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1. Ladders & Things LLC - Bladensburg

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12 reviews
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Ladders & Things LLC
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Address: 4626 Annapolis Rd, Bladensburg, MD 20710

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 3:30PM

Telephone: (301) 209-0777

Business type: Scaffolding rental service

Ladders & Things LLC: what do users think?
Michael Adams
Michael Adams: Fantastic staff and extremely pleasant to work with. Their customer service is by far the best we have encountered. Even with the credit card payment issue we had, they were more than willing to bend over backwards for us to get the purchase completed for some ladders; even after they were closed for the day. Keep up the great work!
Israel Portillo
Israel Portillo: Great place to rent ladders!
Frank Giuliano
Frank Giuliano: Small business with a good ownership

2. Scaffold Resource LLC - Lanham-Seabrook

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19 reviews
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Scaffold Resource LLC
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Address: 9513 Lanham Severn Rd, Lanham, MD 20706

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: (301) 924-7223

Business type: Scaffolding rental service

Scaffold Resource LLC: what do users think?
Angela Garcia
Angela Garcia: If you are willing to relocate and are looking for a different type of employment, Scaffold Resource is the career choice for a great adventurous future.
thomas oreilly
thomas oreilly: Bill Walsh and all the office and yard staff do a wonderful job at getting you safe and productive at a very fair price and the highest quality of workmanship and equipment.
William Favor
William Favor: Enjoyed working here, but parking in DC can become costly!
Bear Bryant
Bear Bryant: Great professional company.
Randall scott
Randall scott: Professional , timely and safe. Good people to deal with
joseA Amaya17
joseA Amaya17: (Translated by Google) My job(Original)Mi trabajo

3. Lowe's Home Improvement - Washington

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1968 reviews
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Lowe's Home Improvement
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Address: 2438 Market St NE, Washington, DC 20018

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: (202) 378-2500

Business type: Home improvement store

Lowe's Home Improvement: what do users think?
Sassy Sauce
Sassy Sauce: Great discounts on Christmas items as part of the holiday sale. I picked up Christmas stockings for under $5.00. There were fire pits on clearance as well. I like this location and they generally have the items I’m in need of for repairs or decorations, etc. The staff is very helpful as well.
Kev- keepingitreal
Kev- keepingitreal: This location offers a variety of affordable items for your home improvement needs. I really appreciate the staff in the aisle for assisting me with finding items on my check list. At check out the cashier was welcoming and friendly. This store was very clean and offers plenty of parking.
Jessica Fullington
Jessica Fullington: Today I went to the garden center for some outside plants. Yolanda was so very helpful! She was able to answer my questions, she even went and got me a cart so that it was easier for me to get the items I purchased to my car. It is so refreshing to have people who are pleasant and helpful at their jobs I will definitely come back to this location to get all the plants I need this spring! Marla was very helpful as well along with the young man who answered some of my questions about my plans. All around a wonderful experience!
goklt: Lots of materials here. Check out was fast. However good luck asking for assistance. Lots of associates are walking around but not helping customers. I tracked an employee down for assistance in moving materials from a high shelf to store level in the door section. He called two times for assistance to my aisle but no one came and he advised going to customer service. They called and still no help. Had to track somone down in a different department altogether. Crazy.
Chase Johnson
Chase Johnson: The employees here are courteous. But the wood cutting service they claim to offer is not available when needed. The store should just be candid that wood cutting won’t be available (or at the very least won’t be available at any specific time). I am a local DIYer (not a contractor). Before I bought wood I asked about cutting and was told it was no problem—buy it and then request a cut. I did. I was then told the lumber associate wasn’t available for an hour. I couldn’t get the wood (a single sheet of plywood I needed to cut in half) into my car, so I waited. After an hour, there was still no lumber associate, so the wood was never cut.
Annie Signorelli
Annie Signorelli: I ordered a dishwasher with professional installation and the process from start to finish was completely nontransparent and unprofessional. The installation had to be rescheduled because the dishwasher wasn’t pulled down for pick up in time, and then when it was installed it was the incorrect dishwasher — not even the right brand. After several hours on the phone with the Lowes installation line, including being told multiple times that they couldn’t advance the process because they couldn’t get in touch with anyone at their own Lowes store, I called the store directly and was able to sort it out and get the installation rescheduled. A Lowes associate later told me that they don’t have the “luxury” of waiting on hold with the store which is what I had to do in order to ensure my order was completed. Finally the correct dishwasher was installed on the third attempt and I was told I could contact the installation line again to discuss compensation for the inconvenience. Again it took multiple attempts to even get an update on where my case stood, despite being told every time that I should expect a call back “by end of business” every day I called. When I finally got offered compensation it was for less than half of the amount I requested (I requested the installation service be refunded seeing as it took 3 attempts and I was the one having to set everything up because Lowes did not follow through). While I am satisfied with the product I am in disbelief at how difficult and unprofessional the process was with Lowes. I do not recommend purchasing appliances from installation from this store or using the Lowes installation services.

