Best Religious Articles Stores In Washington Near Me

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1. Gospel Spreading Bible Bookstore - Washington

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Gospel Spreading Bible Bookstore
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Address: 2002 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 745-2665

Business type: Christian book store

Gospel Spreading Bible Bookstore: what do users think?

Rich Richardson: The store owner was a blessing. She covered the cost of my bracelet due to me not meeting the credit card minimum. God bless her! Amazing selection too!

Abi Conner: I called the store to see if they were open on a federal holiday, and the woman who answered rudely and apathetically responded with: "I picked up the phone so obviously we are open". I was not raised Christian but have been exploring my spirituality and was planning on buying a Bible and learning more. I was so put off by the phone call that I did not end up going at all. If they want to attract people to Christianity they might want to act more friendly. I am only giving two stars and not one in the hopes that people who actually make it to the store have a better experience.

Karlene Ore-Klimpacher: Excellent products, selection of gifts and church supplies. Will definitely recommend and visit again

Donnell Gudger: It has been my church home for close to 19 years. It is the place where I came to know God better, and where He continues to bless me more and more. Thank you my Heavenly Father for you, Christ Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Saints [here], your blessings and grace !

2. Peter C Munley Church Goods - Fairfax County

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Peter C Munley Church Goods
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Address: 8453 Tyco Rd # L, Vienna, VA 22182

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (703) 442-9477

Business type: Religious goods store

Peter C Munley Church Goods: what do users think?

Socorrito Baez-Page: while this shop has gift items for church events for all ages -- first communion, baptisms, weddings -- it is at its best supplying the items needed for church rituals and rites. scentless beeswax candles, pyxes, altar cloths, robes, palms and all the rest are there for examination and purchase. there also catalogs you can order from. this shop is a true treasure and well worth seeking out. the location is out of the way, but worth a visit and once you find it, you will return.

Angela Baker: Peter always goes above and beyond in his customer service to his customers. The products are always first rate and if you need something he will go out of his way to find it for you. He is professional and respectful with every transaction. Your order is shipped extremely fast and correctly. I would recommend him to anyone that needs to purchase supplies. You will not be disappointed.

James Douthwaite: A little hard to find but Peter is super helpful and will get you whatever you need.

3. Washington Christian Books - Annandale

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15 reviews
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Washington Christian Books
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Address: 7354 Little River Turnpike a, Annandale, VA 22003

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 7PM ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (703) 354-0440

Business type: Christian book store

Washington Christian Books: what do users think?

U G H: Lot of Christian gift ,christian books , schoolbooks you can order.

Paul Bah Wool Cho: Good place to read

Jeannie Hwang: Great ministers experience story books, daily bread, bast book in this store,

Mi Kim: Love this place

백제프: (Translated by Google) I have a variety of books and I want to come back because the owner is very friendly. (Original) 다양한 서적이 구비되어있고 주인이 매우 친절해서 재방문하고 싶다

Jeena Lee: (Translated by Google) Hello. Decent friendly customer service. (Original) 안녕하세요. Decent friendly customer service.

Sungjoon Lee: (Translated by Google) It is a place of faith.(Original)믿음의 장소 입니다..

4. John 3:16 Christian Bookstore - Lake Arbor

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119 reviews
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John 3:16 Christian Bookstore
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Address: 10498 Campus Way S, Largo, MD 20774

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 7PM ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (301) 459-5999

Business type: Christian book store

John 3:16 Christian Bookstore: what do users think?

Robert Browning: Went to the store a few days ago. Excited to see a new Christian store after The Christian Store shut down a few years ago. Both ladies greeted me wonderfully! Before I could shop, a man came out belligerent about wearing a mask and that I must leave. What happened to treating someone more respectfully or more importantly having faith in your Lord and savior! With that experience I can only assume you are a Liberal owner who obviously does not understand that following the ways and teachings of Jesus Christ is diametrically opposed to all ideals and ways of the Liberal mindset. Anything else would be heresy. Call it like it is. Pray sir.

C Ward: They have excellent customer service.

Toni Gonzales: It was a nice Christian book store. The staff was very helpful. I do plann on going back

Lynette Simpkins: I had a great visit to this Christian Book store. The staff was nice and helpful. If u are looking for a great place for Christian books and otherthings, check them out.

