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1. Arlington National Cemetery Tours - Arlington

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Arlington National Cemetery Tours
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Address: 1 Memorial Ave, Fort Myer, VA 22211

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 4:30PM

Telephone: (202) 796-2606

Business type: Sightseeing tour agency

Arlington National Cemetery Tours: what do users think?

Bonnie Shirley: Absolutely breathtaking! We saw a horse drawn casket, changing of the guards and heard taps being played. It was emotional to say the least. So happy we made this trip

Gee Queue: Beautiful grounds. A stunning display of resolute discipline by the Honor Guard!

Shelly Kidd-thomas: Highly recommended!! I love this spot! Reverence and honor and so important! Top place to go in DC for me!!

Rose by any other name: Half of the stops were closed we were told when we booked the tour so that was a bit disappointing. But it was still interesting especially changing of the guard

Tresa Mccormick: Very nice vacation we went to Virginia Beach and took a drive over to Washington DC to check out some of the sights the Arlington cemetery was amazing love and peace to all who fight for this contry.

Cyle M: Beautiful and very peaceful cemetery. Lots of history here.

2. Congressional Cemetery - Washington

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Congressional Cemetery
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Address: 1801 E St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5PM

Telephone: (202) 543-0539

Business type: Cemetery

Congressional Cemetery: what do users think?

Mary A. Malinconico: I visited the Congressional Cemetery, April 16, 2022. It was a wonderful spring day with the cherry trees in full bloom. The cemetery is a very nice location to take a walk and view the different styles of gravestones. There are cobble walkways and dirt paths. Be careful if you walk off the path, the ground is uneven. Loves to see thee was an active bee colony with many hives. The bee keepers were there performing maintenance.

Pat: This cemetery is essentially a dog-park that happens to have a lot of graves. I was initially surprised the prevalence of dogs but later learned their dog-walking program subsidizes 25% of their operating budget. An innovative approach to staying financially solvent. Maybe Congressional is on to something. Should we revisit how we utilize sacred spaces in our modern community? There are still several issues that bothered me during my visit today. 1) I witnessed multiple dogs scratching at a tomb while the owner did nothing. The tomb appeared to be marble, so probably not a significant scratch. However, the concept is rather appalling to me. 2) I saw three young woman having a picnic and appeared to be drinking alcohol. Is Congressional trying to become a new BarkHaus? This whole thing looked in bad taste. 3) Its obnoxious to hear constant “come here” or clapping/whistling dog noises as you walk around. The grounds are well maintained and there are some really unique people buried here. Worth a brief visit

Di “Di Soul” Gamble: This is a peaceful area. Congressional has worked with the community for years & years, extending themselves as more than just a rest home for the beloved departed. I have heard (but not attended 😔) that there are many events for the living; spanning from film viewings to book readings. It is a quiet place for walking & a unique meet up for dog walks. There are many benches for relaxing & a few tables as well. There is lots of local history located at this cemetery. The grounds are simple but mostly well kept.

Nancy Dierker: For those of you who enjoy history, this place is really worth your time. This cemetery predates Arlington going back to the earliest days of Washington. It offers a wonderful program that allows dogs off the leash.

Ronda Bernstein: Great place to do a walking tour of a historic Cemetery. Self-guided or with a docent. Filled with historic DC notables. Tours brochures available at the office, at the gate or on their website. Lots of other activities throughout the year as well like yoga, 5ks and festivals.

Connor Smith: Congressional Cemetery in SE DC is full of Civil War superstars: Alfred Pleasanton, Thaddeus Stevens, and Andrew Humphreys among others. You are also allowed to walk your dog here and there is a program where you pay to maintain the cemetery in exchange for being able to walk your dog leash-less.

jackie brown: Look for the Benjamin Brown French tombstone! Stood beside Lincoln at Gettysburg where his poem was sung, made all the funeral arrangements for Lincoln, commissioner of all public buildings, saw laid cornerstone of Smithsonian and Capitol. Fabulous history, saw Lincoln on a daily basis and his Journal is used for historic value. Born in Chester, NH.

