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1. Farragut Medical And Travel Care

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Farragut Medical And Travel Care

Address: 815 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20006

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 775-8500

Business type: Urgent care center

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Farragut Medical And Travel Care: what do users think?

Christina Guglielmo: Loved Dr Bergstrom - was no nonsense and straightforward about all our travel precautions and concerns. Advised me and my husband how to protect ourselves abroad, was extremely timely and our nurse who administered our vaccines was wonderful. Expensive, but vaccines for travel are a part of the trip cost!

Digestive Center for Wellness: Dr Bergstrom and her staff at Farragut Medical are simply outstanding. I refer all my patients to her - as well as my family members. She provides the highest standard of medical care, and is one of the most knowledgeable doctors I know. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Anusha Kashif: As someone who took their family from a different country here thinking they would be treated nicely I was shocked by the way the lady on the phone just started being rude when we asked her simple questions asking about confirming if our appointment went through. Also, asking to confirm for the location because as we booked the appointment it wasn’t showing on the confirmation email. Never going here again!
Response: So sorry you did not have the experience you expected. Our office, like many especially in in the healthcare in the US right now, is experiencing extremely limited staffing due to COVID and the pandemic. We have attempted to automate all our Covid testing communication to our website in order to be available to our primary care patients who need us on the phone. A small business like ours cannot confirm appointments that are already confirmed via email because we just do not have that manpower. Instead we have moved our resources to be able to help as many patients as we can. Thankfully there are many other places in DC where you can find testing and people have choices in where they want to go.

Laura Bennett: When Omicron struck our family of five, Farragut Medical was there for us. Dr, Bergstrom called immediately, and shepherded us through a trying time, including making herself available at the office for testing on a holiday weekend and patiently answering many questions on protocols, timelines, etc, to ensure a world-class standard of care. We can’t thank her and her team enough!

Konstantin: Great service. We did Antigen test there and results came 20 minutes after

Matt B: Avoid this location for PCR testing if you’re a government employee needing a travel test. While it was easy to get an appointment, the staff was very helpful and the testing experience was quick an easy. My issue is that they list “doctor visit” on the receipt for $150 (the whole test is $300) which is not reimbursable per DoD travel policy. I contacted the office to see if I could get a new invoice just listing the test as $300, they said “no” because of HIPAA rules.......🤔. So thanks, I’m out $150!
Response: Please call our office today and ask for the Medical Director

Erin Radomski: My husband and I had a great experience at Farragut Medical to get COVID tests. When we called to schedule we were given clear instructions/expectations over the phone and they were able to schedule us for a drive-up testing appointment that same day. Once we arrived, the whole thing took less than 5 minutes and the staff members were extremely friendly and professional!

Le Bustiere Boutique: Rapid PCR test was worth it since some of the other places the results are not coming back within 72 hours of traveling from experience.
Response: Thank you for your support!

2. The Washington Travel Clinic

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The Washington Travel Clinic

Address: 1001 Connecticut Ave NW #210, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 521-8120

Business type: Travel clinic

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The Washington Travel Clinic: what do users think?

Kojiro So: I needed to travel to Japan the next day, and Dr. Aki knew exactly what I needed including the COVID test certificate and about submitting it to the MySOS app. She was thorough, making sure all the information I needed was there. I got everything I needed within 20 minutes. Highly recommended for anyone with travel related needs.

Jacqueline Raynolds: This is a very straightforward place to get travel vaccines. They give you a receipt that you can use to file an insurance claim yourself, unlike most clinics.

Michael Hutchinson: Great place to get a PCR test for international travel. Book online then show up for your appointment, reception will point you to the second floor where the clinic is. Quick stick up the nose and 15 minutes later you have your results. The clinic provides you with a Travel PCR Certificate with your name, DOB, passport number, test results and a stamped certification.

Ilan Cooper: Amazing service for my appointment today. Worked exactly to plan. Highly recommend for rapid COVID testing.

Larry Weisman: My spouse and I visited Dr. Aki to get a single travel vaccine and a prescription for Malaria medication before traveling to southeast Asia. Dr. Aki was fast, professional, reasonably priced, and very nice. He helped us find coupons to get our generic medication as cheaply as possible in the area and overall the experience was excellent. We were able to book for two next day appointments through his website. He is cheaper, faster and more professional than any other travel clinic I researched. I would highly recommend.

