Best Nursing Homes In Washington Near Me

Fort Washington Health Center Forest Hills of DC Stoddard Baptist Global Care, Inc Grand Oaks Assisted Living Community Lisner-Louise-Dickson-Hurt Home Ingleside at Rock Creek Knollwood Military Retirement Community Hebrew Home Of Greater Washington Armed Forces Retirement Home - Washington DC ARMED FORCES RETIRE HOME Little Sisters of the Poor DaVita Washington Nursing Facility The Washington Home BridgePoint Continuing Care Hospital - National Harborside Cadia Healthcare Hyattsville

1. Inspire Rehabilitation & Health Center - Washington

· 60 reviews

2131 O St NW, Washington, DC 20037

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Inspire Rehabilitation & Health Center: what do users think?

Angela Williams: My mother was a resident at Inspire Rehabilitation and Health Center from November 2021 to her untimely death in January 2022. The staff at Inspire was exceptionally nice and took good care of my mother, making her last days comfortable. I was kept up to date on my mother’s deteriorating health. She became difficult to manage because of Dementia but the staff showed professionalism and patience in calming her down and getting her to eat. I was able to make virtual appointments with ease, to speak with her during the periods the facility was not allowing visits because of COVID restrictions. While my mother was a resident at Inspire, I got to witness the dedication and hard work of this profession. Taking care of incapacitated ones is a difficult responsibility. I was impressed with the dedication and attention the staff at Inspire displayed with the patients the time my mother was a resident there. Thanks and keep up the excellent work. It was truly appreciated by me.

Yarnell Nassirou: I"m employed at Inspire and its a GREAT place to work. The staff is very welcoming and family oriented. The residents are so lovable and sweet. If you have a loved one that needs assistant living, they would be in the best hands of care at Inspire.

Mariana Tangwa: My sister was at this Nursing home, the employees are dedicated and willing to help at all times. The environment is clean and homelike. My sister recovered within expected time frame. Thank you team Inspire.

Ifesinachi Irika: I have worked in some Nursing homes in DC,but Inspire Rehabilitation and Health Center is outstanding in welcoming,hospitality and level of cares given to Residents and employees is mind blowing.

2. Stoddard Baptist Nursing Home - Washington



· 28 reviews

1818 Newton St NW, Washington, DC 20010

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Stoddard Baptist Nursing Home: what do users think?

Marsha Brown: I am writing this note to let Stoddard know how much I appreciate the care they give my love one. My rating is a 4 plus some. So I’m giving them 5 stars. My mom is 95 years old and has been with Stoddard for more than 5 years. First let me say no place is perfect and neither is Stoddard. Yet in their perfect imperfection way they are there for me and mom. It has been proven during this most trying times when I have to look at mom through a glass window or see and hear her voice on Google duo. It’s the inflection in her voice when I hear her say ‘dear’ to me or her care giver, it is the coloring in her cheeks, and the feisty ness in her voice. It is the reassuring conversations with the Unit Assistant, the Head Nurse, staff nurses and technicians, the security guards, and other medical professionals and housekeeping. It is the reassuring conversations with social services, physical and recreational therapy who answer my most urgent and often demanding questions. It is the virtual conversations and window conversations that assure me that mom has not lost her spunk. Not a perfect place, but the right place for my mom. Yes there are times when we butt heads, but all in all I want to Thank you Stoddard for caring for my mom.

3. Fort Washington Health Center - Fort Washington

· 27 reviews

12021 Livingston Rd, Fort Washington, MD 20744

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Fort Washington Health Center: what do users think?

T Washington: To: Rosalind Stokes and The Fort Washington Health Center My family and I can not thank you enough for the care, support, and understanding your facility provided for my mom and my family. From the moment my mother entered your health center it was wonderful. Thank you, to the nurses and staff members who took numerous of calls from my family. Everyone was so willing to provide us with updates and would even let us know my mom wasn’t having a good day. Not to mention that window room we could not ask for anything better. We enjoyed the staff as you would stay in the room as we prayed and sang to our mom and grandma. I give a special thank you to the staff members who did not tell me to stop singing because I wasn’t a singer. My mom even told me one day to stop that noise. LOL. Keep doing what you do for your patients. Thanks again, for the awesome experience at The Fort Washington Health Center. May God continue to keep and Bless everyone of you. Sincerely, Betty Walker’s Family

4. Forest Hills of DC - Washington

· 5 reviews

4901 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

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Forest Hills of DC: what do users think?

