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1. Mad Hatter's (Gin &) Tea Party Washington DC - Washington

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Mad Hatter's (Gin &) Tea Party Washington DC
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Address: 3330 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM

Business type: Cocktail bar

Mad Hatter's (Gin &) Tea Party Washington DC: what do users think?
Kylie Tennant
Kylie Tennant: Other than the decorations on the way in, it was pretty lame. The skits weren’t funny and didn’t even make sense. And unnecessary swearing. We didn’t get it. The drinks tasted like koolaid…weak. Not worth the money or time.
Leia Wood
Leia Wood: Overall, we had a good time. Actors did a great job, audience was engaged, experience was pretty smooth. The writing is funny and adult oriented. One major issue was that the Mad Hatter stunk, major BO! Another is that for $70 per person, the treats needed to be higher end (like a macaroon or a mini cucumber sandwich) and the drinks were watered down. Some decorations also seemed a bit cheap, like the thin drapery and damaged hats.
Response: Hello, Leia. Thank you so much for your 3-star rating - it's much appreciated! We hope to see you again in future Fever events!
LaToya Wilborn
LaToya Wilborn: What a scam! I haven’t even experienced the event yet and I’m completely turned off. My friends and I booked this event nearly a month in advance and we’re notified a week before the event that the show we were booked for was canceled. We weren’t offered a refund, only a voucher with limited availability left. When we found a date that worked for all of us we had to pay an additional rebooking fee. Sure, it’s only $5 but why am I repaying for something I already paid for and I’m not the reason it was canceled in the first place. Will update after our visit this weekend. Hopefully the show/drinks can earn a star 💫 😒
Response: Hello, LaToya. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Please, contact us at to help you with your case. Best regards.
Ilona Nakshun
Ilona Nakshun: If you are coming from a different city or may be late by even a minute, don’t buy a ticket. We weren’t allowed to exchange our tickets for another day. We were told we can come on thursday and MAYBE they’d let us in. They should at least let people exchange for another day. I’m not paying $70 again to come back. The guy at the front even said that they’re a new company and managment doesn’t know what they’re doing.
Response: Hello. We're sorry that your experience with us has not been the best. We will forward your comments to the appropriate department for them to take it into account moving forward. Regards,
Payton: We got there MINUTES after the doors closed for our event and weren’t let in. So we waited 2 hours for the next one and weren’t let in again. They told us to come back tomorrow and keep trying forever until we’re finally let in, even though there will still be no guarantee we’ll be let in u less we buy NEW tickets, and there’s no refunds, all because we were a few minutes late one night. This is a terrible policy that doesn’t account for bus traffic or the basic fact that people should get what they pay for. So now I’m just out of $120 and wasted my Halloween night.
Response: Hello! We regret to hear that your experience with us has not been positive. Please reach us at, so we can reopen your case and offer you a suitable solution!
Pilar M
Pilar M: I enjoyed the show a lot! It was a great combo of a beautiful set, a great performance and awesome drinks!
Response: Hello, Pilar. Thank you so much for your 5-star rating - it's much appreciated! We hope to see you again in future Fever events!
Jenesis Alonso
Jenesis Alonso: Amazing experience and great people running the show. It’s a greet family and friends experience, and I would definitely go again!!!
Response: Hey there, Jenesis. We're truly honored by your 5-star rating for this event! We have worked very hard to provide a quality event, so we're glad to know that our mission has been accomplished.
Manuel Vega-Penichet
Manuel Vega-Penichet: Incredible experiencie!! Great cocktails and high quality immersive experience. 10/10
Response: Hey, Manuel! Thank you for having taken the time to write such a kind review. We're all glad that you got to be a part of this experience. See you at future Fever events!

2. Union Stage - Washington

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Union Stage
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Address: 740 Water St SW, Washington, DC 20024

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Business type: Live music bar

Union Stage: what do users think?
Tricia Alletzhauser
Tricia Alletzhauser: We had a great time here. We saw Niko Moon. It was an excellent show and the bar is a decent venue to watch a show. The bar staff was very nice. Overall, we had a great time.
Response: Thank you!
Dave Nemetz
Dave Nemetz: Great little joint to hear some live music. Easy to get to, just a short walk from the L’Enfant Plaza Metro stop. Saw Will Hoge, and was right up next to the stage. Looking forward to seeing more shows here soon.
Oooma L.
Oooma L.: A most excellent venue if standing (as in NO seating for regular ticket holders) amid a sea of mostly unmasked bipeds on a concrete floor in dark, windowless dungeons excites you. Featured music acts are one or two steps above what is offered at local suburban coffee houses. Meh. Most of the staff were polite.
Response: hi oooma. the floor is wood and the acts are all nationally or internationally touring performers. but yes, most of our concert-goers are bipeds!
Ann Brennan
Ann Brennan: Great venue for music. Very intimate without being too crowded. Clean. Easy to park. Good beer selection and attentive staff.
Response: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed your time!