4. Sunbelt Rentals Scaffold Services - Howard County

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14 reviews
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Sunbelt Rentals Scaffold Services
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Address: 7325 Washington Blvd, Elkridge, MD 21075

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5PM

Telephone: (240) 492-1550

Business type: Building materials supplier

Sunbelt Rentals Scaffold Services: what do users think?
Ismael Sanchez
Ismael Sanchez: Amazing customer service, place is always looking neat!
Mike H.
Mike H.: Horrible experience with this company. I called at 10:15 asking where was my lift. It was still at the shop and if I hadnt of called it would have never been delivered. The person on the phone called me back and said the lift would be free, just charged for delvery and pick up. At the store today asking what I was being charged for to my face he lied and said he didnt say that. Also the salesmen there were defensive, and I came in with a smile on my face. NOT Reccomended at all. Poor Poor management. And I was over charged. I really hope they get there act together.
Tim Wolfe
Tim Wolfe: Good place to load nice people would go back
Response: Hello Tim, Thank you for the positive feedback! We love to hear from happy customers. We look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you, Sunbelt Rentals
Steven Hoffman
Steven Hoffman: The people are very knowledgeable about what they are doing
Richard Miller
Richard Miller: Knowledgeable staff and quick service
James Skelton
James Skelton: Excellent service!
Response: Hello James, Thank you for the positive feedback! We love to hear from happy customers. We look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you, Sunbelt Rentals

5. The Home Depot - Prince George's County

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1671 reviews
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The Home Depot
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Address: 150 Hampton Park Blvd, Capitol Heights, MD 20743

