Best Water Parks In Washington Near Me

Cole Spray Park Ocean Dunes Waterpark Great Waves Waterpark Six Flags America Water Mine Family Swimmin' Hole Our Special Harbor Spray Park Pirate's Cove Waterpark Georgetown Waterfront Park Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens Cameron Run Regional Park Splash Pad SplashDown Waterpark Glenn Dale Splash Park Volcano Island Waterpark Super, Awesome & Amazing at The St. James Atlantis Waterpark at Bull Run City of Gaithersburg Water Park at Bohrer Park ZoomAzon Falls Waterworks Waterpark The Carousel on the National Mall

1. Cole Spray Park - Washington

· 16 reviews

1240 Morse St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Cole Spray Park: what do users think?

Alex DiCaprio: This is a review of the playground complex. The water Park area is larger than most and definitely allows for some great activities with kids but unfortunately the significant usage of concrete isnt the best... I feel like other locations use textured granite to reduce scrapes. Otherwise the campus is great for relaxing with multiple options for kids of all ages

Danielle Barnes-Smith: Top Quality Leaves It was a very hot summer day. We had our nephew, who was under two years old, visiting us. The pool at our building was too crowded, so we looked for an outdoor park with a splash zone. Minutes after arriving, the kiddo was completely ignoring the elaborating constructed water obstacles and splash features. But fear not for there was GOOD NEWS. In the middle of the splash zone, there was a wet leaf. And you may think, “So what?” but trust me, dear reader, when I tell you that this was a top shelf leaf. This leaf had it all: green, ridges, stem, leafiness, did I mention green? The time spent playing with the leaf far exceeded the time playing in just the carefully-engineered-and-designed-for-kids water play structures. So if your kid loves to play with wet leaves (or outdoor splash parks). I would highly recommend this.

Robyn Nelson: First park for my lil guy and he loves coming here

Fred Pineau: We love taking the two year old to the two playgrounds. The adjacent field is perfect for running and kicking a ball.There is too much litter strewn about.

Gretchen Giovanni: A nice big splash pad. Really fun!

Juan Valdez: It is actually very fun 😄

lewie anderson: Great exercise space

Vilma Anderson: Fun place for the kids!

2. Ocean Dunes Waterpark - Seven Corners



· 308 reviews

6060 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22205

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Ocean Dunes Waterpark: what do users think?

Heather Reed (* Shorty *): Had great time swam in pool, went down slide, batting cage, played mini golf❤️ great place for kids and adults

Monica Arciga: This is a nice sized, kid-friendly water park with separate water areas. There is a kiddie pool, a splash area, a lap pool, two slides, and a separate pool for kids to play/swim. There are plenty of life guards too and they have safety vests free for kids. There are plenty of seating areas including grass on the perimeter. We went on a weekday so it was not too busy. The admission fee is very reasonable. You cannot bring any food in, only water, but the onsite food for sale (burgers, pizza, chicken nuggets, fries) is reasonably priced. They do have picnic tables outside the fence if you want to bring a picnic. The shower/changing could use some attention. Parking is free. Overall, my 5- and 3-year olds had a fun day!

KRISTEN L: Had a fun afternoon with the kids. There are not enough beach chairs

Ahmed Taher: We went to this water park with few families with kids, it was great, and we had a blast. The price was reasonable, and there was something for all ages, and the life gard were professional and helpful. The only issue, is the shower area, at least what I saw in the men area, need more shower rooms and to be separated.

3. Great Waves Waterpark - Lyles-Crouch

· 990 reviews

4001 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria, VA 22304

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Great Waves Waterpark: what do users think?

Deborah O'Brien: The Great Waves Waterpark has ample space for alot of park goers. There is a variety of activities for all ages. The lifeguards were very focused on the swimmers. They were friendly yet clear on the rules. We brought food and had to leave it in the car. It was nice to be able to have the option to leave, eat and reenter the park. Fun way to spend the afternoon. Definitely will go back.

Ellis Woods: Grandkids loved it. We had a ball. For the price and amenities, I thought it was an excellent deal. The lifeguards there were very attentive. Plenty of space and activities for the children. Keep up the good work.

