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1. Pro Photo Inc. - Washington

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Pro Photo Inc.
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Address: 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20006

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 223-1292

Business type: Photo lab

Pro Photo Inc.: what do users think?
Jenny Dopkins
Jenny Dopkins: The people here are very friendly and nice however I still didn’t have the best experience. I came in aiming to get rid of a specific spot on my camera and was told a sensor cleaning would probably get rid of it. I was later told when I came to pick the camera up that the spot was underneath the sensor and could not be removed with a regular cleaning. This is totally fine and understandable; however, I do not think I still should have been charged around 130 dollars for the sensor cleaning. I wish I would have gotten a call about how the specific spot could not be removed in which case I would have asked them not to go through with the cleaning. I understand how business works and that they may have started cleaning until they noticed the issue. However, to me it felt like a lot of money wasted. And as a student, I was not very happy having to save up to afford this and then spend the money with my problem still present. They are very nice though in terms of customer service although I didn’t complain about this in person so I’m not sure what they would have said.
Response: Hello Jenny, I am sorry to hear you feel as though we have let you down. Without going too far into the details, I am sure that the technician did a thorough job cleaning the camera however without performing that service we would never be able to tell that there is something behind the filter. Some cameras are designed with better sealing than other and some can be more prone to the dust particles penetrating beyond the reach of normal cleaning. It was a necessary service to get to the point of telling you what he did and it is quite likely that he said that in an effort to be informative. I can assure you that when you use your camera its most likely that you will not see the particles in your photo as you had before but we can go over the details with you in depth if you would like to call and discuss it or stop by. We can show you the process for checking your camera so you can always know when your camera needs to be cleaned and some preventative measures to take so it has to happen less often. You can call and talk to Sally. Happy shooting!
Gianina Lash
Gianina Lash: 100% recommend! came to them with a time-sensitive need for a battery charger for an older DSLR camera that we needed to use for an event 8 hours later. they helped us find a store that had the right type of charger in stock and charged the battery for us in the meantime. So impressed with their service and help when we were in a pinch!
Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez: Brought in my Canon AE-1 Program to repair a jam, which they were able to do, albeit expensively (they were very transparent with costs throughout the process). The repair seems to have worked great, however the mirror is now extremely dirty, which is why I’m docking one star. Overall happy with the repair but definitely make sure to check everything before accepting your camera.
Elliott O'donovan
Elliott O'donovan: This is my go to camera store in DC. As a professional photographer, I always appreciate the hospitable customer service as well as the great selection of products that are competitively priced when compared to online retailers like Amazon or B&H. I would suggest supporting your local community and buying from ProPhoto!
Deltoria Gallant
Deltoria Gallant: I came for passport pictures for my infant and it was an excellent experience. very perfessional they knew exactly how to capture the perfect picture of my baby boy.
Benjamin Swanson
Benjamin Swanson: Great experience. Everything went smoothly and the staff was super nice! I definitely recommend these guys for camera needs!

2. District Camera and Imaging - Washington

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District Camera and Imaging
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Address: 1225 I St NW #110, Washington, DC 20005

