Best Padel Shops In Washington Near Me

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1. Tennis Zone Plus - Washington

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Tennis Zone Plus
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Address: 4839 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 a.m. Thu

Telephone: +1 202-362-7575

Business type: Tennis store

Tennis Zone Plus: what do users think?

Jeffrey Molinoff: This is a fantastic shop! Jose is very knowledgeable and willing to help in selecting anything from shoes and rackets to grip tape. The prices are very reasonable too. But the stringing is what steals the show. I showed my racket to a pro in a resort shop and he told me it was the best string job he had ever seen.

Mr Mitchell: My first time visiting a "real" tennis shop. Overwhelming to say the least, and very intense. Just how I like it. An amazing shop. They created a custom "stick" for me, my very first. I am beyond satisfied with the racket and service. I recommend this store to anyone. And I took a trip to get here. Well worth it and I will be back.

Sidney L: Jose and the rest of the team at Tennis Zone Plus are fantastic. I demoed a couple of different rackets and ultimately purchased from them. Jose delivered my new rackets to my house and has gone above and beyond in a myriad of other ways! If you play any racket sport in the DC area, stop buying online / elsewhere and visit Tennis Zone Plus.

John Ackerly: I love Tennis Zone: amazing selection of racquets, the white glove customer service and the best stringing operation in the area. Serious tennis players in the broader DMV are lucky to have this resource - and certainly worth the trip into the city if you are looking for any custom job. Great work Jose and team!

Nelson Jacobsen (SonofNels): We enjoy having a full service shop in our community and expect that others will too From balls, shoes, equipment & racquets PluS very good advice for new players about aspects of rackets strings and the game of tennis all at the Tennis Zone +

Drew Stewart: Best tennis shop in the DMV! Good prices! My rackets are always ready in the time that I need them. Jose is always super nice and welcoming. If your in the DMV you have to go here.

JiaHui Guo: Superb shop and superb location right in D.C. Their service covers the basic needs of average players and for those interested to geek out on equipment. Their demo program is flexible and paired with quality strings unlike many other online services. Their turnaround time is one of the quickest in the region. This is my go-to shop for stringing, gripping, and matching services.

2. Alpine Ski Shop Fairfax - Fairfax

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Alpine Ski Shop Fairfax
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Address: 9629 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA 22031, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 a.m. Thu

Telephone: +1 703-385-7669

Business type: Ski shop

Alpine Ski Shop Fairfax: what do users think?

Michael Cieslak: I came here because the place that I usually lease ski equipment for my kids from had sold out for the year. I am so glad that I found Alpine because the customer service, personalization, and expert knowledge put this place head and shoulders above the place I used to go to in Arlington, Virginia. Their ski buy back program is a great fit because they let you sell most stuff back after 2 years.

Armin Seferagic: Went in to get new ski boots. Brian helped me. He took a few measurements and knew exactly what I needed. They did not have it in stock at the shop, but he knew the boot models and size that would fit my feet off the top of his head. Very experienced, knowledgable, and trustworthy. I ordered the boots online and will be returning to get them heat molded at the shop. Excellent service highly recommended.

Emily Reilly: Went to go buy my first pair of ski boots and with it being a big investment, I wanted to make sure I was making an informed decision. Brian was so wonderful to work with!! He was super knowledgeable and spent a lot of time to make sure I was getting exactly what I wanted and needed!! Really appreciated the stellar customer service

Mike Smith: Outstanding experience with Caleb selecting ski boots. My first time buying ski boots and they were very knowledgeable, patient and helpful sizing for me and my wife. They have all the tech and expertise to get the right fit. Caleb had answers for all my questions and did not push any particular product - offered several choices with a full explanation of important factors of size, flex, etc. Very good experience - will definitely go back for my skiing needs.

Kawah Wahidi: Tony was on the money. Coming from sector 9 pintails and carving roads, I wanted something a little more aggressive but still enjoyable to ride on. Tony mentioned this Arbor longboard being the right amount of stiffness but still feel “alive,” and springy. The carving feels exactly what he meant. He also mentioned a decent upgrade on Orangutang wheels, and I’m already feeling like I should switch them out and trying them since this recommendation was on point! Thanks again!

MaryAnn C: Great brands and gear. Customer service is great and they sort of priced matched. They met us half way and my son got to take home a great pair of ski pants to match his Helly Hansen coat. Thanks so much!!

Michael Schick: Had a snow board boot for 2 days (what they designated as the repair time) and did nothing with it. No call, no email. My son’s boot and he leaves in 2 hours. Now I have to figure it out. I was warned to not go here, but I didn’t listen. Apparently they don’t do anything right. Avails a frustrating time by avoiding their stores.

E O: Excellent service, great selection of ski gear, and very friendly quick stress-free shopping. Made getting fitted and trading in gear for my daughter stress-free, easy, and very fast with their buy back program.

Lily Wang: If you want quick, helpful service look no further than Alpine Ski Shop! The folks at Alpine Ski Shop are incredibly knowledgeable, personable, friendly, and accommodating. They go above and beyond to help you get what you need, and in a timely manner. Prices are incredibly fair - especially for the level and quality of service you receive. I will never go anywhere else for my tennis restringing needs, and will definitely be utilizing their ski services in the winter as well!

3. Bethesda Racket Stringing - Potomac

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Bethesda Racket Stringing
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Address: 7726 Bradley Blvd, Bethesda, MD 20817, United States

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: +1 301-580-3626

Business type: Tennis store

Bethesda Racket Stringing: what do users think?

