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1. Miss Pixie's - Washington

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104 reviews
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Miss Pixie's
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Address: 1626 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (202) 232-8171

Business type: Antique furniture store

Miss Pixie's: what do users think?
Angus Bennion
Angus Bennion: This store is great! Lots of fun products.
Erin Wagner
Erin Wagner: I’ve gotten so many high quality items from Miss Pixie’s over the last several years, but today I’m finally leaving the five star review they’ve always deserved! We had scheduled a delivery for them to bring a table we purchased, and Miss Pixie herself rolled up in a pickup truck this morning right on time. It turns out the delivery drivers were stuck in an elevator, but somehow that didn’t stop them at all! We gave her a hand and she didn’t charge us the usual delivery fee to make up for the trouble (what trouble?!). We look forward to continuing to shop at Miss Pixie’s as we furnish our home.
India Lindsay
India Lindsay: Store has a variety of furniture, art, and random decorations. Everything is laid out artistically while still being easy to walk around. Majority of items are on the pricier side, though you can find a few steals. I snagged a painted medium-sized pot hand painted in Italy for $12.
Jace Warble
Jace Warble: Miss Pixies is a lovely little shop with beautiful pieces, helpful and knowledgeable staff, and price that matches quality. Definitely worth stopping by!
Amy Clerkin
Amy Clerkin: Nicely curated selection of items at reasonable prices. Owner is very responsive to any concerns. We love our vintage couch
MrIrali: One of the cutest boutique home goods stores in DC. And reasonably priced too
Brittney Valcin
Brittney Valcin: I absolutely LOVE Miss Pixie’s!! My mother has raved about this place for a long time and I finally had the pleasure of stopping by. They have a wide variety of things for every taste. So much character! I love to buy random things lol. So of course I bought a few things 🤣. One store that is true to “if you love, BUY IT! It may not be there tomorrow!” I WILL BE BACK
Alexandra Goodman
Alexandra Goodman: Lovely antique store with some really nice pieces. Prices for some of the larger items were reasonable, but pricing was kind of all over the place. Obvious sets of items (chairs, side tables, glasses, etc.) were priced individually which was weird for an antique store. Other pieces were priced way too high, like $95 for an IKEA mirror or $250 for a simple basic wooden console table (which would have been $50 anywhere else but DC). Overall, I enjoyed this store and walking around inside, but I probably won’t buy here due to the pricing.

2. Christ Child Opportunity Shop - Washington

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Christ Child Opportunity Shop
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Address: 1427 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (202) 333-6635

