escape rooms around in the local DC area. Highly recommend visiting. The clues are nonlinear and require more than just opening a standard combination lock. The staff was very helpful and can give you nudges or full blown hints.

Madison Lester: This escape room is so cozy and all the staff is so sweet, funny and kind. Caitlin is who I spoke to most. She was very accommodating and personable. Our game master was funny and added to the room’s experience. We have done mind trap and Poe now and will definitely be coming back. Thank you for all you do. We love you.

Tara Galloway: The Poe room was difficult but very clever! Loved the incredibly well executed theme, the storyline, and the challenging puzzles. Was also interested and excited to learn the team at ERA creates their own rooms. Would absolutely recommend this business, especially given their price point as compared to other escape rooms in the area. Well worth a visit if you need an activity for an afternoon or evening in Arlington!

Ragavan Suresh: Lots of fun, awesome production value and very friendly staff. We went as a group of 3 and solved the supervillains escape room which had Numerous puzzles that allowed the party to split up and work on their own things. The puzzle design facilitated a natural flow of splitting up and regrouping to brain storm. Can recommend for any size or expertise.

Kristie 24: This place is by far the BEST ESCAPE room ever. My partner and I have done 50 plus escape rooms across the country and this by far is the most unique, methodically designed and creative escape rooms we have ever experienced. We loved it so much that we did all 4 of their rooms in 2 days. We can’t wait till they release a new one. We will be the first ones to try it out.

Mona Abdelrazaq: My husband and I stopped in yesterday with a couple questions about a new room they’re debuting later this year. Caitlin greeted us at the door with a PHENOMENALLY positive attitude. My husband’s questions can often be…a lot… and she was the perpetual customer-focused professional throughout our visit. If she treats us this well before we are even customers, I would bet she goes even further above and further beyond for paying patrons. The rooms look cool, and yes we were interested initially because of that, but Caitlin’s care and attention really pushed it over the top for us. We can’t wait to plan a trip back, and to book a room, or three. Thank you Escape Room Arlington, and THANK YOU for your true kindness, Caitlin!

Rita Oluchi Obi: My boyfriend and I had an amazing time. Escape Room Arlington was extremely clean and had the right decor! This is our first time doing an Escape Room. We did Mind Trap and we didn’t manage to escape , but we were pretty close ! This is a great exercise for relationships as well. Definitely plan on going back .

Daniel K Chang: Awesome! We went for a birthday party for a 10-year old and it was tons of fun. We did the Christmas escape room and the also the superhero one. Both were great although the superhero one was a little more advanced. Definitely recommend. Five stars!!

8. The Escape Game DC (Downtown) - Washington

· 321 reviews

950 F St NW Suite 106, Washington, DC 20004

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The Escape Game DC (Downtown): what do users think?

Sara Lester: We went as a group of 10 and did The Heist as a team building outing for work. It was a lot of fun!! It took us the whole hour and everyone had a blast. The game was challenging, but we were still laughing the whole time. We were already planning our next escape as we left. The staff was really great from beginning to end - taking pictures of our group and even giving us a signed card at the end. Thank you for a great night!

Isabella Paulone: Amazing experience! I went there twice, and both experiences were positive. The employees were extremely friendly, helpful, and patient. My friends and I are deaf, and they were able to accommodate us. They ensured our needs, and the needs were accessible. They will help you figure out the clues if needed. Definitely coming back!

Yuning Liu: We did the mysterious market room and it was awesome! It’s definitely more challenging than the other escape rooms I’ve been to. I loved how the room was decorated and that their puzzles were very diverse (not just one combination lock after another). We escaped at the very last second - which was super exciting. Will come back in the future!

Madeline Buczkowski: Such a great experience! We did the prison break room and escaped, but barely. We do escape room a lot, and this was one of the best we’ve done. The attention to detail, the sheer amount of puzzles and things to figure out, and many rooms kept the experience interesting at all times. The staff was also great and very enthusiastic. I 100% recommend for everyone - we will definitely be returning!

