Best Shisha Lounge Washington Near Me

Exotic Hookah Lounge Gazuza Lounge Nomad Afropia Café & Hookah Lounge Apple Lounge DC Queen Cafe Hookah Miramar Shawarma & Hookah Bar Soussi Restaurant AFANDINA HOOKAH LOUNGE Zeba Bar Wasted Lounge The New Elroy Bar DC Kiss Lounge MK Lounge DC Glow Lounge DC MHL Hookah Lounge Unity Lounge Le jardin Hookah Libra Lounge DC

1. Exotic Hookah Lounge - Washington

· 110 reviews

2409 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

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Exotic Hookah Lounge: what do users think?

Elsa Medhin: Stopped into Exotic Hookah a few times during my stay in DC. It was the only hookah bar I checked out on my visit and soon realized this spot had everything I could ask for; huge selection of shisha flavors, espresso and go go music :) The big 3 for me alongside genuine customer service by the owners & server and cleanliness is what had me come back 3 nights in a row. I will make it a thing to stop by whenever I’m in town and HIGHLY recommend it for others who can’t decide how to spend their night. Day time hours are also fun and chill. Friday and Saturday be poppin!

Steph Wolley: Great hookah lounge. Staff is friendly will sit smokehookah and chop it upwith you. Cool spot

Drew Folsom: Super nice Hookah Lounge. The workers provided water free of charge and take requests for music. They were accommodating and although it is a small little spot, the price, atmosphere, and hookah itself more than makes up for it. My new go to spot for late night hookah

Javay Engelking-Scott: The owner of this lounge is very hospitable!! She will hold a conversation and give you whatever you need. The establishment is very clean. The vibe was chill. Will definitely come back.

Shani Scott: Got there at 3a, The Bouncers were so nice, the service was speedy and all the servers were awesome! The DJ was Lit it small cozy and quaint. I was really feeling the vibes. Support a Locally Owned Business it is cash and carry so make sure you bring $50-100 in cash. The hookah price ranges from $35+

Jasmine Mills: They were so friendly allowed me and my friend to test new flavors with a discount. Will be returning soon.

Malesha B. (CC): Really nice hookah bar great service and hospitality. Owner is a great person the vibes are cool music is cool…. Definitely check it out

2. Gazuza Lounge - Washington



· 378 reviews

1629 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

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Gazuza Lounge: what do users think?

Jasmine Rodriguez: Good hookah, sushi, and drinks. I did find it strange that they requested to hold a card even when I offered to pay in cash. Otherwise, the waitress was pleasant and attentive. It wasn’t very crowded for a Friday night.

Mouhamadou Seye: Been coming to this place for years now and it never disappoints. Very nice and professional staff. The decoration and the vibe is just what you need to relax and be surrounded by beautiful people. And oh, if you love sushi, definitely grab some while enjoying your hookah, you will come back for it lol.

JAIRON LOPEZ: Very nice staff friendly and polite. Food was amazing and the ambiance is so relaxing. Hookahs are sensationals. I felt very comfortable in this place. Ill come back again for sure!

Ryan McGorty: Hookah and sushi? An interesting combo, right? If you like both, you’ve met your match. If you only like either sushi or hookah, it’s a great happy hour spot. Gazuza Lounge is located only a few minutes away from the Dupont Circle red line metro stop and offers some great happy hour specials. Monday through Friday from 5 to 8 p.m. you can get some cheap beer, wine, mixed drinks, and of course, the highlights - $5 classic rolls, $8 specialty rolls, and $18 Hookah. The sushi is not going to be the best you’ve ever had, but for $5 per classic roll, it’s very hard to beat. Gazuza Lounge is located on the second floor and definitely has a relaxing, chill lounge vibe. Usually, it’s not very crowded for happy hour, so you can enjoy your conversation with your friends, or just relax and eat as much sushi as you can. The people I came with who like hookah, said they offer a wide selection of good flavors. They have a bunch of TVs running sports matches, if you’re in the mood for that. Staff members are attentive, friendly, and polite – they’ll even remind you when happy hour is nearing its end.

3. Nomad - Washington

· 454 reviews

1200 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002, United States

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Nomad: what do users think?

steve laross: This place is outstanding. The shop is well organized and always smells good. the Customer service is top notch, I have to give credit to Ely for being so patient with me and walking me through everything from A to Z, they definitely earned my trust and loyalty.

darel zverev: one of the few unique smoke shops that you can ever come across, always smells good, amazing music selection and an outstanding customer service.

