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1. Humane Rescue Alliance — District of Columbia Animal Care and Control - Washington

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Humane Rescue Alliance — District of Columbia Animal Care and Control
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Address: 1201 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 576-6664

Business type: Animal shelter

Humane Rescue Alliance — District of Columbia Animal Care and Control: what do users think?
Xtcwolfie: Absolute worst experience. I have been trying to find a kitten of my own but it has to be through the site, fine. So I complete the processes for applications with emails and inquiries. Please, explain to me why I have to reach out to the foster parents on a status on my application. Even when the cats are no longer on the site the next day, and still nothing. I won’t be using this service for adoption as it unprofessional. No one contacted me to let me know that these cats were no longer available, didn’t even update the status on my applications. Although one person reached out the next day after I applied to say that cat was no longer available…why was it still up on the site. Also, why does no one answer the phone at the shelter, I’ve left a voicemail and called multiple times.
Response: We apologize for your negative experience and would welcome the opportunity to connect with you directly so we can learn more. You can reach us at or at 202-723-5730. The health and well-being of the animals in our care, our staff, and the community we serve are our top priority. Since March 2020 we've offered virtual adoption services and have helped thousands of animals find homes. From the comfort of your home you can select an animal, set up a virtual meet and greet, and even conduct a virtual adoption counseling session. Our traditional adoption center is temporarily closed, but we are very much open for adoptions.
swErv In (Swerv)
swErv In (Swerv): After a smooth adoption process with direct and informative staff that was compassionate to the needs of my new friend and myself, I have thoroughly enjoyed the early stages of acclimating my new best friend Patty (formerly Pantene) to our home. Front desk staff and adoption counselor was friendly, and the adoption supervisor(?) took time to call me and follow up with recommendations in regards to resources catered to this dogs needs. The foster parent has also been a great asset and to me that also demonstrates a certain caliber of professionalism on the part of HRA for holding on to such a volunteer. I strongly recommend that anyone who has an interest in adding a fur friend to their family take the time to stop by and meet the wonderful animals ready for a new home and the staff willing to make sure your experience is a positive one.
Lisa Chavers
Lisa Chavers: I am Very glad that they accommodate animals who need intensive care and treatment. I REALLY WANT TO TAKE REMY INTO MY HOME BECAUSE SHE WAS A CHRISTMAS PRESENT UNDER THE TREE FOR SOMEONE WHO WANTED HIM I WANT HIM
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk: “Virtual meet and greet” 🙄 right, cause that is the best way to get a feeling which dog is the best fit for your household. Meeting a potential pup in person is incredibly important so the dog can feel the energy of the person and viceversa.
Response: Thank you for your feedback. The health and well-being of the animals in our care, our staff, and the community we serve are our top priority. Since March 2020 we've offered virtual adoption services and have helped thousands of animals find homes. From the comfort of your home you can select an animal, set up a virtual meet and greet, and even conduct a virtual adoption counseling session. Our traditional adoption center is temporarily closed, but we are very much open for adoptions. We understand this option may not be for everyone and we'd be happy to learn more about your particular situation and experience.
Danielle Carnes
Danielle Carnes: We adopted our dog and cat from here, and have been absolutely delighted with the quality of service. We even had the adoption fee for our cat waived due to health complications. Thank you for the support, we will return if we need another pet!
saahib aalim zafir
saahib aalim zafir: Considering an ESA. I have purchased two cats from this location. But my ex got custody of them both. Sad situation but a third purchase will cheer me up.
Win Simmons
Win Simmons: Kipa (our kitten) was adopted one week yesterday.. He is such a lovable kitten.. The staff was very helpful finding the perfect gift for my daughter... Thank you! For all that you do and continue to do for strays like Kipa🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈

2. Humane Rescue Alliance - Washington

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Humane Rescue Alliance
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Address: 71 Oglethorpe St NW, Washington, DC 20011

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (202) 723-5730

Business type: Animal shelter

Humane Rescue Alliance: what do users think?
Gerson petersan
Gerson petersan: Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, QualityInstant Towing Service Washington is awesome. Honest, Real, And provided a service that we should all expect in a company, especially one that takes care of your car. Thank you! Will always call them in the future.
Aloysia Jean
Aloysia Jean: I’m a foster for the HRA and I’ve never encountered a shelter that cares more for their pets and makes the adoption process that seamless. All the animals I’ve fostered have been in great health, received phenomenal care, and had a wealth of resources to help them live their best lives.
Erick Gonzalez
Erick Gonzalez: The humane rescue alliance staff was very professional and helpful when my walker lost my dog in the city. They assured me that most lost dogs are returned to their owner and that my dog would turn up. A few hours after my report, the Humane Rescue Alliance called me back with the good news. They were prompt and accommodating— I was also afraid the person that found my dog would keep him, but the staff who worked with me assured me they would advocate on my behalf— five stars for the work they do and the services they provide to our loved furry family.
saahib aalim zafir
saahib aalim zafir: Look who I picked up at the adoption place. His name was Angel. Now he is called Bumba. He is 3 and a great companion. The process was easy and I really enjoyed the experience.
Eric Towler
Eric Towler: Most professional, organized animal rescue I have seen. Great foster program as well as other. We fostered a dog and ended up adopting him. The amount of support was nothing short of amazing.
Lev Boonin
Lev Boonin: Adopted the most perfect and adorable poodle-mix from here. They had taken him in as a stray, cared for him, and made sure he had all his shots. When we met him, the staff were energetic, accommodating so that we could meet him in person (despite the pandemic) before welcoming him into our family. They helped to get him fixed, instructed us on feeding him, and were as excited to find him a home as we were to give one. They care about every animal as much as their future owners do.
Alex Navarro
Alex Navarro: Doing great work for animals! We foster for them and love being able to help animals find furever homes.
Elaine Shepherd
Elaine Shepherd: Well cared for and vetted pets are housed in a clean, calm atmosphere. Proficient and pleasant staff is also a plus. My cocker spaniel rescue is an absolute gem. Google them or visit to meet equally wonderful pets waiting to meet you.
melissa davis
melissa davis: Can’t understand why this place has so many good reviews!!!! Spoke to someone today regarding the poor innocent fox they captured few days ago, was not happy they played a part in killing this animal who was only protecting her babies!!! The Woman on the phone proceeded to tell me that no matter what they capture whether it’s a squirrel any kind of wildlife, they kill it!!!! No why would a place who claims to care for animals Carry out such a horrific act???? You people should be ashamed of yourself and I hope someday you shut down for good
Varun Kumar
Varun Kumar: We found a lost cockatiel outside our apartment building and called them for rescue. They guides us about how to keep the bird safe till they arrive. To our surprise they reached our place with 15-20 mins of our call. Also, the details were uploaded on their website within a couple of hours under lost and found section. Good professional work by the team here!