3. Walter E. Washington Convention Center - Washington

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7023 reviews
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Walter E. Washington Convention Center
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Address: 801 Mt Vernon Pl NW, Washington, DC 20001

Telephone: (202) 249-3000

Business type: Convention center

Walter E. Washington Convention Center: what do users think?
Joshua Russell
Joshua Russell: First time to the convention center for Awesome Con 2022. Huge place with many halls and areas to meet. Multiple locations for bathrooms and some food selections as well. The staff was very helpful and super friendly. Awesome con was in fact awesome! Lost of cosplay, huge areas for original art, and many vendors for comics, cards, games, and so much more. First time coming to one of these and was very happy to be able to go. Next time will plan a bit better and spend more time and checking out the table top gaming areas as well.
Ivysfoodcorner: We visited the Walter E Convention Center for Washington DC Auto Show 2022 Event. This place is super convenient, right next to Metro station and surrounded by all locals restaurants. The facility was maintained very professionally, the security was organized and the restroom also very clean and super shiny! The Washington DC Auto Show 2022 is a must to visit! It’s an eye opener event especially if you’re planning to buy your future cars. We had a blast visiting this year, with all the pandemic precautions, all were organized professionally and you can definitely social distancing without problems. We’re spoiled and entertained by the numbers of cars on the show, all come with new technology and amazing design, especially the electric cars and the muscles cars. Not forget to mention about the electric buses! Check on the exotic cars section and the oldies cars just to be mesmerized! Don’t forget to check on the event while they’re still around!
Anthony Heady
Anthony Heady: Awesome Con - Always Awesome and Always amazing, everyone dressed up looks spectacular, there something for everyone, game halls to play, tons of art stuff for the kids. I can rant and rave for hours but you just need to go for atleast a day and see the fun for yourself.
James Walker
James Walker: Walked right up to Pagani Huayra, the $2,500,000+ Italian carbon fiber sports car, wow factor.The red Chevrolet Corvette Z06, caught my eye at about $90,000. The pretty blue 2022 Camaro LT1 Convertible starting at $41,145 was also an eye opener.
Janice L
Janice L: Huge convention with tons of food places around. Came here for Awesome Con and it was a really fun and clean location for a con. It has a good amount of chairs located all around the convention for sitting!
Williams world
Williams world: AwesomeCon2022 was amazing great cosplays, friendly people good merchandise and tasty food.
Lambert Matias
Lambert Matias: Attended AUSA Annual Conference . No complaints all around, but for the amount of people this place can hold, there should be more seating outside the halls and accommodations for physically impaired folks. Also, I want to give a very positive shout-out to the staff who delivered my dropped vaccination card to the lost and found office. Thank you!
Meet Miss Sallyy
Meet Miss Sallyy: Visited so many times for different meetings and conventions… last one AwsomeCon. Fun.
Midknight Mechanics
Midknight Mechanics: Very nice facility for the autoshow. This was my first time to the DC Convention Center.

4. United States National Arboretum - Washington

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United States National Arboretum
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Address: 3501 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: (202) 245-2726