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 483-0090

Business type: Photo shop

District Camera and Imaging: what do users think?
Suzy Fitzgerald
Suzy Fitzgerald: I love District Camera! When I was living in DC this was the only place that I would get my film developed. Syed is the best, he is so friendly and answers all my camera and film questions! The scanning and development process is timely and the quality is very good. Would definitely recommend if you’re looking for somewhere to get film developed!
Demna Devdariani
Demna Devdariani: Today, I went to the store to look for a battery for my flashlight. Ken, who was sitting beside the computer, helped me find out which exact battery I needed. He was very kind, professional, and genuinely cared about finding the item even though the store did not carry that particular battery. He spent around 15-20 minutes looking for the item online for me. He was the most genuine and helpful store associate I have interacted with in recent years.
Response: Hi Demna, Thank you for your nice review and happy to be able to help. I'll make sure Ken will be aware of your review. Regards, Saed T.
Emma K Alexandra
Emma K Alexandra: I’ve purchased many items from District Camera including a camera and lens. The quality of the products new and used has been fantastic. However, when I rented a lens for the weekend my experience was absolutely horrible. District camera has two account systems. One for their shop and one for rentals. Rentals require an ID, which is reasonable. This is tricky for me since I am transgender and my legal name does not match the name I use. When purchasing items I use my account with my preferred name on it. When I signed up to rent I used my legal name, so it matched my ID. I didn’t want any issues. I was able to rent the lens. But when I returned it I started to have issues. The person I returned the lens to asked if they could change the name on both of my accounts. I said no. I’d like to have my preferred name used on my store account. The person then said he was confused and it would be easier if they changed the name on both accounts and did it anyway. Despite me asking them not to. Now, I’m faced with having to use my legal name when I purchase anything from District Camera. This is awkward and embarrassing. It makes me never want to purchase from District Camera again. This experience shows that District Camera is not a trans friendly business and does not respect even the basic dignity of trans people. I tried my best to make this experience quick and simple and I came out of my rental never wanting to purchase from District Camera again. Very disappointing behavior. If District Camera wants to improve their respect for trans customers they need to allow the use of trans people’s preferred names and only require the usage of a legal name where absolutely necessary, like matching an ID. Their employees need to understand that not everyone wants their legal name used all of the time. And they certainly need to stop changing the names of trans people’s account to their legal name when specifically asked not to. Update 5/2/22: I understand that District Camera must accept an ID. That is not my issue. My issue is that my name was changed *in another account* for no apparent reason, even when I asked the person not to. I had to explain to the person I was working with my gender in front of many other customers
Response: Hi Emma, I'm sorry about this issue. Please rest assured that, District Camera and its employees DO NOT discriminate any type of customers. Our customers are our assets. Unfortunately, due to banking requirements we have no choice but to check IDs at the time of the transactions. I hope you understand our dilemmas and pleeeeease do not get upset with us. Saed T. Emma, I'm here to help solve this in a proper way. Please email me at:
J F: I visited the shop today and I was greeted by the nicest employee, Ken! I was a little nervous to go in because I am quite a novice when it comes to photography. Luckily, Ken sensed my hesitation and kindly and patiently walked me through the entire process. I mean the entire process — film, shooting, and setting up my cameras. Also, Ken made sure to let me know what cameras were worth investing. I wish I could give this place 10 stars just because of Ken! I definitely will come back again !
Response: Hi JF, On behalf of Ken and the rest of the staff I would like to thank you for your heart warming review. Saed T.
Jon Bauer
Jon Bauer: In Washington for for a conference and found myself in immediate need of a card reader. Not the easiest thing to find. But when I googled nearby photography stores they came up. Only a couple blocks away. Not only that, I was met with most knowledgeable & friendly staff I could imagine. The store is stocked with new & used equipment. A small downtown oasis!
Response: Hi Jon, Very nice of you to spend some time a leave us your nice review. Thank you so much. Saed
Alex Baughman
Alex Baughman: I am a regular customer at this location, but not one to write too many reviews. However, during my latest visit, the staff provided service that made it necessary to write a review. I was almost two months late to pick up my developed photos; against all odds, Ken and Deon found them for me after looking for about 20 minutes. To be clear: they didn’t need to do this; they simply went above and beyond. I’ll look forward to always being a returning customer, especially at a place with such knowledgeable, friendly, and committed staff.
Response: Hi Alex, On behalf of our staff I would like to thank you for your business, your support and your 5 star review. May you have a healthy and happy New Year. Saed T.

3. Leica Store Washington DC - Washington

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Leica Store Washington DC
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Address: 977 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 787-5900