Cyrus Fardoust: my Fiance did her Immigration Medical Exam with Dr. Akl and it was very seamless experience. Dr. Akl was informative regarding the steps that needed to be completed and the most important thing was that my fiance felt very comfortable. His DC office is super clean and acted in an utmost professional manner and when we had questions during off-hours he responded immediately (even on weekends!). I would highly recommend Dr. Akl to anyone looking for the services he offers.

Natasha Hackett: Excellent service. The doctor was able to accommodate a last minute appointment for my family of three because I was traveling from Chesapeake, VA. He was quick and efficient. Also, his prices are reasonable compared to others. I would highly recommend going to this clinic.

S. P.: Super convenient location to get a rapid result Covid test valid for resident/military travel to Japan. You can schedule an appointment online via their website. After taking the test, you wait in the lobby about 15 minutes and they’ll bring out your test result. They even had the form Japan requires on file so completed that for us too. You should bring your original passport with you for the COVID test for travel. Cost was $195 and they do not take insurance but will email you an itemized receipt to submit a claim to your insurance. One tip, the building entrance is not right on Connecticut St., it’s around the corner just next to this Smoothie King.

Dee Njeri: I would not recommend this clinic at all..went there for Covid test I received fake results after15 minutes he gave me positive results. I was not comfortable with the entire process so went for second opinion i tested also is overpriced $350 for test is ridiculous. Very unprofessional and insensitive Dr
Response: Thank you for your review. PCR tests, in general, are very specific, which means it is extremely rare that a test would be positive in a patient who does not have the virus. False negatives, on the other hand, are more likely. This means that the test that was performed later is more likely to have provided the wrong result. So it is recommended that extra precautions continue to be taken and to isolate for 10 days after the positive result. While we understand that an unexpected result can be distressing, it does not justify going as far as accusing someone of providing a ‘fake’ result.

3. Passport Health DC Travel Clinic

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Passport Health DC Travel Clinic

Address: 1145 19th St NW #702, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 561-3600

Business type: Travel clinic

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Passport Health DC Travel Clinic: what do users think?

Kyle McElroy: The nurses and staff are amazing, knowledgeable, and always went out of their way to help me even when I made that difficult cause I forgot or messed something up. I can’t thank them enough!

Tina Celenza Remillard: Incorrect billing and gave incorrect medical information. As an all cash practice, I am extremely disappointed with the level of care and attention to detail. I am a healthcare provider myself and would not return to this practice. They use (in my opinion) untrained nurses who gave me incorrect medical information multiple times.

Gloria Weissman: ”I have been to Passport Health several times in the past and have always found their clinicians to be extremely helpful. This time, I am going on a long, complicated trip with many stops. The nurse who saw me (Miriam Baxter) was completely prepared with all the information I wanted (including a lot that I didn’t even know I needed) and provided top notch health counseling. Passport Health provides a unique service and provides it very well indeed!”

Tiernan Damas: I called to set up a typhoid vaccination for an upcoming trip. Everyone I spoke to was very nice and professional on the phone. As travel health is not covered by insurance, I was instructed that the office visit would be $80 and the typhoid vaccination would be $180, totaling to $260. I found that value to be a bit high for a simple vaccination. I did some research, CVS minute clinic now administers some travel health vaccinations. The out of pocket cost was $142, a $118 savings. Just an FYI to avoid increased charges.

Michel Pacque: Easy to schedule and friendly service

William Peterman: In and out with vaccines very quickly

4. Sameday Health

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Sameday Health

Address: 515 11th St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Thu

Telephone: (310) 697-8126

Business type: Medical clinic

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Sameday Health: what do users think?

Eric Thomson: The most amazing and efficient Sameday COVID testing center I have had the pleasure of experiencing. The line moved super quickly and I was in and out in a flash. The staff are super friendly and very helpful. They were very patient as I brought my whole family to be tested and I admit I was super unorganized. Great location!

Teresa Crawford: Took the entire family for testing (4). Had an appointment for 10:15, arrived at 10 to a very short line, waiting about 10 minutes before checking in. Very smooth check in process and we were out again in less than 10 minutes. Place is clean, staff are friendly and efficient, and the wait was minimal even with 100s of tests being given each day. Any kinks they had right after opening have been worked out. Had our results delivered to our phones within an hour. Will definitely use this testing site again in the future.

Natalie Alfaro: I made an appointment for the next day. Upon arrival, I waited 5 mins in line. Once checked in, the staff was well organized, clean, professional and everything was a smooth process. I received an email once I was done letting me know I was going to get my results within 72hrs. I got my results in 24hrs :) Highly recommend. Thank you!