Michael Erb: I had a great time going over there. Met allot of new friends. Invited my friends over there before in the past, donated, and had a great time. One of them had told me about this before and took me only there once, then already came allot, when I gotten my pass or if I only needed to pay a day at a time.

Sasha Conley: Price was niece who is 3 turning 4 enjoyed her self.. although the yellow slide seems to be an issue seen the life guard have to jump in twice.. park closed do to bad weather but we still got a few hours in so worth it. Food would eat before I come or after fries tasted like funnel cake..funnel cake was super oily. Also better training for your employees it was almost a fight between workers and it was out of control..

4. Six Flags America - Woodmore

· 13083 reviews

13710 Central Park Drive, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

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Six Flags America: what do users think?

Joshua Russell: We started coming here in the Fall of 2021 and decided to purchase season pass, they are very affordable. We have come a few times and I have been really impressed. They have different themes through the year which is nice to see how they decorate and celebrate. We have been to Halloween, Christmas and just went to the Fiesta theme. The wait times were really fast or nonexistent for all the rides. They had water sprinklers going which was good because it was so hot! Our family enjoyed all the rides throughout the day. There is always a staff member nearby ready to help which was really great to see and we saw a lot of people cleaning the park throughout the day. I do wish there was more mobile food ordering available though, when we were looking only one location was offering mobile orders, so hopefully that will grow. Overall great park for the family!

Tim Bergstrom: Great place to take kids in DC for a break from museums and tours. I enjoy museums and tours quite a bit, but let’s be honest, for kids, they can be little bit like a church service. Six Flags gave my kids and me a break from the usual and gave them a chance to blow off steam. Our favorite rides were Superman, Bat Wing, Joker’s Jinx and the Firebird. Have fun.

Rittik Bhowmik: Great experience. Strong suggestion is to get the tickets online before visiting, there is almost always a long queue for tickets. Most of the rides were usually not that busy, so everyone can finish all the rides at-least ones, and can even go for seconds if interested.

Jeremiah Gore: Needs another solid coaster as Superman Ride of Steel is great but where is the number 2 coaster? Some good rides throughout the park including a fun coaster built in 1917...The Wild One. By far this Six Flags has the friendliest staff of any Six Flags park... including multiple manager level employees we met while walking around the park.

pam wright: Rides were barley open, lazy river, the pool with the purple slide, the purple & green slide, renegade rapids, penguin blizzard, shipwreck falls, & more ALL we’re NOT OPEN! I don’t understand why these rides are not open. You pay your money to come here, but it’s not worth it because more than half of there rides are not operating. What a shame Not to mention I have diamond elite membership, I pay 20$ extra per month for what idk? Need to cancel that! Update 6/28/2022 im going to change my rating from 1 star ⭐️ to four stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ I came back here again to give them another chance. Can you believe it after maybe 1-2 years the finally opened the lazy river.. Wow renegade rapids, penguin blizzard, shipwreck falls, was opened today. It’s good to arrive early get a good spot, we ordered food it was ready and condiments was available. 🤩 However, the staff there are really young and the don’t know how to talk to people & families. They all act like they don’t want to work.

Terri Young: If you want to be able to ride the rides without a long wait go early during the week.. We were able to ride the rides several time without a long wait park is not that crowded when u go early it was a nice experience 😉. By the time we were ready to go the park was getting a bit crowded....

Shah Md Mayen Uddin Chistee: This a great family fun place. There are so many rides that you will never get bored. I enjoyed most of the rides I took. You can take your kids there and they will love it. I recommend buying online entry ticket and parking pass. This will save some time for you.

5. Water Mine Family Swimmin' Hole - Reston

· 909 reviews

1400 Lake Fairfax Dr, Reston, VA 20190

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Water Mine Family Swimmin' Hole: what do users think?

Janie Bowerbank: This place was amazingly fun! We went before it closed for the season, totally worth the price and on the cheaper end. The water slides were fun for my 3 boys ages 6-11, but there is something for everyone! I thoroughly enjoyed the lazy river!