Business type: Photo shop

Leica Store Washington DC: what do users think?
Haresh Mehta
Haresh Mehta: The store without a doubt lives up to the Leica standard. No rush rush sales pressure, no up-selling, just a fantastic educated opinion from Leica Ambassadors. I met with Christopher, he helped me trade in my visoflex and get the new one, completed the paperwork for the service of my m10R, while I enjoyed browsing through their gallery and books. Happy to buy from here and revisit.
C Davidson
C Davidson: Excellent shows and small gallery. Knowledgeable sales rep and they understand the Leica mystique. Helped a friend buy an M10 here with a 50 Summicron and used 28 Elmarit. The Elmarit looked brand new.
Gary Mintz
Gary Mintz: I bough a Q2M from this store - paying a premium price in the assumption that they would provide premium customer support. Wrong. Even though I was advised to call in with any questions, two days ago I was blown off by the individual who answered the phone. Not only was he "not knowledgeable," but he did not even take the time to understand my question and the advice he gave was counter productive. Hugely disappointing to say the least. Next time I will buy from Amazon or BandH and use online forums for help when needed. In fact, I got better advice from the FACEBOOK Q2M use group. Paying list price at the Leica store in DC was a waste of money.
Response: Hello Mr. Mintz, I apologize if you were not helped adequately. We strive to give the best customer service. If we do not know the answer to your question, we reach out to our product specialists or our tech advisors in our Corporate facility. Please feel to let us know if you have any questions about the camera and we will find out the answer for you.
Prakash Narayan
Prakash Narayan: I have been savoring the joys of this store for many years now. Werner Paul and his team are superb -- extremely solicitous, considerate and informative, and professionals through and through. Any matter concerning my precious Leica camera or lens was considered and addressed swiftly and thoroughly -- to my complete satisfaction. A photographer could not ask for more, and I remain grateful.
Richard Burg
Richard Burg: A great store with great products and a superb staff. Each member of the staff is an accomplished photographer who willingly shares knowledge and technique. Particularly recommended is the individual photography classes offered by David Bickley.
Francisco Lovko
Francisco Lovko: The staff was amazing, their customer service was impeccable and they were great ambassadors for the brand! They were very knowledgeable about their products and photography in general. We had a great conversation about digital and analog photography.
Marcos Rego
Marcos Rego: I went in just to window shop. The two working behind the desk there were beyond helpful with my questions, so much so that I ended up buying a strap for my M3 that I had just bought (that they also generously checked out for me). It was an absolute pleasure.

4. Dodge-Chrome, Inc. - Washington

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33 reviews
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Dodge-Chrome, Inc.
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Address: 4885 MacArthur Blvd NW #1, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 333-3270

