Best Free Museums In Washington Near Me

Freer Gallery of Art Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History National Museum of African American History and Culture Anacostia Community Museum National Archives Museum Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum O Street Museum National Building Museum National Geographic Museum Museum of the Bible National Museum of the American Indian Smithsonian National Museum of American History Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum Smithsonian American Art Museum African American Civil War Museum U.S. Navy Museum National Museum of Asian Art Naval Heritage Center Smithsonian's National Postal Museum National Museum of Women in the Arts

1. Freer Gallery of Art - Washington

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1050 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20560

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Freer Gallery of Art: what do users think?

Hilda Kroll: Unfortunately, the Freer and Sackler are temporarily closing again. Luckily, I got to see the fabulous Fashioning an Empire exhibit today. I hope it will still be here when the museum reopens in the future.

LeeAnna Springer: Well layed out and easy to see every piece on display. All prices have a label with clear explanations of the history of the object. Quiet and clean with a nice gift shop on the basement level.

travelswithadiplomat: Superb small museum and gallery. Wandered in on Thursday (only open Thursday to Sunday) and barely saw another person which enabled a very peaceful, languid inspection of everything. The Peacock Room makes this a must-visit place on the Mall. Ambience quiet, cool temperatures, well labeled artifacts giving context. Highly recommended.

Gary Seybold: This was a great museum to visit on a cold Saturday! Lovely Asian art to see and wonder how they were created so beautifully such a long time ago. How they managed to stay in such great condition is another mystery!! Visit and you will not be disappointed!

Heleen Raes: This museum has a beautiful collection of Asian art, including the gorgeous peacock room. It鈥檚 very nice to visit.

Mario Moquete: I wish I could have spent more time in this museum. Amazing exhibits

Satyaki Mitra: Excellent collecion of predominantly historical art from the far east, west Asia and the Indian subcontnent.

2. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History - Washington



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10th St. & Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20560

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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: what do users think?

Luke Chang: Free museum. Great for kids. Lots of interesting exhibits. I went during Cherry Blossom 馃尭 peak week so it was pretty crowded on a Saturday. I spent 3+ hours exploring. There鈥檚 3 floors. Definitely recommend. There something for everyone.

Ashok Patel: This is one of the most visited and most popular museums in the world and it鈥檚 free (of course from our tax money). The museum has the largest natural history collection (145 million specimens) in the world. It is really interesting, informative and fun to delve into the story of our planet from the beginning and how the life evolved over a period of time. There are excellent exhibits for kids as well for all ages of people. Unfortunately, there is no public parking facility there. If you are lucky, you may get the metered parking otherwise you have to park in the commercial parking garages nearby. There is nice cafeteria with great food in the museum. There are lots of food trucks outside the museum serving variety of food. I loved the exhibit of minerals and gems. There are so amazing pieces of gems and rocks, I bet you have never seen before. There is so much to see that you can鈥檛 finish in one day. Some of the exhibits we even didn鈥檛 explore due to time constraints. But we will definitely go back and enjoy the same or remaining exhibits. It was busy but not too crowded, we didn鈥檛 have to fight for the space. May be it was a weekday, so it wasn鈥檛 too bad. This is a must see attraction in Washington DC.

Sassy Sauce: Great museum for kids and adults. We went on the weekend and it was packed with people but we were able to move around with moderate congestion. The gift store was reasonable and there was some unique items available. For the little ones, I would bring a stroller if you鈥檙e up to pushing it because their legs will get tired. There were places to sit but they weren鈥檛 plentiful. The food court was open but we didn鈥檛 purchase anything. You can bring your own goods and water inside the museum. There is plenty to see and read for everyone. Highly recommend for families with small kids (probably 2 and up)

Ken Miyakawa: For me was the most impressive collections of specimens from around the world I was able to see I can spend the whole day in here and not be able to watch everything. The dinosaurs bones was my favorite part this place is definitely for the whole family and I will strongly recommend to visit it! This will be in my top five favorite museums for sure. The only thing is they close at 5:30 pm I wish they close later because I will need at least Two full days to cover the whole place.

bEp pen: Great museum, fun and informative for all ages, children and adults alike. So much to see. Give yourself a few hours to take in how much there is here. In addition to the Hope Diamond, there is an extensive gem and minerals exhibit. There is something for everyones interest. Best of all, the admission is free! We had planned on seeing both the Natural History museum and the American History Museums of the Smithsonian, but had time for just one that day. Will go back and do the same to properly explore just as we did at the Natural History Museum. It is centrally located from the other Smithsonian museums and very close walk to Smithsonian Metro Station.

