Best Coffee Shops To Work In Washington Near Me

The Coffee Bar The Wydown Coffee Bar Emissary Gregorys Coffee Grace Street Coffee Roasters Brew'd Coffee Bar Slipstream Swing's Coffee La Colombe Coffee Roasters Bourbon Coffee Filter Coffeehouse & Espresso Bar - Foggy Bottom Sweet Science Coffee Jacob's Coffee House Dolcezza Gelato and Coffee Bluestone Lane Logan Circle Café Blue Bottle Coffee Tryst Zeke's Coffee of DC - Downtown Qualia Coffee The Coffee Bar

1. The Coffee Bar - Washington

· 497 reviews

1201 S St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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The Coffee Bar: what do users think?

LP: Cute space with a great dirty dirty chai and coffee selection with assorted local baked goods. There’s some great in and outdoor seating to stay a while.

byron subero: A nice little coffee spot in DC. Great service and delicious blend for their house blend.

Dylan Roche: This is a great coffee shop in Shaw. Good drinks, friendly staff, decent prices, and a nice big patio out front. The only downside (and this is subjective) they do not offer wifi, which is interesting during the weekday because everyone seems to come here to work outside on the patio. But overall ten out of ten, this is a great spot to have in the neighborhood.

Hannah Mirviss: Love supporting the local coffee shop. Drinks are great, staff is very nice. A few small outdoor tables but nothing inside. Matcha is not great and the one pastry I’ve had was nothing to write home about. But coffee, vibe, staff, location great!!

Susanna Mostaghim: Cute spot, reasonable prices. I don’t like that there’s only one bathroom as someone was in there for like 20min. While that’s not their fault could be better planned.

Laura Schlesinger: Great coffee and pastries, very friendly staff! Most of the seating is outdoors.

Bruner Burner: Great neighborhood coffee spot.Not ideal for work requiring internet, as there is no Wi-Fi.

2. The Wydown Coffee Bar - Washington



· 371 reviews

1924 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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The Wydown Coffee Bar: what do users think?

Khoi Nguyen: Great coffee spot located on a busy street. I recently stopped by on an early Sunday and the line was almost out the door. My friends and I ordered a regular coffee, espresso shot and a matcha latte. Prices are reasonable for DC and service was really quick. I’ll definitely be back for their breakfast pastries

Michael Meotti: Good coffee, great scones (I had the cherry almond, good amount of fruit and a bit of sugar icing on top...all to the good!) and nice location with comfortable indoor seating, some tables outside and a roll open garage style door/window in the front for nice weather.

Oliver Wiehe: The flavor of the coffee is exquisite. The coffee is so good it needs no sugar or cream. Be sure to order a orange cranberry muffin. The sugar layer has a wonderful crunch to the warm fruit flavors inside. Atmosphere is casual urban. Wydown coffee bar is a must visit when close to U street in DC.

chparatrooper88: Wydown Coffee Bar. One word…wow.Coffee is second to none. Gluten free options. Price is the best yet.

Emir Sfaxi: I love Wydown since I don’t live far from it. However I was really disappointed that they removed the blueberry lavender scone and their pimento cheese biscuit. These two items were part of their best sellers! They also removed the croissants from the menu and never brought them back.

Jhori Lobban: Elizabeth is the best barista there! She is immensely respectful and kind and has a very nice personality. She made sure my order was correct and the latte was perfect ! Hope you guys are treating her as the asset to your establishment that she surely is.

3. Emissary - Washington

· 726 reviews

2032 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Emissary: what do users think?

Martha Wilson: Hip vibe at this neighborhood coffee. Cool interior but lots of space outside. Delicious food and coffee, too. Thumbs up!

Rosa: I love the vibe, the location, the avocado toast, the coffee and pastries of Emissary, but there are a few recurring issues that I hope they address: Some of the staff are very ignorant. You need to ask for one thing several times for them to address. The tables are not always being cleaned after someone leaves. People constantly come and go and sometimes you just get to sit at the dirty table and even when you ask for a napkin to clean the table, the person doesn’t come back. The WiFi also sucks. If you need to do stuff online, you can’t rely on their WiFi.