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: (301) 324-0180

Business type: Home improvement store

The Home Depot: what do users think?
Triumph: We purchased a chainsaw last week. There was an issue and the associate(s) rectified it professionally. We noticed there is an improvement at this location with the overall customer experience. We will continue to conduct business here.
Heavyboy501: I come here quite often due to my job as a project manager. I come here at 6:05am and I take time to find stuff no problem. The issue lies in the staff every time I go to the pro desk to check out nobody is ever there. Today I called to ask what the availability on garden Sod was and the person working at the Lawn and Gardening section did not pick up I was on a long wait and eventually a staff member picked up I waited a while and transferred my call without telling me. Someone on the other line picked up and hung up as soon as I got transferred. I called again and someone from the Lawn and Gardening section answered the phone only to hang up on me.
Bloved Adjust
Bloved Adjust: Great work by Management and chasher totally took care of my experiance and situation just how a paying customore likes thanks
K A: I ordered a sewing chair online and it was shipped to the capitol heights Home Depot. The pick up process was fast and seamless. The store is well organized and fully stocked with appliances, tools and more.I highly recommend ♿️Wheelchair Accessible Restroom✅ 🚻Restroom✅ ♿️Wheelchair Accessible Entrance✅ ♿️Wheel Chair Accessible Parking Lot✅ 🅿️ Adequate Parking Space
abigale Wallace
abigale Wallace: Today I went to get some Sheetrock and when I got there I asked them if I could rent a truck to take it home they said absolutely! So I said okay let me go grab the Sheetrock real quick and they said okay see you then. So I bring the TWO hand carts I loaded of 20 things of Sheetrock to the desk to load to the truck and they say “oh sorry we stop renting the truck at 6pm” same person I had just talked to like 15 minutes before at 5:20pm… Waist of my time and energy! Most of the people here don’t know anything about the job they are working or where things are at. This was just the last straw for me.
Layla Abney
Layla Abney: Probably the worst HD I have been to. During my basement remodel I placed many orders for pickup by me or my contractor. Half of my order would get canceled because they “said” they didn’t have the items that they were supposed to have when I placed the order. Basic things like corner bead, 5 gallon bucket of Behring paint. I would go to the store to find a replacement only to find the original items were actually there, most times in the quantities that were indicated online. Going to the “customer service” counter for returns is hit or miss but mostly miss. I need to wait for someone to finish texting, having a personal conversation with a coworker, or whatever else prevents them from acknowledging me in a timely manner. Then the attitude as though I am bothering you by having a return or the fact that someone was too lazy to actually pull my order. I try to avoid at all costs even though it is the closest one.
Lady Wyatt
Lady Wyatt: Not crowded. Had an issue when doing self check out with the machine, but a very helpful, kind, understanding and professional young lady provided the assistance needed to complete our transaction....thanks.

6. Lowe's Home Improvement - Clinton

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1666 reviews
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Lowe's Home Improvement
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Address: 8755 Branch Ave, Clinton, MD 20735

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: (301) 877-7790

Business type: Home improvement store

Lowe's Home Improvement: what do users think?
Coco Eva
Coco Eva: Love this Lowes, they were super helpful. The lady was wonderful in the paint department. It turned out well and no primer was needed. Yeaaaaaaaaaa thank-you all.
Karen Parker
Karen Parker: This store is always top notch! Wit in customer pick up could be better for orders placed on line. Over all , Good shopping experience the greeter was very knowledgeable and helpful. Directed us to the proper insert for what we were looking for. Cashiers technicians very customer friendly.
Dollrnia Butler
Dollrnia Butler: Everything was great except getting rung up The gentleman in flooring gave me tips. And he took the ceramic tiles up front. He was so nice. Needed another cashier. Had to wait around 20. minutes to get rung up. Man loading my truck apologized and was nice. Thanks
Ti Ow
Ti Ow: Wow from the very first person that greeted me to the lady that helped me in the Key Department her name was Caroline.. they were all kind, smiling and made my shopping experience wonderful. She deserves a raise.. the other gentleman in the key Department were very helpful as well as I had to come back to pick up the key Finders and they were very helpful as well thank you thank you thank you all of you.
Africa Konjo
Africa Konjo: I had the best customer service ever by Adom! I was really anxious going in the store cause I was clueless and stressed out. I was cheerfully greeted by Adom. He was friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable in the products I was looking for. He even talked to my contractor on the phone to make sure I was ordering the right products. He never got frustrated or annoyed by me when I asked him 101 questions. Thank you so much for making my experience so pleasant and stress free!

7. United States Capitol - Washington

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4130 reviews
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United States Capitol
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Address: First St SE, Washington, DC 20004