Wendy W: With a little help from an employee, I found the book I looking for for weeks at a reasonable price right away. The store was well organized, neat & clean. The workers were polite and helpful. There’s a large selection of books, tee shirts, cards and other things you would expect to find in a Christian bookstore.

juanita holden: They were very understanding the store was very equipped with everything that I could see that I needed at the time customer service was great

Tiffany Cogdell: I love this store! Everything you need for worship, bible study, and biblical literature. Awesome family business!

Sharon Brice: Awesome store. My first time here. Employee behind the counter was very helpful and knew the where the fans were. He answered all my questions with no problem. He kept a smile on his face. I will be back.

5. Santa Barbara Botanica - Bladensburg

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22 reviews
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Santa Barbara Botanica
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Address: 4317 Kenilworth Ave, Bladensburg, MD 20710

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

Telephone: (301) 277-2246

Business type: Religious goods store

Santa Barbara Botanica: what do users think?

Madame Miko: Absolutely best Botanica I have visited hands down... I recommend visiting. Customer service is superb, goods and results are beyond commendable. I look forward to visiting and purchasing goods that are going to work and for my good.

Nobashea House: Love this store!!! My sisters and go often and the woman are beautiful intuitive spirits!! Wish they had a website for delivery services.

Nichelle Williams: Wide variety and great staff!! I’ve been here a few times and it’s such good vibes here.

Atira Stephens: Great experience and great prices

SnS: Nicely organized store

Janet Darby: Nice place, lots of berbs

Tonya Coleman: When you need a little extra help.

6. Vision Christian Store - Clinton

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111 reviews
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Vision Christian Store
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Address: 10398 Piscataway Rd, Clinton, MD 20735

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 7PM ⋅ Opens 11AM Thu

Telephone: (301) 234-0035

Business type: Christian book store

Vision Christian Store: what do users think?

Ken Brown: I called to check on a particular product, I was told that product was in stock. When I arrive to pick it up, I was told it was not in stock, I was very disappointed. Monumental waste of time traveling up to the store, and to top it all off, the lady who was minding the store, was worried more about holding lengthy conversations with others, instead of taking care of other customers in the store

MSCAMP116: There is nothing like entering a store in lieu of shopping online. I enjoyed my walk throughout the store and was blessed to get many gifts for family and friends. The atmosphere is contagious and the proprietor was so friendly and very helpful. If something was not available, she was willing to order for me. This small store is full of love and inspiration. I will be going back very soon for others gifts for others as well as for myself. Whatever you need it is there and if you cannot find it, it can be ordered for you. I felt like a valuable customer during my visit. Well done!

Andrea Bailey: Vision Christian Store is amazing. Wonderful gifts for friends and family. They are celebrating 10 years so go and support!!

Sonia Brown: Nice selection of Christian materials, gifts and other items like hats. Great greeting card selection.

Anne McClain: Always a pleasant and peaceful place o shop. Staff is knowledgeable and encouraging.

J B: My Wife and I visited this store recently, they have lots of great Christian products and the Lady that helped us is very nice.

Erika Jones: Beautiful inside, inventory is plentiful. Customer friendly atmosphere, I could have easily spent several hours there because the item I was looking for was there in abundance and I had another appointment to keep. I would highly recommend this store to my family and friends.

Patricia Joyner: Absolutely Lovely and Inviting! Beautiful Fragrances welcome you as you enter the door and really set the tone! The Variety of products and Customer Service enhances the ambiance and ensures you will be a return customer! My first visit but definitely not my last!!!

7. Ukrainian Catholic National Shrine of the Holy Family - Washington

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31 reviews
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Ukrainian Catholic National Shrine of the Holy Family
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Address: 4250 Harewood Rd NE, Washington, DC 20017

Telephone: (202) 526-3737

Business type: Catholic church

Ukrainian Catholic National Shrine of the Holy Family: what do users think?

Zezu Zan Zan: The wedding venue manager is rude ,awful unprofessional person. We had a wedding back in 2018 he shutdown the electric cord & stop the music while people were dancing with out Notifying anyone. Please stay away from this dirty old dated wedding venue. You will regret for the rest of ur life just like us. Spend a little more money find another place.