Tatiana Padilla: Plenty of outdoor and indoor seating; a variety of small plates; and delicious coffee! The space was cute and the staff was friendly. The espresso was a bit fruity and bright— not what I expected. Wish there were more breakfast pastries/breads available throughout the day as the food menu was a bit on the expensive side.

HK: My go-to comfort cafe in the neighborhood. Coffee and pastries are great. They have ample seating space indoors and outdoors, which makes it a great rendezvous point. They offer healthy food options although the portions aren’t big.

Lisa Giorgi: Cozy casual place, plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. Tried the egg sandwich which was tasty. Good for breakfast and work.

Jelena Djokic: Cool, indie coffee place. It serves delicious coffee and pastries. Prices are average. We got a tasty carrot cake cupcake there. The only thing that bugged me was that we took the food outside and there was simply no argonomic way to eat it without getting super messy, so I would recommend that they get utensils for the take-out.

Bhinesha Seetaram: The best matcha latte. I took mine with almond milk.

4. Gregorys Coffee - Washington

· 146 reviews

1900 L St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Gregorys Coffee: what do users think?

Krystal Perez: Cute little coffee shop I found on my lunch break this evening , the baristas are so sweet and creative I felt at home here ... they allow inside seating and presented me with a fancy latte, with art included! Keep it up ladies, your the best !!!

Saray Fischer: Stopped by this afternoon for a quick pick me up, I was surprised that this cafe was open but it feels like home , great music, soft lighting, tons of plants, and the male barista served me at my table, I loved it. I felt special and will be returning when I need to get out of the office more often . I will be recommending this chain to my coworkers , family , and friends !

Elizabeth Hung: Loved my experience and drink here! The indoor decor is so hip and cute. The menu choices all sounded amazing but I went with the matcha latte with oat milk. It was perfectly matcha-y and unsweetened (my favorite). One of the best matcha drinks I have gotten in the dc area. My friend got the chai and he said it was great as well.

Sharon Angela Naidoo: This place ticks all the boxes, good service, GREAT COFFEE and wonderful atmosphere. I have visited this coffee place everyday I stayed here. The coffee always had a personal touch. The picture below is a cortado with skim milk.

Fred Kingman: My wife and I agree that this cafe has good drip coffee, and great customer service. There is indoor and outdoor seating, we chose outdoors. She had the breakfast burrito. I tried the skinny and it was wholesome. Definitely worth a second visit next time were in town.

5. Grace Street Coffee Roasters - Washington

· 316 reviews

3210 Grace St NW Ste 100, Washington, DC 20007

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Grace Street Coffee Roasters: what do users think?

Stephen Shields: Incredibly peaceful and calming after walking the Georgetown strip. The vanilla latte was a perfect temperature and silky smooth. Interesting note… their company roast their own beans and the syrups are made fresh in-house! The latte art is a nice touch to boot! The staff is incredibly friendly! Thanks for the great experience!

Luis Mantilla: Very cute on the inside but where sometimes that means a lack luster coffee this place delivers! Coffee was very good. The people were very kind. The neighborhood/street had tons of style. Overall great experience and definitely stopping by again. Photo attached is of the coffee plus the bagel shop I went to before. Great combination.

Emma Rose Wooten: Cute cafe on a quaint little side street in Georgetown. Feels very granola since it’s part of a cycling shop. It doesn’t seem like the coziest place to study or do work but definitely a good place to socialize or regroup after a lot of walking!

David Pohly: Outstanding coffee, but also a great place for food. Loved the grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Mohammed Al-Marri: Small but cozy place, the chairs could’ve been better but everything else just compensated the experience. The staff were really kind and welcoming, helped me pick my americano beans based on my preferences. I really enjoyed the coffee as well as the avocado toast, definitely coming back again!

6. Brew'd Coffee Bar - Washington

· 36 reviews

901 4th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Brew'd Coffee Bar: what do users think?

Ido Simyoni: I really liked the coffee and I thought it was a cute spot too. I got lavender oat milk latte.Service wasn’t great nor friendly.

