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1. Labyrinth Games & Puzzles

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946 reviews
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Labyrinth Games & Puzzles

Address: 645 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 544-1059

Business type: Game store

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Labyrinth Games & Puzzles: what do users think?

Martin Lucero: Amazing selection and passionate, knowledgeable staff. Great place to try new games and meet other gamers! Great venue for parties too.
Response: Thanks. We are so happy that parties are back!

Danira Ortiz: Friendly staff. The store is very organized. They have a ton of stuff yet it doesn’t feel crowded. They do have signs but they are small and blend in. I wish they were more visible.
Response: Thanks. We are currently contemplating new signage so your feedback is appreciated. :)

Elizabeth Tate: The Thursday night board game nights are a ton of fun, and this board game shop has some seriously helpful staff. Don’t know how to play a game or you need a specific game? These people will show you the ropes! Awesome shop, now making it part of my weekly routine to come and hang out 💯
Response: Thanks so much for the review. We love everyone who plays games with us. :)

Nicole Woodworth: Absolutely amazing game store! The best one in DC!!! Everything is organized and easy to find, very reasonable prices, wide variety of board games, tabletop role playing games, Magic cards, Pokémon Cards, and more!!! The whole staff was extremely friendly despite being busy and took time to answer any questions we had. 10/10 highly recommend!!!

Daniel Hudson: Incredibly helpful staff, great selection, and competitive prices. They give a ton back to the community and run events for local youth. Best game store in the area. Check it out on Thursday nights for game night. Learn a new game and make a nee friend. Well worth the trip!
Response: Thanks so much for the kind words. We always try to give back. It's very important to us.

Declan Glueck: This was an awesome stop! Great selection of games, knowledgeable staff, and really cute space overall. I left with a new board game, and look forward to trying out their board game night next Thursday.
Response: Aw, thanks so much. We hope you were able to make it to board game night. Please visit again soon.

Edward Habib: Labyrinth is one of my favorite local businesses. They have a great selection, very friendly and well-informed staff, and the prices are generally on par with those on Amazon. Labyrinth also hosts great used game sales, giveaways, and community events. Every visit to Labyrinth is wonderful.
Response: Thanks so much for the kind words. We really appreciate you.

Brandy Clements: The BEST store for puzzles, games, etc!!! Seriously me and my husband went shopping for ourselves, our 2 year old, and 6 year old and we ended up spending an hour just looking around (we bought way too much stuff too lol) the staff was SO sweet and knowledgeable. I overheard many conversations with other customers "I have an 11 year old girl who likes X, Y and Z what would you recommend?" And they knew exactly what to do and say. Well def be back as soon as we come back to DC!!
Response: Thanks so much. We hope to see you again soon. Recommendations are our staff's favorite game. :)

2. Winners Corner

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3 reviews
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Winners Corner

Address: 2141 P St NW, Washington, DC 20037

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 750-6113

Business type: Game store

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Winners Corner: what do users think?

Andrew Olson: Very small, extremely limited selection. Better off going up the street to the comic store or across town to labyrinth games

1111 1111: I like the game selections from here.

3. Dice City Games

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211 reviews
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Dice City Games

Address: 11406-B Georgia Ave Suite B, Silver Spring, MD 20902

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 10PM ⋅ Opens 12PM Thu

Telephone: (443) 424-2637

Business type: Game store

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Dice City Games: what do users think?

Dan Jerke: I stopped into Dice City looking to rekindle my 90s Magic nostalgia and was blown away. Jimmy & the staff were very friendly, conversational, and offered to show me their old school decks. The collection of singles was very impressive. To top it off, they have a ton of original artwork and signed prints — timeless stuff — better than any DC museum. I’ve never left a Google review but felt compelled to after visiting Dice City. Stop in & give them some business!!

Kai Rappaport: Best place to shop for MTG cards, you can email them a list of cards you want and they will get them all ready for you in less than 24 hours i ordered about 25 cards and they were ready in 3 hours. When i went to pick up my cards i told them my name and i went to get a couple more lands and the guy behind the counter threw them in there for free! Amazing place will definitely come back.

Francis Mcdoorman: Rude staff- seemed impatient and tried to upsell rather than be helpful. Staff member barked at me to sign in with store app that tracks players for wizards of the coast, gatekeepey and somewhat hostile environment

Lucas K: Awesome shop! Fun for kids and adults alike, very welcoming. Great prices, knowledgeable staff, the owner is incredible. We are so happy to have Dice City Games in the area!
Response: Lucas, thanks for the awesome review. We're happy to have you as part of our community. Come hang out with us again soon! -Dice City Games

musiew: The board game nights are very fun, only $5 for a great time. Part video games, part board/card game store. The board game selection there is very good.

