Best Places To Sell Second Hand Books In Washington Near Me

Second Story Books Capitol Hill Books Reston's Used Book Shop The Lantern Bookshop Second Story Books Kensington Row Bookshop Lost City Books Loyalty Bookstore East City Bookshop One More Page Books Friends of the Library Bookstore Kramers Politics and Prose at The Wharf MahoganyBooks Big Planet Comics Sankofa Video Books & Caf茅 Fantom Comics The Potter's House GW Campus Store Barnes & Noble

1. Second Story Books - Washington

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2000 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036, United States

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Second Story Books: what do users think?

Jereth Tolentino: You can definitely get stuck inside this place for hours if you鈥檙e in to rare books. The staff is great and very helpful. Love the location and the building. I will definitely be coming back every time im in the area.

James Bacon: Excellent used bookstore. They know their books and have sections for modern 1st editions as well as ample SF, Lit and of course history and politics. Really enjoyed the browse. Some lovely finds.

Angelica Oung: This bookstore had a superb collection of both books you been meaning to read, waiting for you to discover, and are just curious to flip through. The perfect selection of old and newer, with a few antique titles to give it that authentic ambiance. It has the perfect use bookstore smell. Prices are reasonable. Please treasure this place and keep it alive for many years to come.

HorrorJunky 4 Life: I love the selection of new & used books that are sold here. The isles are a little narrow which makes for a tight squeeze when trying to pass other customers. They also have a nice selection of DVDs. The books being sold on the the sidewalk are a great deal at 4 for $20. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

2. Capitol Hill Books - Washington



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657 C St SE, Washington, DC 20003

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Capitol Hill Books: what do users think?

ghe rahadi: Glad I found this place! Quite organize, sorted by the book genre so you can easily find your desired literature. The counter lady is nice and friendly..

Brian Hagan: Such a cool used bookstore in DC! Staff was super friendly. Space is cozy so be prepared to squeeze between rows of books. They have 3 floors of books which includes the upstairs and basement. Loved checking this place out!

Hans-Martin Ishida: Best bookstore in the city. Amazingly wild and eclectic collection of used books plus a good variety of new releases. Many of the new releases are also relevant and topical to the social justice issues in the US and DC today.

Monique Johnson: I really enjoyed browsing here some warm days after work on my way home. It鈥檚 that kind of place. You go when you鈥檙e looking and when you鈥檙e not. They will always have some thing you might like. I鈥檇 recommend

John O'Connor: Capitol Hill Books has to be one of the best DC gems. Their social media is wicked smart, and their store is a staple of the neighborhood. For anyone who calls DC home, this place is a must.

Joseph S.: Great selection of books and the man who runs/owns it is pretty cool. Store is setup in a really unique way as well.

Sarah McBurney: Enjoyed looking at the great variety of used and new books. Was a small and intimate location. The upstairs fiction section was great and well organized. Wish I could have spent more time there.

Joseph Kerski: I love this store. I wish I could live there ! Thank you all. Even geography books in the basement !

Bruce Lowther: interesting hole in the wall book store. great book summaries in inserted in some of the books. lots of interesting titles. prices are a bit high but that鈥檚 very likely due to the location.

3. Reston's Used Book Shop - Reston

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Village Center, 1623 Washington Plaza North Lake Anne, Reston, VA 20190

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Reston's Used Book Shop: what do users think?

Sam S: A very serene place to peruse for some books. Also, a great place to bring old books to trade in for either cash or store credit (note: must book an appointment). The variety here is impressive. They even have a section on the local history of the area. The owners/employees are about as nice as they come.

Arpan Shah: Very exciting to see this nice used book shop with great collection of books and very reasonable pricing. My kids were very excited and pick up a lot of good books to read. Definitely visit it if you are in the neighborhood.

Toni Airaksinen: Eclectic mixture of used books, some classics, some very old & torn. The store offers children鈥檚 books, biography鈥檚, memoirs, cookbooks, history books and much more. In my opinion the selection was small and I didn鈥檛 see anything I liked, nevertheless it was quite an adventure to walk through. The staff are super friendly, and they鈥檙e eager to help with any questions you may have.

Tatiana Cneazev: A small, but cute book shop. We enjoy going there and never left empty handed.

Kristen Bert: Great store! Many of the books are in super condition and the prices are good. Store clerk (from Feb 2nd evening) was very knowledgeable and friendly. Will definitely return.

