Best Art Shops In Washington Near Me

Plaza Artist Materials & Picture Framing National Gallery of Art Calloway Fine Art & Consulting Chevy Chase Art Gallery & Custom Framing Blick Art Materials Addison/Ripley Fine Art Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum Long View Gallery Luther W. Brady Art Gallery Touchstone Gallery Amy Kaslow Gallery Corcoran School of the Arts & Design at GW Studio Gallery Art Enables Art Museum of the Americas Guarisco Gallery Torpedo Factory Art Center Indian Craft Shop

1. Plaza Artist Materials & Picture Framing - Washington

· 135 reviews

1120 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Plaza Artist Materials & Picture Framing: what do users think?

cq ny: With Plaza Artist Materials I found a strong competitor to Blick. A great selection of notebooks for sketching, drawing and watercolor that I used to only find on Amazon but now I can buy here in person. Stop by this store for sketching, drawing and painting supplies. They also have canvases and supplies for oil and acrylic art, knitting, and other art mediums that look interesting. Staff are really friendly and helpful. Prices seem reasonable.

Jon Fisher: Fantastic store with a great selection of products and very helpful and friendly staff who helped us find everything and give us advice on which materials to purchase for an art class.

Laura P: The store was bright and clean, with helpful but not intrusive or hovering staff and a very good selection of watercolor paints, paper and brushes, and many more things that I did not peruse as carefully. I had a groupon, which was awesome, since I could easily have spent much more than I did. Definitely worth checking out!

Waldo Strange: Helpful staff, good assortment of products, clean and well organized. They have a loyalty program that is free to sign up for. Dinged a star, though, because their prices are a bit high in my opinion. Would like to see better deals at least on store brand things.

2. National Gallery of Art - Washington



· 13937 reviews

Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20565

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National Gallery of Art: what do users think?

Terry Bexton: AWESOME art. Absolutely unbelievable to witness these masterpieces in real life. I was astonished by the gift shop as well. Most people that know me know that I LOVE gift shops, and this one was definitely one of my new favorites. It had all the different art related things a person could think of. Absolutely would recommend this gallery to any art lover.

R Lin: I’ve been to the Gallery of Art a few times now, and it really just never gets old. It would also take at least one entire day to truly get through everything that’s there (the museum is HUGE, and has more than one building), so when I say it never gets old it’s the honest truth. There’s something new pretty much every time because there’s a back corner or section you accidentally missed the previous time. This place is beyond easy to get lost in. It’s definitely an iconic Smithsonian, and worth seeing. But again- this place is massive! Schedule a big chunk of your day if you want to see a lot of it, or else prioritize the works you want to see and grab a building map to help you stay on track (there’s a good chance you’ll still get a little lost). You get to see some true, original and iconic pieces here. I think it’s also fun seeing where the Gallery got the pieces from. If you’re at all a souvenir person you’d better also visit the gift shop (again, view the building map and follow signs because it can be tough to find). Love this maze of a museum!

Shravya Boppana: FANTASTIC! This is a great place to visit for all ranges of art lovers! It has such a wide range of art that is a ranged in an easy to digest walk through. The interactive guide through the app can help with understanding the history behind the artist and art, which is great for people who are just beginning in the art scene as well. It is a must visit!

Evan S: A free museum with so many fabulous paintings! The Van Gogh selection was amazing.. if you have time check it out! It was so easy to get in and out.

Kevin Shim: No entry fee. Wear a mask. This museum has a good collection of art. From early Rennaisance to modern. Da Vinci, Raphael, Vermeer, Degas, Monet, Degas, Rothko are the highlights of this museum. It’s laid out in a way to showcase how our perception of art has evolved over the years. The East building holds all the modern art. The underground concourse that connects the West and East building is worth checking out.

3. Calloway Fine Art & Consulting - Washington

· 16 reviews

1643 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Calloway Fine Art & Consulting: what do users think?

David Dunleavy: Susan and her team do a great job. We recently purchased 2 pieces of Art from the Gallery. We highly recommend Susan Calloway Fine Arts Gallery. They are very knowledgable and patient with your questions. They help make art approachable.

Larry calvert: Susan and her team are simply excellent. She has a terrific eye for art and placement. We have worked with her many times over the years and treasure every piece we have purchased from her.

Katie Conover: No one beats Susan Calloway’s exquisite taste. From antique botanical prints to abstract painting and sculpture - she has something beautiful for every taste and style. I have relied on her great eye since the mid-90’s - for both artwork and framing - and I couldn’t recommend her more!