Vandana Verma: I’ve done two of the rooms so far and this is by far the best escape room I’ve done in DC. Prison break is thoughtfully laid out and challenging. Heist is another great room. If you like a challenge, make sure you tell them no hints unless you ask.

Chandler Sinks: One of the best we’ve done! 10/10 recommend. Staff was great- Thursday was our guide and they were very kind. We did The Depths, hoping to come back tomorrow night to do another!

Kris Scorup: We just finished The Depths in Washington DC. The location is very close to Metro Center station. Our group of four (two adults, two teens, veterans of ~10 escape rooms) all had a great time. The room is very detailed, all puzzles worked, and the multimedia is high-quality. My only complaint was the number of locks (a variety of combinations and keys) which are the “low hanging fruit” of escape room roadblocks. Staff was friendly.

Andrea Surette: This is a brand new escape room in Chinatown and it’s really amazing. I usually don’t like these types of activities but this place is super high end with beautiful rooms, intricate details, and well hidden clues. Highly recommend this place, great for friends and parties.

9. Escape Room Live Alexandria - Lyles-Crouch

· 1309 reviews

814 King St 2nd floor, Alexandria, VA 22314, United States

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Escape Room Live Alexandria: what do users think?

Heewon Choi: This place was so much fun! Our team literally screamed cause when we figured out some of the hints. The owner/staff was so friendly and nice. Would definitely come again!

Erica Ariel: Autumn was an amazing facilitator for the Sherlock Holmes room. It was a bit more challenging than we expected, but we ended up with great other participants and we escaped with one minute and 28 seconds left! We will definitely be back!

Tina Coleman: Quinton was absolutely amazing, he was extremely thorough explaining then room and would check in on us when we were stumped. I would totally go back to go in all of the other rooms. He is awesome and makes the experience so much fun!!

Emma Augustine: My friend and I did the Poe room together and it was incredible. It was my first escape room and I was blown away by the experience! It was atmospheric and challenging and incredibly fun - we will absolutely be back.

Shane McKibben: First time doing an escape room and had a great time! Autumn was super helpful and had a great sense of humor. Definitely recommended!

Ömer’in Maceraları: Very authentic. Nice staff.

10. Bond's Escape Room - Fairfax - Fairfax

· 3271 reviews

3949 University Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030, United States

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Bond's Escape Room - Fairfax: what do users think?

Carolyn F. Hillyard: Well done, Mollys Haunted room was intense but thanks to Taylor we were able to escape. I got to practice my jokes and he was an awesome storyteller. Really helped navigate the experience and time! We all feel super sophisticated after the challenge! 100% pulls your mind away from any drama or work stress you might have!!! Thanks Taylor and Team!!!

Gail Suwarna: Ethan was a fun game manger and the voice Zack made for our game (sleepover slaughterhouse) fit the scene and created a creepy feeling. Loved the puzzles and thought the room was super fun!!! Sleepover slaughterhouse is super recommended and a must try! Not recommended for people who are easily frightened though

R Lin: We love a good escape room! Bond’s is a really fun place, and if you wonder if it’s a haunted house upon first seeing the outside then you’ve find the right spot. Seriously, especially at night this place is all lit up and spooky. But inside there’s also a lot going on. They have a lot of rooms to pick from and are by far the most affordable without paying super high prices in the city (DC). We did a presidential themed room and it was so fun! It also felt considerably appropriate with being so close to the nations capital. I will say it seemed the room was a little beaten up and there was a lot of unneeded space. We were in the biggest room apparently but I don’t feel like they took advantage of the space. But either way we really enjoyed it! All of the clues made sense and our game master Alex S. was a hoot! Would definitely come back again!