4. Victory Comics

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746 reviews
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Victory Comics

Address: 586 S Washington St, Falls Church, VA 22046

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Thu

Telephone: (703) 241-9393

Business type: Game store

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Victory Comics: what do users think?

Steve Carle: Friendly helpful staff. Huge selection of Magic and pretty good selection of Pokemon. Tons of singles as well. They do Magic drafts Friday at 630 and Sat & Sun at 12. There was also a big table and boxes of discount stuff.

Robert: The folks at this comic shop are the BEST! My daughter and I came in because she wanted “a nature comic about sloths” and I was looking for some of the new Magic the Gathering cards. After we completely befuddled the friendly person working the front desk, my daughter took a seat to rest and I went card shopping, figuring such a task would not be fulfilled on this day. Well, as the equally lovely person at the rear desk answered all my questions and showcased various products, the valiant front desk attendant tracked us down with A NATURE COMIC WITH A SLOTH IN IT!!! Quest fulfilled! Not only did my daughter get her comic, but I pulled some truly exceptional cards from the bundle I had purchased. Five stars are not enough for this crack squad. Kudos all around.

Tom Luna: I’ve played a this location several times before however last night was my last one. I don’t like writing negative reviews unless people really deserve it. First of all the prices on single cards are very high at this location compare to other stores and on TCG but that’s not why I’m writing this review the main reason I gave this location 1 star is because of Steve the guy who runs the magic events. He is arrogant, condescending, rude and disrespectful I guess he forgot the people that play at this store pay his salary! His demeanor and attitude is awful he acts like he is doing us a favor by him being there! Unfriendly and unapproachable. Next time I’m Norther VA I’ll go to the store in old town Fairfax. I’ve been playing magic since I was in the Army and I had the opportunity to play in different stores in different states but this guys attitude is by far the worst and like I said IT IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THIS HAPPENED.

Natasha Trock: I love this place. Excellent books and staff. Very LGBTQ positive. Got to get over there more

5. Child's Play Toys & Books

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262 reviews
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Child's Play Toys & Books

Address: 5536 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20015

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 244-3602

Business type: Toy store

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Child's Play Toys & Books: what do users think?

Scott Selliers: While in town for my wife’s work, my son and I have been out exploring the city. We have never been much for buying tchotchkes as souvenirs, yet few things can bring back the memories of travel like a material thing found along the way. After visiting the gift shop at the National Aquarium in Baltimore and seeing the crummy toy offerings, I told my son we’d find a real toy store - and Child’s Play Toys & Books is definitely that! We were greeted and assisted by passionate toy aficionados - professional retailers. Take your time when you visit this store - there’s a ton to see. Now my son has a quality toy that will bring back memories of our DC trip. We also had a puzzle gift wrapped for free at the counter as a gift for my father-in-law for watching our animals - this was the perfect store for us today! (You know you’re dealing with a serious store when they have an entire shelf dedicated to the best board game ever made - Catan!)
Response: You made our day! Thank you so much for visiting! We look forward to seeing you on your next trip to town.

beyondTabu: Lots of options. Shelves were sparse which is expected as it’s Christmas time. Staff were friendly and helpful. They have wrapping at the back of the store for purchases.
Response: We've been hit by the supply chain issues, too, unfortunately. Thank you for the kind words!

Martin Lucero: What an awesome story, great toys and games for people of all ages. The store is far bigger than you might first realize and they are incredibly well stocked. The staff are passionate and helpful. They were able to discuss Legos in detail with my seven year old son and help me find the perfect board game based on my vague requirements. On top of all that, the prices are very reasonable.

Martha Coe: Best toy shop in the district. You can always find something good for a present.
Response: Thank you, Martha! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Lisa Lavelle: This is the best toy store ever! Love the helpful staff, they always have great recommendations and they are incredibly knowledgeable about the products. Wonderful selection of toys, games, and books.
Response: Thank you so much, Lisa! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Christabelle Cruz: The best toy and gift store ever! I’ve come here multiple times and every time, a worker asks if they can help. I tell them the ages of the children I’m shopping for as well as the interests, and they always direct me to the perfect options and gift. They are super knowledgeable and helpful! Always a positive and happy shopping experience at Child’s Play!
Response: Yay! We're so glad you've had great experiences. We appreciate your business and your kind words!