3. Rural Dog Rescue - Washington

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Rural Dog Rescue
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Address: 719 8th St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM Sat

Telephone: (410) 310-4420

Business type: Pet adoption service

Rural Dog Rescue: what do users think?
Steven Wilson
Steven Wilson: Sent email over a week ago & left 2 voice mails Concerning a dog that I saw and wanted to adopt! Had a few questions but no communication! Oh Well! I’ve never owned a pure bred thank goodness I have other rescues that actually want to help dogs!
Response: We are very short staffed with VOLUNTEERS right now and can’t answer every inquiry we receive. Our website and listings state clearly to complete an application and an adoption coordinator will be in touch.
Naomi Philhower '19
Naomi Philhower '19: I have volunteered here on and off for the past 8 months and am truly impressed with the organization. They help save many at risk dogs from high-kill shelters and provide them with safe caring foster homes until they are adopted. The adoption events are always well handled to ensure the safety of both dogs and volunteers. I am looking forward to volunteering here again after the Covid-19 pandemic. In the future if I am able to adopt this would be the first organization I would look at for a pet, and I would highly recommend them to any individuals in DC, MD, or VA looking to adopt!
Kelsey Blend
Kelsey Blend: This rescue is one of the best around. When they pull dogs from high kill shelters they don’t cherry pick like the majority of rescues do. The dogs are immediately vetted and evaluated for their needs. They are then treated for a wide range of issues including (but not limited to) heartworms, broken bones, ear infections, tick borne diseases, and skin infections. They are vaccinated, spayed and neutered, and started on heartworm and flea medication as well as given dentals and mass removal as needed. The rescue is foster based, giving these dogs experience in a home (potty training, basic commands), some of which have never seen until they have been given a second chance at living! If your looking for a dog that needs a loving home that hasn’t had the best life, Rural Dog does a excellent job of starting these dogs off on the right path of a healthy life.
Christine Roxborough
Christine Roxborough: I adopted a wonderful dog 2 years ago from this rescue. They are wonderful people who devote their time and money to saving the dogs that are most likely to be euthanized. Their devotion and commitment to "the underdog" is inspiring and makes me want to do more to save the abused and neglected animals whose stories are heartwrenching. If I adopt another dog in the future, I will do it from them!
redbone lolita
redbone lolita: Wanted to get my kids a dog at 25 dollars to far
John Erskine
John Erskine: The representative was very caring and eager to assist me with a dog I found in getting her a good home. Highly recommend!
Latonya Mitchell
Latonya Mitchell: Was looking for a new forever home for a friends dog but we found one. Rural Dog Rescue has a website that offers lots of information about their service and easy to navigate
Leslie Anderson
Leslie Anderson: They had a lot of cute doggies and puppies for foster and adoption. If interested please visit their website.

4. The Humane Society of the United States - Washington

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The Humane Society of the United States
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Address: 1255 23rd St NW, Washington, DC 20037

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11PM

Telephone: (202) 452-1100

Business type: Animal rescue service

The Humane Society of the United States: what do users think?
Valerie Oval Lecuona (a Lesbian)
Valerie Oval Lecuona (a Lesbian): I have supported this wonderful animal welfare organization for several years now and I am pleased with their work to help out innocent animals.
Anonymous K.
Anonymous K.: Just a warning that if you sign up to make regular donations they make it impossible to cancel those donations. Literally had to contact my credit card company to block charges from them because they ignored my multiple requests to cancel my monthly donations.
Laura Chan
Laura Chan: Definition of superheros in my book for saving animals.
Clark Matthews
Clark Matthews: Great place to adipt from.
Christopher Ward
Christopher Ward: Love how they help animals

5. Homeward Trails Adoption Center - Fairfax County

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Homeward Trails Adoption Center
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Address: 11116 Fairfax Station Rd, Fairfax Station, VA 22039

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Sat

Telephone: (703) 249-5066

Business type: Animal shelter

Homeward Trails Adoption Center: what do users think?
Harlow Arbiol
Harlow Arbiol: I had a really good experience adopting from Homeward Trails. My partner and I did the Tails Out program where we met a Labrador Retriever. She was the most kindest dog. I ever met and felt a instant connection with her. We decided to adopt her and it was very smooth. You can tell this shelter really cares about their dogs. Thank you so much for everything. Thank you Hannah. She was very helpful and professional; and even helped us during this Christmas Eve.
Elyse Porter
Elyse Porter: We love our dog that we adopted from them but our experience wasn’t satisfactory. They said that they would provide our vaccination records on the pet assistant app. However we still needed proof of vaccinations to start a training class. They finally sent the full vaccination record and it included 2 vaccinations that were never communicated to us and we spent and additional $200 getting up to date on. I’m very frustrated with their inability to provide clear and accurate vaccination records.
M B: Amazing to see HT has grown so much and over 20 yrs after adopting a Fayetteville dog have a People mag article appear in my news feed!! Dusty (Roads of WV) lived a very good life and we thanks HT so much for all their work. If I still lived in NoVA I would be a volunteer
carrie goeringer
carrie goeringer: This is the sweet girl you rescued for me. She went home with me 4 years ago. THANKS for all your work. 😘😻💕
Juergen S
Juergen S: Excellent experience. We adopted our second dog here and they were very good about making sure we were right for each other. The staff know the animals well, even the new ones and did a great job of giving us time with them. The program seems a little bulky, but everything runs smooth and is done well. We will be coming back when we are looking for another dog.
Elizabeth Anderson
Elizabeth Anderson: I love the dog I adopted, and I had a great experience with the volunteer who initially showed me some dogs and the adoption coordinator who took care of the actual adoption. My issue is with their tracking of medical records. My dog’s paperwork from them said she was spayed. She was not. They then had her scheduled for a spay appointment while she was heartworm positive - heartworm positive dogs cannot be put under anesthesia. I only knew that because a vet tech at my personal vet happened to mention it during an apt. I’m the one who had to tell HT we can’t do that surgery until she’s completed her heartworm treatments. They had paperwork saying clearly she was heartworm positive, so they should have known this. That’s very concerning to me. Additionally, I ultimately decided to pay for the spay surgery myself and get it done with my local vet. HT’s waivers said clearly they don’t do a physical before the surgery (vets do a physical and blood work), and they had no interest in seeing my dog’s medical records. It’s too risky, especially given the heartworm experience. Adoption is $400.

6. Lucky Dog Animal Rescue - Arlington

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Lucky Dog Animal Rescue
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Address: 5159 Langston Blvd., Arlington, VA 22207