Business type: Consignment shop

Christ Child Opportunity Shop: what do users think?
Kurt LaRose MSW LCSW LICSW: The antiques and the finds here are wonderful. The staff, volunteers, care so much about the items. Here I am reminded of my grandparents dishes, jewelry, paintings, dishes, silver, metalurgy, pocket watches, rugs .... and the iron statutes are just phenomenal. Today I found a 10k gold rosary engraved from 1924 ... with a historical attention to detail that is awesome. The people working in the store celebrate the items as you look.
Response: Thank you Kurt! We're so glad we were able to help you find some beautiful items!
rebecca leigh
rebecca leigh: A lovely store with beautiful things. Sometimes a bit pricey. The service is excellent and warm.
Sandra Biedron
Sandra Biedron: Wow. Great place for vintage jewelry and everything else one needs for a home or office. Not only is everything repurposed but all proceeds go to children in the area that need help meeting their emotional needs. Found four rare Portmeirion pottery pieces as well as two pieces of vintage high-end jewelry. These were very fairly priced with the market. Excellent collection of dishes, silver, and crystal. Go there instead of doing a wedding registry! So much more green! Rock on Opportunity Shop - you made my heart happy today seeing things re-purposed! The place was packed!
Eric Rajendra
Eric Rajendra: The best antique and bric-a-brac store in all of DC. Our family in Georgetown has given thousands of dollars worth in contributions of our own antiques we no longer needed and then we bought thousands of dollars more in antiques we needed!! This place is a gem for us Washingtonians!! The volunteer staff members are truly precious and really dedicated!! They love their work and make the entire experience of browsing a joy. The second floor has great stuff so GO UP!! Jewelry, silverware, Asian antiques, porcelain, etc! You won’t be disappointed. You need to return weekly as new consignments and donations come all the time!! Trust me.
Response: Thank you so much, Eric!
Randolph Lopez
Randolph Lopez: Question the authenticity of the antiques and antiquities. Do not be misled. I was foolish enough to believe the descriptions that were displayed on the Asian pieces and the purity of some silver pieces that I purchased. I am not a seasoned collector. I only depend on the honesty of people; especially those associated with a “Christian” charity.
Tom Preston
Tom Preston: Prices are too high, often higher than the antiques shops in the neighborhood. No bargains unfortunately. And reductions are not per standard consignment shops- only 20% every 60 days instead of every 30 days. Not sure how they stay in business TBH.
Response: Thanks for the feedback, Tom. We host flash sales on our Instagram and Facebook every Monday with 20% off select items. You may find some bargains there!
A. Greenough Dodd
A. Greenough Dodd: Huge fan of this nonprofit consignment shop (aka The "Op Shop"!) that benefits the needs of DC area children. Always great finds, but definitely allow time to peruse the many items. Well-worth the search!
Response: Thanks for the kind words! We now have a Facebook and Instagram page where we highlight and feature different items. That may help you find some treasures! And yes we love our customers and their support of our mission of helping local mothers and babies in need!
Angela Van
Angela Van: Clean and organized decor consignment purchase structure (can see how the price drops by date). Always find something when I go in. Unfortunately, they just re-organized downstairs so the bulk is upstairs--no elevator.
Jonathan Fuhrman
Jonathan Fuhrman: Nice place for antiques. Everything has a date it came in and gets marked down every month. Prices are a bit high, but not outrageous.

3. Secondi Inc - Washington

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84 reviews
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Secondi Inc
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Address: 1702 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (202) 667-1122