Leif Engler: Amazing place to buy toys, especially legos and figurines. There is also a small book area in the back aswell. Would recommend.
Response: Thank you for taking the time to leave such a nice review! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Walt Nicholson: This is one of the best toy stores I’ve come across in years. If you have a child who needs a toy - it’s here. All ages, abilities and interests. Lots of fun educational toys as well as sheer joy. Big Lego section, model rockets and tons for little ones. The staff were super friendly and made perfect recommendations. Will definitely be back for birthday presents to come!
Response: Yay! Thanks for the kind words!

Christina Valentiner: This place is magical. I want to buy everything for my kid but I dont- they have a huge selection and the staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgable.
Response: Thank you, Christina! We appreciate you taking the time to write such a lovely review!

Matthew Henry: What an incredible surprise. This place is awesome. Needed to buy some holiday gifts, walked in and was met with can I help you. Said, yes, and had wonderful choices for a 1 year old and six year old. For kids of all ages, this is the place!
Response: Thanks for shopping with us and for the awesome review! We can't wait to see you again!

6. Super Bit Video Games

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143 reviews
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Super Bit Video Games

Address: 7887 Heritage Dr, Annandale, VA 22003

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (571) 378-0980

Business type: Electronics store

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Super Bit Video Games: what do users think?

Hailey Kim: Old days fun retro games. You can find many games here. Packs, cd, etc. make a visit and check out to see if you can find your old favorites that you have been missing for years. I only briefly visited but it was so much fun going through stuff. They also seem to fix and clean your consoles and game gears. Check it out.

Luis Zena (RetroGamingLife): This is a really nice little shop. A little crowded but good overall. They do have a decent selection of games and the staff was really helpful! I browsed through their games and couldn’t decide what to get!!!! So much stuff! I was visiting from Miami and it’s always nice to find these type of shoppes keeping the hobby alive. I’ll definitely be back! Keep up the good work!!!

Basel El-Shrafi: Haven’t visited their new location yet, but I loved the Falls Church store. The staff is nice, helpful, and cool to talk to. I feel so much positive nostalgia when I visit.

Chris Pascuzzo: The Annandale location of Super Bit Video Games is a bit further from Washington DC, but every bit worth it. It has a similar feel, but perhaps a bit more room compared to the former location. Being a Nintendo fan, I was really excited to see tons of NES & SNES games. If you love retro video games then you must visit Super 8 Bit!

Jacob Huffman: Courteous, friendly staff, with a fantastic selection of games and gaming items at stellar prices. A fantastic shop all-around! Even had a small mistake happen that they took care of immediately with a smile. Owner and staff are truly wonderful folks!

Claudio Cobian: I recently stopped in Super Bit for the first time to trade in some items. The staff was incredibly friendly and I was thrilled the prices they offered for my trade ins. I opted for store credit because this will certainly be my go to for any retro game purchases!

Brian Naeem: A great store, when I went it was pretty crowded so you Know lots of cool games come through here, very good prices for consoles and they even have some select units in open box condition. I will definitely return and bring the rest of my friends who collect games.

Jack Cooter: Fantastic store with a great range. Staff are knowledgeable, helpful, friendly. Top notch service in trade ins. Highly recommended for all your retro gaming needs!

Chris Sewell: Nice wide open space, lots of things from various generations. I drove quite far to come here on a recommendation of a coworker. Unfortunately didn’t have the best of experience. Bought a handful of GB/GBC games. Well priced, so that was a plus. The guy that helped check out was friendly and helpful. Went out to the car and tested everything out. Got to a game that didn’t run at all. Took it back in and they quickly took it to their back room and cleaned up the cartridge, showed it working on their Gameboy. Awesome. Got back out to the car and while it ran at first, after reinserting it the game stopped working and I could only get it to run occasionally. While this is on an Analogue Pocket, the 20+ carts I’ve run on it before have worked great. I tried the final game I bought and that didn’t run at all. Took both back in to have them look at the second game and maybe relook at the first one. A different person helped me this time, and she was quite defensive the whole time. It’s a whole $15 of games between the two, I’m not that worried if I bought worn out games. That happens. I just wanted to know if that’s what it was. She took both to the back and came back with the first one showing it running on a GB. It’d be much better if they just brought a Gameboy out and tested it there, but they don’t. I heard them blowing on a cart so I asked if that’s what they did (to fix it) and she said it worked right away, but then she blew on the cart. I asked why, just to better understand their troubleshooting process in case it’d be something I could try on these carts myself in the future, and she continued to be defensive over it. Brought the other cart out after opening it up and cleaning it, showed it working. I asked if she’d remove the cart and reinsert it to test it working again, as that was my issue previously. She turned off the Gameboy and turned it back on. When I asked again for her to reinsert the cartridge I was met with the same defensiveness about the whole situation. Good selection, good pricing, mostly good experience, but ultimately not something I’d drive back for.

