Best Pony Riding Places In Washington Near Me

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1. Rock Creek Park Horse Center - Washington

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Rock Creek Park Horse Center
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Address: 5100 Glover Rd NW, Washington, DC 20015

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 362-0117

Business type: Horseback riding service

Rock Creek Park Horse Center: what do users think?
Tom Foltz
Tom Foltz: Easy ride for small children. Ppl were very cordial
Умбетаева Эльмира
Умбетаева Эльмира: Amazing place with plenty what you can do! Golf, horse riding, hiking, biking and all of just breathing freshest air ever! love it!
Christine Goepfert
Christine Goepfert: I was recently looking for trail rides on a whim of curiosity, and I was so surprised to find this absolute gem in the district. It’s been years since I last rode, but I felt comfortable with a trail ride. The staff were great, the horse was a good gal, it was a lovely ride, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this experience. *book well in advance- their calendar gets filled up fast*
TSEMU: I was excited to take my kids to a pony ride when I first learned about this location. For a 15 minutes ride, never felt pressure to pay $22. It was planned months ahead and the expectation was high. Read reviews, watched pictures with my kids and built a fictitious picture of what it is gonna look. Finally, the day comes and we went there. First, there is nothing fancy like customer service, and second, it is like 7 minute ride for the kids and I walked on their side. So far, everything is fair. The biggest disappointment is the ride was on a horse, not a pony! My daughter was never happy to ride on a back of huge horse.

2. Wheaton Park Stables, Inc. - Wheaton-Glenmont

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Wheaton Park Stables, Inc.
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Address: 1101 Glenallan Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20902

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 9PM ⋅ Opens 6AM Thu

Telephone: (301) 622-2424

Business type: Horse riding school

Wheaton Park Stables, Inc.: what do users think?
Seth Grossman
Seth Grossman: What a great place to bring kids! I was meeting a friend with her two children (3 y.o. and new born) who were not yet vaccinated, so we wanted to find simplest outdoors where we could easily and safely social distance. This place was amazing. Easy parking, plenty of space to roam about, picnic tables and benches to sit on, and most importantly, the horses! It appeared as if they were offering lessons, but we were just there to enjoy the area and admire the horses in their pen. It was still a wonderful afternoon and a great place to meet up and enjoy the beauty of nature and the majestic horses!
Concerned Equestrian
Concerned Equestrian: If I could give this place less than one star I would. I rode here for 7 years and saw truly abusive behavior. In my first year of lessons my instructor told me I was not good enough to ride and was wasting my parent’s money. I was taught if a horse acted up to hit them as hard as I could. The horses are kept in standing stalls, tied up, unable to move. They are used for multiple hours a day until they are tired and over worked. There horses are skinny, miserable, and mistreated. Please do not give them any business.
Response: I'm sorry you had a bad experience. Our horses health and welfare are our number one priority. All of our horses diets and exercise levels are carefully monitored by our vets and nutritionists. Our horses are as happy as could be. We do not have any horses in standing stalls, every horse has a regular box stall with over 8 hours of turnout each day. If you have any concerns, please send us an email.
No Joke
No Joke: I’ve been riding at Wheaton for almost 7 years this barns is amazing for people who want to casually ride. The barns is very family like and you will make life long friends here. I truly love the memories I have made here. The owner is one of the nicest people I have meet she truly loves the students and horses.
SuperBlueEQ: I have been riding for over a year and a half here, best riding stables ever. Very affordable and right around the corner from my house. The horses are amazing. The trainers have helped me so much. I love the horses so much. Everyone is accepted. Sandy, who owns the barn, takes great care of the horses and staff. I totally recommend WPS to anyone who wants to ride and have fun.
Reese Holbrook
Reese Holbrook: Great barn! Horses are amazing i would give 4 and a half if i could because they do overuse some of their horses but its a great barn, big pastures, great horses, great arenas, for me but maybe not for you
Response: Thanks for your review! All of our horses only work as much as recommended to maintain their health by our vets and nutritionists.

3. Piscataway Riding Stables Inc - Prince George's County

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103 reviews
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Piscataway Riding Stables Inc
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Address: 10775 Piscataway Rd, Clinton, MD 20735

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (301) 297-9808

Business type: Horse riding school

Piscataway Riding Stables Inc: what do users think?
Anne Shaw-Hanson
Anne Shaw-Hanson: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueHad a fabulous time at Piscataway horse farm. The horses were happy and healthy. Everyone made me feel so special, going out of their way to make sure everyone had a special time. Facility and trails were great. A fun time was had by all. Thank you
Tiffanie Coleman
Tiffanie Coleman: This was my first time riding and it was absolutely AWESOME! The experience was even more beautiful going through the fall trees and leaves. I truly felt safe and in good hands. I’ll definitely be going back!
Afsaneh meftahi
Afsaneh meftahi: Great staff! Fabulous family time!It was our first riding experience and absolutely was wonderful horseback riding 🏇🏇Thank you!
MELISSA REID: My family and friends had an amazing time with the crew at Piscataway Riding Stable. We were all first time riders (12 of us) and the staff provided excellent guidance. Our trail ride was awesome-we will be back.
pavan kumar
pavan kumar: Positive: Communication, ProfessionalismAmazing experience riding champ and ben. Will do more horse riding here! Walk-in on Saturday and Sunday without appointment sounds flexible, you would not get disappointed. Totally recommend it.
Lizzy Taylor
Lizzy Taylor: Absolutely AMAZING!!! The staff welcomed my daughter for her 4th birthday!! She definitely had the royal treatment and was happy to be around and play with all the stables animals and the dogs! Definitely recommend for a nice outing, a family outing, a date or just to go! It’s amazing!
Lawanda Rowley
Lawanda Rowley: This was my first time horseback riding and i was terrified but by the time we finished the trail I felt like a cowgirl. Thanks to a great friendly staff.