Chuck Tracy: Remarkable architecture. Beautiful time I would love to visit inside...

Anna Byers: My first Christmas bazaar in 2018. Nice community, beautiful voices, great food...

Marta Kowalczyk: The place to visit if you are Ukrainian, since this the main National Ukrainian Catholic Shrine in the US. And even if you are not Ukrainian, I think you will find it to be interesting. They have two services on Sundays, an early one primarily in English and a later one in Ukrainian. Visitors on Sundays will find a library, a shop, a gathering room and a banquet hall on the main level. The church is one level up. A highlight for me is the library that sells books (in English and in Ukrainian) relevant to this community. The shop with ethnic items for sale is always fun to visit. Many people gather for coffee and donuts between and after liturgies in the small room to the rear. And for special occasions anyone can rent the large banquet hall with full kitchen and stage. The place is fully handicap accessible.

bill curry: Was here for a funeral and while the Ukrainian Catholic religion is a bit out of my wheelhouse the ceremony itself was pleasant. Dealing with the church up to the day of the funeral was anything but Pleasant it was a surprising glimpse into how tightly restrained the church is run with it congregation

Seung “Steve” Lee: Good place for your new years party can occupied hundreds people.

Alan Shultz: Such an interesting mass! Definitely worth the experience.

Yevgen Feleshchuk: Very nice community

Ernest Colvin II: Lovely congregation !!!

8. Religious Freedom Institute - Washington

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Religious Freedom Institute
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Address: 316 Pennsylvania Ave. SE #501, Washington, DC 20003

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 838-7734

Business type: Religious organization

Religious Freedom Institute: what do users think?

طريق السلامة: (Translated by Google) Psychologically comfortable(Original)مريح نفسيا

9. Israeli Accents - North Bethesda

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19 reviews
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Israeli Accents
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Address: 4838 Boiling Brook Pkwy, Rockville, MD 20852

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM Fri

Telephone: (301) 231-7999

Business type: Religious goods store

Israeli Accents: what do users think?

Michael B. Rubin: I have bought many Jewish items at this store going back quite a few years. There is a very good selection to chose from. Unlike numerous reviewers who said they found the owner very rude I have never seen that. She was always polite, friendly and informative to me. I highly recommend this business.

Jason Shapiro: Israeli Accents could be the gold standard of Judaica but it isn’t and it is solely because of customer service. The owner has an eye for beautiful Judaica, artwork and jewelry. But she is incredibly rude, and fails to recognize that her poor behavior rubs loyal customers (like me) the wrong way, to the point that I will not shop there anymore. Additionally, when I shared my experiences with my friends, they too stopped patronizing Israeli Accents. Instead of building “good will” in the community, and using that good will to expand her customer base and building out a fantastic webpage to even expand that customer base beyond Montgomery County and Maryland, the owner is wasting her talents and “artistic eye.”

Raz Goldman: My husband and I went to the shop and found a very nice selection, but the owner extremely rude and pushy. She asked me twice if we were planning to purchase something. Actually, we were, but decided not to because of the poor service. As diplomats who have lived all over the world, the sarcastic attitude and poor service that we received was uncalled for and not expected at all. I am being extremely generous giving that place even one star. Highly not recommended:(

Avishai Chelst: Lovely store with fantastic variety of judiac items. Very friendly store owner. As of 9-13-20, during the COVID-19 pandemic. walk-in hours 12-4. During the week call to schedule an appointment.

Jonathan “Yoni” Hatuka: If i had a way to put less than one star i would , we walked in to buy a menorah for Hanukkah, we walked around to see if we like something. As i walked around i saw the kiddush glass and i picked one in my hand the owner of the store immediately asked me are you looking for one of those and i replayed "no , but if i will see something that i like than maybe" than she said "if you not planing on buying than dont tuch it" , really?? Maybe i will decide to buy it... she totally act like i am wasting here time ( btw it was 2 min after we walked in) . You just lost a paying customer , we already spent there money before we paid around $250 for a mezuza. I will never walk in to this place again.

10. Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception - Washington

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3798 reviews
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Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
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Address: 400 Michigan Ave NE, Washington, DC 20017

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 526-8300

Business type: Basilica

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception: what do users think?