Rachel: A great spot to enjoy the sunshine and a delicious iced latte on a warm summer day! I tried their pistachio rose latte and am so glad I did - what a unique blend of flavors. Indoor atmosphere is beautiful but indoor seating is pretty much non-existent. We really enjoyed sitting outside though — there were several tables, large umbrellas for shade and well-landscaped planters for ambiance. This is one of the best coffee shop patios I’ve found since moving to DC. Their wifi did not work outside though - given the paucity of indoor seating perhaps they could consider getting a wifi extender. However, there was Xfinity wifi available in this neighborhood so I was able to get connected to that instead.

Mario Sengco: This is my favorite coffee place in the area. For my taste, they make the best drip coffee and latte drinks. Great flavor, consistent quality, and friendly service.

M Ramachandran: Amazing! The barrista on Sat afternoon was so wonderful and welcoming. And she made the perfect espresso shot. Great patio and vibe as well.

James Ives: Really solid coffee spot in Mount Vernon Triangle which offers outdoor seating. Went here on a Saturday morning and tried their Latte, Focaccia and croissant. Everything tasted good and the coffee shop it’s self was vibrant with a good atmosphere. The only negative I took away from my experience was that they didn’t offer recycling for the cups they provided.

7. Slipstream - Washington

· 605 reviews

1333 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

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Slipstream: what do users think?

Paolo Verzani: exceptional espresso program. Truly incredibly gifted craftsman. When I visit from NYC I without fail come to visit this cafe and I always get a flat white and enjoy the oudoor seating they have and read my Bible and just unwind. It’s the greatest cafe with a really stunning food selection too! I love their avocado toast, it goes well with their habenero spicy jam!

Ido Simyoni: Such a hipster place for a weekend brunch. Really enjoyed the vibe, service and food. Everyone was so nice and friendly.

Angela Huffaker: Carrot cake muffin with sage and cream cheese + breakfast sandwich where amazing, but the coffee was the show - Maximum Effort put in

Jeff E: Great coffee and food. They need to update their offerings online as they say open for dine in and they are not.

Sue Loftis: This was such a cute little coffee shop. Small and not kid friendly. I had the vanilla iced latte, it was perfectly sweetened, not too much sugar that overpowered the coffee flavor. And the Avocado toast was prob the best I’ve had anywhere. I’ve never had it the way they make it but I was pleasantly surprised.

cosmopus: Nice, cozy place. Nice spot to start your day with.Negative side: not clean utensils

8. Swing's Coffee - Washington

· 303 reviews

640 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005, United States

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Swing's Coffee: what do users think?

Samantha: Had one of the best cortado in my life for less than $4 ! Their pain au chocolat is really good too! Clean and elegant interior design made the experience very delightful ☺️

Vanessa Anderson: Lovely, peaceful place for studying and getting together with friends! Smells good like coffee when you come in and the service is done with speed and grace. Thanks!

Mike Galante: Really excellent espresso drinks. Both the cortado and flat white were excellent.

Perks Advisor: Swings in DC brews a very consistent and good cup of coffee. It’s location is just steps from the White House. You can also pick from a variety of pastries to go down with your coffee. The shop is small but there are some seats to sip away your day. Swings roasts their coffee and is knowledgeable on all things coffee. This company has been around for years and is worth a visit if you happen to find yourself in Washington and in need of some caffeine.

Arianna Vranas: Very kind staff and a delicious cold brew! I picked up a cold brew from them and walked down to the Sculpture Garden and had a lovely afternoon sipping my coffee in the sun ☀️

9. La Colombe Coffee Roasters - Washington

· 801 reviews

924 Blagden Alley NW, Washington, DC 20001

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La Colombe Coffee Roasters: what do users think?

Joseph Mathias: Cute little coffee shop in Blagden Alley. I frequent La Colombe often, this was my first one in DC. Location is GREAT, with the wall art. On a warm summer day, you can take your coffee to go and explore the many arts in the alley. The only complaint I have is that the menu is very limited, and they have only pastries (I attribute this to the fact that there’s 2 other coffee shops in the alley, that’s probably why. But it would be nice to see them add bagels or other small bites to the menu). Something else as well (and mentioned by a few others) is that there’s No WiFi, so if you’re looking to get coffee and catch up on work, this is not the best place. Staff was nice!

