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1. Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse

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Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse

Address: 1101 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20004, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

Telephone: +1 202-347-4668

Business type: Brazilian restaurant

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Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse: what do users think?

Vy H.: LOVE THIS PLACE!! My work company had our holiday lunch gathering here recently! The restaurant has a nice and fancy vibe, and surprisingly was packed for a weekday lunch. Their salad bar is awesome—with a huge selection of choices. Their meats (that come around your table) is so delicious and well flavored. In addition, staff is very friendly and attentive. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have the chocolate cake as a dessert option for our meal, but the cheesecake with strawberry sauce was really good!

JennyLovesGogi 제럽고 (제니럽스고기): Especially, the lamb was fantastic.They provide fresh salad, salmon, soup, and fruits at the self corner.And they gave us a fantastic cheesecake for our birthday! 💯💯Thank you for nice food and service!

Morgan: Fantastic service. The employees here really work well as a team. The food is always great. I took my boyfriend here when we first started dating and he loved it. Took him again along with my grandparents, who were in town visiting… I didn’t tell our server, but we were also celebrating my grandma being cancer-free. Our server went out of his way to give my grandma a free dessert that said “Welcome to DC” (see picture)… That was really nice. Thanks for many great experiences.

Steffon Greatness: Danie Magalhes & Staff are super accommodating. They understand customer service. Daniel kept a smile on his face as if he wanted to be at work. The Service, QUICK, Efficient, & Friendly. It’s as if they want you to ask question. 🤣 The Food, Fresh, Hot, Tasty❗️I’ve been to hole in the wall Brazilian spots and I’ve been to Texas de Brazil… the food tastes better thank all of those I’ve experienced. Pro Tip, They get busy quick, they have a full dining area. Tables fit 2, 4 & round tables that must fit about 8. They fill up pretty quick. (And this was a Thursday) Try the bottom steak & lamb. It’s the best. I wasn’t a fan of the beer marinated chicken however it wasn’t bad. Last thing get the soda in the picture it’s AMAZING. I want a case of them lol. *** Please mark this helpful if it helped you***

Naturally E: The food and service was top notch! I really enjoyed all of the selections & the quality of the meat. The market table was my favorite! Soooo many options to choose from. The drinks were fantastic! Surprisingly, they have Happy Hour all day! Our server, Ryan, was ahhhmazing! He was super cool! Really enjoyed our meal.

John Kurton: Great place for meat lovers. Great quality meats and good size cuts just kept on coming. The salad bar was great too. Some how even managed to find room for dessert.
Response: So happy to hear this, John! Thank you very much for the support - we can't wait to serve you again.

Autumn Bishop: We went for the first time for my birthday, everything was amazing. Our server Denzel was overall a 10/10 super attentive even though it was crazy busy he made sure our needs were met and even offered to have specific meats brought to us if we hadn’t tried them yet. He also had great recommendations and accommodations. The food was all fantastic. We will be definitely coming back the next time we are in DC !!

2. Jojo Restaurant and Bar

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Jojo Restaurant and Bar

Address: 1518 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM

Telephone: +1 202-319-9350

Business type: American restaurant

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Jojo Restaurant and Bar: what do users think?

Fernanda Lanzagorta: The live music is definitely the best asset of this restaurant. Its 10 dollars for the the music. We were expecting more on the food, the fries and apple tart were the best of all. The ambiance is so cozy and inviting. I’ll come back for the music and the desserts.
Response: Thank you!

mletts423: This is a great spot! The Jazz was incredible. It is a small bar with great sound. The bartenders work really hard and make great drinks! I highly recommend this place!
Response: Thamks, you are the best. Check out our happy hours daily from 5pm-7pm.

Vicki J (MylifeMystyle): Jojo’s a vibe ! If you like jazz / live music then check it out when in DC . There’s a $10 cover for the nights the band is playing live for downstairs seats. The food is tasty as well .
Response: Thank you Vicki, we hope to see you soon.

Anita Molina: What a little gem. We came to enjoy some late night jazz. Cozy inside, atmosphere was fantastic. Loved the ambiance. Excellent food, excellent drinks and most importantly excellent music. We will be back.
Response: Thank you

Emerson P. Daniel: interesting. food is great! the bartender pictured here touched my limes with his bare hands… and he kept going to the side to eat like taking chomps,,, i guess he was really hungry 😂😂😂overall— unsanitary and friendly in a fake way. oh and he didn’t know what the menu pictures were.. like what🤣🤣🤣 do you want me to get something?? and i kid you not my friend was asking about the picture and i literally figured out myself so you would THINK the bartender could do the same let alone know off bat—
Response: Thank you.

Alex Moore: Came for the jazz and will probably only come back for the live jazz. The drinks were pretty standard, maybe a little too sweet on their fruit based cocktails. We had a reservation but had to wait ~20-30minutes for the table, despite arriving on time, since the party before us took their time to gather up and leave. The food was ok, and took a very long time to come out. Ordered the lamb chops rare, but only one of the 3 were rare. The chops varied in thickness too, which added to the uneven doneness. The dish was supposed to come with garlic mashed potatoes but came out with a few potato wedges instead, the spinach side was good. They add 20% gratuity to your bill and $10/head for live music.
Response: Thank you.

3. Le Diplomate

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Le Diplomate

Address: 1601 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: +1 202-332-3333

Business type: French restaurant

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Le Diplomate: what do users think?

Thang Phu: Highly recommended! We stopped by for a late afternoon food one day and was amazed at how fantastic the food is. It was all so good, especially their desserts. I have travelled to multiple regions in France and I can attest the food here tastes the closest to food in France. They even have a wine carafe on the menu, just like France. I wished I lived near here so I could go treat myself now and then.
Response: Thank you for such a complimentary review, Thang. We’re excited that you found our food and service to be five-star worthy. We are looking forward to welcoming you back in the near future at Le Diplomate.

mike wittenburg: Five Stars for the food and the atmosphere. Visited on a busy Saturday evening and got a table without a reservation, amazing. So much seating available. Indoor and outdoor seating. Went with a couple of friends and the drinks and food were fabulous. Tuna dish is a small serving. Trout was great and the muscles were awesome. Apple dessert and vanilla creme brulee delicious. Definitely a popular spot. And the bread... So much bread... Good variety of bread to choose from. Enjoy!
Response: mike, we’re pleased to know you had a great experience at Le Diplomate. We look forward to hosting you again soon. Feel free to follow us @lediplomatedc to keep in touch on Instagram!

Daae Katsicoyannis: The meal was incredible. I recommend going with friends and sharing everything. The service was also impeccable. You can tell that all ingredients at this restaurant are fresh and of excellent quality. It’s rare to find such an approachable restaurant of this league. I would recommend to anyone.
Response: Daae, we’re pleased to know you had a great experience at Le Diplomate. We look forward to hosting you again soon. Feel free to follow us @lediplomatedc to keep in touch on Instagram!

brian perkins: Loved this place for a few reasons. Let’s start with the bread. Why can’t all restaurants serve great, fresh, delicious bread? Because it’s not easy. I pictured the empty escargot plate because after dipping the bread in the garlic sauce it was game over. Add onion soup, superb steak frites, profiteroles to die for and you have a neighborhood gem. Not to mention the wait staff gives treats to dogs being walked by the restaurants. How great is that?!
Response: Thank you for such a complimentary review, brian. We’re excited that you found our food and service to be five-star worthy. We are looking forward to welcoming you back in the near future at Le Diplomate.

Rob: The food and ambiance are always great. However, on multiple occasions, I’ve felt that the service is not what you’d expect from a restaurant of this caliber. Last time I felt a bit rushed and the service, while attentive, was curt. When our entrees arrived, a waiter couldn’t fully reach to place my friend’s plate in front of him. Rather then walk around the table (there was space), the waiter placed it on the table and gave the plate a quick flick of the wrist to push it over. It’s a small example but I think captures a similar sentiment seen in other reviews about the service.
Response: Rob, we're happy to know you had a positive experience at Le Diplomate and appreciate your feedback on how we can improve. Hopefully, we have another opportunity to serve you in the future so we can earn that last star!

Karissa Warren: Had an awesome food experience on New Years! Was a little disappointed they didn’t have their usual pastry assortment but every single item we got was delicious!! We really came for the pastries and croissants but were blown away by the food! If you want an authentic French croissant, they’ve got you covered! We will definitely be back!
Response: Karissa, 5-star experiences are what we strive for day in and day out here at Le Diplomate. Thank you for the great feedback and we'll hopefully see you again soon!