Nick Graham: Probably my favorite church to visit. Incredibly beautiful and detailed and will take your breath away. The lower level crypt has multiple chapels where you can always find a quiet place to escape to even with the crowds. The main level has beautiful mosaics and a huge captivating ceiling. I always love getting a chance to visit here. Highly recommend to visit if in the D.C. area!

Paul Pelletier: Our visits to this beautiful and inspirational basilica always leave us with a feeling that we have undergone a truly religious experience. Constructed over the last 100 years with beautiful mosaics and statues, wonderful altars in the main church and the crypt, and organ music that reverberates through the high spaces. We missed our visits during the pandemic, but were happy to be back for Easter.

Yefer Corro: This place is magical to reflect and renew your spirituality. They have services in English and Spanish. Plenty visitor parking spots, restrooms are located downstairs. Just bring your great attitude and energy!

nelson raul armas gonzalez: Amazing, beautiful and peaceful place. I love that basilica. If you wanna pray and spend time with Jesus, this is a very appropiate place to be.

Turtle: Very very beautiful, full of art and music. The mass I attended was beautiful! Everyone should put this on their to do list!

Aurea Friedrich: Amazing big and very Beautiful!!!Sad to say I was only at the lower Part because Basilika Cathedral was use only for Sunday Holy Masses.

Renee Rajappa: Beware of the Basilica Visitor parking Lot We went to the Basilica on April 19th, 2022, the first day of our DC vacation. We parked at the church parking which has cameras and a security guard. We were driving from CT and had all our luggage in the car. We wanted to run in quick into the church and start our trip with a prayer. The security at the parking just waived us in. We went to church saw how majestic and beautiful it was. When we came out of church we were shocked as our car windows were broken and we were robbed. We ran to talk to the guard and a landscaping person told us he just left. I called 911 and they told me that in DC police will not come to help us. We ran back to the church to ask the security to help us, and they just shooed us away and would not even open the doors. We had to clean the glass with our hands and the landscaper seeing this, gave us gloves. Another lady was in the parking lot gave us phone numbers of mechanics around. My young kids learnt some hard truths on this day. The police who should be there to protect and serve never turned up. The church that talks about helping people never even opened their doors. But random strangers tried to help us. I have been calling the church asking for security footage. I keep getting a response that they need their camera person to still investigate it. I gave them date and specific time. I ask anybody new to DC to be safe and not assume that the church parking is safe seeing that it has a guard and cameras all around. When I called the church security and spoke to Mr. Wharton head of security and I told him our experience, he said this happens a lot. I wish the guard could have informed us that this happens. I don’t understand why they could not have signs in the parking about theft. I have still not heard from Victoria from the Basilica, with whom I have left messages asking if they could inform other patrons using the church about this safety issue and if their security could be of some help to people who are in this kind of situation. My children are still scared every time we park. This was a horrible and terrifying experience in the designated parking lot of a massive church with enormous security.

Peter Mathys: A beautiful building, well-kept, and very peaceful surrounding area. You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the beauty, and I highly suggest stopping by when visiting Washington DC. It appears it’s open for public viewing, but we did not go inside on our visit a week ago, so I am not sure what limitations are in place.

11. Christ Child Opportunity Shop - Washington

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41 reviews
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Christ Child Opportunity Shop
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Address: 1427 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM Thu

Telephone: (202) 333-6635

Business type: Consignment shop

Christ Child Opportunity Shop: what do users think?

Kurt LaRose MSW LCSW LICSW: The antiques and the finds here are wonderful. The staff, volunteers, care so much about the items. Here I am reminded of my grandparents dishes, jewelry, paintings, dishes, silver, metalurgy, pocket watches, rugs .... and the iron statutes are just phenomenal. Today I found a 10k gold rosary engraved from 1924 ... with a historical attention to detail that is awesome. The people working in the store celebrate the items as you look.

rebecca leigh: A lovely store with beautiful things. Sometimes a bit pricey. The service is excellent and warm.

Sandra Biedron: Wow. Great place for vintage jewelry and everything else one needs for a home or office. Not only is everything repurposed but all proceeds go to children in the area that need help meeting their emotional needs. Found four rare Portmeirion pottery pieces as well as two pieces of vintage high-end jewelry. These were very fairly priced with the market. Excellent collection of dishes, silver, and crystal. Go there instead of doing a wedding registry! So much more green! Rock on Opportunity Shop - you made my heart happy today seeing things re-purposed! The place was packed!