Business type: Arboretum

United States National Arboretum: what do users think?
Eduardo Moser
Eduardo Moser: We visited during cherry blossom days. They have a great variety of cherry trees and magnolias. It is a complement to know different cherry blossoms from those of the Tidal Basin. There is no proper public transportation, so the place is fairly free of tourists. We came to this place by car on the recommendation of a friend who lives in DC. The Bonsai collection is amazing. There is much to walk and explore. On a plain they have mounted the original columns of the Capitol. Bring some snacks and drinks, because there is no service in the place. Access and parking is free.
Da-Wang Wu
Da-Wang Wu: We came here in late April, and the Azalea blossoming was pretty amazing! Walking on the trail with the Azalea blossoming along the way was very nice. Parking inside the park can be tricky, so we parked in the lot right next to the entrance and walked 5-10 minutes to the main campus. Overall, it’s a beautiful place, and I would definitely come back.
CJ: Depending on when you visit the US National Arboretum, something different is peaking. In mid April, the fruit trees were just past peak, but the lilacs shrubs were close to full bloom. As I strolled thru the lilac grove, the soft lilac fragrance permeated the air. One of the US National Arboretum’s most prominent and a little puzzling landmarks is the old Corinthian National Capitol Columns residing on the Ellipse Meadow. The US National Arboretum was not the column’s intended home when they were quarried back in the early 1800s. Originally, the columns were built as a part of the east portico of the US Capitol Building now located about 3 miles away from the US National Arboretum. By the 1860s, when the dome of the Capitol was completed, the columns were deemed inadequate to support the new dome. It wouldn’t be until the mid 1980s before the columns would find their final home at the US National Arboretum. Twenty-two of the original 24 columns are on majestic display in Ellipse Meadow. During our trip to the US National Arboretum in mid April, the Azaleas were just starting to bud and bloom. So no good pictures this trip. Peak time for the Azalea garden at the arboretum is late April. I hear the Azaleas are a beautiful sight when the hillside is painted with splotches of different colors.
Karthikeyan Rajaram
Karthikeyan Rajaram: Luck is when you run into a beautiful place like this without planning. Better luck is when you get into it in the company of a person who used to volunteer at this place. We didn’t really plan to be at the arboretum, considering that the Spring is still not Springy enough. We had seen enough of Cherry Blossoms in the Tidal basin area that we thought we could do something else. We just made it to this place on recommendation from one of our relatives, who also accompanied us. Since he was a volunteer here, he helped us navigate and gave us so much insights about the different kinds of plants, flowers, bonsais and the what the lovely people who work here, do. We drove around this place and still got to see more cherry blossoms, along with different other species of flora. The enchanting Bonsai museum is a must visit as it did take our breathes away. The old columns of the capitol and the grove of different state trees are some of the special features of this place. The flowers were not in full blossom and we definitely look forward to checking this place again in summer.
Logan Heilman
Logan Heilman: Visited for the Bonsai event they were having and had a blast. All the vendors were great and the museums bonsai and penjing exhibit was phenomenal. Will definitely be back.
Elisabeth “Beth” Ostrander
Elisabeth “Beth” Ostrander: We only had about an hour and headed to the bonsai area. Wow! To see living gifts from Japan and China that were started and cared for since before the birth of our nation was truly outstanding. Befitting our National Arboretum! Will return to see more treasures!

5. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - Washington

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13624 reviews
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United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
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Address: 100 Raoul Wallenberg Pl SW, Washington, DC 20024

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (202) 488-0400

Business type: Museum

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: what do users think?
The Maldonado’s
The Maldonado’s: The Holocaust is one of those historic atrocities that we shouldn’t forget. This memorial is well thought out, planned and kept. Come with time to spare because there is lots to see, learn and explore. Find the password before you hop in the elevator and start your journey as a Jew prisoner.
Roberto J. Fajardo
Roberto J. Fajardo: This is a must stop in DC. Powerful, somber. Tragic. But we must remind ourselves every now and then do that we use our voices and actions to stop evil before it gains power. It only cost $1 to get in. Excellent organization. Permanent exhibit is informative and has a lot of "artefacts" to support the message.
Robert Wagner
Robert Wagner: A story that must be told. Devastatingly real. MAYBE A TICKET HACK: I could not get daily tickets that became available at 7 AM. The program kept telling me that they were not available for the day. I noticed the program kept mentioning somthing about purchasing tickets previously. So I went in a purchased them in advanced for a dollar a piece then I went back to the tickets that were available for the day at 7 AM and the program let me buy the tickets for that day. I guess since I had already purchased tickets previously the program had me in the system. I hope this helps anyone trying to get tickets at 7 AM.
kevin haughey
kevin haughey: Everyone should experience this, understand what happened, how it happened, and never forget. Blindly following a government or charismatic leader can be tragic. Not speaking up when it begins can be deadly.
Anthony Scott
Anthony Scott: An amazing museum to see, and very eye opening. So many facts, and so many things I have never seen or heard before. You can enter for free, but just get there early enough to get tickets to see the whole exhibit. The museum allows military, police, and fireman in anytime to attend the entire museum, even if all the tickets were given out. A definite must see while in DC.
Curtis Tucker
Curtis Tucker: Beautiful museum. Just felt a little rushed because it was very busy. Wish I could of spent more time viewing each and every part of the self guided tour without feeling like I was "hogging it" from people behind me. But I loved it otherwise. It was a heartbreaking and enjoyable educational experience at the same time.

