Best Rabbit Shops In Washington Near Me

1. PetSmart - Washington

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Address: 2480 Market St NE #11, Washington, DC 20018

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 499-3880

Business type: Pet store

PetSmart: what do users think?
Jn Clark
Jn Clark: Had a GREAT experience at the PetSmart Dakota Crossing grooming salon. My puppy is 6 months so he had the big fluffy hair (which I loved) but it’s time for a change. I asked his grooming artist to take him down but leave a little. I picked him up and was in awe, he looked so handsome. I love all the staff!! Andre F was great, will be back in a few weeks.
august belt
august belt: The 2 batch of fish I got from them has literally only lasted a week max , the previous fish I had got has lasted 5 months so far ( a few passed ) , but now I am completely unsatisfied because I spend so much money with them, from dogs, Guinea pigs, fish . Water test strips are great. Ammonia everything I am so upset . One passed overnight , return home from work and here is the other only lasted 7 days literally
Queen Me
Queen Me: This has been one of the worst business establishment ever! I took a healthy 6 yo Puppy there. He went in for a hair cut came out with small red rashes all over his body. I took him home he did not eat or drink that night. Took him to the animal emergency room where they billed me $400 to say it was the hair cut! It was not done correctly the clippers were too hot, dirty and so on! I called the store and the grooming manger says oh the groomer is new and I will give you 40% off! I’m sick to my stomach! This is my child and all you can offer me is 40% and lies ! I’m so disappointed and sadden it’s been two days yet this is hard my puppy is not doing well! This my first fur baby! Never again! If I could rate it 0 stars I would do -100!
Algenon Walters
Algenon Walters: I took my dog in to be groomed a week ago Monday, February 21, 2022. The groomer who provided the service was Jasmyn. As a result of my visit my puppy experienced issues due in part to his cut. She shaved my puppy extremely close over his entire body and did a poor job ensuring his facial hair or his ears were cut evenly. I ended up having to take him to the Vet which resulted in a bill of $300.00 due in part to the stress caused by his haircut. I will never use this PetSmart again and certainly wouldn’t recommend her for grooming services.
Phyllis Harris
Phyllis Harris: Groomer left a sour taste in my mouth. The whole department seemed like a “us vs them” team thing. When I had a problem they all seemed offended instead of wanting to fix the issue and suggested since I am not happy maybe I should find another groomer. Yup, I agree. ESPECIALLY when I arrived my dog was howling and cry barking and they acted like no one heard her. I know that to be the “potty cry” and they were just ignoring it. Then once I asked them to go get her so she wouldn’t be so upset while we were discussing an issue with the bill. Her eyes were still dirty and crusty and I wonder why after a bath and cut her eyes were so messy and they said it was probably from her crying and being upset without me. Goodness. I have a Standard Poodle that is spoiled and LOVES being groomed so this is just weird…they just don’t seem like they LIKE grooming.
Lizzie Sorrell
Lizzie Sorrell: Everything in this store is way over priced. Brought some fish for my grandson woke up the next morning to find all of them dead. I guess the clean water was to much for them. Safe to say we will not be returning.
Danielle Arandia
Danielle Arandia: The grooming at this location is awful. I’ve been using Petsmart for a nail trim/grind for years and per Petsmart’s website and every other location, this is a walk up service, no appt needed; in fact most other locations won’t even let me schedule an appt. Every time we go here for a nail trim, we get turned away and told to make an appt. When I call to make an appt (bc you cannot make this type of appt online) they’re “full.” It literally takes 10 min each time to get my pup’s nails trimmed so it’s quite ridiculous. My final straw with this location was finally getting an appt and then come to find out they scheduled us in Falls Church?! I’m so over this location. Go somewhere else.
Terrance Hobson
Terrance Hobson: If you have a choice, NEVER come to this Petsmart for grooming. I had an appointment at 10am and they told me come back at 2pm. At 2pm, they told me to come back 3:30. I arrived at 3:30 and they haven’t even started on my dog yet! I’m never coming back to this Petsmart again.