Dee Ketterman: We’ve eaten here twice and love the food and decor. The feel of the restaurant more resembles an upscale bar with delicious food, as most people are standing and drinking rather than eating. I’d like to try sitting at the bar because I think it’d be a better experience to fit the atmosphere over a low table with people standing all around. The mushroom tart is fantastic and the French onion soup is the best I’ve ever had! The service was dressed appropriately but less attentive than expected, most likely because of how busy it seems to get. Regardless, I really like the food and hope to visit again soon.
Response: Thank you for taking the time to share feedback on your recent visit to Le Diplomate, Dee. Our staff works incredibly hard to ensure our guests have the best dining experience. We hope to see you back very soon and to earn that extra star!

Bibiana Oe: Very cute upscale dining experience! The waiter had many recommendations that were appealing. The bread with the butter is amazing! Ordered assorted oysters, mushroom tart, beef bourguignon, mussels and frites, and the profiteroles. Loved everything and it was good portions! Recommend for a lovely cozy dining in experience since the bar and inside of the restaurant is super unique!
Response: We're happy to know you had a positive experience at Le Diplomate and appreciate your feedback on how we can improve. Hopefully, we have another opportunity to serve you in the future so we can earn that last star!

4. Sax Restaurant & Lounge

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Sax Restaurant & Lounge

Address: 734 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM Fri

Telephone: +1 202-737-0101

Business type: American restaurant

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Sax Restaurant & Lounge: what do users think?

Diana Feldmaier: SIR Sundays are BACK!! It is the best brunch I’ve been to. The buffet style food was delicious, lots of fun, great show, and unlimited mimosas! Bring all your girlfriends, you’ll have a blast!

Alexander Cárdenas: The experience was really good. I enjoyed the night with my friends, good drinks and the music was perfect. However, there was not enough air conditioning and very hot. Other that that good.

B Rene: I have to give Sax 4/5 stars because of my experience. I took my mother here for her birthday about a week ago for the dinner and show. The atmosphere is REALLY intimate/dramatic. Quick bite: they give you some type of flavor popcorn. Unfortunately, the server came around and took the bowl while we still has popcorn in it and didn’t even ask us if we were done or if we wanted more. I just thought that might’ve been a nice courtesy. Appetizer: we ordered the cocktail shrimp (there were four fairly large shrimp. They were seasoned and cooked perfectly! My mom had their blackberry mesculin salad which was really good as well. Neither of us really cared for the vinaigrette that comes with it (too vinegar-y), but their ranch (which I believe is housemade) was really great! Drinks:my mom had what was originally served as a house shooter (They practically give these away) district was pretty refreshing, cool, and crisp. It’s pink, and forgive me I cannot remember the name of it. I had the art of the tease, Which is either whiskey or bourbon-based, but really tasty! Comes with some type of sugar crystals on a stick that’s a little bit longer and thicker than toothpick. Would definitely order again. Dinner: I tried the lamb... not so great. But traded for the Oscar NY strip....BOMB. It came with asparagus beets in the crabmeat. I don’t even know how to explain the flavor in the party in my mouth! But definitely a must try if you plan to visit. It definitely made up for any concern I had about the lamb. My mom had the Chimichurri steak frites. They came up very tender and juicy. Not quite as flavorful as the New York strip, but still really good. For sides (yes, they are à le carte) we had the mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach. Both really good! Those are probably some the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had in my life! Not sure if that’s a thing, but for me that night it was. Only issue that I had with that was they don’t seem to have enough sides. I took pictures of the menu, so you’ll see what I mean. I just feel like maybe a little more variety would have been more intriguing. Dessert:didn’t really look too appetizing. Again, not enough menu options, and the few items that were there didn’t really spark my interest. Because it was my moms birthday, they did bring out cheesecake with a candle and two glasses of champagne. Not bad. Definitely nice that they were thoughtful enough to bring her something and celebrate with her. The cheesecake that they brought out was really good… Unfortunately I don’t remember seeing that (non dulce de leche) on the menu. Entertainment: They have a different set every 40 or 45 minutes after the hour. Definitely not raunchy or anything classless, But I would not recommend this place for kids under 16 maybe even 18. As this was my first time, I wasn’t really aware that the show takes place kind of at the eye level of the people sitting upstairs, and we ended up sitting downstairs. Still a great deal because the entertainment was also on the floor, but I feel like there were parts of the show that we missed when they were doing floor work in the skybox. We would have been able to see that better if we were on the second floor. Now we know for next time though. Last tidbit: No matter the size of your party or the time of day or the day of the week that you come in, they will be adding 22% gratuity to your bill automatically. Overall, my first Sax experience was great. Definitely book a reservation. They do have a two hour maximum time limit that they claim that they strictly enforce. I took plenty of photos for you guys...enjoy and pay a visit

Daisy de Santiago: The staff at SAX needs to learn the definition of hospitality. Better yet, they need to go back to hospitality school. We used to go to SAX several years ago until their shows became tasteless and raunchy. Then, we recently heard they rebranded their image as a legit supper club, so we decided to try them again. When we arrived, the place only had a few diners and the bar area that they call a “fast bar” but had no bartender in sight. So, we sat down at one of the tables to wait for a bartender to show up and watch the show that started. A service staff (if you can even call her that) walked up to us ask asked if we had a reservation. We said, we didn’t, but that we wanted to grab a drink. She immediately dismissed us and said we cannot sit in that area because the party who reserved it was about to arrive any minute now. Well, as evidenced by my photos below, it had been over an hour and no one had occupied the area where we were sitting. The bar downstairs was never staffed and we were told we needed to go to the upstairs bar to be served drinks. The bartender was the only hospitable person in that entire establishment. Also, when we moved to the other side of the restaurant, this time with our drinks in hand, we were approached yet again by someone who looked like he could be the manager. Rather than offer us a seating where we could enjoy our drinks, he simply told us that we cannot sit at that particular table. This place was a waste of visit. They were rude and dismissive. They ought to take a page out of Stephen Starr’s book when it comes to excellence in service and talent in the restaurant industry. Which, by the way, was where we headed after our time at this wannabe, overpriced, superficial supper club.

Desirea Conner: Sax is always a great time ! I went with my best friend for a pride event and we had so much fun !

Bryan Jordan: Awesome decor and entertainment. Easily spend $200 between two people, so bring your $$$ but the drinks and food were executed very well. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. Great place for a date night, birthday party, or special event. We will be returning again for sure, well worth the trip into DC.

Dani Pass: Never go here. The staff is so aggressive. As a woman I felt so unsafe. I saw their bouncer grab people by the neck and aggressively take people out in an unacceptable way. This person cannot be working there. Brendon, the one working at the door was completely unhelpful and ignorant about this serious situation.

5. Mazi DC - New American Cuisine

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Mazi DC - New American Cuisine

Address: 1518 K St NW, Washington, DC 20005, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: +1 202-969-2858

Business type: New American restaurant

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Mazi DC - New American Cuisine: what do users think?

Hilda Kroll: A really nice place for lunch. The service was great and my friend and I really enjoyed our food. My lamb burger was large, juicy, and delicious and my friend enjoyed her Mediterranean salad. Nice and clean, tables not too close together, so we felt very comfortable dining in. And beautiful fresh flowers at every table.
Response: Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos and your review, Hilda! We're delighted to see that you liked the food and the overall ambiance of the restaurant. Providing quality food and services in a safe environment to our customers is what we aim for! Thanks again for your kind words!

K Scott: Cute place and I enjoyed the food, went here last night for New Year’s Eve with my daughter and her dad. We enjoyed our selves staff were really nice. Lamb chops were really really great. My little sister told me come here after going for her birthday a few months ago.
Response: Thank you so much for your review! We are glad to hear you enjoyed your experience!

Emily C.: This restaurant just cross street from the hotel where we stay, so convenient. The waitress and waiter were friendly, Loved the food, cooked just right, perfect taste.
Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to share your review with us, Emily!

Keshia Wideman: First time experiencing the Mazzi. I must say the food chicken kabob, and honey feta cheese was superb, but yes but, the waiter was not welcoming, or really pleasant at all. The owner/ manager I believe was very pleasant, and explanatory of our concerns. We celebrated my daughter’s 18th birthday here tonight. Definitely a nice ambience, just in my opinion the waiters could be more pleasant to casual guest of mixed aged people.
Response: Thank you so much for giving us a shot, and even more for leaving us your review, Keshia! We are happy to hear you enjoyed your meal while dinign with us and we appreciate your feedback regarding the service, as it is comments like this we learn from and use to improve. We really hope to see you again soon!

Anna: Ok but a bit underwhelming. We started with brussels, good but heavy, and mushrooms, which would be better with something. Bowl of mashrooms was a bit weird. Then we moved to cesar salad with chicken and a NY strip. Nothing to complain about, but just very regular food.
Response: Thank you for your review, Anna!

