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1. D.C. Bouldering Project - Washington

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105 reviews
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D.C. Bouldering Project
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Address: 1611 Eckington Pl NE #150, Washington, DC 20002

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (202) 667-2404

Business type: Rock climbing gym

D.C. Bouldering Project: what do users think?
Joshua Flowers
Joshua Flowers: Great facility with very fun setting. The staff is very friendly and attentive. We went during morning hours so can’t speak to the crowds as there weren’t many people. The separation between the west and east sides of the building is a mild nuisance but nothing major. People need to learn to use their feet. One thing to be aware of is that routes are a little more low grade focused so if you find yourself in the v7+ range you may not have as many projects to work on, but again the setting was enjoyable. Overall great space and would be happy to call this my home gym if we moved to the DC area.
David Yaffe
David Yaffe: Really nice facility, awesome sport climbing training section. The bouldering routes were lacking though and felt very cramped / too many traverses running into other problems. I wasn’t allowed to use my friend’s guest pass and had to pay $30 because he wasn’t around. At no other location is this the policy. I also had to wait 20 minutes before I could start bouldering to “learn how to fall” despite bouldering weekly for months and having been to other locations. I signed the waiver so let me climb!
India Lindsay
India Lindsay: Great and convenient bouldering gym! Facilities are modern and clean. We looove the sauna. I’m new to bouldering so the intro class they offer free to members has made it a fun and easy new hobby to pick up. Even if going for general fitness, they offer a decent variety of yoga classes and the gym equipment is often available.
Hannah K.
Hannah K.: The space is amazing, the routes are not. Having been bouldering in both Portland, OR and Seattle, I was expecting a similar experience. I visited multiple times, thinking maybe my disappointment was just because I was out of practice. But no, when I brought a friend with me who’d also been bouldering multiple times at a better place, they agreed, and affirmed my experience: the routes here are bad, at least, for shorter and lower-level climbers. It seems to be a case of the routes being more a text of strength and height than actually being a puzzle to solve. There is a *Massive* shift in grips that are used beyond only the lowest grade of routes, and many routes simply are not achievable for shorter people unless you are a significantly more experienced climber. Every time I’ve gone climbing here, both before and after the DC Bouldering Project acquisition, has left me feeling frustrated—and the more I realize this, the less interested I am in going back.
Jonathan Hull
Jonathan Hull: I have a BKB membership in Chicago and decided to check this site out. Despite the strange setup (east and west bouldering walls on opposite ends of the gym), really enjoyed the routes and the variety of options. In terms of the A-G scale that others are complaining about, I personally enjoy it. It gets my head locked out of what I can or cannot do, and then it also gives me permission to just enjoy the climb and not be focused on the grade. I know other gyms that do a similar scaling method (of different levels including 2-3 V grades) do typically record a specific V grade for their books. Not sure how one could access that info though.

2. Movement Crystal City - Arlington

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Movement Crystal City
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Address: 1235 S Clark St, Arlington, VA 22202

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM

Telephone: (703) 340-2700

Business type: Rock climbing gym

Movement Crystal City: what do users think?
V Lee
V Lee: I used to climb here regularly before moving out of state and it is easily my favorite climbing gym I’ve been to. It’s massive with a huge variety of sport and bouldering routes that get updated consistently. I mostly bouldered so can’t speak too much for the sport climbing section, but in the bouldering area there was a great variety of different skill levels and often very creative and fun problems that got you thinking outside the box to work through them. There’s a huge gym area with fitness classes and a store for climbing gear and snacks. The staff is incredibly friendly and there’s a lovely community here. I found it very easy to make friends and find new people to climb with. There was a culture of helping each other figure things out and a sense of camaraderie. I miss everyone here dearly!
Ian Grossberg
Ian Grossberg: Great selection of bouldering, I haven’t even gotten to try their large ropes section. Good exercise equipment, the folks that work there are very sweet, people who come are super chill, and they require everyone where masks, regardless of vaccine status, esp. with omicron now breaking through boostered folks this is such an important thing!
Norman Ng
Norman Ng: Really big gym with bouldering area, top rope, and lead walls. most people are really nice there, and friendly. Problems are really well set. Currently the grading has quite the range. That being said , a lot of different style of climbs you can find within one grade.

3. East Outdoors - Garrett County

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8 reviews
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East Outdoors
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Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (301) 246-0099

Business type: Rock climbing

East Outdoors: what do users think?
todd bruce
todd bruce: Tim, the owner, was absolutely amazing! He was patient, knowledgeable, and full of advice as we grow as rock climbing enthusiast. If you’re looking to start climbing, or looking for new techniques, this is the place to go!
Response: Thanks so much, Todd! It's always great to take out folks who are excited to get out and ready to learn - climbing is a lifelong journey, and the area affords a lot of opportunities to keep pursuing your goals. Climb safe, hope we see you again soon!
Chase: Awesome experience! Tim was great organizing a day tailored to help us reach our climbing goals. Not only did we get everything we hoped for out of the experience in regards to climbing and knowledge, but Tim was just an all around great dude to spend the day with. Would highly recommend East Outdoors to anyone looking to expand their climbing knowledge. Thanks Tim and Eunny!
Drew Proctor
Drew Proctor: I’ve taken a few classes with East Outdoors and have come away impressed and a better climber each time. The instructors are incredibly smart and friendly. They always want to make sure you grasp the skills they are teaching and enjoying yourself. If you’re looking to add to your climbing skill set or simply get outdoors for the first time—Tim and crew are a great choice.
Lawrence Villanueva
Lawrence Villanueva: Awesome day w/ instructors (Taylor & Margaret) & great teamwork from classmates in this Intro to Climbing session. Definitely recommend & can’t wait for next class.