7. Fantom Comics

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398 reviews
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Fantom Comics

Address: 2010 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 241-6498

Business type: Comic book store

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Fantom Comics: what do users think?

James Bacon: Nice shop with a great selection of current comics and graphic novels. Some nice displays and thoughtful art on the walls. Not a back issue store, per se, they had recent issues, and a solar box, but ample to enjoy and find, excellent selection for kids. Friendly staff for sure.

Andy Benavente: Awesome shop! Great selection of graphic novels and current comics! The young woman behind the counter was very helpful and provided some great recommendations from the writer of the book I picked up. Would highly recommend to stop in and check out!

Paul Scarborough: Polite and quiet staff offered help that much I can say. 1st and last visit I shall do however, no stock of anything. Find it amazing a comic shop has only 3 issues of something so common and popular a character as Spider-Man. I’d describe this more as an indie comic book shop carrying more less popular characters. Hardly any backstock and the stuff they did have was shoved in a box and damaged without bags and borders

Luis Pantoja: Great comic book store with friendly and knowledgeable staff. I have always had a positive experience when visiting this shop. I highly recommend it!

Michael Kellar: Awesome little comic shop. Friendly staff, comfortable environment to look around, read a comic, and explore. If you’re in the area and looking for a space to check out some of the more recent interesting comics, definitely a good spot to check out.

Kamal C: @Fantomcomics in #washingtondc #dupontcircle is most definitely a place you would want to visit bo matter if you are a DC native or just visiting. Fantom Comics is among my favorites of all places to spend a little time, some things that makes this place cool is the chill layout,the little knickknacks,collectables,pins,snacks and more... even if you dont collect comics this place has something for everyone.😎👍🏻 "" Hey everyone this is kamal and I like to do reviews in my spare time from work and if you enjoy any of my post please like with a thumbs up and follow me on here on Google Maps or Instagram @chefkamalc Thanks and stay safe 🙏 mask up 😷
Response: Hi, Kamal. Thanks for the kind review! We appreciate your support. Hope you can visit us again soon. Cheers!

R KM: Great spot. Nice selection and “subscription” service. Check the bargain boxes for scores (some at only $1)

Jonathan Mckay: Lovely little comic book store with a fun rating system for new releases, staff picks, events and custom grab bags

8. Huzzah Hobbies

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610 reviews
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Huzzah Hobbies

Address: 44927 George Washington Blvd, Ashburn, VA 20147

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 10PM ⋅ Opens 12PM Thu

Telephone: (703) 466-0460

Business type: Game store

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Huzzah Hobbies: what do users think?

Justin Majerle: Went to Huzzah for the first time this past weekend. Just wanted to check it out as I was in the area and had heard a lot about it. I was truly impressed almost immediately. I remember the old gamer shop model, small, dingy, and unorganized….Huzzah is the complete opposite of what was the industry standard. Upon entering I immediately took note of how clean and organized the place is. I was greeted three times in the first minute or two which is nearly unheard of in this day and age of retail. The place is huge and well laid out. There is a large area for gaming but it is on one side of the store, making it easy to navigate the retail side without having to squeeze by gaming tables. They have just about everything imaginable in the gaming genre from tabletop miniatures to board games. I really enjoyed the store and will definitely be back!
Response: Justin, Thank you for taking the time to write a very nice review. We really appreciate your business and are glad that you enjoyed your visit and the people at Huzzah. We hope to see you more often and please let us know what we can do for you in the future.

Justin Cozzi: This place is amazing. Friendly staff and so much to choose from. I highly recommend for any gaming or modeling enthusiasts.Update from last post. The place is still amazing and they have vintage Gundam. I love it. Keep up the great work guys.
Response: Justin, Thank you for the five stars! We really appreciate your business and are glad that you enjoyed your visit and the people at Huzzah. Please let us know what we can do for you in the future.

