Best Egyptian Restaurants In Washington Near Me

Fava Pot Egyptian Street Food by Fava Pot at Union Market Fava Pot Mama Ayesha's Restaurant King Of Koshary Maydan Al-Khaymah Restaurant Albi George's King of Falafel and Cheesesteak Yafa Grille Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Mediterranean Restaurant & Catering Zaytinya by José Andrés Miramar Shawarma & Hookah Bar Lebanese Taverna Mezè Restaurant muncheez muncheez ilili Restaurant DC Zikrayet Lebanese Restaurant and Lounge Sababa


1. Fava Pot - Washington

· 32 reviews

1817 M St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Fava Pot: what do users think?

Michael “Newmie” Newman: Salaam aleikum, habibi! Marhaba! Welcome to the coolest Cairo tables this side of the Mediterranean. Definitely worth the time to bust in to DC on a warm summer evening and meet (Moroccan) brother Akeem, though FP Merrifield isn’t but a short jaunt from my abode. This city scape locale has awesome and always available outdoor seating, as well as a decor along the interior that almost implores you to hop a flight ✈️ out of JFK to the Mid-East. Can’t comment on the Egyptian fare at this particular location just yet (popping in on the 🏍 for a small box of sweet baclava only!) — however if the kitchen here rocks like Dina is known to command well, then for sure this is a def-must-hit in the M Street corridor of urban life. Closed Monday (fair warning!). Any other day you will assuredly be the guest of honor that all such DC men & women of culture secretly know and experience… and tell none. 🇪🇬 **See ya there? Insha’Allah! 🙏🙏🏽🙏🏿😎**

J Foodgeek: I had the kofta and the chicken kabob bowl. Both were good, but I prefer the kofta. The people are very nice there.

Devin James: I really enjoyed this place. The kofta sandwich is delicious and reminds me of traveling in Egypt. The whole restaurant is extremely clean as well and the owner is a very nice guy.

Laura Ginsburg: We just returned from Egypt so was nice to get a kabob with toum and lemon mint drink. The food is delicious. Super friendly and efficient staff.

Evan Timms: Amazing chicken kabob flavors. Kudos to the evening chef (who was also friendly and told me about the spices and marinades!)

Alex Liu: Solid flavorful food and very friendly staff! They sort of feel like a family. This was a surprising find

2. Egyptian Street Food by Fava Pot at Union Market - Washington



· 35 reviews

1309 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Egyptian Street Food by Fava Pot at Union Market: what do users think?

Jacqueline Weegels: This past weekend we tried the hawashei and the chicken kabob sandwich at Fava Pot at Union Market and both were incredibly tasty and fresh. For dessert we tried a selection of their baklava bites- OMG, what a treat. Hands down best Egyptian food around. From a Dutch Foodie and her Egyptian BF.

Abdullah Alsaiari: One of the best bowl I’ve ever tried in Dc was the liver bowl!!! So delicious And I can’t get over it. Also, El the manager was so kind and he made sure that my bowl is well made for me. Definitely I’ll comeback again.

Britte van Tiem: Had the Falafel over roasted potatoes and the koshary bowl, and a fava beans starter. The fava beans were our favorite, but the food was generally well worth it. Decently sized portions and fresh ingredients. Will come back here.

Ahmed Kamal: As an Egyptian this is the best Egyptian food you can have in this area! Full of flavour and taste, they have a lot of different variety of dishes which is a +! Will definitely come again!

Sarah OMalley: Food is so tasty and filling at a great price, AND the staff is so kind. I always leave Fava Pot smiling, no matter the location. One of my favorite quick bites in DC

Khaled Emam: This my favorite koshari place in DC 😋

Stacy: Great pita sandwich which a good ratio between the pita, meat and greens.

3. Fava Pot - West Falls Church

· 614 reviews

7393 D Lee Highway, Falls Church, VA 22042

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Fava Pot: what do users think?

Mischa: This is a very nice and cozy little eatery that serves authentic Egyptian food. I had their koshari bowl (lentils, chickpeas, spicy tomato sauce, pasta, etc.), Egyptian guava juice, Egyptian cookies, and Egyptian coffee (similar to Turkish coffee). The staff and the atmosphere were also very nice as well. The only suggestion I have is that I think the artwork inside of the restaurant should be painted directly onto the wall (like a mural), rather than using wallpaper. Otherwise, all else was great.

Ajay Sharma: Authentic Egyptian food, lots of vegetarian options, truly a gem. My favorite Egyptian street food is Koshary comes with lentils, rice, pasta and a spicy tomato sauce, topped with chickpeas and caramelized onions with couple of different sauces. I also got some harissa sauce on the side. All in all a great place with nice ambiance. This location is about 18 miles from my place but will definitely go back. 100% recommended. 👍

Thomas Nguyen: First time dining here. Food was super delicious, well seasoned and flavorful. Staff were really nice. Will put this restaurant into our regular rotation. Vegas and gluten-free options available.

Taimor N. Marufi: Love this place!!! Everything is so tasty!! You must get the Eat Like An Egyptian platter to have a chance to try many of the options. Great service too -- Sam is such an attentive waiter and so kind. This place was highly recommended by my Egyptian friend and now I see why :-) I’ll definitely be coming back here a lot !

Ryan The Tech Man: I can never give Fava Pot enough stars! The food feels authentic and the atmosphere is happy and calm. The staff are all friendly. My go to meal is the Egyptian Style Liver and Koshary Bowl with the Mint Limonade. I love coming to Fava Pot with family and friends alike, so they they too can experience this hidden gem.