Business type: Digital printing service

Dodge-Chrome, Inc.: what do users think?
Jon W.
Jon W.: We went to Dodge Chrome to have holiday cards produced. A family member went in to the store to look at and approve printed drafts. The store gave us multiple different drafts, some of which had radically different and unsatisfactory white balance. We reviewed the results as a family within the next hour or so and immediately called back to ask for clarification. We were just told that the cards were already "printed" and that no changes could even be discussed. Keep in mind that this was on a $1,300 order, and the request for clarification was made two hours after of the visit to the store.
Response: Jon - As you stated, your family member did work with our technician for over an hour on Saturday making adjustments to supplied iphone files - pictures of pictures on a wall to be used on your cards. Photo quality was an issue. Before leaving our store, the cards were approved and paid for in full. As the card files were already at the print station, the technician printed the order to help expedite it - as the majority of our clients appreciate at this time of the year. There was never any discussion of holding off on printing for further evaluation by your family. If the cards had not been printed, we would have been happy to make further adjustments. We appreciate you choosing Dodge Chrome for you holiday cards and we did make every effort to provide the best service possible.
Ally Aretz
Ally Aretz: This is the first time I thought it would ever be necessary to write a review. If you are getting (specifically) film developed DO NOT GO HERE. I paid $40 for two rolls which was somewhat steep, and then got to the store a week later only to pay another $20! They also said that they would call when the film was ready. I ended up calling a week and one day later to ask how it was going and they said it was ready. Anyways, I go to look at the 72 photos I thought would be developed. For some reason, 24 photos were missing. Definitely will not be going back here.
Response: Like most retail stores these days, we require deposits (if not full payment) on all orders. This payment in advance motivates clients to return and get their orders. Your $40.00 deposit payment covered the cost of processing two rolls of C41 35mm at $9.75 per roll for a total of $19.50 and part of the cost of the proof prints and cd that you ordered. As we can’t anticipate how many frames were exposed, we do not ask for full payment on proof prints in advance. Your two 36 exposure rolls of C41 yielded 60 prints. At .49 cents per print and $6.00 for the CD, your total order with tax came to $58.19, leaving a balance due upon pick up of $18.19. I apologize that you were not contacted with a phone call when your order was ready for pick up. It is a busy retail environment and we do our best to notify clients but focus on clients in the store and current production. We appreciate your patronage and would love for you to give us another try.
Burk Finley
Burk Finley: I’ve had random good results in the past, but recently has a horrible print delivered that cost just shy of $200. They don’t have a calibrated profesional monitor in the shop and printing is done at the silver spring location. Silver spring has the properly calibrated monitors, so I was told after the fact. The photo came out super crushed and orange - as though the blue channel was almost eliminated. Pretty awful. After follow up questions regarding recourse they said there is none since I didn’t pay $60 to have a test print done ahead of time. I would highly recommend going to another shop that has a calibrated monitor on premise so you see what you’ll get ahead of time. At least not something radically different than what you may be looking at - as was my case. There are at least 2 such shops in DC. Not professional. Won’t be going back. Update: Within about a week of posting the above review I received a call from the owner, who in fact had looked into what happened before reaching out to me. She confirmed that the orange + red channels had been overly saturated during the printing, and offered to reprint the image. She sent a smaller test print (hard copy) to my house that matched her calibrated monitor, which looked better than what I had. It was great to hear from an owner who called out of concern that my experience did not represent her business, whether I continued to do business with them or not. She cares about accurate photo production and vowed to educate her staff on the newly calibrated monitor in the MacArthur Blvd. shop.
Faisal Mohsin
Faisal Mohsin: I have had the unfortunate experience of losing a full C6 black and white roll of film which was destroyed during development. I was told this was because the roll became detached from the processing rack while in the developer bath and was not discovered till the end of the processing run, after which the roll could not be salvaged. This was obviously bitterly disappointing. Staff have expressed regret and unrecoverable errors are an unfortunate fact of manual film development. Still, I have not lost a roll of film in many years of shooting on traditional formats. Skilled tradespeople and reliable equipment are becoming harder to find as film has become an enthusiasts hobby. I would recommend going to a specialist who may charge higher prices for this work but who could carry it out with painstaking care than risk immeasurable and unrecoverable loss.
Response: We take great pride in our quality and professionalism. We understand your frustration and are very sorry for this unfortunate situation. Dodge-Chrome has processed film for professional photographers and notable publications, including National Geographic, for over 30 years using this same dip and dunk process and equipment. Dip and Dunk processing is the preferred method for commercial professional film processing. The equipment and chemistry are closely monitored by a highly trained technician who has more than 30 years of experience. Our technician monitors the transports between chemical baths, but because of the nature of the process it is not always apparent that there has been an issue until the processing has been completed and the film rack is transported to the dryer. Unfortunately, like anything else in life, nothing is without possible risk or potential for issue. We are proud to say that we have an excellent track record and that it is extremely rare for us to experience a situation like this.
Alexander Darvishian
Alexander Darvishian: Went in to get a few rolls of color 120 film developed and scanned. Ended up being fairly expensive but I was expecting the scans to be good given the reviews. I came back to pick up the film and was given a CD which was an annoyance since it’s such an outdated medium and good, cheap cloud sharing services exist in 2018. Once I finally tracked down a computer with a cd drive I opened the files to find either a booger or a seed or something on one of the scans... Paying about $20/roll for subpar jpegs with “things” in them is completely not worth it. For being the only game in town I would expect better. Looks like I’ll have to ship my rolls up to a lab in philly or nyc to get the job done right. Really a shame.
Response: We do offer the option of file transfer services in lieu of CDs. Without the chance to review, it is impossible to determine the origination of the "things" on "one of the scans". We willing accept the opportunity to correct issues for customers if given the opportunity. Thanks for your feedback.
Ryan McArdle
Ryan McArdle: Went here for an international passport photo - they made sure it met the standards perfectly and it was quick and easy. Definitely recommend.

5. MotoPhoto Bethesda - Montgomery County

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72 reviews
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MotoPhoto Bethesda
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Address: 5249 River Rd, Bethesda, MD 20816