Phil Armstrong: Popped in here for a cup and a pastry, and enjoyed both very much. The pastry was a delicious blueberry scone with a vanilla icing drizzle on top. The medium roast drip was excellent. I like its location in the neat little alley, too.

Joan Melendez: I love this space! I 💜this coffee company. I have my places in DC and NYC that I do frequent. I just am wishing and saying a little prayer... that La Colombe would look at National Harbor when they are needing their next spot!

Jorge Zurita-Coronado: Great location with friendly staff. Great selection of pastries as well. Inside seating is a little limited because of the pandemic. Great place to do some reading or get some work done.

Charles Michael: The place does get busy because it is amazing. The staff is friendly and the location has fantastic coffee. I was able to get a lot of work done. The place does get busy because it is my favorite, tried their hot chocolate for the first time and love it. Quality drinks, quality wifi, quality space. All around wonderful My go-to coffee shop in DC 😊 The people are wonderful, the ambiance cozy, and the drinks are DELICIOUS! Their iced chai tea latte is my favorite, tried their hot chocolate for the first time and love it. Quality drinks, quality wifi, quality space. All around wonderful

Jenn Z: We just followed the crowed and it led us to this coffee place. It wasn’t disappointing at all! Very good coffee and bakeries. It resides in Blagden Valley which was interesting itself. It was an old shabby part of town now is under going transforming to a better place. The colorful murals lighten up the valley. Parking was easy ( from what I observed) just park on the brick road.

10. Bourbon Coffee - Washington

· 375 reviews

2101 L St NW, Washington, DC 20037

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Bourbon Coffee: what do users think?

Liz González: I am visiting from the south and came across this location thanks to a friend/google recommendation. Very aesthetically pleasing spot! The service was super friendly and quick, and my panini and coffee were made perfectly! Really a cozy atmosphere.

Brent Berkley: So glad I found this place while walking to the big chain coffee shop. Great coffee!

Will Dkn: Great decor, based on Rwandan styles, also where the coffee is sourced from. music is on point, and the ambiance is great for getting some work done or meeting friends.

Lucius Domitius Aurelianus (Augustus): Good tasting and well priced coffee. Service was slow but it seemed like they were quite understaffed and I ordered something which takes a while. Egg a cheese tasted good.

Tim Possible: Convenient location for nearby offices, medical centers, etc. Friendly staff that remembers your order to the T. And most importantly, very good light roast coffee.

Dan Edwards: Coffee with a purpose. (And that’s just how it should be…)

11. Filter Coffeehouse & Espresso Bar - Foggy Bottom - Washington

· 219 reviews

1916 I St NW, Washington, DC 20006

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Filter Coffeehouse & Espresso Bar - Foggy Bottom: what do users think?

Emilee Tin: Great Staff & Owner. Coffee and tea were fantastic! Vanilla Coconut Tea was to die for 10/10. Relaxing, comfortable, and quiet sitting area to drink a beverage and get work done. Got productive studying and assignments done. Good mid day pick me up. Close enough to campus that I don’t have to leave too much time to get to class, but far enough that I am not distracted by everything.

Matt Graham: Good coffee and muffins. Huge, hidden seating area. A much better place to work than my freezing cold, shared office.

12. Sweet Science Coffee - Washington

· 137 reviews

35 N St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Sweet Science Coffee: what do users think?

Carolyn K: This is a wonderful little coffee shop and a must visit if you’re taking a coffee shop tour of DC. The parking was not great, so I had to part about 4 blocks away and walk. The shop was really cute inside and was not super crowded which was nice. The coffee and food was delicious!

Hind KH: It’s quite place to get work done. I liked their new social rose cold brew. The cinnamon roll and strawberry loaf are delicious

Liam Mullins: I previously gave this place a lower rating for what was a once-off issue with a coffee I had ordered. Since going back, I’ve had more positive experiences. Overall, this is a great place. There are some things I would like to see changed though. (1) The limit on WiFi (I think it’s two hours). In the age of remote work, they’re missing out on work from home folks. I’ve worked from Sweet Science, only for my WiFi to elapse, even though I would have happily ordered more coffee to stay put. (2) The seating isn’t the warmest. With a couch or two, some other seating options, or even just more seating, the atmosphere could be a lot warmer. That shouldn’t stop anyone though—the coffee is great!