Jenn Y. Ahn: A nice little place for everyone in the family to enjoy! From little toddlers to teenagers, this is a wonderful place. They allow food and drinks (no alcohol and no glass), so bring enough food and snacks for your stay! There’s no season pass in 2021 due to COVID, but there were still a lot of people on Thursday afternoon. The staff said there’s about double more on weekends.

Nathaly Maltez: Just wow, I had my daughters first birthday party and ALL the kids had a great time. The Staff was attentive and made sure everything was going well. The spot for our umbrella was perfectly located near the entrance to the water park. I couldn’t have asked for more. Perfect place to let the kids waste some of that energy before going home.

Mike McCabe: This was my first trip and I was very impressed. The facility was very clean and well maintained, the staff was friendly and courteous, and the water attractions are enjoyable. We got to the Water Mine in time to get seats but not an umbrella. If you need shade I recommend arriving at opening. My children range in age from 11 to 16. They all had a good time. The lazy river is a lot of fun, and has a fairly swift current in certain parts. It was a bit chaotic at times, but the staff did a good job ensuring everyone remained safe. My youngest daughter really enjoyed the water obstacle courses. She spent a considerable part of the day doing them. The slides were also quite popular. The very large slides opened a few hours after we arrived. The line looked daunting but it moved very fast. As a bonus the line for the large slides has a terrific view of Lake fairfax. All in all we really enjoyed our trip here. We were able to have a picnic style lunch and a wonderful day.

Jennifer Whitson: Kids loved the lazy river, water slides, water play areas, and using the rope to cross the Lily pad course. Younger kids have lots of small slides, bubblers, and the mushroom water feature. Go early in order to get chairs or picnic table in the shade. Or, reserve a spot online in advance.

John Wick: I love this place, great picnic areas, great water attractions, & life guards are always attentive. Affordability could be better & a more efficient line to the big water slides would be a plus. Huge + is being able to bring inside your own food & even Uber eats food to the location!

6. Our Special Harbor Spray Park - Groveton

· 401 reviews

6601 Telegraph Rd, Alexandria, VA 22310

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Our Special Harbor Spray Park: what do users think?

Stephanie Colston: Great facility and even better staff. A special thank you to Jordan Rodriguez who was working concessions this past Saturday. Opening weekend, very busy but he still managed to help with getting my granddaughter swim shoes so she could enter the splash pad. No matter how nice the facilities are a huge part of the success of this place is dependent upon the seasonal staff and Jordan really lives up to being a great team member. Looking forward to summer 2022 and returning over and over again!

Lynn Durrant: The absolute best splash pad to take kids on a hot day. It blows my mind that this place is free for everyone. Be ready to get wet, and make sure everyone has shoes that can be worn in the water! (you’re not supposed to be barefoot here) The playground and hiking trail are also fantastic for kids. The carousel costs a few bucks, but is very fun and the gentleman that always runs the carousel is the nicest guy in the world. Overall, this is a favorite spot for us to visit in the summertime and we highly recommend.

Binod Gupta: The spray park is fun. There is a big playground next to the spray park for kids aged 2-12. Entry is free for the spray park but only a limited kids are allowed after spray park is full and then you have to wait until someone comes out. Its a fun place to take the kids. There is also a walk path which is fun. Also there is an amphitheater.

Madhu Kalepu: This spray park is definitely one of the best Fairfax county public parks. Entry is free. Unlimited water park fun for the kids. There is also pirate themed park beside this water park. Nice walking trails, lot of surrounding greenery. Must visit in Fairfax county VA area. Kids can spend 3-4hrs.

Jennifer Ibrahim: I can’t believe this place is free! It can be really hard to get in on weekends but it’s easy to see why. What a wonderful place to take kids to cool off. So much to do there and so clean since they don’t allow food inside. Love that they have family bathrooms right there on site. And with a gigantic playground and carousel next door there’s no shortage of things to do once you’re done getting wet!

Drea Dawson: My son loves this place. It has a lot of water fun for the kiddos. Also. The ice cream snacks outside the gate are very reasonable. Lastly, The park around it adds to the activities.