Angela R Vela: Are you thinking of visiting Bond’s Escape Room? I was there today for a birthday party and had a blast. I give them 5/5 stars. Let me explain why. The rooms are beautifully crafted and reflect the themes perfectly. It was reasonably priced for a birthday party.The host took good quality photos and the attendants for each room were helpful, giving us hints. The space is nice and clean and the rooms are reset each time. The atmosphere is relaxed and the introduction videos explain the directions very well. There are wall signs that describe some of the different escape rooms, such as Molly’s Horror Room, Jail Bus, Joker’s Trap, Save the White House. The lobby is comfortable with lounge chairs and bathrooms. Everything is functional and the rooms are very engaging. An Escape Room is a fun thing to do with your friends and a great way to strengthen relationships because you have to work together to get out. This activity is good for all ages and all different groups. Parents can pick out the level for kids, kids can pick out a level or adults can choose for themselves. Bond’s is an amazing experience all around and if you’re looking for an Escape Room, this is the place to go.

Benswing Rich (Ben Rich - Electric Biker): Had a great time escaping from the AI 2233 room! Interesting clues, good hints from the game master (Sara-awesome!), and nice variety of actions to solve the room(s). Will be back for more!

Lena Shepard: We went here for my sisters birthday and we had a blast. We did the Jokers Trap. We had so much fun and the room was set up very nicely. Andrew was “the bomb” (pun intended). We will definitely be back to escape more rooms. Would highly recommend.

11. Cyber Raccoon Escape Room Fairfax DC - Falls Church

· 168 reviews

7201 Lee Hwy, Falls Church, VA 22046, United States

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Cyber Raccoon Escape Room Fairfax DC: what do users think?

Drew Owen, Magic and Music: If you are looking for a fun way to spend an hour with a small group of family or friends, I highly recommend Cyber Raccoon Escape Room! I went there a few days ago with my wife and 20 year old daughter and had a blast. My daughter had done a few escape rooms but this was the first one for my wife and me. We found it easy to schedule and pay online and we got very clear and helpful instructions before starting the game. A huge amount of skill and care went into designing the room. As we solved each puzzle, we were rewarded with a secret door or drawer that would spring open, revealing clues we needed for the next puzzle. We thoroughly enjoyed it!

Sachin Mohan: Amazing fun and adventure at the “train robbery” escape room. We were group of 9 with children (and newbies to escape room concept), everyone had a absolute blast. Game Master “Kate” was wonderful, we all completed the mission and everyone had memorable evening!

Alex Chupryna: We had a great time playing the western room which had such an atmospheric setting that I wished we could throw a party in there. The game has a higher level of difficulty but if you pay attention to the clues it all comes together nicely. Great place to go with friends and close to Mosaic District, a good area to hang out afterwards.

Brian Reinoehl: Had a great experience at the Cyber Raccoon Escape Room in Falls Church. The place is professionally run and a lot of thought and talent went o to the design of the room. Our party of 5 hope they open the second escape room soon because we are looking forward to going back!

12. Escapology Escape Rooms Fairfax - Fairfax County

· 451 reviews

4211 Fairfax Corner E Ave #230, Fairfax, VA 22030, United States

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Escapology Escape Rooms Fairfax: what do users think?

Mia Ouchna: Had an awesome time!! Our game master Becky was fantastic and was a great help, and we got out with pretty much 10 seconds to spare!! Definitely recommend for a 12+ crowd rather than young kids due to the complexity of the rooms but was overall a super fun and memorable experience.

Henry Fines: I had so much fun doing the code room with my family. It was tough but that didn’t stop us from getting out in time. The room was just really cool, with fun clues and hints and a cool backstory. Our game master Becky was really nice and amazing and made the experience even better. We had a lot of fun and with definitely be coming back

Cameron Harris: My wife and I did the Lost City. Jasara was super helpful and walked us through how it worked before we started. At the end she came in and helped us understand the final clue that we were so close to solving and completing the room! Everyone is very friendly and they make you feel comfortable which was good for us as we didn’t really know what to expect. They also give you a discount if you book your next visit before you leave! Great fun weekend activity that makes you feel as if you’re in a movie! Thank you escapology we will be back!

Matt McKinnon: Escapology was a blast! We did Mansion Murder and took the first spot on the chalkboard as [insert pun here]. The room was fun but difficult and intricate and the staff is super friendly. Kendall was our game master and she was fantastic. Escapology is definitely worth a visit!