4. Little Burgundy Farm - Rose Hill

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15 reviews
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Little Burgundy Farm
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Address: 5715 Sable Dr, Alexandria, VA 22303

Telephone: (571) 357-4330

Business type: Horse riding school

Little Burgundy Farm: what do users think?
virginie gimenez
virginie gimenez: My kids tried a summer camp and they loved it. It was focused on dressage. They were in the beginner’s class, which was perfect for their first time. They learned a lot and one of the main important thing about horse riding was to take care of the horse: feed him, clean him, groom him... I highly recommend it for first timer. I can’t judge for the older section but I bet it is as good.
Response: Virginie, Thank you for your review and pictures. I'm glad to hear your children enjoyed camp. We hope to see them again next year.
P Soriano
P Soriano: One of the last lesson barns in Fairfax County not far from Alexandria. The riding program is focused on dressage and provides good opportunities for shows. The stable is small with an outdoor round pen and outdoor riding arena that can accommodate up to 4 riders comfortably. Most lessons are private with a few group lessons offered. The horses and instructors are very good overall.
Response: Thank you very much for your comments. As a small, private farm, we do our best to share our little farm and provide riding opportunities to those in our local community. We always appreciate feedback on how we're doing.
Chloe Morton
Chloe Morton: My sister has been riding at LBF for about 1 year now. She enjoys spending time with the horses and helping out as a counselor during summer camp. The instructors are reliable, kind, and competent and many lesson times are always available. The summer camp director is very friendly and always happy to help the campers. LBF is very accessible from DC, MD, and VA. Our family would definitely recommend Little Burgundy Farm to riders of all different skill levels.
Rani Hammond
Rani Hammond: My daughter (9) and I (45+) both ride at this barn! We have had a good experience with the trainers and the support staff. We have a regular time slot each week and can pick up extras as available. The horses are great and their is good variety in the selection. I would highly recommend this barn
Mara Winn
Mara Winn: My daughter, 11, has been riding here for about 2 1/2 years now. We love her instructor Barbara as well as the horses. Little Burgundy Farm has been a great place for her to learn to ride.
James Andors
James Andors: A wonderful stable with happy horses and knowledgeable staff.
Elsie Fisher
Elsie Fisher: Love the barn and the staff
Response: Thank you for your rating. We try hard to meet the needs of our riding club members and appreciate any constructive feedback to make us better.
Gacha__ Dreams
Gacha__ Dreams: Horse
Mohsen Almihdhar
Mohsen Almihdhar: Very organized

5. Potomac Horse Center - North Potomac

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79 reviews
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Potomac Horse Center
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Address: 14211 Quince Orchard Rd, North Potomac, MD 20878

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 9PM ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

Telephone: (301) 208-0200

Business type: Stable

Potomac Horse Center: what do users think?
Ellie Valkenburg
Ellie Valkenburg: I went here a few years ago and sure i got to ride but if i stayed there i would be walking/trotting over poles, i went to this other place (which is AMAZING) and had to fix so much bad habits! I am now jumping at a great position. Sure its a good - looking stable but what would you want a good - looking stable or can ACTUALLY ride really well. I would pick the second one. The staff is ok but not great, i recommend a different place where it does not take you like 8 years or so to get to jumping. I was here for 2 - 3 years and was just canter, trot, walk. In UNDER a year I am working on a great position and learning courses. This is WAY over priced and if you want to be trotting and walking over poles after 4 - 8 something years be my guest but I sure will not be doing that.
Jules Palmer
Jules Palmer: Genuinely based off of friendliness and kindness itself, the lady at the desk on November first was really unpleasant and seemed highly annoyed with the 70 seconds it took me to ask her if I could take photos because my sisters used to ride here. I under stand they can’t let people do that because people board their horses here. But the way you tell the message matters. The property is lovely.
Sean Liu
Sean Liu: Great place to learn about horses and see some of them in action!
Yanping Zhang
Yanping Zhang: Potomac Horse center is a wonderful place for young riders (or maybe adult riders too)! My daughter has been riding for 4 years, we started at Potomac Horse Center about two years ago, and she loves the experience, so we switched to PHC officially last year. The instructors are great, staffs are very friendly, the horses are awesome! She already had a few favorite horses... and considering doing shows and competitions... For the people who really loves horses, this is a great place to ride and connect to them...
James Thompson
James Thompson: I would classify Potomac Horse Center as a factory assembly line of horse training, which is sad because our daughter was really excited about the program. The 30 minute lessons are typically more like 15 mins of actual riding, which does not lend itself to familiarity for a young rider. There is little to no focus on safety or providing the basic skills required for a child to learn how to properly ride horses or be around them in general. Multiple horses are known to try to take advantage of younger, smaller kids, yet the “instructors” don’t pay attention. They’re too busy checking their cell phones to notice. Our daughter was hit twice in the face by a horse. She is five. The response from two employees...”oh he does that to the smaller kids.” Not the answer we want to hear when our daughter is excited about riding and we are paying for appropriate instruction. Sadly, we will not be taking our daughter back to this location. Our daughter is scared of the horses, and we have no faith in the instruction at PHC. I don’t know if there is an accreditation for riding instruction, but this place should not have one. What a waste of money and time. The worst part is how it affected our daughter’s desire to ride or be around horses. Hopefully, another riding center will give her the attention, instruction, and most importantly safety she deserves.