Samantha Melvin: My husband and I stopped for a quick coffee and breakfast. Home made pop tarts were delicious and coffee was deep and rich. We both drink black and were not disappointed.

Ted Lai: Cortado very tasty. The vegetable quiche could have been warmed a bit longer because the inside was still very cold, but I saw potential. Scones were awesome. This place in NoMa is worth going back repeatedly.

monica yarur: LOVE the cortado! And the pastries are so delicious. Great place, 100% recommended!

Zoe Weaver: This is probably one of my favorite coffee shops for working in DC! Low volume music, great pastries and drinks, wifi, outlets, and friendly service. Parking in this area is a bit crazy, but overall great experience.

13. Jacob's Coffee House - Washington

· 331 reviews

401 8th St NE, Washington, DC 20002, United States

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Jacob's Coffee House: what do users think?

Joseph Wilson: Just a heads up, this place didn’t have any seating available when we went, probably because of COVID. They do have a couple tables still set up outside though, but no seats. We ordered a lox bagel sandwich, an egg and cheese and beef sandwich, and a coffee. Everything was really good, but the lox bagel sandwich was exceptional! I highly recommend it if you like raw smoked salmon.

Charlotte Meindersma (Charlotte's Law): Best bagels in town! Really good European style coffee (American size!), lovely people, really nice outside seating and they provide cookies for dogs!

Henrietta: Came here randomly because I needed some coffee. I love when I run into a place that delivers quality food and service without having to do any advanced research! I got the cold brew coffee with oat milk and sugar free vanilla/ caramel. I also got a hummus veggie wrap and added Turkey and red pepper sauce. Sooo good! Please consider adding a Turkey wrap to the menu! I’ll be back 😎

Amelia Anthony: Absolutely love this place! Jazz (the owner) became more than just someone I bought my coffee from, she would always stop to talk when I came in. She’s so thoughtful and sweet and the food and coffee is amazing! My favorite thing from there is the chicken salad on a croissant. Support small business, shop here!

Rachel Cipkins: Pretty good breakfast food! They are very COVID safe. There is no indoor seating even though the pictures on maps shows so

Jime Colado: I loved visiting! The owner was absolutely kind to us, we chatted a bit and had the most amazing breakfast. The food and coffee are delicious and feels like home, so cozy. I loved the concept, and I’m looking forward to come back soon!

AL Brandes: Average coffee, but was the best iced caramel macchiato my daughter ever had (so she claimed). Sandwiches were great and the bubble tea drinks were good quality

14. Dolcezza Gelato and Coffee - Washington

· 615 reviews

1704 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Dolcezza Gelato and Coffee: what do users think?

Emma Jeanie Beanie: The staff are very friendly and helpful in making a decision between all the delicious flavors. I got hazelnut crackle and Swiss chocolate, and enjoyed both immensely. Also, their chai latte is one of the best I’ve ever had! Even though it’s a small shop, there are a few cute places to sit and the atmosphere is very cozy. Will definitely return on our next dc visit!

Sassy Sauce: Nice place but the parking in this area is bad. There is a farmers market every weekend between the metro and this store. A lot of people are in the area to have lunch and shop and it’s difficult to find parking. Also, the gelato is good. There are a few different ones in the city and all of the locations are consistently good. The normal flavors you would expect. Sometimes during the cherry blossom festival there is a special flavor offered. When we went, there a small line but it moved quickly. The flavors are great and the texture is smooth. Always satisfied with my choice.

Arash Tavakoli: We ordered Latte and hot chocolate. Very nice place, welcoming barista, and much less sugar in their drinks which I absolutely loved!