Tony McCurry: This was one of the most, if not the most, pleasant game stores I’ve ever been too. The more I looked around the more I discovered more of its charm. The staff was very friendly as well. I’m very envious of anyone who gets to go to this store on a regular basis.
Response: Tony, Thank you for the very nice review. We really appreciate your business and are glad that you enjoyed your visit. We look forward to having you back and please let us know what we can do for you in the future.

Sebastian C: Awesome "nerd" store! Highly recommend for anyone looking for TCG or tabletop games! Plenty of tables in the back
Response: Sebastian, Thank you for the nice review. We really appreciate your business. Please let us know what we can do for you in the future.

John Seaton: I love the staff and the community at Huzzah. The staff does a really great job of taking time to listen to and answer questions for my children. They carry everything we are interested in and the staff is ready to answer questions about everything. We meet friendly people every time we visit. The facility is spacious, clean, and bright.
Response: John, Thank you so much for the wonderful review! We really appreciate your business and are glad that you and your kids enjoy your visits and the people at Huzzah. Please let us know what we can do for you in the future.

9. One Two Kangaroo Toys

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55 reviews
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One Two Kangaroo Toys

Address: 4022 Campbell Ave, Arlington, VA 22206

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM Thu

Telephone: (703) 845-9099

Business type: Toy store

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One Two Kangaroo Toys: what do users think?

Daniel Stuart Holmes: They have great toys that my kids love. A lot of the toys here are ones that are not sold in the larger “big box” retailers. Charlie (the owner) is a fantastic person and is always incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.

alex stevens: The store is small and does not stand out among the numerous restaurants and shops of Shirlington and it only has a few rooms but it is literally packed floor to ceiling with toys for all ages. The shop clerk was passionate and happy to go thru the stores wares to help me find the right toy for my nephews fist birthday. The selection is excellent with a wide variety of toys that range from the toy sets and vehicles to puzzles that start from a few months thru toddlers and older. The store offers gift wrapping as a service and it is wonderful to walk out with a toy freshly wrapped after browsing thru their selection. I have made it a point to tell my family about this store and i will happily make this my first choice to shop at in the future.

Lindsey: I visit this toy shop about 10x a year. When you walk in, it’s like you’ve entered a place of pure joy——like when the Beast shows Belle the library. That kind of joy. They have something for kids of all ages starting at newborn (I like the 1,000 piece puzzles and board games). The owners are great at providing suggestions based on a child’s age and even personality. On more than one occasion I needed to stick to a budget, so the owner helped me find the perfect gifts and stay within that budget. These are not gifts you can find in your local retail store. They are quality gifts, and because of that + small business, they can be pricey, so keep that in mind as you explore the shop. A must visit when in Shirlington.

Rachel Sloan: Wonderful little store, found everything I needed for my friends’ new babies! The lady who helped me made some good recommendations and was very helpful.

Frances Ding: This place is amazing! It is a small store but there is an incredible selection since they restock daily. The owner is very knowledgeable about all his products - and children and their development. He told us his philosophy is to stock toys that all have some educational or developmental component. I really appreciate his curated selection, especially since it is overwhelming to pick good quality toys now. Overall, will definitely be coming back, and feel lucky to have stumbled across this gem of a store!

Nathan W: Great store, fantastic selection of high quality toys. I bought a gift for a friend’s child, and the owner even wrapped it for me. With stores reopening now to a slightly different world, now is your chance to support and preserve small businesses - and to say no to Amazon and big box stores!

Lisa Delmonico: This toy store is a gem. It is tiny and filled floor to ceiling with nothing but fabulous high quality toys and games. We have shopped there for years. The owner is a kindly man who knows his toys and games as well as children and parents. Our kids are older now but he still has great games and puzzles for them and us. You receive very personalized attention here from someone who knows. Although I love amazon as much as the next person, shopping here is a wonderful experience and worth the trip!

10. GameStop

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338 reviews
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Address: 3611 Washington Blvd #102, Halethorpe, MD 21227

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (410) 242-4678

Business type: Video game store

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GameStop: what do users think?

Zachary Stewart: I had to pick up a game for my grandson for his Birthday they had it at plenty of different merchandise and other things to buy

Ade Ogunshina: I personally I like this store, it has great customer service, and it allows you to pick up your games Early if you pre ordered it.

Nathan Foster: Excellent (and friendly) service and great prices; an overall great experience!

Leon Lewis: They always have just what you need.