6. Embassy of Russian Federation - Washington

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220 reviews
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Embassy of Russian Federation
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Address: 2650 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (202) 298-5700

Business type: Embassy

Embassy of Russian Federation: what do users think?
Pavel Kuzkin
Pavel Kuzkin: The entrance for passport and visa appointments is on Tunlaw Rd on the back side. The lunch hours right now are 12-3. The staff is very pleasant and helpful. There was street parking available right next to the back entrance.
Anastasia Cholacu
Anastasia Cholacu: Staff was very helpful and pleasant. Assisted me and my mother with application and corrected mistakes that we have within application. I have been notified of passport being ready for pick up. I had great experience at the embassy!
Alexander Scythian
Alexander Scythian: Impolite if not to say rude staff, not friendly at all, dirty surfaces… oh those Russians.
David Mercer
David Mercer: I needed to prolong my Russian international passport and had very nice experience in Russian Embassy. They were very friendly and extremely professional, did everything very fast, about 10 minutes and everything was done. I received my passport sooner then it was expected. Thank you very much! Russia has very beautiful face!
Marina Hernandez Boiko
Marina Hernandez Boiko: Very helpful staff! Answered all my questions every time I called regarding renewing my passport. Website was easy to use and print paperwork.
Olga Feschenko
Olga Feschenko: The process of applying for passport renewals for my family was super automated and efficient. The Embassy staff is very professional, polite and, most importantly, on point. No complaints here :) Thank you very much!

7. Democratic National Committee - Washington

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35 reviews
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Democratic National Committee
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Address: 430 South Capitol St SE #3, Washington, DC 20003

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (202) 863-8000

Business type: Political party office

Democratic National Committee: what do users think?
Prototype Underground
Prototype Underground: Called to make a donation. They/them was very helpful. Told me I could donate at my local gas station! Paid $80 on taxable gasoline to help the cause. #doyourpart
Renee Glover
Brooke Veronica
Brooke Veronica: Very responsive to callers. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Steven Nedrich
Steven Nedrich: Great
Andrew Michaels
Andrew Michaels: Fighting hard for the people!
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous: Great place

8. The U.S. Capitol Visitor Center - Washington

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3272 reviews
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The U.S. Capitol Visitor Center
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Address: First St NE, Washington, DC 20515

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM

Telephone: (202) 226-8000

Business type: Visitor center

The U.S. Capitol Visitor Center: what do users think?
TexCat: Thoroughly enjoyed our impromptu visit here. It’s only just reopened fully to the public since the pandemic apparently. We got there and learned that you could scan a code there and get an online reservation if there were any available. We got lucky and got in immediately! Wonderful tour. Our guide was great. She kept it interesting and informative. So glad we came. One of the highlights of our DC trip.
Ashok Patel
Ashok Patel: The Capitol Visitor Center is not accepting tour reservations at this time. The Visitor Center is supposed to provide a welcoming and educational environment for visitors to learn about the unique characteristics of the House, the Senate and the legislative process as well as the history and development of the architecture and art of the US Capitol. Unfortunately, the Capitol Visitor Center is closed since last two years due to pandemic. This is going to reopen tentatively from May 30, 2022 to limited numbers of visitors. However, we visited the US Capitol Grounds which is the 58 acre very well maintained park immediately surrounding the US Capitol building. The green lush park-like setting looks beautiful against the Capitol building and National Mall. The grounds is bordered by stone wall. Different types of trees and bushes are grown in the grounds with curved walkways. Many trees on the Capitol grounds have memorial associations. Leisurely walk around the world power center to explore the beauty of the Capitol building is great experience. The entry to the Capitol building is closed for the general public but walking up to the steps of this symbolically most important and impressive public building of United States and the world is great opportunity. After six months of enhanced security measures, finally the fence is down and people can now visit the Capitol grounds.
Ivana Purić
Ivana Purić: Wanted to finally visit US Capitol inside , but unfortunately it’s closed because of pandemic and they didn’t upload this details on Google Maps . It was good weather , so we just walked around .
Greg Davis
Greg Davis: Book in advance but on the quiet days you can turn up without a reservation and walk straight on to a tour as we did on a Friday. It’s worth doing. The rotunda is fantastic. For international visitors it’s easy enough to get to see the extras (house of senate and House of Representatives) - just give your photo ID to the appointment desk. But note that no cameras are allowed in either of those last two places and it has it own security.
Mark Thornton
Mark Thornton: Pretty cool place. Beautiful architects as with all DC buildings, not too busy —though through the week. Very structured and organized for visitors. Restaurant onsite. Gets very busy bus is organized and structured well. The food isn’t that great, but has a good variety.