Marina Figueroa: Love the ambiance. Food was delicious as well as the wine. Service was also exceptional.
Response: Thank you so much for the beautiful photos and your kind words, Marina!

Andrea Smith: They accommodated our group of 45 well. We super appreciate the deliciousness of the food, attentiveness, and great service. A group that size is hard but they delivered consistent and delicious meals to all.
Response: We are grateful that you took the time out to leave us this review, Andrea. We put customer satisfaction as top priority and we are thrilled that you enjoyed your experience while dining with us!

David Manalan: We were staying nearby, and stopped in at lunchtime to get out of the heat and relax with food and beverage. The hamburgers we ordered were outstanding. The staff was very friendly and attentive. We were intrigued by the menu so we returned for dinner- outdoors. Chicken Kabobs and the Wine Roasted half chicken were absolutely wonderful. We returned for a number of additional meals, and the wait staff and owner not only recognized us, they welcomed us as though we were old friends. A definite 5 star place.
Response: Many thanks for choosing to dine with us again and again, David! We are delighted to learn that you were pleased with the dishes you tried! Hospitality is a source of great pride for us and we are glad that reflected to your visit! Thanks again for your kind words!

6. RPM Italian

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RPM Italian

Address: 650 K St NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: +1 202-204-4480

Business type: Italian restaurant

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RPM Italian: what do users think?

Sandeep Wilkhu: Excellent experienceWe sat in the bar because we did not have reservations. But our waitress Addison was so very excellent she made it an excellent experience. I would go back to the bar seating.

Charli Knows How To Eat: A very good friend of mine treated me to this very fancy dining experience. It was so amazing. I would recommend this restaurant for special events or celebrations. It is quite expensive however the service is great and the food is even better. I convinced my date that I’d like my own steak however I did not know they give you such large portions which is a first to see in a upscale restaurant like this. Nonetheless it was so tender and evenly cooked I ate every single piece !

raymond burgos: The service and hospitality are on par with the best in the world with amiable and capable staff. The presentation and food are excellent. The decor is well-suited to a high-end establishment and will make you break into a smile as soon as you walk in. The portions are good, not more significant portions - this is a tasting restaurant. Quality over quantity!

Des KF: My boyfriend and I had reservations for this restaurant for my birthday. When we arrived we walked in and was greeted by the hostess and she sat us. The tables were super close to one another which was the only downfall. Tim was our waiter and he was so nice and attentive. We started with drinks and I got the Spritz and Giggles, it was weak but it was tasty. For my entrée I got the king crab with squid ink pasta and that was good. My boyfriend got the shrimp scampi pasta and he really enjoyed it. Tim gave us a cheesecake because we waited for a while to get drinks and that was so nice and it was so tasty. I also slid in that it was my birthday and he gave me a small, cute dessert to sing happy birthday. I really enjoyed my time, the ambiance was great and so was the food and service.

Lin Dinh: dim, upbeat ambiance with upscale cocktails— perfect spot for a bourgeois night out. plates were tapas size but the perfect portions. the mushroom pizza was by far the best pizza I’ve ever had. the short ribs were also superb. love it here!

MADDART: It was my first time dining here. I ordered a New York strip which was about 16 ounces.(a lot bigger than I expected from an upscale restaurant. It was cooked perfectly and had lots of flavor. The server was a bit forgetful about a couple requests I had made for pepper and silverware. I had to ask several times. Other than that the setting was great and I enjoyed my time there.

H. Ibdah: Amazing service. Amazing food. Amazing atmosphere. We went there to celebrate a friend’s birthday. The waiter was theatrically impressive. The food was outstanding. We tried many dishes, I only took a photo of the main courses. I highly recommend the octopus for a starter. For the main we had the lobster pasta, meatballs, steak and side dishes. Great for romantic dinners and for outing with friends.

john Dickerson: Reservation required, proof of covid vaccination with ID valet available $20. Service was outstanding John was our waiter, and he did a great job everything was swift and on time. The food was delicious, for appetizers we Truffled Garlic Bread Parmigiano-reggiano, 1/2 dozen half Shell oyster, truffle and parmesan cheese pizza, Big Eye Tuna Bruschetta Basil Aioli garlic toast, the main was Lobster Fra DiavolobCalabrian chili & tomato and Short Rib Bolognese Pappardelle, Rosemary. For dessert we had Tiramisu Whipped mascarpone & coffee.

Imani: The decor was nice. We liked our dishes but were not a fan of how soft the meatballs were. The plates were also small. We started off with a spritz for our drinks but sent it back because it was very sweet. We ordered a Paloma instead which was very delicious. The reasons for the star decrease was the hostess. We asked if we could move our table and she tried to explain the seating arrangements but made a condescending remark by saying “does that make sense” with a slight attitude which was very noticeable by the both of us.

7. Corduroy

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171 reviews
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Address: 1122 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30PM

Telephone: +1 202-589-0699

Business type: New American restaurant

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Corduroy: what do users think?

J Taylor: We held a wonderful surprise dinner last Friday. The food was delicious and prepared nicely, compliments to the chef! The ambiance of the restaurant was perfect for our birthday celebration and the staff was phenomenal, especially Natasha!!! Everything was amazing! Thanks to Corduroy for making Friday a special night.

Morgan Fykes: Had a fabulous time back at Corduroy. The food was delicious and the service was good (poor guy was flying solo cause it was a VERY quiet night) - definitely enjoyed the meal and was glad to be back!!

Scott Plunkett: We just dined here for the Christmas Eve and I thought the experience overall was good with some areas of improvement. The service was acceptable but for the price I would have expected a slightly higher degree of attention to detail. Our waitress couldn’t really describe any dish in detail or how it would be presented when asked, and timing of service was a little odd as well. The first course came IMMEDIATELY, and I mean immediately after ordering before we had even time to butter our bread or take a drink of our cocktail, fine- but then afterwards the second course took a very, very long time to come out after we were done with the first course- just seemed a little odd, nitpicking maybe but I felt a little more continuity in timing would have been nice. We were about half way done with our dinner when someone came and asked if we were done- clearly we weren’t- again maybe too picky of me but there were leftover butter plates and other silverware on the table which weren’t taken away at the same time, just a little odd. Overall slightly slower/less attentive/aware service than I would have expected. But that may just be me using the high bar of DC restaurant service as an unrealistically high expectation. The food I thought was quite good, the tuna tartare and red snapper bisque were delicious. The sauces for each entree were amazing and the cuts of meat were perfectly fine but nothing to write home to mom about. Dessert was also very good. Overall I would recommend this restaurant to a friend and the combination of food and service was reasonable for the price point. Waitress could have known more about food and wine options and service could have been a bit more cohesive/attentive.

Keren Daniel: An absolute pleasure!All dishes are made from scratch, using the best ingredients, including desserts.

Jeff: So here is the deal. I got a dinner for 2 valued at $120 thru Verizon up program. After making the reservation I took my wife and we went to the restaurant. The restaurant is very nice and quiet with low lighting, it has a modern look to it. The lady who greeted us was super nice and gave us our Verizon up menus. Then came the server. When she saw we had Verizon up menus she looked not so happy. She never introduced herself. She took our order. I ordered green salad that was great. Then Flat iron steak with mushrooms for main course ( she never asked what sides I wanted when the plate can it had potatoes and green beans on it). I did not want to make a scene but anyway the food was excellent. Kudos to the Chef. Then came dessert it was Pistachio bread pudding, which was delicious. Other then the server being standoffish and not coming to check on us the restaurant was beautiful and the food was great.

lynda wright: There were 8 of us All LOVED the food and service. Only down side was the cigar shop next door. The smell was coming into where we sat. Several of the group were absolutely appalled. We do not SMOKE!! Understand the restaurant is trying to work out a solution. But next time we come we will change where we sat. BUT ABSOLUTELY 1 of the best restaurants in DC.

TYG Handyman: One of the best gems in DC. Wine list is great, service is excellent and food is awesome. Never had a bad meal. Chocolate tart, tuna with rice, all the soups just eat everything.

8. The Fainting Goat

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687 reviews
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The Fainting Goat

Address: 1330 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: +1 202-735-0344

Business type: American restaurant

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The Fainting Goat: what do users think?

Lyn Dirkx: We went here for brunch during Easter and we didn’t have a reservation, but there was 1 table for two left, so we didn’t have to wait. The bottomless mimosas had multiple drink options to choose from and all the foods we ordered were delicious! The place has a lot of atmosphere and is nicely decorated with plants etc. Good music was playing and the staff was really nice. I would come back all the time if I would live around here!