Queen Ri of Orion: I’m a shy person. Even with my friends. I’m not one to recommend something or some place to people. But this shop, I tell all my friends about this shop. They function like how everyone wishes a business would. They take feedback from their customers, they ask us our opinion on the products, they are always striving to provide the best experience ever. And most importantly, they remember their regulars and they build rapport with us. Every time I come into the shop it feels like I’m a welcomed friend. I always feel comfortable asking questions because of their warmness. The staff are so kind and overall it’s an amazing business ran by amazing people. 10/10 recommend.

Mona Rezvani: as an arab, this place feels the closest to the shisha and ambiance you’d find back home. Omar especially was a fantastic host. I couldn’t recommend it more.

Alfreda Brooks: Only go for the hookah happy hour. Monday-Friday 5-7pm. $15 hookahs and a few $5 drinks. During happy hour is so quiet and empty. You can really enjoy your hookah and the atmosphere better. Any other time this place is so packed and uncomfortable. THEY DO NOT SERVE FOOD. The decor is nice and very middle eastern.

Jess Turner: quality hookah, consistent service!all i would say is friendlier/considerable approaches when communicating with customers won’t hurt for some employees.

4. Afropia Café & Hookah Lounge - Washington

· 28 reviews

1211 Tuckerman St NW, Washington, DC 20011, United States

Afropia Café & Hookah Lounge: what do users think?

Brandon Moore: Awesome spot, chill vibes. Clean, great service.

Amir Mohammed: Nice to see new and creative places like this to seat and chill with friends. Very friendly staff and owner. The atmosphere is awesome, very clean place and the customer service was exceptional. They were very welcoming and we all loved their hospitality. New place, several hookah flavors, and sweet treats. We will totally be back and will definitely be recommending this place to others. Thanks

Yeabu Kitchen: A very nice place to hangout! The place is clean and unique. A very nice and friendly owner. Great customer service!

Christina Crowe: Definitely worth the visit! It’s wonderful to enjoy a hookah lounge that doesn’t use foil! The taste is smooth. The atmosphere is welcoming. They have wonderful tea to drink. I’ll definitely come back when I am back in DC. Hands down the best in the area.

fiker yelema lej: Perfect customer service with great personality, for anyone who wants to chill and enjoy a good environment I would advise checking this place out.

B T: Wow … amazing, clean place … excellent customer service. Best place to hung out .. best hookah and sublet vibe. Thank you for bringing quality lounge to the DMV…

Abiy Nigussie: Very clean , best cultural look and very Relaxing lounge to socialize, work remotely (only Lounge provides mini work station bench) excellent customer service. Once you try it, I assure you that you won’t go anywhere else. Loved it!!

Woyni Teklay: Awesome hangout spot. A lounge by night with a cool middle eastern vibe and a modern cafe by day, quiet and chill for folks that wfh. Great ambiance over all!!

5. Apple Lounge DC - Washington

· 193 reviews

1110 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

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Apple Lounge DC: what do users think?

Christina Crowe: Great flavor, especially for hookah with foil. I’d come back.

Fire Man: I amazing hospitality ,Really appreciate the server ,the best server ever seen

6. Queen Cafe Hookah - Washington

· 141 reviews

2405 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

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Queen Cafe Hookah: what do users think?

Sarah I.: Randomly went in this place, had a cool vibe and great hookah. Also staff and owner were exceptionally nice and accommodating. Lots of fun!

Graciela Poma: The first time I came it was a great vibe! The hookah is awesome, the customer service is fantastic and the music is just right! I highly recommend this place I’ve been here a hundred times 😁 you won’t regret it!!!

Anokhi Shah: This is one of my favorite spots in D.C! Great hookah, music/videos, chill vibes, and the owner, Nadi, is the best. Come here if you get the chance!

Tyana Boyd: Queens has been my go-to spot since I was 18 and I am now 30. The owner Nadi is so nice and professional. The music is always good and the hookah is amazing. I will continue to come here.