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (703) 237-5327

Business type: Non-profit organization

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue: what do users think?
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith: I had the best experience working with Lucky dog rescue. My girlfriend and I went through the approval process online before meeting our potential new dog and it was super easy. We worked with Paul, who I could go on and on about how fantastic he was to work with. He was very helpful at explaining everything, very accommodating of your availability, and extremely kind. His passion for these dogs and his desire for them to go to good homes was extremely admirable. The process with Paul and meeting the dog through the foster, Grace, was fantastic - no complaints. The people who work with Lucky dog seem to care very much about these animals, and it shows.
Response: Dear Daniel, Thank you so much for this incredible review. We are so lucky to have you and Paul as part of our Lucky Dog family.
Christina Flear
Christina Flear: I recently went through the adoption process with Lucky Dog and being a first time dog owner, the process was beyond helpful and reassuring. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly making the whole process that much more pleasant. Each step of the process was organized and easy to follow, plus the communication with their team was quick and thorough. I appreciated them walking me through each step and helping me adopt our new dog Asher. They took the time to make sure we were a good fit, which is so important to me. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to adopt. :)
Response: Thank you so much Christina for this thoughtful review. We so appreciate your giving Asher a loving forever home.
Briana Provost
Briana Provost: Had an enjoyable experience with Lucky Dog and their team. They made sure I understood everything there was to know about every dog I met before I met them. Ended up adopting my dog Stenson, and we are such a good fit. The only thing I will say is that they don’t guarantee the breeds of dogs so if that is something that is important to you, be sure to ask about their match making program since that’s a process where they make sure they pair you with a dog based on your breed and temperament expectations.
Response: Hi Briana, thank you so much for choosing to add a rescue dog to your family. We are so glad to hear you had a positive experience adopting with us!
Johanna Gonzalez
Johanna Gonzalez: I was able to adopt my beautiful kitty with this organization. Originally I was going to adopt another pet, but she was chosen by someone else before I was able to confirm my decision. I waited patiently and they assisted in helping me find the right fit for me! Once I confirmed the adoption picking her up was a breeze! I had my carrier and collar ready, they had my sweet kitty ready! It was a perfect match and now we are so overjoyed to have her.
Response: Dear Johanna, Congratulations on your new family member and thank you for giving our kitty a second chance at a loving forever home.
Maegan Cross
Maegan Cross: I had a fantastic experience adopting a cat from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue in January 2022. The vetting process was thorough. Staff and volunteers are friendly, responsive, and helpful. The process was easy to access. And, best of all, I found my best friend for life (Stella pictured here)! Would DEFINITELY adopt from them again!
Amy Gregurich Lindley
Amy Gregurich Lindley: Lucky Dog Animal Rescue is a one-of-a-kind organization! My family and I have dealt with other rescue organizations and Lucky Dog is truly a gem. They CARE about the pups they are responsible for and have gone above and beyond when foster pups need more care (i.e. disabled, injured, etc.). They are diligent and thorough with vetting the fosters for their organization which was the reason we ended up switching to Lucky Dog as a foster (and eventually as an adopter). The adoption process is just as thorough - and with good reason - they want their pups matched with the right people and with people they know will care for them. Here are pics of our foster pups (as well as our resident Lucky Dog pup)!
Shannon Wilkerson
Shannon Wilkerson: This organization has shady practices! Believe the negative reviews. I know some people will have a good experience, but enough people having a bad experience speaks to the integrity of the company. Bottom line, I gave them $425 (which is a high fee for a shelter adoption anyway) and I don’t have a dog. I tried to resolve this multiple ways with multiple staff. No resolution. No dog. There are other shelters in the DC area that have much lower fees and less unhappy adopters. Read all the reviews. I’m not the only person saying that they paid a fee and have no dog. I found a reputable breeder and purchased a puppy. Too bad I had to go this route, but at least my kids will soon have an adorable puppy to love.
Response: Shannon adopted a puppy from us. She told us that her "children have special needs and are too rough with her. I have to watch everything that they do every second," and that this was too much for her. In addition, the puppy was teething and doing normal puppy chewing which scared the children. She returned the puppy less than one week after she adopted. We then agreed to help her find an older, calmer dog that would not scare her children and that could tolerate their roughness. Unfortunately, finding that kind of dog does that time, and we wanted to be sure the dog had been in foster care with children before we moved forward adopting a second dog to Shannon. She agreed with this plan, but then got upset when we pointed out she seemed only to be interested in dogs that we could not confirm were good with children. At that point, Shannon began sending harassing emails to our staff. While we remained committed to working with Shannon to find a dog that would be a good match for her family, we understand from this review she has purchased a puppy. We hope her new puppy does well with her children.
Brian Benner
Brian Benner: We’d applied through several rescues in the DC area and Lucky Dog was the most helpful and attentive. We got pre-approved through the application/interview process and then went to one of their planned adoption events. We’re so happy to have brought home this ball of joy and we’re always recommending Lucky Dog to others. Adopt, don’t shop!
Response: Thank you so incredibly much for leaving this thoughtful review. We are so lucky to have you as part of our Lucky Dog family and congratulations on adopting your new family member!
Alessandra: To preface this, I am giving five stars because with ongoing interest and patience, I found Cookie through Lucky Dog! The first picture is when I first met him at an event hosted at PetSmart; he is being held by a LD volunteer. The next three are from the past seven weeks since I brought him home :) It did take months for the right dog to come along for me, punctuated in the middle with the unfortunate loss of a sweet dog I was very excited about. Lucky Dog maintained contact via email when I was clearly discouraged with the adoption process and answered questions promptly about any dog I contacted them about. Often the dog I had expressed interest in was already tentatively adopted by another good fit. I recommend checking the adoptable dogs daily on their website. The FIRST adoption event I went to, I expressed interest in Cookie (then named Danny), whom I had seen online. My being pre-approved to adopt a small dog definitely seemed to expedite the process. The team was clearly busy but were patient, kind, and helpful, and made sure his foster mom handed Cookie over to me and let me know what he was like during their time together. Thank you to the Lucky Dog team for connecting me with my lil guy!

7. Animal Welfare League of Arlington - Arlington

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Animal Welfare League of Arlington
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Address: 2650 S Arlington Mill Dr, Arlington, VA 22206

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM Thu

Telephone: (703) 931-9241

Business type: Animal shelter

Animal Welfare League of Arlington: what do users think?
M Ayers
M Ayers: After having lost my sweet 6 1/2 year old cat very suddenly in March, I realized my almost two year old cat really needed a companion. He wasn’t eating well and was just acting depressed. I went to go look for two kittens and instead fell for a sad, scared 5 year old cat. The staff at the shelter were wonderful, especially the sweet lady who took me through the kennel on a Saturday afternoon. The thing that impressed me was that unlike other shelters and rescues who in my opinion make it hard for good people to adopt a pet and I’m sorry but seem to be very judgmental, they made the process easy and very uncomplicated. I think many more animals could find loving homes if people did not have to jump through hoops. I applied Saturday night to adopt this kitty and Sunday I received an email asking me to do a telephone interview on Monday. After I spoke to the nice girl Monday she approved me I paid my adoption fee which seem to be very reasonable especially compared to some other places and arrange to pick up my new baby on Tuesday. I also received a voucher to go visit a vet which they would like you to do in the first I think it’s a week to 10 days. All in all, it was a wonderful experience, the shelter was very clean, and I appreciate all the work they do there to help animals
Renee Beroncal
Renee Beroncal: Great shelter and staff! Thank you so much for helping us find our new fur baby! We love her so much!
alice maggio
alice maggio: Deserves so much credit. I rescued a stray cat that ended up having a microchip, and they were able to contact the owner and do an intake for the animal in minutes. Very professional, compassionate, and cordial staff. Would highly recommend for rescue drop off.
Nikole Metz
Nikole Metz: I have spent months looking for a dog that I bonded with and was ready to bring home. After meeting so many dogs I went to AWLA on a Sunday out of the blue even though none of the dogs on their webpage really sparked my interest. (Mainly due to apartment restrictions not allowing certain breeds). When I walked into the dog room the first one I saw I knew was for me. He hadn’t been added to their webpage yet and it was his first day on the adoption floor so it was meant to be. In the weeks I have had him he has been such a joy and a wonderful dog to have. Thank you AWLA for bringing me and my best boy together! AWLA is incredibly well run and really cares about their animals and treats them very well!
Alex Chidester
Alex Chidester: Amazing shelter! You can truly tell these people care for the animals. We adopted a kitten, Roger in the summer has he has been the perfect cat for our family. He’s our own house Panther. We can tell he was taken good care of that the people here are doing good work. Totally recommend for anyone looking for a pet.
Nathan Lapin
Nathan Lapin: We got a guinea pig. His name is Ned Flanders, like the Simpsons, his cage mate was Homer. As for the Animal Welfare League of Arlington itself, the staff were incredibly knowledgeable and could tell they cared for all their animals and they were comfortable. Go here if you are looking to adopt.
Nikeya Sharp
Nikeya Sharp: HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. I adopted a puppy last week from AWLA and the medical records for my puppy states that they were examined as well as their ears were checked and they were “fine”. When I examined the puppy myself I found a yellow rash on his stomach and small black chucks in his ears. Immediately called AWLA to speak with whomever did the exam and get some type of advice or help to make sure my puppy was okay. I have called AWLA three times and spoke to their answering service whom promised I would receive a call back. I still have not received a call back from the vet on call or a member of management. Instead they sent me an email saying that the puppy was in my custody now so it’s my problem and need to take him to a vet. (Which I will, asap) but the fact is that the staff at AWLA clearly did it examine my puppy. Instead they wrote on his medical records he was “fine” when clearly he had a rash as well as an ear issue. I am worried that the staff may be doing this to other dogs. BEWARE AND EXAMINE YOUR ANIMAL COMPLETELY BEFORR LEAVING THE FACILITY. Also the staff were extremely rude when my partner and I picked the puppy up. This was our first puppy and we were really excited and were met with staff who handed us a folder and the dog and sent us on our way. I stated verbally to another employee that no information or instructions were given to me and her response was “well do you have questions?”. I would just assume this is NOT how you treat people who are trying to care for and adopt animals. We also waited outside per Covid standards and when a worker told us to enter, another woman stood up and said loudly “no you need to wait outside”. As if we had don’t something wrong by entering when the other employee told us to enter. This was THE WORST experience and I hope they start truly examining the dogs and other animals before adoption.
Response: Hi Nikeya - I am very sorry to hear that you had a poor experience with AWLA. I would like to try to make this right for you and have asked a manager to call you as soon as possible. In the meantime, you are more than welcome to email me personally at so that you can provide me with some more details. Thank you so much for your time ~ Chelsea Jones, Sr Communications Specialist