7. Pirate's Cove Waterpark - Fairfax County

· 383 reviews

6501 Pohick Bay Dr, Lorton, VA 22079

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Pirate's Cove Waterpark: what do users think?

Kimberly Naveros: Took my 16 month old here yesterday and had fun! There are lots of water slides and a sand area. Everything was clean and the staff was really nice. All of the lifeguards were really attentive so I felt safe there. My baby is still getting use to the water but I think he will enjoy it when he gets a little older.

Kara goodman: I’m so impressed by the life guards and staff at this pool! They are well trained and do a great job ensuring everyone is safe. The pool is very clean, lots of chairs, and space, so you’re not too crowded. We got a season pass so we can enjoy it all summer long!

Donna Grethen: This was a nice/cute little family oriented pirate themed water park. This park offered different swimming areas, water slides and a sectioned off area for the smaller children. They had changing rooms, showers and lockers. They also offered a snack bar and gift shop area, that had towels, swimwear, etc. Unfortunately, both were a little pricey. Overall, nice place to visit, children enjoyed it.

8. Georgetown Waterfront Park - Washington

· 6110 reviews

3303 Water St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Georgetown Waterfront Park: what do users think?

eriko p: An incredibly beautiful area to see the Potomac as well as strolling and people watching. We arrived quite early and all the waterfront restaurants were not open yet. There is a Starbucks nearby. However we were able to witness the rowers practicing this morning which was a plus! I would love to live here! The airplanes flying out of Ronald Reagan Airport can be seen and heard so that might need getting used to if I lived here! This is a 10 acre grassy park along the water. If one needs a sense of calmness and peace, come here! From the waterfront, it is easy to take one of the side streets up to M street where many of the shops and restaurants are located. We were fortunate to take a street which crosses the C & O canal!

Kids Industry Prep LLC: This was the most beautiful place to visit! We made sure we got there very early! 8am. Street parking was abundant. I decided to take photos with my little model and she enjoyed the sites just as much as everyone else did that is until she had to go to the bathroom! 🤣 Luckily mom had a portable potty 🚽. We finished up with a few snapshots of her riding her bicycle with natural flowers she picked along the way. Take a look at some of the photos we took!

Wadud Safa: The best waterfront park in the DMV area. It’s always beautiful in all seasons. It’s a great place to walk with your family and friends. If you are new in town you definitely want to visit this place.

Manny G.C.: The Georgetown Waterfront Park is a national park completed in Washington, DC in the fall of 2011. Part of the Georgetown Historic District, the park stretches along the banks of the Potomac River from 31st Street, NW to the Key Bridge.

Tarang Srivastava: Very beautiful area especially in the evenings. Lots of restaurants with outdoor seating and plenty of parking nearby. The Halloween exhibits on display right now are very nice!

Tan Sav: Part of this park use to be a parking lot years ago. Definitely a nice place to walk, bike and people watch when the weather is good.

Jeovany Espino: This view of Georgetown was immaculate at night. We walked around to get this view. Well worth it

9. Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens - Washington

· 1816 reviews

1550 Anacostia Ave NE, Washington, DC 20019, United States

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Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens: what do users think?

Madhu Kalepu: Located near DC, Maryland border. Plenty of parking and not so crowded when we visited during long weekend. Place is great for Beautiful nature walks, picnic tables and fresh air. We have spotted Turtles, baby Turtles, Cranes, various birds while doing boardwalk. Garden closes at 4pm and the entry is free. Restrooms located at welcome center

Life in La Plata: One of my all-time favorite parks: so much beauty. You can look at the plants around the ponds, or the ones growing in the ponds, and you can try to spot wildlife in the water and the trees. There are bike paths on the far side of the park (if you drive). Plan to go early, the park closes at 4pm.

Ash Pouvaranukoah: An awesome place to be! The place is crawling with so many types of critters. Restrooms are nice and efficient. Definitely a great quiet place to bring family, friends, or just yourself!