3. Rock Creek Cemetery/Churchyard - Washington

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Rock Creek Cemetery/Churchyard
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Address: 201 Allison St NW, Washington, DC 20011

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5PM

Business type: Cemetery

Rock Creek Cemetery/Churchyard: what do users think?

Mary A. Malinconico: Visited Rock Creek Cemetery on April 15…on a lovely spring day. Nice place to take a walk while viewing the grave sites. Lovely cherry trees in bloom.

Roger Blain: I visited Rock Creek after spending several crowded days at the Smithsonian, and was double struck by the peacefulness of this cemetery. The grounds are lovely and in April there were many trees and shrubs in blossom. I spent a couple hours there on a Sunday morning and was surprised at the paucity of visitors.

Joel Kubicki, Jr.: Such a beautiful cemetery. Always a favorite to visit on a nice day outside. I have been here a half dozen times and still have not discovered all the unique memorials. This cemetery is always a nice place to visit. For some reason, it is always on a rainy day that I happen to stop by. Springtime is always a great time to visit; so many cherry blossoms.

Katie Willard: Beautiful cemetery where many big personalities are buried, including Alice Roosevelt, Gore Vidal, and what feels like all owners of the Dupont Mansions. Also home to beautiful sculptures like "Grief."

Mark McGrath: Home of what has been called the greatest work of American sculpture ever created, the Adams monument by Augustus Saint Gaudens. While he never named it -- and said that had he done so, he would have called it "The Peace That Passeth Understanding" -- it has often been called "Grief", supposedly based on a description of it attributed to Mark Twain (it has also been called "Peace" or "Nirvana"). Nearby is another noteworthy bronze by Gutzon Borglum (who is better known for Mt. Rushmore), "Rabboni", depicting Lazarus walking out of his tomb. A number of other noteworthy sites are listed on a map available at the church office.

Graff Corby: The staff are so helpful and knowledgeable about the history of the cemetery! A beautiful place for family members to rest peacefully eternal! Thanks so much!

Kevin Spann: Grounds are well manicured and the staff is friendly. Ver peaceful and quiet surroundings.

4. Arlington National Cemetery - Arlington

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Arlington National Cemetery
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Address: Arlington, VA

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5PM

Telephone: (877) 907-8585

Business type: Military cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery: what do users think?

Ashok Patel: Arlington National Cemetery is the sacred resting place for those 400,000 veterans who gave ultimate sacrifice for the country. Veterans of all major wars fought by United States are buried here, including two US Presidents. There is lots of walking involved in the cemetery sprawled in 620 acres. Please wear good walking shoes. Alternatively, you can take a tram tour with historical interpretation. This was the home of the George Washington’s family before. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is very moving marble memorial and one of the highlights of the cemetery. The Changing of the Guards take place every half an hour here which is a sobering experience. There is a grave site of President John F Kennedy here. The Memorial of Arboretum is very beautiful with green gardens. There is so much to see here so it is advisable to plan your trip in advance and decide what do you want to see. Every US citizen must visit here and honor our heroes.

Don Ora9111: What can I say that has not been said. As a veteran I had tears in my eyes watching the changing of the guard. This place represents so much more than a place to bury the dead. Each military member can sacrifice their life in their course of duty and it affects alll those close to that person. To lay down your life is the ultimate sacrifice. I give thanks to those that died for our freedom and their family. The grounds are immaculate. The memorials are moving. General Lees home was interesting. It was nice to take the tram that you can hop off as long as you please and just catch the next one. This place must be explored so allow plenty of time to visit. And the next time you meet a service person thank them for their service. Arlington is a must see when visiting Washington D.C.

Ryan Bibler: A visit to the national cemetery is a must for every American. We took our kids there today and explored the grounds for a few hours. The number of military buried there is incredible. The grounds are beautifully maintained. Highly recommended for everyone to visit at least once.