Jeffry Wharton: Great experience; very clean and tidy establishment! Anthony (Game Master) is always a gracious and pleasant host. Overall, supreme experience - 10/10. Conquered both the Cuban Missile Crisis as well as the Arizona Shootout.

Sarah Lily: It was super fun doing a escape room here. Me and my friends had a blast. Natalia was fun and helpful and I loved it!!!

13. Big Escape Rooms - Silver Spring

· 1208 reviews

8505 Fenton St #210, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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Big Escape Rooms: what do users think?

Treva Smith: This was a great experience!! I took my daughter, a few of her friends and my family for her birthday. We did soooo poorly🤣🤣🤣 I picked too hard of a escape room. Maurice our clue assistant was fabulous. He saw us struggling. He was a awesome help to us. We were lost.🤣🤣🤣 But Maurice came to the rescue!! Thanks Maurice for your professionalism, grace and help!! We will be back!!

Derrick Snowden: We had a blast. We took a group of ten year old girls for our daughters birthday. They really impressed us with their creativity in trying to figure out the clues. The staff was great especially Maurice, and the girls loved the experience. We’ll be back.

Michael Appiah: 10/10 Very engaging and fun experience. Go with your family or your friends, it’ll be fun regardless. We didn’t manage to complete the clown room but I’ll definitely come back to try this room and all of the other ones.

Maedot Kiros: My 2 cousins, brother, my mom and I went for my birthday. We chose the Pharaoh one, it was difficult at first but we managed to escape right before the 1 minute left mark. With great help from me of course. We were given a lot of help and although we couldn’t hear some directions clearly, Maurice repeated them every time. So big thanks to him!! A lot of screaming and serotonin, but I would 100% recommend.

Chardonnay Crawley: I had a great time!!! Can’t wait to come back but that room was hard af! 😂😂😂😂. Probably will be back like next week!

Sherdina Fletcher: I went with friends for her birthday weekend. We did the outbreak room. It was very challenging but fun. We didn’t make it out to part 2. But we are coming back to book that room to try it again.

Tzvi Atkin: We had a great time in the basketball escape room! Miles was wonderful and gave us great clues to get out. Clues were smart but not too hard to figure out like some escape rooms!

14. Bond's Escape Room - Arlington - Arlington

· 981 reviews

2800 Clarendon Blvd suite 910, Arlington, VA 22201, United States

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Bond's Escape Room - Arlington: what do users think?

Xuanyu chen: This is the best escape room I have ever been! I will give the sleepover slaughterhouse 10 out of 5!! It is way beyond my expectation. The staffs there were super friendly and patient! Especially the butcher Zachary, he is the best staff ever from so many escape rooms I have been. He love his job and make us feel super fun to play. My other friends are first time here and they also love the room and Zachary!

Trang Nguyen: My son and I did the new escape room experience Art Attack where escape room meets spatter paint. We did ask for a clue once and had a functional issue but thanks to Molly, the overall experience was seamless creative and super fun. We did expect more things to solve once you got into the third room so there is definitely much more room for improvement and expansions in this escape room. I loved how creative the puzzles were. My son loved loved loved the splatter painting and getting to bring home our works of art. Molly helped us get the canvases packed up and even offered to take photos of us and our artwork. This is an absolute perfect experience for kids and if there was more were built into the room, it could be even more exciting for adults. I’d say the difficulty level is a solid 2. Overall experience a 4, but could easily be a 5 if there were more built into it or the puzzles were just a wee bit more difficult.

Lauren Firestone: We came to Bonds Escape Room for Mother’s Day and we did the Art Attack room. It was so much fun. It’s a two part room. First you do the escape and then you can paint on a canvas or each other. We left completely covered in paint. We’ve done a lot of Bond’s Escape rooms but this was by far our favorite. Our assistant was Andrew and he was great too. He gave us clues that helped us get to the answer without giving it all away. Thank you for making this a Mother’s Day I will never forget!