Taylor Wreath: The used book store scene is sadly lacking in Reston but this book shop really makes up for it! With kind staff, amazing finds, and the cozy environment any book store should have, I love coming here. I know there will always be a wonderful book to find.

4. The Lantern Bookshop - Washington

路 38 reviews

3241 P St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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The Lantern Bookshop: what do users think?

Maurielle C: Lots of good finds in here! Unfortunately I didn鈥檛 purchase anything but even looking inside was a treat. The books are in extremely good condition and the store is nicely laid out. The women working were very cautious with COVID - much appreciated. They ensured that each customer apply hand sanitizer via the sanitizing station upon entry of the store. Super cute & truly you can find rare books here.

Sara Boyer: I am an avid book collector but I am not a fan or places that are too high priced that no one can afford their books. This is not one of those places! I found a large assortment of lovely new and used books as really good prices. I talked to the owner and most books are either donated or ones that they find and she uses the money for scholarships for woman college students at Bryn Mawr College! What a great place!

Rashid Darden: The Lantern is a decent bookstore, but the section with African American interest has dramatically decreased in size over the years. All in all, an okay store with friendly staff.

Melinda Madden: The classic charm of a stuffy, quiet book store. A quiet spot to get away from the buzzing streets of Georgetown.

Bryce Jahner: What an awesome find! Great selection of carefully curated books. Fantastic spot to browse while on a walk.

5. Second Story Books - North Bethesda

路 85 reviews

12160 Parklawn Dr, Rockville, MD 20852

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Second Story Books: what do users think?

Henri de Corinth: There鈥檚 a lot to admire about this place, but my favorite thing by far is that the firearms section is nestled between feminism/women鈥檚 studies and Marxism/radical politics. 馃槑

Jennifer Jay: Management and staff have gone above and beyond for me multiple times! I鈥檓 a professional organizer but often get tasked with staging; my most recent shopping trips there were to replace about 2,000 books a client鈥檚 ex took with her. Not only were they helpful but they genuinely seemed to enjoy the gargantuan task! Usually with staging only size, color, and shape matter, but this client actually enjoys their books so content was equally important. It鈥檚 been a few months and that client couldn鈥檛 be happier. Every book in the photo is from second story! In the end they made three deliveries since it took me 3 trips (this photo is after the second delivery). Delivery is incredibly well priced- only $50 to my client鈥檚 location.

Anthony Marovelli: This store is like stumbling into the mind of an unstable magician. There鈥檚 so much to offer but the organization is haphazard at best. This however is part of the charm. If you鈥檙e into books, especially if you鈥檙e a student or author, I highly recommend; a regional fixture to be sure. Cheers!

Xena Wilder: This used warehouse bookstore is amazing! I mean it is a warehouse. It isn鈥檛 pretty to look at but if you love books this is the place to look! Everything is usually 40% off except for rare books. They often have 50% off on weekends. They have every topic you can think of. You can spend hours there.

D M: Book store with a great selection of books covering all subjects and literature. The employees are courteous and knowledgeable. And prices are very reasonable.

6. Kensington Row Bookshop - Kensington

路 38 reviews

3786 Howard Ave, Kensington, MD 20895

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Kensington Row Bookshop: what do users think?

Alexandra Ng: A lovely book shop with comfortable areas to relax, sit down, and read

Annie Jernigan Goldberg: I love the used bookshop. The woman is very nice. The bookshop has a wide selection of books. They have $1 book sections.

Jim Laurenson: Amazing little place, with lots of good and old books. They provided a rapid response to my email search for a specific book, which BTW was successful!

John Daly: This is a very friendly place with a great selection of previously owned books. It is a comfortable place in which to browse, and hosts several book clubs, a chess club as well as being a source for information on Catalan culture. It sits in the Kensington Row surrounded by antique shops, galleries, and restaurants.

Frank Hopper: A fantastic bookshop. The proprietor is very knowledgeable and there is an area of the shop dedicated to Catalan culture. They hold poetry readings and other events regularly.

7. Lost City Books - Washington

路 291 reviews

2467 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Lost City Books: what do users think?

Hanna Foreman: Great bookstore in Adams Morgan with a wide range of books to choose from in an eclectic building. The staff is always helpful and friendly. The mask policy at the store makes me feel a lot safer. Highly recommend joining the events at the store because they bring in great writers and moderators. Only gripe is that the selection on area studies books is a little limited.