6. Woodland Horse Center

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19 reviews
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Woodland Horse Center
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Address: 16301 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20905

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Thu

Telephone: (301) 421-9156

Business type: Horse riding school

Woodland Horse Center: what do users think?
Trisha Gupta
Trisha Gupta: I am a intermediate rider, who started riding again as an adult after a major horse related accident. I had spoken with the stable about prioritizing safety as I have spinal stenosis. I wanted a class that worked on a strong seat that was not competative. They put me in an A2 riding class on a challenging mount third lesson in. The horse had bad ground manners and did throw me. Accidents happen and riders fall, but this horse was a terrible fit for me. I was badly injured. I have a concussion, ripped discs and more stenosis. I will not be able to ride again. Considering that I had told them about my situation and was not interested in competition riding - I did not think they heard me at all. And to make things worse the issues with the horse escalated and I should have gotten off. But the instructor did not seem to have time to address the problems in the class. But in general, I was willing to pay for privates or therapeutic lessons. There judgement was awful. And they really have hurt my quality of everyday life. Ride at a school that handles safety better. I competed for 16 years, and I have encountered better schools.
alex RosIn
alex RosIn: My 6 yr the of daughter did a one wk camp. This was her first time riding and taking care of horses. She loved it. The lady running it Karen her assistant Cathryn, and volunteer helpers were all excellent, very caring and really made this a fantastic experience. Our daughter is already asking to return
Ashley Christian
Ashley Christian: Wonderful place with great horses. They have an intro lesson every Sunday at 1 pm, but you must arrive on time, just like to anything else that has a set time....the staff is super knowledgeable and friendly, the facilities give an old rustic feel to the place, feels like home
Gisele Hawkins
Gisele Hawkins: It’s always fun and an adventure there! There’s lots of things to do, nice horses and people everywhere you turn. There’s events, party’s and always a chance to meet or learn something new.
La CubanadeMatanzas
La CubanadeMatanzas: I have been going to this ranch for yeers and this is where I learned to ride. IMO its the best in Maryland
Mauricio Veiga
Mauricio Veiga: i ride there and it is the best stable ever and vary nice and prety hroses
Giles Jacknain
Giles Jacknain: Easily the best place for riding lessons in the DMV!

7. Tamarack Stables - Fairfax County

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161 reviews
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Tamarack Stables
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Address: 9905 Old Colchester Rd, Lorton, VA 22079

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 9PM ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

Telephone: (703) 339-5160

Business type: Horse boarding stable

Tamarack Stables: what do users think?
David Dudley
David Dudley: We love Tamarack Stables! And, we have had nothing but positive experiences there. My daughter came with some experience, but since she began taking lessons here, her riding and confidence has grown. Madeleine’s ability to control the horse is now intentional, and her general knowledge of the ring and understanding of why she is being asked to do certain things has reached new levels. Some horses are better than others, but that’s everywhere you go. And, Ms. Courtney, her instructor, teaches my daughter and the other girls the way I would teach them if I could. I highly recommend this place if you want to learn how to ride and care for a horse. It is also a great place for children to learn personal responsibility.
Amy Tux
Amy Tux: Everyone here: trainers, people, kids, owners, are all very rude. It is impossible to get a response unless you go there directly, so don’t even try. The owners are so very rude. The horses are worked 3 times a day every day and given poor turn out in muddy areas. Harsh bits are used in the hands of beginner lesson students who have not learned how to have soft hands. Lesson students are jumping+cantering before learning the basics of riding. This is unsafe for horses and riders. One time, the horse my daughter was riding refused a jump. She is older know and has learned that it was her fault for not sending clear signals. The trainer had her halt the horse in front of the jump and whack it with a crop. These horses were practically abused for not responding to rider error. How are you going to punish a horse for not being a mind reader and doing exactly what you want, before you tell the rider how to communicate with them? Awful business and people. My daughter had never been more uncomfortable to the point where she was scarred to ride. If you ever didn’t feel comfortable with a horse or a jump height, they would force you to do it anyways with little to no assistance. My daughter was once in a stall with a horse called Rusty, who kicked and tried to bite her. This was so very dangerous and no one tried to tell her or help her before she almost got kicked, so she had to go get someone. How can you give a beginner rider a dangerous horse with no warning that they might kick you while tacking up? Do not recommend whatsoever.
Smells Bad
Smells Bad: Horrible horrible barn. Even if you’re doing a trail ride. Horses are let to roam free in the barn, others are left in a muddy paddock where their hooves are cracked. Most of them are malnourished. Tried to schedule a lesson and one of the people working there was very sweet, proceeded to explain to me that the owner was not. Most of the people “working” are children that drag around brooms and stare at you uncomfortably, turns out most of them are somehow related to the owner. The barn itself is disgusting and only the paths are remotely cleaned. Went to watch the lesson going on and there was someone who seemed to be well versed on a horse, and another that could barely post in the trot, both were jumping 2-3 feet. I wouldn’t go here if it was the last place I would ever get on a horse. Horrific practice and horrible business. Can’t believe I was recommended this place. Pros: potbelly pig
Meagan Gregory
Meagan Gregory: We had an awesome trail ride experience today. The introduction to the horses was safe an efficient, and the wranglers took care to make sure we knew how to handle the animals. The actual ride was a beautiful walk through the woods and across a large creek behind the stables. Our guide, Grant (I think?), did an *amazing* job coaching my seven-year-old, inexperienced rider through the ride. This was my daughter’s first solo ride so she was a little nervous at first, but our guide talked to her the entire time and made her feel comfortable and safe. She spent the rest of the day talking about how much fun she had. My parents and I are more experienced with horses and we also had a wonderful time. The trek across the creek was a highlight, for sure, especially when the horses started playing in the water! We will definitely be back!
Warren Graves
Warren Graves: Tamarack Stables gave our family a wonderful riding experience. Our teenage girls were asked to brush the horses first, and we watched all their apprehensions turn to smiles and admiration for the beautiful horses. We were quickly instructed on the necessary techniques, and enjoyed a marvelous ride along their natural, scenic trails with exciting and varying terrain and landscapes, including a wide creek crossing. Our guide was friendly, personable and professional. We even got to enjoy the company of Brandy, the Australian cattle dog, who frolicked along our trek and entertained us with her frequent dips in creeks along the way. I would recommend Tamarack Stables to everyone! W. Graves
Kane Able
Kane Able: My wife and I had a amazing anniversary ride. The trail is gorgeous and the trail guides are very helpful, understanding and professional.I plan to return and ride with them again.