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM

Telephone: (202) 226-8000

Business type: Federal government office

United States Capitol: what do users think?
Zay McCullough, MSW, LCSW-A
Zay McCullough, MSW, LCSW-A: This was the last major attraction I saw during my one week trip here from 12/28/21 to 1/4/2022. You can see the Capital Building from several blocks away. I actually remembered I needed to stop by because I saw it after exiting the Children’s Museum. It was a little after 5pm when we made it there. We say the reflecting pool, which is wider but shorter than the reflecting pool between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Unlike the latter, the Capitol’s reflecting pool isn’t easily accessible to stuck your feet it. The view, however, was still nice. This was my first time being in DC since I was in elementary school. It was extremely awesome to see the Capitol building. It was ironic that I had just watched Olympus Has Fallen on TV in my hotel just a day prior. Unfortunately, the perimeter of the building is gated off due to the events that transpired a year ago. I’m saddened to see that public access still isn’t available. Of course COVID is an added barrier to tours. Going inside is something that I wanted to do. I did not go to the visitors center that is close by as my son was ready to go back to the hotel, lol. There was a large Christmas tree in the lawn area between the capital building and the reflecting pool. Many people were taking pictures and appeared to be having a good time. I was grateful for the experience because I talked to my son (8) about what goes on in the building, the legislative bodies, and etc. I’m sure he’s forgotten everything we talked about but he can say he seen it in person whenever he does learn about it in school.
Ganindu Madhawa
Ganindu Madhawa: A place where one can probe into the political history of USA.It is an iconic place and you need to reserve tickets beforehand visiting the place. You will be provided with a guide who give descriptive analysis of the architecture of the place and historical events. 😊
Yusra Nabeel
Yusra Nabeel: Such a great experience visiting one of the US symbols. Great place with beautiful reflection in pool.
Ali Shajarizadeh
Ali Shajarizadeh: This beautiful building is a must-see for everyone who visit Washington DC. The building has a long history. The place is where many important decisions were and are made that affects the world.
Stephen Butler
Stephen Butler: My first time taking the tour. Our Representative arranged a VIP tour. It was very small and personal. There’s no cost, but if your going to take a tour book it in advance. It takes about 3 hours or so. It was worth the time. Please hit “Like” if this was helpful. Thanks.
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson: Really enjoyed the tour inside the Capitol building. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and funny. Really interesting history and beautiful inside. Liked the fact you can then walk through a tunnel to cross over to the library of Congress which again was beautiful.
Isabelle Tran
Isabelle Tran: Beautiful architecture from the outside. Recommended to book in advance for a tour. The park outside is a beautiful place to relax after a long day of touring, including some cherry blossom trees.

8. Southwest Scaffolding - South Fayette Township

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3 reviews
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Southwest Scaffolding
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Address: 3091 Washington Pike, Bridgeville, PA 15017

Telephone: (412) 221-4020

Business type: Scaffolding rental service

9. Washington Monument - Washington

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16892 reviews
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Washington Monument
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Address: 2 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20024