Jill Cobb: It was a nice winter/early spring walk along the ponds and boardwalk. Nothing was blooming, but we saw turtles, frogs, and fish. Seems like summer is the time for the flowers.

Lisa Gump: I came to the gardens with a group of students and it is a beautiful Park to visit. I will admit though that it was tough for us to find. We AR not from the area and it is not easy with all the construction to get here. The park is worth the navigation woes. There are lots of things to see and do.

Connie Massaro: This is a unique aquatic garden in the DC area. Best time to visit is in the morning. The water lilies and the lotus are spectacular. There are different small ponds where they grow the lilies and the lotus. Bring your cameras!!! There is also a boardwalk and trails along the river.

Steven Esquina: The place was really nice lots of plants with beautiful lilies, frogs, deer, even foxes if you are really lucky will scurry about there are smalls docks that you can walk on to get close to the water where you can see ducks there is even an elevated platform where you can see the whole pond!!

Sam Chen: A nice place to spend several leisurely hours. The time I went there the water lily was not quite blooming yet, it must be beautiful when it does.

10. Cameron Run Regional Park - Lyles-Crouch

· 961 reviews

4001 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria, VA 22304

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Cameron Run Regional Park: what do users think?

Jenna Fitz: This was an amazing event! Honestly it’s really only worth it if you go ice skating. The lights it’s self takes maybe 10 min to walk through we walked through them twice. Tons of photo opportunities. There’s a shop for kids to get light up toys as well. The skating was a ton of fun especially at night around the lights. Tickets include skate rentals. It is real ice. Was not crowded at all when we went. If you’re not good at skating no problem they have little walkers to push around and little kids can sit and ride them. Staff is very friendly and they watch over the ice for people who fall. I brought my 6 and 9 year old we had a great time

Enough Media Productions!: We were all there for an amazing night for their Christmas lights. The staff was super kind, they made our baby laugh and made us truly feel like the holidays were in their hearts. This is definitely something we will continue to come and enjoy every year so long as they offer it

11. Splash Pad - Reston

· 12 reviews

12023 Town Square St, Reston, VA 20190

Splash Pad: what do users think?

Almira Sidiq: Love this place. The only problem in this place is, sometimes it feels like it’s a dogs park😄.

Gary R: Fun local play spot for kids. Nice on a hot day. Ground seating I the shade nearby to keep an eye on the minions.

Rekha Patel: Nice place to enjoy in summer.

12. SplashDown Waterpark - Sudley

· 1137 reviews

7500 Ben Lomond Park Rd, Manassas, VA 20109

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SplashDown Waterpark: what do users think?

Tatyana Matthews: It’s the best place to spend with family and friends my family and I had the best time there and we can’t wait to go back this summer with some friends

Digger The Dolphin: This is nice waterpark and not crowded. I enjoyed having fun at SplashDown Waterpark.

•erin s.•: Great smaller waterpark. Nice to spend a day with family or a group. My daughter prefers our neighborhood pool, but I love the slides.

MrJrneujahr: Good for older kids. You have to be over 48 inches tall to do half the stuff there. You get a couple kiddy pools and some small slides for the liitle ones, but not much other than that for them.

M N: Fun but come to once or twice a summer prices are to high for a family my 9 year old is taller then 48 inches I think they need to re-evalue that

Erin Gresham: Super fun highly recommend. Books are a think. My dog is cuter than all life guards combined.

Nadana Ravishankar: We went there for memorial long weekend. We were there at 11.05 am (I.e the opening time) but little crowded at that time. Lots of parking but only limited rides but kids would definitely enjoy this place. I have spent a lot of time in lazy rides and pipeline rides. It would be nice if we have more slide length in cannonball ride. All the pools are clean and well maintained and worth for $16. We will be coming back again for another visit

13. Glenn Dale Splash Park - Prince George's County

· 407 reviews

11901 Glenn Dale Blvd, Glenn Dale, MD 20769

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Glenn Dale Splash Park: what do users think?