9. Ozio Lounge - Washington

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330 reviews
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Ozio Lounge
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Address: 1813 M St NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM

Telephone: (202) 822-6000

Business type: Night club

Ozio Lounge: what do users think?
Erica Kearney
Erica Kearney: The Drinks Are Juice It’s No Champagne At All In The Mimosas I Wasted An Outfit Coming Here There Was No Food The Fat Manger Was Very Rude When Asking Questions About Where Is The Food. Then They Made Their TOGO Plates First Before Serving Us. hookah 80$ Please After Paying 60 To Drink Juice And Eat Old Grits Save Ya Money The Scenery Is Cute But That’s It.
203Whitty: Sunday was horrible and I really wanted my money back. Arrived at 1 and most of the food on the top floor was already gone. Had to keep walking back to the next level just to get food, that was nasty. The mimosa was all juice. Will never return again.
Tiara Welch
Tiara Welch: Couple things I noted about brunch: 1) was on the second floor, the entire second floor had one waitress/server for the whole floor. 2) they were giving us juice with no champagne for bottomless mimosas (check your glass for bubbles) 3) buffet server was using his hands to serve French toast and bacon 4) music is solid. 5) Salmon was my favorite. — overall the food was good for my experience. 6) the crowd was very very young.. like, college kids pretending to be Cardi B & the Migos.
A Lee
A Lee: Rip off!! They have free entry on eventbrite. The girl at the hostess stands say it’s 60 each to get in: that would have been fine if you we didn’t eat at Air Lounge: the food is better btw. Rip off!! They deserve zero stars!! We were willing to buy drinks but not brunch. The girl looked Asian btw: that way you will know who we worked with.
Jayda Brown
Jayda Brown: Great vibes. Good food. I’m not sure why it’s so hot in there please fix your air conditioning. Other than Ozios being a sauna , I highly recommend for girls brunch !
Kevin Gaines
Kevin Gaines: Paid 120 for me and my girlfriend brunch was told bottomless mimosas but it would come every other hour and also was told all u can eat but they ran out of food but the atmosphere and music was vibe
Michael Benissan
Michael Benissan: I visited with a group of friends during the late afternoon hours on a Sunday while on a short trip to DC. When we first entered, I noticed a laid back lounge vibe and wondered where everyone was given there was word of a day party going on there. Turned out the rooftop is where the party was! The high energy crowd, drinks, and upbeat music from the DJ made this an exciting hangout.
Sharese Davis
Sharese Davis: We had brunch reservations and basically paid $60 to stare at each other and eat cold food. They could hire more staff or something. We paid for bottomless mimosas and didn’t even get that. I ended up buying myself some drinks but all in all this was an extreme waste of money. DO NOT come here for brunch. Go elsewhere, some place that can accommodate you for a decent price atleast. They claim to do everything in order by reservation but that’s not true, we were here since 2 and another table received better service than us and we got here after them. Their time pretty much ran out and they were still Being accommodated. They really need to do better honestly. Waste of money. Actually stay home make your own drinks. Save you money and time.

10. George Washington's Mount Vernon - Mount Vernon

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12290 reviews
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George Washington's Mount Vernon
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Address: 3200 Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy, Mt Vernon, VA 22121

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (703) 780-2000

Business type: Historical landmark

George Washington's Mount Vernon: what do users think?
David Cardone
David Cardone: If you’re a history buff then this is a must. Great little tour of the interior of the mansion with other available tours to add on. They do offer a National Treasure tour that provides some interesting facts about the mansion and grounds in relation to the movie. This tour takes you into the basement of the mansion whereas the $2 mansion tour does not. Beautiful gift shops and there is food available. Good for kids. Check out the Inn next door to entrance for brunch, lunch, and dinner.
Rodricka Elliott
Rodricka Elliott: Great for a nature walk. I did some birdwatching while there and enjoyed the scenery while there. A lot of open space to have a picnic after seeing the house and grounds. Overall, it’s a great day all day activity for the family. I did go during the day on a weekday so it was not too crowded.
Green Angel
Green Angel: Great services, very helpful staff, good for all ages. I learned that Washington real body was transferred to the new tomb. The tomb of George Washington on the right along with his wife Martha on the left and 25 other families members are entombed there. The gift shop is huge, they are two sides for shopping. One for decoration stuffs cost up to $2k+, another one for souvenirs gift. Spending about 3hours to walk around and learning history about Father of our country.
Darwin Parker
Darwin Parker: What a great place to visit! George Washington worked hard to serve and improve life. It was amazing to see where he lived, his tomb, and his legacy. Side note- my son passed out in front of the entrance and the staff was incredibly helpful and prompt to take care of him and get an ambulance to come check him out. The staff checked on him throughout the day multiple times to make sure he was okay.
Stephens Basement
Stephens Basement: I have always wanted to visit My. Vernon but for some reason never did till yesterday. I am so glad I did. It was a very well maintained national landmark. I did think the entrance fee was a little high but they provide a free audio self tour and the tour of the house is included in the price. The staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I have a habit of asking lots of questions and they had an answer every time. George Washington was an outstanding man and leader.
Diana Hidalgo Díaz
Diana Hidalgo Díaz: The location looks very well preserved and taken care of. The tour guide we had during the house tour was knowledgeable and friendly. The museum was remarkable too. The souvenir shop is big and has a wide variety of items to purchase. I had a very good experience overall!
Virginia VanKeulen
Virginia VanKeulen: Went on a Tuesday in May. Several school groups but they were easy to avoid. Otherwise not very busy. Learned a lot about George Washington. Really enjoyed the enslaved people tour, the house tour, Martha Washington, the fifer and the beautiful flowers. Rangers were plentiful, helpful and informative. Definitely worth a visit.