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (202) 426-6841

Business type: Monument

Washington Monument: what do users think?
Erika Gardner
Erika Gardner: This monument is impressive and amazing to visit the grounds are really clean, a lot security around. Great place to walk around, ride a bike, relax, take pictures and/or have lunch from the food trucks. The structure is magnificent piece of Art, the monument is more beautiful in person, I definitely recommend it to anyone. The Washington Monument is an obelisk within the National Mall in Washington, D.C., built to commemorate George Washington, once commander-in-chief of the Continental Army (1775–1784) in the American Revolutionary War and the first President of the United States (1789–1797).
Amol More
Amol More: This Monument is way bigger in actual than expected. Amazing place to visit in DC and mark it in your wish list. I visited during Cherry Blossom 🌸 festival and enjoyed kite festival as well. Couldn’t go at the top as it needs to have tickets in advanced. This is located in between Capitol and Lincoln Memorial. Flags around the monument make it more beautiful. Just visit, enjoy and make memories.
Ryan: The day we went was a bit of a bad day, but I assume the view would be amazing on a better day. I’m glad they reopened the elevator to the top, because they have an interesting little museum up there too. It surprised me when I approached it in-person, it’s much bigger when you’re up close. I had previously only seen it from afar or online.
John Myers
John Myers: Dude, so good! Been a long time since I went to the top. Well worth it. Kind of exciting. Get tix at look at least a few days ahead. Right now only 6 tickets at a time. Great place to make memories.
Daniel Steiminger
Daniel Steiminger: Enjoy the view, enjoy the elevator ride down, and good luck in getting your tickets. Wait early in the morning at the Washington Monument Lodge and cross your fingers and your toes you get there early enough to get tickets. I recommend 6:30 am if you are getting same day tickets.
Kristen Alger
Kristen Alger: You need to get tickets online. When I went to DC they were not giving tickets out. You had to get them online and they were NOT available for that day. Meaning...if you want to go, get your tickets online and in advance. Since this is new (Covid), I went through security alone, went up the elevator with 5 people and we were the only ones at the top! Great views! Plan ahead and ENJOY!
Dragan Ange
Dragan Ange: Take the elevator up there to enjoy the beautiful view. There is some info about the Washington Monument: Built in the shape of an Egyptian obelisk, evoking the timelessness of ancient civilizations, the Washington Monument embodies the awe, respect, and gratitude the nation felt for its most essential Founding Father. When completed, the Washington Monument was the tallest building in the world at 555 feet, 5-1/8 inches. Construction of the Washington Monument began in 1848 with enslaved Africans as laborers, according to several sources. Construction stopped in 1854 due to lack of funds, and then resumed from 1877 until its completion in 1888.
Mendy Henderson
Mendy Henderson: If you are flying in from I know the south. You can sit on the left side of the plane and see everything. Like the Lincoln Memorial. Washington Memorial. The white house and so much more. I really enjoyed myself here.
Ashok Patel
Ashok Patel: This 555 ft marble monument was built to honor the first President of USA, George Washington. The political and military leadership of George Washington was indispensable. This is built in the shape of Egyptian obelisk. This was the tallest building in the world when it was completed. It is still world’s tallest stone structure. You need a timed ticket of an elevator for the observation deck at 500 ft to get a bird’s eye view of the capital. You have to go through the security screening. The Washington Monument is located near the west end of the National Mall, with spectacular views of the National Mall and other important memorials. This Monument has been the witness to the history that shaped our nation. Must visit if you are in Washington DC and if you can manage to get the ticket.

10. Harbor Freight Tools - South Strabane Township

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575 reviews
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Harbor Freight Tools
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Address: 301 Oak Spring Rd #1450, Washington, PA 15301

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: (724) 222-1014

Business type: Hardware store

Harbor Freight Tools: what do users think?
Mongo's Garage
Mongo's Garage: A great source of cheap but effective tools for the amateur mechanic. Very helpful And courteous staff!
Gabor Prince
Gabor Prince: Needed a couple of tools to work on something went to Harbor Freight to bye them both tools did the job and great price for both
Steve Meadows
Steve Meadows: Just bought the 17 in. Drill press with 25% off also the 6 in. Cross slide vise with 25% off. My son paid for the one because your only allowed one coupon per visit. I bought the 43389 model because it has 13.5 amps. Vs the 7.5 amp on the 61487 model. Thanks to a review I read.
Dennis Martik
Dennis Martik: Good quality products and reasonable prices in comparison to other stores.
Charles Thomas JR
Charles Thomas JR: Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful staff. Quality items with great prices. Wide selection of tools, floor jacks, engine hoist/stands, air comoressors and items for entry level through professional level of use with a Lifetime Warranty on hand tools. Quick check out times with great sales deals and discount coupons sent to your email as well as and outstanding ESP (Extended Service Plan), Special Members ITC (Inside Track Club) as well as and outstanding Credit Card that you pay interest free payments on every month. You cannot beat the prices and interest free payments on their credit card.