Lu: First time in D.C. and loved visiting this museum. Spent 3hrs here enjoying the exhibits. Nice that it鈥檚 free so anyone can go to enjoy learning something new. Gift shop is a must too! If you do make the trip I鈥檇 say bring a snack or lunch if you don鈥檛 feel like buying food there. Unfortunately the Space and air museum was closed due to construction when I was there.

3. National Museum of African American History and Culture - Washington

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1400 Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20560

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National Museum of African American History and Culture: what do users think?

Shaniece Heath: 1st time visiting the museum and I highly recommend viewing the Concourse exhibit if you do nothing else. The concourse is where the Emmitt Till exhibit is located and that did have the longest wait time, but more than worth it. There were so many beautiful artifacts and amazing visuals to go along with some of the images and artifacts. The 1st floor when you walk in was also overwhelming hearing the audio of the slaves saying they rather jump ship than travel to an unknown world without their families!

Tamekia Buckner: Was amazing! 2nd floor was closed, so cannot wait until we return. Got free tickets 1 month in advance from their website.

Corey Trusty: It was a good trip to the museum. It was fast and easy to get access. I was able to get tickets the day of for the time I wanted. The museum exhibits were done very well and tastefully. The museum is absolutely huge and I would for shire come back. The only issue is the parking in the National Mall is terrible. But overall good experience. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes because you will for sure be getting your steps in and it is a must go!!!

Melvin Thomas: A great museum. Lots of history. Some of the images and artifacts cause sadness realizing the time span of the atrocities, some of them surprisingly recent. Some exhibits also celebrate black contributions, mostly in sports and entertainment. Maybe they will add more black inventors and contributors to the sciences.

Valencia Brown: This museum totally captures the horrific moments in time that African Americans endored. Its about time there is a historic National museum that acknowledges that that these events in American history did indeed occur, and the role Americans had in the slave trade. The overcoming of oppression, justice and equality is still a fight, however the advances and contributions made in history from African Americans are undeniable. This museum encompass all of this and more! Highly recommend attending. Best of all, its free!

4. Anacostia Community Museum - Washington

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1901 Fort Pl SE, Washington, DC 20020

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Anacostia Community Museum: what do users think?

Donyell Little: One of Southeast DC鈥檚 hidden gems. It takes about 30 minutes to see everything. The staff is always nice and I learn something new every time I visit. It鈥檚 worth a look, if you are in the DC area and have a few moments. They have free parking with about 20 spots and a nice outdoor picnic area.

Shibachan Ruru: One of my favorite museums in DC so far. I really enjoyed their exhibition, 鈥淎 Right to the City鈥, which shows how residents in DC have been displaced by urban renewal projects and how they have fought back for their interests and needs through different forms of activism. You get to really appreciate DC鈥檚 history and community. Very community oriented and definitely worth a visit!!

Theresa Stowell: Wonderful community based museum with engaging and relevant exhibit. We were there for the food justice exhibit. Had enough to keep a 7 year old interested and learning while the adults looked and learned more deeply. The educator on site was very helpful. Beautiful outdoor portion as well. Easy and free parking

Toby Smith: Humbled and inspired by the Food Injustice exhibit. So powerful and complicated鈥 hits home nationwide. Sad to see Mitch鈥 lived in DC as he was changing lives. The opportunities to do something are awesome! Staff just loves on you from the minute you hit the door. Must see this one.

Greg Goomrigian: Unfortunately closed to the public.We were able to participate in a group session with the museum staff.It was a wonderful educational experience for our students and would highly recommend

Rochelle Olaleye: Such rich local history. Washington, DC activists have empowered many grassroots organizations to build better communities serving all constituencies. I was impressed by the stories of engaged communities advocating for good change and support, pushing back on displacement and disenfranchisement.

Gerald MCINTOSH: Always a great place for learning. Small but can enjoy a entire exhibit in one day. Always quite and has a beautiful outdoor setting for a picnic. Changes exhibit about every 3 to 6 months. Great for Afrikans in America to experience. Fredrick Douglass house is close by. A must see! Help to keep these places alive in our community.

5. National Archives Museum - Washington

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701 Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20408

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National Archives Museum: what do users think?

Ewa Cissik: So much more to see her than just the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. However, for those documents just get up there and look at them. People try to do this line business and then the security personnel have to break it up to move everyone along. It鈥檚 silly. Not everyone wants to read all the other information around those documents, so the ridiculously long line through the whole rotunda makes no sense. And others really want to read it all slowing down said silly line. Hope you will have a friendly, reasonable security guard when you visit too. The other galleries are worth a look as well. My teenage son and I enjoyed about 1.5 hours in the Archives building. To comment on entering the building, we only waited about 15-20 minutes on a Wednesday in June shortly after it opened for the day. When we were leaving noonish, there was no line. Paying for timed passes would not have been worth it on our day.