11. Rosebar Lounge - Washington

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435 reviews
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Rosebar Lounge
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Address: 1215 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10PM

Telephone: (202) 955-5525

Business type: Bar

Rosebar Lounge: what do users think?
Lane McCall
Lane McCall: Pros - Clean environment - Beautiful aesthetics - Great lighting effects - I got compliments lol Cons - Most bartenders are rude - $20 cover (cash only) - Venu is small and cramped - Music was severely lacking
Carson Goff
Carson Goff: Come to this bar if you want to fear for your life. Worst crowd of any bar in DuPont. Avoid at all costs.
Tracey Hart
Tracey Hart: i fly down to dc once in a while to visit friends and family and was very disappointed to learn this place was boring and colorist. They apparently dont hire women of deeper complexions and their waitresses are online arguing, being fatphobic, and unprofessional. I could never do that and expect to keep my job but of course this place has no standards so im not too surprised. Spend your money somewhere else.
Google User
Google User: Guess you gotta be a somebody to get a table or section here, I reached out way in advance before my birthday letting them know I was interested in getting a table for when I come celebrate my birthday. Someone responded asked for my contact info, left me on read and never heard from them again. It would’ve been my first time in DC and my first time going here.
Shaneaka R.
Shaneaka R.: The music was great in the room all the way to the back. Loved the decor on the ceiling. You must have to reserve the hookah because it was sold out.
soccerqueen181: Not professional! From the hiring process to the social media presence they do not know how to conduct business. They also refuse to hire women of color which is confusing because DC is referred to as chocolate city. Definitely take your business elsewhere because they need to actually learn how to run an establishment properly.
Ed E
Ed E: This place is a waste of time and money. Bad music, overpriced drinks, they want to charge a lot of money to get in, bully bouncers pushing people because they feel less in their small brains, small space. There are many other options in DC than this awful place.
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones: It might very well be awesome, but when I went, it was deadlocked in the back bar.

12. Society For International Development-- United States Chapter - Washington

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2 reviews
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Society For International Development-- United States Chapter
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Address: 2300 N St NW Ste. 350, Washington, DC 20037

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (202) 331-1317

Business type: Non-profit organization

13. Supreme Court of the United States - Washington

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Supreme Court of the United States
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Address: 1 First St NE, Washington, DC 20543

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (202) 479-3000

Business type: Federal courthouse

Supreme Court of the United States: what do users think?
Mad Mike0082
Mad Mike0082: Just love this city and it never gets old seeing all these amazing historical sites.
Adam W. Schindler
Adam W. Schindler: I’ve been coming to the outside of SCOTUS for years as a place for silent reflection. But never have I gone inside. Wow! What an amazing building. It’s remarkable to me that this 3rd Branch of US Government was totally overlooked when the US Capitol was built. The Court had to use dark old basement rooms and former senate chambers for decades! (See attached photos) And finally when the land and funding was given to this 3rd Co-Equal Branch, it got buried behind the Capitol structure and the mall. Not a prominent placement like the Whitehouse or Congress.
Mehta S.D.
Mehta S.D.: The Supreme Court of the United States is a breathtaking monument worth a visit. The large colonnades present an imposing view. The tour to the courts is something no one should miss. Centuries of history preserved carefully for posterity. The entry is free and worth every minute you chose to invest in there. A must visit for every tourist visiting Washington DC. This place is accessible through the hop on hop off bus tours too.
Fabian Raygosa
Fabian Raygosa: We missed the oral arguments but still got to tour the ground. Its the very center of the interpretation of our most important laws and I got the feeling of awe entering here. Many great social decisions were made here. Decisions that make me very proud of the direction we can get to and not the direction we left behind. Even got myself a nice coin from the store.
Michael Ciurea
Michael Ciurea: So we didn’t make it for an oral argument, but there was still lots to see and do. There’s an exhibit on the main level with lots of history on the building and the justices. You can go to the second level and enter the court room and gawk at the high ceilings and important furniture. At certain times of the day you’ll be able to listen to a lecture while sitting in the public seating area. Cool place to visit.
Jaymee Thompson
Jaymee Thompson: Gorgeous architecture. Very informative museum style displays Highly recommend for families. Impressive sculptures and portrait paintings of justices. High quality food in the cafe
Traeden Overly
Traeden Overly: I love the outside it’s so inspiring to see the Supreme Court in action, they post hearing times and you can sit in to a court decision.