8. Center Peace Farm - Lanham-Seabrook

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10 reviews
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Center Peace Farm
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Address: 9020 Howser Ln, Lanham, MD 20706

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

Telephone: (917) 686-5071

Business type: Horseback riding service

Center Peace Farm: what do users think?
Ebony Sanders
Ebony Sanders: By far the most peaceful, tranquil, and inviting place in the area for therapy and horse fun. Lyndi is so sweet, a powerhouse and great with the trainees. My 11 year old absolutely love it. I enjoy just being in the atmosphere with the sounds of the horses, birds, chickens, roosters…😊
Bonnie Erbe
Bonnie Erbe: Lyndi is the best h/j trainer there is and so much more! An expert on human and horse anatomy, she can teach you so much more than most trainers know. She is kind and honest, which are somewhat rare traits in this field
Maria Lopes
Maria Lopes: Great place for all people to enjoy horses. Fantastic hunter/jumper training for all levels, beginner to advanced. Center Peace Farm strives to add value to horse and rider through a holistic approach. You can benefit from essential oil classes, yoga, and wellness educational series all held right at the farm. This is truly a great place for people looking for peace through horses.
Mandy S
Mandy S: A little slice of heaven right off 450. Beautiful location and the horses are amazing. So well mannered. Chickens clucking around and Blaze the boxer horsing around with his jolly ball. A great place to get away and learn about animals and getting back to nature.
Harleykins: Ive ridden here since 2006! Lyndi is amazing! Do your self a favor and book your intro lesson!

9. Reddemeade Equestrian Center

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24 reviews
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Reddemeade Equestrian Center
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Address: 1701 Ednor Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20905

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Thu

Telephone: (301) 421-4481

Business type: Horse riding school

Reddemeade Equestrian Center: what do users think?
Eli Levine
Eli Levine: I have been riding here for about a year now and I love it. The lessons are affordable and the instructors and super friendly and wonderful. The rest of the barn staff is also amazing, from the people doing stalls to the people working the office. I strongly recommend coming here for horse riding lessons!
Diane Yateman
Diane Yateman: I have been riding at Reddemeade Equestrian Center since 2010 and I can’t imagine riding anywhere else. The riding program and EquiShare are great. There are a variety of instructors for all levels of riding. There are both private and group lessons throughout the day. The horses are wonderful and again great for all level of riders.
Janet Condino
Janet Condino: I took lessons here quite a while ago and I thought this center was really great. The school horses were more than adequate and there were riders who had access to better horses (which they did not own) through a special program. I thought the instructors not only knew how to ride but they knew how to teachand I even have a couple of ribbons I won. To helped defray the cost of two lessons/week I swept and tidies the main barn after my last lesson. At one point we had a visitor who taught every one who was interested how to do an equine massage - it was wonderful to see the horse you were working on relax under your hands!
Rene Vidal
Rene Vidal: We bought a two-week summer camp experience for our daughter at Reddemeade Equestrian Center. As they did not have availability for two consecutive weeks, they gave us two separate weeks. Some time after my daughter had already completed the camp, they called us to ask for $50 because the weeks were not contiguous. I found this business practice quite unprofessional.
Response: I'm sorry you had a bad experience with a bookkeeping snafu. Some changes got miscommunicated when we reorganized from the shut down.
Ellie Hoskyn
Ellie Hoskyn: They have a great working student program for people who are experienced enough to work for a group lesson. I have have been at the barn for about 5 years and have been in the working student program for about 4 years. I have learnt a lot about horses through this program and have had more opportunities to be able to ride and improve on my riding.
Log Deleon
Log Deleon: I purchased a Groupon for an hour lesson for my daughter. The staff was unprofessional the instructor Ingrid was very rude because we were five minutes late and wanted to cut the training to half an hour, I insisted to get what I had paid for. Nevertheless I DON’T recommend this place and I urge you not to waste your money on any training at this place. There are far better places than this dump.
Response: I'm sorry that you had a bad experience. We ask people to arrive at least 15 minutes early out of respect to the instructor and the people who may have the lesson following yours. This way you have plenty of time to fill out paperwork so that your lesson can start and finish on time. We cannot run lessons late because there are other clients waiting for that Horse or that instructor and it is especially not fair to our ongoing clients.
Megan Lilly
Megan Lilly: I called and left messages enquiring about advanced riding lessons at several stables within a 20mile radius of downtown Silver Spring. The first, and only barn to call back was Readdymead! I got a great a great 100% free introduction group lesson where the instructors were great!
Kamilah Carlisle
Kamilah Carlisle: The barn was nice enough. However, the instructor lost track of time and we were unable to jump. She capitalized on us being 5 mins late and had no intention on delivering an advanced lesson. Very unprofessional.