4. Movement Rockville (Formerly Earth Treks Rockville) - Rockville

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340 reviews
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Movement Rockville (Formerly Earth Treks Rockville)
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Address: 725 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM

Telephone: (240) 283-9942

Business type: Rock climbing gym

Movement Rockville (Formerly Earth Treks Rockville): what do users think?
Jeff Tong
Jeff Tong: Safe and a great place for fun rock climbing. They also have free yoga classes and a gym once in. The bathrooms are spacious with lockers and showers. The staff are super friendly. Overall, just an amazing place
Aaron Bouchey
Aaron Bouchey: Great routes, great walls, great vibes. Went in there to get a good work out and was impressed with the diversity the routsetters crafted. Standard work out area is a bit small, but offers everything you might need to get that pump going. Very creative and effective use of space.
Jay Park
Jay Park: This place is awesome! My son and his friend tried a kids climb class and they loved it. The staff were super friendly and helping me sign up the class with lots of care. The entire experience there was so great.
Joshua Bonner
Joshua Bonner: Great gym. Great community. Reasonable prices and linked gyms. The routes were always interesting and the events were fun. My first experience climbing was at this gym and it stuck ever since!
Rose Sokol
Rose Sokol: Great place no matter what level you are. Learn to climb, find partners, or continue your growth. Free fitness and yoga classes for members! Really welcoming staff and members.
Sarah Alickovic (Raukowen)
Sarah Alickovic (Raukowen): Absolutely fantastic indoor climbing gym. The staff are super friendly, the facilities are spotless and the trails are a bunch of fun.Would highly recommend 👍

5. ClimbZone Laurel - South Laurel

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1180 reviews
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ClimbZone Laurel
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Address: 13200 Mid Atlantic Blvd Ste 130, Laurel, MD 20708

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (301) 708-2700

Business type: Rock climbing

ClimbZone Laurel: what do users think?
Safiya Parker
Safiya Parker: Good experience as an adult. We went Thursday around 1130 to avoid children traffic. Pretty much had the walls to ourselves. Got the hour and a half for $30 and I think it was the perfect amount of time. Did about 15 of the 75 walls cause I was going for orange/red stickers. I have one wall that I just couldn’t get that day so will return & I would bring a friend to try also.
Response: Thank you for the 4 Star review. Looking forward to seeing you again tackle our red walls. Kevin Killen General Manager ClimbZone Laurel Kevin Killen General Manager ClimbZone Laurel
beyondTabu: It’s an amazing experience for the kids. So many wall options that kept the kids going for 2 hrs without pause. There’s a small snack counter with drinks and lots of tables to eat or rest. We’ll def be back for more. The staff are nice and walk around to ensure everyone is having fun and being safe.
Response: Thank you for the 5 Star review. Please come back to visit us again soon. Kevin Killen General Manager ClimbZone Laurel
Robert Hoffman
Robert Hoffman: This place was awesome. The staff was super friendly and helpful. Exceeded my expectations. The walls and ease of use was also surprising. After a few minutes, my kids were hooking themselves into the ropes. I always verified before i sent them up, but it was very convenient.
Response: Thank you very much for the 5 Star review and the wonderful comments about our staff. I will be sure to share with them. Hope to see you again soon. Kevin Killen General Manager ClimbZone Laurel
K D: Nice place for kids and adults. The walls are designed for inexperienced to experience climbers. There are a variety of walls to choose from. The the walls are nice and create a different experience for each climb.
Response: We really appreciate the 4 Star review. I hope you visit us again soon. Kevin Killen General Manager ClimbZone Laurel
T. Lynch
T. Lynch: A great place for kids with a family atmosphere. This was our first time visiting and we had an enjoyable time..The staff was great and someone was always walking around willing to lend a helping hand.
Olga Chatfield
Olga Chatfield: Great place. A lot of fun walls for climbing, nice space. My 5yo son loves it.
Response: I hope you come back with your son and see us again soon. Thank you for the 5 Star review. Kevin Killen General Manager ClimbZone Laurel
Shawn Henry
Shawn Henry: Very cool spot! Lots of variety in the climbing walls in both subject matter and difficulty level. Kids will have a blast.
Response: Thank you so much for the kind words and the 5 Star review. I hope you come back and see us again soon. Kevin Killen General Manager ClimbZone Laurel
Turner C
Turner C: Huge fan of this place. Great workout plus great music! Threw a Birthday party here for our daughter. Plenty of fun for the whole family! Had a great time.
Response: Thank you so much for the 5 Star review. I am glad that everyone enjoyed themselves during the birthday party. Please come back and see us again soon. Kevin Killen General Manager ClimbZone Laurel

6. Vertical Rock Climbing & Fitness Center - Manassas

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304 reviews
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Vertical Rock Climbing & Fitness Center
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Address: 10225 Nokesville Rd, Manassas, VA 20110

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (855) 822-5462

Business type: Rock climbing gym

Vertical Rock Climbing & Fitness Center: what do users think?
Amanda Morrison
Amanda Morrison: Began climbing outdoors in 2021 but when the weather got colder, we signed up here and have been coming ever since - love love love this gym! The space is clean, the staff are friendly, and the yoga class especially is a big draw for me - the instructors are wonderful. They also do fun events like Halloween. I do wish they had a larger gym equipment section but it’s nbd. Definitely would recommend
Matthew Brennan
Matthew Brennan: Joined this gym December 2021 and it has been outstanding. Best decision and investment I have made in myself in a LONG TIME. The staff are great and the climbers are supportive and friendly. A great place to meet positive people and explore climbing. They also have yoga, Pilates, and meet-ups to learn the ropes and meet other members. They are opening a bouldering gym in Tyson’s Corner very soon so more excitement to come.
Response: Thank you for providing your feedback. Our community opinions are very important to us and we are extreamly happy you are so happy being part of the VR Community. We look forward to climbing with for many years to come!
Brandy Rose
Brandy Rose: Very helpful and polite staff. Awesome climbs for top rope, lead and bouldering.Our whole family enjoys going there!
Dori Roberts Stewart
Dori Roberts Stewart: This place is a blast. We took our teenage son and I think the adults had just as much fun as the kids. We have been to several other rock climbing businesses and what was nice about this one was that we had a dedicated staff member that stayed with us the entire experience. I would recommend this place for both beginner and the experienced.
Eric Bischoff
Eric Bischoff: Excellent guided, outdoor climbing experience. My son and I have been climbing at Vertical Rock Indoor Climbing Center for about 2 years, and recently we were able to climb outdoors for the first time through one of their guided trips (Great Falls, VA). Jovany is a personable, knowledgeable and professional guide which made the trip enjoyable and memorable.
Response: Thank you for the five stars and for making us part of your climbing & fitness journey! 😊 Looking forward to seeing you again soon! The VR Family 👊😎
Richard Krauss
Richard Krauss: Facility is TERRIBLE. 12-month membership is pricy and it is very hard to get ahold of anyone to cancel your memebership. Also, when purchasing I specifically asked the employee, "Does this membership expire after 12 months?" The response was "YES". However, I continued to be billed after my year commitment and it was very difficult to reach anyone to cancel my membership.