Victoria Quiroga: Nice! The matcha latte was great. No vegan /dairy free sweets though :(

Iris Tan: Recommended by a friend and when we came here we realized that we have been purchased this brand for a long time .. great to get a chance to eat gelato out of fresh lol

sia shetkar: The berries and marscapone gelato makes me wish I lived in DC. Such a cute little shop, and the staff were so nice when I was deciding on flavors. Would recommend!

Timothy Chambers: The gelato was AMAZING- the best I’ve had anywhere. So tasty, smooth, and a terrific span of flavors. The dark chocolate was rich. Loved the Dulce de Leche- my new fave. We enjoyed the service with a smile, the charming atmosphere, and my wife’s cappuccino was really good, too. We’ll be back. :)

Miguel Curiel: Best gelato I’ve tasted in DC thus far. Plus, it is in a vibrant and youthful area so you can easily pass by after eating in any of the multiples nearby restaurants.

15. Bluestone Lane Logan Circle Café - Washington

· 140 reviews

1367 R St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Bluestone Lane Logan Circle Café: what do users think?

Chukwudi Osondu: Upon arrival they ask for proof of vaccination and I.D. They then proceeded to seat us very quickly. Our waitress was extremely efficient and brought us our water immediately. The food we ordered was delicious and perfectly seasoned and the drinks were great too! We ordered the Soft Chili Scramble W/ Avocado, Lemon Ricotta Pancakes (D,E,S,G) , and Brekkie Board (D, N, S, SE, G, E). Drinks were the Aussie latte and the iced chai tea. Portions were small, but definitely satisfying. Would definitely come back! Price range for each drink: $4-$7. Price range for each food item: $14-$19.

Rita Jones: A chill spot for coffee with excellent staff! We were serviced by Nora and Khalil, both extremely patient and knowledgeable. Customer service at its friendliest! And quality coffee served! My party got Affagatos (a rare treat; real coffee lovers know what I am talking about) and wellness drinks of Matcha Latte and Golden Latte.... Pro tip get the matcha drink with lemonade.!

Ray Rizzo: Bluestone is great! They have a fantastic array of brunch options. Highly recommend the Best Mate’s bowl. 10/10 would recommend!

Erica J: Came here for a different scenery than my home office to work. The person greeting us was nice and warm and offered up the only available table near a outlet which so happened to be next to the host booth and takeout pickup. Asked for other locations with a outlet preferably indoors and their was one near the bookcase in the back in the whole space. Sat and worked in this high traffic area for the afternoon with my headphones. Was encouraged to download the app to order and selected a chicken sandwich. This place is on the pricer side but everything looked good on the menu. My meal was delivered to my table - no problem. The chicken sandwich was tasty and light. The server was warm and refilled my water periodically. Nice cafe vibe for a meet up, quick bite and light work if needed.

Claire F: Usual amazing Bluestone coffee, great food for any sized appetite (vegan options available) and such wonderful service. I have to give a special shout out to the several members of staff who were so kind and accommodating to our party with multiple little kids and a huge stroller. Without hesitation, we were helped settle in and park the stroller and they didn’t mind when we had late-comers — all around pro service staff — making us feel really welcomed. Thank you!

Brian: Not the cheapest place for breakfast, but the quality is worth the price. Soft scrambled chili eggs were delicious; chocolate croissant fresh and crisp.

Babak Parkhideh: Good coffee. Plated breakfast menu only. Roughly costs you ~20/person. I enjoyed.

Emily Balyeat: Pros: Beautiful European Cafe feel with lovely outdoor seating. Coffee always wakes me up. I also tried the spiked cold brew most recently and it was amazing!Cona: The costs. Food prices are high. For the coffee being higher than average prices the flat white seems miniature sized compared to other places I get them.

16. Blue Bottle Coffee - Washington

· 848 reviews

1046 Potomac St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Blue Bottle Coffee: what do users think?

Vinay Kamisetty: Great place for a morning coffee after a jog or a bike ride. Outdoor seating with an amazing view and spacious indoor seating. Single roast coffee gives u that light caffeine punch and you can customize it with an oatmilk /almond milk. It offers pastries (never tried though). Last but not the least, courteous and cheerful staff makes this place enjoyable.