Don Lewis: This is one of the true gems of Georgetown and Washington DC generally. A great gallery with an ever-changing selection of prints, older paintings, and contemporary paintings. All very tasteful. Always an interesting collection on display and housed in a historic building in a nice part of upper Georgetown. Plus great framing services. The owner is charming and helpful.

Tom Preston: Great gallery! Wonderful selection of represented artists, terrific custom framing services, and helpful, knowledgeable staff. Very pleased with the latest framing job they did for me on a vintage painting I brought them. Thank you!

Rhea Cabardo: This is truly a treasure! I love coming in to talk with Susan herself as well as the various artist that are showcased! Come in and check out this great collection and community of artists.

4. Chevy Chase Art Gallery & Custom Framing - Washington

· 4 reviews

5039 Connecticut Ave NW #6, Washington, DC 20008

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Chevy Chase Art Gallery & Custom Framing: what do users think?

Cathleen Cody Lauer: I am entirely pleased with the work Q did for us when we asked him to put a fresh print in an old frame. He directed out choice of a matt, suggesting a higher quality glass all in good time for a fair price.

Jim Burns: We bring all our art to CCAG for framing. For years, we have had excellent service from Kiu Kavousi, who brings an artist’s eye to his work and always makes us feel valued and appreciated. His workmanship is excellent and he has great suggestions for how to show off our art to best effect.

5. Hemphill Artworks - Washington

· 10 reviews

434 K St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Hemphill Artworks: what do users think?

Edward Grandi: One of best galleries in the city. Definitely worth visiting if you are in the market for artwork for home or office.

John Grunwell: A rare DC art gallery that exhibits amazing art by extraordinary artists.

Wael Faddah: Excellent service, unique art.... They just know how to earn your business.

6. Blick Art Materials - Washington

· 532 reviews

1250 I St NW, Washington, DC 20005

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Blick Art Materials: what do users think?

Sue I: I’ve been going to art stores for 40 years and in all that time, I’ve never met a more knowledgable art supply salesperson than Sean at Blick Art Materials, DC. He gave thoughtful and useful suggestions for my art project. He also taught me how to use materials I never have used before. Sean’s professionalism and experience is outstanding. His tremendous kindness is un-matched and Blick is very lucky to have Sean representing them.

vivian siebert: Shop with many varieties of professional products, good prices, friendly attendants but need more information about the products to help.Check products and price tags I ended up buying a product with twice the price exposed ...

Camille Murray: Love to come here the associates are very nice and knowledgeable. They really do have everything you need for beginners to advanced artist of all forms. My copic and prismacolor markers are cheaper here for me or anyone if your a member or not.

Ana Delmont: Very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable staff! Great selection of paints, canvases, brushes, and everything I needed. Just walking around the store gave me so many more ideas from their wide selection of products, and it all came out way cheaper than I expected. It’s now my go-to arts and crafts store!

Beat Ammann: Very friendly staff and a very wide variety of things, including for art projects with kids!

7. Addison/Ripley Fine Art - Washington

· 7 reviews

1670 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Addison/Ripley Fine Art: what do users think?

Immuno Girl: Cozy gallery space for a show

behn farahpour: great art show. amazing space for modern/abstract art.

Annie George: Great staff

8. Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum - Washington

· 3946 reviews

1661 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20006

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Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum: what do users think?

Kersten Chisti Dryden: We went to see the Burning Man exhibit. Beautiful gallery, with lots of different rooms. We easily spent 3 hours in here, there was so much to take in, on all sensory levels. Lots of interactive art, including a VR experience, and a carved wooden chapel with little pieces of wood that you can write to loved ones who have passed, and add to the exhibit. Very well produced, all together.

Pakeezha: This is one of my favorite museums. It’s easy to get there and pretty small and they change their exhibitions in every few months which makes you want to go and visit more often. It’s always fascinating seeing the new designs. it can get crowded at peak times but they control the amount of people that can enter which is very nice.

Miss Guided: I visited the burning man experience. My niece and I wanted to be the simulator experience. The nasty worker said was very rude and nasty. Other than that the exhibit was amazing. I cannot take people’s action in account for how wonderful the museum is. Definitely a must see!!! It wasn’t too crowded on the Monday we went which was Labor Day. It was difficult to get some good picture of the mushrooms because of the crowds but still enjoyable. The exhibit is very tranquil and nice.