Amr Mohammed: This is the best Egyptian restaurant in the USA. Every time I visit this area, I come directly to this place. I love it. Their food is very delicious. And the staff are beyond great and friendly. The last time, I came all the way from the IAD airport to the restaurant. 😍

Hesham Afify: It was the best experience and food ever. I highly recommend this place. The decor was amazing. The staff is very friendly and professional. The place is so clean and most importantly is the food. I can only describe the food like this “I felt it is my mom who made this food”

Maram Ahmed: Restaurant decor and vibes are good. Ordering system is weird tho, you have to order online, pay and wait for food. The owner is so friendly and comes over to make sure our experience is satisfying. The stuffed grape leaves were good but definitely not the Egyptian style. The Bamya ( okra) was really good and has really decent amount of meat, the rice that comes with is delicious but the amount need to be more. The grilled chicken is so tender and perfectly marinated. The hawawshi wasn’t so good, had a weird after taste. Probably the bread had extra yeast. Om ali, was perfectly sweetened and has a decent amount of nuts, but didn’t like the feteer feeling inside.

nairinka aimnakova: This place is amazing!! There food is so tasty iv been ordering for a week non stop!! The koshary and the scallop and the bashamel are soooo good.. i tried also the stuffed squab and molokhia... amazing. I never leave reviews but id like to this place very popular because they are just so good at what they do!

Rana Emad: Had to try the place out and they did not disappoint! We got take out. Had to order online and pick it up. They were super fast; online it said it would take 30mins but good was ready before that. Everything was very clean, from the packaging to the food itself. Good tasted great. So far it’s the closest to authentic egyptian food in the area (that we’ve tried). We got: -Koshari (great but needed the da22a/garlic vinegar mix) -liver (perfect) -grape leaves (was pleasantly surprised that it was Egyptian and warm and not cold haha) -half chicken (a little under seasoned but still delicious) -eggplant garlic (taste was there but wished the eggplant was smaller) I’m nitpicking but it’s all great. Portions could be a bit bigger but still thoroughly enjoyed it.

4. Mama Ayesha's Restaurant - Washington

· 450 reviews

1967 Calvert St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Mama Ayesha's Restaurant: what do users think?

Christopher Yandell: I visited Mama Ayesha’s for a friend’s birthday and it was a great experience. The food and ambiance were great. Every dish had the perfect amount of seasoning and flavor. We went on a Tuesday night, and there was only one other party dining while we were there. Overall, the experience was great besides our waiter who was a bit rude. He walked away from us while we were ordering on multiple occasions which rubbed me the wrong way. Either way, it’s worth a visit. We payed around $300 for a group of 8

Murtaza Bohra: Great atmosphere and service. The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful, and leaves plenty room for conversation. I got the Arak, Mashawi and Arabic Coffee to end with. Each meal left me wanting more. Although the portions are relatively smaller, the flavors are refreshingly authentic. For those from a middle Eastern background, it will take you back home. Highly recommend!

Abdul Rahman Ghannoum: Great Restaurant! Food portions are balanced. Taste was amazing! Love the history of the restaurant.

Ree A: First time to try but not last, I like the malfofo mahshi and maklobah very delicious and fresh. Thanks

Kamal Almashharawi: One of the best mediterranean restaurants in DC. Excellent food, prices, and hospitality. I recommend the Palestinian-owned restaurant for food lovers! The place is easy to find, but the parking lots are limited, try to find a close parking before arriving to the place. Good luck Mohammed & Abu Mohammed, so nice to see you!

Darcy Thompson: Great date night place if you’re looking to explore middle eastern food and even better place if you’re already a “foodie” and lover of middle eastern cuisine.Server was lovely, food was outstanding ( I had the Stuffed Squash) and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves last evening.

Hner Zebari: Their food was good, but the service was very slow.

Caitlin Rulien: Delicious food in a very ambiant environment. Smaller portions than I’d hope, but I’d definitely go back. I’d give them 4.5 if Google did half point ratings.
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5. King Of Koshary - Arlington

· 402 reviews

5515 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22205

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King Of Koshary: what do users think?

Nayeli Rioja: This place is AMAZING. My first time trying Egyptian food with my Egyptian friends and they said this tasted like home. Food is tasty, warm, and delicious. Services is even better, never felt more welcomed and comfortable and HAPPY to come to a place. We left no crumbs!!! 100% recommend.

Ajay Sharma: Recommended by my Egyptian friend. I drove from Ashburn to Arlington and ordered Koshary for takeout. Staff was extremely friendly, place was very clean with great ambiance. Now extraordinary Koshary, it was homemade style. Loved their garlic sauce and hot sauce. Delicious and highly recommended.

Laurence: Great food and a nice authentic atmosphere. I had the beef kofta which was very nice along with lentil soup and malukhea soup which were both delicious. Great restaurant overall and if you haven’t yet tried Egyptian cuisine then this is the place to go.

Ahmed Abdelrahman: One of the best restaurants that serve mediterranean food in NOVA/DC. The best Egyptian food in that area. If you look for a mediterranean restaurant, you must visit King of Koshary.

Nathan Lapin: I ordered online, which was an easy process. I had time to look around the restaurant, and it was nice to look at all the artifacts and figurines they had of tombs and Egyptian Gods (Anubis was cool). I ordered a falafel sandwich, which was good, next time I’ll go with the shawarma. More tahini would make that sandwich better, but I truly enjoyed it. If you ever have a thought telling you to go get Egyptian food, this is the place to go. Thank you so much!

Solomon Encubahre: This is my 4th time, and the best Egyptian cuisine I have tried here in the states. I visited Egypt in September 2021, and fell in love with koshary. Don’t even bother with fava pot, this is the only place that has the authentic koshary like I had in Cairo: Crispy onions, spicy tomato sauce and garlic vinegar! My egyptian friend brought me here and I had to bring my other friends to taste. The oxtail tajin is to die for and the branzino is 👨🏻‍🍳💋.