Emma Rose Wooten: A great place to do work or catch up with a friend over coffee. The vibes are more bright/clean/sleek as opposed to cozy and ambient, so depends on what you’re looking for. I got the matcha latte which was beautiful and very matcha-y but next time I’d add vanilla because it’s unsweetened. There’s plenty of indoor/outdoor seating. I sat outside in the sun with my latte and it was so nice!

Sophie Jylan: I love the vibes of this cafe. It’s slightly tucked away, with beautiful outdoor seating, a clean interior, and lots of open windows for COVID safety. The only drawback is that the coffee is pretty pricey but all of the food was delicious. (I tried the cascara fizz and buckwheat berry cake). It’s the perfect place to study in the afternoon, especially because it is open later than most cafes. The staff was very friendly too. Would recommend!

Jonathan French: Really clean and good coffee and drinks. Line was a little long, but that’s to be expected with a place like this. The drinks tasted good, with us getting a decaf mocha and a lemon fizz (can’t recall the exact name of the latter). There’s decent amount of seating but not enough for everyone. Our recommendation is to both stand in line and then one person snipe a seat of someone leaving. Easy to get to though, and was quite enjoyable.

Jeffrey Wotowiec: High quality coffee shop. Hidden on a dead-end alley in Georgetown. One of the few places that will give you sparkling water with your espresso shot…just remember to ask for it. My favorite croissant in town, if you can get there early before they sell out. Open airy indoor seating at communal tables & booths. A few public outdoor bistro tables too (but grab an extra napkin to clean one off). Zero parking, unless you illegally park in the dead-end alley. But don’t count on that during a crowded weekend. I gave 4.5 stars as the staff churns out coffee at a slower West Coast pace, which often leads to long wait times.

Jereth Tolentino: Ordered a Matcha Latte and Cascara Fizz. For a quick bite I ordered a Almond tart. It was surprisingly good. The place has a nice vibe and good music playing. Plenty of places to sit down in and outside. I usually stop by here every time I go to Georgetown. I recommend this place if your in Georgetown.

Joseph Mathias: I’ve been to many Blue Bottle locations all over, and decided to stop by here on a recent visit to Georgetown. It’s kind of hidden, you wouldn’t know it was there unless you walk down to the canal way. Atmosphere and vibe was very chill. I ordered the New Orleans brew over ice and a banana bread. The New Orleans was DELICIOUS, definitely one of my faves off the menu. The banana bread was good too, not too sweet. Was it worth the price? No. The prices are super expensive, especially by DC standards (and the fact that there are a dozen other coffee shops and Starbucks around the area who sell the same thing but for much less). The male barista who served me was nice.

17. Tryst - Washington

· 1823 reviews

2459 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

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Tryst: what do users think?

JONATHAN POTTER: Good ambience. Friendly although a little distracted (maybe post Thanksgiving effect). Coffee decent without being amazing. V good muffins and spinach twist. We didn’t try the bigger breakfast dishes. Plenty of space and v laid back.

L.A. Rusterucci: Walked in and was confused how seating and or service was being offered. I was told to find a seat and a server would be over to assist me. However, I had to flag a server down to place an order. Server was friendly and attentive once I got his attention. I love this area and the concept of this place. Will be back again.

Katie Damon Scheuer: Tryst had exceptional service. When you sit down a friendly server comes over right away with water and a menu, and cleans off your table. Their food is delicious (breakfast burrito is so good) and their coffee solid. It’s bustling during weekdays but magically my favorite couch always seems to be open.

Jeremy Champagne: Great little neighborhood coffee and breakfast joint. Authentic teas (such as Dragon Wells) are available, and smoothies too (my favorite with kale, spinach and apple cider, Green Machine) !

Sadia Khan: I love exploring cafes when I visit new places, my first time in DC last year, I came across this very cute and charming cafe on the 18th street. We came for a light breakfast. Ordered turmeric milk, brownie , butter croissant and I don’t exactly remember the name but it was something coconut pie kind of thing but it was super delicious. I even loved the turmeric milk. We sat outside. Our server was a very pleasant guy. Would definitely recommend this place.

18. Zeke's Coffee of DC - Downtown - Washington

· 194 reviews

731 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

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Zeke's Coffee of DC - Downtown: what do users think?