8. Fairfax County (Michael R. Frey) Animal Shelter - Fairfax County

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Fairfax County (Michael R. Frey) Animal Shelter
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Address: 4500 West Ox Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

Telephone: (703) 830-1100

Business type: Animal shelter

Fairfax County (Michael R. Frey) Animal Shelter: what do users think?
Walter K
Walter K: There are various aspects to provide reviews on and this is on the adoption process of my dog and the available support. The process for me was extremely easy once I had obtained all the information I needed from their site. Some rescue places required an in home visit as well as a $300+ adoption fee. FCAS was way simpler and affordable in both categories. I took my existing pup with me to assess the bonding experience and the visit went well. Once the paperwork was completed, they provided me with a bunch of free toys, clothing and food to jumpstart the relationship with my new family member. So, that pretty much nullified the adoption fee. The best part and highlight of this process is the free behavior and training support offered. The trainer is Randy Mouri and he has been exceptional. I reached out and he spent at least 3 hours on my first visit. He provided guidance to continue the training at home which has truly helped. Of course, you only get what you put in. Overall I feel truly grateful for this level of support as my adopted dog is high energy and very food driven which is the opposite of my existing dog. Randy has helped me to better understand my adopted dog and his potential for training. The staff was also great and extremely responsive on following up with my emails to ensure that all went great with my new dog in his forever home. Like anything in life, you just need to put in the time for your pet to thrive.
N Sanie
N Sanie: I set up an appointment via email to adopt a bird at 5pm and upon my arrival I was told that they had me at a different time for the appointment and so they let someone else adopt it. I had in my email that 5pm appointment confirmed and it was very disappointing how unorganized they were. They required I had a cage food and toys with me so I went out and bought everything for nothing. Very bad experience.
Isabel Guide
Isabel Guide: It is no surprise to me that there are already so many fantastic reviews of this shelter. We recently adopted a beautiful dog from them and received service that I had never experienced at any shelter before (I come from northern NJ, for reference). We sent in our application for our dog and received a phone call from the shelter just two days later. They were able to set us up with an appointment to meet the dog that day. The shelter itself is kept very clean and all staff are welcoming, kind, and clearly want what’s best for their animals. They answered any and all questions and even let us take home whatever we wanted from the donations section (which has canned food, treats, collars, toys, crates, etc.). We also received a free voucher for a wellness exam, valid within two weeks of adopting. I would highly recommend this shelter to anyone looking to adopt.
Randall Nappier
Randall Nappier: VERY Friendly staff and 100% willing to do whatever they can to help the animals in their care find their forever home. The facility is Super nice and has very convenient hours. Spike was such a blessing and will bring joy to us for many years to come.
Java Honest
Java Honest: What do you mean “by appointments only”? 🙄 how do I know which animal I want to adopt? Like, appointment for looking at animal, then appointment to adopt the animal 🤦🏻‍♀️ bureaucracy At it’s best…

9. City Dogs Daycare - Washington

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260 reviews
new review
City Dogs Daycare
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Address: 301 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Telephone: (202) 544-0891

Business type: Dog day care center

City Dogs Daycare: what do users think?
Laura Vincent
Laura Vincent: I love bringing my dogs to citydogs for doggy daycare. They come home happy and dog tired. I love reading my daily report cards, so cute :) The staff are friendly with me and observant of my pups’ needs. For example, my dogs are in between a big dog and a small dog size. Ginsy is confident and can play with any sized dog, the David is beta and submits easily to bigger dogs, but they are bonded. One day, David wasn’t having as much fun in the big dog room. So, the staff moved them both to the small dog room to see if that was more enjoyable. It was! Since then, both my pups get the most out of their visits and are always excited to go back. The one downside is that the facility is indoors and the floors are tile. It’s inevitable their paws will be a little stinky when they get home. But you can’t blame city dogs for that! This is very common for doggy daycares in the city; It comes with the territory. I recommend using “Scrubby rinse free shampoo mittens” with oatmeal waterless shampoo or oatmeal wipes. It’s a great alternative to a full bath that will still get them clean. If it’s time for your dog to get a bath, city dogs has bathing services that are affordable. And they schedule the bath around when you will pick your pup up, so they are fresh and clean when you arrive.
MICHELLE MARSHALL: This is my first dog and her first grooming experience. I was very excited for her. However, when I got home to see her I cried. She looked horrible. All her beautiful fir on her face was gone. Her hair was frizzy, dry and wild. The cut looked very unfinished and uneven even though all we asked for was a trim. The groomer cut too close on her nose and created a cut/irritation. She’s been scratching at it ever since. Not to mention one of her paws is still sharp. I’m not only dissatisfied but I feel guilty for Putting her through this. I’ve wasted money before and can get over that but my baby is looking bad right now. I haven’t gone there to complain or argue…. Even though I’m angry and sad. What’s done is done. She will not be returning for a grooming experience. I’ve seen better work at petco. If you believe me check out the before & after pics……
Natalie Bohnet
Natalie Bohnet: Positive: Reliability, ValueMy energetic beagle mix Pablo goes into City Dogs daycare very enthusiastically. He comes home tired & happy. Buying the pass makes it reasonably priced. I love the photos on the door welcoming the new dogs! Great place!
Response: Hi Natalie, Pablo loves to play with his friends Cali and Lucas when he visits. They always have a blast together. Thanks for choosing up to spend time with Pablo. Love, City Dogs
Haddassah Goldberg
Haddassah Goldberg: I have been considering giving City Dogs a try because we recently moved to the neighborhood and they’re so close to my home, but I walked by this afternoon and they had their front door propped wide open. My dog is a runner, and I’m sure he’s not the only dog who would make a break for it if he made it to the lobby. I will be looking elsewhere because this left an awful taste in my mouth.
Response: Hi Haddassah, if your dog is a master at opening doors, we do appreciate that you haven’t brought him to try our services. We share and understand your concern for dog safety, but we do have mitigations in place on occasions where we’re bringing in some fresh air. Please come take a look inside sometime. We consider our dog customers and their human parents like family, and we appreciate the chance to talk through concerns with customers before posting a review. After our front door, 4 additional doors separate our play rooms from the outside. Our play areas are on the lower level and we have two doors in the stairwell and two doors on each playroom. We would never encourage a customer to bring their dog if it’s not a good environment for them, and we won’t hesitate to let you know. So please, come inside sometime and check it out for yourself sometime.
Jenelle Thomas
Jenelle Thomas: My furry kid’s first day was amazing! We felt so welcomed, especially seeing his personal ‘Welcome’ sign. The staff were patience, friendly and attentive, all the qualities my senior dog needs. I truly appreciated the video update of my pup- to see that he didn’t appear anxious and was very intrigued. I’m excited for my pup to join the City Dog family!
Response: Hi Jenelle, Thanks for the wonderful review. We're pleased to know you and Prince enjoys daycare here at City Dogs. Welcome to the CD pack! Love, City Dogs
Alison Griner
Alison Griner: Took my dog to daycare, inside is clean and they keep your dog on leash until past several doors. It was her first time there, so she received a free bath, an adorable framed photo, and a detailed report card. Felt very welcome by the staff including posting a welcome poster of her on the door!
Colleen Turner
Colleen Turner: Positive: ProfessionalismI send my dog to City Dogs H St for grooming. The staff is so friendly and takes great care of him. He comes home clean and in a good mood, which says A LOT for a dog who doesn’t love a bath!
Traycie Powell
Traycie Powell: Voltaire always has the best time with his City Dog friends. He is exhausted by the time he gets home...which shows me he had a blast! I love all the pictures and videos the staff send when requested. Great hours for those of us who work long days. 🐾5 PAWS 🐾
Megan Bailey
Megan Bailey: I brought my dog there for the first time and put in specific instructions regarding my dog being sensitive and to go slow. I also gave instructions when I dropped him off. When I picked him up I asked how it went and they said great! He was cut shorter than I preferred but that was fine. I get my dog into the car and he is absolutely terrified. He growled at me several times when I tried to touch his tail or feet which has not happened before. I am not sure what they did to my dog but I would never recommend this place. As an FYI I also emailed them and it has been over a week with no response about this.