H Hosier: Somber yet awe-inspiring place to visit. It reminds you not only of our history as a country, but also all those whose lives it has taken to have our country. There is parking on-site. It is $3 an hour with a max of $12. It is also super easy to take the Metro and walk there. We recommend the trolley system for getting around Arlington unless you have wonderful shoes, good health and a lot of time. You are able to get on and off at some of the different spots. But you also may not see everything you want that that either. There were restrooms at every spot we stopped in the trolley. There are funerals and services held most days so be aware that areas may be closed off and be respectful of those who may be grieving. Also as with most things in the DC area, be prepared to go through security upon arrival.

Desiree Shalley: What a wonderful experience! We took our sons, 17 & 18. It was such a great opportunity for them to truly realize the history of our armed forces and their sacrifices. The changing of the guard in conjunction with the history and donations from other countries. over the years, really brought home that we aren’t alone in our losses and our pain. Beautiful tribute! We were truly surprised by how clean everything was. The headstones were immaculate! Even the oldest ones! Also was truly humbled at the amount of reverence in a place that had THOUSANDS of tourists! There were 24 funerals that day. Amazing to watch that kind of reverence in a tourist spot. Our tour guide, Beverly, was outstanding! She was kind, knowledgeable, and you could tell she really enjoyed her job. My husband and I both ran into her separately at the end of the day and discovered we had both told her what an amazing job she had done. Truly appreciate her!

Sean Morris: A wonderful place to visit. My last visit was more than 30 years ago. I visited with my youngest son and wife who had never been here before. I had not seen the memorial to those who died aboard the USS Maine. My great grandfather worked on raising the Maine after it was sunk. That, along with the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier were highlights for us.

Rebekah Diaz: The cemetery was beautiful, and the Visitors center was well equipped with bathrooms and small museum. If it is raining, make sure to bring good shoes & an umbrella. Make sure to take the time to see the changing of the guards.

Fill-up Prior: I visited Washington DC in 2017 while attending AAPM conference and took many pictures during this time. I spent one day at Arlington National Cemetery reflecting on the sacrifice those service personal made four our country. I watched the changing of the guard several times. Enjoy!

5. Big Bus Tours Washington DC - Washington

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Big Bus Tours Washington DC
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Address: 955 L'Enfant Plaza SW #915, Washington, DC 20024

Business type: Bus tour agency

Big Bus Tours Washington DC: what do users think?

C.B. Ballew: Loved the Night Tour! Pick a day when the weather is in the low 70’s - it was perfect! The driver was really nice and helpful. The route the bus takes is organized so that you see a Georgetown and buildings that you need to see in the light before the sun goes down. Then you travel to the Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool as night falls. Perfect!! Take this tour - no downsides at all.

Ashley Beth: Fabulous tour and a really fun and informative way to see the DC area! The signage and pickup locations were clearly marked so we knew right where to go (to get on the bus and at any of the drop-off points as well). They had headphones for our family of five and the info on the narration was interesting, relevant, and entertaining. The bus departed on time and returned on time. Ms. Gale was an outstanding tour guide and she knew all the fun, quirky tidbits of information that made our night tour of the DC area extra special. Highly recommend!

Holli Allen Magill: What a fabulous experience. These friendly and very accommodating people really go out of their way to make sure you have the best experience. Frederick was so kind and helpful.. Our bus driver even dropped us right at our hotel! Thanks for a great time, definitely recommend this tour.

Jamie Lowe: We had a 2 day pass and evening tour. All experiences were great! Highly recommend evening tour. A beautiful glimpse of the city and all its landmarks. Staff was friendly and helpful. Gregory at Spy Museum stop was super friendly and entertaining. A shout out to Romero who remembered my grandson at every stop he saw us…both days! Romero made him feel like he had a friend in an unfamiliar place. Great experience for us!