Shamil Mohamed: This is one of my favorite hookah bars I love going there every weekend. The owner Mr.Nadi he’s so friendly and a very welcoming person, I recommend this place if you want to celebrate your birthday or just smoke hookah and vibe with your homies. The hookah prices are pretty good.

Eve Fairbanks: An institution and my favorite hookah bar in DC. Nadi, the Egyptian owner, is an amazing font of stories but not intrusive. The hookahs are exceptionally well made. To the reviewers complaining about a lack of alcohol, like most of the best U.S. hookah bars, the joint is Muslim-run. They have lovely teas.

Amy Lupica: Great music, great vibes, and the owner Nadi is incredible. I got injured right before my birthday weekend and he helped me and all my friends get in through the back with my wheelchair and waived our cover. Another time i walked there with my friends in the snow and Nadi brought us hot tea with our hookah. Queen is always a stop on any night out with friends.

Oriana Terravecchia: I have been going here for over a year. It’s such a fun atmosphere, good music, friendly people, and Awesome location. Highly recommend if you’re looking to have a good time and a lot of people go after clubs so it’s open late.

7. Miramar Shawarma & Hookah Bar - Washington

· 81 reviews

1033 31st St NW, Washington, DC 20007, United States

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Miramar Shawarma & Hookah Bar: what do users think?

Hamid El Madani: My wife and I had such a great time at Miramar .We enjoyed the food ,the hookah and the atmosphere .It was such a great experience .The owner and the waitress were very Pleasant and delightful .I highly recommend this new addition in Georgetown

Mohammad Knaan: This is my absolute favourite restaurant in DC, the food is always fantastic! Service also great, and they are doing the best hookah.

Moral Engineer: This is such an amazing experience food wise and entertainment wise. Great Egyptian food and the owner personally gives college students in groups $13.99 per hookah with good deals on food and beverages (alcoholic/non-alcoholic). Mr.Taha is also a great manager who loves a humorous conversation!

Real Good: Absolutely incredible service and food. The chicken couscous is insane. They have the best hookah I’ve had in weeks (I do a lot of hookah bar hopping). But really the atmosphere was so good and the owners so nice I’d come back any time. Thank you guys so much.

Joanna Van Vleck: This place is incredible. Wonderful service. Delicious home cooked meal. I felt like I was sitting in a living room. Loved the hookah. Will go back again!

Delilah Vasquez: This place was super welcoming and attentive! The owners make you feel at home and check on you frequently to make sure you’re having a great experience. Definitely recommend! Would come back any time.

Kevin Williams: The service is excellent. The food is delicious an CL avorful. Try the lamb, chicken kebab and couscous. It’s home cooked food. The managers are attentive but also let you get on with things

8. Soussi Restaurant - Washington

· 376 reviews

2228 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

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Soussi Restaurant: what do users think?

Kémila Silvera: it’s definitely THE PLACE to go! The music is good, place is sooo beautiful and the hookah is perfect ! I keep this address and will share it with my friends. I love everything ! No regret ❤️ You have to see upstair.. wonderful Moroccan place I feel in Morocco ! Thank you for this moment and thank you to the manager

Clark Forcey Jr.: Great service, tea and hookah. Great atmosphere to relax and unwind.

Fahd Nait Ali: Amazing hookah place. Enjoy the visit especially during the evening when the area is crowded with locals and tourists. Tried the burger and it was yummy

Nawel M: A moroccan restaurant. I was in a trip and dying for a couscous. The couscous was yummi, the service was excellent, the place is Moroccan but none of the servers or chef are Moroccan lol The only two complains are the hookah, the hookah guy wasn’t focus on changing the charbon, and the charbon was a very bad quality it gave a bad taste for the hookah (I am from a hookah country, I know what a good hookah looks like 😂) The second thing was the price. It’s overpriced comparing to the other places I visited later on, we paid $100 for one course food, a hookah, french fries and two cokes.

Carlos Salinas: This is a great place with great food and great hookahs. They also have a good happy hour and an amazing and friendly staff. I feel like home every time I come to this place. I am a regular customer since 2018.

Roberto Grycuk: The one around with doors open after 10pm during the week for a quick dinner.. was very useful for me arriving to the city late.

9. AFANDINA HOOKAH LOUNGE - Bailey"s Crossroads

· 108 reviews

3400 Washington Drive Unit:C, Falls Church, VA 22041, United States

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AFANDINA HOOKAH LOUNGE: what do users think?

