Best Godmother Dresses Washington Near Me

1. Lovely Bride - Washington

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Lovely Bride
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Address: 1632 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest Second Floor, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (202) 735-0674

Business type: Bridal shop

Lovely Bride: what do users think?
Anna Mahr
Anna Mahr: I can’t say enough good things about my experience at LovelyBride in Georgetown!! Gorgeous shop, personalized, professional, and overall phenomenal experience. I was fortunate enough to have the owner Danielle as my consultant and I felt like she was able to read me so well and provided the experience my family really wanted that day. I went to another salon right after I left lovely bride and the dresses and service just didn’t even compare. I said yes to the dress immediately and cancelled all my future appointments, and I’m so so excited to be a lovely bride!!!
Sydney Sanderson
Sydney Sanderson: I bought my wedding dress from Lovely Bride DC back in February and my experience was nothing short of fabulous. On my first visit, I was by myself and Tabby helped me FaceTime my mom to share in the experience. Several dresses were pulled based on my choices made online, but a couple other dresses were pulled as we went along and Tabby honed in on what I was interested in. I loved the way they help you reach a decision, and everyone in the building was so supportive and kind - even if they were not directly helping me. A wonderful experience from start to finish and of course, a beautiful dress. Thank you!
Julia Ganzi
Julia Ganzi: Loved my experience with Danielle at Lovely Bride. 2 of my final 3 dresses that I chose between were here. One of my bridesmaids ended up getting her wedding dress here too. Great vibe/ ambience in the salon, very personalized and attentive service, and the ordering process was very smooth with my dress arriving early.
Jennifer Freed
Jennifer Freed: Elizabeth was amazing to work with and made my experience feel personal, special and so fun! She chose gowns I was obsessed with (that ended up being finalists) and immediately picked up on my style and the look I was going for. I honestly could not have had a better bridal shopping experience. Elizabeth is a gem and anyone would be so lucky to get to work with her! Lovely bride is also a beautiful space with gorgeous options .
Maddie: I went to 4 bridal studios before buying my dress and had the best experience at lovely bride!! Danielle was truly the best and so helpful. I was starting to get nervous and discouraged about my search for a dress but when i went to lovely bride i tried on about 4 dresses before i found the one, all of which i liked more than any dress i had tried up to that point. They definitely have the most unique selection of gowns specifically If you are looking for a more modern look that other stores just aren’t carrying yet. Cannot reccommend lovely bride enough!
Ariel Kramer O'Brien
Ariel Kramer O'Brien: This was the best wedding dress shopping experience I had throughout the process. Danielle chatted with me and showed a real interest in my life and relationship. It was a fun appointment and I strongly recommend going here for a unique and beautiful wedding dress.

2. Bella Bridesmaids - Washington

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Bella Bridesmaids
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Address: 1046 Potomac St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (202) 966-0481

Business type: Bridal shop

Bella Bridesmaids: what do users think?
Kaitlyn Hegarty
Kaitlyn Hegarty: Bella Bridesmaids was so cute! I loved the layout of the space. Secluded with very simple modern decor. Liz was absolutely wonderful with helping me find the perfect dress that fit my body and personality. She was also very warm and friendly. I would highly recommend this place.
Response: Hi Kaitlyn, Thank you so much for your kind words! We always love to hear from our customers. We can't wait to see pictures of you in your beautiful dress!
Lia Konieczny
Lia Konieczny: Their dresses are extremely overpriced and I received terrible customer service when trying to arrange the pickup of my dress. For context, the bride and other bridesmaids are based out of DC but I made a fitting appointment and ordered my dress from the Richmond location. At the time of my in store order, the consultant said that I was good to go and they’d call me when my dress arrived in Richmond. Fast forward almost 6 months later, after trying to track my dress down over the past two weeks (I received an email on 3/10 saying my order had arrived and they would be shipping them out to us the next day), the DC office said they had the dress and apologized for the mixup and told me to send them an I address so they could ship it to me, there was NO mention of an additional charge or that they would not ship the dress to another Bella location. Today, they informed me that it would be an additional $26.50 for them to ship the dress to my home address as they do NOT ship dresses between locations. It’s absolutely ridiculous that this information was NEVER communicated to me at any point during this process and I will be highly discouraging my friends and family from using Bella in the future.
Emily Lagos
Emily Lagos: I had a wonderful experience with Bella Bridesmaids in DC. Especially Sheri the owner who took special care of me and my girls. The dresses were beautiful, arrived in a timely manner and looked amazing on all my bridesmaids. Bella has tons of selections which is why I selected them for my Wedding Day. Although the price was high it was worth it. All my girls loved their dresses and had the option to get some money back for them by selling them to other Bridesmaids/Ladies for other events. Choose Bella-They are GREAT!
nicole flores
nicole flores: I’m so disappointed and irritated with this place. We picked it, because it looked like they had a lot of options. Please don’t waste your time and money. My friend’s wedding is two weeks away we still don’t have the dresses, this order was placed back in April. The store associate have not been helpful or try to give options to resolve this issue, they have the audacity to say “we don’t know where the dresses are” there is a contract in place were it clearly states *BY PLACING THIS ORDER, I UNDERSTAND THERE ARE NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES AND AGREE WITH ALL THE TERMS STATED IN THIS CONTRACT AND POLICY FORM AND AUTHORIZE BELLA BRIDESMAID TO CHARGE THE CREDIT CARD ON FILE. How about when they do not comply with the contract. I still cannot believe the lack of customer service, and the stress that they put people on their wedding planning.
Response: Hi Nicole, Thank you for your feedback. We truly value all of our customers. We have been in contact with the bride regarding the order for her wedding. Due to COVID's impact on logistics the designer has been delayed in shipping the dresses. While we are unable to take responsibility for the impacts of COVID and the designer logistical challenges, our top priority has been to notify the bride and provide solutions to the best of our ability. We are so deeply sorry and have never had this experience prior to COVID. We are very disappointed, but are aiming to exercise patience and understanding with our partner during this challenging time.
Jamie Davis
Jamie Davis: Great experience! The process was very easy for all my bridesmaids that were in different locations. Bella Bridesmaids kept me in the loop and let me now once all of my bridesmaids dresses were ordered/delivered etc. Bride recommended!