A R: Came in around noon time for lunch, because i like Egyptian Dish. There was no one in the restaurant when i entered but later on a family came in. The service was excellent! The food was excellent! I ordered King Koshary and Mumbar beef intestines with rice...I will be coming back to try to pigeon with rice!

6. Maydan - Washington

· 1143 reviews

1346 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

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Maydan: what do users think?

arun varughese: Interesting high end restaurant for Arabic/Mediterranean cuisine but nothing that justifies the Michelin level prices. I tried Omani shrimp and lamb kebab. Both were excellent dishes. The lamb kebab was perfectly cooked and very tender unlike chewy lamb in other places. The shrimp had a very smoky flavor. Their bread was fresh and had a very unique taste. I loved it. The restaurant has the dishes of Arabic cuisine but not the grandness. Their dishes are small plates but the price is similar to large plates of other similar themed restaurants. Overall, It’s a wonderful restaurant with excellent dishes but the price is definitely not justified. They don’t use rare ingredients like caviar, truffle etc. like other Michelin restaurants.

Shamsher: Let me just start by saying this, I have been to several fine dine restaurants in DC and this is the only place that does justice to the money it asks for. What an experience! Let me say that again a little louder… WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!! Just everything is excellent. Excellent service starting with the utmost level of courtesy I have seen with the staff. Very emotional intelligent staff which is rare. The level of detail they all have in describing the food is beyond impressive. Their mindfulness is incredible. I wish I could give only the service 10+ stars. The food was incredible. Everything in this three course meal. The apps were fresh, crispy and each of the condiments were so distinct and flavorful. The lamb was amazingly cooked. Smoky and mild just the way I love a nice grilled piece of lamb shoulder. The kebabs were outstanding. Specially the beef kebab. The amount of taste and texture on that kebab was outstanding. The desserts were not super impressive but I can get down with that as I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Maydan should be a must experience for all restaurant goers. Again, the only fine dining and Michelin star place I have been that does justice to the money it asks for.

Tala Mahmoud: Hands down one of the best food spots in DC. The meat was incredibly tender and full of unique flavors. The dips and condiments complimented the rest of the food exceptionally. Highly recommended.

Zeyu Hu: Eating at Maydan is a culinary journey. It is a journey into middle eastern cuisine that makes you satisfied when you leave. I highly recommend getting the Tawle, which is a 4 course meal and gives you a huge variety of food. You start off with things “From the Kitchen” which is a variety of pickled veggies, honey dates, herb plate, and cauliflower Tabboulet. In addition a variety of spreads including Hummus, Muhamarra, and Walnut Casik. These were an amazing introduction and each complimented each other very well. Next was “From the Fire” which included a beef and chicken kabob, halloumi, and seasonally roasted veggies (asparagus in this case). Wrapping these in the warm bread that was provided was so good. Finally the center plate - which we got lamb shoulder was phenomenal. It was fall off the bone and the meat melts in your mouth. It was a huge portion which we weren’t able to finish so had to take it back home for lunch the next day. When we thought that was the end of the meal, we got a surprise course of dessert. It was a nice cake and a great moose. It wasn’t that sweet so it balanced the end of the meal perfectly. Highly recommend visiting this place and the service was impeccable. The Michelin Star is for sure deserved. Be sure to make reservations right as they open as it gets booked out very fast!

7. Al-Khaymah Restaurant - Seven Corners

· 114 reviews

6124 Arlington Blvd, Seven Corners, VA 22044

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Al-Khaymah Restaurant: what do users think?

Honey Mustard: This restaurant is so good that I would not order to-go. The food is best to be enjoyed at the table. There are still many things I will come back to try, such as the Stuffed Pigeons, Mumbar etc... In the photos, I had White FB Mix Seafood Tajin and Oxtail. Both were super good. The hummus with bread and salad was delightful as well.

Basim Iqbal: I’ll cut to the chase: this was one of the best culinary experiences I’ve had all year (it’s thanksgiving weekend right now) and this was some of the best fish I’ve ever had, if not the best. The waiter/manager told us the fish gets flown in from Turkey every day. The grilled fish (top) is Dorado and the baked fish (bottom) is Bronzini. Both were uniquely prepared and the quality of the fish was great. I’ll definitely be coming back. Glad I went outside my comfort zone for these whole fish.

Mohamed T.: Hidden Gem in Dubai Karama. Very nice atmosphere which gives you the dubai heritage feeling. The staff is super friendly. Ashraf welcomes each guest and takes his time for a small chat and to learn more about the guests. They also provide beautiful free henna painting. The food is good as well and the portions are huge. The mix grill for 2 is enough for 3-4 person. Absolutely recommended. See you soon again.

Salima Bakkali: Since I came to USA I have been looking for a place to eat real seafood and fish . Today and after 7 years I enjoyed a delicious , tasty grilled fish with egyptian recipes 🤤 accompanied with a nice homemade green salad and seafood soup , I promise you can taste and smell the breeze of the ocean in fish especially the shrimp and the grilled fish 😍 . Definitely recommend it to all people looking for real seafoooood not synthetic seafood can’t wait to come next time to try the fried fish and calamari 🤤

Ameer Ali: Authentic Alexandrian Egyptian style sea food. Fish is cooked to order and the quality and service are very good. We were a party of 6 so we called ahead and pre ordered most of our entrees which helped us get our food very quickly. I tried the butterflied bronzini and charred snapper entrees which come with fresh salad, rice and tahini sauce. We also tried the spicy shrimp and seafood tajin and all were great. Also mint lemonade was excellent to finish it off. I plan to go back and try more stuff. If you are not used to whole fish, try the fillets and seafood soups and tajins.