Margery Brown: My mother rehabilitated here after total hip replacement and I have nothing but gratitude and respect for the excellent care she received. The skilled nursing staff was professional and caring, the social and cultural activities were of a very high quality, the food was delicious and nutritious and the onsite a Physical and Occupational therapy facility was so convenient and expertly staffed. Thanks to everyone at Forest Hills for providing a real home to the residents and short termers as well.

5. Stoddard Baptist Global Care, Inc - Washington

· 26 reviews

2601 18th St NE, Washington, DC 20018

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Stoddard Baptist Global Care, Inc: what do users think?

Sandie: Since the beginning, Ms. Catherine Nwosu has been great! She has been treating my dad with such good care. Very nice, caring, and compassionate. You can see that she has genuine love for her patients. My family and I really appreciate her services thus far.

Paul Eubanks: When I had to locate a place to take my mother to for comfort care this was the place that was referred. I must say that I was not able to think of myself, my attention was on taking care of my mother. The administration staff from day one all made sure I wanted for nothing. Every day I went to see her she bathed, clean, comfortable and she was always checked on by the staff. When my mother transition the staff called with grace and understanding and respect. My concern was that she would not be taken advantage of and that she was treated with respect. I hope that no one would go through death of a parent but that is not realistic. It will happen and when it does I feel this is the place to place your loved ones in the hands of people who have a heart for the elderly and a true love for people. I have a great discernment for people and I can honestly say there is a spirit of love the dwells in the home.

Wanda Stewart: The staff is nice, easy to communicate with and they seemed to care for my love one. Although, I would feel better if I was ablevisit. But overall I am pleased with the service.

6. Grand Oaks Assisted Living Community - Washington

· 13 reviews

5901 MacArthur Blvd NW, Washington, DC 20016

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Grand Oaks Assisted Living Community: what do users think?

Pam Kaplan: My Mom and I made the decision in January, 2020 to try the Grand Oaks’ 60 day Respite Stay Program as a way of “testing the waters” in her transition to a retirement community environment. We were both impressed with the level of personalized care she received with occupational and physical therapy as well as the friendliness of the staff and the true neighborhood feeling – including social activities and fine dining! In March, she made the decision to become a permanent resident of Grand Oaks just prior to the COVID 19 “stay at home order” from the DC Mayor. Initially, I experienced some trepidation; the media accounts of the rampant spread of the Corona virus among elderly populations was downright terrifying. But, I was constantly reassured to know my mom was safe at Grand Oaks – especially with the proximity to Sibley Memorial Hospital and Johns Hopkins. I am so grateful to the Director, Laurie Henley and the entire Grand Oaks’ team for their professional leadership, creative problem solving and “above and beyond” efforts for keeping my mom well. As a family member, I receive regular email communications with the latest status of the residents and the facility, including regular COVID testing for all. Laurie recently hosted a family webinar where we heard from the team leaders of each aspect of the community and we had an opportunity to ask questions. I know that the safety and well-being of my mom and her fellow residents is the top priority of the entire staff – whether its providing help in setting up telemedicine visits with my mom’s doctors or even in lending a hand to set up her TV so that she can tune into the Washington Nationals games – everyone really tries to be there for my mom. That is reassuring, especially when I know that I cannot be physically present with her now. In spite of all of the COVID 19 uncertainty and the safety restrictions in place from the DC Government, I believe that Grand Oaks is doing a great job. And even though it still is too risky for visitors to come into the facility, we’ve all found new ways to communicate with our loved ones.

Andrew: Grand Oaks is a stand out community. They show great care for the residents and commitment to detail. Residents are always smiling and looking their best. There are fantastic food choices for the residents during meal times and the activities provided give the residents a high quality of life.

Tina “Angel” Swope: I visited my great aunt yesterday and had lunch with her. I had never been and was VERY impressed! Everyone was so friendly, the residents were all smiling and the food was excellent. It put my mind at ease seeing how well they care for residents. You can tell they like what they do.

Pamla Moore: Management is great. Servers in dining room are very accommodating and friendly. The meals are remarkably good. Apartments are roomy and well cared for. The font desk staff is very helpful and knowledgeable.