10. Misty Brae Farm LLC and Pony Club Riding Center - Loudoun County

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16 reviews
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Misty Brae Farm LLC and Pony Club Riding Center
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Address: 40295 New Rd, Aldie, VA 20105

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 9PM ⋅ Opens 7AM Thu

Telephone: (703) 403-6422

Business type: Horseback riding service

Misty Brae Farm LLC and Pony Club Riding Center: what do users think?
Amani Zayed
Amani Zayed: The owner Tori, instructor Joanne, and the ponies are all nice. However, avoid signing up a lesson with Megan, she is unprofessional and is not friendly.
Maria Winters
Maria Winters: My twins (11 years old) have been at Misty Brae since the summer of 2014. We started out by participating in the week long Summer Camps. Immediately my girls were hooked on the farm and the horses!!! I attended a the 2014 Winter and 2015 Spring Break Camp, then signed them both up for group lessons. Since April 2015 my girls have been in a one-hour a week group lesson. The instructor is awesome and very knowledgeable about dressage, jumping, horses, and the farm. She has really given my girls a passion for riding and a desire to learn more about horses, jumping, safety, and riding confidence. It is wonderful to see them succeed and want to learn more. My girls love the lesson and practice time! BUT -- what I like MOST about MISTY BRAE is the overall FAMILY environment. The farm owners, the instructors, the horse owners, the helpers, the camp moms, and the girls.....are all family. It is an environment that is safe, nurturing, caring, and promotes development. I cannot say enough about the staff and families at Misty Brae. I feel each and every one of them accepts horses and riding with an open heart. I am very happy at Misty Brae! Come check them out!!!
Bailey Moriarty
Bailey Moriarty: It is a wonderful stable where both of my girls grew up and learned to ride and become amazing horseman. She teaches them all aspects of riding and caring for horses. Has a great leasing program too so the kids can ride often and improve their skills quickly. And she has a wide variety horses and ponies for everyone level and stage of riding. And the camps are so much fun.
Karwan Zebari
Karwan Zebari: Very nice place for hose boarding. Compost. And having lids enjoy the scenery. Incredible people (owners) with so much passion.
Megan Rotzler
Megan Rotzler: Misty brae is like family to me. I love it so much.

11. Serendipity Horse Meadows Farm

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17 reviews
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Serendipity Horse Meadows Farm
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Address: 17907 Spielman Rd, Fairplay, MD 21733

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

Telephone: (301) 514-5671

Business type: Horse riding school

Serendipity Horse Meadows Farm: what do users think?
Niroj S
Niroj S: We stopped by to see some horses because our daughter is big fan. Karen and her team were super friendly and patient. They showed us everything, including 3 month old foals, goats, chicken, cats, calves..... We are super excited to go back. Thank you again
Lisa Rhodes
Lisa Rhodes: Today my granddaughter, her best friend, (both 10 yrs old), and myself, the grandmother, went on a trail ride at Serpendipity. May I say, it was simply perfect! Our trail ride instructors, Shane and Sierra, were amazing! They were friendly and very professional from the beginning to the end. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous! There were all kinds of farm animals that they allowed us to interact with. The horses were so well behaved! As I said, the day was perfect! We highly recommend Serpendipity to everyone!
Michael Arnel
Michael Arnel: Wonderful horse farm. We brought our cub scout pack for a weekend of camping and horse work. Deanne was amazing.
Karen Randolph
Karen Randolph: Deanna and the girls are very good at what they do. Those girls work so hard. Deanna is super nice and very specific when giving us our lesson.
ldub: Everything about Serendipity Horse Meadows Farm was an amazing experience. The location is perfect and everyone is so nice, knowledgeable and really care about all of the animals on the farm. This was our first time riding but Shane and his girlfriend (sorry I cannot remember her name) really made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process. They show you how to brush the horse, put the saddle on them, and show you how to control the horse. They lead you around a circle track to get you comfortable with the horse before taking you on the trail. I wish I would have known about this place years ago, but now that I do we will make this an annual summer time activity. If you’re looking to try horseback riding for the first time this is definitely the place for you! Thanks again for a great afternoon Serendipity Horse Meadows Farm!
Gwehyr: The owners are nice and friendly, the horses are very well trained. The baby animals are adorable, and the cats are very friendly. The dust coloured cat (aka the "orange" cat) is actually Loki, the god of trickery and mischief, and will lie to you about wanting pats on his side when he lays down. He is a liar and is not be trusted, unless he is standing up on his feet.
Nicoleta Pribag
Nicoleta Pribag: We came here to ride horses for the first time. All the people here are amazing and so are the horses and the environment. Friendly horses and friendly staff. They helped us ride the horse no problem. 10/10
Shane Minor
Shane Minor: Definitely recommend coming! All ages are allowed and everybody is extremely nice, horses are trained very good, and it is a awesome experience!
Gary Aschenbach
Gary Aschenbach: Youll not find anyone to give your horse the same meticulous care and personal attention as Meg does. She cares for them as if they are her own. The farm is magnificent with multiple pastures, trails and indoor arena for all weather riding. Seeing is believing.