Nischal Thapa: 1. Awesome hospitality. 2. Great seafood. 3. Very clean. This has to be the best restaurant I have been to this Winter. I have been all across the east coast (Maryland to Key West) this winter. I am not from this area but I wish I was so that I could go to this place again. If the owner (I forgot to ask his name - I am the guy from Nepal who was there with his wife) views this review, please know that we are extremely thankful for your hospitality and food.

mero molto: Oh my goodness, guys you have to try this authentic Egyptian seafood restaurant, honestly good price, high quality and very generous people, please try their menu you never regret it

Alaa HagIbraheim: Food is delicious and is like home food.Quite and ambient atmosphere. Most spectacular part is the customer service. The owner and staff are so sweet and welcoming. They are friendly. On my visit, they provided us with black (red) tea out of courtesy.

Karim Z: Great food, authentic taste and amazing service! Butterfly Shrimps and the seafood Tajin were so good…

8. Albi - Washington

· 302 reviews

1346 4th St SE, Washington, DC 20003, United States

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Albi: what do users think?

lauren neal: We did the hearth tasting menu and wine pairing and it was delicious! Highly recommend, even my husband who is a picky eater tried and liked everything. The service was impressive and flowed seamlessly between staff members. We loved our experience 💕

Jacqueline Bourassa: Amazing flavors and overall lovely experience. The tasting menu is the perfect amount to be full and try many dishes without being over stuffed. All the staff were great. The sommelier in particular had really cool pairings and was friendly/fun serving them. The hostesses were a great start to the night welcoming and professional. I appreciated that the bartender saw me looking lost at one point and came around the bar to walk me to where the restrooms are.

Aisha Damian: Absolutely amazing. The hummus was spectacular and the wine suggestions were perfect. Our server was fantastic and very attentive. We came for our anniversary and the staff made it a very special dinner. Best restaurant in Navy Yard, hands down!

Diana Valentine: So good. It’s not a typical restaurant I’d go to, but stopped in for a drink and apps and loved everything from the aesthetic of the restaurant to the service, drinks, and food. I returned for a full dinner a few months later and was just as impressed. It was super busy and the service was still good — the kitchen stayed open late fo make sure everyone got served. The food is flavor blasted and ingredients in each dish compliment one another in unexpected ways. Can’t recommend enough!

Tenzin Rigden: Absolutely delicious! Did the sofra experience, and thought it was an incredible value and very filling. We were stuffed by the time dessert came around. Highlights were the sunchoke, the pita, the cinnamon kefta, and the brown butter knafeh. Sat at the bar and service was good. Bartender was very knowledgeable about both drinks and the food. Whole experience took about 2 hours. Drinks were good too. The negroni and the silk road were particularly good.

Wilson Fujinaga: Genius Michelin level food and presentation. Impeccable service. The bar is so high it makes you sit up right and taller. From music, decor, design, furniture, earthenware, honestly it’s unreal we have a place like this in our neighborhood. Seeing the chef with is team in their element is like watching a maestro placing his finishing touches on a painting.

9. George's King of Falafel and Cheesesteak - Washington

· 2016 reviews

1205 28th St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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George's King of Falafel and Cheesesteak: what do users think?

Amana Choudhri: Amazing! Loved everything I ordered especially the lamb shawarma. Low key atmosphere with not a lot of seating and very few tables outside.

shehzan dahya: the food is always amazing. the quality of food for the price is great and they are open till late which makes them popular. this place is a vibe!

Abdullah Musalli: Been there a couple of times. Chicken Shawarma taste pretty good, love the garlic sauce and the mixed pickles on the side. We ordered falafel and honestly wasn’t as I was expect it ( cold and flavorless). The service is fast and there’s a place for dine in. I will come again for the chicken shawarma. Recommended !

Vidhi Nangia: Nice spot with simple yet great options. Portion sizes are good for the price. Close to the best wrap I’ve had but not the best. Would definitely come here again. Fries with the toum is a must.

Vishnu Viswanathan: Also the King of Shawarma. Ordered a chicken shawarma combo. It was cut into bite-sized portions and served with delicious garlic sauce and some pickle. The extra spicy sauce gives a pretty good kick! Highly recommended!

Rosemary Hartline: The chicken shawarma wrap is the best I’ve ever had! My fiancé had the cheese steak and it was also wonderful. Reasonably priced and made to order- the hummus is fantastic as well!

Mohammed S: best shawarma in Washington D.C. I like the atmosphere. The staffs are friendly and kind. Definitely, I will be back soon.

10. Yafa Grille - Washington

· 165 reviews

1205 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Yafa Grille: what do users think?

Jessica Martin: Fresh, varied, flavorful food with kind and quick service! Good portions too. Didn’t ask about gluten free but nothing other than the pita was obviously gluten. I’m sure they’d answer any questions you have.

Sydnye White: Love grabbing a Yafa salad bowl for lunch. I get chicken, lots of roasted veggies options and all the yummy garlic, tahini sauce and hummus I can stand!

Hisham Isa: I finally got to try this place. Had the option of wrap, bowl or plate. They we out of the pita pocket option at the time. Then picked the meat or veggies. They had chicken, beef or lamb. I got the bowl with rice and lamb. Both meat and rice portions were a bit small. I loaded up on the veggies since you can add whatever veggies you want to it. I was expecting more rice and meat for the price. What could have made it better? Hot rice and meats; more rice and meats; warm pita bread that came with it. Overall, positive experience as the food feels and taste healthy. Price was a bit over $12 for the bowl. I will definitely eat here again.

Kristen Marie: I’ve never had Shawarma before, so I appreciated how helpful the employees were in guiding me toward a shawarma rice bowl with delicious toppings. Fantastic! Great food and friendly staff.