Christopher Fromboluti: My then 97 year old mother moved to Grand Oaks a year ago and she has had an excellent experience at Grand Oaks. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly and the facilities are like a good hotel.

7. Lisner-Louise-Dickson-Hurt Home - Washington

· 36 reviews

5425 Western Ave, Washington, DC 20015

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Lisner-Louise-Dickson-Hurt Home: what do users think?

Laurie Berry: Great place to work. I have older family members. I doubt that they would end up in a home. For a lot of people, they still would not want this. Although Lister-Home tried to be patient and make the home as best as they possibly can. I would use a home for our loved ones as a last resort. I rather let my loved ones never be in one. It did seem like a place where there was absolutely no kind of abuse towards the residents which is highly important. It all depends on the person. Personally, I would not want to be in one myself. Although my concerns are that people there are well and have activities. I remember that there were activities there which was good because that helps the residents with boredom because television is not enough.

Kim F: The staff at Lisner is so caring and takes such good care of my grandmother. The consistent communication with our family is greatly appreciated. I constantly thank them for all they do!

Lovelastsalways Haalan: The best staff in the business. I moved to TN and my mom has continued to receive the best care. My family is grateful

Mya Ferguson: A fantastic facility. My dad was in the rehab facility portion and he was well taken care of. Lisa and LaToya are extremely helpful. The food was tastey and there were lots of activities. I highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for great care for their loved one.

Delores Wallace: They are one of the best places that take care of your family like their family. When your loved ones are happy you happy and they safe from evilness that Occurs in those types of sitting.

LaVerne Madigan: Amazing, clean, and absolutely perfect

Bernarda Tally: Grateful for the superb professional service providers for my parents.

Sheila Shelto: Love the staff and the facility 💞💕💞

8. Ingleside at Rock Creek - Washington

· 36 reviews

3050 Military Rd NW, Washington, DC 20015

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Ingleside at Rock Creek: what do users think?

Lucia Hatch: WE moved to Ingleside Rock Creek this summer looking forward to meeting a group of really interesting residents and enjoying good meals and fine company. Covid has greatly limited the mingling and community dining, but the apartment we moved into is lovely, and the staff could not be more helpful, friendly and responsive. There are plenty of opportunities to get to know fellow residents through the ubiquitous Zoom meetings and outdoor socializing,, and by appointment, I can continue to stay limber at the fitness center. The campus is beautifully landscaped, with a lovely path to next-door Rock Creek for the adventurous.

J. David Willson: My wife and I chose Ingleside because of its reputation as a premier facility and its park/urban location adjacent to our neighborhood of many years. We moved in at the end of February and had about three weeks of "normal" living before covid-19 shut down our dining room and many of the activities which we had come to enjoy and appreciate. While the restrictions have restricted our ability to get to know our new neighbors, we have felt protected and well cared for during this emergency. And zoom has helped us enjoy a modified experience. We really love our sunny, roomy, and pleasant apartment and getting used to this new living style has been easy. The food is good, with lots of variety, the staff is friendly and helpful, the surroundings pleasant (the interior public spaces, the landscaping and "ravine" natural area, and the neighborhood), and the residents are an amazing collection of people from different and interesting backgrounds.

Marna Tucker: “My husband was severely disabled and I had just retired from an active law practice. My world was getting smaller and smaller. Then we moved to Ingleside at Rock Creek and my world opened up. Our future care was assured in this beautiful continuing care community. I tried new activities outside my comfort zone—poetry reading, new exercise challenges, fascinating discussion groups, art lessons, evening cocktails with new friends in the lovely landscaped courtyard, walks on the trails of Rock Creek. Even with the Covid 19 restrictions, my world grew larger and larger. We were protected and cared for. My burdens lightened. My days brightened. Ingleside at Rock Creek was the perfect choice for us.”

9. Knollwood Military Retirement Community - Washington

· 7 reviews

6200 Oregon Ave NW, Washington, DC 20015

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Knollwood Military Retirement Community: what do users think?

Phil Soriano: Caroling for our fellow residents in long term and memory care. New Year’s Eve dinner with apartment neighbors.

Geoffrey Cheadle: Knollwood is not a "nursing home." Rather, it is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), which includes various levels of elder care. The words "nursing home" give the wrong impression!