3. BHLDN - Washington

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Address: 3222 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: (202) 333-2438

Business type: Bridal shop

BHLDN: what do users think?
Maggie Bowman-jones
Maggie Bowman-jones: We had an appointment scheduled for one of my bridesmaids on Friday- her flight was changed and we had to cancel and try moving to Saturday. Tiana was amazing and noted the new flight time and got us in for Saturday. God knows it’s hard to work in retail right now, but I’ve found the staff at all BHLDN Locations I’ve visited to be so kind and helpful- they truly do try their best to accommodate when they can. The studio upstairs in Georgetown is also so quiet and super private compared to other BHLDN locations which was also a plus.
Samantha K
Samantha K: I’d love to give 5 stars! The staff were a dream to work with. They clipped and zipped me whenever I needed help. Reps emailed me a list of seamstress in the area, which was helpful too. The offer limited sizes to try on and like what another reviewer said the dresses are in poor condition but they were good enough to get an idea. I liked the dressing room size and setup. The reason why I am giving four stars is because of their lighting in the entire dressing room. The only lights that were helpful were in the fitting room but not where you walk out to show your friends what the dresses look like on you. That lighting was not great on me. My dress was shipped to the wrong address. I called and the rep said she fixed my address. Hopefully, the dress arrives. Mistakes happen. Parked in a lot for $12/day but there is a garage in the building that BHLDN is in.
Courtney W
Courtney W: I came to BHLDN as a bridesmaid to try on dresses. Our consultant (do not know her name) was not good. She was not very friendly or helpful. We felt like we had to ask her to do things that she should’ve already been doing. She made a comment towards me that made me feel horrible about my size. She rushed the bride at the end of the appointment in a rude manner. The bride had come here before and had an opposite experience with another consultant, so i know they’re not all like this.
Yasemina Julia Paraskeva
Yasemina Julia Paraskeva: Recently scheduled an appointment to try on bridal gowns at Bhldn’s Gtown location. They had a broad variety of gowns and an ample fitting room. I received excellent service from Sloane - she was very thorough in explaining the ordering process and in helping me determine my size. She was very attentive. I highly recommend her when making bridal gown try-on appointments at Bhldn Georgetown!
Joy Lyle
Joy Lyle: Stopped in the store last minute to look at the wedding dresses. The consultant Ellie was so kind and accommodating. Wonderful experience! 😊
Emily Dohogne
Emily Dohogne: The sample dresses to try on are in rough shape - there was pilling, stains, and pulls on much of the dresses’ fabrics. They need to be replaced. It’s difficult to get a visual image of the gowns because of the state of their conditions. Overall, it was a good appointment. Our stylist was nice and helpful and honest, but again, the state of the dresses really brings down the experience and expectations of these thousand dollar dresses.