10. Prince George's County Animal Services Facility & Adoption Center - Greater Upper Marlboro

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837 reviews
new review
Prince George's County Animal Services Facility & Adoption Center
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Address: 3750 Brown Station Rd, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM Fri

Telephone: (301) 780-7200

Business type: Pet adoption service

Prince George's County Animal Services Facility & Adoption Center: what do users think?
D.J. Mack
D.J. Mack: Clean, well run facility and everyone I met there was kind and caring. Visited for an adoption and eagerly awaiting approval so I can bring my boy home! Thanks to everyone for all the hard work they do and caring that they give every day!!!!
Minimalist Paper
Minimalist Paper: The overall experience with adopting our new fur baby was pleasant, our actual adoption counselor Jen C. was suuuper nice (get her if you can). The receptionist with the dreadlocks, not so nice. Everything had a sharp tone, and she acted as if she didn’t want to be there. Everyone has bad days - but no this is her personality. Between the phone to schedule, the meet and greet, to the adoption pickup, just rude. I really wanted this dog so I decided not to address it. All other staff I came in contact with were very pleasant. Facility is nice and the process was smooth!
Joy Dana
Joy Dana: PG County animal control personnel were very informative . Concerned and caring! They called back exactly the day they were supposed to call and check on our puppy!
Lorinia Morris
Lorinia Morris: Do not take Pit Bulls here they kill them. The dog I turned in didn’t belong to me but she was sweet and kind she was there for 3 weeks and they killed her. I was looking for a PitBull rescue to take her they didn’t even give her time to adjust they just killed her with no regards. JUSTICE FOR BELLA!!!!! Pit Bulls have rights too. Bella was abused by her previous owner and I thought taking her there who potentially give her a new life but they took that away from her. RIP Bella.

11. Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation - Falls Church

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187 reviews
new review
Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation
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Address: 6801 Wilson Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22044

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Thu

Telephone: (703) 295-3647

Business type: Pet adoption service

Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation: what do users think?
peter pinkham
peter pinkham: 10 years ago, we are fortunate enough to find this organization and to pick our lovely dog whose presents enriched our lives for 10 years. We found unfortunately we had to surrender the dog due to special circumstances. They were gracious on both occasions, and we feel that they will do everything they can to find her another great owner like we were. The staff is courteous and very professional and bringing her back was very easy. The only negative is that parking is a bit tough. Aside from that, they make things as easy as possible. Two thumbs up absolutely.
Green Angel
Green Angel: All dogs look healthy and well cared. Friendly and great services!
Cristalo Quinn
Cristalo Quinn: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, ResponsivenessSuch kind staff of volunteers always helpful and communicative with any questions. Work so hard to help these precious little ones. We adopted our lovely sweet Stella and she has given us so much joy and companionship, so happy we found her.
Response: Thank you for your feedback; it means a great deal to us. We are an army of volunteers giving our very best everyday to save homeless dogs and cats and help them on their journey to a forever home. We are so happy Stella found hers with you! Thank you for believing in rescue and choosing adoption. Your support is what keeps us moving forward to save more!
Mara Davis
Mara Davis: Megan was a great dogadventure trainer! She was a great source of information and so amazing with all the dogs. I look forward to taking a dog out in near future. This shelter really loves and cares for the animals!Arielle was my favorite dog. She is so sweet and loving. ❤❤
Response: Thank you Mara for your review and positive feedback. We are so glad to have Megan on our Dogventure Team and agree - she is amazing!! We will be sure to pass your kind words on to her and the entire DV Team. We are thrilled to have you as a DV volunteer and grateful for each and every dog you have a chance to take out for fun, enrichment and adventure!! It takes a village to save these orphaned dogs and cats and only together can we make it happen! Thank you for volunteering with us!
Cecilia Mabilais-Estevez
Cecilia Mabilais-Estevez: I adopted my cat from here and volunteer here as well. This place is amazing!!! They take great care of pets and the application process is very straightforward. Would highly recommending adopting a fluffy friend from LDCRF :)
Response: Thank you for your kind review; it means a lot to us!! We pride ourselves with offering an open, fair, and friendly adoption process! Thank you for believing in rescue and choosing adoption. Your support is what keeps us moving forward to save more!
Emilia Razanauskas
Emilia Razanauskas: Wonderful rescue with a thorough screening process to ensure pets and humans are paired appropriately! We love our girl we adopted from this rescue! Highly recommend working with LDCRF to find your next furry family member 🙂

12. Animal Welfare League of Alexandria - Lyles-Crouch

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191 reviews
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Animal Welfare League of Alexandria
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Address: 4101 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria, VA 22304

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

Telephone: (703) 746-4774

Business type: Animal shelter

Animal Welfare League of Alexandria: what do users think?
Tank Holmes
Tank Holmes: After my Sophie passed away, I was left with a lonely heart. I was ready to visit the Alexandria Animal Shelter. I scheduled an appointment. Upon arrival the dog I wanted to see was adopted. So I remembered a little one called Waverly. Phen (staff member) brought Waverly to me. Well that was a match! Phen helped me thru a quick adoption process and she helped heal a lonely heart. A Big Thanks to Phen and Jean at the Alex Animal Shelter. The scheduling visit and adoption process went great. BTW my little girl has a new name ( Cookie) . Sincerely Frank and Cookie
Response: Frank, we're so happy that you found such a great match with Cookie. Thanks for giving her a loving home, and please let us know if you ever have any questions.
sssandra_a: Happy new year!🎊 Thank you for helping me find my fur babies🐈‍⬛♥️ I love them dearly and can’t express my gratitude for you guys! Hope all the little ones at the shelter find their forever home!
Response: Happy new year to you too, and thank you for giving these wonderful animals a loving home!
Andrew Ball
Andrew Ball: I understand the COVID procedures, but I find the virtual appointments to be counterproductive when it comes to adoption. This is absolutely a philosophy thing when it comes to adopting dogs, but I want to see their reaction to my presence to gauge whether or not that I want to adopt. I am sure your shelter employees are well trained, but I have adopted dogs from shelters before and the reports we got with the dogs never matched the demeanor we saw. Which makes me leery about the process. Not for me, good luck other people.
Response: Thank you for your feedback, Andrew. We understand that our current safety procedures may not be everyone's preference, but we hope to see you when it is safe to once again open for in-person appointments.
star hicks
star hicks: Honestly now my go to for anything. We looked at 4 separate dogs. They were very caring in guiding us through. The lady who helped us walked us through every single step. She asked if we needed time to think about it as she was suppose to. They were kind and helpful. The clerk even helped us figure out the torture device looking harness. Our boy was super shy but that only lasted a few hours because he loves his brother and sister and is a total cuddle bug. Thank you AWLA. yall were amazing. Hades is finally found his forever home thank to you guys.
Response: Star, thanks for your kind words and for giving Hades such a loving home. Please reach out with any questions (or if you have cute photos to share)!

