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Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs U.S. Department of Education U.S. Dept of Labor - Frances Perkins Building Department of the Treasury U.S. Department of State US Treasury Department The World Bank Inspection Panel US Department of Agriculture Prince George's County Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement US Department of the Treasury Annex U.S. Department of Justice U.S. Department of the Interior Museum U.S. Department of Energy US Treasury Department U.S. Department of Education - Federal Student Aid Office US Coast Guard Headquarters U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service Supreme Court of the United States

1. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs - Washington

· 133 reviews

1100 4th St SW, Washington, DC 20024

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Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs: what do users think?

Carla Urquhart: Absolutely amazed by the professionalism and helpfulness of everyone. From security to the awesome customer service in permits the visit to DCRA was better than we could have hoped. We needed to get a permit for a home renovation and the process of applying for a permit was seamless. Christine in permits was extremely helpful in teaching us how to set up an account and navigate the online system to apply. The whole process was quick and surprisingly enjoyable!

Roydell Stephens: Had a great experience at DCRA today 6/8/22. I was served in the licensing division by Ms. Hyman and Kevin "Voice Over" Young. They were very efficient, professional and accommodating to all my questions and concerns. Job well done to you both!!!

Darwin Murillo: I visited the DCRA Permit Department today. I walked in feeling hopeless and useless as I had been having problems submitting a permit online. Suddenly, there was a loud tremble and an angel appeared, her name was Christine. She literally spent almost an hour walking me through the application process. I walked out with my permit filed, and most importantly — hopeful and useful — thanks to Christine. I am forever indebted to her attention to detail, charisma, professionalism, and willingness to help. Thank you!

Christine Olfus: -Technology and communicating with customers can be quite tricky. Ms Dixon in customer service listened and found that technology had things a bit amiss. In todays fast paced world I have found the importance of slowing down to listen. Ms Dixon did that. She listened, analyzed and fixed / unraveled something that I was being given the run around on. Kudos to all of the Ms Dixon’s at DCRA who take the time to listen!

Penny Wynne: I agree with new systems from DCRA pretty stressful, But officer Kenya she is very professional and patient. English is my second language, Kenya was so patients to slow repeat the parts I was confused, until I understand. Some systems service is not complete yet, she also help me to fellowing. Thanks so much for Kenya help.

2. U.S. Department of Education - Washington



· 29 reviews

400 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, DC 20202

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U.S. Department of Education: what do users think?

America Artist of the Quantic Planetary Renaissance: Has been a... Sweet like candy experience and for such .... I need to get... Wiser ... Thanks for all

Amy Graff: Had a tour of the OET office. The artwork on the first floor by children was enlightening.

3. U.S. Dept of Labor - Frances Perkins Building - Washington

· 10 reviews

200 Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20210

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U.S. Dept of Labor - Frances Perkins Building: what do users think?

Moneshia Perkins: Here in Washington getting the history of The St Charles Hotel that held Slave Pens for the hotel guests that stayed there. They insured the guests that their slaves will be well-fed and cared for. They would even reimburse the slave owner the value of the slave if they escaped.

Andrew Vietmeier: Lived here for a few days. Nice views and the brick floor was surprisingly comfortable.

Jay Amin: (Translated by Google) Thanks to(Original)Dank

4. Department of the Treasury - Washington

· 11 reviews

799 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Department of the Treasury: what do users think?

Rasheed Koleed: Historic building. Just a few steps from the White House.

Nathan Williams: hello I thank you for doing a good job. i seen on the news that the nation is geting better i thank you also Holy Lord Christ Jesus in Heaven Loves you

욘준: (Translated by Google) Cool(Original)멋있으

5. U.S. Department of State - Washington

· 65 reviews

2201 C St NW, Washington, DC 20520

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U.S. Department of State: what do users think?

Waldo Labuschagne: I am very impressed with the services of the Department of State. They helped me in a special and dignified way.

Gavin68: I went on a tour of the Diplomatic Reception Room recently. It was an overall nice experience. The reception room is very nice and has many wonderful artifacts. However, the tour ran a little dry at times. But it is a nice tour for anyone who is interested.

Marie-B CDA: Sumptuous rooms with many original furniture, paintings, and objects which were the witnesses of the US birth.The view from the balcony is very pleasant.

Eugene C: My favorite tour in DC. The 8th floor is the reception rooms for foreign heads of state. Museum pieces at every turn from the table used at the signing of the treaty of Paris to original portraits of George Washington. Reserve through your congress person.

Ed Sager: Diplomatic reception rooms is a very worthwhile visit. Amazing collection of American antiques. Beautiful place to visit.

6. US Treasury Department - Washington

· 7 reviews

1111 20th St NW, Washington, DC 20526

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US Treasury Department: what do users think?

Andre Antunes: It is the third oldest departmental building in Washington.