Business type: Consignment shop

Secondi Inc: what do users think?
Sophie Jylan
Sophie Jylan: My first time going to a consignment shop, and i had a great time! Everything was organized and there was a great selection of clothes and accessories. The shop was very cute, and i loved the feel of the small second story shop. Fitting rooms are open too. Prices are reasonable and the staff was very friendly. Will definitely be making this a regular stop in the future.
Response: Thank you for your review Sophie! We wish you a wonderful summer! Secondi
Pook Trinh
Pook Trinh: They do have nice items, some of them are reasonably priced. However, the service is not great in comparison to similar businesses in the area. They have a deal whenever you spent more than $500 in one transaction, you will get $25 coupon to use next visit within the next 3 months. I found out after I just spent about $440, any efficient employee/merchant would have suggested a customer to spend some more to get $25 coupon. If the customer said no, nothing to loose, but failing to do so, it’s a loose-loose situation. I left unhappy, they could have get me to buy some more today, and the next time I come back to use the $25 coupon I’d would spend more then, as well. I guess they don’t really care since they already have lots of business going on. Several years ago, the owner/manager with her old team were much more friendly, but the new team are ok, doing their job ok, no more no less.
Response: Hello Pook, Thank you for your feedback! We do our best to respond quickly to reviews, however Google didn't notify us of yours and so we apologize for the delay. I understand about the 500 Club Card, and we will do our best to make this more well-known to customers in the future. Our goal is to never push customers into spending more money, but I can see how us telling you about the 500 Club Card would have been welcome information. We hope you visit us again soon, and in the meantime have a wonderful summer! Secondi
V W: I’ve been a long time customer of this establishment. Sadly, I shall not return. I experienced suboptimal customer service in the earshot of management. When I approached management to remedy the situation, I was unapologetically told that the staff member’s words were justified, “It was in the hearing and not the saying.” I don’t need an interpreter. I hear you loud and clear. Preemptive accusations and dismissing my perspective as a customer are simply unacceptable.
Response: Hello VW, We're sorry to hear you didn't have an enjoyable experience at Secondi, but we thank you for your feedback. We acknowledge that while we try to offer excellent customer service at all times, there is always room for improvement and will work among the staff to make sure this doesn't happen again. We wish you a wonderful summer season, Secondi
Novelette Witt
Novelette Witt: I visited the store during a short stay in DC earlier this month. It is quite a lovely store; a gem! They carry a great selection of clothes and accessories with a decent amount of luxury brands sprinkled about in very good condition at reasonable prices. And the staff was very friendly and helpful. It is really a fun store. During my brief visits, (I went twice I had to return to collect a fabulously massive embroidered white scarf before leaving the city), I did not have the pleasure of meeting Ms Winnie, perhaps next year. More importantly, I left with three fabulous pieces!
Response: Thank you for your feedback Ms. Novelette! We look forward to your next visit!
Leslie Williston
Leslie Williston: this place was nice but more expensive than i thought. i am more the type for cheap thrift stores so this wasn’t my jam. it was clean and well organized.
Response: Hello Leslie, Thank you for your feedback! We do our best to make sure the shop is clean and organized so your kind words mean a lot to us. We are sorry to hear you didn't have success on your shopping quest with us, but we hope you come back soon! Have a great summer, Secondi
Alyssa Katz
Alyssa Katz: I had been following Secondi on Instagram for a while and finally went in to see a few designer bags they had posted. I wound up purchasing one and it was a great experience! The ladies were so kind and helpful, and explained in detail how they authenticate the designer items. I had never purchased a bag from this specific designer before, and I was understandably nervous about buying secondhand. However, I left assured because they really do know their stuff! Thank you for a great shopping experience! I love my new bag.
Response: Hello Alyssa, Thank you so much for shopping with us, and for your kind words! We were thrilled to help you shop for your new handbag, and we are so happy that you enjoyed your experience with us. We hope you will continue to follow us on Instagram as we get in new things! Have a lovely February! Secondi
Maya Mosley
Maya Mosley: They sell a lot of broken clothing and accessories (completely broken that you cannot wear) for a “luxury consignment” store, and do not allow returns. Watch what you buy.
Response: Hello Maya, Thank you for your feedback. We do our best to make sure all items are in excellent condition before we put them out on the floor or mark them as-is if the wear or marks are very minor, but we acknowledge that we occasionally may miss damage when we first accept an item. If you notice an item that is not in its best condition, please feel free to bring it to our attention so we can pull it off our sales floor! Thank you, and have a great summer, Secondi
Alyssa Cooper
Alyssa Cooper: This place is the single best thrift/consignment shop I’ve ever visited. They carry a variety of designer and high-quality pieces. Go early in the morning when the shop first opens for the best selection and service…it’s gets super busy on weekends and evenings.

4. Goodwill of Greater Washington Retail Store - Washington

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408 reviews
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Goodwill of Greater Washington Retail Store
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Address: 2200 South Dakota Ave NE, Washington, DC 20018

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (202) 715-2658

Business type: Thrift store

Goodwill of Greater Washington Retail Store: what do users think?
Reanna Rousseau
Reanna Rousseau: I have to say very disrespectful management at this location. The staff was lovely and helpful but the short light skin women manager with the face piercings, with her mask underneath her nose gave me the worst experience I have ever had at goodwill. Her regional needs to have her replaced ASAP. You can’t make your own rules at your store that’s not in policy. You can get fired for things like that and she must be reported. This is a store where they take free items and mark them up for “Goodwill” to sell to the people in the community who can’t afford the regular priced items. If you are over pricing the item you are basically doing a disservice to the community.
Zh Ie
Zh Ie: Purchased online from this location. The staff was amazing on checking the condition of the item after purchase, and as an added service on their end, they sent a few extra close-ups even after I had purchased, which was not necessary, but so appreciated that they thought to do that. Above and beyond service, and extremely customer-service oriented.
Kim Barr
Kim Barr: I found some lovely things there the staff was very helpful and definitely check out the colors of the week sales. I was able to get a 15.99 suit for 3.99 because of the colors of the week sale.
Franklin Owens III
Franklin Owens III: I was there for clothing… but I can never pick out clothing in a thrift store, so I left with books. The store was well organized though. I tend to be a bit uncomfortable buying items out of thrift stores. I didn’t care much for the clothes. But there were other items in the home section were really nice. Everyone was nice in the thrift store. Even when I gathered a cart full of books and then realized I couldn’t use my clothing voucher on books😬😅
bluslushii: Been to multiple Goodwills, the staff was by far the most helpful and I honestly received the best customer service I did at any business. Definitely will be returning! Thank you so much ladies for being so kind and helpful!