13. GRREAT - Fairfax

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4 reviews
new review
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Address: 11021 Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22030

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (703) 620-6593

Business type: Animal rescue service

GRREAT: what do users think?
Zoe Burger
Zoe Burger: Wonderful organization. Our Arnie was such a sweet boy.

14. Humane Society of Washington County - Hagerstown

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643 reviews
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Humane Society of Washington County
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Address: 13011 Maugansville Rd, Hagerstown, MD 21740

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (301) 733-2060

Business type: Animal shelter

Humane Society of Washington County: what do users think?
BcOneSeven: Thankful for the wonderful companions that you brought into my life. Brutus, Louie, Daisy and so many others. Keep up the great work!
ellen munson
ellen munson: We adopted our new 1 year old Pyrenees mix from them and our elated with him . He is adjusting well. I cannot not say what an amazing group of people they are! It is a no kill shelter and they are immaculate at the Society and truly love the animals their. If anyone is looking for a pet please check them out!!
Tiffany Holmes
Tiffany Holmes: Walked in and instantly felt welcomed! Clean and tidy, was able to retrieve my lost kittens. Took great care of them and even supplied food with no charge. The woman at front desk were sweet and helpful. Really feel they care deeply for the fur babies, great place to find your next furry friend!
Sara Shoemaker
Sara Shoemaker: I adopted two female guinea pigs. They were very kind and helpful. I adopted Garlic powder and Basil.
D Nartey Nurturing Daycare
D Nartey Nurturing Daycare: Adopted a dog that previously had kennel cough the week prior to adoption. I checked on him midweek to see if he was well. He was being monitored for an upper respiratory infection. I was given the all clear that he was free of all symptoms. The adoption process felt rushed. As soon as I took him home, this animal had lots of mucous coming from his nose, severe hacking cough, and sneezing persistently. I called the humane society the next day and they couldn’t give me no advice on how to help him. I called around to all the emergency vets and it was $500 plus just to see him, run test and more. On top of that the humane society did not refund me my money. I only had him for two days. Good dog but very sick. All they want to do is get animals out the door and keep your money.
brenda fraley
brenda fraley: Staff very friendly and helpful in every way. They are a wonderful group of people. I have strays running around and they use to be able to spade them but stopped. They do suggest places for vouchers. U all are tops in my book.

15. SPCA-Humane Society Spay/Neuter Clinic - Forestville

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181 reviews
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SPCA-Humane Society Spay/Neuter Clinic
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Address: 8210 D'Arcy Rd, Forestville, MD 20747

Telephone: (301) 262-5625

Business type: Pet adoption service

SPCA-Humane Society Spay/Neuter Clinic: what do users think?
Carollera Conway
Carollera Conway: They are simply the best. They are strictly volunteer but you will not be disappointed. I get my furr babies spayed, they simply are patient, compassionate and efficient. My babies come home and never have any problems after the surgery. They make sure that you are given instructions prior to leaving. Please if you feel it in your heart Donate to the SPCA it is such a worthy cause ❤️
Response: So glad we were able to help uou Carollera!
Kevin Spann
Kevin Spann: The SPCA provides an invaluable service for animals. The staff is always super friendly and costs are very reasonable.
Response: Thanks Kevin! Glad you had a good experience and could take advantage of our low prices!
T Kenny Jackson
T Kenny Jackson: The volunteers and very nice and professional. Appreciate the time and effort they put in for the care of our community pets.
Response: Thanks Kenny! We're happy you could benefit from our programs.
Wendy Donn
Wendy Donn: Tried to schedule neutering for my dog and was advised it would be a couple weeks before anyone could contact us to schedule a time. The shots were based on their own schedules...and we picked a date. This worked well for us. A 3..for shot scheduling....
Response: Glad you had a good experience with our volunteers. It’s true that we have a long waitlist for spay/neuter, because of the low cost.
Maranatha SOS
Maranatha SOS: Rabies clinic in summer months is a layer of hell. You have to park on the street, far away, form a long (over 100 people, at least) line in the blistering sun — fear for the health of your cats sweltering in their carriers…. have your cats scared out of their minds by cars with cut mufflers revving their engines, by red zone dogs — spca can’t afford a couple more tents? to give us some relief from the sun? All this we, the working class poor, have to endure because we can’t afford the bougie high-class world of veterinarians who live in mini mansions and swim in private pools off the sweat of our brows and the burden on our backs.
Response: Maranatha, thank you for helping the animals! Please understand, our long voice message covers all our programs. We are all volunteers. In addition to helping with stray cats, we rescue and rehome pets at risk of euthanasia at the county shelter; we assist with and investigate cruelty/neglect reports; and we operate the county’s only free and low-cost spay/neuter clinic. Have you left a message? You can leave a phone message on 301-262-5625 or send an email to and someone will get back to you ASAP.
Selena Martinez
Selena Martinez: very friendly and caring employees they took care of my kitten.
Response: So glad we were able to help!

16. Petco - Washington

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359 reviews
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Address: 1503 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 777-4390

Business type: Pet store

Petco: what do users think?
Austin Graff
Austin Graff: We’re not pet owners, but stopped in to but a gift for our neighbor’s dog. The space is big with everything you’d want from toys to biscuits to anything! They have a pet grooming station, a dog biscuit bar and sell small pets like fish, hamsters, birds and snakes!
George Thomas Wood, III
George Thomas Wood, III: Nice folks. We get our doggy daughters groomed there every 3 weeks or so. They are busy so sometimes it takes a while.
Joey Abrams
Joey Abrams: Pretty pedestrian big box pet store. Pet enclosures and tanks seem well managed and maintained. Online pickup order was ready and waiting when we arrived.
Chanpen Tee
Chanpen Tee: The store is nice and clean. The staff is friendly
Father Hood
Father Hood: The online prices are always different from in store. Once you reach your eight bag for free they do not give you your full credit which is a rip off. Will no longer be patronizing this company.
Cody Laliberte
Cody Laliberte: Asked for a trim around the legs and back end, but our dog ended up with a shaved stomach and butt. Didn’t see the stomach until we had left the store already - obvious hack job with clippers that shouldn’t have been used in the first place. Nothing is straight or even, totally choppy.
Linda Roe
Linda Roe: Staff K’Vina is outstanding. Her care for Chloe was phenomenal. Chloe responded very well to her

17. City Dogs - Washington

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122 reviews
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City Dogs
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Address: 1832 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Telephone: (202) 234-9247