Eric Rajendra: The best antique and bric-a-brac store in all of DC. Our family in Georgetown has given thousands of dollars worth in contributions of our own antiques we no longer needed and then we bought thousands of dollars more in antiques we needed!! This place is a gem for us Washingtonians!! The volunteer staff members are truly precious and really dedicated!! They love their work and make the entire experience of browsing a joy. The second floor has great stuff so GO UP!! Jewelry, silverware, Asian antiques, porcelain, etc! You won’t be disappointed. You need to return weekly as new consignments and donations come all the time!! Trust me.

Randolph Lopez: Question the authenticity of the antiques and antiquities. Do not be misled. I was foolish enough to believe the descriptions that were displayed on the Asian pieces and the purity of some silver pieces that I purchased. I am not a seasoned collector. I only depend on the honesty of people; especially those associated with a “Christian” charity.

Tom Preston: Prices are too high, often higher than the antiques shops in the neighborhood. No bargains unfortunately. And reductions are not per standard consignment shops- only 20% every 60 days instead of every 30 days. Not sure how they stay in business TBH.

A. Greenough Dodd: Huge fan of this nonprofit consignment shop (aka The "Op Shop"!) that benefits the needs of DC area children. Always great finds, but definitely allow time to peruse the many items. Well-worth the search!

Angela Van: Clean and organized decor consignment purchase structure (can see how the price drops by date). Always find something when I go in. Unfortunately, they just re-organized downstairs so the bulk is upstairs--no elevator.

Jonathan Fuhrman: Nice place for antiques. Everything has a date it came in and gets marked down every month. Prices are a bit high, but not outrageous.

12. Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America - Washington

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769 reviews
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Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America
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Address: 1400 Quincy St NE, Washington, DC 20017

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 526-6800

Business type: Monastery

Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America: what do users think?

Anderson Chan: Truly beautiful, there is nothing else like it. From the cathedral to the garden, the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land is an absolute shocker. Visitors of any background, Catholic or not, would find this place an absolute gem. The dense vegetation is incredible, the koi pond is absolutely lovely, and the stations of the cross and statues/pictures of Mary and other saints are of upmost extravagance. This place truly deserves more than five stars and truly impressed me.

Melissa Antul: What a find in DC...who knew? Lovely place to take a walk. The tulips were just up 2nd week in April. Various depictions of religious scenes are scattered about. Just a lovely peaceful place.

Martha Wilson: The gardens in the cloisters next to the church are beautiful, very intimate. But stepping into the larger garden, by walking down into it, from the cloisters, is remarkable experience. This is a superb garden. Enjoy!

India Lindsay: A hidden DC gem. Beautiful gardens, interesting tour, and a stunning church. Recommend registering for the tour on eventbrite - you get to see some catacombs

Edmund F Jones Jr: Grew up within walking distance! Over my life, I’ve frequently visited the monastery! Have taken numerous tours of the catacombs and enjoy walking all around the grounds. A peaceful place to visit for solitude and quiet prayer. Enjoy the lower level gardens, tombs and stations of the cross. I love my times visiting the monastery. I’m 73yrs. of age and hope to be able to continue my visits to the monastery and its beautiful grounds for as long as I able to. It’s like my second home, so peaceful!

Marvin Morales: If you are looking for internal peace and a direct connection with God, here is a place that you may like very much. It is an unforgettable experience for the Catholic I liked the way in which one can feel calm and can see with oneself through these murals art and a lot of passion but above all, you can see from where everything is born for those of us who believe in God, very nice.

Mark Lambert: So beautiful! The gardens were awesome.

Wendy Williams: One of my favorite places to go and visit. I visit the monastery to go and clear my head. I go with the intent to close out all the noise in the world. Having a peace of mind is priceless. Also, you must visit the Garden area. It is very greenery. You can sit down and read a good book.

Suzanne Derringer: An oasis of tranquility in Washington DC. Beautiful architecture and extensive gardens to stroll in, or sit and meditate. The church interior is full of detail but never overwhelming. At atmosphere of peace. This was my first visit - in early March - but I will return soon as the gardens come to life. This is near the National Basilica and Catholic University.