5. Peg Leg Vintage - Beltsville

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93 reviews
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Peg Leg Vintage
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Address: 10523 Ewing Rd, Beltsville, MD 20705

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM Sat

Telephone: (301) 477-3423

Business type: Furniture store

Peg Leg Vintage: what do users think?
That Brunette
That Brunette: Delightful shop with a chatty owner. The shop has small items like cloth napkins and decanter sets but the main focus is mid-century furniture. There are a lot of lighting fixtures and a corner with clothes and bags. Great for decatorators, collectors, and remodelers.
Jared Krichevsky
Jared Krichevsky: Wonderful place with high end, well restored, mid-century modern furniture. The owner is wonderful, helpful, and a great conversationalist (as well as being knowledgeable on everything in the store and more).
Robert Kinsler
Robert Kinsler: Expert. Friendly. Solid Prices (MCM is expensive anyway you cut it!). Have bought and will buy again! Willing to talk shop on MCM things including pieces at other stores, etc. Just a nice lady all around. Support local. Support small.
Heather Knutsen
Heather Knutsen: Dealing with Peg Leg was easy breezy. Just what I needed
Mariah Hancock
Mariah Hancock: Always a great experience. The owner is chipper and engaging. Pricing is very fair for great quality wood furniture that has clearly been restored to immaculate condition. If you are looking for dirt cheap used furniture this is not the place. But if you are looking for classic mid century pieces that will last a lifetime, check this place out.
Adrian: While you can buy midcentury pieces at many places, none of them provides the great customer service of Peg Leg. Highly recommended!

6. Bedillion's Used Furniture - Washington

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106 reviews
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Bedillion's Used Furniture
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Address: 840 Race St, Washington, PA 15301

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: (724) 705-7662

Business type: Used furniture store

Bedillion's Used Furniture: what do users think?
Amanda Hostetter
Amanda Hostetter: Absolutely love this store!! We always check here B4 looking anywhere else....they are great with service ..kind fair priced
Amy Lancaster
Amy Lancaster: Love this place! I rarely walk out empty handed.
Stephanie Ealy
Stephanie Ealy: Great place to shop! We love the merchandise and love the owners and employees even more! Just an FYI** THEY CLOSE AT 4PM! Not 5pm! So get there before 4! Buy brand new stuff for great prices or gently used for even better prices! 🙂
Sarah Schoonmaker
Sarah Schoonmaker: They were very kind n helpful with what I was trying to find. The lady at the register was More than generous with the prices. I Highly Recommend shopping here 😍😍
Rick Boyd
Rick Boyd: Always great service known them for years delt with for years great place to get hardware furnishings
Victor Alfieri
Victor Alfieri: Loved itGreat pricing and anything you need you probably could find their at a great price the staff were friendly I look forwardgoing back

7. Goodwill of Greater Washington Retail Store - West Falls Church

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189 reviews
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Goodwill of Greater Washington Retail Store
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Address: 2936 Annandale Rd, Falls Church, VA 22042

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (703) 663-2762

Business type: Thrift store

Goodwill of Greater Washington Retail Store: what do users think?
Noor Ayoob
Noor Ayoob: Great run with the family today to Goodwell there was so many stuff to buy good used equipment. Clean store parking was available on site great customer service . Keep up the great work.
Sharon: Went yesterday around 2pm The store itself is smaller than the goodwills ive been in before, but also more organized! I think their best section is the long sleeve shirts for women, I think they have some real gems in there! Workers are nice and it was an easy checkout. Would recommend if you need a blouse or just want to browse!
T: A medium-sized store with a pretty decent selection on used pieces. I came out with two really nice dresses both brand new with the tags still on them and a skirt that still have the tags on it so it was new as well I also found a nice straw beach bag for the summer. The staff was very kind and helpful and the store was very clean I will definitely get back here 😊 Sorry guys I forgot to take pics this time!
Elmer And Liz Gonzalez
Elmer And Liz Gonzalez: Two stars is just right, goodwill has become so overpriced that at today date I rather buy new instead, pair of shoes for $40 already used? No way, those used stuffs are donations, so should be priced accordingly not even higher than new. Check for yourself.
BEN watson
BEN watson: Fantastic service, nice stuff and great prices. Got a like new backpack for $9