Business type: Dog day care center

City Dogs: what do users think?
Sulolit Mukherjee
Sulolit Mukherjee: City Dogs is great. My pup Hanna loves going there and always has a lot of stories to tell me when I pick her up. The staff there is friendly and welcoming. Definitely a solid place to leave your fur baby and have peace of mind that they will be taken care of.
Carmela Nguyen
Carmela Nguyen: Emmett LOVES City Dogs on 18th St! He’s been going to daycare since he was a puppy. He’s almost 2 yrs old now. He also enjoys the occasional boarding w their outside patio and daily walks. Most importantly, every staff member is nice and friendly.
Eri Sakunaga
Eri Sakunaga: It was the first time Momo went for daycare here. They gave him free bath for the first day of day care and welcomed him with a cute sign on the door on his first day . They also provided me with his report card of the evaluation and a care package since it was the first day. I thought they were very warm and welcoming! They sent me photos and I will definitely come back.
Rosie Fischl
Rosie Fischl: City Dogs has been beyond wonderful! I have two, large, goofy high energy dogs - Charley and Maverick- and they absolutely love it there. They always cry with excitement when we’re nearby and bolt inside when I drop off and they come home completely tuckered out and so happy. The staff is fantastic and they really do know you and your dogs. Great for boarding, grooming and day care.
Sonny Nghiem (SunnyDelight)
Sonny Nghiem (SunnyDelight): My partner, myself and my fur baby loves this place! Dice comes here often and she always has a great time. The staff is amazing. They also do grooming and overnight boarding both additional services we used and also love. Give this place a try just in case if you ever need to drop your dog off with the piece of mind how well your dog will be taken of.
Molly Ryan
Molly Ryan: I’ve been trusting City Dogs with my pup for the last few months now and I have nothing but 5 stars to give them. My pup goes for daycare, boarding and grooming services and I’ve always been very happy with how they treat my girl. I I work crazy hours and City Dogs is always there for me and my girl: I’m v lucky to have such as wonderful place close by.
Molly Whalen
Molly Whalen: Our first time grooming there- they were so nice and friendly and efficient. My pup came out happy and so handsome. I had gone to another spot in Bethesda and we were treated like we were in drill camp; it was great to have something in the city and personable.
D Gordon
D Gordon: I love this place! They were so welcoming to my dog and she loves it there. She’s very clingy but when I drop her off at City Dogs she’s so excited to go play that she doesn’t even look back. The report cards at the end of the day are helpful and also adorable.
Shahab Albahar
Shahab Albahar: They did a great job. It was our first time and the team did a wonderful job. My German Shepherd puppy smells good, his coat and nails looks great and his ears are very clean. Will definitely be bringing him back again.

18. The Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) - Baltimore

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2015 reviews
new review
The Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS)
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Address: 2490 Giles Rd, Baltimore, MD 21225

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2PM Thu

Telephone: (410) 396-4695

Business type: Animal shelter

The Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS): what do users think?
Sharema S
Sharema S: I adopted my dog almost two years ago and it has been a pleasure having her around. For months prior to the adoption, I searched the website daily for smaller dogs but was beat by other applicants. When I submitted my application, I received a prompt response from the center requesting me to come in to meet her. It was love at first sight! She was spayed, received a medical exam and within 3 days of submitting the application, I took Bella home. The adoption fee was only $75 which includes vaccinations, spay/neuter, information pamphlets and dog food. I would certainly adopt from Barcs again in the future.
Phyllis Harris
Phyllis Harris: I adopted both my cats from there. The wait was long but it was worth it. The ppl at BARCS truly care for all their animals. There was a fee associated with the adoption but it was for the spay/nurture for both cats. They were kittens when I adopted them and are cats now. I love my babies. BARCS is doing great things for the community. 💕
Jay C.
Jay C.: Hands down the place to go to rescue a pet. The facility is very clean and you can tell the staff cares a lot about the animals. I was very glad to see a large majority of the pets we looked at online had already been adopted. It seems the turn around for the animals is very quick. I highly recommend this facility but you can never go wrong with choosing to rescue. We were able to pick up our new fur child without any issues. The adoption fee and package we chose was only $75 total. They neutered him, gave him his recommended vaccines and chipped him. They gave us the medication he was currently using and provided instructions after he left. I will definitely get my next rescue from here.
Rachael Smith
Rachael Smith: amazing experience and great staff! we love our luna girl so much. she was the best match for our family 💛.
Alicia Sneed
Alicia Sneed: I recently adopted my 2yo Border Terrier Arrow (they named him Munchy at the shelter). It was a bit of a grueling process just because all the dogs I was interested in were strays and their owners kept coming to get them. Which I understand is the goal. After nearly 3 weeks and 11 almost adoptions, I was able to take home “Munchy” on my birthday. The adoption fees are so low but they surprisingly take care of literally everything. Most of the folks there are volunteers and they really look happy. I signed up to be a volunteer after my experience. Olivia, my bff, is one of the many dedicated and welcoming people that work there. They also do a lot for the community. I’m glad to be apart of the #BARCSFam
Dawn Riehl
Dawn Riehl: My Mother adopted Buttons a 10 year Old Beautiful Female Cat..We want all of Barcs Staff to know Buttons is Doing Great...Mom is no longer alone she has her Buttons to keep her Company..and Buttons is very Much Loved..Thank you for Reccomending Buttons For my Senior Mother...
Makayla Crawford
Makayla Crawford: This is the best shelter to find your new fur baby. The staff is very caring helpful and kind. The place is clean and the animals are well taken care of. If your looking to find a pet or donate this is the go to place! And the pricing is very very affordable. As well as support services like immunization and etc!
Yaw Owusu
Yaw Owusu: Positive: Professionalism, Reliability, Responsiveness, ValueI had such a great experience with BARCS. I adopted my dog here and the staff were extremely helpful guiding me through the process. They also offer free training post adoption and keep your dog up to date with vaccines before you adopt. Also, the price of adopting your pet is simply unbeatable!

19. My Next Puppy - Chantilly

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1434 reviews
new review
My Next Puppy
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Address: 13991 Metrotech Dr, Chantilly, VA 20151