12. Magic Mountain Farms - Frederick County

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37 reviews
new review
Magic Mountain Farms
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Address: 151 Magic Mountain Rd, Winchester, VA 22602

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (540) 336-4267

Business type: Horse riding school

Magic Mountain Farms: what do users think?
Salman Latif Khalil
Salman Latif Khalil: Simply love this place. I`m learning horse back riding and constantly improving. My instructor Jess is amazing and very nice. Probably the best in Winchester, VA
Danika Lagorio
Danika Lagorio: Magic Mountain Stables lives up to its name! We had a spellbinding adventure thanks to the amazing staff and the most glorious happy trail horses ever. We took my sister and her family trail riding for her birthday and it was so beautiful and memorable. The staff really takes care to make sure that adults and children are safe and happy. Everyone should experience magic mountain stables at least once!
Anne Kirk
Anne Kirk: My daughter Runa loves coming and training with all the cool teen girls who work here. They’re all very capable trainers and take good care of her. Special shoutout to Claire, Runa’s favorite instructor. We’re so happy we found this farm for beginner lessons!
Tanya Giacchina
Tanya Giacchina: Wonderful experience! Very nice instructor and beautiful horses. We will definatley be back.
126Boxing: Trails, staff and horses were all an awesome time! We took our two kids, 5 and 7, and they were very accomodating to both of them. Very patient and can tell that they genuinely love what they do. They went out of their way to make sure that everyone was set and felt comfortable to ride before leaving the stables. Trail ride was just as great. Even at the end of the ride they let the kids take off the saddles/tack and brush the horses. Kids had a blast. Highly recommended.
Don: We took our 12 year old granddaughter for a ride and she had a great time . Charlotte was great and the horse’s were gentle

13. Royal Horseshoe Farm Inc - Warren County

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79 reviews
new review
Royal Horseshoe Farm Inc
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Address: 509 Morgan Ford Rd, Front Royal, VA 22630

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM Thu

Telephone: (540) 636-6375

Business type: Horse boarding stable

Royal Horseshoe Farm Inc: what do users think?
David Yauch
David Yauch: Great folks, very nice casual trail ride over creeks & thru beautiful forest (walk only), suitable for any rider or first timer. Very good at matching horses & riders, reasonable rates, & they have very happy horses, well cared for & treated kindly. Highly recommend!
Response: David, so glad we have your recommendation! It's great to hear our skilled team members and fun rides both impressed you. We'd love to have you visit us for another ride sometime soon! -Charles Asper, Owner
Critina Perez
Critina Perez: This was absolutely fantastic. If you on the fence about which place to go this is your cue to make an appointment with them. The trail ride is beautiful, with some hills, meadows and even crossing a River. The stables were clean and organized and ready to receive us. They matched us with our horses according to our riding experience, and we both got fantastic horses. They also reminded us of the basics to help them stay on and enjoy their ride. Our trail ride instructor was Heather and she was incredible! Definitely recommend asking for her. Very experienced rider and clearly with a love of horses. The views were beautiful and a very fun trail to ride. Highly recommend it!
Response: Critina, beautiful views and a fun trail is all that you need! We're so glad that you enjoyed your trail ride with us and appreciated Heather's expertise. Whenever you're around, we'd love to take you on another ride! -Charles Asper, Owner
ROGER “2 Wheels 2 Eat” ROMEO
ROGER “2 Wheels 2 Eat” ROMEO: Very accommodating. Grandpa promised granddaughter a horseback ride. They were open by appointment only, but they figured a way to let her ride and it was not something they had to do. Nice people
Response: Roger, so happy to see this! Even though we run by appointments, we'd never want to keep someone from enjoying a ride. It's great to hear that you appreciated our accommodating team. We'd love to have you back again soon! -Charles Asper, Owner
Coraline: Fantastic fun! The drive to this trail ride alone was so enjoyable. The stables were clean and organized and ready to receive us. They matched us with our horses according to our riding experience. They advised the inexperienced riders of the basics to help them stay on and enjoy their ride. Our trail ride instructor was a sweet young lady. Very experienced rider and clearly with a love of horses. She was great with instructions and leading the ride. The views were beautiful and a very fun trail to ride. Highly recommend to anyone considering this as a fun option!!
Response: I couldn't ask for better feedback about your experience here, Coraline! I'm so glad that you enjoyed coming by to ride the trails with us. Thank you for the kind words of support! If you're ever inclined to come back, we'd love to have you anytime. -Charles Asper, Owner
Vielda Robinson
Vielda Robinson: This was so much fun. I took my 2 teenage daughters and they loved it. We were informed on how to turn our horses, how to dodge trees, how to stop a horse if it tore off running, how to stop them, how to back up, how to go up hill and down hill. Not to let them eat while on the trail. Because of this great experience my 16 year old is seeking lessons and a summer job working with horses. We will definitely be back with a larger group. Thanks Heather and Rose.
Response: It makes me smile to hear how much you and your daughters enjoyed coming by for the trail ride, Vielda! Thank you for taking a minute to share some kind words of support for our farm and our employees. I absolutely look forward to hosting you all again in the future! -Charles Asper, Owner
cliff diver
cliff diver: When we got there I was a little skeptical, but I was completely wrong. The owner and staff were great, very knowledgeable and experienced and the horses were amazing! The horse I rode was a beast,, but he was so cool to ride.. My daughter and I had the best time there! We are definitely going back and would recommend that you go. Beginner or experienced rider it is well worth the trip. A great thank you to all the staff for ending our trip in such a great way. 👍👍.
Response: It's great to hear that you and your daughter had a blast on your ride! Between our experienced guides and our well-behaved horses, you can rest assured that you're in good hands -- and hooves. We'd love to welcome the both of you back in the future! -Charles Asper, Owner
Horse Maiden
Horse Maiden: It was a great day....what a nice not boring ride.....the trail is up down and all around...really fun
Response: It's never a boring ride with us! So glad that our fun trail ride really impressed you. Come back and visit us again soon for another great day! -Charles Asper, Owner