7. The World Bank Inspection Panel - Washington

· 596 reviews

MSN MC10-1007, 1818 H St NW, Washington, DC 20433

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The World Bank Inspection Panel: what do users think?

Kevin Jung: Amazing place to visit. Awesome place to work.

A. Thomas Grunley: As I have never been inside of The World Bank, I’m familiar with the building and simply posting my review on the architecture of the building itself, which I personally find to be very nice. It is unique but fits the landscape perfectly. It’s a building worth going out of your way to see if you are in Washington DC specifically to tour the architecture of the city.

David Wachira: Notable fixture in not only DC, but around the globe as well. Should you happen to visit, be sure to stop by the amazing Cafeteria for a copious array of global foods. The gift shop is also worth a visit.

Sesan Ayeni: Always a delight to get into these grounds where you will literally experience what multilateralism means within the scope of globalism. A clearing house of global financial issues, growth and development, climate, political economy and social environment of business. Uncovering great ideas of where the next growth drivers will come from, role of the private sectors, operations of governments and the civil society organizations.

Jacob: Stunning buildings, with a pleasant reception. An extremely accommodating bank with a humbling purpose in this world. The cafeteria is excellent and the presentations there are well planned.

N B: I love this place they have excellent restaurant for any taste and occasions. The people are lovely and friendly. VISIT here ad soon as possible. The architecture is also admirable!

Erin Knight: Had a chance to do some consulting work here a few years ago. The employees are wonderful and the building is full of everything you need to get the job done including a full service cafeteria with food options from around the world.

Akshat Vishal: It is a great place to attend talks, discussions, and performance by the world leaders and artists. The world cafetaria at the lower level provides some great world cusine (Sushi, Indian, SE Asian, Salads, African and Mexican.

8. US Department of Agriculture - Washington

· 18 reviews

1400 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20250

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US Department of Agriculture: what do users think?

0lguy louis: Lovely place great people

Patrick Prentice: Really cool place with lots of interesting information 😊👍

Vladimir Mako: Near by building is small and very nice garden. There is a market every Friday.

Nayan Ghosh: Good

Renan Ferreira: Lugar lindo e muito grande!Arquitetura incrivel

9. Prince George's County Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement - Lake Arbor

· 21 reviews

9400 Peppercorn Pl #100, Largo, MD 20774

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Prince George's County Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement: what do users think?

Vanessa Toye: Positive: Professionalism, ResponsivenessCame in looking for a mattress. Everyone was courteous and made it a point to welcome us. The salesperson, Taneisha, was eager to help without being pushy. She walked us through the store explaining each item. It was a great experience.

10. US Department of the Treasury Annex - Washington

· 15 reviews

701 Madison Pl NW, Washington, DC 20005

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US Department of the Treasury Annex: what do users think?

Nathan Verger: 10$ building !

LUAF G: (Translated by Google) US Treasury Department completes the visit to the White House. Washington D.C. (Original) Departamento del Tesoro de EEUU, complenta la visita a la Casa Blanca. Washington D. C.

11. U.S. Department of Homeland Security - Washington

· 12 reviews

300 7th St SW, Washington, DC 20024

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U.S. Department of Homeland Security: what do users think?

Utsav: Thank you for keeping us safe

12. U.S. Department of Justice - Washington

· 30 reviews

950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20530

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U.S. Department of Justice: what do users think?

John Almquist: The DOJ building itself is an architectural masterpiece of the 1930’s federal period, however, there are clearly some areas that might need updated, like the single-pane aluminum windows. Our tax dollars are being wasted on inefficiency in the name of historical preservation.

Andrew Loch: Very pretty building, nice restrooms, okay coffee.

Barry Yen: Nice building

Jasmin Hollywood: May God bless all those working here. Such kind people and a pleasant visit I had here last week.

13. U.S. Department of the Interior Museum - Washington

· 228 reviews

1849 C St NW, Washington, DC 20240

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U.S. Department of the Interior Museum: what do users think?

Eugene Hall: Very fun and intriguing. I Learned a lot from all the rooms they had out here and managed to learn a lot of neat things!

Charles Jones: Gorgeous building with interesting artwork and stores. Museum is very small but the Indian Craft Shop should not be missed.

Dwight Reynolds: Nice interesting little place, only two rooms. Can see it all in about ten minutes, but must go through security.

BN Scharf: Nice little museum. Awesome Native American gift shop.

Eric Rudberg: Nice little museum explaining the history and the future of the Department of Interior. I was hoping for a little more but it was decent.

Allanah: Museum itself is small. Worth going on Tuesdays or Thursdays for 2 pm tour. The tour of the murals provided by the intern was great, a unique opportunity to tour this building and gain greater understanding of its role and in the city and during Depression One hour free tour. Worth it.