Dan Wells: I had a very pleasant visit to the Archives, I found I was oddly emotional that there were books on display that Thomas Jefferson held and read. The building is beautiful too.

Ilyse Wagner: Excellent experience! The exhibit on rights was amazing. I felt the need to read everything. As expected, the rotunda with the Declaration of Independence does get crowded, so be prepared for that. Despite the crowds, guests were considerate and moved through the exhibit so other people could view the documents. I did like the policy against taking photos. You really get to enjoy the experience without having to navigate around other people. I highly recommend.

Diego G: Opportunity to see up close the Declaration of independence, the constitution and the bill of rights. No photos allowed inside which makes it a great place to watch and learn instead of groups of selfie-and-forget visitors.

Tyshawn Jenkins: This was dope. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the AC was a perfect temp. The bill of rights, Declaration of Independence, and constitution are all located in one location.

Josh Pence: A very fun and humbling visit. Seeing the documents was incredible, but I also enjoyed the archives as well. Definitely a must see! No pictures allowed at all while visiting inside. Note: You do need tickets and will need to book tickets and a time in advance. Tickets are only$1. When you enter, be prepared to go through security much like the airport. Bags through an x-ray, pockets completely empty and no metal, etc... Masks are required of course. For more of my reviews on restaurants and other places of interest, follow me on Google reviews

6. Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum - Washington

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600 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20560

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Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum: what do users think?

Cat Lady: This is a must see for everyone! This museum is huge! It encompasses this history of aviation in America and around the world. That particular day the museum was super crowded yet we were able to navigate it due to its size and organization of the exhibits. In regards to being accessible it was well laid out and accessible for my scooter. The bathrooms were also easy to navigate. My one complaint is that they have a scattered array of benches. In some areas there are more than enough and in others there are no where near enough for those that may need to take a break and sit down. My favorite exhibit was the one on the space ship. I also like how they have ramps all throughout the building to be able to see the air craft from all levels. Two other areas that could improve are the fact that they do not have any cafe or place to have lunch. You can get popcorn and soda if you are seeing one of the IMAX movies. You could literally spend all day here and it would be nice if there is a place where you could get a small lunch. Also, they had a private event going on and had an area blocked off where visitors should be able to see. We literally had to go around the entire building to get to the other side. They could鈥檝e made a path for visitors to get through without having to run a marathon to see everything. This really is a great place to visit and it鈥檚 pretty amazing that these exhibits are over flow from the other museum.

Brandy Hoegg (Brandy Hoegg): What a great museum in the city to enjoy. If you love history and space, you should definitely check out the museum. A lot of exhibits were closed, however there was still plenty to do including watching the Discovery launch, touching a piece of the moon, reading about what happens to your body when you go to space, seeing space toilets, and different countries astronaut gear. There is an interactive exhibit where you can choose to ride in a space ship and complete a VR( virtual reality) experience, fly your own craft or ride a roller coaster鈥 the prices for this ranged from $8.00 to $12.00 per person. Don鈥檛 forget to stop by the gift shop and get your very own space suit, hat or mission patches for your backpack!! No tickets are required, however we waited an hour and a half in line to get into the museum.

Maya: I love it here !!! This was me and my husband鈥檚 first time visiting and we enjoyed ourselves. This is definitely a museum to bring your family , kids would love it and it鈥檚 very educational. They have stimulation rides for adults and children . There will be new exhibits in 2022 and they鈥檙e renovating as well so definitely go visit now and in the future.

Nik Kei: Going through a renovation so many areas are closed off and displays have been removed. It鈥檚 Great to see the our proud history of space travel and it was intriguing but far from my favorite museum. Talk to the guides. They are a wealth of information and very interesting facts.

Anthony Steele: Always a good place to check out. The exhibits are good to check out and see firsthand. A few places were roped off when we went. But still had a good time visiting. One of the most convenient museums on the national mall in my opinion.

Ganindu Madhawa: Absolutely a wonderful place to go through the development and astonishing discoveries in the Aviation industry and space exploration. You literally can just walk through the meuseum in 3-4 hrs but it would definitely take an entire session of the day to go through it worthfully. There are enough and more informative leaflets and virtual experience inside the meuseum. I loved walking inside the space shuttle and Touching the moonstone fragments. 馃榿

7. O Street Museum - Washington

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2020 O St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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O Street Museum: what do users think?

Sam DiMeglio: O Street Museum was so interesting compared to the 鈥渦sual鈥 museum. It was very quirky and unique. Most of your time spent is admiring the abundance of goods (and everything is for sale) taking up this 4 story, 5 brownstone across building. There are something like 30 bedrooms for guests to stay scattered throughout that you can walk through (as long as guests aren鈥檛 there) and each has some kind of theme or style. And the best part is trying to find the 70+ (!!!) secret doors that only the two owners know all of the locations of! We found about 15-20. Great experience.