Noor Ayoob: Man the food was amazing shawarma was so tasty definitely coming back again , this location is outside if McPherson square station close to 15th NW st and right in the heart if DC . Keep up the great work guys . You gained a very good customer.

Thomas Novelli: The chicken shawarma is pretty tasty. I recommend adding the spicy sauce and tzatziki for a great flavor combination. Service is quick and friendly. I’ll definitely return to check out other menu offerings.

11. Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Mediterranean Restaurant & Catering - Bailey"s Crossroads

· 664 reviews

3400 Washington Dr A, Falls Church, VA 22041

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Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Mediterranean Restaurant & Catering: what do users think?

Rania Sherif: The food is very delicious, like nothing else. The decorations of the restaurant is amazing, I loved it, loved the Arabic characters and the poems everywhere. People is very friendly, helpful and nice. We went couple of times and definitely will go again. All the meat is Hala also ❤️

Ree A: Love this place! It was the first time but we will come back differently. the food, atmosphere, and staff was amazing!!! Tried the hummus trio and mixed grill, all was tasty and fresh. Also, there is baklava and sweet. The price was reasonable

Theresa Collins: You cannot miss this restaurant! I came here for Mother’s Day and let me tell you it was fantastic. The atmosphere and aesthetic was very nice. I had the pleasure of Maryam serving us she was fantastic. You have to try their Jerusalem combo it was so delicious. Everything was wonderful I highly recommend this restaurant one of the best Arabic restaurants in town!

shahid khan: One of the best middle eastern restaurant in NVA area,this restaurant is located right off RT 7,next to a CVS .The ambience is very upscale and you feel as if you are transported back to Jerusalem ,the lamb Mandi and the muskan chicken are excellent along with the baba ghanoush and you can finish the meal with some authentic middle eastern desserts like baklava.

nAgI “Gman”: AMAZING restaurant ! The BEST fresh & tasty Mediterranean food around the area. I Visited about 4-5 buffets this Ramadan 2022 BUT I can say this is the top. They have experienced & Very friendly staff, they were able to service Ramadan Buffet customers flawlessly (over 100 people). The seats and tables are luxurious, the interior design is absolutely beautiful. Jerusalem is definitely the place to take friends and family for a good meal. My family and our kids had fun playing and almost left the restaurant 20 minutes after they closed but they were welcoming I highly recommend Jerusalem مطعم القدس.

Aisha Choudhry: I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they moved to a new location, it’s actually right across the street from their old building. This is one of my top favorite restaurants in Virginia, as much I wish they stayed at the old place, I kinda like this new modern space. It’s definitely much bigger and can accommodate so many more people. Since it’s covid we didn’t get to see the grand buffet for iftar, instead everything was served on the table - family style buffet, so no getting in line. Service as usual was top notch and everything tasted great: my favorite was lamb with rice so good! If you are in the area check them out. Highly recommend.

iktibar rapkat: Everything is Amazing/ Fresh , my husband I had wonderful lunch. The service was excellent and the price is very reasonable. Great place to gather with friends and family to eat.

12. Zaytinya by José Andrés - Washington

· 5320 reviews

701 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Zaytinya by José Andrés: what do users think?

Tilak Kalaria: Had an excellent experience at Zaytinya by Jose Andres. The food was very tasteful and unique. The cocktails were delicious and so was the wine. The menu was expansive so our large group decided on a tasting menu and it was awesome. The tasting menu was vast for the price, we got to try a little big of everything and it all tasted great. Service was slow at the beginning but after we got our first round of drinks the attention to detail picked up. I would normally comment on the dishes I really enjoy but I tried so many things it would be hard to choose. Definitely a spot to check out for some Mediterranean cuisine and I highly recommend it.

Maria Rock: Wow! 🎶 Everything was fantastic. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed such a wonderful meal. We had a reservation for an afternoon lunch. Upon arrival, we were greeted and seated immediately. The wait staff was courteous and efficient. We let our daughter, Julia, order for our table; everything she suggested was delicious and cooked to perfection. The pacing of the dishes was nice as well; a few dishes were brought out at a time. We weren’t rushed and plates were cleared away between courses. We were there just over an hour and even had dessert. I can’t wait to go again. ✨

Yuntian Lu: The food was absolutely amazing! We ordered several small plates and my favorite were the seared halloumi and the taramosalata (cured carp roe spread - trust me, you will think this is ice cream if no one tells you this is fish egg in the first place). Although the portion was small, they were not pricey and we were able to try many different options. The server was very friendly and made recommendations for our first visit. I’d definitely come back and recommend this restaurant to anyone interested in cuisines around the Mediterranean region.

Gene Farberov: Great restaurant, always packed, reservation recommended. The food is really good its a mixed Greek, Lebanese and some other country kitchen by a celeb chef. The food was really good, the presentation and the taste is a must try for sure. We got good service and really liked our waiter, he made some recommendations on the cocktails which we enjoyed. I will be back on my next trip to Washington DC.

Djordjiana Buric: Mediterranean restaurant by famous Jose Andres, with authentic music in an open high ceiling beautiful space. Food has special spices and therefore different tastes. Warm tin bread with dipping in olive oil to start. Ship with garlic , octopus is delicious so is the chicken soup not traditional taste but different with lemon and egg. Great to try all these completely different tastes. Service is kind but a bit slow so make sure you are not in a rush. Once ordered food comes quickly.

Lyl Rose: I’m a huge fan of JA and determined to eat at every restaurant he has if possible. This was the third I’ve tried when visiting DC. Definitely did not disappoint! Everything top notch. Nice non alcoholic beverage selection. Fresh ingredients in unique dishes bursting with flavor and richness. Can’t go wrong. Service was great. Decent portions and reasonably priced. Easy to eat too much! One day I’ll save room for dessert.

