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1. The Quilter's Studio - Fairfax

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The Quilter's Studio
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Address: 9600 Main St Unit L, Fairfax, VA 22031

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: (703) 261-6366

Business type: Quilt shop

The Quilter's Studio: what do users think?

Susan Fritz: It makes me sad to write this review. My three previous favorite brick and mortar quilt stores in the area have closed which leaves me with The Quilters Studio about 30 minutes from my home as the only store carrying good quality quilters cottons. I have been shopping there since they opened and have, until today, been very happy with their selection and service. I went today for a very specific panel that was advertised on their website. In attempting to figure out a design for a quilt top using the panel and coordinating fabrics, I needed additional space to layout and open up fabrics that had borders and gradations, which you need to be able to see the whole piece and not just from the fold. Donna, who was wonderful to work with, and I were trying to unfold and figure out various settings when I asked if we could go into the work room area which has larger tables and also a cutting surface. She said yes and we took about five or six bolts of fabric into the room. Let me preface the next statement by saying there was absolutely no other customer in the whole store at this time. We no sooner got set up and started to look at the fabrics on a larger table top when another employee came in and said “you can’t be in here if you’re not here for a class”. She said it quite harshly, offered no explanation, and it took me by complete surprise. By hindsight I wish I had walked out at that very moment and not spent almost $200 on fabric. I have been a small business owner myself and, consequently, am very sympathetic to the struggle it is to keep a business going in this web operated world. Ultimately, it is the personalized customer service that can save or sink a brick and mortar store. Unfortunately for me, although I do shop online occasionally, I like to touch and feel fabric and see the colors for myself, but I am just so disappointed with this experience that I may not go back to The Quilters Studio in the future.

KATHLEEN Calahan: I visited this charming shop this morning! So glad to see a quilt shop nearby with such a large inventory to find selections to go with fabric on hand! Nancy was very helpful. She pointed me to their vintage fabric collection. I was looking for binding for an antique quilt top — an earlier era quilter’s UFO - that I had finally finished quilting. I needed material for binding. Nancy and her co-worker gave me their thoughts regarding selections I was considering. I’m convinced I left with the perfect choice. I look forward to visiting them again.

D G Jenkins: In general, I’m not one for leaving reviews. I’m making an exception for The Quilters Studio in Fairfax City, VA. This fabric store is one of only a handful in the entire the NOVA area, so a few months ago, I ventured in to see what they had and to check on prices. They offer a much better selection of quilting fabric than most of the chain fabric stores! For me, I feel like a kid in a candy store every time I go in. Yes, the prices are higher than the chain fabric stores - due in part to the higher quality of the fabric and the fact that it’s not a chain. As a relatively new quilter, I was interested in learning more about the quilting craft and to establish a network for myself - not just in buying fabric. This place fit the bill perfectly. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful and know me on sight – despite my wearing a mask (thank you for requiring masks). I’ve taken several classes there and learned more than in all my years of sewing and quilting put together. The owner, Kathye teaches a great beginning quilting class. She laughs a lot so it’s clear she loves what she does. Many of my classmates raved about the other instructors as well. It brings me joy to support a female owned and run local shop, who supports me in return. Chain fabric store coupons can no longer temp me to shop anywhere else. If you haven’t checked them out yet, time is a wasting….

Dawn McAllister: First time in the store because my husband and I are visiting our kids. We are from out of state. One of the sales staff asked my husband to put on mask (which was ok). He didn’t have one so he was going to wait outside. While looking in my purse to get my mask, the same staff immediately asked me to put on one, and she was abrupt and abrasive. I abruptly said, “I’m working on it!” She responded, “You don’t have to be aggravated!” You are ABSOLUTELY right, and I don’t have to shop here either. WONT BE BACK!!!

Kimberly Strong: Wow! Amazing selection of fabric. Helpful knowledgable staff. Great tools and rulers. Lovely assortment of panels too. Love the quilting cottons sorted by color. Omg... so easy to find that perfect match. Ty for such a fun shopping day. Will be back, with friends!

Elizabeth Gebbie: I was very pleased with my visit to the Quilters Studio. Lots of lovely fabric, the sales staff were very helpful. Many other goodies too. I will be a frequent customer.

Carolyn Edwards: Great selection and fabulous service. I highly recommend this store for quilters. Masks required!

Geoffrey Hedgspeth: Knowledgable staff, wide selection.

2. Three Little Birds Sewing Co - Hyattsville

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Three Little Birds Sewing Co
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Address: 5307 Baltimore Ave, Hyattsville, MD 20781

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Business type: Fabric store

Three Little Birds Sewing Co: what do users think?

Bridget Roberts: Fantastic store with a great selection of unique fabric and notions. Katie and everyone are amazing and their classes are wonderful. Couldn’t ask for a more welcoming and inviting store.

Janice Simons: Great place. The yarn store Sweet Pea is very very nice. Nice selections great service.

Melissa Reilly: TLB is a gem. Kate, the owner goes above and beyond to provide excellent service, stay attuned to the interests and needs of her customers, and runs a well curated local small business. I feel part of a special, supportive community whenever I’m there. During “these uncertain times” Kate and her staff have worked incredibly hard to fill online orders, offering no-touch curbside pickup, free local delivery and swift mail delivery if requested instead. She’s hosted zoom social time, mask making and embroidery sessions, show new inventory as it comes in. I hope she feels the from from her customers, cuz we sure love her!