14. Belmont-Paul Women's Equality National Monument - Washington

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108 reviews
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Belmont-Paul Women's Equality National Monument
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Address: 144 Constitution Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: (202) 543-2240

Business type: National museum

Belmont-Paul Women's Equality National Monument: what do users think?
Michael Ciurea
Michael Ciurea: Most people will pass by this every day on capital hill without noticing its significance. It’s been used as an organizing office for the woman’s suffrage movement since the 1930s. Lovely place to learn more about our history. The staff are superb and the house is interesting. It’s a bit old and the floors are creaky, but it just adds to the experience.
Kayla O'Neill Carriker
Kayla O'Neill Carriker: They offer an in-depth tour and admission for free. While this is a historic home featuring historic figures like Alice Paul and Susan B. Anthony, it remains highly relevant today as the women’s rights movement continues. You’re allowed to touch the poles (locates along the staircase) that the suffragettes used to hold up banners while picketing!
Matthew Transue
Matthew Transue: This was a must-visit for me on my excursion into the capitol. As much ground as we still must make up to truly have equality, we would be nowhere near the progress made to date without the women represented here. It was humbling to walk through the halls and read of the dedication, sweat, blood, and tears that went into the changes they championed. I hope that everyone visiting D.C. takes the time to visit this monument, and takes away some of the inspiration I did.
Natalie Sweet
Natalie Sweet: Go as fast as you can to the best of the NPS treasures! Excellent rangers, and you will get to touch the desks used by the women of the NWP, along with the banner poles used by the Silent Sentinels.
James Epting
James Epting: Awesome Tour Guide. Zach was simply amazing on the history and every peculiar fact. Personal tour is a must!!

15. U.S. Navy Museum - Washington

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327 reviews
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U.S. Navy Museum
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Address: 736 Sicard St SE, Washington, DC 20374

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: (202) 685-0589

Business type: Museum

U.S. Navy Museum: what do users think?
Ari Rang
Ari Rang: I am interested in military history and especially Korean war. While visiting DC, we found this Navy Museum. It is not the easiest museum to get in because it is located in Navy yard. First you need to register at welcome center so you need passport with you or ID is ok if you are US citizen. Children do not need ID if with a parent. There were many workers going thru same background check process so be prepared to wait 30 to 60 minutes. People at the office were nice and waiting room has A/C. Museum is in two buildings. Main building has mostly WW2 history. Second building has nice stuff from Korean war and also a little from Vietnam. We found cold war exhibition pretty interesting. Gentleman at the main building was very helpful assisting us. There were no other tourists at that time so it sure was exclusive visit.
Adrian Nagle
Adrian Nagle: What a gem! We made a point to visit here while in D.C. My daughter is a huge fan of World War II Naval history and this was the place to be for her. Much of the museum is dedicated to World War II. Many gun turrets are displayed (manufactured in the museum building?). There are displays for many aspects of the Navy in World War II including Midway, Coral Sea, Japanese artifacts, ship navigation, and large detailed models of various World Ware II ships. I learned many little insights at these displays. There is also early Navy history at the front of the museum. The fight top from USS Constitution, an example of USS Constitution gun deck and construction display are very interesting and educational. My only complaints are some artifacts could have more detail (some did have QR code to learn more!), and the models inside glass cases were difficult to see due to reflects from light sources and nearby museum artifacts. We were the only ones in attendance. It takes effort to register and access the Navy base to get to the museum. I recommend filling out paperwork from website ahead of time. If you are interested in Navy history, I highly recommend this location!
Jeff H
Jeff H: Tons of great information and exhibits and was not very busy. Only downside is the process of getting a day pass to get on the base.
Michael Sawyer
Michael Sawyer: This museum is on a secured base. Make sure if you are not a US citizen you bring your original passport and another ID or you are not allowed to enter. Went to check in turned in copies of passport and waited 15 minutes to be told the passports had to be original. Not sure why we were not told this as we got the paperwork that had to be filled out. If you are a US citizen 18 or older you need your drivers license and know social security number. Poor communication and should have been stated on the site. I’m sure the museum is great, but didn’t get to see it Hopefully this helps people visiting from other countries.
Beatriz Benjamim
Beatriz Benjamim: A little bit tricky to get into the museum, you have to go all the way around the fence and search for the only available entrance. The staff is very nice and helpful. The shop closes at 2:30 p.m. so if you want to buy a souvenir, make sure you get there earlier. It is very detailed and has a lot of mini ships and boats. Make sure you also go to the submarine museum which is right next to it! Enjoy =)
Barry Yen
Barry Yen: Good and nice small museum
Robert Springer
Robert Springer: This past Pearl Harbor Day (Dec. 7) I paid a visit to the National Museum of the US Navy at the Navy Shipyard in Washington DC. Built in 1799, the Shipyard is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and as a National Historic Landmark, and it is the oldest shore establishment in the US Navy. Being an active military installation, home to the Chief of Naval Operations and several other commands. You will need your identification and will have to pass a security screening to visit the museum. By DC standards it is a small but very interesting museum.
Jooma1572: Great Museums. Beginning of the Navy up to WWII in one building, Modern age in the other. Great models of lots of different ships and planes. Loved the informative displays and the staff was very friendly.