Miguel F. Lancha: The place looks and feels clean and well staffed. Staff was polite and nice. Now, I paid for a 24-hour delivery of results of two Covid-19 tests and: 1. Forty nine (49) hours went by until I heard (read) from them. 2. Their email and text were about re-scheduling another test because the samples didn’t yield a solid result. I can understand that, it can happen, but then, 3. I’ve called 4 times during an entire Monday, on hold for over 30 minutes in two of the calls. In the other two I left a request for a call back that never happened. 4. I email back asking for a refund of the “Priority 24-hour results” and haven’t gotten an answer by either email or phone. I hope this serves as an incentive for them to contact me

Ramatha Sesay: I normally never care to leave reviews but this place was such a terrible experience I have but no choice to! Firstly I booked a PCR test for $75 (insured) Monday in hopes of getting my results by Tuesday morning. The turn around time for the test was “16 hrs”. I woke up this morning and at 5am i received a text saying i needed “Retesting” because my results were inconclusive… in a panic I tried to reschedule and get someone on the phone. To sum it up I was able to reschedule but I ended up not even showing up because I just simply did not trust it. I looked a little more into them and saw people have the same issues as well… Red Flag… 0/0 would not recommend. Not Reliable

Jessica Alston: I’ve used the Capitol Hill testing site on three occasions. The staff is absolutely amazing they get your results and back within one hour and this is perfect for travel. I will only use this testing site in Capitol Hill, you can’t ask for a more professional and friendly staff. I even showed up 40 minutes before my appointment and they welcomed me right in . Use the Capitol Hill testing site again they’re amazing!!!!!

DeLois Anderson-McCain: James the clinic manager was the greatest. He came out to my vehicle to administer the test to my 86 year old mom. He was very professional I made her feel that is as well as myself. I recommend the center for anyone and everyone.

Kellie Benz: Avoid. The appointment itself went fine, however I was contacted 24 hrs later notifying me the lab was not able to test my sample and I needed to re-schedule a retest. Their customer service is an absolute nightmare to get in touch with. When I finally did get a hold of someone, I was told they couldn’t schedule me until four days later, which was not helpful and didn’t work for me. Finally requested a refund and was on hold for that for 45+ minutes. Honestly they seem like a scam.

5. Allcare Family Medicine And Primary Care

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Allcare Family Medicine And Primary Care

Address: 1710 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 787-1979

Business type: Urgent care center

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Allcare Family Medicine And Primary Care: what do users think?

JL: Earlier today I made an appointment to see a physician because I was not feeling well. When I made my appointment I noted my symptoms as loss of appetite and discoloration on my tongue. When I arrived at the office the young lady at the front desk was extrude and short with me. When I noted this her attitude changed and she stated that she did not see what her height had to do with anything. She then proceeded to ask me to complete a form. She took one look at the form and told me that I would need to see the doctor via televisit. When I asked her why she stated that because I had a headache and abdominal pain coupled with the loss of taste that I could not see the doctor. She wanted me to go outside in the cold and speak to a doctor in the middle of the street. This was my second poor experience at this facility.
Response: JL, we are committed to our COVID-SAFE policy, which is meant to protect not only our staff and other patients but also yourself. --- IF we allow everyone with sore throat or other Covid-like symptoms to come in and get tested inside the office, BY CHANCE ALONE you will be exposed to Covid-19 while in waiting room or exam room where the previous patients was getting seen for sore throat... --- We hope you can appreciate that these measures are for health and safety of not only our staff and other patients, but also your own HEALTH AND SAFETY. --- Thank you for understanding.

Jordan Dias: I went early hoping to get an emergency rapid covid test and they had a sign on the door telling me to go to 1050 K st NW for testing. I go and the concierge at the new location and she tells me they’re not doing testing in the building at all. I call ARC 4 times and they never picked up. I had to go to 3 different clinics in total and even though I came early to District Urgent Care there is a very long line. If there are location changes, please make sure the staff at the different building are made aware of this so that patients are not crowded waiting outside one singular testing site.
Response: I’m very sorry to hear this! Our entrance is on from the side - no need to enter the building !!! And you cannot get tested without telemedicine appointment first !!! Please read our website !!!!