Genesis Christina: This is my absolute favorite restaurant in Washington DC, my fiance and I were so fortunate to stumble across this place. We tried the tasting menu and it was so amazing that we went back on our last day to try more entrees. The service is unmatched and the servers make some great recommendations. Definitely would recommend this cute spot!

13. Miramar Shawarma & Hookah Bar - Washington

· 81 reviews

1033 31st St NW, Washington, DC 20007, United States

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Miramar Shawarma & Hookah Bar: what do users think?

Hamid El Madani: My wife and I had such a great time at Miramar .We enjoyed the food ,the hookah and the atmosphere .It was such a great experience .The owner and the waitress were very Pleasant and delightful .I highly recommend this new addition in Georgetown

Mohammad Knaan: This is my absolute favourite restaurant in DC, the food is always fantastic! Service also great, and they are doing the best hookah.

Moral Engineer: This is such an amazing experience food wise and entertainment wise. Great Egyptian food and the owner personally gives college students in groups $13.99 per hookah with good deals on food and beverages (alcoholic/non-alcoholic). Mr.Taha is also a great manager who loves a humorous conversation!

Real Good: Absolutely incredible service and food. The chicken couscous is insane. They have the best hookah I’ve had in weeks (I do a lot of hookah bar hopping). But really the atmosphere was so good and the owners so nice I’d come back any time. Thank you guys so much.

Joanna Van Vleck: This place is incredible. Wonderful service. Delicious home cooked meal. I felt like I was sitting in a living room. Loved the hookah. Will go back again!

Delilah Vasquez: This place was super welcoming and attentive! The owners make you feel at home and check on you frequently to make sure you’re having a great experience. Definitely recommend! Would come back any time.

Kevin Williams: The service is excellent. The food is delicious an CL avorful. Try the lamb, chicken kebab and couscous. It’s home cooked food. The managers are attentive but also let you get on with things

14. Lebanese Taverna - Washington

· 1298 reviews

2641 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

Address Website WhatsApp
Lebanese Taverna: what do users think?

Victor Wang: Ordered a taverna platter with shawarma (lamb) and it was a lovely combination of rice, salad, lamb, and hummus. The free bread is beautiful and light/fluffy. Prices are reasonable and plenty of space indoors and outdoors. We even were able to stay until after closing to just chat.

julee wooley: The hommus and Baba Ghannouge were excellent! I had a favorite in Chicago and now I’ve finally found one as great here in Silver Spring Maryland. The pick your platter was the perfect option for me, it was about three meals worth of food! Very impressed with quality and quantity!

James Bacon: Lebenesse Taverna A lovely restaurant space with a vaulted curved high ceiling, nicely furnished and finished, airy and comfortable. Prompt friendly service follows smoothly, but with no pressure at all. (We were awaiting a 4th person who we ultimately did take away for - this was neither an issue or problem, and demonstrates a dynamic approach to customer service from Mustafa our server) The humus with lamb shawarma, baba ganoush and the arnabeet; cauliflower chickpeas, tahini and pine nuts starters was delicious and with hot pitta and oil a substantial starter. The chicken shawarma sandwich with salad was delicious, the chicken was marinated and in a lovely sauce. The chicken curry was mild but flavoursome, while the lamb and artichoke stew had a lovely fruity hint to it, and proved the unusual but very tasty surprise. To end they kindly brought us the baklava without ice-cream as we could just about share it. Loved this service. Excitingly they were hot, and very delicious. We will return here for sure.

Anna Barrett: Good food, good service.They have hand washing station right outside the bathroom, which works well during the pandemic. Their lamb was very tasty

Tara McGee: Fabulous food, excellent service and atmosphere. I particularly recommend the Chef’s Platter and the Spicy Hummus. Yum!

Amanda: Thank you to Noor, my server. A great host, and friendly, who gave several recommendations to this traveler. The food was hot, delicious, and served within an appropriate time. The environment was clean and comfortable, the aesthetic dim and romantic, with just a dash of swank. Open, but not too open as to be left out in space. Cozy but not on top of one another where you have to keep your voice low - still enough privacy between tables. Bathrooms were clean and modern. A nice glass of wine, baklava, and a chance to try Ouzo were wonderful surprises. Thank you Lebanese Taverna.

15. Mezè Restaurant - Washington

· 479 reviews

2437 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

Address Website
Mezè Restaurant: what do users think?

Pandora White: I stopped here for brunch. I got the spinach omelette. The wait staff was amazing. I felt so welcome. The food was so yummy. The atmosphere was super chill and the music choices were nice. It was the type of place, you want to hang out in. Would recommend this to everyone.

Sezgin Arslan: Best turkish restaurant in washington dc, amazing mediterranean food. I felt so welcome. The food was so yummy. The atmosphere was super chill and the music choices were nice. It was the type of place, you want to hang out in. Would recommend this to everyone.

Nisha Desai: Had an amazing experience here for my bottomless birthday brunch for 14! It was so easy to make the reservation and they kept in touch with me to confirm everything for the day. The waiters are so friendly and professional. They kept the drinks and food coming and overall made my birthday amazing! All 14 people were satisfied with the food and drink options as well as the service, plus the brunch was a great value at $43/pp! Highly recommend!!

Forough Forozanfar: Good service & tasty food! entrées were on the small side for the cost! Very expensive!

Mohammad Shouman: The service here has really improved. The food is fantastic. The kunefe for dessert is a must-try.

Anwar Sadek: I tried the fried calamari app and definitely I will have it there again. The Sis Kebab was just fantastic. Land was just and flavorful. Above all they have the best kunefe I ever tried. Most places have their dessert very sweet but this place has the right balance. That made their bakhlava mouthwatering. Overall loved everything about this place. Excellent customer service!