Meklit Solomon: If your looking for great conversations or wanna watch a game or a romantic date, this the place to be 🙌🏽 This is such a great place to sit back and enjoy such amazing service with a very subtle ambience! Went with a group of friends , they welcomed us with a table that accommodates everyone, we had a variety of hookah flavors, drinks, tea and above all my hands down favorite smoothies! I can go everyday for that in itself.

Sephora Messele G: The vibe of this place is amazing. So peaceful and clean. The service is on point. I highly recommend this place if you want to relax and chill.

Hewan Areaya: Afandina is such a cozy/ beautiful place if you want to study/ work while at the same time relaxing and enjoying great music. Even though I don’t smoke hookah, it is also a place where You can get things done while smoking hookah. The Food and tea was amazing. Also, all of the staffs were friendly. Telaleh was super nice. Definitely coming back and 💯 recommend this place.

monzer iskandar: Nice and cozy friendly staff great vibes, small but fun to be away from a the known hookah bars in the area lol

Abby A: Went here for the second time this month, amazing! Hookah, great, Customer service was top notch, beautiful ambiance. It’s no wonder they stay busy. They accommodate everyone so well. I just can’t get over the wonderful hospitality. They are such hard workers and very friendly. It’s a GEM!

Bereket Getachew: Such a vibe!!! Especially on game nights everyone watches passionately, the tea is probably the best tea ever, hookah is not too soft and not too harsh it’s just perfect. I spend hours every time I go!!

Nardos gebretsadik: This place is amazing to work. Mostly quiet during the day. Amazing hookah, food, tea and smoothies. Love the privacy here!

Jas M.: Afandina is laid out more of a lounge/cafe style which gives it a more intimate feeling - there aren’t really high ceilings and makes it feel more cozy then a big open restaurant or lounge. The music adds a nice feel and space to come in to do work, chill with friends, or even a date night if you’re into hookah and good vibes. The decor is on point and they have very comfy seating options. They also serve food and drinks which is nice but I’ve only had their tea, Turkish coffee, and falafel wrap and fries and they were all tasty. The hookah also taste great and lasts long. They do a great job at rotating out coals throughout the time you’re there and offer lotus head for more of a cleaner hookah session but they also offer natural/coco nara coals too. Overall the feeling of Afandina is overall chill but can be a fun vibe too later in the night with good ppl working there that care about what they do. I make this my work and chill spot and plan on having some friends come so we can play cards or something too while enjoying a good atmosphere of people(Telaleh is awesome!), music, and hookah of course.

10. Zeba Bar - Washington

· 436 reviews

3423 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20010, United States

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Zeba Bar: what do users think?

Tommy Keirnan: Good vibes and great drinks. Place would be much better if the sound system had some bass tho. We need good beats!

Dominique Harvin: Enjoyed celebrating my friend Bday. Drinks were nicely made and the DJ kept the party going with a variety of music genres.

Christobal Urquiaga: The bar offers great deals, the vibe is great and attractive hookah is baller. Nice lil spot

Shelby Funes: Good choice if you want a couple drinks and meet local people.Very nice service, the staff is really cool people.

Maggie Cha: Great prices Amazing bartender, Felix ❤ Hookah and service is great Awesome happy hour!!! My go to spot ❤❤

The Motivator Williams: Best local chill spot in Columbia Heights. Best happy hour and bar food.

11. Wasted Lounge - Washington

· 15 reviews

816 H St NE 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20002, United States

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Wasted Lounge: what do users think?

Latreia Woodard: Nique our waitress was on point the entire night. Food was good, drinks were good. Atmosphere was amazing. They could add some seating to accommodate people seating together.

Amelia Martin-Anthony: Had a great chill experience with coworkers during happy hour. Thank you to Mike and Anthony and all the bottle girls we met including our server Tasha.

Beyond Tone Casirayan: Little DC hideaway holds no punch, staff are adamantly supports patrons enlightenment. Will come back for this incomparable non filtered hookah and sip experience

Brent Lewis: I came here for the first time last weekend. I was especially impressed by the food menu. Our waitress Beena gave us wonderful recommendations. Good food, good service.

12. The New Elroy Bar DC - Washington

· 142 reviews

1423 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002, United States

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The New Elroy Bar DC: what do users think?