Maha Aub: Perfect for kids , there are many splash pools for toddler and kids - from 1 feet to 3and 1/2 feet deep as maximum . An online reservation ( park direct ) make you avoid the waiting line . The team and The life guards are professional and doing very good job . They give 10 minute break each hour ( I found that good for kids ,parents and guards )

Jeff Schwamb: Great little slash park with a maximum of 3 1/2 feet deep and a side little separate splash area for toddlers. Highly recommend reservations.

Sunnie Jackson: Really great for kids 2 to 5 due to the slide and separate area! There is also a side for big kids and strong swimmers with a bigger side and deep water.

Natalia Garcia: Love small pool and slide for kids. Nice and clean. Great costumer service.

StrongCurvyFit Fitness, Family & Wellness Advocate: Super fun and family friendly! Clean restrooms and fun but professional life guards too.

14. Volcano Island Waterpark - Cascades

· 429 reviews

20015 Volcano Island Dr, Sterling, VA 20165

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Volcano Island Waterpark: what do users think?

Michelle Harvey: Safe for kids. Fun for adults young & old. The staff is helpful. The place is clean & well maintained. The lifeguards pay attention.This was a great way to safely get the water after the Covid shutdown of pools & Waterparks.

Freddy Campos: This Waterpark is nice, very big, organized, one thing the bathroom need a little more attention, more cleaning and sanitize,

Nicole Seman: The mini golf does not have a separate location so this is what the review is about.This course was nice for several reasons. Primarily that it was connected to nature and family friendly as evidenced by the deer. Secondly it was not crowded and there was no wait. The Algonkian park staff was helpful on the phone (both times). The largest positive was that it was free because the gate was open however that required having a putter and balls, which luckily the pro golfer in our group possessed. However, there were several areas where the course needed some work. Overgrown leafy bushes made it difficult to walk. Rain drenched some of the holes and also the putting greens which made it challenging. Also the hole with the secret tube was not seamless, our ball got stuck and I had to reach my hand in to receive it which was not ideal. The waters were swampy and most of the holes were plain. I would recommend adding a dinosaur or something even like a volcano to make the water park. Not complaining for a free round of golf, which is why I am giving 3.5 stars.

Branch Echols: My two girls 7 & 8 absolutely love this place. The water park is a blast and also has a mini put-put area.

Maryam G. Ali: The kids had a blast :) it was super clean and well managed

Vinod Halaharvi: Nice get out if you want something quick . Good amenities and life gaurds and med on site

NOOR Mehraj: It was a great experience in this water park with toddler kids.

15. Super, Awesome & Amazing at The St. James - Springfield

· 52 reviews

6805 Industrial Rd, Springfield, VA 22151

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Super, Awesome & Amazing at The St. James: what do users think?

urbanwarrior2: Very nice large multiple sport venues great place for a kids with lots of sport related activities, climbing, My favorite, the Virtual Realities location.lots jumping ,very very family friendly my 8 year old grandson and his classmates had a ball

Bert Parham: An incredible value for your money when using the Groupon!

Lee Stat: This place is also very good for self development. The workers are very encouraging towards children and very friendly. This super, awesome, amazing place builds up positive development and builds up self-esteem. Non members is $25 an hour. The five pack is either 5-1 hour plays or five people for one hour for $99.

Jacob Henson: Best place for kids of all ages and definitely best prices.

16. Atlantis Waterpark at Bull Run - Prince William County

· 379 reviews

7700 Bull Run Dr, Centreville, VA 20121

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Atlantis Waterpark at Bull Run: what do users think?

V. A.: Really great time. Just perfect for a weekend outing for my kids ages 7-13. There’s enough here to keep them occupied for hours. The food was not bad either, for pool food. We arrived early to get chairs, but there were seats open around the pool throughout the day. Finally, the staff was exceptional. Polite, professional, and safety-focused. You really can’t ask for much more at a community pool/park!

Shannon Johnson: Good waterpark for 10 and under. Admission for our group of 4 was about $40. Three main areas of the pool include: 1. Shallow pool (best for toddlers) 2. Interactive water "playground" 3. Larger pool 3ft-5ft deep with slides You are not allowed to bring outside food, the food purchased (see picture) was about $15. Bathrooms need more attention than they get. Camps do frequent this water park and it can get crowded/crazy, thankfully, lifeguards are very attentive.