Mark Rhoades: The best book store my wife and I have ever been to. There is a huge variety of books, and the the staff picks always lead to me great books I would have looked over otherwise. We always leave with a stack of books; they also have a surprisingly large selection of Japanese authors that I haven鈥檛 found elsewhere.

Angus Bennion: It鈥檚 a well-organized local bookstore with very friendly staff.

Rachel McCaffrey: Such an amazing bookstore! I love the mixture of new and used and the great prices!

Hwa Shi-Hsia: Great selection of new books mixed with used books in good condition, many vintage editions. Dedicated science fiction room. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

Patrick Carey: Is there anything better than a local , independent bookstore? Incredibly friendly staff and a great selection of books (organized in very helpful categories). Highly recommend!

8. Loyalty Bookstore - Washington

路 83 reviews

Inside Willow on Upshur 843, Upshur St NW, Washington, DC 20011

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Loyalty Bookstore: what do users think?

Julian Aidan: Cute and densely packed with every book you never knew you wanted to buy.

keondra f: my favorite local indie bookstore! well-curated collection featuring diverse voices for both children and adults alike. great atmosphere with friendly and knowledgeable booksellers!

Breanna Wright: I was walking my dog one day and ran into the owner who was setting up shop. A lovely person with a fantastic selection of books. I came back with my wallet and the employee was able to recommend 2 amazing books based on what information I gave. They have done an excellent job managing covid and I absolutely will continue shopping at this black owned, inclusive shop.

Carla P: Amazing bookstore that allows customers to order through their website, browse their store, or specialty order through their email. I have ordered so many books through them and will keep doing so as I love supporting this business

Carlos McKnight: Love it! This was my first time in the Petworth location. Love how small it is and all the selections they have!

9. East City Bookshop - Washington

路 239 reviews

645 Pennsylvania Ave. SE #100, Washington, DC 20003

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East City Bookshop: what do users think?

Ashleigh N. DeLuca: This is my favorite bookstore in DC! I go out of my way to stop by this bookstore whenever I鈥檓 in town. They have a smart layout which utilizes their small space well. It makes the bookstore look much bigger and doesn鈥檛 feel crowded or cramped. They have a great selection of books and their staff are all so knowledgeable and friendly. Throughout the bookstore you鈥檒l see little green cards on the bookshelves which include the staff鈥檚 thoughts on specific books. I think this is such a fun idea and I love to spend half my browsing time just reading what the cards say. There is a certain charm that this bookstore has that none of the other DC bookstores have.

Laura Delgado: Cute & calming bookshop with a good selection, and lots of recommendations which is helpful, as well as reasonable prices. I found English/Spanish children books, and plenty of fiction & cookbooks that were very interesting.

Ren Jax: A fantastic find filled with a diverse collection of local writers and national favorites. The staff is very attentive to customers needs willing to suggest finds if needed, or seek out authors. The downstairs space has more choices including graphic novels and other comic books. There is also room for small gatherings to hear readings of works.

Andreana Morris: Have been following one of the book sellers on their tik-tok for a while. Went in and enjoyed ever moment. Got to meet the book seller and they helped my girlfriend and get a bunch of books to read for our after OFMD pirate brain rot. Met other queer folk. Had the best time. Will be back soon.

Belle Ellrich: The staff here are super nice and extremely helpful. I live out of state and pre-ordered a book. Due to having ADHD, I forgot to change my address on my pre-order after I moved. They were able to catch my order before it shipped and helped me change the address without extra cost to me, even though I offered to pay for the mistake. They even called to confirm that they had the correct address before it was sent out. Because of this, I highly suggest supporting them and shopping from their bookshop. I will be shopping here again in the future and look forward to my next purchases from their store.

10. One More Page Books - Arlington

路 155 reviews

2200 N Westmoreland St, Arlington, VA 22213

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One More Page Books: what do users think?

Derek Reinhard: Small, locally-owned bookstore with some flair. Very helpful, engaging staff as eclectic as the inventory. Nice touch selling wine, beer and fair trade chocolate, and having brief, "staff pick" descriptions stuck to some books.

Sarah Stubbs: This place is my go-to. The staff is always friendly and helpful, they have an amazing selection, and they even have a great website where you can order books in advance.

Jason Rodriguez: Big fan of this local bookstore. Friendly, courteous staff that gives great recommendations.

Cassie Hurley: The staff suggestions here are fantastic and they have tons of great author events. Street parking out front and free garage parking in back.