Debbie: Me, my brother, and my two friends did the Sleepover Slaughterhouse. It was a horror escape room and it was awesome! Our helper was named Andrew, and he was so nice and funny. He was very helpful and gave up good clues. The escape room was scary, I was literally shaking! 😅 Although, I do get scared VERY easily. Overall, it was a great experience. Thank you once again Andrew. 😃

T. Corbett: Me and my group played the dual rooms Elven Forest and Enchanted Castle. We really enjoyed them and with those, we’ve now played every room they’ve had besides Art Attack. Andrew was kind enough to give us some suggestions and even talked to us about how some of the puzzles are planned and created for rooms. Definitely the best experience so far!

Steven Tang: This is a fantastic place to do escape rooms! We did 3 different rooms (Death by Chocolate, Sleepover Slaughterhouse, and Elven forest) and we enjoyed all of them! I will say, even though Elven Forest and Death by Chocolate are the same difficulty, Death By Chocolate is by far more difficult. I want to give a shout out to Nora and Andrew who were great for our first two experiences here. They showed us that the staff is extremely friendly! But I definitely want to give a very specific shout out to "The Butcher" for Sleepover Slaughterhouse. He was committed to the role and really adds to the experience!!

Mel: Zachary was amazing, we had a great experience and found extremely helpful advice when we needed it! We found the escape room itself to be extremely engaging and difficult enough to get us really thinking! Would recommend to anyone looking for a fun and challenging experience for friends and for family! However Zachary really made the experience much more enjoyable!

Ailsa Hernande: Such a great place and so many options! I had my birthday party here with a few friends back in November and we had such a great time. It was our first time so the staff and Andrew were very helpful and patient with us. I definitely like all the different themes and options. I will surely come back and maybe not pick the hardest level for our first time.

15. Escape Quest (Bethesda) - Montgomery County

· 62 reviews

4936 Fairmont Avenue Second Floor, Bethesda, MD 20814, United States

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Escape Quest (Bethesda): what do users think?

Tye Kuzniczci: Great escape rooms and good customer service. The rooms here are bigger than the Alexandria location. My friends and I have done all the games that are available. We look forward to the coming new games. Brandon is the best!

Ellen McCormick: This way my families first Escape room experience. We had a wonderful time! The staff was wonderful and the room itself was challenging and fun!

Josh Graham: Hosted a birthday party for my 10 year old daughter here. Unqualified success. Great lobby space for pizza and staff were super helpful, plus unlike so many overpriced Bethesda birthday party options, you could bring your own food and drink. They have beer and wine bar "coming soon".

Sam Ruth: Went here with a group of 4 and had a great experience. Booking was smooth and check-in was easy. We did the "Black Widow" escape room and it was really fun.

Martinez: Super fun! Went with my friends and it was better than expected! Highly recommend. We did the the Black Widow room and it was the perfect level of difficulty and time. We finished the game 1 mintue before the time went out.Brian is really nice too! Check it out.

16. Escape Quest - Jefferson Houston

· 960 reviews

1127 King St 2nd floor, Alexandria, VA 22314

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Escape Quest: what do users think?

Jeremy Manning: So much fun. We did the Black Widow room with one hint and had quite a bit of time left. It was well put together and the clues were reasonably difficult without being unrelated to the quests or unintuitive. Employees were very kind and fun. Highly recommend.

Mike Bradt: Escape Quest was a blast. We definitely liked how it was private. Every room they offer is a private booking! The lobby area is super cool and already gets you into the mindset of the game. Staff was friendly and welcoming, even at 10pm on a Saturday. Rooms were clean and organized and easy to get comfortable in. Also felt very safe with full monitoring the entire 60 minutes, they were quick to offer us hints when we asked. I was surprised they kept up with our antics the entire way. The game itself was a BLAST. We did The Black Widow and it was so much fun and such a cool story. I highly recommend this place and will definitely be coming back with more friends!

Mike Linegang: Great family activity! This was our first experience with an escape room and we had a blast. We did The Lost Temple. It was perfect for our 12 and 14 year olds and my wife and I. Challenging but not too challenging. Our 7 year old gets scared easily, and he found it to be a little spooky, but he still had fun and there were plenty of puzzles that he was able to help with. But it was definitely above his level to be able to solve the puzzles on his own. The room has a TV monitor with a 60 minute timer. If you get stuck on a puzzle, they do a good job feeding you hints and clues through the TV to keep you moving through the challenges. We managed to escape with just a few minutes left on the clock!