Ashton Menefee: Really cool museum to hit when in DC, awesome rotating exhibits. We saw the Burning Man, Dustin Farnsworth, and Crime Scene Diorama exhibits on a few visits. It’s an easy walk from anywhere in DC, close to the White House, and worth a stop if you want to see something different.

K A: I visited the Renwick Gallery with my family last fall and i was impressed with all the beautiful and extraordinary exhibits.The David’s best temple caught my gaze with its glow and I also love the disrupting Craft. A great museum rich in history and packed with lots of exceptional crafts. It’s a must see if you are visiting DC. I highly recommend to all tourists, locals, craft and art lovers.

H J: The burning man exhibition was on when we attended and it was a really good one. The space within the museum was used really well and the exhibits combined interactive, traditional and contemporary style pieces that appealed to the whole family. Definitely worth a visit once you are done with the White House! Recommended

9. Long View Gallery - Washington

· 123 reviews

1234 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Long View Gallery: what do users think?

Angelica Oung: We had a political event here and it was the nicest venue. Spacious, with lovely exposed brick. Perhaps for the size of crowd we had it could have used more restrooms but that is hardly the fault of the venue. In general I would recommend the Long view gallery as a very classy event space.

Monica Brown: Attended the DC wine fest there last weekend. Very nice venue and art gallery. The wine fest was great as well!

Carly LeDroux: An incredible venue for weddings and events. The textures alone and different large spaces are breath taking. The layout for last nights Washingtonian event allowed for a great flow of 350+ people. Wine tasting and cotton candy! A lovely evening, fun had by all. Highly recommend paying for parking two doors down ahead of time. Worth reserving

Tamari Mitaishvili: We saw one of the exhibitions❤️❤️❤️ such a great place. 😍 Worth stopping by to explore the work of rising artists❤️

Josh Wilson: I attended an event here a few weeks ago and the Gallery was a great place for it. They have two main areas, once being the show room type area and another area up a short ramp towards the back that is nice for a VIP type area. It is easily accessible from the metro and fairly easy to spot on the street, thanks to the large windows in front.

10. Luther W. Brady Art Gallery - Washington

· 4 reviews

500 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20006

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11. Touchstone Gallery - Washington

· 36 reviews

901 New York Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Touchstone Gallery: what do users think?

Julia Moss: What a great surprise. A members based gallery also featuring other local artists. I was greatly impressed with the wide range of themes, mediums and styles of this eclectic group of artists. I had a pleasure speaking with the staff and look forward to returning for their 2nd Friday monthly gallery openings. Stop in for a look and spark up a conversation to learn more about this great D.C artists hub.

Nargess Karimian: It was my first private art show experience. Really enjoyed myself. The gallery lights the artwork quite nicely.

F E Downey: Shows are always well curated. Gallery is well administered. As a Co-op, artists pay annually to exhibit here. So milenium or other young artists rarely exhibit here. Great Downton DC location - on south border of Shaw District. City Center two blocks away and great restaurants on every block. Used to have monthly first Friday openings, so always a diverse, large and interesting downtown crowd. Recently changed to Saturday afternoon openings (1:00 PM to 3:00 PM), so no downtown crowd, mostly elderly suburban crowd. Need to rethink time of openings to attract younger art buyers. Check out shows; a few really good artists exhibit here at very reasonable prices. The rest of the exhibited artists produce average works, probably because most have or had full-time jobs in another professions (i.e., part-time artists).

Peter Putterman: Love places to exhibit and promote the arts.

J. Anderson: There is an eclectic selection of artworks from local artists. It was nice to browse the variety in the gallery.

Michael Lai: I had an awesome time here. Depends on the event, there could be a wine tasting going on. Small venue, but resonating work pieces. Artists are occasionally on site to talk about their works and you can negotiate prices on buying.

David Ford Jr.: I like to go to Touchstone for their first friday shows, the first Friday evening of every month. The art is refreshingly interesting and the staff at Touchstone are nonpareil

12. Amy Kaslow Gallery - Washington

· 3 reviews

4300 Fordham Rd NW, Washington, DC 20016

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Amy Kaslow Gallery: what do users think?

Erin Gorman: Excellent, ever-changing installations that delight the eye and the soul. An amazingly bright and natural space which feels organic and cozy, this special gallery is not to be missed. Once you experience this beautifully curated space, you, too will visit again and again.

Mohini Malhotra: Gorgeous space and fantastic exhibitions! Fabulous addition to the dc art scene

13. Corcoran School of the Arts & Design at GW - Washington

· 38 reviews

500 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20006

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Corcoran School of the Arts & Design at GW: what do users think?