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (301) 656-4433

Business type: Photo lab

MotoPhoto Bethesda: what do users think?
Sarah Stover
Sarah Stover: Positive: Professionalism, ResponsivenessGreat service! I messed up an order and they were able to quickly reprint my photos for me very quickly. Very kind and professional.
Khoi Nguyen
Khoi Nguyen: Best place in the area for all your photo needs including passport. Expect great timely service
NAWAZ RESEARCH: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueAmazing photo development. Its an owner run operation and they are very patient w kids. Great passport development of photos. The mall area has some construction but there is lots of parking. Come early or late .
Rob Glancy
Rob Glancy: Excellent, professional, same day service for passport and visa photos. Beware: Not all passport and visa photos are the same. Many counties have specialized dimensions and the folks at MotoPhoto know their stuff and will take good care of you.
nawaz hack
nawaz hack: Tk and Eric are fast and really know passport photos. They were courteous and super pleasant and so gentle and patient with the kids and Baby. The price is worth the product you get. You really get what you pay for. They are highly recommended. TK is the manager and Eric is the assistant manager. They work well together and can process your pic in 15 mins. Went to get some more photos. Erick was great and super patient. As usual amazing passport photos and they got it done in 15 minutes. There are lots of little stores in this area that are good to wait for your photos and kids stores to eat too. Eric is very good. Just used them this weekend. The quality of pictures is excellent!!! Great for international passport photos!!! They are very knowledgeable which saves redoing the passport packages! They continue to be great. Has spacing in the store to stand and everyone keeps 6 feet distancing. Photos remains amazing with the same owners. There is some construction so come early or later in the evening
Elie F
Elie F: Overall a good experience. As advertised. I needed passport photos for a Canadian passport, they were a bit pricey but they knew what they were doing. I had gone to CVS prior, had the photos taken, mailed my application for renewal to Canada and received a call that my photos were not up to standard requirements. Thus went to Motophoto to have it done correctly.
Soraya H
Soraya H: I come here to develop film, it’s a little pricy but that’s to be expected. They scan your film and email pics, which you can choose to print. Also have the option to keep the negatives. Staff is always friendly and helpful.

6. Capitol Hill Frame & Photo - Washington

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32 reviews
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Capitol Hill Frame & Photo
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Address: 645 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 547-2100

Business type: Picture frame shop

Capitol Hill Frame & Photo: what do users think?
Maggie Boys
Maggie Boys: Capitol Hill Frame and Photo did an excellent job for me. I needed 20" x 30" signs printed and mounted on foam core and I had a very tight turn around time. They worked really well with my designer and everything turned out perfectly for my event.
Response: Maggie, thank you for trusting our dedicated team to get the job completed in time for your event. We're happy to hear that everything turned out perfectly. Hoping to lend a hand in the future. -Capitol Hill Frame and Photo
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson: Unfortunately, I had a encounter where I was deeply disrespected by one of the gentlemen working here. I stopped in to pick up a custom framed gift and was treated as if I didn’t exist. I immediately approached the register to pick up the item and waited for the employees to return to the register. After returning to the register, the employee called for a customer from another area of the store who was behind me to process his transaction first and asked me to step out of the way. I don’t know if it was the fact that I was dressed casually in a raincoat and sweatpants for the bad weather or if it was a matter of his perception of my racial identity, either way, someone waiting at the register should have been helped before someone approaching the line from behind me. I give the other employee from the back of the store credit for recognizing my dismay at the treatment and asking if I was okay. This was, however, not enough to allay the micro-aggression I had experienced. I highly discourage friends and colleagues in Congress and beyond from using the services of this store. If you believe in justice, equity, and fairness, I implore you to find an alternative.
Response: Alex, thank you for taking a moment to provide us this feedback of your recent experience. I have been in business on the Hill for over twenty years and we take pride in serving all of our customers fairly. I apologize for this misunderstanding that occurred and do not want to discredit your feelings by any means. Our goal is to be welcoming to all of our customers and I can assure you this was simply a matter of miscommunication. I am sincerely sorry that you had a negative experience with us, and hope to gain the opportunity to provide our custom framing services for you in the future. Sincerely, Stuart Capitol Hill Frame and Photo
Garrett Arwa
Garrett Arwa: Came here to get a backlog of items framed. There was no wait time, and a few of the items I brought fit into ready-made frames which the they assembled for me on site. This option is recommended as it’s about half as cheap to do a pre-made frame as it is to do a custom with the cheapest frame/glass. But the ready-made frames come with a solid gram and glass, not cheap plastic. The custom jobs are not cheap, but probably about the same price as using Framebridge. Also used the wait time to get a passport photo.
Response: Garrett, finding the right framing options for your items is what we love to do! You're absolutely right that our ready-made frames are a cheaper option, so we're glad we could help you find the right ones to display your pieces. Thanks so much for the kind words about your visit here. If you need help with anything else, just let us know! -Capitol Hill Frame and Photo
Sam Rosenbaum
Sam Rosenbaum: Such a great experience getting an original art piece framed here. I reached out to ~15 local vendors for pricing and got the best deal here for a very large piece. Stuart was super friendly and helpful, and the turnaround time was much quicker than I expected. So pleased with the end result!
Response: A beautiful piece of art needs a great frame to match it, Sam! We're excited we had just what you were looking for. It was a pleasure working with you. Anytime you need us, don't hesitate to get in touch. -Stuart
Wendy W
Wendy W: This is by far and excellent place to get high quality photo prints. There’s also a large selection of reasonably priced cards and printing supplies.
Response: Wendy, thanks for your wonderful review! We're delighted to hear you're happy with your prints. If there's ever anything else we can do for you in the future, we'll be here for you. -Capitol Hill Frame and Photo
bryan coxwell
bryan coxwell: I took a 50 year old newspaper here to get the front page framed. The paper was brittle and looked like it could have fallen apart under the slightest provocation, but they did an excellent job preserving it and the finished product looks great. Will definitely be going back next time I need something framed.
Response: Bryan, happy we could preserve and frame a snapshot from the past! We're so thrilled you're pleased with the outcome. Looking forward to helping you again in the future. -Capitol Hill Frame and Photo
Holly Robertson
Holly Robertson: Waited 8 years to get my graduate school diploma framed. Worth the wait!!
Response: The years of hard work you put in deserve the recognition, Holly! Glad we could help you select the perfect frame for your diploma. Don't hesitate to reach out if we can do anything else for you. -Capitol Hill Frame and Photo