Liam Mulligan: I have been going here for nearly a year for regular appointments and always receive great care. Emily Johnson is a fantastic medical professional who always makes me feel at ease and thoroughly explains all my options and any procedures. She has a great bedside manner.
Response: Liam, your positive feedback is greatly appreciated. It’s always a pleasure to serve our patients.

Chengyan Zhang: Worst medical care experience ever. I scheduled an in-person appointment for checking a swollen tonsils. Was told that this could not be in-person because it is upper respiratory and concerns for COVID. I offered to provide negative COVID test result from the day before, but was told it didn’t matter and they can only see me virtually. I told them the physician would not be able to see my tonsils clearly, and this would be meaningless, but they still would not see me in person. Fine. I was too painful and accepted the virtual appointment. The physician of my appointment was late for half and hour, and a practitioner nursed showed up and told me the physician of my appointment was running late and could not see me….. the appointment was very brief; the NP told me she cannot diagnose because she couldn’t see my tonsils- exactly what I told them when I insisted a virtual visit would not work. I received the bill today. For this experience, they charged me $475?!?!?! With insurance, I still need to pay half of that. Seriously?! For an appointment that the physician was late and didn’t even show up I’m charged $475. What kind of health care is this? How is this not fraud? I highly suggest you avoid this place at all cost. I will never come back again and will tell everyone I know to avoid this place.
Response: Chengyan, we are committed to our COVID-SAFE policy, which is meant to protect not only our staff and other patients but also yourself. IF we allow everyone with sore throat or other Covid-like symptoms to come in and get tested inside the office, BY CHANCE ALONE you will be exposed to Covid-19 while in waiting room or exam room where the previous patients was getting seen for sore throat... We hope you can appreciate that these measures are for health and safety of not only our staff and other patients, but also your own HEALTH AND SAFETY. We are sorry you are dissatisfied with our services. If there is anything we can do to change your mind, please let us know via email at For billing-related questions, please refer to us at and we'll readily help you out. Thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback.

Katie Kohn: I highly recommend Dr. Talavari from AllCare. He is the first doctor that I have had in my 38 years of life that I feel has really listened to me and wants to help. Appointments are easy to get and they are almost always on time. Blood draws are a breeze. I will never go anywhere else for primary care.
Response: Katie, thank you for your kind words. We are grateful to you for choosing us 🤗

Shay Collins: Not a complaint with this location, but rather with Allcare generally. I had a Telehealth appointment with one of the doctors at this location yesterday and, based on my symptoms, he ordered testing for me at Allcare’s K St NW location. I get there and fill out their text prompt to let them know I’m there and no one comes out to get me like the website said they would. I tried the door and it was locked. I then called Allcare and they said that the location had closed. When I pointed out that one of their own doctors had told me to go there one day prior, the person on the phone said, “we just found out it closed today, we just found out it closed two hours ago.” No sign on the door, no contact to patients to let them know the location had closed. Just left me—while I am sick enough to seek urgent care—to go to their location to only then, and only because I called, find out they had closed their doors that day. I asked the person on the phone if they could order my tests to be done somewhere elsewhere in DC (since their other locations were in Maryland and Virginia) and she told me they could only order tests to their own locations. Wasting a ton of time and money driving around trying to get the tests they ordered because they apparently closed shop with no heads up to any of their staff and didn’t even bother to put up a sign in their storefront. Shameful.
Response: Shay, we are sorry to hear about your experience. Please contact us directly at for us to better understand the details of your visit. Rest assured, we will take the appropriate action to make it right.

Savannah Klein: Doctor YT was not sufficient, just did some blood tests and told me he couldn’t figure out what was wrong, over several visits. Really not knowledgeable. Allcare charged me hundreds of dollars for 10 minute visits and somehow found ways to both mess up the insurance handoff and improperly bill me. Do not recommend at all.
Response: Savannah, we are sorry to hear about your experience. Please contact us directly at for us to better understand the details of your visit. Rest assured, we will take the appropriate action to make it right. We take great care in delivering an exceptional healthcare experience for every patient.

6. Community of Hope

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Community of Hope

Address: 4 Atlantic St SW, Washington, DC 20032

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 407-7747

Business type: Non-profit organization

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Community of Hope: what do users think?

Kyle Van Hecke: Save yourself the headache, go somewhere else. I spent a month calling and trying to get an appointment. I finally got an appointment! 12 hours before my appointment (after I’d already taken time off work) Community of Hope called me and claimed the provider would not be showing up to my appointment so they have to cancel. When I pressed them and claimed it’s their responsibility to find me a provider, she told me I was lucky to get an appointment in the first place! She also admitted to lying about the provider canceling, later claiming they just double book time slots, then cancel if they have to. Trust me, this is not the kind of provider you want to be caring for you. Poor leadership, poor management, poor customer service.