John Perez: We enjoyed it, great place for the family. Pools were clean, lots of slides and play areas for kids. Only complaint was staff the place is run by kids, cafe was a nightmare and food was not good at all all our food was not fully cooked. Avoid it or get fries and chips. No manager on site to help us waste of money. Other than that the pool and slides were great which is the important part.

JM KWON: We love this water park. We went 2-3 times a week this summer wih the season pass. I really respect the life guards here because they work so hard all the time. Their eyes never, even for a second, wander off somewhere else. They are always working by the protocol even if it sometimes turns out to be a false alarm. They saved so many lives this summer!!

17. City of Gaithersburg Water Park at Bohrer Park - Gaithersburg

· 669 reviews

512 S Frederick Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20877

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City of Gaithersburg Water Park at Bohrer Park: what do users think?

Meggie Trevino: Good place to enjoy with your kid. They have rides, and the lifeguards attentively watch everyone, especially the children.

Asheesh Kumar: Small but well maintained water park which is on the doorstep for City of Gaithersburg residents. Rides are fun and lifeguards closely monitor people specially kids.

Elisa Kranwinkel: My school visited the pool last week and had a blast.

Hao Wen Kong: The big and shallow pools are perfect for small children. The small pool with playground is on the other side for the toddlers. I got $12 per person from Groupon. Under 12 are free. Small store sells beach balls, goggles, and other things.

18. ZoomAzon Falls - Woodmore

· 28 reviews

Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

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ZoomAzon Falls: what do users think?

Kristen Peerman: Good set of slides with minimal wait but can be slow at times.

A Mac: Fun

tolyn siraj: So fun

naomi davis: Omg love it love it

Jeffrey Walker: FUN

19. Waterworks Waterpark - Dale City

· 473 reviews

5301 Dale Blvd, Dale City, VA 22193

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Waterworks Waterpark: what do users think?

Z Mengal: Our go to place in summer. Reasonable prices and fun place for kids. It does get pretty crowded esp on weekends. We prefer going on week days. Can’t wait for summer!

Chad Goyette: Decent water park with excellent prices so you can enjoy throughout the summer. $8 a person to get into the park. Slightly cheaper for kids. The have pizza and chicken tenders, along with drinks for decent price. ALSO, the lifeguards are top notch!! This is the only place I have ever witnessed 5 saves in a single day. These lifeguards are on top of their game.

Ladie Quin: The park is great. If you want to try and get a good seat arrive within 30mins of opening. Otherwise they are open to moving to see if maybe be. The food is good it’s really inexpensive sometimes they’re out of certain things all in all it’s okay. I have photos but none that focus on the park Itself 🤦🏽‍♀️

Glen Hiler: A fantastically good value for family fun! My son (2.5 years old) loves it! Get there early if going on a weekend as it fills up fast.

Sam El Gbouri: Great place to be, enough space and shade to sit and enjoy time with family. Life guards are always few feet away, and they are constantly watching. The only 2 things I didnt like are first them not allowing food or snacks to be brought inside. If you want to eat you have to order the over-priced limited choices from the in-house restanrant. The second thing is when it is crowded, and it really does get crowded you lose any intended pleasures. So if you see it too crowded turn around and go do something else.

Jason Vandergriff: After a couple trips here, I do recommend this place for a family outing for locals. Admission price is only $8 per person on the weekends and there is plenty of space to stretch out in the sun or shade. This water park does get busy, so expect some wait time during peak hours as they do not overcrowd the pool area.

20. The Carousel on the National Mall - Washington

· 97 reviews

Jefferson Dr SW, Washington, DC 20560

Address Website
The Carousel on the National Mall: what do users think?

Alisha Lynch: Everyone riding requires a ticket and if your child is under 42” then you have to ride with them. Tickets are $3.50 so not bad. It is about a 3 minute ride. My daughters both had fun and really enjoyed riding!

Pika Fusion: A good place to rest with kids before moving on with your walks around Washington DC. There is a huge plane of grass to rest on.

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