Bradford Baldwin: The best independent book shop in Falls Church and beyond. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. This is the place to buy your books!

James Rambo: I stopped by One More Page yesterday to pick up a birthday gift for a friend who is an avid reader. I knew that my friend liked Regency-era romance and literature and Abraham Lincoln. Not only were both employees AND a customer (that I learned was the parent of one of the employees) super-helpful and found exactly what I needed but one of them handed me a LINCOLN ROMANCE NOVEL. For real? That level of exacting efficiency is what you can expect from this shop. Go to One More Page.

Timothy Soong: A great place to find a book to read and some tasty treats to pair with it. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, Rebecca helped me find some fun sci-fi and fantasy books that were just amazing recommendations.

Hannah Jordan: This little gem of a bookstore has responded thoughtfully and creatively to covid. Their website is easy to navigate and curbside pickup is safe and well-organized. They organize virtual book clubs as well. Please support this Falls Church and Arlington local bookstore that has supported our community in so many ways through the years--promoting authors, reading and literacy, as well as supporting many local nonprofits.

11. Friends of the Library Bookstore - North Bethesda

路 231 reviews

4886 Boiling Brook Pkwy, Rockville, MD 20852

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Friends of the Library Bookstore: what do users think?

Ahamed Iqbal: Great place to find books of all types at great prices. They do a great job organizing but part of the fun is looking through the random bins of unsorted books. They also have DVD, blu ray, records, magazines, comics and board games as well.

Matthew Moffett: Well organized used bookstore with proceeds supporting the local library system. They have a large variety for adults and kids and the staff were helpful.

Halie Krieger: Amazing place to grab some reads for your bookshelf! There is so much to choose from in a small store. I picked up six books my first time. Some of the books are extremely new, some a bit older, but all great nonetheless. Prices are very affordable.

Christina Reif: Great selection of used books. I got bags of books for mostly $1 or $2 for each book. It does take some time to go through their inventory (especially after covid and everyone has donated), but it is well worth the effort! I will be coming back again for sure!

Jarred Fourie: Love this book store, I always find something great when I go there

Jacob Goldberg: Great selection and constantly getting new supply. Very well organized

12. Kramers - Washington

路 3499 reviews

1517 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Kramers: what do users think?

Jon and Amanda Lewis: Great little bookshop near Dupont Circle. They have a wide selection of titles & subjects and an attached cafe and restaurant. I found some wonderful vintage looking postcards such as a DC cherry blossom one and tried the Kramer鈥檚 Goober Pie. So incredible. I would highly recommend this place!

Arun Vishwanathan: Cute little bookstore in DC and you should stop by if in the area. Eclectic collection of titles and journals/calendars They do have a restaurant/diner inside, so you can grab a bite as well if you鈥檙e hungry. Wish I had more time to spend there..

Juhi Pac: Great bookstore-bar-restaurant combo right at DuPont circle. Very easily accessible by DuPont circle metro and good selection of books and atmosphere

Karen cohen: Helpful staff and a ton of books from every genre! Browsing is part of the fun or going there and see all the books you want to read. Have lunch in the dining area and spend the whole afternoon there. Huge children section,too.

C Luna: Food was fantastic! Especially the cherry blossom cheesecake :) Service was amazing- our waitress was sweet and funny. Definitely a great date spot 鉂

John Weber: What a lovely place to look for books and grab a bite to eat! I only walked around the bookstore but from what I could tell, the food both looked and smelled amazing!! On the restaurant side, there are a couple lounge chairs/couches to relax in as well. Definitely stop by and drop in if you are nearby. I was able to park just a block away on a Friday night.

bruce hutson: Kramers. Since 1976, so it鈥檚 not new to many, unless you visit from outa town, like we did. Our friends, Bob and Lynn, came here on dates years ago, as many did and still do. Lots of stories within these walls, ups and downs, and today we sat in fleeting sunshine to taste the excellent Kramers Breakfast(tasty potatoes), and the full mouth, comforting Ham Benedict(such creamy Hollandaise). Oh, and the books fairly pulsed into our hands within the well laid out spaces. Feed your body, nourish your soul

Quarib Chowdhury: This is a Washington DC institution. Everyone should visit, buy a book, and eat at the cafe. I鈥檝e browsed through this place many many times and even bought books and ate at the cafe. I ate at the cafe years ago but remember everything being delicious. As someone with a big sweet tooth, the apple pie crust desert was amazing. The expansion to bring the cafe into the bookstore actually works really well. I鈥檒l have to revisit the cafe next time.