7. US Capitol Grounds - Washington

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15642 reviews
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US Capitol Grounds
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Address: Washington, DC 20016

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM

Telephone: (202) 226-8000

Business type: Park

US Capitol Grounds: what do users think?
Ashok Patel
Ashok Patel: The 58 acre very well maintained park immediately surrounding the US Capitol building is known as US Capitol Grounds. The green lush park-like setting looks beautiful against the Capitol building and National Mall. The grounds is bordered by stone wall. Different types of trees and bushes are grown in the grounds with curved walkways. Many trees on the Capitol grounds have memorial associations. Leisurely walk around the world power center to explore the beauty of the Capitol building is great experience. The entry to the Capitol building is closed for the general public but walking up to the steps of this symbolically most important and impressive public building of United States and the world is great opportunity. After six months of enhanced security measures, finally the fence is down and people can now visit the Capitol grounds.
Greggory Ring
Greggory Ring: Had a great tour of the Capital grounds. We made arrangements with the Arizona Rep, to show us around. Small group of 14 people. Really enjoyed it.
pdnapora: Great FREE hour long tour of the Capitol Bldg. Funny and knowledgeable tour guide. Not rushed and plenty of restrooms. Reservations are required and quite limited, so plan ahead. 3 weeks for the WH.
Emily: Super cool!! A great place to get the best picture is on the right or left stairs of the capital!!
Lou Fegans
Lou Fegans: As of July 2021 the Capitol Grounds are open! Beautiful, well manicured grounds with stunning views of both the Capitol Building and the National Mall. West Lawn: great views down the mall, overlooking the Washington Monument and the National Mall. Best spot for photos in the evening, and great place to watch the sunset. At the end of the lawn is the capitol reflecting pool. Provides great photos of the capitol reflecting in the water. East Lawn: paved area with iconic steps leading up to each chamber. This is also the primary entrance for visitors to the Capitol at the Capitol Visitors Center. Best spot for photos in the mornings. North/South lawn: beautiful gardens and shady sidewalks. Note the walk around the capitol is very steep. Tip: you can reserve tickets to visit the Capitol with the Capitol Visitors Center or reach out in advance to your representatives for a more intimate tour of the Capitol. If you did not arrange a tour in advance you can stop by any Congressional office to pick up chamber passes. These passes will get you into the building and allow you to sit in the chambers and watch the proceedings. You will not have a guide but will be able to be in the building on your own.

8. Terrapin Adventures - Savage-Guilford

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250 reviews
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Terrapin Adventures
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Address: Fair Street and, Washington St, Savage, MD 20763

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6AM ⋅ Reopens 10AM

Telephone: (301) 725-1313

Business type: Training centre

Terrapin Adventures: what do users think?
Dakota Pitts
Dakota Pitts: I had a wonderful time at Terrapin Adventures! My friend and I did the zip and swing, which made for a very nice outing! I appreciate Kenny, Sydney, and Madison! They were very attentive to our needs and had a great energy! Overall, it was a great experience and I look forward to doing it again!
Response: Thank you for the feedback! We are happy to hear you and your friend had a very nice time at Terrapin Adventures with our guides Kenny, Sydney, and Madison! You're welcome back any time.
Alexis Ruiz
Alexis Ruiz: Today I met Leo and Kaleb!! And let me tell you they are the most amazing people I’ve met so far in the start of my summer. Super patient and very kind. Also a great sense of humor! Thank you for making my experience 1000x better!!! <3<3
Response: We are thrilled that Leo and Kaleb helped to kick your summer off to a great start! Its great to hear they made the experience so special. Thank you for sharing!
Gregory Schilsson
Gregory Schilsson: My son went to Terrapin Adventures for a birthday party. The check-in is located just inside the Savage Mill. At first, it seemed a little disorganized, but there was confusion with which party we were there. After that, the fun began. The package was broken into four parts. The first part was the ropes course. This was a three-level course, where each participant could decide to end after completing a level or move to the next level. Each level got progressively more difficult, but most of the kids were up for the challenge. The second part was the zip line. This was a single, long zip-line from the furthest point on the grounds to just above the ropes course. This activity required the participant to step off the platform and let the zip line carry them. It was fun to see the kids hesitate and then enjoy the ride. The third part was the obstacle-playground. This was a HUGE climbing platform. A flat climbing wall was on one side and an overhanging one was on the other. On the sides were belayed climbing structures where you could choose your own path up. Finally, there was the swing drop. Up to three participants are place on a tall swing. You can then be pulled up to a starting height, depending on your comfort level. Cole was our guide for the adventures. He made sure each of the kids were able to get through, even climbing to help them when they were stuck. His attention to our safety and our fun made the adventure enjoyable because none of us parents had to fret about any of our kids safety. Since this birthday, my kid also attended one at the Sandy Spring Adventure Park. He said he was bored at the latest birthday party at Sandy Spring because they were limited to one boring course, the Labyrinth. He was dismayed when they were told they would not be ziplining and there was no swing. When I asked how Sandy Spring compared, he said Terrapin Adventure Park was much more fun because they did so much more.
Response: Hi Gregory! Thank you for the wonderfully descriptive review! We are thrilled to hear your son had such a great experience at Terrapin Adventures. So happy to hear Cole did a great job with the kids in the party. Thank you for the feedback!
Tracey David
Tracey David: Our group of kiddos (ages 6-8) had an incredible time at Terrapin Adventures! From our planning stages through the completion of the activity the team was quite professional and available to answer any questions. Our kids challenged themselves and those that were fearful received additional support. Our team lead for the day of the event was Alystica and she did an awesome job with the kids. We will definitely be returning!
Response: Hello Tracey! Thank you for sharing your experience with us! We are thrilled to hear it was so positive. We look forward to having you back!
Mike Veasey
Mike Veasey: My son who just turned nine came here with his best friend and they had a great time! A high ropes course was challenging but they both did very well and completed it. Definitely requires some athleticism and overcoming a little fear of heights :-)
Response: We are happy to hear your son and his best friend were able to conquer their fears and had a great time!
AK S: Awesome day! Ropes course, giant swing and zip line were so much fun! Our guides, Kerri and Grayer, were great - were encouraging and made us feel safe. It was a fun day!
Response: We are happy to hear you had a fun day at our course! Thank you for the feedback!
Ella Ducot
Ella Ducot: My 7 year old son was terrified of heights and the actual zip-lining. He got through the entire adventure. Keeny was our instructor and he did a GREAT job keeping my son calm and helping him along the way! We had a lots of fun!
Response: We are thrilled to hear you and your son had a lot of fun at our course! Its great to hear your son worked through his fears and had a great time. Thank you for sharing and providing a great review!
Megan Icenogle
Megan Icenogle: Four middle school girls were in our group- varying levels of comfort. Sophie and Caitlin were amazing with them. Patient, awesome, meeting them where they were, challenging to just the right point. Thank you!
Response: Hi Megan! Thank you for sharing your experience! It's great to hear that Sophie and Caitlin helped the girls have a good time regardless of level of comfort.
Angela Brooks
Angela Brooks: I took my 15 year old for archery (our first time), we had a great experience!! Tess was awesome 👌🏽. We’ll definitely return!!
Response: We are happy to hear you had a great time with our archery program! There's lots else to go when you return!