11. Library of Congress - Washington

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1554 reviews
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Library of Congress
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Address: 101 Independence Ave SE, Washington, DC 20540

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM

Telephone: (202) 707-5000

Business type: Law library

Library of Congress: what do users think?
Mireille G
Mireille G: Favorite place I visited in D.C.. Words cannot begin to describe how gorgeous this building is inside and out. Every single detail so carefully thought out from the architecture to the art. Definitely go visit if you can, there’s so much to see. Also try and get a library card if you can it’s totally free and a fun souvenir to keep. It’s a legit library card and you can use it to enter the main reading room but you usually need to make an appointment weeks in advance to get in room but the card is a nice memory to keep.
Nicole Pascotescu
Nicole Pascotescu: Beautiful. Photos will never do it justice, you need to see it in person! It’s literally breathtaking. It’s amazing to just stand in the middle of it and look up in awe. I went on a school trip from DC and it was a great learning experience. But really I’ve never seen such beautiful architecture and design.
Sonya Williams (Wildflowers and Hooyahs)
Sonya Williams (Wildflowers and Hooyahs): What an incredible experience! It took us about twenty mins to get library cards but it was worth it! We also felt the amount of people there on a Tuesday was weird but it’s popular for a reason. Will def return. The staff were so nice and knowledgeable.
VikinGA: Gorgeous! The national library of the United States and the largest library in the world! Its collections include more than 30 million catalogued books and other print materials in 470 languages. It holds the largest rare book collection in North America, including the rough draft of the Declaration of Independence and one of the Gutenberg Bibles!!!
Ashok Patel
Ashok Patel: Library of Congress, a national symbol of knowledge is the largest and oldest library of United States established in 1800. This is the research library for Congress and open for public for research only and the books or materials can not be checked out. The library is housed in three buildings on Capitol Hill. The research material is from all over the world in more than 450 languages. The library has more than 160 million items and everyday 10,000 new items are being added. We booked the timed tickets online to visit the library. I couldn’t get the timed tickets 5 days before but some limited tickets are released everyday morning at 9.00 am. Exactly at 9.00 AM I tried and I got the desired time slot. There is no entry fee. As a book lover, it was my dream to visit this unbelievable and incredible heritage library. Anyone can have access to the library if you have Reader Identification Card. The building architecture and the sculptures inside and outside are absolutely stunning. It is very theatrical, heavily ornamented and the decorative paintings and beautiful sculptures place this building among greatest art and architecture in America. The exhibition of photography and about Rosa Parks was very impressive. The mosaics, the frescos and the stained glass work is amazing. Thomas Jefferson’s personal library and the main reading room is great attraction. Unfortunately, we could see the main reading room from high above with limited sight through the thick glass. I wanted to see those millions of books on the shelves as I dreamed off, but what I saw was mostly exhibitions in a museum kind of setting. However, this is a must see attraction.
Richa Rashmi
Richa Rashmi: What an amazing Greek architecture! This place is a jungle of Corinthian columns, a sea of books and a sky of murals. It’s absolutely stunning. Be sure to checkout Jefferson’s own donation of myriad books along with an exhibition of Rosa Park’s works. Also, entry is by appointment only. There’s a book shop that hosts souvenirs ranging from books to crockeries.
Juhi Pac
Juhi Pac: Beautiful historic building with gorgeous architecture. There are two and a half floors of museum-exhibits of some of the maps and records that the library keeps. Absolutely worth it for the free price and close proximity to South Capitol metro station
Rany SADER: By far, one of the best experiences ever if you are into culture. A fan of books, I loved the place, the heritage, the building and the whole experience. Don’t think twice if you like a Library. One of the best I ever visited.
Jon Scott
Jon Scott: This is a must visit while in DC. The architecture and history was worth every minute. Take time to ask a Docent about specifics of the area you are in. Jim (docent) was so knowledgeable and spent ten minutes explaining the sculpture and paintings. The photographic exhibit was a bonus and Tomas Jefferson’s library exhibit was as well.
Alexandra B
Alexandra B: A library dedicated to knowledge and education in every way possible. One of my favorite places in DC. Every inch of this building is a tribute to history, the pursuit of knowledge, and the contributions of those who came before us. Note you have to reserve a timed entry pass online in order to visit the library.

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