Lord Edwin Carreon: My friends and I went to The Fainting Goat for brunch. We were excited for their bottomless brunch (drinks: bloody marys, a selection of mimosas, and sangria) and delicious sounding entrées. We ordered a side of French Fries and their Goat Cheese Fondue for appetizers. The fries were piping hot and well seasoned. The Goat Cheese Fondue was very nice. (See photo.) It was cheesy, satisfyingly salty, and slightly spicy. The crusty toasted bread was a perfect accompaniment and the arugula was a delicious palate cleansers. It’s a bit steep at $17, but a good shareable appetizer. Our party really liked the drinks. The white cranberry mimosa and red sangria were crowd favorites. At $22/ person, it’s not a bad deal. I ordered the Croque Sammy plus the crispy prosciutto for an extra $3. (See photo.) I was expecting something similar to a Croque Madame (but without ham as the menu was clear on this point), however what arrived was a slice of Swiss Cheese melted between two slices of burnt toast. It was dry. The hollandaise helped bring moisture and flavor to the dish, but fell short. Moreover, the poached egg was undercooked; the egg whites were still runny. The breakfast potatoes were the only redeeming part of this dish. I sent my order back and asked for another dish. My second attempt at an entrée was their off-menu special, Steak and Eggs. (See photo.) This dish was much better. It was a healthy portion of NY strip steak served with breakfast potatoes and two eggs. Everything was well seasoned and the chimichurri was a perfect condiment. I asked for the steak to be medium rare, but it came out medium well. Two individuals in our party wanted the Bananas Foster French Toast, however, we were informed that the kitchen ran out of it and didn’t have enough ingredients to make more. Our reservation was for 11:45 a.m., so we were disappointed and surprised that they ran out. Our server, Darrell (sp?) gave excellent customer service. Their excellent attention and congenial disposition helped smooth over some of the bumps throughout ihr brunch.

Victor Tommey: Food is not that great if I am honest. All American Breakfast comes with 2 pieces of lean crispy bacon. I asked to subtitle the egg for sausage— then bacon when I realized they don’t have sausage. I still only got 2 pieces for bacon. I realized the service was fantastic though, and Morgan was PHENOMENAL!! 10 Stars for HER!

Samantha: Average at best. There aren’t enough breakfast/brunch options. Fries were good but the beyond burger wasn’t cooked properly. I can appreciate the effort toward farm-to-table, but it’s a low effort one that offers no condiments (we asked and ketchup was the only option given) and Beyond meat comprises half the protein options available to you. These meat alternatives can be very tasty but it doesn’t make sense for this restaurant’s vision to include such processed proteins.

Gaelle Claude: I recently visited The Fainting Goat with my boyfriend as a birthday celebration. Unfortunately there aren’t many places in the area with weekday brunch that have bottomless mimosas so it worked. The food was ok. I ordered the eggs and bacon sandwich, and it was somewhat underwhelming. The home fries were also ok. Everyone felt the same way about their meal. The service was also decent. Overall I would say the experience was a 6/10

9. Ocean Prime

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1199 reviews
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Ocean Prime

Address: 1341 G St NW, Washington, DC 20005, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

Telephone: +1 202-393-0313

Business type: Seafood restaurant

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Ocean Prime: what do users think?

Solana Cox: We celebrated our 5 year anniversary here all the way from Pittsburgh and let me tell you, Ocean Prime did not disappoint. It was well worth the start of our road trip to DC. Everyone who came to our table went above and beyond. I ordered the teriyaki salmon and it was scrumptious! When I told the waiter that it was our anniversary, they made sure it was going to be a night to remember. Highly recommend this place.

Syerra Carigo: We visited for happy hour on Wednesday and it wasn’t too crowded. I tried their delicious steak tartare and my husband had their oysters. I also tried their “berries and bubbles” cocktail which comes with dry ice, Belvedere citrus vodka, marinated berries, house made sour, and Chandon Brut. This drink was so sweet and very cute! The staff were all friendly, and all the bartenders attended to you whether they were serving you or not. We had a very nice time. I’m looking forward to returning for dinner.

Danovel Tolli: This was my first time Dining at Ocean Prime. Taking my lady out for her birthday. It was nothing more than a top tier experience. The waiter Briyan was awesome..extremely friendly, warm, and you just knew he enjoyed serving us and you felt it everytime he visited the table. The first thing I tasted was the Surf and Turf Scallop, and prime rib..Amazingly tender and full of flavor. Nothing more than immaculate. The Lamb Chops were the best I have ever tasted from anywhere. Prepare to be here for a while as they do take their time to give you an experience. I will be going back for the Private dining experience for sure.

chris chadwick: Oceans Prime was truly a great experience. The service was friendly and on top of everything very impressed for a busy place. The food was amazing. I had a 10 filet cooked medium rare minus....tender, juice and delicious. The peanut butter chocolate cake thing out of this world! Great food and wine excellent service.

Love Chan: Back at it AGAIN…my Fav❣️😋

Francina Thomas: My family made reservations at this Restaurant for my birthday celebration. I loved it, felt like a Queen for the evening. Everything was wonderful from start to finish. The check in crew were friendly and professional- found our reservations and table was ready on the spot. Our waiter Alexander was superb !! He was friendly, knowledgeable on the menu, wine, sprits and dessert. His recommendations were excellent. He truly made my birthday special by treating me to my dessert. How sweet. The Food was Delicious 😋 😍!!! The prices were upscale but so was the service and food- definitely worth it. The portions were large. The variety was awesome. We tried a bottle of Resling wine from a California venue which was light, fruity and semi sweet - just like i like it. There were 6 of us coupled off with a meal price around $150.00 to $250.00 per couple. I will definitely keep this place in mind for a return visit.

Ron Paige: Amazing Experience. Sofia was an amazing Server. Professionalism personified❤ Dining Manager Ebony was amazing and checked on us along with the Sou Chef. It lives up to the hype. BEST Calamari EVER! Platter Up the snapper with a lobster tail and filet mignon. Thank me later.❤💯 The East Coast Oysters are Amazing. Thank you. Worth every dollar spent and wonder staff. THANK YOU for a great BDAY and sublime Dining experience.

Monica R S: Berries and Bubbles cocktail was soooo good and it was fun to watch the bubbles. The Prime Roll was delicious, good texture, fish was fresh. The Lobster Tails were perfectly cooked and it’s a big portion! The carrot cake is good but it’s a tad too sweet for my taste, it is a big portion so it’s good to share. Our server Derek was very attentive and friendly.

10. Firefly

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744 reviews
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Address: 1310 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM

Business type: New American restaurant

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Firefly: what do users think?

Sadhana G: Went to this beautiful place for brunch on a Sunday. The food was a whole new level of excitement! Presentation and quality of the food and the good ambience set the right tone for the weekend. But the only setback was the price. We had an Egg frittata, chicken and waffles and Egg Benedict-crab ( the chef special) and it cost us 70$. A great place to grab finger food in a cute setting !

Garner Marshall: Excellent breakfast spot. Indoor and outdoor seating available. Parking is pretty scarce around the area. Staff is excellent. Good is delicious. Music is diverse. Location is convenient. This is going to be one of my new favorite breakfast spots.

Mariia Sarlayan: Wonderful food, amazing service, beautiful interior, pleasant vibe. A bit pricey for brunch but worth it. I wish more tables outside had umbrellas for shades but even then the experience was memorable.
Response: Mariia, We are definitely wowwed by your amazing review and grateful for your comments. I hope we'll see you again soon, for another memorable experience! Please be safe and well until then. Sincerely, Anastasiia Firefly General Manager

Linden Yee: Solid brunch, overall recommend. The eggs on the benedict were pretty undercooked but the flavors were good, and the chicken and waffles were really well seasoned. Service was pretty slow, and the staff seemed to be up against a lot. While the waiter was great, they appeared to be the only one working the entire restaurant.