7. Dominion Camera - Falls Church

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89 reviews
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Dominion Camera
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Address: 112 W Broad St, Falls Church, VA 22046

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

Telephone: (703) 532-6700

Business type: Photo shop

Dominion Camera: what do users think?
Sherry Garay
Sherry Garay: I am an amateur photographer and I used to drive out to Burke to another local camera shop. I decided to give Dominion a try, and I am so glad I did! This is a locally owned “mom and pop” business and it feels good to support a small local business, instead of putting more money in the pocket of a man who wants to play around in outer space. The staff at the store are super knowledgeable. One of them used to work for Canon and can tell you everything you need to know about Canon gear. They helped me make my decision on moving to a new mirrorless camera. I believe they are the only local shop that does their film developing on site. They also do black and white developing by hand. My prints look better than they have in years! They also sell an array of cool films to play around with. I picked up a roll of Dracula film from Romania. They also take passport photos and guarantee them as acceptable by the State Department. I also just found out their classes have started back up and they have a studio space upstairs they rent out. Seriously, if you are a pro photographer or just an amateur like me, then support this local business. This is a great camera shop, with just about anything you could possibly need, including a used gear bargain shelf!
Jessica Border
Jessica Border: Who ever said the customer service was good is delusional. I went in to get my film developed. He asked me if I wanted prints or digital and I said both. He told me that he can’t do both and if I wanted it, I need to do prints first, then when I come to pick up, I can order the digital copies. He was so rude to me. I won’t ever come hear again, I was literally about to walk out from the horribleness if this experience, which is a real shame.
Response: Hello. I am sorry you feel that way. We can definably do prints and digital files to USB or CD but we no longer are able to combine internet uploads and prints. You see, we used to offer upload and prints, but then people never came in to pick up the pictures. When we called customers to ask them to pick up their prints, they would tell us that after after they saw the digital images they did not want the prints and told us to throw them away. since the prints were not paid for we lost money on the prints In order to keep our costs under control, We had to make the difficult decision to stop that combination. The good thing is that once you get your digital files you can go to our website and order the prints you want. Again, I am sorry if my staff did not explain this well to you but we are committed to help our customers at all costs. If you would like to share your thoughts directly please call the store and ask for Gary Thanks!
Mike Tike
Mike Tike: Gary is the best. I was looking for ZV-E10 ( sold out everywhere you can check that right now) but I swore it was sold out. He told me hd actually had one and the color I wanted. He looked all over the store and finally found it. That’s customer service you won’t find at Best Buy. I’m so happy with my purchase this is the only place I’m going to for camera equipment and vlogging gear.
W Russell
W Russell: I found this place by walking around Falls Church. For a photographer or anyone interested in any level of photography, this place has it all! Prices are reasonable and the customer service is 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟!! Gary, the owner, is super friendly and knowledgeable in his products. GREAT PLACE!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Keep up the great work Dominion!
Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan: Really good experience over several visits to Dominion Camera. The team, especially Gary, are really knowledgeable and helpful. Some highlights: - Fixed my film camera for free after taking it in - Good film development and quick turnaround - Spent several days and hours going over a new camera to purchase. They were helpful and patient to make sure I got what would fit my needs. Highly recommend.
sahra ahmad
sahra ahmad: I’ve been meaning to write this review for a while now. I love supporting small businesses, and this one is one of my favorites. It is right near my office and taking my film to get developed and print is so nice. I appreciate that unlike the big corporations (CVS, Walmart, etc) they only make you pay for the photos that they found, so if a piece of film was bad, they don’t charge you for a print of that. I also enjoy that it is so quickly done! Unlike the big corporations that take up to like 2 weeks, they took only a fraction of that time. The quality of the picture paper was nice too- I always go with a matte finish. Nicest people ever work there, and overall I would highly recommend! I know this sounds like a fake review, but I promise this is 100% legit. I can’t wait to take more of my film to get developed.