Ido Simyoni: Cute coffeeshop with hipster vibes. Coffee was great. I got lavender oat milk latte and it was good.

Suzana Kedron: Nice tucked away coffee shop. Excellent service and likewise excellent coffee.

Kelly Peck: Great little shop, best latte I’ve had in a while and my girlfriend loved her black coffee. Friendly staff and and good atmosphere. Great stop before hitting the monuments.

Elyse Horvath: Great little coffee place tasty coffee and a nice clean bathroom! it’s definitely small but worth your while you can also buy bags of there coffee and other zekes coffee merch you may want from shirts and cups to stickers never underestimate the power of a good local coffee and a clean bathroom especially that later being in a city and all

vignesh s: Best coffee I have had in recent times!!Try out their honey lavender coffee!

Noah Ifergan: Great spot! Good coffee. Not a lot of workspace though.

Tracy Bonay: Very good coffee. Got an “Iced Dirty Chai”My daughter got a hot Americano with simple syrup.Everything all natural here.

jeffrey nester: Zekes has freshly roasted coffee beans. I enjoyed the Ethiopian beans.

19. Qualia Coffee - Washington

· 418 reviews

3917 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20011

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Qualia Coffee: what do users think?

Mischa: This is a laid back and multi-level coffee shop with a lot to offer from good coffee to alcoholic beverages to food, etc. It is also very comfortable here and I love their decor.

Scott Cornelius: Kind of confusing to get into at the moment, the coffee shop is located next door inside Commonwealth. That said, the coffee was good, and Commonwealth makes a good burrito!

Divina Pippin: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! The breakfast we had was really good and very tasty. The espresso was even better, the best coffee in the area. I also love the decaf it was one of the best I’ve ever tasted. The barista is very good at making different toppings. The staff is very friendly. And also the strawberry topped cake is really delicious.

justabugDownUnder: Loved the coffee I had here. Reminds me of home down-under. People should come to this kind of cafes more often, rather than go to Starbucks and stuff. Local cafes should thrive rather than let the big guns take over. That’s why Starbucks never really made it in Australia except where there are tourists. Just bring your own power banks when you travel! Why four stars? The staff are very “official”.

Gold Mountain Coffee Growers: They source from ethical coffee farms and have amazingly fresh coffee, without pretense. What a wonderful DC business!

วรรณกานต์ พรมกลาง: Just stop by to get my ice brown sugars escapeso oat milk, nice services ☺️will be beck. Cool place & cool people there.

20. The Coffee Bar - Washington

· 263 reviews

1200 17th St NW Suite 150, Washington, DC 20036

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The Coffee Bar: what do users think?

Mo Stych: Really bright, friendly coffee shop with fun specialty drinks. We were hoping for the cardamom latte (on a recommendation from a friend) but they weren’t serving it anymore. Bummer! However, the turmeric latte was delicious. The staff is super welcoming and fun, making us feel comfortable from the very start. Good tunes and a farmhouse chic decor. Worth a visit if you need a caffeine fix!

Melvin Johnson: I really enjoyed this coffee bar. It’s fairly trendy/bohemian on the inside. Love the atmosphere and they give you the option of Single Origin Espresso in your beverage. Highly recommend.

Hila Fogel-Yaari: Wonderful service and cardoman hot cider. I love that the cider came with a piece of toffee.

Kristen McNicholas: The mocha is delicious, they let you bring your own mug and though its a little pricey, the quality and customer service make it worth it!

Vishal Sinha: This is most definitely my go to place for some good (upscale) pour over coffee (and other treats). The store has been popular and busy since they opened a few months back and have managed to offer the same level of service and coffee since the start. They offer a small number of coffee options that are all very good! They do offer coffee from Onyx Coffee from Fayetteville, Arkansas - one of my favorite coffee roasters. Their pour overs are made well with consistently and I even like their cold brew :) Staff is friendly and always ready to recommend a drink if needed. A good addition to the busy coffee scene in DC

Vlad Korobov: Nice barista. Tiffany colors. Stylish. Not a lot of space, very popular during the day. Did not find wifi here

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