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Telephone: (703) 870-7555

Business type: Pet adoption service

My Next Puppy: what do users think?
Madison Harris
Madison Harris: My boyfriend and I adopted a Siberian husky from this store - best and worst decision of our lives. She is amazing, well behaved and semi-playful (you’ll see why only semi-playful) But they gave us a sick dog. Within 4 days of bringing her home, as suggested I was looking for a vet, I was told she needed to immediately be seen by an emergency vet because of how sick she was. I read the contracts, had them explain several times the policies for their vet visit financial coverage, but within 4 days of having our puppy she was diagnosed with pneumonia through blood work and X-rays (which were necessary for the diagnosis), put on 3 medications, and has to get X-rays redone as well as at least one more week of the two antibiotics she’s on. Despite all their talk of great health coverage and warranties, for vet costs of over $1,000 for her initial treatment and medication they offered me a $60.26 reimbursement. WITHOUT the continued cost from her upcoming vet visit to make sure she’s recovering. I also now doubt that my puppy actually saw a vet upon her arrival at the store like I was told. For a vet to miss something like this is something huge, with the advancement of her illness and the fact that she was sick immediately after bringing her home where there was no contact with any other dogs from our end, there’s no way she didn’t have it before leaving the store where I was told she’d only been a couple days. I live over an hour away so driving all the way back to go to “the vet of their choice” when I’m told my puppy is in serious condition would be irresponsible as an owner. That time could make or break her recovery depending on what she’d had. We made this decision because the company seemed reliable and like they actually cared about both the puppy’s and their customers. Edit: in response to what was replied by the store. What I said to you in your email is that what was discussed in store did not follow what the contract states and when I asked about it the girl told me it was the vet visit in its entirety. BUT I would accept that if it was an illness my puppy picked up elsewhere. Pneumonia doesn’t spawn overnight, she was already sick when we took her home with us and that is why I’m frustrated by the clear lack of empathy your company seems to direct at your puppies and customers.
Response: Hello Madison First let us say that we are very sorry that your puppy got sick once she got home. We would be happy to continue to discuss all of this directly with you as we have been thus far. As you mentioned you reviewed all of our coverages and we have covered exactly what we discussed with you at the time of purchase. We would also be happy to discuss coverage for ongoing treatment as that is something that we do indeed cover as well. Your puppy did indeed see veterinarians prior to purchase as all of our puppies do and we would be happy to go over al of that with you again directly as well. We understand when a new puppy becomes ill it can be a very troubling experience and we are here to help as much as we can. My Next Puppy
Karyssa Glenn
Karyssa Glenn: Hey, I adopted Seneca the labradoodle/Chesadoodle Sunday 1/30/22. UPDATE: she is doing amazing! She is very sweet and loving and also found her voice. Still working on potty training. But she is a very happy pup. Seneca now named Izzy has a story that shows her misunderstood loyalty as mans best friend. Thank you Darren for being there for her, understanding her and helping me through the purchase process to continue to provide that love and understanding she deserves abs needs. She is amazing! No regrets!! She is the best thing in my life and continues to bring joy and happiness to myself and others!!
Response: Hello Karyssa, Thank you so much! We are so glad you had a good experience and we are happy you were able to find the perfect companion with Izzy! We hope you both visit us again soon! My Next Puppy
Katie G. Fiorini
Katie G. Fiorini: It broke our heart to leave behind a sweet mini Shepadoodle. our one-hour experience inside My Next Puppy was close to traumatizing. I knew from the moment we were “greeted” by a young girl (not sharing her name as a courtesy) at the front door something was off - not a very friendly welcome, and frankly she had a bit of an attitude. As shared in multiple other reviews, prices are not shared until you have spent time in the “cuddle cube” with the puppy for a period of time… $10,400 (including the 6% sales tax.) was the total cost to bring this 3 month old puppy home with us. The entire experience was very “salesy.” The girl talking to us had clearly had general training on how to answer common objections and questions but seemed irritated with our questions and hesitation to move forward with the paperwork. maybe we would have had a better experience with another employee… they have a policy where you have to remain seated in the “cuddle cube” I don’t remember the reason. Maybe to not disturb the other dogs? I’ve seen in other reviews it was Covid protocols? I’ve also seen reviews that remaining seated limits your view of the glass “cages” lined up and down each side of the facility. Who knows. I can’t believe we actually considered putting the total amount on a credit card so we could walk out and just take the dog out of the facility and give it the good life we know we could give it. We finally decided against it because we knew in our hearts we couldn’t live with the fact that we helped fund this kind of business. After getting home and reading the pages and pages of reviews we know we made the right decision, however we are heart broken. I’m curious how the business will reply to my review …
Response: Hello Katie, We are sorry to hear that you did not have a good experience with us. Our puppies are priced based on many different factors such as breed, pedigree, coloring, size, etc. All of our puppies come with extensive health warranties and lots of extras including a LIFETIME genetic and hereditary warranty to make sure that your puppy is taken care of for the entire time you have them. We hope that this was explained in great length during your visit and if not we would be happy to elaborate if you would like to reach out to us directly. As far as remaining seated during your visit it is so that we can properly social distance while in our store for the safety of our puppies and other patrons. And please don’t worry as every single one of our puppies finds their perfect forever home and while they are with us they get the best possible care provided by an entire staff dedicated to nothing but their health and happiness! We wish you the best in your puppy search! My Next Puppy
Anon: This place would not tell me how much their puppies were over the phone before my visit. Since it was almost an hour away from me, I would have benefited from this information before the drive and wasting my time. I came in to see a Pomeranian ready to adopt him that day and buy him in full. However, the prices for not only a Pomeranian but all of their puppies were completely absurd. As a previous owner of a Pomeranian, I would say that the average price for a Pom is $2000-$4500. This place wanted $8,000 for a puppy which doesn’t even sound real. That is absurd…. They claim it’s because it comes with a package deal of surgery if the animal needs it , first trip to vet covered, ect. It isn’t an option to get this package, it is already included in the price. It is definitely not worth it. These poor puppies fate are determined because of this places overpriced money hungry prices. Also, although they offer payment plans it still is absurd to pay that price for a puppy. My heart sank when I heard that the corgis were $9,500. I will definitely try my best to have this place investigated for their practices, because from their prices alone I can tell they do not treat their puppies well. Their intentions are to make money off these innocent animals and not care for them in their small and crowded glass cages. RESPONSE And as to your response, that is bullsh*t. I have had purebred designer dogs my whole life and have never seen prices like yours. The lifetime package is comeptlley unnecessary. Pet insurance is only $20-30 a month. And your health plan is awful, I was in disbelief that you could fool people into buying it while I was at the store. All puppies find a family? The Pomeranian I saw was already 4 months old. That is because of your high prices and stupid “health plan” . It is unusual to see puppies that old in this type of place. You are in it for the money and don’t treat your animals well, overstuffed into glass cages and smell like urine. I ended up adopting from premier pups and could not be happier. They delivered him to me. Very reasonable prices and my puppy is amazing and healthy. They are also breeders who care. Unlike this establishment
Response: Hello Melanie, We are sorry to hear that we were not the right fit for you. All of our puppies prices are determined based on many different factors such as breed, pedigree, markings, etc. In addition; as you mentioned in your review; all of our puppies come with extensive health packages and lots of extras to help you take care of your puppy for its entire lifetime. We are sorry if you do not feel that the pricing for that kind of lifetime care is justifiable but to put your mind at ease every single one of our puppies finds their perfect forever home within a short period of time and we also have a full staff dedicated to nothing but their care, health, and happiness every single day. My Next Puppy
Rick: I drove from Rockville MD, and the weather was great. Although it was a 45 minute drive, upon arriving to MyNextPuppy we had the rules explained and were viewing puppies by our appointment time at 4pm. Darren and staff were very accomodating and helpful when it came to our questions about selecting the perfect dog to match my personality. We stayed for about 2 hours and I am taking home a dog that I match with perfectly. I certainly will return if I have any questions, or want to adopt again.
Response: Hello Rick, Thank you so much for your kind words! We are so glad you had a good experience and congratulations on your new puppy! We hope you visit us again soon! My Next Puppy
Velis Adelle Rivera Diaz
Velis Adelle Rivera Diaz: I am beyond grateful to have been attended by such an amazing staff and loving atmosphere. I walked in just to look and left with our new baby. My partner and I are so happy and in love that we found what was missing in our home. Our fur baby is a loving golden retriever full of joy and energy. Thank you so much MyNextPuppy to having offered your services and rendered us such a great experience overall. You made my adoption process super easy and amazing! I will recommend y’all a thousand times over.
Response: Hello Velis, Thank you so much! We are so glad you found your perfect new puppy and had such a good experience with us! We hope you visit us again soon! My Next Puppy
Douglas Nolasco
Douglas Nolasco: Came in at 4 for our appointment and Kira was very friendly and helpful when we asked to see a few of the pups the experience here was great and if you’re looking for a puppy I’d recommend coming here
Response: Hello Douglas, Thank you so much! We are so glad you had a good experience with us and we hope you visit us again soon! My Next Puppy
kiran kaur
kiran kaur: Do NOT cut me off when I am speaking and asking well thought out questions about a life long commitment. LEARN SOME MANNERS. Today, I called to inquire about the processes to buy a puppy and was spoken to by someone who was very abrupt, rude and cut me off repeatedly. She was very contradictory in terms of what the processes are (only come in to buy a puppy, not to look. You can also look, but not buy) and she pretty much told me she would not deal with me unless I was ready to make a transaction. Let me be clear, purchasing a puppy is not like purchasing a bag of potatoes and if I have questions I should have the opportunity to discuss and consult. Extremely disappointed and concerned for the welfare of the puppies if this is the type of transactional basis we are dealing with. I have emailed the company to see if there is someone more helpful that I can talk to, I will update this review if I get a positive outcome. Also, don’t ever cut me off when I am speaking and asking well thought out questions. UPDATE: after reading all the Yelp reviews I am no longer associating myself with this outrageous company. Seems like this place has quite a reputation.
Response: Hello Kiran, We are sorry to hear that you were unhappy with your correspondence with us. It seems was though there was a miscommunication and we would be happy to rectify the situation. Please feel free to reach out to us again and we would be happy to discuss our process. My Next Puppy

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