8. Merrifield One Hour Photo - Merrifield

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37 reviews
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Merrifield One Hour Photo
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Address: 2833 Gallows Rd, Falls Church, VA 22042

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (703) 560-3845

Business type: Photo shop

Merrifield One Hour Photo: what do users think?
Mehmet Esen
Mehmet Esen: John is amazing with scanning photos! I could not believe the high quality reproduction of an old photo. And on the same day! I would highly recommend their service.
Arif MC
Arif MC: One of the only place where you can get picture according to Canadian passport requirements. American passport picture were 10.99. And Canadian 15.99
Ibrahim Imam
Ibrahim Imam: Excellent service. I went to get passport photos and was in and out in 10 minutes.
Heidi Yazdani
Heidi Yazdani: Came in to get my film developed, they came out great and super fast compared to all the other stores I have been to. Will definitely be returning and I recommend this store to anyone looking for the same thing!
Thai Hung Nguyen
Thai Hung Nguyen: While there are plenty of choices for photo printing service providers you can come to, this one is unique and special. Your photos are always customized and made beautiful to your preferences. John is excellent and experienced at what he is doing. This store has been here for 30 years and they always provide great services and quality products. They are very prompt and accurate as well. What a rare find in this technology era.
Abhilash P
Abhilash P: I called to check if they were open. Came here in the evening for passport photo. They saw the photo specifications required. He allowed some time to set the hair. he clicked the photo in his setup and gave the 2 photo copies quickly. In and out within 10 to 15 mins.

9. Damon Bowe Photography - Washington

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113 reviews
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Damon Bowe Photography
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Address: 406 L St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 10PM ⋅ Opens 6AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 570-8206

Business type: Photographer

Damon Bowe Photography: what do users think?
Lisa L
Lisa L: WOW! Just WOW! Had to schedule a graduation photo shoot from Texas for my daughter in DC. Not only did Damon make every step so easy but after talking with him on the phone and getting to know him a bit I was even more excited to work with him. He is exceptional...Literally, no other way to describe him. His work style, sense of humor, creativity, patience, you name it are all incredible. The pics we received were outstanding too! Keep in mind that we had no easy task for him... juggling a blended family, a morning when bad weather threatened and a senior pup, he juggled it all effortlessly and made for one of the best and most fun photo sessions I have ever been a part of. I had initially chosen Damon based on the ratings on here and boy they did not let me down. If you are looking for someone with imagination, great communication and a fantastic eye for capturing a special moment in your life book Damon now!!! You will NOT regret it! I only regret that he is so far away from us in Texas..... :)
Margie Dwight
Margie Dwight: Damon Bowe is an incredibly talented photographer! I arrived for my headshot session and he was friendly, accommodating and explained the whole process to me as this was my first headshot experience. Although admittedly self conscious, Damon talked me through as he was taking photographs. We looked at photos together and decided whether to take more or whether we had winners. He was encouraging and enthusiastic. He captured my image and most of all, captured my essence. I felt really good after the session and felt confident that the photo we decided upon was the best to present to the world. I cannot recommend Damon highly enough. I will definitely call upon his talents in the future. He also couldn’t have been nicer! You are in very capable, experienced and gifted hands with Damon!
Response: Thanks Margie! It was so fun meeting you and doing headshots. Looking forward to a branding session in the future!
Lauren Vorisek
Lauren Vorisek: Although I was initially a bit skeptical about getting professional headshots taken as I embarked on a career change, I quickly realized how valuable a good photographer is. Damon was not only friendly and professional, but he has great advice about angles and how to pose. He was able to help me pull off that illusive mix of appearing confident without seeming cocky, and serious yet approachable. Damon has a great eye for detail and he has the patience to help steer you to the perfect look. I couldn’t be happier with the results. The hardest part was picking my favorite look.