Khadija Khan: The restaurant has changed a lot since the last time I was here! Really friendly staff and nice ambiance! My favorite was the peanut butter and jelly French toast with the jalapeño honey! It’s an Interesting combo but I really liked it. Our server recommended a really yummy mocktail! The food was a little pricey so I’m not sure if I’ll be visiting again any time soon, but the dishes were innovative and delicious.
Response: Khadija, Thank you for the great review and the photos you shared from your recent visit at Firefly. Love to hear the our food and service left a great impression. I do hope you'll come abck again soon. Warmest Regards, Anastasiia, General Manager, Firefly

idcwhatcoloritis: This had to be an off night cause the place was interesting. The old arcade games were cool and our waitress did her best with a terrible situation. Two of our three meals were barely warm at best and cold at worst. The other was basically frozen salmon from a grocery store on what looked like Couscous but was actually rice some how. They nuked our food in the microwave and brought it back out. The vegan burger both smelled and tasted like fish. Completely inedible. All in all, the food was terrible all around. The only plus to this experience was the owner who took both meals off our bill and bought us a round of shots to make up for it after there POS system went down. We saw at least 10 plates go back to the kitchen while we were there. I don’t think this is normal cause most of the people there seemed like regulars and were super confused by there food. I think it was an off night but I don’t think any of my group will be returning.
Response: Greetings, Thank you for your feedback I just would like to double check, is this review for Firefly Restaurant located at 1310 New Hampshire Ave NW Washington DC. We don’t have old arcade games at our restaurant. Thank you Anastasiia Hehelska Restaurant GM

Lisa Mayberry: Cute little place for brunch out of the way in a hotel down New Hampshire Street. Outside patio seating is nice for a cool day with the umbrella up.
Response: Lisa, Thank you for your recent visit to Firefly and the excellent review. We could not agree more, the Terrace is a great place to relax, people watch and enjoy one (or two) of our amazing cocktails. Please come back soon! Sincerely, Anastasiia Firefly General Manager

11. St. Anselm

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St. Anselm

Address: 1250 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: +1 202-864-2199

Business type: Steak house

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St. Anselm: what do users think?

Deborah Altman: A wonderful place for a special occasion. Outdoor patio dining added to the ambiance. Food, wine and service were all wonderful. Did an excellent job with gluten and dairy free. Server asked if cross contamination was an issue. I greatly appreciated that. We will be back!
Response: Thanks for joining us at St. Anselm, Deborah! We’re glad that you had a 5-star experience and hope to see you again soon. Feel free to follow us @stanselmdc to keep in touch on Instagram!

andrew: Super cute place, spacious and fun! Had dinner here with some friends on a Friday night. We made reservations for 630pm and was seated inside at one of their booths. We started off with biscuits, cooked Oysters, deviled eggs, and giant prawn as our appetizers. The biscuits are a must order item. They’re fresh and warm, and comes with a side of polenta spread. Every bite melts in your mouth. The Oysters were good and had a nice flavor. You couldn’t “taste” the sea. Both the prawn and deviled eggs were pretty standard. A bit boring and standard in taste. I had the steak as my main course, along with a side of broccoli and baked potatoes. Steak was medium and full of flavor in every bite. The broccoli was just okay, and worked as a side going along with something that had more flavor. The baked potatoes are much like fries, seasoned with herbs. There’s plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, but i still recommend making a reservation. They have some great large, private booth areas outside to accommodate guests during the pandemic. I sure hope they get to keep it all up for a while. Parking can be tough in the area on busy nights and weekends, but the Union Market parking lot should work. Service was fast and friendly.
Response: andrew, 5-star experiences are what we strive for day in and day out here at St. Anselm. Thank you for the great feedback and we'll hopefully see you again soon!

Bryan Webb: Delicious food in a relaxing yet lively atmosphere. Everything we had was perfectly prepared and highlighted the protein while pairing it with unique sauces. Excellent local beer selection.
Response: Thank you for such a complimentary review, Bryan. We’re excited that you found our food and service to be five-star worthy. We are looking forward to welcoming you back in the near future at St. Anselm.

Melanie Smith: Consistently great food. We love bringing friends from out of town because we always know the food will be outstanding! Everything on the menu is a home run… but we especially love: Ax Handle steak, salmon collar, the biscuits and pimento cheese, and pan fried potatoes. Reservations highly recommended- especially on weekends. They also have outdoor seating.
Response: We seriously have the best guests out there! Thank you so much for the shout out, Melanie. We greatly appreciate the 5 stars and look forward to seeing you again!

Jean Ng: The atmosphere is great. Lots of outdoor booth tables and inside decor is a mashed up of someone’s luxury cabin with a touch of industrial. While the decor is interesting and the service was good, the food was just ok. I read that other patrons was raving about the butcher’s steak but mine came out a little chewy although cooked to my request of medium rare. We both find that the pan fried potato was a little too herby for our taste. One thing for sure we both love the rich ice cream cake that put a sweet note in the end of our meal. I do believe in second chance, we will be back next time. Theres some dishes I would like to try like the baby iceberg and ax handle ribeye.

Bobbi DeAnda: Oh my gosh. So glad we went to this place! Such a cool vibe. We were able to get in with no reservation - sitting at the chefs counter - which totally worked for us. Our server was very attentive and the service was very quick! The food…OH MY GOSH! That ribeye is up there with one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. Such a fun date night. We will be back! Also, each plate is unique and you get a postcard with the check!
Response: Courtney, 5-star experiences are what we strive for day in and day out here at St. Anselm. Thank you for the great feedback and we'll hopefully see you again soon!

ESB NYC: Cool place in Union Market. Kind of an old school steak house with a modern vibe. Excellent service. I had the draft Vieux Carré cocktail, $14, pretty tasty. We shared the blue crab deviled eggs ($14) and the oyster appetizer at $19 for 6 cooked oysters. My husband had the butcher steak which was $34 and flavorful but pretty tough. I had the rockfish entree (also $34), nice piece of fish in a mussel cream sauce. A little fishy for my taste (freshwater fish) from the Potomac, lol?! We shared the fried mashed potatoes and creamed spinach sides. We shared the ice cream cake dessert, I think it was $11. Tasty but just a little rich after a fairly heavy meal. All in all, expensive but pretty good.
Response: ESB, thank you for taking the time to share feedback on your recent experience at St. Anselm. We're happy to learn your visit was an enjoyable one and we look forward to welcoming you back soon and earning that last star.

12. minibar by José Andrés

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256 reviews
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minibar by José Andrés

Address: 855 E St NW, Washington, DC 20004, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: +1 202-393-0812

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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minibar by José Andrés: what do users think?

Cynthia M: Absolutely phenomenal experience!! Husband took me to celebrate my birthday here and not only did we have amazingly delicious food, but the service was impeccable. I also appreciated the fun atmosphere they created for everyone and thought it was really nice being able to sit all around the kitchen and being able to observe the chefs create the dishes. We didn’t do the wine pairing but did order some cocktails, which were also spectacular (they do give you a few for free too!). For my birthday, they served me a cheesecake at the end and were very kind to help us take a Polaroid photo for us to keep! We were also sent home with a delicious milk bread. Absolutely enjoyed this experience and adored this Japanese inspired menu. Thank you for a memorable night, minibar!!

Ashley Evans: The cocktail experience was phenomenal! Such a fun experience for two people. We got the black truffle grilled cheese as a snack - delicious!

Yolanda Zhou: Everything was beautiful at minibar, even the bathroom. The service, presentation, and overall experience was amazing. The pacing was a little slow but was made up by the chefs plating the dishes right in front of you. My favorites were the corn and caviar, soy chicharron, nori senbei, and strawberry milk. We tried the gin and juice cocktail from barmini, which was wonderful as well.

Jesse: Japanese-inspired chef counter experience. Very elegent and minimal; inventive preparation; and unique and surprising.

Douglas Anderson: Best dining experience in the US. From the staff, to the facility to the food. OUTSTANDING

Angelique Garcia: Such an awesome experience! By far one of the best restaurants in D.C... The only thing is I wouldn’t gave gotten the wine pairing if I had known what I’d be served. Only one red, fairly sweet whites for my palate, and the pours were more of a tasting than a pairing. The food and service were impeccable though. Thank you Minibar chefs and José Andrés!

George Junca: Amazing food and totally fantastic experience, service is totally on point and elevates the dining experience overall. The wine pairings were perfect and really liked some if the playful elements like the bahn mi that looks like is served on roll but is actually made of apple, the chicharron that has no pork, etc.

Matt Watier: Second time here and it was a treat. The real standouts was the lobster and duck egg, and the forest floor mushroom dish. A great example of how modern gastronomy can bring together flavors texture and temperatures that traditionally cooked food can not.

Victor Wang: An out of this world experience with some of the most whimsical and delicious food. Service was very attentive and watching the chefs create art in front of your eyes was magical. Be sure to make reservations as soon as they release them online. The wine pairings all worked perfectly and everyone was extremely knowledgeable.

13. Estadio

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966 reviews
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Address: 1520 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: +1 202-319-1404

Business type: Spanish restaurant

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Estadio: what do users think?

Hanna Ozbeki: came here for brunch and it was great! we did tapas style and it worked out for us even with the larger plates. we got the brussels sprouts, caluflower, patatas bravas , arugula salad, chorizo hash and hanger steak and eggs the star of the brunch were the steak and eggs everything else was good, but the patatas braves were not my favorite compared to everything else on the table service was great! quick, respectful, and mindful of our requests!