10. Hebrew Home Of Greater Washington - North Bethesda

· 44 reviews

6121 Montrose Rd, Rockville, MD 20852, United States

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Hebrew Home Of Greater Washington: what do users think?

Susan Carter-Chavers: My husband was in rehab after back surgery. The staff was pleasant, responsive and competent. The nursing staff and aides made him feel that they really cared about his overall health. The PT and OT staff worked diligently to get my husband prepared physically to return home with having skills to be comfortable enough to manage until home care began. The therapist dealing with my husband’s cognitive skills was patient, understanding and listened to my husband’s concerns. The attending physician was outstanding, informative and communicative. His stay overall was successful.

Susanne Mackie: My mother has rehabbed at the Hebrew Home twice once in 2018 after heart failure and currently in 2022 after a back injury. The PT/OT and nursing care are caring and professional. The 24 hour physicians are responsive, competent in complex medical management and available. The physical plant is clean and the meals well prepared. The visiting policies are vigilant yet flexible. A nursing home is never an easy choice, but you can feel confident that the Hebrew Home will work with you to give your family the best care possible. A big thank you to all the staff.

Brenda Baldwin-Marshall: Hebrew Home of Greater Washington’s Rehab. Services is a 5 Star program, in large part due to the excellent skills and leadership of Mr. Anand Balasubramanian, the Director of Rehabilitation Services. Our loved-one received Post-Acute Care at this facility, Their total team approach includes the staff, patient, and family. Mr. B’s knowledge, compassion, and willingness to listen to the needs of the patient and the family resulted in our loved-one making tremendous gains! I cannot say enough on the excellent Rehabilitation Services our loved-one has received from Daniel Miranda, Physical Therapist at Hebrew Home of Greater Washington. Mr. Miranda’s expertise, skill, caring nature and positive personality resulted in our father making continuous progress throughout his post-acute care. His mobility gains motivates him to continue on his path of independence. This is not our first post acute care program, therefore we are able to fairly assess facilities, staff and progress. Again, Thank you Daniel Miranda! There are many challenges we all faced during the global pandemic, but consider the hardships of our Seniors and the post acute care facilities. Hebrew Home of Greater Washington faced the same challenges, but the needs of our loved-ones continue to be a top priority for the staff. One “Shining Star” is Scott Fernandez, Occupational Therapist. Scott provides quality therapy and builds positive relationships while meeting the individual needs of each resident he works with. Thank you for truly making a difference in our father’s life!

Norma Krupenie: I felt safe and cared for. I came in in a wheelchair and left on two feet. Staff is working very hard but always managed a smile to calm me when I was frustrated.

11. Armed Forces Retirement Home - Washington DC - Washington

· 208 reviews

140 Rock Creek Church Rd NW, Washington, DC 20011, United States

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Armed Forces Retirement Home - Washington DC: what do users think?

Mary rechtien: Looking to move there. Nice place alot of activities always going on.

Chelsea Tucker: Very nice place. Clean, staff are very caring. The residents are nice. Glad my grandfather is there.

Andrew Goods: Creative Minds School is located on the AFRH campus. Granddaughter attends.

christian Vicent ray: Good place to work at supervisor are very nice friendly and food are good

John Blumer: I live there.

Stephanie Miles: Very clean best spot run like a well oiled machine they DO not play games have all identification or you WONT get in.

Michael Paysour: I have been a fitness center specialist contractor on this site for more than a decade. I am honored and humbled to walk amongst the vets of this great country. They are well taken care here and I want to do my part to keep their fitness center fully operational. For anyone that wants to give time volunteering; this is the place. I learn quite a lot working in the garden. Also, it is my favorite place to eat; the food is great.

Galen Johnson: I am very glad I went. There is little to see, as the rooms Lincoln frequently visited have no displays, but there is a quotation on the wall where he wrote the Emancipation Proclamation.


· 11 reviews

3700 North Capitol St NW, Washington, DC 20011, United States

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ARMED FORCES RETIRE HOME: what do users think?

Rosemary Rugger: CPO Rugger, Retired USN, WWII, Korean War, Pearl Harbor Survivor. We thank you for your service.

13. Little Sisters of the Poor - Washington

· 6 reviews

4200 Harewood Rd NE, Washington, DC 20017

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Little Sisters of the Poor: what do users think?