9. Equinox Sports Club Washington, D.C. - Washington

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148 reviews
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Equinox Sports Club Washington, D.C.
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Address: 1170 22nd St NW, Washington, DC 20037

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30AM

Telephone: (202) 974-6600

Business type: Gym

Equinox Sports Club Washington, D.C.: what do users think?
David Gershman
David Gershman: Today I signed up and had a great experience. Mike, in membership, not only showed me around- they answered every question with full clarity, gave me far more insight than I expected, and was simply very nice and sweet. I knew I was going to get a membership going in, but it’s nice to get warmth and comfort instantly upon arrival. Felt like I was one of the regular folks
Response: Hi David, thanks for the 5 stars!
June Wade
June Wade: Scheduled a spa massage for my friend’s birthday at the Ritz Carlton/ Equinox (Foggy Bottom) location. The staff was courteous and the gym was clean. I was disappointed the spa does not offer champagne or snacks for special occasions, instead we were given “swag bags” full of gym advertisements and trinkets. If you’re not a guest at the hotel, arriving early is highly recommended (parking, etc). Must walk outside to enter Equinox since elevator access to spa is for guest only. My massage therapist was (Donna) friendly, courteous but chatty. I was not interested in talking about where I live, hearing comments about my “poor”elbows🙄 or asking why my shoulders were so tight during my 80 minute massage. Unfortunately , the massage was not good (technique). Ambiance was fair in the room, there was no soothing music or waterfall fountains, just dim lights, and a cool quiet room. The warm bed with robes was a nice perk.Not a fan of the massage lotion (dry paste) used, she had to continuously spend time stepping away from the massage to reapply. I’m giving this spa 3 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️since my girlfriend had a positive experience with her masseuse. In addition, they provided a quiet space and champagne glasses for us to enjoy our BYOB champagne post massage. Would not recommend, lacks luxury for the price. $500+ ( 2 people)
TPMT Associates
TPMT Associates: Love it here as usual - they take care of the place and most importantly, the people who works out here take care of the place and is clean and tidy and doesn’t trash the place. As usual, it’s the people who come to gyms that are the messy/dirty and this place doesn’t have those ppl - not that I saw anyways!
Response: Thank you for reviewing!
John Heinemann
John Heinemann: You get what you pay for. This gym doesn’t make sense for everyone, no one is a better person for going here, and a free gym in an apartment building is going to do 90% of what Equinox does. But the other 10%? I actually look forward to working out more when there’s both a sauna and a steam room, a saltwater pool, luxury bath products, memory foam floors for stretching, and refrigerators full of Eucalyptus infused face towels. I go for the amenities, and then I just decide to work out because I’m already there.
Response: Thanks for the 5 stars, John! Glad to hear you are enjoying our amenities.
Gelila Sebhatu
Gelila Sebhatu: I called to inquiry about membership packages and I found the sales rep, Erica, a little rude and she did not directly answer my questions, which was irritating. Based on the reviews here, I’m not surprised I received this type of experience. I guess I’ll be looking elsewhere. I just wanted a nearby pool 🏊‍♀️
Response: Hi Gelila, we are sorry to hear you had this experience. We hope that you will give us another shot to show you we are capable of better service.
Ebony Williams
Ebony Williams: Do not work at equinox if you have living situation or just a situation period the manger Duane don’t care if you have living situation problems he even told one of the employees that mid shift is childish because we all going through something sorry if you hired people who have living situation or who gave problems and be careful of the Towels and hand towels they wash them in hot water only no solution that why the towels look a little dirty Yess I use to work their and got fired because I was trying to find a place to stay the days I called out because I was homeless the cleaning manger is horrible at his job and HR needs to send a Secret Santana to see how they clean the place

10. Southern Regional Technology and Recreation Complex - Oxon Hill-Glassmanor

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440 reviews
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Southern Regional Technology and Recreation Complex
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Address: 7007 Bock Rd, Fort Washington, MD 20744

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (301) 749-4160

Business type: Community center

Southern Regional Technology and Recreation Complex: what do users think?
Sharon Harper
Sharon Harper: I went to pick up my home covid test kit and the team WAS AMAZING. A well oil machine and I told each 1 I came in contact with
Denise Odom
Denise Odom: Great. I received my 2nd dose of Mederna vaccine. Everything flowed seamlessly. All the workers were nice and personable. I needed wheelchair assistance and had no problem getting one and having assistance pushing me around to where I had to go. Just an all around great professional experience. Made me feel at ease! Even the nurse that gave me the injection I barely felt. Kudos to Southern Regional.
Bellelay H.
Bellelay H.: Seem as though it was a really nice facility big, clean and lots of parking. I thought it very nice how the gym was setup with a nice variety of equipment. I went there for early voting. The volunteers that were there to assist with voting were friendly and helpful. They also had a lot of booths for voting. Let your voice be heard go out and vote.
Brownmagnus olivers
Brownmagnus olivers: Wonderful complex with good equipment recreation activities
John Gilbert
John Gilbert: Very nice complex. We were there to see the Wolfpack wheelchair BB games. They are from San Diego.