Da-Wang Wu: Some dishes are good (e.g., cauliflowers, shishito peppers, shrimps, cheesecake, churros), but others are just okay (e.g., steaks with blue cheese, fried potatoes, mussels). Since it’s tapas style, it’s better to order dishes by batch vs. all at once. Outdoor dining space is available. It can be a bit pricy for a casual Friday dinner.

Shalini: Perfect place for the first in person meeting with my team! The food here is fantastic. I loved the Bomba rice which is a rich but not too heavy and has umami-ness from the mushroom, truffle and manchego cheese. The corn was my next on my list of favorites followed by shishito peppers (decadent pepper aioli on the side), crispy cauliflower which was good. The churros were amazing- they were served with dark chocolate sprinkled with sea salt on the side, were perfectly crispy on the outside soft on the inside and not cloyingly sweet. Good service and recommendations as well!

Genesis Christina: First time eating here and YOU have to go, the ambiance is so welcoming and warm. The food is to die for! Great prices and you are able to try so many different plates because of the sizes! If you are looking for smaller plates snacks you have to go here. If you are a fan of butternut squash, you need to try their butternut squash soup! The customer service was also amazing, our waitress was so sweet and accommodating. 100% recommend!

Martha M. Castro: Food is on point. Food is spectacular and fresh, with plates for every taste. Service is very friendly and very helpful. Drinks exceeded expectations.

Emily Crisan: Amazing food, drinks, and atmosphere! Do yourself a favor and get the grilled octopus and the braised short rib! Wonderful dinner and will definitely be back!

Colvin Will Do It: This is such a great restaurant!! The little portions are how I think American portions should be as well. I took my wife out to eat a great dinner and we were not disappointed. It was expensive but we knew that walking in.

Kaylun Draughn: Food and service were impressive. We ordered the octopus, mussels, arugula salad, duck, and crispy pork belly. Everything was cooked to perfection and came out pretty quickly. The churros were good but crispier than I typically like. I can’t wait to go back!

Jacob Fitzpatrick: Estadio has an outstanding menu that is small enough to navigate, but large enough to find something for all tastes. The unique tapas range from vegetarian flavors to unusual meats - but all with roots to Spain (and Basque Country). The vibe is hip and fun, but not overpowering or too loud. A definite DC gem!

Brandon Richardson: Yummy Tapas place. Indoor and outdoor seating. Mask required. The crispy cauliflower and chicken tapas were great! Well seasoned and delicious!

14. Sequoia DC

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2179 reviews
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Sequoia DC

Address: 3000 K St NW, Washington, DC 20007, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: +1 202-944-4200

Business type: American restaurant

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Sequoia DC: what do users think?

Zuleirys Santana Rodriguez: Amazing customer service! The outdoor dining is just soo extremely gorgeous, spacious and clean in every way. You have a lovely view of the water, the Sweden Embassy, and just the river! The food was just next level, specially the octopus that was cooked to perfection and I will certainly have it again when I come back to bring my boyfriend.

IamJoedie S: This was my first time and the experience was awesome. We came for a birthday dinner. A party of 12 arriving at 5 PM on a Sunday. We had two servers they were on top of everything. There was never a moment a glass was empty. Food service was quick hot and absolutely delicious. I had the steak was absolutely surprise when the potato came out with macaroni and cheese…must order if, no when you come. If you’re looking for a sexy restaurant to have a brunch, lunch and or dinner this is definitely the spot it overlooks the water great date spot. I will definitely come back again. Next time for the brunch. I hear that it is phenomenal. Come. Eat. Drink. Enjoy!

jen w: I gave this 3 stars because of a couple reasons first we had a reservation Saturday at 1:30 pm for their tapas brunch. They were super slow getting our food to us at the beginning. We ordered two rounds of food before the waitress came back and told us it was last call. We were barely there an hour. There is a 2 hour limit, I feel that if they have reservations till a certain hour they should allow the two hour minimum for people. It’s 64.95 per person they aren’t doing a favor for anyone. Next we chose to sit inside and it was obnoxiously loud. There was a group of people that were talking and screaming to each other, while I’m glad they were having a good time management should have asked them to simmer down because all the rest of us could to was watch them because u couldn’t talk for the noise. Having said all that, the food was very good. We opted for Bellinis and Mimosas. They were very good. The waiters walked around with carafes of Champagne and refilled you. My glass never got empty. I would go back here but make an earlier reservation and in cooler weather where I could it on the patio so I don’t have to deal with the noise.

John Varkey: We came for an anniversary dinner. The hostesses were a bit surly and disinterested but our waiter was great. The views are fabulous. My wife had the crab cakes and I had the lobster scampi. They were both fabulous but according to my wife the lobster had the edge. We went for a nice stroll along the water and around Georgetown after dinner. A very nice evening was had.

Kat B: Loved this place so much. My partner and I came here for our anniversary, not only was the view beautiful but the energy/service of the staff was amazing . The food was spectacular, definitely get the burrata if they have it ! We were pretty full but still made room for dessert and an espresso which was also delicious . Definitely recommend for a date night/ celebration . Prices were in line with the portions/ambiance .

Crystal Sings: Beautiful simply Beautiful 💜My daughter and I brought my mom to last Saturday’s brunch for her 80th birthday and we really enjoyed the service, food, and ambiance of the restaurant. George, our waiter was awesome and made our experience so memorable! Thank you George!

elizabeth rose: Visiting from florida and this restaurant was highly recommended by locals and im delighted i took their advice! The atmosphere was great, very inviting and scenic, indoor and outdoor seating offered with a nice view of the river. food was really good and exceeded expectations and the server Dominique went above and beyond to make sure we enjoyed our experience :)

15. Mastro's Steakhouse

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1513 reviews
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Mastro's Steakhouse

Address: 600 13th St NW, Washington, DC 20005, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: +1 202-347-1500

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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Mastro's Steakhouse: what do users think?

John Darden: The steaks were cooked just right. Our waiter was polite and make our evening more enjoyable. The lobster mash potatoes had plenty of lobster meat; however, it was oily. If you like lemon drops then you should definitely try theirs because of the taste and presentation. The shrimp in the shrimp cocktail were huge. We had added crab meat to one of the steaks; however, we felt as though the restaurant could have included more meat relative to the cost of the dish but it was good. You can pay your bill using your phone. That was a nice touch (no need to wait for someone to come back to you) We plan on coming back.
Response: Hello, we appreciate you sharing your experience with us, and we are always looking for ways to improve and would appreciate any additional feedback you would be willing to provide at the link below. Thank you.

Jaela Ford: This review is strictly for the waitress named Nicole. We would have given 5 stars if she did not taint our experience in the beginning. We were told by the hostess that she would be our “wonderful” waitress. She also came over to bring us menus and ask our water preference as if she was our waitress. However, for some odd reason the waiter was switched. When she was acting as our waitress, she was extremely short when answering our questions & seemed as though she did not want to be bothered. She also never introduced herself. We had to ask our new waiter for her name. There was absolutely nothing positive about her. It was as if she had pre judged us just because we were a table of young black women. Thankfully, our new waiter Phillip came over and saved the night. He was super welcoming and helpful. He answered all of our questions with a smile. His customer service was top tier! The drinks and food were also amazing! Thank you Phillip!
Response: Hi Jaela. Thank you for choosing to dine with us, as we know you could have chosen anywhere to enjoy your meal. We are always looking for ways to improve, and would appreciate any feedback you would be willing to provide at the link below.

Mary McKay: We couldn’t have chosen a better establishment to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. From the food to the service, everything was exceptional. The service size of everything is huge! You could definitely share every course and spend half the money…or if your like us, we enjoy the left overs the best day 😍.
Response: Hi, thank you for taking the time to leave us such a fantastic review! We're happy to hear that you enjoyed your experience with us. Your satisfaction is our priority, and as affirmed by your review, we pride ourselves on our exceptional service. We sure hope to see you again soon!

Renee M: Sooo...the wagyu steak was delicious and the seared scallops were the BEST I have ever had! The sear on both dishes was perfect, the flavors were on point, and the meat melted in my mouth like butter! The drinks were CRAZY good, like strong, but made with appreciation for the full flavor profile vs just the liquor. Our server, Rice, aka the Tony Baker look a like was on it. He was very attentive and gave us great suggestions. We have 4 sides, 2 were bomb and 2 were not. The roasted brussels a sprouts and the cream spinach were tasty. The cream corn was gross and the lobster mac was under whelming. For $40 a side I would like more flavor. The atmosphere was cool. The live singer was entertaining and awkward. I would go back just to chill at the bar.
Response: Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us. It means so much when our customers share their experiences. We are glad we were able to meet your expectations! We hope to see you again soon!