Scott Frauenknecht: Fun experience, very friendly and helpful staff. Rooms were well themed and had some entertaining puzzles. It was a bit on the easier side and maybe not worth the price listed, but still a good time

Amber Benitez: Loss temple was fun! A lot of locks to find codes for. It was actually more challenging than I was expecting and that made it better. Everyone was nice and I’ll definitely go back and try another room for sure!

Maya Bryant: Amazing staff!Very fun and challenging escape room. Great to do for couples and friends.

Daniel Sullivan: My wife and I had a phenomenal time at Escape Quest after receiving a gift card from family. The staff was very nice. The problem we solved was challenging but fun and the staff kept the game from stalling out with appropriate hints. All in all, would go again.

17. Escapology Escape Rooms Bethesda - North Bethesda

· 53 reviews

11572 Old Georgetown Rd, North Bethesda, MD 20852, United States

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Escapology Escape Rooms Bethesda: what do users think?

Jordan Zaner: Always love coming to this place around the holidays. My family and I have done every escape room here except for the Santa themed one, and it is by far one of the best in the area. The puzzles are pretty interactive and they are pretty good about thinking outside of the box. Highly recommend this place for escape rooms. 5/5 will be back as soon!

Maria: I went with my friends and it was a lot of fun. Our boy who helped us, Andrew was the best. He was sweet, and willing to help. Even when we failed, he showed us how to solve everything that we missed. I would definitely recommend going with a big group.

Gajalakshan Mohankumar (Gaj): My wife and I really enjoyed solving the escape room and loved that even though it was just the two of us the room was private. The staff were polite and helpful. Will definitely comeback to play another room. Update: We went back and played Antidote with out aunt and our 8-year-old cousin. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was fun for everyone involved, especially the 8-year-old. Mayday is the next one on our list to try.

Jerry Griffin: This was my first time at escapology and Jessica at your Bethesda location made this a truly special experience for my girlfriend and I. We can for my girlfriends birthday and Jessica was kind, patient and an AMAZING Game Master! Truly this would not have been half the experience without her. Many thanks to Jessica and we shall certainly be coming back!

Jess Gaj: We played Mayday with our 8 year old cousin. The puzzles were fun and challenging but not too challenging. Our cousin really enjoyed pretending to be a security service officer and saving the president.

Josh Wray: Great activity and fun to do with friends and family. We had six people complete the ‘Mayday’ game in just over 45 min. This game room was ranked an 8 out of 10 in difficulty. I would say the rating is accurate! Was a fun room with a good challenge. Book ahead of time so you have a game to play. Easy process to book our game, we did it all online. Filling out the waiver was an easy process. Our visit came out to about $39 per person for the 1hr game. Upon entering the facility it was clean and comfortable. The staff was very welcoming and nice. Covid-19 procedures were taken, temperature check and hand sanitizer with masking. At the end we had a group photo taken and were given bracelets for our completion of the challenge. Overall, a great experience and had good fun. I would recommend visiting to play if looking for a quick activity for any day.

Aeos2: I had an exciting and enjoyable time with 3 of my friends trying to escape one of the rooms in Escapology. With the help of our game master, Jessica, we had a lot of fun trying to solve all the puzzles within each room as she was helpful and encouraging. Barely escaping the room with a few minutes left on the clock, me and my friends enjoyed the challenging and exciting experience that Mayday provided. I would definitely come back to visit Escapology with my friends and try more challenging rooms in the future!

18. All In Adventures Escape Rooms - Bowie

· 512 reviews

15421 Emerald Way, Bowie, MD 20716, United States

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All In Adventures Escape Rooms: what do users think?

Janelle Daniels: My mom, sister, and I went here for our Mother’s birthday. We weren’t sure what to expect but, thought it would be great to try out. We ended up having so much fun we lost track of time attempting to solve the mystery! Danielle, our host, gave us helpful clues only when we asked. We were so close to solving the mystery but ran out of time. We will definitely be returning! It’s fun for everyone and I would highly recommend for any occasion.