13. Politics and Prose at The Wharf - Washington

路 282 reviews

70 District Square SW, Washington, DC 20024

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Politics and Prose at The Wharf: what do users think?

Jennifer Trent: Great bookshop at The Wharf! Well curated with fantastic displays and great suggestions. Worth a stop to pick your next great read.

Jonathan Haag: We had a wonderful time picking up some kids books, a puzzle, and a new history book. Great local bookstore that is a pleasure to visit and shop for a wild array of books. We visited, most recently, during a rainy 馃導 day. Good place to dry off and pick up a puzzle or book.

Sophie Boston: A great book store, with a giant choice of books. You can find a lot of funny little toys and gadgets too. Weird smell- only complaint.

Michelle Lachman: Love a great indie bookstore. This place has an interesting curated selection, charm & the staff are very helpful. It鈥檚 located in the wharf which is very cool to walk around day or night. Highly recommend- support local bookstores!

Scott Chaplowe: I was able to get personal recommendations from the person working there for a book for my daughter, and she said I could return it (unused) if I later decided I did not want to keep it.

Linsay Culver: On a whim, I decided to go to the wharf (never been). There I stumbled upon this gem of a bookstore. It had great books, but also quirky gifts. I would definitely go back.

Grace Davis: LOVE THIS BOOKSTORE! It feels so cozy, the books are great, and they have free educational events. Dog friendly too!

14. MahoganyBooks - Washington

路 219 reviews

1231 Good Hope Rd SE, Washington, DC 20020

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MahoganyBooks: what do users think?

Rivah Sistah: My Mahogany Books experience was GREAT! Awesome customer service and sooooooo many books to choose from. My daughter and niece who are teens said they want to go back. I will take the trip from VA bs ordering online.

Lorrie Brinson-Arevalo: As a new Author I had an opportunity to fly to DC to visit this awesome Black Owned Bookstore. My 1st but it will not be the last #BlackBooksMatter

Tina R: I checked out this store in person at the National Harbor. The store was beautiful, clean, and well-stocked. I will definitely shop there in-person again. As I like to support black-owned businesses, I am sad to see from the other reviews that their online ordering may not be the greatest system right now. But if you are local and enjoy paper books like me, I recommend them.

Hypnotik Vanity: Awesome BLACK OWNED BOOKSTORE. Excellent customer service. I asked for recommendations and was given two. I took that and purchased both. Ready for my next visit.

Jalan W B: Hubby and I have been meaning to stop by and so glad we did tonight. What a wonderful, intimate community book shop. We left with a bag full of books that Christy, a really nice employee, helped us find for ourselves and a new speculative fiction book by Nnedi Orakorafor book for our school aged son. Highly recommend this community gem. Can鈥檛 wait to go back soon! We also got to check out great art installations within and next to the the Anacostia arts center and did some clothes shopping next door.

Danielle Watson-Murray: I ordered several books for myself and my family before it was 鈥渢rending 鈥 to patronize a black owned bookstore earlier this year. Most of the order arrived very quickly. The other portions arrived later and they they kept me updated during the process. I love their virtual book meet and greets with the authors! Overall I will continue to purchase from them and I have already told several of my friends and family members about their great customer service!

Cindy B: Ordered four books online. Communication between me and the store was great! They are doing an awesome job at fulfilling their orders under current circumstances. I did have to wait an additional week or so to receive my full order (and I did!) but I honestly don鈥檛 mind waiting as long as it takes. At this point in time, it鈥檚 about supporting local businesses and keeping them afloat.

15. Big Planet Comics - Washington

路 156 reviews

1520 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Big Planet Comics: what do users think?

Ian Grossberg: Wonderful comic shop with such a wide selection in such a small space. And apparently Big Planet does their own publishing!

Frank Chatterton: Nice, small, actually smaller than I expected but nice selection particularly for indy and local books. Not really worth the trip out there if you are an out of towner... like myself but the walk there from metro service is nice and the store is well kept, clean, organized and well stocked with a nicely curated selection of books. (I do not mean nice in a mean way its more like a cute hipster version of a classic comic shop)

Marissa: Great place to get comics, they have some good manga too!

Leo Lancaster: great selection atmosphere! The woman running the shop was very kind and knowledgeable.