2. Petco - Washington

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Address: 3100 14th St NW Suite 124, Washington, DC 20010

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 332-0010

Business type: Pet store

Petco: what do users think?
Allison Guy
Allison Guy: This Petco might be good for other things, but the conditions their birds are kept in are nightmarish. The parakeets do not have adequate perches of different sizes, any chewing toys, and they are fed on a cheap, unhealthy all-seed diet. I also watched as a woman pried open one of the plexiglass doors and let a budgie escape. As for the parrots, well, have a look at the photo — a tiny enclosure with no opportunity to climb, chew, fly or have social interaction. Same unhealthy seed diet, water bowls full of droppings. Their heads were full of painful pin feathers because they had no bird or human companion to groom them. Imagine sitting on the same perch in a glass box all day with nothing to do, for weeks and months on end. This is absolute torture for such a smart, social animal.
carolyn jackson
carolyn jackson: My son and I love, love, love this store. We are here every week doing a fish tank water sample test. The manager Donnell in the fish dept. Is very nice, helpful. knowledgeable, and professional. He and the staff are always ready to help you in any way. It a fun store to shop.
Dani Rios
Dani Rios: We casually visited this store and left with the best impression. The nice cashier seemed sincerely interested in learning about our puppy and gave us some great tips about the excessive chewing. We regret not asking her name, she was a nice African American lady. Thank you!
Sarah Levine
Sarah Levine: I did a puppy training class with Jen and she is an excellent trainer. She understands dog behavior and how to use positive training to get results. My puppy started off hating going into the store and by the end she was dragging me in because she was so excited to go to class. I highly recommend taking training classes with Jen.
Courtney: Jill was so helpful and informative—just got a puppy and she helped us find the right cleaning spray for accidents in the house. The store was clean and organized. Will be coming to this Petco in DC from now on!
Wayne HarRell
Wayne HarRell: I would give this location 4 stars. Clean out the dead fish in the tanks. But, the employee who helped me deserves 5 Stars! Miguel was great! He was eager, enthusiastic and knowledgeable! He went out of his way to help with my purchase AND it was 15 minutes before closing! Thanks Miguel!
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson: It was a big store and had all pet goods and the sales people are nice
Brian Diem
Brian Diem: Shop here all the time for our kitty. The cashier lady is always friendly and making sure we take advantage of all the coupons available. She definitely cares about us and it shows!
Catherine Carter
Catherine Carter: Some gaps in inventory. I did, though, find what I sought and so much more. The staff is friendly, knowledgable.
Summer Bryant Campell
Summer Bryant Campell: Mr. Darnell was very knowledgeable and compassionate about the proper living space, food and bedding for the newest addition to our family our guinea pig. You can tell he loves animals and wants the very best for them. Ms. Alexis, who was at the register when we bought our guinea, gave her a check once over and reminded us to check our guinea’s ears, nails and reminded us of possible bald patches that can be caused by ring worm and / or mites. She was also very caring and showed our guinea lots of love. The professionalism, and customer we experience each time we shop at this Petco keeps us coming back.

3. Petco - Washington

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Address: 1503 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 777-4390

Business type: Pet store

Petco: what do users think?
Austin Graff
Austin Graff: We’re not pet owners, but stopped in to but a gift for our neighbor’s dog. The space is big with everything you’d want from toys to biscuits to anything! They have a pet grooming station, a dog biscuit bar and sell small pets like fish, hamsters, birds and snakes!
George Thomas Wood, III
George Thomas Wood, III: Nice folks. We get our doggy daughters groomed there every 3 weeks or so. They are busy so sometimes it takes a while.
Joey Abrams
Joey Abrams: Pretty pedestrian big box pet store. Pet enclosures and tanks seem well managed and maintained. Online pickup order was ready and waiting when we arrived.
Chanpen Tee
Chanpen Tee: The store is nice and clean. The staff is friendly
Father Hood
Father Hood: The online prices are always different from in store. Once you reach your eight bag for free they do not give you your full credit which is a rip off. Will no longer be patronizing this company.
Cody Laliberte
Cody Laliberte: Asked for a trim around the legs and back end, but our dog ended up with a shaved stomach and butt. Didn’t see the stomach until we had left the store already - obvious hack job with clippers that shouldn’t have been used in the first place. Nothing is straight or even, totally choppy.
Linda Roe
Linda Roe: Staff K’Vina is outstanding. Her care for Chloe was phenomenal. Chloe responded very well to her