Paul D: Great stock of games for Xbox and Playstation. Found the elite controller here! Great staff here too.

tony jay: I came to the store about three years ago And I had a $20 bill And the manager said it was fake And I call the police And the police say it was Real He was trying to steal my $20 That was my bad experience I never forget They should train they managers better than that

Ethan Shelton: Good games for cheap if you looking for some

Chris J: Very helpfully staff especially my good friend j they answer all of my questions when I am curious about something I recommend this place if you are trying to buy some video games

Aisha Martin: Unfortunately they did not have the games I was looking for,not their fault. The staff was very helpful.

11. Best Buy

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2199 reviews
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Best Buy

Address: 3100 14th St NW Ste 203, Washington, DC 20010

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 387-6150

Business type: Electronics store

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Best Buy: what do users think?

Kiffa Shirley: Excellent service, clean store, full of big screen TVs ready for Christmas shoppers. If you’ve not been to the Columbia Heights Best Buy, is so convenient to the metro, and other shopping, and it put me in the Christmas Spirit.

Ricardo Matheus: So I walk in to shop for some apple products and I’m not sure if it is because of covid or what but there’s only like 2 people working there. I’m mostly disappointed in how no one tries to help. Not even to tell me to wait a sec because they are busy and they’ll be with me shortly. Just nothing. Not even sure they noticed I was there. Waited and walked around trying to get someone to get me the products I wanted to purchase but I mean, its 2022 I should have known better that service in the US is awful and should have just bought them online. I love Best Buy but definitely never buying anything in person again there. Shout out to the guy at the door, he was very friendly

Lady Elexia: I love best buy as a rule, no matter where I find them. The columbia heights location is nice, but it is a bit on the small side. While I could find the basics, their selection of new items was a bit lack lusture. Customer service is always perfect, at least in my experiences.

Alexis Smith: horrible customer service. I wandered around looking for an employee to ask for help and they all ignored me. Finally someone answered and she said she’d send someone to the home theater section to help me but of course, no one was there. The Best Buy in Tysons is so much accommodating and friendly. If you want a good experience, just avoid this place

Dawn Develin: Mack was amazing. He sat with me patiently and help me with my phone purchase. I very confused and not very savvy with technology and he treated me with respect and help me through every step without getting frustrated. Overall everybody at Best buy has been phenomenal but he went above and beyond.

John Newman: Nobody asked if I needed help. I finally left and ordered what I needed from Amazon. Horrible location. Thugs and hoodlums everywhere. The whole place reeks of pot smoke. Frightening place. There was a "security guard" (I use that term lightly) sitting on level 2 eating potato chips staring at his phone. I was afraid I would be mugged or shot at any time. Avoid at all costs.

12. Hunter-M eSports Pc Gaming (Internet Cafe, Lan Center)

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353 reviews
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Hunter-M eSports Pc Gaming (Internet Cafe, Lan Center)

Address: 7031 Little River Turnpike #18D, Annandale, VA 22003

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (703) 750-0450

Business type: Internet cafe

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Hunter-M eSports Pc Gaming (Internet Cafe, Lan Center): what do users think?

Cris Aguilar: Really enjoyed this gaming Café. Open 24 hours with plenty of snack/food/drink options to choose from! The front desk guy was extremely kind and helpful I really appreciated that. Prices aren’t bad either. Think of a game and they have it. Chairs, mics, controllers and PCs are well kept and just whole place aesthetically pleasing. Definitely will be coming back

Michele A.: Very cool here!! The last time I was here was probably 6 or 7 years ago when it had a different name but I now it’s completely different. It’s so much bigger, pcs are very nice. Lots of options for drinks and snacks at the front desk. At first I was like, why would I come here instead of staying home? But it was fun to bring my friends so we can game together

GTCabbagekcs: Easily the most well-kept, pristine LAN center I’ve been to on the East Coast. Great selection of drinks and snacks, friendly staff, clean stations, and open 24/7. I come here mainly for the fact that all of the computers not in use are constantly updating their games.

Odessa Zhang: first time coming to an internet cafe, kind of nervous especially since i’m a girl but it was still a nice experience! Front desk employee was super knowledgeable and helpful throughout. Prices are kind of high if you’re not a member, but the membership deal is definitely worth it. Check it out!

SC: Always a fun time here. Staff are very friendly and the environment is relaxed and comfortable. Computers are fast and they have everything I need. Would def recommend.

Eric Harris: I have never been to a gaming cafe and did not know what to expect. I came here with my friends and was very surprised on how inexpensive it was to get 3.5 hours and how quickly it was to get 3 seats next to each other. The food I got was also excellent and connection was also very good. 1070 graphics and low ping. Stations also had full custom led lights which I am a huge fan of and they had good chairs as well which is nice for posture as well. My only complaint is that they seemed a bit understaffed but once I rang the bell at front desk someone was there in a jiffy.