Howard Smith: Big Planet Comics on U Street is amazing. They have a large selection of comics, trade paperbacks, and more to choose from. They also have variant covers of various comics that might interest you. This establishment is also for both new and regular comic fans alike.

Nicholas Moy: Best spot in the city hands-down. Love the local zine rack, their community focused events and helpful staff. This is NOT the straight-white-man hellscape of comic shop cliche - its apparent they work hard to find content for all audiences. The spot is small but they can order whatever you need!

Terri A: Great selection. I found a number of graphic novels that I have been looking around for, as well as being introduced to several new titles. The comics are shelved by genre, which is really helpful. I was particularly impressed by their Graphic Medecine selection, as those can be hard to find. You can also flip through a rack of comic zines. The store is up a steep flight of stairs and definitely not wheelchair accessible.

Kevin Duy: i bought two comic books for 8 bucks! one was crisis on infinite earths and the other was avengers reunited. good energy for comic book fans.

16. Sankofa Video Books & Caf茅 - Washington

路 505 reviews

2714 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Sankofa Video Books & Caf茅: what do users think?

Mischa: This is a very nice and comfortable cafe with friendly staff, indoor and outdoor seating, and is also a book and video store. The only thing I suggest is getting a recycling bin for the future. Otherwise, all else was good here.

Naj: Great food, very friendly and nice atmosphere, and my drink was great. Definitely will be back, better than my typical Starbucks coffee day. It鈥檚 also Black-owned, can鈥檛 beat that.

WittyBoi: I knew I had to visit this place and didn鈥檛 get a chance to do so for the many trips I took to DC. This time around I made it work; from the moment I stepped in, till I read all I could from all the available books written by or about Black people, till I talked to good people there, grabbed a cool chai latte - an amazing cooler - and had two items of the menu (one vegan one carnivore 馃槀) and until I said bye - I felt black pride 鉁婐煆 I felt represented, I felt like I belong, I honestly felt that I needed more of this. It鈥檚 very therapeutic and the infotainment is eye opening. Give thanks 馃檹馃従 until I come next time either with my own book to put on the shelf or to just grab a coffee - Peace be with you brethren and Sistrens!! 鉁婐煆

LP: Everything about this place is wonderful. A true community space. Good food, good people, good literature. Worth dropping in JUST for the dirty chai. It鈥檚 so good!

Victoria Hardin: I found my place. There was a black owned bookstore (minus the cafe) like this in my hometown when I was growing up. You walk in and feel understood, embraced, and accepted without explanation or word said. The books, pictures, and music. Everything was affirming. It was peaceful. I was peaceful. The food was good, too. The staff kind.

Ludi Fessehaye: My favorite coffee shop in DC! I am a student and sankofa has great food, seating options, and wifi. I can always get work done here or find a book to purchase and read. Got most of my Toni Morrison collection from here and have been recommended other great books I have enjoyed! Definitely come!

Michael Kleven: I went here with my two friends to celebrate my birthday with a nice meal. Food was delicious and the staff was kind and attentive. We didn鈥檛 get to check out the book store and events but I鈥檓 sure they are great.

Nnamdi Azikiwe: Previously the site of the Omega Psi Phi headquarters. Now the location where it was first observed melanin is worth more than gold in March 2014 due to the insight of Baba Tarik A. Oduno. The Oduno Scale was crafted on this location and gratefully named in his honor.

17. Fantom Comics - Washington

路 398 reviews

2010 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Fantom Comics: what do users think?

James Bacon: Nice shop with a great selection of current comics and graphic novels. Some nice displays and thoughtful art on the walls. Not a back issue store, per se, they had recent issues, and a solar box, but ample to enjoy and find, excellent selection for kids. Friendly staff for sure.

Andy Benavente: Awesome shop! Great selection of graphic novels and current comics! The young woman behind the counter was very helpful and provided some great recommendations from the writer of the book I picked up. Would highly recommend to stop in and check out!

Luis Pantoja: Great comic book store with friendly and knowledgeable staff. I have always had a positive experience when visiting this shop. I highly recommend it!

Michael Kellar: Awesome little comic shop. Friendly staff, comfortable environment to look around, read a comic, and explore. If you鈥檙e in the area and looking for a space to check out some of the more recent interesting comics, definitely a good spot to check out.