Kim Carter:! Went up and down U street , not what I was looking for :( My boyfriend and I came here , Paradise (our server) definitely delivert! We drank ‘Rum Punch’ and ‘Blue Mermaid’ and ate Whiting Fish, Fries and Hush Puppies. We were able to watch Thursday night Football and Listen to some good music! Definitely be back ! 🖤

Mary Beth Kennedy: Well what can I say? The Elroy is my favorite bar in DC and I’ve been more times than I can count. The atmosphere is inviting and warm. A fabulous lounge vibe inside with an expanded outdoor patio outside! I go upstairs to check out the view from The large windows overlooking H St. Great sound system and DJs. The Elroy is a spacious and chill. I recommend you try it yourself.

Diamond Shields: I enjoy myself here every Friday ! Great food & hookah! They also have a Dj Friday & Saturdays who plays a mixture of music. Don’t forget your rum punch!

Christopher Daniels: My girlfriend and I loved it. The Rum Punch and The Blue Mermaid drinks were exceptional. The fried Whiting and fries were everything!!! Will come back. And the music was on point. Also, Paradise gave exceptional customer service. Such a sweetheart!!!

Starrconnection: I Had A Great Time! The Bartenders Were Amazing! The DJ Cranked All Night! I Tried A New Liquor Called Durante Rum..It Was Delicious! I Am Definitely Telling Others About This Spot. I Will Definitely Be Back!

13. Kiss Lounge - Washington

· 284 reviews

637 T St NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States

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Kiss Lounge: what do users think?

Larry Jeter (Sasano AkA JCODETTV): Amazing absolutely Good quality and social people it was fun dj party. Not as big as the many but food is Amazingly good and all is just Wonderful Here been going to kiss for a while long time now

Clarence Simmons: Kiss is a beautiful atmosphere, the owner and the ones who works the are very friendly. Kiss has what you would call a home vibe, I feel very comfortable there!

14. MK Lounge DC - Washington

· 562 reviews

1930 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States

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MK Lounge DC: what do users think?

Jasmine Tindley: I’ve been to MK lounge a few times and had the pleasure of having Brei (upstairs) as my bartender. She not only makes me feel comfortable (I come out alone) and makes great conversation. She constantly checks on me and makes amazing drinks. If you come here please ask for her. She’s amazing!!!

Amber Dorsey: Haven’t been out in a while, was looking for a classy spot for me and my girls. The customer service was bomb af for my first night out in DC as compared to other spots, the owner was very nice and Paige (our server) was super sweet and attentive, Great night and we will def be back !!!!

Tracey Robinson: We went here during the day it was probably about 5pm. The waiter was friendly and helpful security at the door was pleasant and the drinks were definitely strong.

Brandi Rene: Pull up 📢 Hookah Good drinks Vibes Parking … it’s DC 🤷🏾‍♀️ you know how that goes Wednesday they have karaoke 🎤

Jason Davis: My colleagues and I had an amazing time on a random Monday. Our hostess/waitress/bartender, Daisy, was amazing. She was attentive, personable and made great drinks! Will definitely return and wish Daisy is there when I do!

keresse boxx: Great Spot with great vibes. I really enjoyed it. The food and drinks were bomb too. Make sure to ask for Salina if you go. She was super nice and really took great care of us.

Kieu Pham: I haven’t been out in a while and Bri at the bar made me and my friends feel like we were loyal customers, and it was our first time there. Excellent customer service, hookah, and she mixed the drinks so well! I woke up hungover 🙃and it was worth it! Thank you Bri!!

Cherise Callahan: First time here, but definitely had a great time solo! Brei was EVERYTHING! She took such great care of me. From the drinks to the food. And Walter the security, definitely showed me optimal service!

Tonesa Snowden: Loved the upstairs on a Sunday after brunch! Wings were great, drinks are ok...

15. Cafe 8 - Washington

· 345 reviews

424 8th St SE, Washington, DC 20003, United States

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Cafe 8: what do users think?

Jun Kristofferson: We came all the way from Texas for a visit. We wanted to stop and chill at a hookah cafe and Cafe 8 was a 15/10. Delicious, authentic food. Strong drinks. Hookah was so smooth! Service was on point. Thanks for a great afternoon.