16. The Dabney

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950 reviews
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The Dabney

Address: 122 Blagden Alley NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: +1 202-450-1015

Business type: Restaurant

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The Dabney: what do users think?

Jiaren Li: Well deserving of the accolades! The meal was extraordinarily enjoyable and our waitress was both insightful of the food and friendly. I was surprisingly mind blown by the roasted vegetables - superb ingredients and good techniques make something appear so simple but feels like beyond my ability to replicate at home.

Jeff Ahn: The Dabney is one of my favorite restaurants in DC. However, had a more sub-par experience this last time. Was late 15 minutes to our reservations and lost our seats indoors and had to sit in the heat outdoors. This was a little odd as it seemed many tables were available indoors. Our server was great and was accommodating. Food was great! the corn bread was extremely hot so be careful if you decide to get this! We eventually moved to the bar as it was extremely hot outside and finished our desserts and had a couple drinks. The bartender was nice and asked what we wanted but he got out order wrong. Kinda blamed it on us in front of us to our server which I thought was slightly unprofessional and awkward. Our server made it right at the end. Pros: Catfish sliders! its an extra dish outside of the course. Highly recommend! Dessert was great as well! Cons: Table outside was covered with ants. Bartender could have been a little more professional. Overall, quality of food was great. Service could have been better especially from a Michelin restaurant.

Jessica C: The Dabney is my go-to for special occasions. It’s pricey but whenever my friend from the west coast comes for a visit, it’s our fancy/celebratory reunion dinner. The wait staff is always friendly and they pay you great attention. There are lots of little touches that make this place great (i.e., my friend and I remembered how much we loved the bread and butter last time we came, and the staff gave us tiny jars of the butter to take home with us. The butter is so good you could eat it with a spoon). The snacks/first course were delicious. Even something as boring as a radish turned into a highlight of the meal (I avoid seafood but they made great substations with the pre-fixe menu to accommodate me). The meat is cooked beautifully (though I admit the lamb was fattier than I typically enjoy — see photo) and the egg tart was my favorite dish. The drink was aromatic and lovely. If you can save up for a fancy dinner, go.

Logan Kenney: Amazing farm to table meal, definitely worthy of the star! The food was perfectly prepared and the dishes were extremely well thought out. One of my favorite D.C. spots, it’s a must every time I go.

Beth H: A warm and relaxed place where culinary artists skillfully transform foraged and locally sourced ingredients into edible masterpieces. The finished product unfolds course upon course like symphonic movements, building on a theme, revisiting subtle refrains, interposing cleaver variations, and culminating in a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime edible aesthetic experience!

Nicholas Stephens: Absolutely loved it! Wait staff was super friendly, everyone said hello coming in and thank you, have a good night heading out. Our server, Christian, was very knowledgeable about the menu, offered great suggestions and was patient with our questions. Had a 5-course meal, including snacks, appetizers, entree, dessert and parting sweet treats for the road. A Michelin star restaurant tucked into Blagden Alley, worth the trip and the experience! Enjoy some of the artwork in the Alley, as well, right at the DC Alley Museum a few steps away. To the entire staff, thank you and I hope to see you again soon. Have a great night!

Julia Gooding: We walked in and we’re thankful to be able to have the choice of the fixed or a la carte. We opted to order from the menu. Warning: portions are really small, so be prepared to order a lot or don’t come super hungry. We joked you get but a dab of food (a La carte at least) at The Dabney, but it’s a tasty dab! Some highlights were hen of the woods, scallops, and the wild meringue desert. But I think the dark chocolate gelato could be darker and richer. Cocktails were interesting but I didn’t find them that interesting in terms of depth/layers of flavor. Really nice staff and positive experience, but a star off because my expectations (with the star) were quite high!

Matt Monarch: Great tasting menu, but probably not worth splurging on given the other options you have in DC. The catfish sliders are worth adding. All the other food pictured was very good but unspectacular.

Christine S: I’ve been here on several occasions, and the Dabney has always been consistently great. Quality of the ingredients really shine here, and the service is stellar. I still remember my first visit when I bit into a carrot and thought “this is what a carrot should taste like.” (LOL…I’m serious though). If you’re someone who appreciates quality ingredients from great suppliers, don’t miss out! From their latest menu (as of September 2021), I tried their chilled corn soup with Maryland crab, tomato tartine, lamb, and nectarine sorbet. I highly recommend the chilled corn soup! Cozy ambiance and great drink menu

17. The Red Hen

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The Red Hen

Address: 1822 1st St NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30PM

Telephone: +1 202-525-3021

Business type: Italian restaurant

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The Red Hen: what do users think?

Vikram Seshadri: Amazing service, great ambiance and delicious food. The portions are small/personal for the price but delicious nonetheless. Had a few amazing vegetarian options and the waiter was kind enough to explain everything to us.

Rose A: All natural wines by the glass paired with amazing food and a large, airy bar in a rustic setting. Very friendly bartenders too. The whipped ricotta crostini was one of the best things I’ve ever had, and yes you can order Cacio e Pepe off the menu and it’s delicious. A lovely gem!

Kit Lai Pine: After trying for 6 years and failed to get a reservation at the time we wanted when we visited our college kids in DC, we finally got to dine at Red Hen on Saturday night. Every thing we ordered the chicken liver mousse, bruschetta, sausage pasta, squid ink spaghetti, pork chop and dessert were delicious. The pork chop was moist and scrumptious. The two pastas were so flavorful. Probably the best Italian restaurant in DC. Service was great. Can’t wait to dine at Red Hen again.

Ying Liang: I was today years old when I learned that antipasta means first course/small plates, and not “not-pasta” lol. We stopped by with dinner reservations on a Sunday night. The restaurant is a bit dark but the ambiance is great. Our waitress was kind and knowledgeable. The food was fantastic! Really felt like an elevated dining experience. Grilled Spanish octopus was so tender and flavorful. Risotto balls were crispy and bold. Squid ink linguini was the best pasta I’ve had in the states. Definitely check this place out if you get the chance to treat yourself!

Eugenia Kim: Omg! This place did not disappoint. This Italian restaurant had amazing ambiance when walking in and a perfect date night spot and small gathering. Reservations are highly recommended. And if dining in you will be charged an extra 20% gratuity to help fund the restaurant for covid recovery. Which we didn’t care! The service was fast and our waiter was so friendly and gave us great recommendations.
Response: Thanks so much for joining us, Eugenia! We're so happy that you enjoyed your dinner with us! We'd love to see you again soon.

Chelsea Morante: !!!TOURIST REVIEW!!! My mom and i visited this restaurant Labor Day weekend on my first trip to DC. We stayed at a near by air Bnb that recommended the place and honestly I’d one of the BEST restaurants yet. The food was absolutely amazing so much flavor very true to the authentic Italian restaurant feel. Love the open kitchen experience. We sat at the bar where our bartender Ely was the most amazing person ever. She helped me convince my mom to try things she wouldn’t normally eat while also recommending some Divine red wines. She was so great throughout the whole experience it made it that much more enjoyable. I recommend this place to anyone and everyone. #OutofTownerCritic
Response: Hi Chelsea! We are so honored you and your mom put us on your DC itinerary! It was lovely to have you both in and we hope you had a wonderful rest of your trip to D.C.

Ariel Koch: Stopped in for after dinner drinks and desert, the bar staff was amazing!Aperol spritz, Tiramisu, Espresso martini & Ginger Pearl

Abby: The food here is TOO good. Probably the best Italian place in DC. Can’t wait to go back and try more dishes. The pasta dishes were excellent and I appreciate the reasonable prices.

18. Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab

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Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab

Address: 750 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

Telephone: +1 202-489-0140

Business type: Seafood restaurant

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Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab: what do users think?

Alexander Staufenberg: My parent took me here for their anniversary dinner. I was sort of nervous about the vegetarian options — but I was very pleased with stuffed mushrooms, the potatoes lyonnaise and the steamed asparagus. The portions are very generous. After hearing we were celebrating an anniversary the house gave us a complimentary brownie with ice cream and whipped cream. It was divine.

Konstantin: Great restaurant. Atmosphere is nice, staff is friendly and food is really good. Oysters were fresh and fried chicken was simply delicious. This place is very popular so reservation is recommended there.

James Marable: Had the filet & lobster tail both were cooked perfectly. The lobster Mac could benefit from the addition of a more bold cheese to add flavor as it was somewhat bland. Service was great and loved that they kept my sparkling water on ice! I also had the crab bisque but it lacked crab, it was mostly onions/shallots (nothing like the crab bisque as Jeff Ruby’s in the Midwest).