Sadiyah Bashir: I had my eldest daughter two years ago with a different midwife program and although I enjoyed the program, the birth was very traumatic and I ended feeling they didn’t do all they could to help me. With COH midwives I felt heard and cared for. I had a beautiful birthing experience under their supervision with my second born and I thank them so much for all they’ve done. Also shout out to Hannah for always checking in and making sure we had everything we needed including formula and diapers!

Muva Muva: I have been going here for years, and since the pandemic they have hired new people, younger people with not much experience, I took my 3 year old here for his shots, which a younger girl did and from experience I’ve always seen my kids stuck with a needle and she didn’t properly stick him, late that day I had to rush him to the ER because he couldn’t walk and was crying so bad. Then on top of that I can pregnant and have an emergency and I can never get on the phone with an actual doctor for 2 minutes to express what’s going on for help. You have to wait 3 days just for a phone about to talk about something that will Literally take 2 seconds. It may look nice but the doctors there and staff rarely have have any experience in what they are doing. They can’t tell you exactly what a certain rash is or anything. Extremely disappointed.
Response: Hi, we are so sorry to hear that we did not meet your needs and particularly that your son had this experience. We would like to discuss this further with you if you are willing. We are very committed to getting feedback so that we can improve our care and address any concerns with our staff. We want to provide the highest quality of care for you and your family. We do have a compliment and complaint line that we use for any concerns so that we can follow up and get all the relevant information. That number is 202-470-3073 and we would encourage you to call if you are willing. This line is monitored by our leadership and taken very seriously. Thank you for helping us ensure that we are always doing our best.

Felita Orr: I love Community Of Hope very caring staff.

Terrencia Lester: The interior as well as exterior of the building is nice and clean. The staff are friendly. When I call they do their best to get me taken care of. The doctors, nurses etc are there to help and make sure their patients feel better before they leave. Keep up the good work.

frank swyca: Community of Hope in NE is my PCP and I went to the Conway Center location today for dental care. The building is gorgeous and it is not difficult to find on street parking. I was greeted by a smiling face and pleasant person that directed me to the second floor for the dentist. I filled out necessary paperwork and waited to be seen. They were running behind but I was kept informed about the extended wait. The dental tech was very proffesional and appropriate. She did all the x-rays and I waited to see the dentist. The dentist, Dr. Thomas, was very curteous and proffesional. I felt very comfortable about her competency. She made thorough examination and explained in detail her treatment plan. I will be returning and look forward to the remaining of my treatment. I would recommend Community of Hope, Conway center.

Diannie Parmely: COH is an amazing clinic. The staff is so nice. They listen to you always trying to he you. As a senior citizen they Rare so considered and always giving a helping hand. I love COH and will always refer family and friends ther.

7. Embassy of Japan

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Embassy of Japan

Address: 2520 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 238-6700

Business type: Embassy

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Embassy of Japan: what do users think?

Aaron C: Visa lady was nice and understanding. My Certificate of Eligibility didn’t come with the visa application paper in it so I was lost on what to do since I thought my packet had everything I needed. She told me I could drop off my application later today with no issues and she did just that. ありがとうございます😊

S: Woman picking up the phone dealing with english channel is very rude and looking down

Dawn Diana: Just a heads up, if you are applying for a tourist visa,make sure you have a return ticket going back to the US. I have an exit ticket going to Hong Kong and I said I will be traveling some more and I will be thinking where else I am going to go and she said I need to show a return ticket going back to the US. For me,it does not make any sense since I have a ticket exiting Japan,so I went home and booked a ticket and emailed it to them. Also,when your giving you bank statements,she is also asking for the withdrawals and others transactions.

Kevin M: If you’re looking for the visa office, it’s the smaller building to the left with the green door. You’re going to have to find parking on the street or in the surrounding neighborhood. There isn’t visitor parking for the visa office. The person that processes visas is slow. Takes 20 minutes per person. So when application drop off is open from 9:15 am to 12:00 pm, she gets through like nine people. Get here early or try another day. They have three windows but only one is for visa, and it’ll be super frustrating that the other windows for certificates and passports are free and the people are just sitting around when there’s a long line for visas. Read the site, have the requirements, don’t hold up the line.

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