4. Signature - Washington

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Address: 1626 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (202) 333-6333

Business type: Women's clothing store

Signature: what do users think?
Leah: I have purchased my prom dress from this boutique and have had such a great experience! The staff was so welcoming and supportive, and the boutique itself had so much energy. Although it is a small store, there were so many unique dresses to choose from and the boutique provides alteration services for their dresses, which was convenient. I highly recommend this boutique for those of you who are looking for a prom dress shopping experience!
Briana Esp
Briana Esp: The customer service was amazing and everybody there was so nice! I loved almost every single dress I tried on, and if I told them it’s too big they always told me that’s okay and they can help with that. I honestly loved it here! 😭 I wish I could stay forever lol!
Chloe Mizrahi
Chloe Mizrahi: Absolutely amazing dresses, people, and help!! Whenever I need a dress for a pageant or prom this is where I go and tell my friends to go. Everyone especially the owner is so so sweet. Everyone is so helpful and makes sure u have the right dress. It can be stressful at times but they make sure everything goes smoothly. She accommodates everyone’s needs, even I go I go with my sisters as well. Even when the store is so busy during prom and pageant season she helps everyone!! THE BEST PLACE EVER!!
Gina Shawl
Gina Shawl: Dresses are gorgeous but alterations not so good. My daughters dress first came back as a high low which it was not suppose to be and the way it was altered in waist line made it too tight in the hips. Second alteration in fixing the high low now dress was too long. They should really have a tailor in store to mark measurements. Also the communication wasn’t good never was told when the dress came in both times. 2 days before prom and we decided we just had to live with it!
Response: Hi Gina, we apologize for the inconvenience with your daughter's alterations. Please understand that certain dresses and alterations require multiple fittings and changes. When Bella tried her dress for the final time she expressed how content she was about the final fitting compared to the first one. If the dress needs additional changes, we would love to accommodate you. Thank you!
Kayla Rivadeneira
Kayla Rivadeneira: This place is my absolute favorite!!! It was very professional, clean and helped me find the perfect prom dress! The owner was so kind to guide me to the dress of my dreams as well as making sure I was comfortable, safe and happy. I would definitely recommend.
Response: Kayla, we loved having you in! Thank you for being a ball of sunshine!
Juanita Beltran
Juanita Beltran: The store was actually very beautiful and very well put together however the store only caters to one type of woman my daughter being plus size went to the store in hopes of finding a pageant dress. It was only one dress that she was given to Try on and the sales people were very standoffish and the vibe that you got was that she was treated differently I was sitting outside and watching how they interacted with the more skinnier persons who came into the store as a opposed to my daughter she was completely ignored we even asked if they were other dresses if she could try and And we were told I’m not sure and the sizes they were suggested we’re not even for her, the sales people and the owner push the dress so hard and wasn’t taking her feelings into consideration. No don’t give me wrong these girls and this lady can sell the pants off somebody but this mama bear was not impressed or buying it, it was all fake no real substance or truth to their salesmanship and did not appreciate how my daughter was treated as opposed to the other people in the store because she’s plus size. Truthfully was so ready to drop good money for a dress so happy I didn’t- I am all about Stellar customer service and will pay for that stellar customer service but unfortunately I did not find it at the store
Response: We’re so sorry about this Miss Beltran. We tried to explain to you best that our very petite sizes and our plus sizes are always the first to sell out in stores because it’s not often people find stores that sells ready-to-buy xxs, xs, 00, 0 or sizes 18-26. We tried our best to explain to you that even though we currently didn’t have it in store because it’s prime prom/pageant season, we could absolutely look into ordering the perfect dress for your daughter’s pageant. We had an amazing time with your daughter Anya, she was so funny, witty, beautiful and sweet. We would love to work with you guys! Please email us so that we can help you find her perfect pageant gown!
Shannon Giddens
Shannon Giddens: After getting blindsided by a custom dress designer yesterday three weeks before my daughter’s prom and encountering a rude boutique owner (In Annapolis) this afternoon. We reached out to Signature and Bobbi answered the phone and just the greeting on phone made us feel like the day will get better. Our experience with Bobbi was amazing from the initial phone call to completing our transaction. She picked out a dress that appeared to have been made for my daughter and picked the perfect accessories to go with the dress . After all we encountered in the last 24 hours, we were able to find the perfect dress and our prayers were answered. Thank you Signature, especially Bobbi for turning this frantic prom dress search to a beautiful experience. My daughter is still smiling and can’t wait to pick up her dress. PS. I also saved a couple of dollars. WONT HE DO IT!!!
Response: Despite your horror story, your guy's energy was amazing! Thank you for choosing Signature! We cannot wait for your perfect dress to come in!
Divine Enyi
Divine Enyi: AMAZING! The dresses were stunning and the service and top notch. My friend and I were able to find our prom dresses there and they were beautiful. Highly recommend!!!

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