Naomi Johnson: Three Little Birds Sewing Co. is my jam! I always find charming fabric & cool patterns. The community Kate has created is just the best.

Kid Troopa: Staff is freakin awesome! Communication is great and experience is personalized! Extremely grateful they are located nearby. They’ve made my introduction into the world of sewing ten times better!

Mia Higgins: I love this store! Nice fabrics that are unique, great sewing classes and the owner has a wealth of knowledge.

3. Sew Magarbo - Loudoun County

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Sew Magarbo
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Address: 44933 George Washington Blvd #130-135, Ashburn, VA 20147

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (703) 375-9739

Business type: Fabric store

Sew Magarbo: what do users think?

Elaine Cahoon: Super cute store! I love that things are curated and they carry full lines of more modern prints like ruby star society. They even started carrying some cute Japanese imports. Fat quarters everywhere. Lots of really nice blenders. Staff/owners were so nice and friendly.

Catherine C: I recently had my Pfaff Sewing Machine serviced at Sew Margarbo. The customer Service was outstanding in every way. I was greeted very professionally. The tune -up was fast and through. The owner explained the service done and shared a few hints. My machine is working as good as the first day I bought it (years ago). The owner is very pleasant, professional. A beautiful shop. I will never take my machine anywhere else. Thank you again for a great experience! Catherine

Lynne Lott: After careful consideration of different sewing machines, I went to Sew Magarbo to check out theirs. It was a very good, low pressure shopping experience. But that is only part of the reason I purchased my machine there. The commitment to the purchaser was very important to me. I want to learn about all the cool features of my machine, and there are ample opportunities for learning at Sew Magarbo. Frequent classes, telephone support if needed, and a "club" for others who purchased the same machine as me were all super benefits. I feel comfortable asking newbie questions, and appreciate getting together with others who love to learn and share.

Michael Ku-DiPietro: I heard about their store through a friend and signed up my sister for a summer class. There was such a variety of fabric to choose from and it was incredibly high quality! The teachers and staff created a welcoming environment and she was always happy when I picked her up at the end of the day. Thank you Sew Magarbo!

LISA RAMOS: I have been a customer of Sew Magarbo for a few years. Their customer service, friendliness and professionalism are outstanding. Imagine my surprise when I read a review stating the manager was "aggressive" while communicating the rules and policies (clearly stated on their website) to a client that was not compliant. I have never heard or seen the manager or any employee speak to anyone in a disrespectful manner. Being firm about rules that protect their customers (especially during COVID) is what I would expect and appreciate as a parent for any child attending camp at Sew Magarbo. Being fully vaccinated and wearing a mask does not give you the right to break the rules. Perhaps you have not read (policies, news, etc) about COVID breakthrough cases being contagious. Entitlement and non compliance of COVID rules shows you have no concern about harming others. I would like to thank Sew Magarbo, its manager and employees for keeping us and our children in a safe environment.

Jeff Spencer: My wife and I have purchased at least 4 machines from Sew Magarbo in the last two and a half years. She is no less than superior in her capacity as a shop owner and manager. We have taken numerous classes from her and her staff as well. She consistently over delivers when she does business with us. This is the best sewing studio and shop in Northern Virginia.

4. Capital Quilts Sewing and Creativity Center - Gaithersburg

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69 reviews
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Capital Quilts Sewing and Creativity Center
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Address: 15926 Luanne Dr, Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: (301) 527-0598

Business type: Fabric store

Capital Quilts Sewing and Creativity Center: what do users think?

Carolyn Grant-Suttie: I’d never heard of Capital quilts until I did a search for quilt stores last August. I had also never made a quilt before then and had relatively limited experience sewing. Since then I have purchased a new sewing machine, taken the virtual complete quilting class, taken a Longarm class, completed 1 quilt and am close to completing my second one. I have also purchased supplies for two more quilts. I think I’ve been to Capital quilts about 9 times since August and every interaction I have had has been wonderful. Everyone is extremely helpful and patient (even when I’ve arrived close to closing time) and they really make me feel like they are rooting me on to succeed in making a quilt that I will love.

Ashley Bredenberg: Lora and the crew are awesome! Very big store and Janome Dealer. No Apple Pay yet but coming! Parking is free and easy right out front. Rent a longarm for your project! So.Much.Cute.Fabric! A must stop for the area.

Robert Gillette: I am totally disappointed in the customer service. In a totally empty store, no one can see me standing at the cutting table? I will happily drive 3 hours round trip to avoid being ignored :(

Kimetha TURNER: I was in town and needed some supplies. The ladies are so helpful and knowledgeable everyone was friendly. I did feel “eyes on me” but i was unfazed it was more of us she in the right place type thing. I ended up in here 3 days in a row. I just couldn’t get enough! Thank you guys so much for the help. I will definitely be returning. Lol 😆

Wenonah Dodd: Wonderful quilting fabric store. Tons of fabric, small section of wool & wool patterns, fair selection of bag patterns & some hardware, small to moderate selection of quilt patterns, and lots of gift choices for your quilting buddies. Would recommend and hope to visit again!!

Deborah R.: Capital quilts is amazing! Their knowledge of quilting and fabrics is above and beyond. They can do the math in their head very quickly to help you figure out how much fabric you need for anything you are making. Julia was phenomenal! She helped me pick and match fabrics for an hour!

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