Sharon Seekins: Beautiful gardens and replicas of Holy Land relics. The building was closed due to Covid but the chapel was lovely.

13. MahoganyBooks - Washington

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219 reviews
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Address: 1231 Good Hope Rd SE, Washington, DC 20020

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM Thu

Telephone: (202) 844-2062

Business type: Book store

MahoganyBooks: what do users think?

Angel Dove: Ordered a custom sweatshirt online from them back in November and have yet to receive it. I have contacted the store on several occasions (telephone calls, voice messages, and portal messages) in which I spoke to a live person twice. I received unapologetic responses and have been told to expect a call back in 3-5 business days, which never happened. I have had friends who live in the DC area rave about their in store experiences; I only wish that the online service was just as good. After my online shopping experience, I will NOT be ordering from them again.

Rivah Sistah: My Mahogany Books experience was GREAT! Awesome customer service and sooooooo many books to choose from. My daughter and niece who are teens said they want to go back. I will take the trip from VA bs ordering online.

Lorrie Brinson-Arevalo: As a new Author I had an opportunity to fly to DC to visit this awesome Black Owned Bookstore. My 1st but it will not be the last #BlackBooksMatter

Tina R: I checked out this store in person at the National Harbor. The store was beautiful, clean, and well-stocked. I will definitely shop there in-person again. As I like to support black-owned businesses, I am sad to see from the other reviews that their online ordering may not be the greatest system right now. But if you are local and enjoy paper books like me, I recommend them.

Hypnotik Vanity: Awesome BLACK OWNED BOOKSTORE. Excellent customer service. I asked for recommendations and was given two. I took that and purchased both. Ready for my next visit.

Jalan W B: Hubby and I have been meaning to stop by and so glad we did tonight. What a wonderful, intimate community book shop. We left with a bag full of books that Christy, a really nice employee, helped us find for ourselves and a new speculative fiction book by Nnedi Orakorafor book for our school aged son. Highly recommend this community gem. Can’t wait to go back soon! We also got to check out great art installations within and next to the the Anacostia arts center and did some clothes shopping next door.

Danielle Watson-Murray: I ordered several books for myself and my family before it was “trending “ to patronize a black owned bookstore earlier this year. Most of the order arrived very quickly. The other portions arrived later and they they kept me updated during the process. I love their virtual book meet and greets with the authors! Overall I will continue to purchase from them and I have already told several of my friends and family members about their great customer service!

Cindy B: Ordered four books online. Communication between me and the store was great! They are doing an awesome job at fulfilling their orders under current circumstances. I did have to wait an additional week or so to receive my full order (and I did!) but I honestly don’t mind waiting as long as it takes. At this point in time, it’s about supporting local businesses and keeping them afloat.

14. National City Christian Church - Washington

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53 reviews
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National City Christian Church
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Address: 5 Thomas Cir NW, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

Telephone: (202) 232-0323

Business type: Disciples of Christ Church

National City Christian Church: what do users think?

Casey Jones: Fantastic organist and choir at this morning’s Sunday service!

Levester Green II: Thank you for My red hoodie jacket & the food packages 🙏🏿

Antoine M: A befitting location that really a representation of the stunning Thomas Circle in Washington D.C. I was in awe of the magnificent ambience of this church and even more blown away by the impressive interior! When I was here the church just finished service and I was able to enter and explore, amongst other visitors. This neoclassical building from the outside betrays the enormous interior. It reminded me of a church in England. Most notable is the stained glass windows depicting James Garfield and Lyndon Johnson, amazing! Whilst here, might as well visit the Luther Place Memorial Church, right across the street from here.Absolutely stupendous and impressive Church, suitable for all ages especially young children to explore.

Stephanie Jackomis: This church was beautiful and the pipe organ sounded amazing. Such a wonderful sound.

Dr. Virginia LeBlanc (DocV): My time at NCCC truly blessed me! Such a warm and welcoming spirit, tremendous music ministry, and anointed pastor in Dr. Gentle. Miss all dearly and never far from my heart.

Cricket Park: Wonderful concert venue. Not for wheelchair users.

Jialing Liu: Go for a city walk and pass by here if you have enough time.

effie jennings: There for a concert.