14. U.S. Department of Energy - Washington

· 18 reviews

1000 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20585, United States

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U.S. Department of Energy: what do users think?

ALL PAK NEWS: Awesome place and his work for USA

15. Federal Bureau of Investigation Headquarters - Washington

· 351 reviews

935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20535

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Federal Bureau of Investigation Headquarters: what do users think?

M Williams: The heartbeat of the FBI!!

Andrea Lawrence: The FBI Experience Center is a great tour that explains the different jobs within the FBI and what they are responsible for. It also covers some of the top FBI cases and has evidence from the cases on display such as letters from the Unabomber and the boat from the Boston bombing. Definitely worth a trip if you have the opportunity to go!

Anthony Scott: The FBI experience was really a great thing to see. They have many unique stories and artifacts from many of our countries most trying times, e.g. 911, the Boston bombing and even the Oklahoma City bombing. They even had the boat they found one of the brothers from the Boston bombing with all of the bullet holes.

Rick Adragna: Definitely set aside a couple of hours for your. Great hands on for kids too.

16. US Treasury Department - Washington

· 53 reviews

1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20220

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US Treasury Department: what do users think?

David Behbahani: This place should be the real white house to be honest. It looks cooler for one,and it pretends Alexander Hamilton was better George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, so they have that whole delusion thing going on. Good for them.

Maricela Chavez Ruiz: Gorgeous place to contemplate the beautiful history of the United States of America!

sugar 404: Beautiful building! Right next to the White House as well!

Sam Buck: Gorgeous building with so much historical significance right next to The White House!

David Ryan: Beautiful building next to The White House

Urban Traveler: Lovely building just right by the White House

DJ H: I wish that there were tours of the US Treasury. There are tours of many other Federal Government buildings so why not this one? This is a famous building that many people do not realize is on the back of the US $10 bill. This is a very picturesque building. It is conveniently located by the White House in Washington DC.

Aman Mishra: One of the best place to visit in USA 🙂🙂

17. U.S. Department of Education - Federal Student Aid Office - Washington

· 17 reviews

830 First St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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U.S. Department of Education - Federal Student Aid Office: what do users think?

Erica Jarvis: Camile was very helpful and pleasant to work with. She did her job and was nice to me about it.

18. US Coast Guard Headquarters - Washington

· 13 reviews

2703 Martin Luther King Junior Avenue, SE STOP 7000, Washington, DC 20593

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US Coast Guard Headquarters: what do users think?

Charlie Coiro: One of the best organizations in the world!

19. U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service - Washington

· 12 reviews

Sidney R. Yates Federal Building, 201 14th St SW, Washington, DC 20227

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U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service: what do users think?

Subhanir Chitnis: Extremely knowledgeable staff and a wealth of information here. Also, come see Yogi Bear!

George Vargas: If you love nature you want to work here!

20. Supreme Court of the United States - Washington

· 748 reviews

1 First St NE, Washington, DC 20543

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Supreme Court of the United States: what do users think?

Mad Mike0082: Just love this city and it never gets old seeing all these amazing historical sites.

Adam W. Schindler: I’ve been coming to the outside of SCOTUS for years as a place for silent reflection. But never have I gone inside. Wow! What an amazing building. It’s remarkable to me that this 3rd Branch of US Government was totally overlooked when the US Capitol was built. The Court had to use dark old basement rooms and former senate chambers for decades! (See attached photos) And finally when the land and funding was given to this 3rd Co-Equal Branch, it got buried behind the Capitol structure and the mall. Not a prominent placement like the Whitehouse or Congress.

Mehta S.D.: The Supreme Court of the United States is a breathtaking monument worth a visit. The large colonnades present an imposing view. The tour to the courts is something no one should miss. Centuries of history preserved carefully for posterity. The entry is free and worth every minute you chose to invest in there. A must visit for every tourist visiting Washington DC. This place is accessible through the hop on hop off bus tours too.

Fabian Raygosa: We missed the oral arguments but still got to tour the ground. Its the very center of the interpretation of our most important laws and I got the feeling of awe entering here. Many great social decisions were made here. Decisions that make me very proud of the direction we can get to and not the direction we left behind. Even got myself a nice coin from the store.

Michael Ciurea: So we didn’t make it for an oral argument, but there was still lots to see and do. There’s an exhibit on the main level with lots of history on the building and the justices. You can go to the second level and enter the court room and gawk at the high ceilings and important furniture. At certain times of the day you’ll be able to listen to a lecture while sitting in the public seating area. Cool place to visit.

Jaymee Thompson: Gorgeous architecture. Very informative museum style displays Highly recommend for families. Impressive sculptures and portrait paintings of justices. High quality food in the cafe

Traeden Overly: I love the outside it’s so inspiring to see the Supreme Court in action, they post hearing times and you can sit in to a court decision.

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