Margie Nguyen: Came Sunday evening. Sammy was our waiter, he was very busy being the only server there. We were seated immediately/open seating. Food came out at a decent time. Hookah was fine. Nice laid back lounge. Only complaints were bathroom were not clean, air circulation is poor with windows/door open and ceiling fan going it was still very humid inside.

Arielle H: Just blocks away from Capital Hill is a small Turkish/Mediterranean gem called Cafe 8 🍽📍. Though the restaurant was a bit crowded when we arrived, they quickly made room for a party of 8. We not only enjoyed the deliciously seasoned food, strong drinks & hookah but staff, the vibes, and the music made our time even more enjoyable. They also have outdoor seating 🌞🌜🌹 Picture 1: Grilled Lamb Chop Entree Picture 2: Pepperoni Pizza Picture 3: Baklava Picture 3: Lemon Drop Martini Food: 10/10 Staff: 10/10 Bathroom: 7/10 Follow my food blog page on IG @fabfoodieinthecity

Troywade DeVese: Very laid back an chill, friendly an cool staff. I was on the patio but the inside was jumping. I went on the 3rd of July during the day. The were small but very busy, hookah is provided handicap accessible, outdoor smoking area. I would recommend for the squad. $$ feasible prices located next to the fire station. The outside appearance is a bit dull, but it has a glass door on the street level entrance.

16. Glow Lounge DC - Washington

· 92 reviews

1608 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States

Glow Lounge DC: what do users think?

S. Locke: A hidden gem! I don’t think the girls know about it yet. I love it. The staff is awesome. The food is good. The DJ on Friday nights…A1! Also the native DC eye candy was a plus for this transplant.

Edwin Tilimian: We originally went to Dacha Beer Garden but were put on the waiting list. To pass time we started walking an 10 steps later we saw some hookah and decided to stop by. Oh MY GOD. My friends and I have been out in Adams Morgan, U Street, K street, never ever have we had service this good and accommodating. Anything we wanted, even if they didnt know they could do they would try. It was so good that after the beer garden tripped we stopped by a 2nd time and it was better the second time. Truly a place that treats you like family. Also cheap beers for DC standards. Definitely found my new hang out spot in DC. Bringing all my friends here.

Bella Adoni: I am not a hucka person but the place was great with good music. The owner was super great with paying attention to everyone. Thank you and I will visit again.

Frezer Tesfaye: Glow has been my Saturday getaway for over 4 years now. The place has the best owners in the DMV area. The two sisters and their partner are extremely friendly to their guests. Unlike so many other clubs in the area the bouncers are not aggressive. The number one DJ in town also work there on Fridays and Saturdays. The music is a mix of Ethiopian music and all other English hit songs. For anyone checking this place out for the first time i recommend going early or calling the owners to owner tables since the place fill up early.

Antoinette Jones: The music was great and the atmosphere was hype. Excellent customer service

MICA'S MUSIC: Very nice 👌, DJ was Awesome, Open mic artists performances were lit, drinks were inexpensive staff was cool easy to find parking!!!

17. MHL Hookah Lounge - Bailey"s Crossroads

· 161 reviews

5700 Columbia Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041, United States

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MHL Hookah Lounge: what do users think?

H F: MHL really stands out among the many hookah lounges in the area. Great hookah, great music, great drinks, and amazing atmosphere!! It’s a nice, large space with modern decor and plenty of seating available. The crowd is always a good vibe. But the service and owner are what really set MHL apart. Servers are consistently super friendly and attentive and the owner, Abdul, is warm, welcoming, and the takes time to greet every table. I always have a great time when I come here. Overall fantastic spot that deserves every five star rating it’s received!

Iman A: The atmosphere here was beautiful! Loved the ambiance and the restaurant was roomy and well decorated. We ordered a watermelon mint hookah and the owner came over to make sure it was working. Waiter came over to adjust our coals often, and our waitress was wonderful. Will definitely come back!

Shervonne 상희 Brown: Great hookah! Awesome table lighting and attentive friendly staff. The DJ mixed in some international genres of music with the usual as well. Nice vibes. You may want to book a reservation if you want the nice comfortable chair areas with the big tables but regular seating is first come first serve.