Merrill H: Had a very nice dinner here on New Year’s Eve. Outdoor seating was warm with a good heater and a solid canopy holding back the rain. The waiter had excellent recommendations and was attentive without intruding on a romantic dinner with my date. The food was great!

16. muncheez - Washington

· 1044 reviews

1071 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007, United States

Address Website WhatsApp
muncheez: what do users think?

zwawe xm: The cheese beef manaish was the best, it would have been easy 10/10 if it gad more meat. The chicken manaish were good but the lettuce brings the whole sandwich down and it needs a little of spice, I would say 6/10. 🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯😋😋😋😋😋 The place is very clean and cooking station seem very organized 👍👍👍👍👍 Looking forward to trying something similar to what I had today. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Reema Srivastava: I liked the Veggie platter and mint lemonade but the Shawarma platter with chicken was disappointing. Great location to grab a lunch on aSunny day. They have a couple of chairs & tables for outdoor seating.

Paul: Freshly prepared mid eastern food. Not much seating inside, but everything was tasty and freshly made. The MidEastern platter in pic is recommended.

Aayush Raj: Loved the shawarma wraps they served! Really delicious. We’ve tried a lot of Mediterranean places in the US but these guys do it well! Will definitely visit again!

Syed Ahmed Ullah: The staff is amazing. Always a pleasant experience here. The manakeesh (both chicken+cheese and steak+cheese) is very fresh and juicy. Also, they have the best French fries and crepes. Love the food here!!!

R Al-Dulaimi: Excellent customer service. Loved their crêpeMasks are required inside, thankfully they have outdoor dinning

17. muncheez - Washington

· 133 reviews

1317 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

Address Website WhatsApp
muncheez: what do users think?

J Foodgeek: Chicken shawarma and in was good. They do bowls too. I was still hungry after the Pita sandwich though.

Latia Foster: Food was delicious, my team ate here this past week and we had a large order. Everyone was able to get what they ordered. I have the lemonade with my meal and it was so refreshing

Linden Yee: Great for a quick late night bite. The manakeesh are solid and a decent price and the service is quick. Not the best falafel or shawarma in the area, but one of my favorite options for fast food.

Juan M: Love this place. They are very clean and very professional. Two lady’s at the front are very friendly and professional. Food was exceptional delicious. I can come here everyday and don’t get bored. I really recommend to try the Nutella crepes. Prices are very cheap and the service is super fasts. If you’re lucky you could get a parking spot in front o the restaurant (remember to pay for it😜)

Dhruv Jaiswal: Good food ! Have good options and menu ! We took chicken and falafel which were pretty good !We went there super late so was Amazingly busy ! Took about 35 mins to get out order !

Ashleah Younker: This was pretty good! I made my own bowl with their chicken shwarma. Their mint lemonade was delicious!

18. ilili Restaurant DC - Washington

· 213 reviews

100 District Square SW, Washington, DC 20024

Address Website WhatsApp
ilili Restaurant DC: what do users think?

Megan Gold: This is by far the best restaurant in DC! I go out to eat a LOT so claiming this is huge. The aesthetics/ design is so beautiful. I felt like I was transported to a garden but indoors! The customer service was perfect! Our server gave us great suggestions and was always checking in. The food was to die for! From the meats, to the salads and even the puffy bread they serve…perfect 👌🏼 🏻 Drinks were also perfect! One thing though…I wish they did something for my boyfriends birthday. Maybe they forgot but that would have made it even more special. I can’t wait to go back!

Dondré: Definitely have to go back for the meat platter. I went with the fish. It was alright but my mistake was not going for the actual meat. The venue is nice. Great views, great location to walk around before or after your meal. The service was fantastic, had zero issues, our waiter was great. All the sides were really good. Definitely stop in for a unique blend of flavors.

Arissa Saad: Had dinner here and the food was fantastic. You need to order hummus, it was so creamy and smooth topped with pine nuts….we’re still thinking about the hummus! We wanted to try the mixed grill but we came late so our waiter, Charles recommended the chicken instead and he was right, it was juicy and flavorful. We had the chicken with restaurant’s signature rice and not to forget, fig sauce was so mouthwatering! The restaurant and Charles complimentary us with baklava for the celebration which was also very good! Our waiter, Charles was so friendly, thank you Charles again for making mothers day very special and memorable for us!

Rimmi Ann Mathews: If only I could give them 10 stars. Took my out of town friends for their first Lebanese food experience. Our server Israel was super attentive and super knowledgeable. He explained and shared his knowledge about food and wine with us through out our meal. His positive energy and personality was cherry on top. Also Dris (sorry if I misspelled his name) Super attentive and was so helpful throughout the night. We really appreciated the service and can’t wait to come back to sit in their sections again.

Dave Verma: My son made the recommendation to have Sunday Brunch here. I will keep this review short and sweet. This place has great food and service and is a find. I would recommend this place highly for their great food. I had the eggs Benedict and it was finger licking good. I don’t really have anything negative to report here. Happy eating.

Jessica Kleist: Great experience! The location and ambiance was wonderful and I enjoyed all of the dishes ordered. The carrots and the eggplant dish definitely had a wow factor. The hummus, beets, meatballs, and Brussel sprouts were very good but tasted more common given the price, keeping my rating at 4 instead of 5 stars. The overall experience was great and I would dine here again.

Stephanie W: Charles, our server this evening was excellent! He is knowledgeable with the food menu and cocktail/wine selection. He explained everything to us and was very friendly, which made our dining experience even better. It was our first time dining at a Lebanese restaurant and we weren’t sure what to order. From beginning to end, Charles recommendations exceeded our expectations. We will definitely recommend ilili to our friends and look forward to dine again.