Swastika Nohara: The best stone crab there is! My favorite was crab stuffed shrimp because it was creamy and delicious! Perfectly seasoned and crunchy at the same time. Creamed spinach and broccolini was also nice. We spent 156 USD for those meals as seen on my photos.

Maryam Sherbaf: We went to Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone crab for our anniversary. The service is excellent, atmosphere is nice , the restaurant is pretty packed. The food is good but it’s a bit overrated and overpriced.

Allison Williams: Wow this place is gorgeous, really nice ambiance, I want to start there. The food is delicious and fresh as well. It is pricey so if your going and you have a party of more than 2, expected to spend like 100$ a person. The drinks were good but not strong enough for me. It was my birthday and my first time there and I enjoyed every moment.

Melissa Flaminio: Our waiter Jeffrey was fantastic. We were looking for a good seafood spot close to our hotel that we could celebrate my recent graduation and it totally hit the spot. Got the seafood pasta and the crab was buttery with citrus, and the little slices of asparagus was top notch. Loved it and definitely worth the trip

19. Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar - Washington, D.C.

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Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar - Washington, D.C.

Address: 801 9th St NW suite a, Washington, DC 20001, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM

Telephone: +1 202-408-1600

Business type: Cuban restaurant

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Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar - Washington, D.C.: what do users think?

Da-Wang Wu: One of my favorite restaurants in DC. The interior design is pretty cool, and the ambience is great. My favorite is the seafood soup, very flavorful with lots of seafood inside. During dinner time (after 4pm), they serve toasted bread with mango butter, super refreshing flavor! Chicken croquette, fried yuca and empanadas are all very good. Guacamole is beautiful decorated but not the best one I’ve ever had. Paella doesn’t feel right, pretty wet. Churro as an ending dessert to be meal is a great option. Reservation might be needed during peak hours.
Response: Thank you for the great review, Da-Wang Wu! We're thrilled that you enjoyed your dining experience at Cuba Libre! We appreciate your praise for our decor and delicious dishes. The soup and empanadas were fantastic choices! Come back soon! Muchas gracias! -Matthew Fox General Manager, Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar Washington, DC

Vikram Seshadri: Loved the music and the ambiance was very lively. Amazing vegetarian and Vegan options. Must try the Mojitos, Yuca fries and the Plantain chips.Had to call ahead and reserve a table and the restaurant was super busy on a weekday but was definitely worth it.
Response: We appreciate this detailed review, Vikram! We are delighted that you had a great time at Cuba Libre Washington DC and loved our music, vibrant ambiance, wide menu variety, and delicious meals. We are always seeking feedback, so we cannot thank you enough for letting us know how we are doing! Come see us again soon for another amazing experience! -Matthew Fox General Manager, Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar Washington, DC

Abby Fasehun: Loved the ambiance, felt like I was on the street of Havana. The Empanadas Was really good, forgot to take a photo of it, but overall, food was great. Customer service was top notch. Oh and the music!!! Got me moving the whole time. I’ll be back.
Response: We appreciate this glowing feedback, Bisola! Our team here at Cuba Libre Washington DC is delighted to hear that you loved our authentic Cuban ambiance, delicious food, amazing music, and phenomenal made-from-scratch dishes. This praise means the absolute world to us, and we hope to see you again soon for another excellent time! -Matthew Fox General Manager, Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar Washington, DC

Michelle Edgar: We spent years in “little Cuba” in Hialeah FL, so we are pretty well versed in cuban food. This was stellar! Drinks were strong but flavorful. My husband and I got the mixed grill to share and it did not disappoint! If we come back to the dc area this will be our first stop!
Response: Muchas Gracias, Michelle! We are thrilled that our great food and delicious drinks exceeded your expectations. We look forward to hosting you again in the future for another great experience! -Matthew Fox General Manager, Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar Washington, DC

20. The Capital Grille

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The Capital Grille

Address: 601 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

Telephone: +1 202-737-6200

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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The Capital Grille: what do users think?

Valerie Laub: Absolutely wonderful! The new location is great and the inside is very nice with fun artwork. We celebrated Mother’s Day and had an excellent meal and our server, Miguel was so friendly and accommodating! He made the experience great. The food was delicious and the favorites were the filet & lobster tail, lobster mac and cheese and Brussel sprouts! For dessert, the cheesecake was amazing! We will be back for the next celebration!

Yauchin Lam: I proposed to my girlfriend here and it was the best service here. The steaks were good, the waiters was a good person, the wine was good, and the soup too. After I propose, we got really good tasting desert. Be prepared to spend money, but it is worth the price. I hope to go there again for our future wedding anniversary.

Beebea H: My daughter made a lunch reservation for 4 at the Capital Grille for lunch. We arrived slightly before our time and were seated immediately. Our server, Joharra (I hope I got that right) came over and told us the menu specials and took our drink order. She was friendly and professional. Throughout our meal she came at all the right times. She definitely helped make our time there more pleasant! Soon afterward we gave our drink order, and our bread selection w/butter was brought to the table. The bread was nice and warm, the butter was fresh with salt lightly sprinkled on top. It was very good. Our drinks came soon afterwards, and Joharra took our orders. I ordered the Seared Salmon with Avocado, Mango and Tomato Salad with Champagne Vinaigrette. My fiancé ordered the Parmesan Crusted Salmon with Roasted Garlic, white wine and lemon butter and he also ordered Potatoes Au Gratin as a side. My daughter ordered a special that had steak and a salad, and her boyfriend ordered the Signature Cheeseburger. We ordered calamari for the table as an app. We also ordered 2 crème brûlée , and an espresso flourless cake for dessert. Everything came very promptly. First the calamari. The flavor of the calamari was very good. Whatever it’s breaded with had a nice flavor that complimented the calamari. However, some of the larger clusters of tentacles were somewhat underdone. The breading wasn’t crisp in those clusters, and it had a bit of a wet, unappealing feel in those spots. All of the rings were done perfectly though and they were lightly crisp. My salmon was tasty, but a little overcooked for my taste. I like my salmon cooked to medium with a moist middle so it melts in your mouth. The accompanying salad was really good and perfectly dressed. I don’t like too much dressing and usually ask for it on the side. But this was perfect. My fiancé enjoyed his salmon and his au gratin potatoes, very much. My daughter’s boyfriend enjoyed his burger and said it was done the way he likes it. My daughter had asked for her steak medium rare (the server confirmed deep pink inside with medium pink throughout and my daughter agreed), but I think her steak came more medium or medium well. She seemed to enjoy it regardless and enjoyed the salad too. The desserts were very good. The espresso cake seemed a little too dense at first, but I think it was just a bit cold… we were seated outside (it was very hot that day) and after about 10 minutes the cake was much smoother. A much nicer texture. The espresso flavor was prominent and amazing. The crème brûlées had a rich vanilla flavor and a very satisfying crack when you broke the top, but didn’t have the soft-set, ‘barely holding its shape’ texture it should have. This was almost a custard-like flan, but still very good. Overall we were happy with our meals at the Capital Grille, and the service was perfection, as was the company and atmosphere. We had a wonderful time. I would go back any time we’re in DC. (Just discovered I put this review under the wrong Capital Grille so this is late getting up)

Gentle John: We just had one of the best lunches in a long time. The lobster salad was the best. Outstanding service. Great atmosphere for a business meeting or happy hour. Try it!

Natalia Mednikov: The Capital Grille in Washington is my favorite steakhouse that belongs to this chain. I love everything; location, atmosphere, design, service, food, wine list. You have won my heart and if anyone asks for recommendations I will always be the first to recommend you!

Hannah Grimsley: My boyfriend and I came here last night for his birthday and they truly went above and beyond to make a memorable experience for us. The service was amazing and the food was immaculate. I got the lamb chops and he got the 14oz steak. We will definitely be coming back soon !

Charlie Carroll: This restaurant was absolutely amazing! We went here after getting a tour of the capitol building. I got the Lobster Salad which tasted wonderful. After that I got the cheesecake which was the best I’ve ever had before. I suggest you go here if you want a nicely decorated restaurant with wonderful food.

Mike: My wife and I went here for the first time this past Saturday as our last dinner out before leaving D.C. Francisco made some excellent recommendations and really made our dinner one that we will fondly remember.

Dani Brooks: Came to The Capital Grille for a late lunch after attending the Japanese Street Festival. Man on man was this an experience! The drinks and food were delicious and the service was outstanding. Our waiter, Nathan, was fantastic! The steak was cooked perfectly and the soup I ordered, lobster bisque, was amazing. I would highly recommend eating here if you’re ever in Washington D.C.

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