15. Washington National Cathedral - Washington

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Washington National Cathedral
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Address: 3101 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016

Telephone: (202) 537-6200

Business type: Cathedral

Washington National Cathedral: what do users think?

Claire Mizutani: I went to Sunday Morning service with my parents now that they have opened up again. There were plenty of available seats and the ushers have all of us programs. The programs were in English and Spanish and offered explanations of what was going on and why things were in a certain order in addition to the prayers, hymns, readings, and instructions of when to sit or stand. The cathedral is beautiful and I would suggest going in the morning to get the full impact of the stained glass windows. I didn’t even Renner that there had been an earthquake in 2011 but there were many signs showing what was damaged and how repairs are going.

Peter Mathys: A beautiful and well-kept building, and a very peaceful surrounding area. The gargoyles are quite interesting and there is one that looks like Darth Vader. A sign tells you how to find it but we had a hard time locating it. I highly suggest stopping by when visiting Washington DC. The cathedral was closed to the public at the time we went, which was about a week ago.

Daniel Duran: We briefly visited the National Cathedral which we were beyond impressed with how amazing it looks! It was really clean and organized as we walked around and saw it from different angles! I’ll definitely have to visit again to appreciate more of the interior!

Jason Clock: Beautiful gardens and green spaces adjacent to the cathedral are great for a relaxing stroll. The cathedral was unfortunately closed when I attended, but seeing the decorative architecture was amazing. Truly a massive structure, one worthy of the name.

Berkay Kaplan: Majestic venue and admission is free. The architecture of the building was captivating. I see no reason not to give here a five star.

John Thompson: Unfortunately, the building was not open, but we were able to watch a high school choir rehearsing in the courtyard. We were able to see some of the stones that fell or were cracked and taken out. They were lying on the ground beside the building. There is a nice garden behind the Cathedral where they were taking pictures of the wedding party.

Mark Kabbash: Truly magnificent Cathedral. By far one of the most unique buildings in all of America! Please note the Star Wars stain glass window. There are unique ah ha moments almost at every turn. This is a must see. It will please your soul.

Sean Faison: This was my second time visiting Washington National Cathedral. I was very excited to explore the building once again but sadly due to Covid-19 it is closed to the public. I spoke to one of the staff members and they were hoping to open to the public again in September 2021 but I highly recommend calling before visiting to make sure they are open. You can freely explore the perimeter of the building but if they are closed to the price all of the doors will be locked makes sure to visit when they open again! BTW, see if you can find the Darth Vader grotesque. I have circled where to find him on one photo.

16. Founding Church of Scientology - Washington

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Founding Church of Scientology
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Address: 1424 16th St NW, Washington, DC 20036

Telephone: (202) 797-9826

Business type: Church

Founding Church of Scientology: what do users think?

Davin B.: Please don’t steal my information and sell it on eBay. Thank you. Anyways, very nice cult, no demon lords at all, no hidden fees of your life and soul. Totally not.

Chaturbhuj bhojwani: Beautiful historical building.Excellent architecture.

John Profit: Before you come here watch Leah Remini’s show “LEAH REMINI: SCIENTOLOGY AND THE AFTERMATH” on Netflix. These people are cultists. Evil anti-spiritualists. Where is Shelly Miscavage??

that guy: I use to work here as a summer job back in 1978 , I met the founder twice

Sudie Faison: My experience with this organization was and is positive so far and they offer so much help for ones life loving and caring staff .Non traditional church as they follow their leader who did follow God .

Dawson: Called asking about their beliefs since I was interested. Got hung up on 2 times and was told to come in for a presentation and no information was provided over the phone when asked about. Very disrespectful and rude.

Karen Reviews: Religion and Science go so well together. Everyone should listen to Tom Cruise Godspeed -Karen Smith

Pauline Vahedi: Extremely clean, beautiful, historic building. The tour was fun and the staff was very friendly. I highly recommend getting a tour and checking this church out!

Sipho Nyankale: Great place to be if you need with counseling

Josh Shapiro: Found the staff here to be extremely caring and interested in helping people make the changes they want in their lives. Building was stunning and clean. They have kept in touch with me since leaving the area about the social improvement programs and have continued to be a pleasure to work with.

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