Steffie Steph: First time visiting. Staff was extremely nice and attentive. Loved the vibe, the crowd, the drinks, the dj and hookahs was on point

Moe B: This place is an ABSOLUTE VIBE!!! Sexy, low key and posh. I was extremely impressed. Awesome customer service and the Abdul, the owner, is very personable and it was a pleasure meeting and speaking with him.

Eyob Balcha: This place is a real deal. I have to start by saying I loved everything about this place. The whole staff was incredibly friendly and caring. I absolutely recommend MHL hookah lounge to anyone, who love to have a great time. The best part is, it has a Magnificent atmosphere with diverse groups!🔥💯

Nina Nixon: Love coming here and good food and customer service thank you 🙏🏾

Ammanuel Ibrahim: MHL its a nice place and the service is good too.but as an Ethiopian what i want to comment out is the vibe is getting more to tigiry music. I think this is because of the dj and most of waitress are from tigiry.and also there is one waitress girl acting as owner or shareholders...this is what i feel as i went there. Other than this its the best place and good service.

Rahel Fekadu: I been in this place couple of time I will definitely go back again to … very nice customer service, music, food, hookah.. I definitely recommend

Hadii Gafo: This place is great for a night out. Atmosphere is chill and cool and the staff are amazing and friendly. Music is top notch. Make sure you check it out if your in the area.

18. Unity Lounge - Washington

· 61 reviews

1936 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States

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Unity Lounge: what do users think?

Drew Kelly: NO COVER CHARGE. Staff is great and personable. Late happy hour. Always make drinks strong. DJ plays mostly hip-hop but mixes it up as well. Hookah is one of the best on 9th/Ust They go over capacity pretty quick

RAnt Lan Jingyi: I went on Saturday night, was crowded and everyone smoking hookah. The spot was decent and DJ was ok - needs more variety than trap music though. On the other hand, if you like trap music then you will love this place

19. Le jardin Hookah - Bailey"s Crossroads

· 144 reviews

5800 Seminary Rd Unit A, Falls Church, VA 22041, United States

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Le jardin Hookah: what do users think?

Swats: THIS PLACE Will never disappoint you. Small room but with good ambiance. An excellent place to have fun with small groups or two -3 people. Many food menu options and tastes best. Their service was so polite and friendly. They even played the song we requested. I ate their shawarma platter, and perhaps tastes nicest.

Hannah Harris: This place was super elegant and a nice place to talk and relax. The carrot cake was moist and decadent, the hot chocolate was freshly made with real chocolate. The overall customer service was spectacular!

Natasha Syed: This place is such an awesome addition to the area. Definitely one of the nicest Sheesha bars I have been to in recent times. This was our first visit. We ordered the Rose Sheesha, Moroccan mint tea and Mango Breeze smoothie. The tea was out of this world. The mango breeze was also really good. The best thing about this place is the ambience and the staff. Zoya who was one of the staff members was simply amazing. When my friend ordered a Sheesha but didn’t like it, they replaced it without any charge. I also gave suggestions to them on add-ons for the menu and Zoya was super sweet and said she would definitely convey the message to the owner. Love, love their staff and everything about this place. It gave us Parisian cafe feels! If you’re looking for a relaxing, laidback, classy yet upbeat place with great music, food and Sheesha to chill, look no further. This should be your go-to spot in the area. I’ll definitely be coming back for more.

Geetank: Really nice outdoor seating! Staff was very friendly and amazing customer service. Hookah and food were great as well! Perfect spot to meet with friends and catch up. Overall great experience10/10 🤩

Zehra Raza: The owner is wonderful and welcoming. I brought my parents once and i was kind of uncomfortable in taking them to a Shisha lounge, however, the owner was so kind and welcoming to them. The gentlemen who made the moroccan tea were so kind to pour it for me the right way. Also the waiters were really nice. I really liked the hookah and they brought out fresh rose zaffron cake. Loved my experience. Thank you.

Savannah Flores: We stopped off here mid-afternoon but the vibes were good nonetheless. Decor was cute and comfortable. The service was fast and attentive. Finally, the lavender latte (not pictured) was amazing!

Masoumeh Haidari: Me and my friend came here and had such a peaceful time here. their management team is great and their service is excellent. The manager hesam had a great hospitality. He personally welcomed us and made sure everything was perfect. Thank you for being a great business. We will be back

20. Libra Lounge DC - Washington

· 3 reviews

5407 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20011, United States

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