11. Washington Sports Clubs - Columbia Heights - Washington

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342 reviews
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Washington Sports Clubs - Columbia Heights
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Address: 3100 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20010

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5AM

Telephone: (202) 986-2281

Business type: Gym

Washington Sports Clubs - Columbia Heights: what do users think?
Kuntal Sen, MD, FACMG
Kuntal Sen, MD, FACMG: My poor review is due to following reasons: My trainer left abruptly without notice. I was charged for cancelling my session with him even though it was their fault. I have disputed the credit card charge. They are infamous for wrongly charging customers and fraudulent activity. They implemented covid vaccine card policy which was nice but didn’t inform customers. I and others was treated very unprofessionally by front desk during this day.
Response: Kuntal, We're sorry to hear of your less than satisfactory experience at our Columbia Heights location. We hope you will accept our sincerest apologies. We are committed to providing a great fitness experience, and we would like to make things right. Please send us an email to so that we can determine how we can provide you with a solution. We value our customers' opinions and thank you for bringing this to our attention. All the best, Here to Help Team
Conor O'Reilly
Conor O'Reilly: I had a personal training session with Phil and he did a great job! He taught me a lot about free weights and stretching. Now I feel more comfortable to use the more advanced equipment. They also have a pool, sauna, and basketball court. Love this place
Response: Conor, Thank you for taking a moment to leave such a positive review for our Columbia Heights location and sharing your experience with our personal trainer, Phil. We are pleased to hear you enjoyed your personal training session with him and feel more comfortable with using the equipment around the facility. If you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out to Thanks again, Here to Help Team
Terry Chasteen
Terry Chasteen: I joined on a special rate, maybe it was 2018. Due to my own fault, I never used the gym ... not once. I cannot blame that on anyone else, however I would have thought with a new client in a business like this, someone would have reached out; invited me in for a tour, found out why I was paying monthly but never using the facility. No one ever contacted me for the full year that I was billed. That is not the worst part, however, Even though it was NOT in the contract, they automatically renewed my membership without my approval and not only at my original rate but almost $30/mo above. This went on for a year since I never used that credit card and it was paid monthly automatically by my bank. Only bc of sething else on the card did I notice the fraudulant charges and they were too old for my bank to recover.
Response: Terry, Thank you for reaching out regarding your experience at our Columbia Heights location. We’re always looking to make things right. We do truly appreciate the feedback as we’re always looking for ways to improve our member experience. Thanks for taking the time to leave this review and we hope you will provide us with an opportunity to do better. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you by emailing us at All the best, Here to Help Team
Benyam Ephrem
Benyam Ephrem: Scheduled an InBody scan a week ago (as a non-member), came in prepped for the scan (no breakfast) at 10am - front desk said they did not have an appointment asking if I received a confirmation email (I said I got no calls or emails), then made me scan a QR code on a banner to schedule for another day since apparently the person doing the scans would be in at 5pm. Frustrating experience. Will not be coming back to the gym.
Response: Benyam, We are terribly sorry for your experience at our Columbia Heights location. It is because of customers like you that we can continue to learn how to improve. We are most certainly sad to hear that we fell short. We want to contact you and learn more about your recent experience. Please feel free to send us an email with additional details to All the best, Here to Help Team
Gregory Alan
Gregory Alan: Critical: QualityMediocre at best. See attached pictures below. The equipment is not well maintained and does not justify the cost of membership. Also the club hours are terrible on the weekends.
Response: Gregory, thank you very much for your feedback. We take our member's insights to heart, and we apologize for not providing you with the best possible experience in our clubs. As you know, the pandemic has presented a unique set of obstacles for most business but has especially affected the fitness industry. If you are open to discussing further we would love to connect you with one of our Customer Relations Managers at All the best, Here to help team
Thaiz Alicia
Thaiz Alicia: Do not come to this gym!!! They do not care for your safety!! They will cancel your membership for protecting yourself from weird men that will follow you around ! Stay safe and go to a gym that will help you out and help you enjoy your gym experience instead of canceling your membership!
Mahvash Edrissi
Mahvash Edrissi: I started going to gym a month ago, first it was difficult to come out after so long time lock down. But after few days I got used to it now i want to go there everyday. Friendy staff, and clean place, and all equipment makes this place great. I do my exercise, take a shower and saunas, afterwards I feel great about myself. Thank you wsc
Response: Mahvash, We're delighted to hear about your experience. We truly appreciate your recommendation of our Columbia Heights location. We will work hard to continue going above and beyond. As always, our team is looking forward to your next visit. We are always here if you have any additional feedback or suggestions. You can reach us at Thanks again, Here to Help Team
Bita Kh
Bita Kh: The worst customer service I’ve ever seen. Nobody takes responsibility for the actions. They charge me with new fee membership that is more than the original one because of the mistake that made by themselves. I’ve spoke with customer service and sales department several times, everybody already aware of this problem but no action. When I follow up they send me to new person. This is absurd.
Response: Bita, We're sorry to hear of your less than satisfactory experience at our Columbia Heights location. We hope you will accept our sincerest apologies. We are committed to providing a great fitness experience, and we would like to make things right. Please send us an email to so that we can determine how we can provide you with a solution. We value our customers' opinions and thank you for bringing this to our attention. All the best, Here to Help Team

12. Capitol Hill Sport&Health - Washington

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118 reviews
new review
Capitol Hill Sport&Health
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Address: 315 G St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5AM