Bernardo Azevedo: Fantastic service. I delivered the rackets on a Friday expecting them to be ready by Tuesday, and they were done Saturday night. It was cheaper then at tennis stores and just as well done, they work with reels unlike many tennis stores, and they cleaned and bagged all the rackets for delivery. I would highly recommend stringing your rackets with Randy and Kendall!

David Greeley: Very pleased with the service. Got my racket restrung after good advice provided from the owner and then when I picked it up, I suddenly realized I could use a new grip. The owner asked me to wait 10 minutes and he would get it done, and he did. I proceeded to go out and win my next tennis match. Thanks to Bethesda Racket Stringing, I am now ready to take on Federer. Just call me.

Barry Stern: Exceeded my expectations on turnaround time. I was in a bind as I needed my racquet restrung the next day. Received a 12pm estimated completion time (even that was fast) and by 9am I received a text saying it was done. Definitely will use them again!

Robert Mitton: Awesome service and quality. Racquets are strung perfectly! Customer service and ease of dropoff and pickup are outstanding. "Bethesda Racket Stringing" is THE PLACE to get all your racquets strung. Thank you Randy and Kendall.

Suzee Kujawa: Thank you not just for the great service and work but your suggestions on other work for our rackets was great. The kids and my husband are playing a ton more tennis (now that it stopped raining and snowing!) THANK YOU!

Mike Rizzo: Great attention to detail. Very knowledgeable. Friendly. Easy process. I will definitely take rackets to Bethesda Racket Stringing in the future.

4. Fitzgerald Tennis Center - Washington

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Fitzgerald Tennis Center
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Address: 4850 Colorado Ave NW, Washington, DC 20011, United States

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 p.m.

Telephone: +1 202-722-5949

Business type: Sports complex

Fitzgerald Tennis Center: what do users think?

Zia: The Citi Open is when this place comes to life! Other than that it stays pretty empty year round. For tennis lovers the courts are well maintained. I would love to see it used more than just once a year.

Anna Johnson (TropicAna): Visited the park for City Open 2017. Awesome experience. The only, parking for regular guests was very unorganized. We drove all the way from Hampton, VA and then we need to go find parking and take a bus to the tournament. But the park is awesome, courts are great. Good experience

J.Brytni B: Such a nice place. I had no idea they offered so much. Including a gym, gift shop, and plenty of vendors.

Davell501: Great courts but need lights for most of the courts and stadium NEEPS an update

Mukaram Syed: Nice setup and friendly staff.

Victoria Hübenthal: 🎾 awesome place to exercise your tennis energy!!

Brandon Wiebusch: The courts at Fitzgerald Tennis Center are great. The clay courts are a lot of fun and the hard courts are nice as well. If you are interested in training Charles is the guy to see. My tennis game has improved tremendously since I started working with him. 5 Stars!!!

5. Tennis Shop (Tennis String Theory) - Falls Church

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Tennis Shop (Tennis String Theory)
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Address: 712 W Broad St Suite B-1, Falls Church, VA 22046, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 a.m. Thu

Telephone: +1 703-998-4585

Business type: Tennis store

Tennis Shop (Tennis String Theory): what do users think?

P.K. Weiland: Jennifer is the best. I walked in not knowing what I wanted or needed in a new racket and she explained everything thoroughly. She even let me demo some rackets outside to see what I would like. After hitting a few balls with various rackets, I ended up choosing one. Sean had it strung within 30 minutes and I took it for a spin that afternoon. It had been 20 years since getting a new racket and so glad I did. It was light, offered a lot of power and control! Super impressed by the level of customer service and personalization in just 15-20 minutes. Will definitely come back here. If you buy a racket, you can get a discount on future stringing. Awesome shop.

Eric Brooks: Great and honest people. Very reasonable prices. I went there because a few others recommended them. Plus I needed a better racket then the one I bought online. When I arrived I saw it was a small place but very worth going. Jen took her time to explain my options. I picked out my racket and they strung it the same day. Playing with it showed improvement in my game and no pain in my arm. I think shes the racket whisperer. They gave AMAZING service. I highly recommend them.

David Johnson: I went to a few other tennis places before coming here to get some advice on a new racket. I should have came here first. They were so patient with me and my many questions. I was so pleased on how they went above and beyond. I highly recommend them.

Lisa Ristau: I needed some new badminton birdies and when I called Ivy explained the differences in the types out there, which was very helpful. I ordered my box online and WOW what a difference these birdies are compared to the original ones that came in my kit. These birdies are incredibly sturdy and durable. Ivy guided me right... what a wonderful shop!

Todd Jones: I always love coming to this shop. Whether I have questions about proper clothing, equipment or anything they always come up with a solution. I don’t know what I would without them. If your looking for quality service with smile and good vibes don’t delay give them a call today.

Tyrone Basilio: I’ve been a sports conditioning coach for over 15 years and I have never been to such a knowledgeable, polite and professional establishment especially in the realm of Tennis. The prices are the best in town! Please support small businesses like this!

ncgoom: This place is awesome!!! First off by saying Jennifer is the best, very knowledgeable, friendly top tier customer service. Can’t wait to get back 👍🏽

Ivy Beverley: Service was great! Everyone was helpful in picking out a racquet for my son and I. Had reasonable rates for this cute little shop. Definitely worth coming to. Will be coming back again.

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