8. Needful Things - Charles Town

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133 reviews
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Needful Things
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Address: 218 W Washington St, Charles Town, WV 25414

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (304) 725-6315

Business type: Used furniture store

Needful Things: what do users think?
Jay T
Jay T: Amazing place to shop for almost everything for home decorations. Staff are super friendly, nice and helpful. A big applause to Sonia for her outstanding, friendly, perfect service - she is extremely helpful. A great place to shop in this historical downtown area.
Response: I will be sure to pass on this wonderful review to her! Thank you very much
Jessica Turner
Jessica Turner: I just want to say thank you to Melissa, who I believe is the store owner. My bad luck and lack of planning led me to loose a bunch of my military and personal items 5 years ago. Melissa kindly let me and helped me search an area of her store. Luckily, I was able to locate some of my stuff!! Needless to say, I’m very grateful and excited to finally get some of my stuff back. Thank you for your kindness. In this world, we need more of it. I’m so glad it was you and your store that purchased these items. I look forward to coming back and actually shopping for some more stuff!!! You have a new lifelong customer 😊
Response: Awe...Thank you for the kind words. I am glad I was able to help!!
Dave Grant
Dave Grant: Outstanding selection of many different items from vintage to handmade to hard to find collectibles. From hand crocheted, wood and resin, to fresh floral arrangements and much much more. Extremely friendly staff, ready to assist in your purchases.
Response: Thank you very much for your wonderful review.
Barbara Brewer
Barbara Brewer: I love the sassy bee co. Candles the sassy pants is my favorite they burn for so long and smell amazing they also sell lots of other antique and hand made items staff is amazing and so kind the jams are also so good we love the strawberry. Love this place.
Response: Thank you very much!!
Michael Auger
Michael Auger: Nice little shop with a ton of variety from different vendors.
Response: Awe thank you very much for your wonderful review! Thank you for visiting us.
Sierra Lowe
Sierra Lowe: Fantastic diner and thrift store in one! Great food and wonderful service. Decent prices as well.
Response: Thank you for a wonderful review, we are happy that you enjoyed your visit and hope next time you come you bring friends so they can enjoy a yummy home cooked meal.
William Hoffman
William Hoffman: Did not buy anything on this trip but had some very interesting things , great shop .
Response: Thank you for stopping and thats ok if you didnt buy..theres always next time.❤️
Carlo Tissoni
Carlo Tissoni: Love this place beautiful place to shop bought my 1966 batman life magazine here and so happy with my purchas ☺️🙃
Response: Thank you for your wonderful review!! Im so happy you found a treasure! Hope to see you again soon.
Melissa Thompson
Melissa Thompson: Old time restaurant located in an antique shop. Busy for breakfast but good food and good service. Counter chair service and tables. Free coffee before 9 am and senior discount offered. Breakfast and lunch only.
Response: Thank you for your kind review! we try and make everyone feel at home and to leave with full bellies!

9. Kaiyo - Manhattan

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309 reviews
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Address: Headquarters, 50 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10010