Telephone: (202) 234-5678

Business type: Fitness center

Capitol Hill Sport&Health: what do users think?
Edward Wendel
Edward Wendel: Great gym and great trainers. I have been using gym since its opening. I am now 81 (yes, I know, old). Have been training for several years with Razonte Dunn. He may be exceptional at training high performing athletes, but he also has a special gift for taking everyone seriously and taking them to the highest level they can achieve. He not only knows the mechanics of training, he communicates a desire to make you succeed that is contagious. This experience has been life-changing.
Response: Hi Edward, Thank you for the 5-stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Asher Allman
Asher Allman: Great gym at an affordable rate. Helpful and responsive staff, both in person trainers and with online/email inquiries. All the equipment you would need, and a really cool atmosphere/space. Big fan!
Response: Hi Asher, Thank you for the 5-stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Rachael Hunt
Rachael Hunt: I want to give 5 stars to Raz, one of the trainers. I’ve been working out with him in his group classes and it’s been a great experience. He is super enthusiastic and always plans engaging and effective workouts. He is a great motivator. If you are ready to push yourself, he’s the trainer for you.
Response: Hi Rachael, We are happy to hear you had a positive experience at Capitol Hill Sport&Health! We value your input and encourage you to let us know more details about your experience with us.
Sam C
Sam C: I do not recommend this gym, they have terribly dishonest billing practices. It borders on a scam. I requested cancellation of my account during COVID, and was told on the phone that "as a courtesy" they would instead freeze my account until I was ready to start coming back. 3 months later, they started billing me again. Shame on me, I only noticed this 4-5 months later. When I contacted them, they said "you are not eligible for a refund without proof of a previous written request to extend the freeze on your account." Despite the fact I was never told I would need to request an extension. I was never told I needed an extension, I was told to contact them when I wanted to come back. Reading through other reviews, it appears this is a common problem.
Response: Hello [NAME] If you’re open to discussing your experience further, please call us at (202) 234-5678. We’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to make things right and work toward earning back your business.
Devon Murphy
Devon Murphy: Love this gym! Best gym in the area by far. My only recommendation would be to add mirrors in front of ALL the squat racks. It is beyond me why half would have mirrors and half do not.
Response: Hi Devon, On behalf of myself and the team, we are so happy that you are enjoying your experience with us! It has been a pleasure serving you and we look forward to more great experiences at Capitol Hill Sport&Health.

13. REI Co-op - Washington

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671 reviews
new review
REI Co-op
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Address: 201 M St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (202) 543-2040

Business type: Camping store

REI Co-op: what do users think?
Michael Brown
Michael Brown: As a company, REI should not inflict their political beliefs onto customers. That said, they carry good gear and this particular location is fantastic. Every time I have come here they have exactly what I need. The staff are friendly and helpful and generally knowledgeable. I don’t know who makes REI branded clothes and gear, but they do a good job.
Mike R
Mike R: I like this store for so many reasons. First: they have excellent customer service. Today I walked in with my bike to get my flat tire fixed. A woman approached me and signed me in. Then a man walked up to me and asked if I would like to him to park my bike. I was appalled by this gesture. Second: This establishment has everything here. I mean like… leave that bike area if you want to. You will be buying anything from energy gel to underwear. Third: conveniently located right beside the metro.
Anne Probst
Anne Probst: Thank you Jeremy in cycling for taking care of my bike I commute on. Haley assisted and was down to earth and happy. High five to Micah in footwear who helped me find a size in a scarpa I haven’t been able to find in stores in 4 years. He’s super knowledgeable and was connecting with all the customers. Thank you REI DC!
Louisa Buatti
Louisa Buatti: I visited REI for the first time since the pandemic began. My pick up of an online order went very smoothly. Every staff person I encountered was friendly and helpful--they all offered to direct me to the customer service/pick up area. I was in and out of the store in a flash.
H Gill
H Gill: Great store! love REI… but checking out here is always a 15 min wait. The checkout line moves at a snail’s pace, and the managers/supervisors don’t seem to care. I’ve seen customers put items down and leave out of frustration.
Rebecca Tolbert
Rebecca Tolbert: Generally a good store, but the parking situation is currently very weird. You park in the parking deck and then have to walk all the way around a whole city block because they have blocked off the elevator and stairs. So, you drive into the parking deck and then have this surprise journey ahead of you, through a sketchy alley and everything. Just wanted to give other customers a heads up!
R: Oddly enough they aren’t dog friendly yet I saw a pitbull walking around without a service vest. The area around is horrendous, good luck finding a parking spot. Really disappointed that REIs aren’t dog friendly yet their competitors REI and Bass Pro is.

14. YMCA of Metropolitan Washington - Association Services Office - Washington

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10 reviews
new review
YMCA of Metropolitan Washington - Association Services Office
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Address: 1325 W St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (202) 232-6700

Business type: Non-profit organization

YMCA of Metropolitan Washington - Association Services Office: what do users think?
C Young
C Young: I love the YMCA of Greater DC. I took up swimming several months ago and joined. The facilities are nice and the people who work here are even nicer. I love to swim and see instructors teaching adults who never learned to swim as children learn to swim. I love that it feels like a community rather than a health club. I love that they send kids who would otherwise not be able to afford it to summer camp.
Tameeka Barker
Tameeka Barker: Plans to leave the weight off a good agenda to make my self plain. Effort not by mistake every thing shared off make a body much better and this y going to keep me from jumping body to body.
Dr. Alexander-Martin Sardina
Dr. Alexander-Martin Sardina: The YMCA of DC is located in direct neighborhood and walking distance of the White House which makes it a perfect place to stay for a night for any tourist. The staff is easy-going, friendly, and helpful. The rooms and other facilities are as expected. Thumbs up and thank you.
Suriya Jayanti
Suriya Jayanti: Submitted an application and never heard back.
Barbara Gomez
Barbara Gomez: needs more machines to use

15. U.S. Navy Museum - Washington

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327 reviews
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U.S. Navy Museum
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Address: 736 Sicard St SE, Washington, DC 20374