Hilda Kroll: The current exhibit has some very interesting photos, paintings, and sculpture. It would have helped so much to have some information about the pieces.

Gigi G.: Attended a graduate open house and learn a lot about the program and met some staff of other programs and they were fabulous to hear from.

Yaser AlSaghrji: One of the architectural gems of the Nation Capital

Es K: Saw a phenomenal end of year exhibit some years ago

Nik Novakkain: So much talent and this is one of the best schools/museum

Arnold Thomas Bigger: Course selection is very good; faculty and staff are very good; and general vibe is good.

14. Studio Gallery - Washington

· 22 reviews

2108 R St NW, Washington, DC 20008

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Studio Gallery: what do users think?

LeeZa Dorrough: Studio Gallery was an amazing place for our comedy event! We had plenty of space for our 50 guests, and we were surrounded by beautiful artwork. Lana, the gallery director, was extremely easy and fun to work with. I highly recommend using this place for events!

F E Downey: ALWAYS well curated works of experienced modern artists. Gallery Manager knows how to market artists. Three art spaces: (1) 3- grand, first floor townhouse rooms; (2) 3-surprisingly spacious, lower level rooms - back room faces sculpture garden; and (3) small, tasteful sculpture garden with secret gate to Hillyer Art Space Gallery. Go to artist-talk show on Saturdays 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM to avoid First Friday crowds and to actually meet and converse with the artists. Rarely more than 50 persons at the artist-talk shows, so you get to converse with everyone.

Karen: It is a lively small gallery near DuPont Circle. They participate in First Fridays and have other small artist receptions. Worth a visit.

Marc Ness: Great location, great curators.

Conrad Martin: Great space. Well curated selection of talented DC artists.

Myles Poole: very nice small gallery. new exhibitions regularly

Susan Flohr: Wonderful photography show by Jo Levine- stunning

Don Bans: Always fun visiting

Edward Grandi: Delightful gallery space

15. Art Enables - Washington

· 25 reviews

2204 Rhode Island Ave NE, Washington, DC 20018

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Art Enables: what do users think?

Andrea MHattler: In the heart of the emerging art area of the District of Columbia in North East is this exquisite program for artists with disabilities. This is not a locale for people with disabilities to do artsy things. This is a studio for grounded, established, artists who would otherwise not have a venue to foster and enable (see what I did there?) their skills and talents. Professionally run, with sensitivity to the creative process and the needs of the artists this studio provides a welcoming, safe, well supplied, and well structured environment for artists in the District to express themselves in a 2 dimensional manner. The works, licensed and otherwise, provide income for the artists as well as the studio, as any professional studio is designed to do. The artists in residence are all recognized for their talents and ability, as well as for their potential further development within the artistic community. The amazing gallery spaces host works of the artists at Art Enables as well as their partner galleries Touchstone where all items are available for sale. This is a program and gallery are worth the trip to this section of DC!

Lauren Sauer: What a great space with a great purpose and some great pieces for sale. Show some love and support for a group that supports persons with disabilities self expression through art and is open to the community for free the second sat of every month for art workshops.

Antonio A. Camacho: Beautiful atmosphere. The artists here are truly unique.

Kenny Oliver: This place is AWESOME!!! The work they do to assist people of all abilities with art work is inspiring and uplifting. Kudos!!

Jameia Saunders: This place is full of talented artists with and without disabilities. Such a great platform full of artists! Go check out the art!

Deborah Akwei: Great organization that provides fine arts training to people with disabilities in order to help them create income and amarket for their art.

Aimee W.: A unique art space with wonderful exhibitions by artists from the DMV area. This is a definite place to visit.

Marc Ness: Fantastic spot. Good art and great mission. My late wife loved the art here, as do I.

Susan Wallington: Great location! Tabled at D.C. Zine Fest here a few weeks back and it was a lot of fun!

Rose Sokol: Excellent gallery and studio with a good mission. Great Saturday workshops.

16. Art Museum of the Americas - Washington

· 240 reviews

201 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20006, United States

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Art Museum of the Americas: what do users think?

Kausthob Das: Nice place to spend some free time if you are around the national mall area. 3 blocks away from the monument and has ample of street parking

ReCreate Artworks: The most beautiful place I’ve ever been. I wish I could have stayed longer. You could EASILY spend an entire day here—wear comfy shoes and make sure you go downstairs!