14. Skyland Stables - Madison County

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10 reviews
new review
Skyland Stables
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Address: Skyland Upper Loop, Luray, VA 22835

Telephone: (877) 847-1919

Business type: Horseback riding service

Skyland Stables: what do users think?
Ryan: This place is great. I took my girlfriend and we had such a perfect ride through the park. The staff were so friendly and seemed to really care about the animals. If you’re planning a trip to Shenandoah or Skyland I’d put this as a must. Just be prepared for a saddle sore the next day or two.
Chad Yiengst
Chad Yiengst: Friendly staff and reasonable prices, at least for the pony rides. Our kids love the ponies even though they just take them around the stable. The same staff member has been giving them rides on the same pony for the last three years and it is their favorite part of annual trip to the park.
Jessica Hodges
Jessica Hodges: The girls absolutely loved their ride and the guides are very knowledgeable and kind. The horses, we’ll be sure to give Sugarfoot a snuggle for us!
Tamijo Sarver
Tamijo Sarver: Loved the whole experience!
Douglas Tyler
Douglas Tyler: Not easy to find the place so leave extra time. Staff was very nice and they are extremely caring of the horses. The horses were easy to manage.
nebiyu ermias
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15. Marriott Ranch Trail Rides - Fauquier County

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52 reviews
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Marriott Ranch Trail Rides
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Address: 4439 Fiery Run Rd, Linden, VA 22642

Telephone: (540) 364-3741

Business type: Horseback riding service

Marriott Ranch Trail Rides: what do users think?
Brian Roda
Brian Roda: Ms. Jean is one of the best humans I have ever encountered. She is extremely personable and makes the trail rides very unique. Her sense of humor, equestrian expertise, and calmness all contributed to a very enjoyable trail ride. I worked with her to setup a proposal ride and I couldn’t have been more impressed with her communication before the event, her organization day of, and how accommodating she was. I changed the time of the ride 3 different times and she was very easy to work with. The proposal went very well and Ms. Jean was a integral part of that. The property is beautiful and the horses are well cared for. I hadn’t ridden a horse in over 10 years and it was easy to grasp it again thanks to Ms. Jean’s memorable instructions and my horse being very docile. I would highly recommend her trail rides to anyone.
Kathleen Ross
Kathleen Ross: I am SO very impressed by this facility and Jean French! I have been to many barns over the last 40+ years and I have to say, this one is top notch. I love that Jean takes the time to educate all the guests about horse behavior and mentality. She is also very careful to chose the right horse for the rider. My husband has never been on a horse before and had a lot of fear and anxiety. Jean was so patient and encouraging with him. Today he had his second lesson with her, followed by his first trail ride, which he really enjoyed. Thank you Jean, for finding a non-threatening way to introduce my husband to something I have always been passionate about! I would encourage anyone who is interested in learning to ride to book a session at Marriott Ranch with Jean ❤️
John Noren
John Noren: My wife and I went on a private group trail ride today. Jean was so welcoming, knowledgeable, patient and encouraging. We had a great time. The horses were sweet and easy to ride. Great atmosphere to enjoy the area. Highly recommend it if you want to have a wonderful time.
Hunt Taylor
Hunt Taylor: Great people. Trail ride was a bit slow for anyone with experience but still great scenery and nice horses.
Rania Hanna
Rania Hanna: Friendly wranglers and the horses were great. First time riders and we felt comfortable and enjoyed the whole ride.
C H: Jean and her team run a first class operation. The level of care and respect accorded the horses is amazing, and shows in every conceivable way. Enjoyable and relaxing, great place to relax and reboot.

16. Jordan Hollow Stables - Page County

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212 reviews
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Jordan Hollow Stables
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Address: 657 Pine Grove Rd, Stanley, VA 22851