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (646) 844-8585

Business type: Used furniture store

Kaiyo: what do users think?
Noel Vestal
Noel Vestal: Amazing company! The chairs we ordered were incredibly inexpensive and their delivery was exceptional! Dante and Reggie were wonderful to work with when they did the delivery and cannot recommend Kaiyo enough!
Response: Hi Noel, We're so happy to hear you had a great experience and that you're enjoying your new-to-you chairs. Thanks for sharing in our mission by shopping pre-loved. Take care, Team Kaiyo
Sara Laskowski
Sara Laskowski: We got an amazing sofa sleeper from article for a sweet price. It was listed as gently used and it looks brand spanking new. Our awesome delivery team - John & Emmanuel - were super sweet, fun, efficient and helpful. They helped us get it in just the right spot and went above and beyond. We really appreciate then and we love Kaiyo!!!!!!!!
Response: Hi Sara, We're happy to hear you're enjoying your new-to-you sleeper sofa. Thanks for sharing in our mission by shopping pre-loved! Take care, Team Kaiyo
Caroline: I had a very positive experience with Kaiyo customer service. Jake was especially helpful in getting the delivery process to move quickly and smoothly. The delivery men were great as well: friendly and professional. I would recommend Kaiyo to anyone in NYC looking to get beautiful furniture delivered quickly and hassle-free.
Response: Hi Caroline, We're so happy to hear you had a great experience. Thanks for sharing in our mission by shopping pre-loved! Take care, Team Kaiyo
Audrey D
Audrey D: Jerome M and Carmi M were extremely professional and arrived promptly. I received an email a few days before giving me a 4 hr delivery window and then the morning of the delivery I received a text 45 minutes before they arrived (no waiting around all day just to have the delivery delayed!). The whole drop-off to move-in took less than 15 minutes. I ordered a couch and a small coffee table and am thrilled with both. The couch is very clean and exactly as expected, if not better. Items were wrapped very well to ensure they didn’t get damaged during shipment. Before leaving they asked me to inspect all the items to ensure I was happy with my purchases. Scheduling the day to drop off was extremely convenient, as I found the items I wanted a few weeks before I was moving (I was able to pick a drop off date a few weeks away from my purchase date). I received a few reminder emails about the drop-off day, which was super helpful. I would definitely recommend this company. The entire purchase-to-delivery process was seamless!
Katherine Lee
Katherine Lee: Really impressed. I was searching for some discontinued Restoration Hardware pieces that would coordinate with my existing pieces -, Kaiyo had a couple in Excellent condition. The pieces were as promised and the delivery/communication was seriously on point and easy to use (I had to reschedule once). Lastly, I was blown away with how professional and friendly the delivery guys were - despite a very heavy piece that had to go up some stairs. Sylvester and Robert were careful, strong, and professional putting the pieces where I wanted them to go. Would not hesitate to recommend Kaiyo top to bottom.
Response: Hi Katherine, We're so glad you were able to find the pieces you were looking for with us. Thanks for sharing in our mission by shopping pre-loved. Take care, Team Kaiyo
Jean Spivak
Jean Spivak: This is the second time I have used Kaiyo and each time they were fantastic. The Review team were explicit in what they were looking for and helped sort through ALL the pieces of furniture I had to offer. The Pick Up Crew were Polite, Courteous, efficient and very careful with my furniture. I plan to use them often again and would highly recommend using them to sell your furniture. They make selling your furniture easy and profitable.
Response: Hi Jean, We're so glad to hear you had a great experience with your pick up team. We appreciate you sharing in our mission of keeping great furniture out of landfills and in people's homes, and thank you for being a repeat customer. Take care, Team Kaiyo
Isabelle Watkins
Isabelle Watkins: Purchasing a couch from Kaiyo was the absolute BEST experience I’ve had with furnishing my apartment. Not only did we save $1000, the couch is in perfect condition and looked exactly as it did online. But the best part of purchasing from Kaiyo was the delivery!!!! It came within 5 days of purchase (exactly when they said it would), and there was constant communication throughout the whole process. And the delivery people were angels. If you’ve bought furniture from anywhere else, you know that this is so rare. I truly could not be more impressed by Kaiyo’s quality and service, and I love my new couch!
Response: Hi Isabelle, We're so happy to hear you had a great experience with your delivery and our teams. Thank you for sharing in our mission by shopping pre-loved. Take care, Team Kaiyo
Kathryn DeYoung
Kathryn DeYoung: I was really excited about Kaiyo and had been recommending it to friends and family as a great option for selling furniture. However, I was disappointed after I actually bought a desk. It was listed as being in excellent condition. However, one of the metal pieces for the file cabinet was missing and there are several splits in the wood. When I called to ask about this, I was told that they only check to see if the drawers open, not that the file cabinet was actually functional. If the used desk had been cheaper, I might not have cared as much. But since the desk was over $1,000 and I only saved $317 dollars buying it used... it did not feel worth it. If I had known the true condition of the desk, I would have never bought it for was it was listed as.
Response: Hi Kathryn, We're sorry — this is not a typical Kaiyo experience. We do inspect every item to ensure that it is fully functional and our team is investigating what happened here. A member of our team will be reaching out shortly to help make things right. Take care, Team Kaiyo

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