Bob Nathan: Awesome, exceptional 7 star care for the elderly, inspired by the vision and mission of St. Jeanne Jugan in the service of Jesus Christ. My mother has been there since 2000...and I and my family can testify to the diigence and quality of care. God bless the Little Sisters of the Poor, and the staff and workers, for the cleanliness an completeness of care they provide so lovingly.

Samuel McIlheran: Brat place like this on the east coast. The sisters are so kind!

Elizabeth Deen: It a real home!😂

14. DaVita Washington Nursing Facility - Washington

· 7 reviews

2425 25th St SE, Washington, DC 20020

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15. The Washington Home - Washington

· 9 reviews

1875 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 540, Washington, DC 20009

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The Washington Home: what do users think?

Theo Addis: This place makes me feel like my homeFull of professional care givers .

16. Oas Retirement & Pension Fund - Washington

· 1 reviews

1889 F St NW, Washington, DC 20006

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17. BridgePoint Continuing Care Hospital - National Harborside - Washington

· 106 reviews

4601 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SW, Washington, DC 20032, United States

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BridgePoint Continuing Care Hospital - National Harborside: what do users think?

Nichole Saint Germain: What can I say? Only that this hospital brought my father back to life. COVID-19 almost took him and BridgePoint put him back together. The staff at BridgePoint National Harbor was absolutely fantastic. From the calls and facetimes we were always in contact and knew what the next steps where to get my father back. I want to shout out Erica his case manager, she always answered the phone set up meetings and listen to me cry when we had setbacks. I cant thank them enough for everything they have done and continue to do.

Trudy Moore: The care at BridePoint Hospital is excellent. There is a genuine consistent friendly and caring atmosphere. My husband has had excellent care during his stay. The medical staff are competent. His conditions have improved and we are looking forward to him going to a Rehab facility from here; thanks to the great staff and the warm and caring atmosphere. During his stay I enjoyed the cafeteria that offers breakfast and lunch with, again, a very friendly delightful staff and a few outstanding cooks. This facility is clean as well.

Joyce Harris: When I first came in I noticed how clean and decorative the lobby was and I was greeted by Vanessa she had such an amazing attitude which made me feel welcomed. The literature that was given to me was true to what they offered for my brother. My brother is very happy and at peace. The staff work well together and I am happy with the choice I made with sending my brother to Bridgepoint. I have an assurance knowing my brother is in good hands. The techs make sure he has everything he needs for when its time to clean him. The cafeteria food is really delicious and if it seems that I am lost everyone is very helpful in showing me where to go. I have to mention that Tess my Nurse really calmed me down when my brother first arrived I knew he was in good hands. I called the next day and she remembered me over the phone. I was really impressed with how personable she was with me. Tess helped me to understand and gave me a level of peace with what is happening with my brother.

18. Cadia Healthcare Hyattsville - Chillum

· 92 reviews

4922 Lasalle Rd, Hyattsville, MD 20782

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Cadia Healthcare Hyattsville: what do users think?

Gerald Smith: Been here a couple of weeks. Lasted 3 days at home because the rehab I’d been in milked my Medicare days and sent me on my way unprepared. From my first conversation with the business office, I felt reassured and informed. I’m more than able to advocate for myself. I’ve made it plain I’m going home asap. The staff has acted accordingly. Activities, Admissions, Dietary, Business office Social Workers Nurses GNAs. They are all trying. That’s all that I can ask. Nowhere is perfect. But I’ve seen what it looks like when folks are slow walking you and not listening. This isn’t that place. Not for me anyway.

Semaj Stafford: I talked to the receptionist whom was very nice, respectful, and knowledgeable. Made me feel more comfortable for getting rehab care for my uncle.

JF Brooks: My mom has been at the skill nursing unit of the facility as she attempts to return back home. As her son, my mom is precious goods and Cadia understands this. My mom has shared how comfortable she is; OT and PT therapists keep me informed; the doctor has called to speak with me; I spoke with the nutritionist and mom loves the food. I could not be more pleased. I will keep you posted but I feel comfortable with my mom being here.

Wynter Gudger: Wound care system is great. I am healing perfectly. May take some time but they provide great services. The receptionist are great as well. Very professional.

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