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (202) 685-0589

Business type: Museum

U.S. Navy Museum: what do users think?
Ari Rang
Ari Rang: I am interested in military history and especially Korean war. While visiting DC, we found this Navy Museum. It is not the easiest museum to get in because it is located in Navy yard. First you need to register at welcome center so you need passport with you or ID is ok if you are US citizen. Children do not need ID if with a parent. There were many workers going thru same background check process so be prepared to wait 30 to 60 minutes. People at the office were nice and waiting room has A/C. Museum is in two buildings. Main building has mostly WW2 history. Second building has nice stuff from Korean war and also a little from Vietnam. We found cold war exhibition pretty interesting. Gentleman at the main building was very helpful assisting us. There were no other tourists at that time so it sure was exclusive visit.
Adrian Nagle
Adrian Nagle: What a gem! We made a point to visit here while in D.C. My daughter is a huge fan of World War II Naval history and this was the place to be for her. Much of the museum is dedicated to World War II. Many gun turrets are displayed (manufactured in the museum building?). There are displays for many aspects of the Navy in World War II including Midway, Coral Sea, Japanese artifacts, ship navigation, and large detailed models of various World Ware II ships. I learned many little insights at these displays. There is also early Navy history at the front of the museum. The fight top from USS Constitution, an example of USS Constitution gun deck and construction display are very interesting and educational. My only complaints are some artifacts could have more detail (some did have QR code to learn more!), and the models inside glass cases were difficult to see due to reflects from light sources and nearby museum artifacts. We were the only ones in attendance. It takes effort to register and access the Navy base to get to the museum. I recommend filling out paperwork from website ahead of time. If you are interested in Navy history, I highly recommend this location!
Jeff H
Jeff H: Tons of great information and exhibits and was not very busy. Only downside is the process of getting a day pass to get on the base.
Michael Sawyer
Michael Sawyer: This museum is on a secured base. Make sure if you are not a US citizen you bring your original passport and another ID or you are not allowed to enter. Went to check in turned in copies of passport and waited 15 minutes to be told the passports had to be original. Not sure why we were not told this as we got the paperwork that had to be filled out. If you are a US citizen 18 or older you need your drivers license and know social security number. Poor communication and should have been stated on the site. I’m sure the museum is great, but didn’t get to see it Hopefully this helps people visiting from other countries.
Beatriz Benjamim
Beatriz Benjamim: A little bit tricky to get into the museum, you have to go all the way around the fence and search for the only available entrance. The staff is very nice and helpful. The shop closes at 2:30 p.m. so if you want to buy a souvenir, make sure you get there earlier. It is very detailed and has a lot of mini ships and boats. Make sure you also go to the submarine museum which is right next to it! Enjoy =)
Barry Yen
Barry Yen: Good and nice small museum
Robert Springer
Robert Springer: This past Pearl Harbor Day (Dec. 7) I paid a visit to the National Museum of the US Navy at the Navy Shipyard in Washington DC. Built in 1799, the Shipyard is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and as a National Historic Landmark, and it is the oldest shore establishment in the US Navy. Being an active military installation, home to the Chief of Naval Operations and several other commands. You will need your identification and will have to pass a security screening to visit the museum. By DC standards it is a small but very interesting museum.
Jooma1572: Great Museums. Beginning of the Navy up to WWII in one building, Modern age in the other. Great models of lots of different ships and planes. Loved the informative displays and the staff was very friendly.

16. The Boulder Yard - Frederick County

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102 reviews
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The Boulder Yard
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Address: 5714 Industry Ln unit e, Frederick, MD 21704

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: (301) 228-9368

Business type: Rock climbing

The Boulder Yard: what do users think?
Spartan 351
Spartan 351: Very friendly staff who took their time to make sure we felt welcome! This was our first time and the staff and community were terrific!
jay collins
jay collins: Freaking love this place. Atmosphere is very laid back. Very challenging routes. Awesome work out. People are very welcoming. No rude people. The only way they can improve this place is by having a bbq pit going. Hahahaha. Will definitely recommend the place to others and we will be coming back for sure, after I work out and get better so I can really enjoy the place to the fullest.
Jacob Nance
Jacob Nance: Fun climbs and friendly people. Bouldering only but new climbs almost every week keep it fresh
Robert Mandes
Robert Mandes: This is an independently owned gym not a franchise with a very helpful and knowledgeable staff, and great yoga instructors. My entire family has climbed here for almost a year and cannot get enough of it. A climbers gym with lots of equipment geared to help you become stronger. There are many excellent climbers here, but climbers of all levels are welcome and included in a fantastic community environment. The route setters create a wide variety of original routes that are changed often and are longer than what you see in other gyms.
Jonathan Baer
Jonathan Baer: The staff couldn’t be more friendly, Steve and gang are extremely helpful and will even give you tips if they see ways you can improve. It’s a smaller gym, but the sense of community really makes it. There’s a nice, relaxed environment to climb for beginners and vets alike. New problems are created frequently enough to keep it feeling fresh but not too frequently that you can’t come back to conquer one that’s giving you trouble. Anyone interested in climbing really needs to check this place out!
Response: Thank you for joining our climbing community
Joanna Wright
Joanna Wright: We have been climbing at the Boulder Yard for a year! If you want a laid back gym with great routes that has a variety for everyone, you need to check this place out! Our son loved it so much after coming one time, he joined the competition youth climbing team. Amazing owners and awesome coaches!

17. DICK'S Sporting Goods - Washington

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487 reviews
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DICK'S Sporting Goods
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Address: 2470 Market St NE, Washington, DC 20018

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (202) 971-8214

Business type: Sporting goods store

DICK'S Sporting Goods: what do users think?
Aaron Contic
Aaron Contic: Came into this location to purchase a set of irons, found a set of Taylormade M2 irons that I initially thought were correctly priced at $499. I asked the team member working in the golf department that I was interested and ask where the rest of the set was. He replied that the rest of the set was missing. I asked what was the current price with 3 clubs of the 7 iron set missing? His response was “that’s the price, my manger won’t change it for some reason, but you can ask him” So I asked to speak to the manger which He initially said was available. I was then told that the manager currently on duty was conveniently on a conference call and was now unavailable and the answer was “NO” on a new price for the remaining clubs. To start the team member was friendly and helpful. That being said. I’m also a manager in retail and if a customer asked to talk to a manager about a reasonable question. Im not going to have my employee have to tell the customer “NO” That’s terrible customer service and it’s also a bad business practice to try to sell customers a product that’s missing pieces for the same price as if it’s not!
Maritza Cooper
Maritza Cooper: Always a pleasure to visit this location. The store is always clean and organized. You usually get greeted as you walk in the door. The associates are always helpful and pretty knowledgeable. They will go out of their way to help! Well stocked too! Bought a fitness trampoline to keep a 7 yr old from going stir crazy in an apartment during these NO School days! Hope it works! It was Waaay up high. Had 3 different associates make sure I got what needed. All while helping other customers.
Ara Koh
Ara Koh: Ok location compared to other ones. Nicely organized but their shoes selection is not so great.
The Next King
The Next King: Shallun was amazing!!!! Great help. First time coming to Dick’s Sporting Goods and I was impressed I will be back thank you.
david fegan
david fegan: good experience shopping here today. multiple staff members were helpful.
Angie Owens
Angie Owens: oh my goodness I was on the phone with my cousin, while she was shopping for football cleats for her son. When I tell you that the amount of "OUTSTANDING" customer service that the professional young lady "Ryan" gave to her while she was shopping was absolutely amazing!! I had to tell my cousin through the phone to please tell Ms. Ryan that the level of coatomer service she gave was "THE BEST" that I have seen in a very long time. Ryan if your reading this please keep up the good work!! I am extremely proud of you young lady.
Liliana Gonzalez
Liliana Gonzalez: Zach did a great job helping me find the the gym equipment I needed. He even helped me load these items into my car after I doubted if the gym equiptment I bough would fit. Thank you so much to him and Horse for the exellent service!
Bella Adoni
Bella Adoni: Varieties of sports goods. Place was clean and staffs very attentive. They acknowledged us at the time of entry. I and my friend were the only customers in the store. I could have given the store five stars if the price for most of the items were reasonable.