Dr. L.P. O.: We went today and had so much fun! The only thing I feel bad about is I can’t remember the name of the young lady who was working today because I’d like to put her name to say how amazingly nice she was! She constantly checked on us (which we needed because we moved a little slow lol), she gave us the hints but they still required us to figure it out, very personable and explained everything. Then she helped me with a surprise for my sons. I highly recommend- we did the black ops room. We will definitely be back!

Keya Taylor: I had never done an escape room and I must say doing it for the first time here was great! The young lady Quesha was super nice and very energetic. She kept me from giving up and really helped me enjoy myself! I will definitely be going back and hopefully we get her again.!

Kay Cadette: We had a ball even though we felt defeated. An exciting and unique outing for a group of friends. I appreciated All In working with me so I wouldn’t lose my money. I paid for 8 and for various reasons, including COVID-sick and just conflicting schedules, we had to reschedule a few times. I will return. I have to have a win under my belt so as a group, we’ll choose another room that seems doable! Thank you ALL IN!!

Kimberley Brown-Snell: We were skeptical at first because we got off to a very slow start. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to some of the clues. But as we worked through it we gained momentum. Alcatraz room is challenging and in our case we failed the mission. But came very close. Had the walls been soundproofed and less of the next room’s conversation spilling into our space, we might have been able to focus better. Overall we had fun and we will return again to try another room.

Candace Harmon: Our experience with our host Deja was phenomenal. She checked on us and gave us appropriate encouragement. We had a great time figuring out the challenges. This was our first experience but definitely not our last!

Cassandra Frazier: This was my first time doing an escape room and I had a wonderful time. Our assistant was very professional and helpful. I apologize I forgot her name but she deserves a raise. I visited 5/22 at 12:00.

19. Escape Room Herndon - Herndon

· 419 reviews

406 Elden St, Herndon, VA 20170, United States

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Escape Room Herndon: what do users think?

Heather Weaver: Absolutely amazing!! Highly recommend. My son and I went just the two of us for the 8Bit room and we had an incredible time! So. Much. Fun! We can’t wait to go back with the whole family!! The staff was so friendly and we felt very comfortable. The decor, the vibes of the whole place, just awesome!! I literally can’t say enough good things!

Jared M: Absolutely a great escape room experience for the family. There were 5 of us that did the 8-Bit Escape and we successfully got out with a bit of time to spare. The room was fully decorated in 80s memorabilia and kept reminding me of my childhood the entire time playing. The majority of the locks in the room were letters or number combinations, but there were several "trapdoor" style things that made it very exciting and surprising. The staff was very friendly and helpful throughout the entire experience. This was one of my favorite escape rooms I have done, and I will definitely be returning to try one of the other rooms. Highly recommend!

Morgan Napier: This was such an amazing experience! The staff was wonderful and got us all situated, helped us to pick a room, and were engaged in the back story before we entered our room. The detail that they put into the rooms is incredible! I have no idea how they do it and still manage to come up with new rooms that are just as detail oriented. I also love that you get the pin for the room you completed if you escape. I have done several escape rooms throughout the DMV, and this is the first one that actually gives you something to show off that you made it out. This was a great team building experience and I will definitely return any time I am in the area

Byron Delmonico: A masterpiece. Everything you want in an escape room. Played all four rooms and we were literally jumping in an aerial high five! 8-bit was our favorite, but every room has magical moments, great puzzles, logical stories and flow. Five stars all around. Fantastic staff and a great location with parking and lots of food options.

Hadrian Hernandez: Wow! What a great experience! I honestly thought this might be a lame idea, but my son wanted to try it out. Boy am I glad I listened to him. We had so much fun and the time flew by. Our time together solving puzzles and collaborating on tasks was priceless. We did the Pirate themed room and will do all the rooms in the near future. What a blast! Our host Arwa was great and she seemed to enjoy it as much as we did! What a great time.

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