4. The Organic Butcher of McLean - McLean

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The Organic Butcher of McLean
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Address: 6712 Old Dominion Dr, McLean, VA 22101

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Thu

Telephone: (703) 790-8300

Business type: Butcher shop

The Organic Butcher of McLean: what do users think?
Fariba Zahory
Fariba Zahory: They are my new favorite butcher in the area! The meat here is so fresh and amazing! Just tried their lamb bacon and I’ll definitely be back for more! Staff is also super helpful with suggestions!
Response: Fariba, thank you so much for your kind words! We're so glad we're able to help you with making your selection - the lamb bacon is truly special. We hope to see you at the shop again soon! -Don
Susie Sylvester
Susie Sylvester: Ordered smoked ribs cooked in their egg one week prior to my event. Picked up and they gave me raw ribs instead. Pretty catastrophic if my event was same day. The response was not sympathetic and assumed I placed the incorrect order. I would give 1 star, but they did provide free rub and discount. Be careful for important orders. order
Response: Susie, I am so sorry we botched your order today. I completely understand your frustration since you had placed the order a week in advance. We will bend over backwards to make sure we accommodate order like yours but we clearly left out a big detail when your order was entered. We will certainly address this so it doesn't happen again. I am just relieved to hear that your event wasn't tonight and that you were willing to accept our offer of a free rub and a discount on fresh ribs. Please do reach out if you need tips on cooking We will pay more attention to details when taking orders so we can avoid mistakes like this. Thank you for coming in today and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. Sincerely, Don
Chandler Wilson
Chandler Wilson: Great quality varieties of meat and seafood for great prices. Not cheap, but more than fair for the quality you’re getting. Small selection of wines and various other goods such as eggs. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I’m not local but I’d be a regular if I was.
Response: Chandler, thanks for coming to see us at the OB! We're so glad to hear you were happy with our selection - we are always finding and getting great new, seasonal produce so we hope you'll stop by again soon. -Don
Kara Baker
Kara Baker: I had been scouring the tri-state area for some really great pork cheeks, and drove from Maryland to pick some up. Originally, my recipe had called for grilling them, but the person I spoke to over the phone recommended braising—genius! They were so tender and delicious, a new family favorite. I even combined the leftover braising liquid with some shiitake and kombu dashi for the base of a miso soup the next day, and it was amazing. Talk about a knowledgeable staff! I can’t wait to shop here again.
Dan C
Dan C: So far so good. Ordered items for pick up a couple times now. Everything has been good so far. Tied sausages, meat and wagyu tri tip. Ordered online and picked up at the store. Pick up personnel have been polite each time. Everything has been completed to order without issue thus far. Look forward to trying out other items.
Jonathan Sarmiento
Jonathan Sarmiento: Great place, best butcher in the area! Butchers are very knowledgeable and friendly. The only local butcher I’ve found that has 100% grass-fed filet mignon. Everything I’ve tried here has been if the highest quality and very delicious. Parking is limited and the inside gets cramped quickly as customers come in. Skip the line and order online for pickup or local delivery.
Response: Jonathan, thank you so much for visiting us and for the kind words! We're so glad to hear you enjoy our selection, and I absolutely love the grass-fed filet too! Looking forward to seeing you again soon. -Don
Byron Blanton
Byron Blanton: We ordered our duck and ham for this year’s holiday; it was our first order we placed with this magnificent business. When we arrived to pick up the preorder, customers were lined up for 2 blocks. Intelligently, they had setup a special entrance and line for preorders. All staff members were exceptional; the duck and ham were indescribably delicious. All carnivores must give this butcher shop a try. Thanks McLean Butcher shop for a fabulous dinner!
Response: Byron, thank you for trusting us with your holiday meal. We're so glad you enjoyed it and we are looking forward to seeing you at the shop again soon!

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