18. Go Ape Zipline and Adventure Park - Fairfax County

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351 reviews
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Go Ape Zipline and Adventure Park
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Address: 7550 Reservation Dr, Springfield, VA 22153

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (800) 971-8271

Business type: Adventure sports center

Go Ape Zipline and Adventure Park: what do users think?
Scott Hutchings
Scott Hutchings: This ropes course is fantastic for birthday parties and kids. They are on continuous belay (never off the line) which makes it a lot safer given the focus a typical kid has. I watched my niece and her friends have a great time screaming their heads off at each other.
Response: Hi Scott, Thanks for leaving a rating of Go Ape Springfield! We are thrilled to see you had a 5-Star experience at our Aerial Adventure Course! We hope to see you again soon for another outdoor adventure! Best, CW
Pradip Hayu
Pradip Hayu: We have been living in the Springfield area for about 4 years now, but did not even know this place existed. Just like Selfie World (Tysons) last week, we found this hidden gem also via TikTok. They have plenty of obstacles courses(tree-to-tree crossings) with different ranges: easy, moderate, and difficult. Something for everyone actually. We did the tree top adventure. There were 6 different routes. We did it all and I liked the fact that each of those ended with a zipline. The staffs were also very friendly and informative. ...wonderful 3 hours+ adventure.
Response: Hi Pradip, Thank you for sharing a review of Go Ape Springfield! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed our aerial adventure course, and our staff helped make your experience memorable. We hope to see you again soon for another Treetop Adventure at South Run RECenter! Have a great day, CW
Rachel Gilbert
Rachel Gilbert: I took my mom for Mother’s Day and it was completely hilarious and so much fun!!! Special kudos to Chris who was the first person we met when we came and the last person to help us buy a t shirt. She was so friendly, helpful and enthusiastic and really made the whole experience go from great to the best! We will definitely come back!
Response: Hello Rachel! Thank you for visiting Go Ape - Springfield for Mother's Day! We are thrilled to hear that our staff could make it a memorable experience. We hope to see you for another Outdoor Adventure here at South Run RECenter! See you in the trees MP
Erica Cannon-West
Erica Cannon-West: Our Girl Scout Troop really enjoyed their visit to Go Ape. Ms. Nikki, Ms. Chris and the entire staff were awesome. The girls had a chance to bond while building confidence and independence. It was a pleasure to have so much fun while earning a patch. We will be back. Thanks Go Ape staff!
Response: Hi Erica, Thank you so much for your kind words! We are so glad to hear your Girl Scout Troop enjoyed their time at the course, and that you had a great experience with our awesome site team. We hope to see you again soon! Best, LM
S N: This is such a fun Adventure in Springfield Virginia. This facility, located in the middle of South Run Park, has six different treetop courses with a variety of obstacles to overcome in addition to a short training course, all with a zipline at the end. Safety is a priority and they ensure that all guests understand and follow all safety protocols. We spent nearly three hours enjoying the courses and ended up skipping one only because we were ready to get going. This is a very physically engaging activity that requires many awkward and balanced movements. I am 6 foot tall and frequently had to do some low squats and kneeling to get around. Still a highly recommended Adventure. The staff was very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. They made sure that we were fully aware of all safety and were having a good time. On one of the obstacles, my son lost his shoe and the staff were incredibly helpful in finding it and returning it to us up in the trees. We will definitely be back.
Response: Hello! We are so grateful for your positive rating and informative review. We hope future visitors find your insights helpful in planning their adventures with Go Ape! See you in the trees, MM
Ebal08: So much fun! We enjoyed how much space we had between each party considering the pandemic and the staff friendly and helpful as always.
Response: Thanks so much for leaving a rating & sharing your feedback! We appreciate your input, and we're sure it will be helpful to future visitors planning for their Go Ape adventure. See you in the trees, MM

19. Peak Experiences - Midlothian - Chesterfield County

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369 reviews
new review
Peak Experiences - Midlothian
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Address: 11421 Polo Cir, Midlothian, VA 23113

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: (804) 897-6800

Business type: Rock climbing gym

Peak Experiences - Midlothian: what do users think?
Blaire Jackson
Blaire Jackson: This place is so awesome. I had a great experience thanks to Manny. He was super helpful and knowledgeable when I was looking for advice and suggestions on what membership package to get for my boyfriends birthday. He stayed on the phone with me for like 30 minutes to run through all the options with me. He really went above and beyond to help! Thank you again!!!
Response: Thank you for the review, Blaire. Manny is the best! We'll be sure to let him know!
Robert Norris
Robert Norris: What a great place! The staff were excellent and helpful for the entire 2 hours our group was there enjoying climbing. My son thoroughly enjoyed the experience and said he wants to come back.
Ryan Quinn
Ryan Quinn: Very small bouldering area and much more cramped layout than the Richmond location. Not bad, but the Richmond location is definitely a step above.
Christina Danielle
Christina Danielle: Nice place to rock climb for kids or a date. They allowed my son to try it before we bought day passes ($25 pp without coupon) which was nice. Ultimately he enjoyed it. The staff was very supportive. We will definitely go back.
Kim Crowley
Kim Crowley: Friendly staff, and lots of fun for my kid. Lots of climbing options, hard for a younger kid though as some of the holds are far apart.
Response: Thank you for the review, Kim. This is incredibly important to us so I will pass this note on! Our setters work hard to make sure we have routes for all ages, sizes, and skill levels.
Tony Wilkerson
Tony Wilkerson: Mind blowing, that’s my initial impression walking through the door. Peak Experiences has what you want in rock climbing. Richmond’s fortunate to have this fantastic place. Give them a try, the kids will absolutely love it here!!!

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