Oliver Minall: Clean, up-to-date gaming center that operates 24/7/365. Staff are friendly and there are plenty of pre-installed games. They have snacks, burritos, and soups available if gaming after the surrounding restaurants close. I grabbed a membership and some hours for when traffic sucks and I want to relax somewhere fun.

imso smol: Open 24 hours, great game selection, staff is so friendly, snack bar always stocked and the bathrooms are always clean. Every gamers dream 🙏🏻😌💅🏻

13. Fairy Godmother-Childrens Books & Toys

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Fairy Godmother-Childrens Books & Toys

Address: 319 7th St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 547-5474

Business type: Childrens book store

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Fairy Godmother-Childrens Books & Toys: what do users think?

Clement: Very nice store. We found some cute gifts for a baby shower. The lady was super nice to wait for us before they closed.

Kumari Robinson: Great selection of toys and books for a wide age range of kids. Super cute store.

Pete Price: Really enjoyed the small, but curated selection of toys/activities/books ranging in all ages. Found the owner very helpful on picking out obscure games, but happily purchased because of their long standing popularity! Wonderful place to go.

Nessa Clarke: She loves collectible little Japanese charm toy keychains. She loves the quirky. The obscure. The modern. She would go crazy in this store - admiring all of the items - which so genius-ly fuse art, humor and play together.

isa: Very cute place! Good for finding books or toys. The woman is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Andrew Pitts: What a great store with knowledgeable staff. Great books for any aged child!

Demisha Kerns: It has great educational books and some great toys as well.

14. Records & Rarities

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Records & Rarities

Address: 6500 Springfield Mall, Springfield, VA 22150

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (703) 313-0100

Business type: Record store

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Records & Rarities: what do users think?

suzan Simon: Brought our DS in for repair. We got it back months later in parts. No phone call, no email and no updates. Apparently the tech quit and just left everything. The owner wasn’t able to speak to us in a civil manner. I asked him how much a working DS was and he blew up. Yelling at me and my son in front of my other kids and whatever customers happened to be standing there. He had to walk away to his corner and settle down. Another guy helped us, answered our questions, and sent us on our way with our bag of parts, returning our service fee. Terrible customer service from the owner. He obviously has people issues and might be the reason why his tech quit. Seems like other people have problems with that guy too. If you can’t handle customers in your store, maybe you should go to the back and let your other guy run the front. He’s obviously better at it. We won’t buy, sell, use, or trade in that store again. We will gladly take our money somewhere else.

Spencer Sullivan: Friendly and helpful cashier. I tested an N64 game in their in-house console to show me it worked before I bought it without being asked. Lots of cool, useful, vintage video game stuff. Definitely recommend.

Joe Pinder: I found this store today while visiting the mall. I did not catch the employee name who was on duty, but was very friendly and professional. I popped in to look around, seeing old records and arcade games. They had several records I was keeping an eye out for as a gift for my father. Was a very good experience. Nothing but good things to say about this place

Salvatore P Simonetta Jr: Establishment brings back a lot of memories of when I was spinning records a long time ago. Staff was very attentive and friendly! I look forward a return visit and purchasing items.

Gabriel Varela: The store itself has great products, but the employee I dealt with was incredibly rude. I was so taken aback by his attitude that I changed my mind about buying the products I intended to, and don’t plan on ever coming back. Very disappointing since their business has awesome products, but I can’t support a company that treats customers like that.

Nicole Richardson: Great store with rare album. I had a great looking through the rare album, they reminded me of my family reunions.

Sean M: Not sue how this business is still open. Spoke to the owner about selling some video games. He claims he pays Half of retail prices (eBay sold listing. Pricecharting. Etc). After I dropped off well over $2000 worth of merchandise. I waited 3 hours for the owner and manager to offer me less then $500. I told them that it was absolutely ridiculous and I was going to take my business elsewhere the owner proceeds to tell me he’s gonna walk me out to my car in well doing so he’s arguing with me and trying to fight me the whole time. Estarland chantilly will treat you 10 times better than this joke of a company will steer clear it’s not worth it.

15. eStarland

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926 reviews
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Address: 14225 Sullyfield Cir c, Chantilly, VA 20151

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM Thu

Telephone: (866) 703-0866

Business type: Video game store

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eStarland: what do users think?