16. British Embassy Washington - Washington

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130 reviews
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British Embassy Washington
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Address: 3100 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (202) 588-6500

Business type: Embassy

British Embassy Washington: what do users think?
gerard lyons
gerard lyons: Had a great dinner here with wounded warriors foundation. The building itself is beautiful and teh Ambassador was a great host. His parents were visiting to from UK and we sat with them at dinner, such a fun older couple!
christine savage
christine savage: Very un informal no help at all
Matt Warren
Matt Warren: No idea why so many of the reviews of this place are negative. I lost my passport and wallet whilst travelling the USA. Booked an appointment for an Emergency Passport online, followed the process and they even mailed me my Emergency Passport to a hotel I was staying at later on in my trip so that I could continue my plans. I had no issues using the Emergency Passport and the Embassy were even helpful and responsive to me when my scheduled flight out of Miami was cancelled (due to Hurricane Irma) and I had to get a flight out on a different date.
Julie Kuhl
Julie Kuhl: I have ONE simple question and what do I get? I get the worst British accent and a circle of nothing and I mean nothing. I need a working number for the Gov.UK. HM passport office. I got more information, better information from the United States immigration offices but I did not get a working phone number. What is the deal? Are they not here to help us? Seems to me that they, like the American government are off this week! I am so frustrate. If anyone has the correct phone number for the British Passport office please post it, post it anywhere, post it everywhere! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

17. National Christmas Tree - Washington

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634 reviews
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National Christmas Tree
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Address: 15th St NW &, E St NW, Washington, DC 20500

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM

Telephone: (202) 796-2500

Business type: Tourist attraction

National Christmas Tree: what do users think?
Elizabeth Valdes
Elizabeth Valdes: A lot of history and places to visit at Christmas it was beautiful they had the big National Christmas Tree and a smaller Christmas Tree for each state or territory very nice organized.
Jenna DeFosse
Jenna DeFosse: A festive outing, this year (2019) the state trees were not arranged in a circle like they have been in the past I think, so that was a little odd as some trees were off on separate pathways. The trees are nice if you take the time to look at the ornaments on each tree. Might be nice if there were outdoor heaters here.
Rachel Rachel
Rachel Rachel: Really nice to see at night, but also not bad to see during the day! It’s certainly not as crowded if you visit during the day, although you won’t see the nice lights. Also- very cute trains running around the main tree. There are smaller Christmas trees for each state in the U.S., each of which is decorated by ornaments made by children from a particular school in the applicable state.
Suman Adhikari
Suman Adhikari: Recently visited this place and was really impressed by this Christmas tree just in front of the White House in the South Park. The decoration was very good from top to bottom and there were also miniature of few small localities with small running metro trains through those localities. I could not taste the food they had there but the smell was good
Mustapha Amazouz
Mustapha Amazouz: This is my first ever TripAdvisor review and after visiting this lovely restaurant I felt compelled to do so!!! The whole experience from our pre-dinner drinks to the end of the evening was first class. The staff are all welcoming and helpful and the service was very relaxed and we weren’t rushed at all even though the restaurant was very busy. The food was superb and I had the Belly Pork with crackling which was divine!!! We will definitely be back again for sure and I can highly recommend it, you won’t be disappointed!!!
Andrew Griffiths
Andrew Griffiths: Not as fanciful as it used to be. All ornaments are the same style spheres that everyone fills up (or rarely, paints) with things from thier state. The lights and stars are all the same. I remember years ago the trees were very unique and there was a giant Yule log that was burning which offered great warmth to the visitors.
J P: Very nice display of the Christmas tree and all states/ territories! However, it’s not very well designed. It does not accommodate the large volume of spectators, due to its poor traffic design.

18. SCOTUS - Washington

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4 reviews
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Address: 1 First St NE, Washington, DC 20543

Business type: Federal courthouse

SCOTUS: what do users think?
Mike Ro5
Mike Ro5: One of my favorite sites to visit in DC. It is less crowded than many sites, but the architecture and tour is outstanding.
Alaliiah: Supreme Court kinda cringe

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