Miranda: I bought the Groupon that included hop on and hop off for 48 hours and a night ride tour! Worth every penny! Easy to use. You go to one of the stops to have them print your tickets and then you can start riding. Download the app because you can see where the buses are in real time. We waited on more than 20 minutes at a stop for another bus to arrive. The bus wasn’t crowded at all. They supply headphones to listen to a recording about the monuments as the bus passes them. The night tour was awesome!! Easiest way to see the parts outside of Washington DC such as the pentagon, Georgetown, downtown Arlington. Be sure to tip your driver!! 💵

Greg Burkett: Vida was a great tour guide on our bus. She took family photos of us and gave us tips when asked of DC food and sites.

6. Big Bus Tours Washington DC Visitor Center - Washington

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Big Bus Tours Washington DC Visitor Center
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Address: 610 10th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5PM

Business type: Tourist information center

Big Bus Tours Washington DC Visitor Center: what do users think?

Delaney Gellert: Such a cool way to explore all around DC and lets you see a lot in 1-2 hours. Getting on was somewhat confusing and you might not be with your family altogether since there are not assigned spots. The audio is okay but gives you a lot of information for when you are near tourist spots. There was only one hop off spot at the Lincoln Memorial but it is not for long so its more to stretch your legs and see the bottom of the monument. I recommend going more at night time because it nice to see the sunset on DC and was a lot cooler for when you are going in the summer time :)

Kayla Kirkpatrick: Ms. Gale was a great driver and made sure we all had a safe and enjoyable trip! My parents and I loved our trip and would definitely recommend big bus if you want a scenic route around the city!

nailah morris: Love the concept of the tour! Make sure you plan accordingly so you can see all the major sights! Also listening to the headphones are a great idea they give you a lot of information! John Dickey was such a sweet fantastic driver! Overall a great experience!

Patrick Billerman: There are several things that come to mind after using big bus tour today in Washington DC. First off the buses are designed with uncomfortable hard plastic seats. They also have plug in earbuds for you so you can listen to the commentary that has been pre-recorded. Some of the commentary is too early and some of the commentary is too late since we passed the item they were speaking about. The first go around we try to get on a bus and it was very difficult at the 10 stop of the tour route. While the busses come every 15 minutes we could not got on the first one at 11am after we waited 15 minutes for it to come, we had to stand there for another 15 minutes for the next bus. I’m just glad the weather was nice. When we finally got on a bus we had to sit In the lower seats since they have limited open air seats. These lower seats on these buses have a very bad sight lines to the monuments around Washington DC. On our last bus that we hopped on we had to sit downstairs since there were no seats upstairs in the cool air. The driver never put on air-conditioning so we were very warm and uncomfortable on the bottom level. We got off of at the next stop and walk to where we wanted to go. Don’t even get me started on that app that doesn’t work.

Ganeshan Venkatesha: Contrary to my belief, I had best experience while making a trip between Vienna Metro and New York on 18th and 21st. I travelled in Bus for the first time in 30 years in the US. First it was very well organized. It was punctual. Inspite of many road constructional delays, the bus driver tried to maintain punctuality. I was very impressed with the driver whose name I do not know. . He is tall black very well built. He was so disciplined and professional. He never indulged in talking nor did he waste time in stops. He just stopped for 12 minutes for a single short break. Never applied breaks suddenly. The drive was so smooth at consistent speed. All in all I would prefer bus ride instead of a driving in car. The only inconvenience was that I could not reserve seats even 15 days earlier. First come first served appears good but hurts those who plan early. Hope the bus reserves at least 25% of seats for advance reservation. That would be a very good thing. Ganeshan Centreville VA

Pippela Pam: We purchased the deluxe ticket + night tour which was well worth the price. The narrators all had different levels of knowledge about DC which made for interesting rides, even if we had been by the same place. All the staff from drivers to ticket sellers were awesome! For the ticket price you can get on and off for 2 days which was a great way to get around the city. We went on the boat, Madame Tussands and the night tour which was gorgeous and loved that we all were able to use the upper deck to see the sites. We highly recommend using Big Bus tours and will definitely use again when available at other cities or when we are in DC again.

Ameet Sandhu: Tour is decent though I wish there was a live tour guide not an audio recording. Also the buses are old and outdated I wish there were outlets for charging. The staff could also be more friendly.

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