Stefano De Cupis: We celebrated New Year’s Eve at ilili Restaurant DC. The location is marvelous and spacious. They served stylish Lebanese cuisine including meat & seafood. Service is fast and the live music + DJ really made the New Year memorable.

19. Zikrayet Lebanese Restaurant and Lounge - Lyles-Crouch

· 1068 reviews

2006 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria, VA 22314

Address Website WhatsApp
Zikrayet Lebanese Restaurant and Lounge: what do users think?

Irina Dolinskaya: We enjoy the food every time I come here for lunch! We usually order a variety of appetizers to share “tapas style,” and everything we try is always delicious! Plenty of outdoor seating and friendly staff!

Joe Najm: One of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had. Legit. Amazing hummus, kabobs, and probably the best baba-ganoush I’ve ever eaten. Also, sat on the patio which has a great vibe. The wait staff couldn’t have been better: if I could give this place 8 stars I’d give it 10.

Abigail Morales: **We came for dinner on a Friday and were informed that on Friday and Saturday this place is more like a nightclub with a dance floor and live music**. We came by again on a Tuesday and were surprised at the friendly service and great food. We looked around at how synchronized the servers were while helping each other clear tables and serve guests with water, things like napkins or cutlery, before they even asked for anything. The food was great- the rice was flavorful, the lamb was tender, the fattouche salad was so tasty and the lentil soup as well. We reccomend the chocolate fondant for dessert- it is well worth the extra time it takes to prepare. The only thing we disliked was the beef schwarma which tasted a little old/grainy.

Sahar Bayounis: This is a very nice place if you’re craving Lebanese food! I ordered the shish tawouk shawerma combo that came with fries and a soda. It was really delicious. I did ask for some pickles and they charged me $6 for it. Our waitress was clearly new and she was little overwhelmed and all over the place. Even though me and my friend asked for 2 separate checks, we had to return the bill two times because the orders on the bill were mixed up. All in all, I liked the food and atmosphere of the restaurant. I recommend sitting outside if you’re visiting; they have a nice outside seating area.

Natalie Martinez: Great service, lovely inside room and very spacious they have outside sitting very big as well. Food was delicious and great service.

cesar Cortes: Wow! So good! We are visiting from out of town, searched for late night eats, and we scored with this place….terrific food, friendly service, chill atmosphere. Loved it!

mounir khalid: The staff and owners at Zikrayet are Amazing! The hookah, the atmosphere, the food, the live Music, the drinks all are fantastic! At Zikrayet they always go above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of.No wait time when you walk-in, my favorite spot in the dmv area

20. Sababa - Washington

· 346 reviews

3311 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

Address Website WhatsApp
Sababa: what do users think?

Diana Needle: What an amazing experience we had in this restaurant. We stayed in the lounge drinks area and the staff was very nice, the place has a very comfortable atmosphere and the food is excellent! We had the hummus with the pita bread, grilled broccoli, egg & shug butter and also the dessert it was the konafi cake, everything was Great! For sure, I ordered a cappuccino and also it was very good, besides that vegan food makes all the difference for me and they have plenty! We certainly want to back soon!

J Leung: I would like to address this review to Ashok as I had worked for him at 701 in the 90’s. Congratulations on adding another wonderful, delicious, innovative restaurant to the city. We were truly impressed and enjoyed our food immensely!!! We came as a party of 5 at 7:30 to celebrate a birthday. I informed the hostess who it was too. After being escorted to the table I realized that we were not going to be comfortable as we were planning to order plenty food to share. We were shown another table that was smaller despite the fact that there were 2 empty tables beside us that could have been combined. (FYI 1 remained empty all night) We were not happy but we wanted to enjoy the evening. The waiter KC or KZ was so impressive that I was like wow!! Good job Ashok. Standards have not gone down but his 10 went down the drain very fast. He barely came to check how our food was. We had to serve our own wine but that was ok too because when they were pouring it felt like let’s finish this bottle so they’ll order another one. Plate after plate was brought to our table that was filled with 5 glasses of wine and water and even the bottle itself at some point till they figured there is a standing wine bucket beside us. The busboy also brought out a plate and when we asked what it was he had no idea. I also whispered to our waiter you know we have a birthday right? He said no but now he knows. How could that be when I informed the hostess and the lady Jess who opened the wine for us greeted our birthday celebrant? I kept on waiting for what’s next till a dessert came with 1 spoon for the birthday song. I asked our waiter dessert menu? He said kitchen is closed. I said why did u not offer us dessert before it closed? Because you were eating. (He had also informed us before we ordered our main courses that kitchen was closing) Ok. Just bring us some spoons so we can share this single dessert. He brought tablespoons ?????? Now I am truly upset. Then he comes back and says oh, there is still someone to make you dessert. But we no longer want it. Also when our table was being cleaned, I asked to pack the pita. There were 6pcs and the guy just dropped the bowl back to the table, just like that. With a bang!!! Jess asked how we were and I said I’ll just write a review and she wanted to know what’s wrong. I told her and she offered drinks. Is that enough to compensate for the experience? Not really. We can afford to buy our own drinks. But thank you for offering.

Ritu Desai VA-DC-MD Realtor: Beet Falafel, Hummus planter, drinks, the ambiance of the place everything was perfect to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary. Their spicy sauce is not for the faint heart..

Alex Krentsel: Delicious food! It was about $80 all in for 2 people. Loved eating here, very interesting

Melis Mull: I ordered their Restaurant Week dinner (summer 2021). The staff were very attentive. Some participating RW restaurants seem to put together a boring & inexpensive menu. Not Sababa. The steak kebab was delicious!

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