Kamal C: @Fantomcomics in #washingtondc #dupontcircle is most definitely a place you would want to visit bo matter if you are a DC native or just visiting. Fantom Comics is among my favorites of all places to spend a little time, some things that makes this place cool is the chill layout,the little knickknacks,collectables,pins,snacks and more... even if you dont collect comics this place has something for everyone.馃槑馃憤馃徎 "" Hey everyone this is kamal and I like to do reviews in my spare time from work and if you enjoy any of my post please like with a thumbs up and follow me on here on Google Maps or Instagram @chefkamalc Thanks and stay safe 馃檹 mask up 馃樂

R KM: Great spot. Nice selection and 鈥渟ubscription鈥 service. Check the bargain boxes for scores (some at only $1)

Jonathan Mckay: Lovely little comic book store with a fun rating system for new releases, staff picks, events and custom grab bags

18. The Potter's House - Washington

路 502 reviews

1658 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

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The Potter's House: what do users think?

Guy Edwards: Wonderful place and people!! Excellent coffee and food. The impressive and diverse selection of books makes it one of the city鈥檚 best book shops. It鈥檚 support to vulnerable community members through its pay it forward system and other means makes a big difference to many. A real gem.

Jessica C: I鈥檓 a regular. No indoor seating, but in exchange you can bring your dog inside. Mine loves going in for attention and treats. I love going in for an iced vanilla latte. The biscuit and honey with goat cheese is yummy. So is the breakfast sandwich. I also like their scones. Their mission is great. I feel good supporting local charity. And they have a great selection of books. Recommended.

Monica Puerto: I don鈥檛 know how this place doesn鈥檛 have more reviews when it is always bustling. I love the book collection they have here; it skews progressive and activism (what do you expect out of DC?). The food here is very simple but tasty and affordable. There is so much history here in this place as well; it has been around the early days of Adams Morgan which fed the homeless and I believe continues to.

Haydar Celik: Very nice place to have coffee, read, and relax. There are books to purchase and I am sure the food is also good, at least they looked delicious. Will come back for lunch and coffee.

Jason Alredge: It was like a library with tables and quite a bit of space. The breakfast food and coffee was good to enjoy.

Dena Delaviz: This is vegan brekky bowl & sammie. Both yum. The bowl doesn鈥檛 have a cheese or bacon substitute so its missing a little umph the carnivorous version prob has.

Peter Liddicoat: Book shop cafe charm. Counter culture 鈽, local crispy baby 馃 (+other pastries, breakfas, lunch, food). WiFi

19. GW Campus Store - Washington

路 145 reviews

800 21st St NW, Washington, DC 20052

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GW Campus Store: what do users think?

Bhagyashree Panda: Quite expensive but a lot of GW curated items are available. Best to shop for small gifts from GWU for family and friends. All office stationary are available.

David Khorram: Open up at 12 PM. We are here for visit. Lots of goodies. We got some. Nice place to visit.

Jabrail Smith: They were sooo helpful. Actually stopped her going to CVS. They very sweet.

Jeremy Lichliter: It鈥檚 not the easiest place to find. Once you get there though, you can buy anything GW that you could want. Be sure to check out the clearance racks because there are often some really nice shirts for pretty cheap prices. The staff is always friendly and willing to help out in anyway they can.

Sri Pabbathi: Always love the choice of merchandise. Havent been here in a few years but it is always fun to browse around and pick up some fine gw merchandise. When i was a student here I couldnt afford anything except for some items in the sale rack. But now I go there every few years and buy hats, t shirts and some trinkets for kids.

20. Barnes & Noble - Seven Corners

路 686 reviews

6260 Seven Corners Center, Falls Church, VA 22044, United States

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Barnes & Noble: what do users think?

Thomas Bennett: My girls and I love coming here! It鈥檚 a weekend ritual for us and we enjoy every second of it. Love that they have Pok茅mon, Yu-Gi-Oh. and Magic available along with a nice selection of manga, anime and it鈥檚 great to browse as you enjoy your Starbucks. Staff is super friendly and they are always so helpful. Please keep carrying Funko Pops! I love a new selection to look at and buy when we go in. A great place for any Arlington Resident who wants to enjoy a peaceful morning!

Eric Santure: Staff was friendly and store was extremely clean. Starbucks is attached to the store, right by the checkout.

Antonio Torrico: I love it! They have a summer reading for grades 1st - 6th and they have story time. And for the parents who need that delicious coffee... Starbucks is connected! It is the best book store , so go.. now! Seriously, GO!!

Sanjana Rg: My favorite local Barnes and Noble. Kind staff, decent selection, and you can browse in peace.

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