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Thu

Telephone: (540) 778-2623

Business type: Horseback riding service

Jordan Hollow Stables: what do users think?
Rachel LeCroix
Rachel LeCroix: Jordan hollow stables is a great place for horseback riding in the Shenandoah Valley for tourists and locals alike. My husband and I went on a ride while on a recent trip to Virginia and it was great. The owners and instructors were very knowledgeable and friendly. The horses were also very friendly and sweet and they made the ride very enjoyable. The trails were hidden away which made for a very peaceful and relaxing experience. I would definitely recommend them for anyone wanting to do riding in the area.
Response: Hi Rachel, Thank you so much for your kind review. We are so glad you had a wonderful time. If I remember you both were celebrating your Anniversary that day🎉❤️🐴🎊🤠❤️🎉🐴🤠 Glad you had such a wonderful time. Happy Trails Lisa 🤠🐴
Catherine Wood
Catherine Wood: Me, my sister, and friend did a ride at this stable. The owner Lisa and guide Molly were great. We had a peaceful ride in the woods with another couple and there daughter. I highly recommend this stable. Horses are well taken care of and well trained on the trails. Will definitely stop in again if in the area. Friendly service and a smile.. loved it❤️
Response: Hi Catherine! Thank you so much for your kind words! We were so very happy you, your sister and friend had such a good time! You even beat the rain! Have a wonderful Spring! Hope you visit again soon! Happy Trails, Lisa and Molly🤠🐴🤠🐴
Kelli Maxcy
Kelli Maxcy: We LOVED our experience at Jordan Hollow!! We made a last minute decision to go horseback riding and when we called, only hours before the 1:30 time slot, Lisa was more than willing to accommodate us. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a very energetic, cheerful young lady, Miss. Ella. Both Ella and owner, Woody, were very professional and friendly while going over the basics of riding. We were lucky enough to have a private ride, as it was just the two of us and our guide, Ella. During our ride, we were fortunate enough to spot numerous deer up close and personal. Ella sure does have an eye for spotting those deer!! We will definitely be coming back here again next year, we HIGHLY recommend Jordan Hollow Stables! Kelli and George from Virginia Beach
Response: Hi Kelli, I am so very glad you had a great ride with us! Ella is a wonderful guide! I knew she would show you both a great time! Merry Christmas and Happy Trails!🤠🐴🎄🎁 Lisa, Woody And Eleanor
Hannah Knowles
Hannah Knowles: I highly recommend visiting Jordan Hollow Stables to anyone who is interested in becoming more familiar with riding a horse, or simply for a fun experience. My significant other and I visited last weekend for the first time, and we couldn’t have been happier with our time there. We reserved a private ride through the trails and had a great time with our horses Jack and Cash, and also with our awesome guide, Reagan. Reagan was friendly, professional, and did a great job helping us feel comfortable on our horses and checking in on us throughout the ride. Lisa, the owner was also very friendly, professional, and helpful during our reservation setup. We would love to come back again!
Response: Hello Hannah! Thank you so much for you kind review on your riding experience with us. I am so glad you both had such a wonderful time! Cash and Jack are true buddies. They hang out in the field and graze check to cheek. We are so proud of Raegan she loves her job and takes it very seriously. I am so proud of our horses and staff and our guest are so kind to our horses.that’s what makes them a great enjoyable ride. Happy Trails Lisa🤠🐴
Amy Faulk
Amy Faulk: My husband, daughter and I went today and had Molly as our guide. What an awesome young lady. Very polite and went above and beyond to make sure our experience was amazing. I highly recommend this place. Looking forward to returning in 2022 with my grand daughter.
Response: Hi Amy, Thank you for your kind review! Molly was my first riding student in 2006 and followed me around my stables volunteering as a young child until she was old enough to take rides out. She has been here at our stables for 16 years and has earned her position as assistant Barn Manager and head guide. She has been such a delight to have. I am so glad you and your family had such a great time with us. We are looking forward for you to bring your granddaughter when you visit us again! Happy Trails and Happy New Year! 🤠🐴❤️🎉🎊 🤠🐴 Business owner, Lisa Cubbage
Tabetha Wilsher
Tabetha Wilsher: The highlight of our Easter weekend trip was when we went to Jordan Hollow Stables in Stanley, VA for a private 1 1/2 hour trail ride. Besides horses, they had 2 pigmy goats, a peacock and 2 friendly Great Pyrenees dogs who were brother and sister! All the horses were beautiful, well cared for and loved. I rode Colorado, my husband Mike rode Swift, my daughter Alli rode Tonto and my daughter Jenna rode Dream. Our young guide was very nice and talked about interesting things as we rode the trail including the background of the horses we were riding. We got to see a family of deer and they were not scared of us they just watched us as we rode paste. The most exciting thing was we got to trot our horses about 10 times during the ride and the horses loved it! The owner was very nice to us and the whole staff was super friendly. I highly recommend doing this if you visit the area. We hope we can do this again sometime soon.
Response: Hi Tabetha! Thank you so Michael for your very kind words the pictures are amazing! I shared them on or Facebook page! I am so glad you had a great time! We hope you join us again soon! Happy Trails! Lisa, Woody and all the guides!🤠🤠🤠🤠🐴🐴🐴🐴
M. Mietzner
M. Mietzner: Absolutely wonderful. A beautiful experience. Novice to trail riding, and received easy to follow instructions. Ride lasted just over 1.5 hours. Was grateful for the few extra minutes. Guides were lovely, knowledgeable and provided good conversation on Page County history. Will definitely visit again
Response: Thank you so much for riding with us today and your kind comments about our Trail rides. It was indeed our pleasure. It was a beautiful day! Happy Trails, Lisa and Molly🐴🤠

17. Legacy Riding Stables - Sayreville

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158 reviews
new review
Legacy Riding Stables
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Address: 3333 Bordentown Ave, Parlin, NJ 08859

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Thu

Telephone: (732) 727-3838

Business type: Horseback riding service

Legacy Riding Stables: what do users think?
Anacary de Jesus
Anacary de Jesus: We had such a great time. Amazing experience... Liz, Maria and the staff were so attentive and supportive as we had a large group with a disabled person and a very nervous child. Would definitely go again. I cannot recommend this place enough.
Stephanie Popielarczyk
Stephanie Popielarczyk: Excellent stable for trail rides! Beautiful scenery, great guide, and very well taken care of horses. Also farm animals for the kids to pet.Will definitely be going back and highly recommend 👍
Lucy Rushing
Lucy Rushing: We had an amazing time!! Jan was super!!! Thank you for making our first experience fun! We were scared and nervous but the staff took great care of us!!
Max: Great service! Awesome trainers and always good time there. Kids loved it!
patrick miller
patrick miller: We had to wait 45 minutes past when our reserved time for the trail ride was set. The experience for my daughter and her friends was 10 out of 10. Although we had to wait, there was a lot for the girls to do, including exploring in the woods, petting pigs and watching the goats and chickens. The staff was very helpful and was great with the girls. Aside from the late and loads of salt in the late appointment, I have no hesitation to recommending legacy stables.
Margaret Schock
Margaret Schock: My friend and I had a GREAT TRAIL RIDE with a very nice guide. Everyone we met was friendly and the horses and tack are in terrific shape. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we booked another ride before we left.

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