Lauren Brown: Small, free museum. The art was well curated. The top floor is from the collection. The second floor is for special exhibits. The front desk person seemed like he wanted to go home. I had a hard time seeing it because of all of the tour buses parked in the area. Bathrooms on the top floor. No gift shop.

Yinzú Nairouz: Love this small museum. It is free and the exhibitions change. They have a good outdoor space at the back

Sam Odle: Beautiful & often overlooked art museum! It’s not very big and parking nearby can be difficult so metro + walk or bike if you aren’t visiting at an off hour. Pro tip: download UniGuide from the App Store to have a self guided experience and not have to play around with getting that set up when you’re there.

Mary McPartland: Such a beautiful, unique, authentic Spanish-lovers artistically wonderful center. Peaceful and quiet interiors right near all the National Mall memorials. Great photo and art exhibit from Spanish Civil War and exhibits depicting all the strife of 1960s-70s Central and South America. Write ups next to the art are super informative. The physical space is gorgeous - open, airy, very beautiful courtyard and architecture. Very friendly reception and well kept grounds. Stop by for a history art lesson!

17. Guarisco Gallery - Washington

· 7 reviews

2828 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Guarisco Gallery: what do users think?

Mariel mohey-el-dien: Amazing collection. Very eclectic collection of top quality works of art. Love to see the difference in style and subject matter between the academic and impressionist eras to the modern and contemporary art. Staff provided excellent information, comps, and biographies on the works of art as well as the artists. I have purchased multiple things from the gallery over the years and Guarisco Gallery has been loyal to me as a returning customer and has honored all their commitments and provided above and beyond services.

Feng Damon Wang: I visit galleries almost in every city I travel to. I do like the collection of this one!

Ryan Hogue: Excellent!

18. Torpedo Factory Art Center - Jefferson Houston

· 3821 reviews

105 N Union St, Alexandria, VA 22314

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Torpedo Factory Art Center: what do users think?

Claudia Luna: We happen to walk by this place and I’m glad we went inside. Unexpectedly large ex-factory with three floors of artist studios. There was a wide range of art styles with affordable small pieces available. We ended up leaving with two prints and got to meet the artists directly. Super cool and will come back again. They also offer art classes and workshops!

Lauren Chartuk: The Torpedo Factory Art Center is not only an incredible asset to the city of Alexandria and the art community. It is a beautiful wedding venue. The space is a chameleon, enabling artists, and brides to really make the space their own. I highly recommend visiting and their amazing events coordinator, Deri!

preservefootprints: A historical torpedo factory which the buildings is repurposed as nation’s largest community of working artists. 3 stories building filled with the exhibits of torpedo factory historic, the art school, an archaeology museum and different types of arts studios and if you’re lucky you’ll meet the artists yourself. Each level has their own restrooms area, which all of them are very clean! You’ll find hand sanitizer almost in every entrance/ exit area. Parking garage are all in walking perimeter around, starting $2.50/ hour or $10 max on weekdays and $5 max on weekends.

Tiffany “NewlyNatural” J: It was a lot of fun seeing all the different types of art and artists. There were 3 floors of awesome art and super creative people. They offer classes and so many other cool things. Not allowed to take picture while in the studio of course but very nice art work. I would have liked to know more about the building as well.

Raymond Ellis: I enjoyed the Torpedo Factory Art Center. The artwork on display from the various artists was very interesting. Some of the artists were actually present in their studios. I also liked the exhibits on the history of the building. Thousands of torpedoes were produced there during WWII. There is also an archeological museum on-site. It was closed when I was there but they had a lot of information on view in the hallway

Erik V: An outstanding spot you meet, commission local artists. The old building is also fascinating, with [disarmed] torpedoes that are fun for anybody who likes naval adventures. Pet friendly.

Jade West: Very cool place. Lots if great artwork & fun artsy people.

19. Indian Craft Shop - Washington

· 16 reviews

1849 C St NW, Washington, DC 20240

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Indian Craft Shop: what do users think?

asifalam alam: Respected sir I am from india I am supplier of sea shell handicrafts and JEWELLERY items gift box All item in sea shell if you are interested kindly csend me email Iam waiting for your msg

Dave R: Wonderful craft shop selling pieces of art from many different Native American tribes. We highly recommend making a stop here during your visit to D.C.

E. Tranmoto: This is a great shop inside the department of the interior building.

Jaipur Art: We like to promote your business .Visit us

Abimael Santos: Nice staff, very cool stuff.

Don Crews: Authentic and helpful

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