Mauricio Ayala: This is easily the most impressive retro game store I have ever been in. The selection is crazy, its just full to the brim with all sorts of games and other goodies. The staff are friendly and chatted with me as I gushed over everything in the store. I wish I had more disposable income to spend more time here!

Manil Trivedi: The staff is really friendly and awesome! I had questions about custom engraving and they were able to answer all of them. Ashley is the one in charge of the engraving, and she worked with me to find a good picture of the design I wanted. It ended up being exactly how I envisioned it and I could not be any happier! It’s definitely my go-to for anything games

Tony Ortega: the truth is true, I felt that I became a 12 year old again, it was so great to come to this store and see so many games of my time and see so many things from the past and present at the same time, I am 38 years old and I had a great time choosing so many things at such a good price and apart from this, the Customer Service by the staff was the best a family and cute atmosphere, Thank you for having such a great store !!!!

Sarah Ruehle: This place is fantastic and the customer service is amazing!! I’m so glad there are places like this that allow people to relive nostalgic video games. And beyond that, the people who work here are so nice. I ordered a game and the package was lost. I reached out and they were more than happy to provide a replacement or refund. I opted for replacement and they had it held to the side and waiting for me when I arrived! Really awesome people working a cool store. Will absolutely return for any retro video game needs!

T S: This is one of my favorite places to both trade in and purchase items from. Their trade in system is transparent, they respond very quickly and I have never had any problems with them. My only regret is that they have no added an extra zero to my trade in balance, because there is so much I want from their store.

Christopher Baker: I ordered an X Box 360 game from them last week, I was very pleased with the delivery I received. It arrived on time and it was well packed. The game was in excellent and working condition as well. I will certainly do business with them again.

16. Barstons Child's Play

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Barstons Child's Play

Address: 4510 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22207

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (703) 522-1022

Business type: Toy store

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Barstons Child's Play: what do users think?

Sebastian Olmsted: While gift shopping for toys this Christmas, Child’s Play was a nearby convenient store with a good variety of toys and books for kids. It was obviously busy around the holidays and things were fairly disorganized. The workers I encountered were trying their hardest and were very helpful and kind, but I couldn’t help but feel that the management was completely off. Service was pretty bad simply because it seemed that workers had far too much on their hands, all the while their manager or boss was absolutely nowhere to be found. I had talked to one of the workers as well, who told me that they were completely overwhelmed. As someone who works for a small business, this management is terrible and the work environment for these employees seems unsupportive and generally chaotic.

Lil Waffle: I liked it a lot, however, workers were scattered across the store. It would be a lot easier if they just stayed put at the register.

Auggie Flentje: the staff here can help you find most any gift for any child. great selection of games and they seem to always have the hot items in stock. a great local toy store and broad selection of books. they wrap for you!

R: Nice toy store. The staff is friendly and help and the ship offers a wide selection of toys, books, stuffed animals, etc.

David Feuer: The book selection is excellent. The toy selection is a bit more hit-or-miss. Some popular categories (like Lego) have good selections. Activity kits seemed fairly blah.

Ronald Huskey: Very knowledgable staff for kids toys and games. They will even wrap your gift for you at the store free of charge. We love going to this store for birthday gifts and Christmas gifts.

17. Games and Stuff

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874 reviews
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Games and Stuff

Address: 7385 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd, Glen Burnie, MD 21061

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu

Telephone: (410) 863-7418

Business type: Game store

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Games and Stuff: what do users think?

Kevin Chasse: Awesome selection of neat games and gaming supplies. Staff is very friendly and helpful. If you have no idea what to get, they can help you based on your likes and interests and you will most likely get a fun and unique game you would have never thought of before.

Cathy S: The staff is so knowledgeable and helpful. They have a huge play area, a great selection of games and accessories! I live 3 hours away! I will be making the trip again!

Enrique Caballero: Solid selection of games (including some deluxe limited Kickstarter stuff). Employees were generally nice, but they do seem to hover and stare; kind of like undercover security but being terrible at the undercover part. Shady parking lot in a shady shopping center. Still worth the visit though…if you can get over the other stuff.

Alyssa M: Nice place, staff are helpful. I like that you get credits towards a future purchase if you do the $10 game play. Would recommend

Rehoboth Hines: This place is one of my favorite places to go for mtg cards and gaming. Staff is super nice and selection is great!

Vicki S.: Great games for everyone.They also have gaming events at store. Best selection of new and popular games. Also has a bargain used selection of games.

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