10. Ace Photo - Ashburn

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335 reviews
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Ace Photo
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Address: 44710 Cape Ct Suite 122, Ashburn, VA 20147

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

Telephone: (703) 430-3333

Business type: Photo shop

Ace Photo: what do users think?
Alan Cinsavich
Alan Cinsavich: I heard about this place from a colleague and the moment I stepped into the store I think I fell in love and went to heaven at the same time. For professional photography and videography this place has everything! And I mean everything! Camera bodies, lenses, flashes, lighting, backgrounds, bags, filters, accessories, camcorders to Cinema HD cameras and the list can go on. And even more amazing they have film camera and can also develop B&W and Color film! Robert the manager was super nice, had a great sense of humor and very helpful and knowledgeable. They also accept trade-in. I live in Maryland and while this place may be far from home for me I am definitely planning on making special trips to this Mecca of Camera Stores.
Mike Litters
Mike Litters: Friendly staff, very helpful. Great selection of new and used cameras and lenses. A little pricey... But so are cameras and lenses
C Davidson
C Davidson: Super crowded store. Looked around for quite a while to find a couple of items - was never approached by a sales person. They have good stock and prices. I left without buying anything.
Ann Esther
Ann Esther: If you need to get your film processed this is the place!! Everything was done quick and on time and the results had me flabbergasted. This is the place for all things photo.

11. Selfie WRLD NoVa DC - Fairfax County

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70 reviews
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Selfie WRLD NoVa DC
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Address: 1961 Chain Bridge Rd Tysons Corner, Center, McLean, VA 22102

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Thu

Telephone: (571) 999-7799

Business type: Photography studio

Selfie WRLD NoVa DC: what do users think?
A B: Fun, out of the ordinary activity to do with friends. LOTS of different backdrop options, however, compared to some of the pictures online, some of them were pretty bare. But overall, worth the money and can definitely hit them all in the 1 hour allotted time.
Yvonne Marbury
Yvonne Marbury: This place was so much fun. I took my daughter here as part of her sweet 16 celebration. This was her element for sure, we took a ridiculous amount of pictures and just had fun being silly as a family. This place is fun for teens and anyone wanting great fun little backdrops.
Colleen Brown
Colleen Brown: Had my daughters 17th birthday party here and I must say it was such a great time. The girls really enjoyed taking pictures in the many different themed rooms. The staff were all so friendly and helpful, they kept good music playing the entire time and honored request. Will definitely be going back with the family.
Prpleink Dixon
Prpleink Dixon: This place was an absolute blast! There are tons of rooms and Idk how you can even get it done in an hour. The stage is friendly and very chill and the music is bumping. They have stands and photo clickers so you can do this on your own or take large photos with friends. They even have rooms if you wanted to cha he your outfit. Expect to take more than one photo and even make jokes to get the best photos.
Pradip Hayu
Pradip Hayu: Found this place via TikTok. They provide you a selfie stick stand and a clicker which you will utilize to take pictures. They have so many unique, colorful, well-thought backgrounds. We loved the pictures that came out. They give you an hour to spend there and trust me that hour will fly. We will definitely be back once they bring new backgrounds. A perfect date spot. Check it out guys!
LaTosha Greene
LaTosha Greene: This is a fun place to come to with family or friends.
Justin Markey
Justin Markey: This place is is unique, fun and different than anything else we’ve ever done. Staff is super friendly. There was a tall guy that worked there and he was super helpful. I went here with four kids (6,8,10 & 13) and the kids all had fun. I didn’t know if they would have a Christmas background and they totally did, 3 in fact! I could see this place being great for a date night, something to do for an hour before you hit dinner at one of the restaurants next door or before you catch a movie.

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