Kevin Chen: Parking could a hassle street parking or parking garage. Suggest to come on Sunday where street parking is free. Otherwise you are looking for 10+ for garage parking I book the secret door tour, about $28 per person This tour allow you to see the whole mansion which is connect by 5 townhouses. The experience was cool, lots of UNIQUE rooms to see as you can see in pics. I was able to find about 7-10 doors, and you are having trouble just follow others you will find at least 5+ doors. You can also book a room at this place I think it is about 375+ per night but I would imagine the experience would be very unique. I was blown away how detailed and varies styles rooms are. If you are a fan of US culture and music you should check this place out. It only takes about 5 mins for check in which I love.

byron subero: Now this might flood your timeline.....timeliness...... O well, this historic museum/hotel is amazing. Everything there is for sale and over 90% has been donated. Rosa Parks even lived here for 10yrs!

Mo Warren: What a great place to get lost for an afternoon! There are so many rooms with so much to see in each one. And if you see something you like, everything from the furniture to the chandeliers is for sale. There are 70+ secret doors and passageways to find, and my family only found about 15 while we were there. There is plenty more to explore on the next visit!

Julie Wolf Kato: This place is amazing. We were here over three hours and are still finding things to look at. We found 10 secret rooms, including the one contained in this picture!

Kate Bellows: A little expensive to enter, but a cool experience within. Hidden doors are fun if you can find them鈥

Linda Obedzinski: This place is one of a kind! Everyone in our family had lots of fun looking at the memorabilia and searching for hidden doors. I highly recommend this eclectic place for a unique adventure.

8. National Building Museum - Washington

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401 F St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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National Building Museum: what do users think?

James Su: It is a great museum. Hoping one day it will have more building exhibitions or photo of building exhibitions. This museum building is former passion building. It was built in 1887 and the designed by Montgomery C. Meigs. He was one of the hero of the Civil war hero. This building became to the museum was in 1997. Furthermore, it is good for bring kids to visit. It can help children to learn a lot of knowledge. The tickets are in the first floor near the door of G St. If student will have student discount.

Paul A: A large museum with different subsections. Some sections are on areas not directly related to building hence a bit diverse coalition. A ton of informative photos and video displays at the museum. Could not explore all areas but enjoyed the sections I visited.

R Lin: The name sounds funny, almost like it was a mistake or something, but the National Building Museum is pretty neat. It鈥檚 contents are exactly how it鈥檚 named- there are tons of exhibits on architecture, building projects around the world and the vision behind them, as well as photography for architecture. I had never been here before (and I鈥檝e been to DC a few times and hit up lots of museums), and I鈥檓 glad I went. I would say overall it was a cool experience- there really is a lot to learn and it鈥檚 a topical museum that isn鈥檛 near as popular or talked about. But here鈥檚 my advice: if you haven鈥檛 been to DC and still need to see the 鈥渂ig鈥 museums, don鈥檛 go to this one until you鈥檝e been to the others. I just don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 worth it, plus you do have to pay admission for this one. Honestly, just walking in to see how darn cool the lobby is is plenty. Cuz seriously, it鈥檚 stunning and mesmerizing and with all due respect was the coolest part of the museum to me. However, if you鈥檙e like me and have been to the other museums, then give this one a try!

Dan B: Take the 1:30pm tour. Good exhibits. Beautiful terracotta outside. Magnificent Corinthian arches inside.

Karthik Suresh: Great big brick building that was the pensions office. There are several exhibits related to buildings and architecture. They even had a AR (augmented reality) Notre Dame exhibit where users use a table to navigate through the history of the building to its restoration post fire.

INSIDE LOOK MEDIA (INSIDELOOKTVMAG): The historic building is a great setting for an special affair. The building is located close the Verizon Center and has plenty of parking around the building as well as various restaurants and bars close to it. Many celebrities and politicians have been inside the building so we consider it an iconic part of DC. the National Building Museum hosts exhibitions, educational programs, and special events. They welcome visitors of all ages to experience stories about the building world and its power to shape our lives and communities. The Museum resides in the historic Pension Building, which contains one of the most awe-inspiring spaces in the nation鈥檚 capital

Edward Garnett: Great spot to get out of the cold. Membership worth it versus entry and exhibition tickets as it鈥檚 one of the few non-free museums in DC. Kids play area with blocks is on 2nd floor.

9. National Geographic Museum - Washington

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1145 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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National Geographic Museum: what do users think?

Ryan Rieboldt: If I could give this 6 stars (or more) I would. Walking through and looking at pictures along with a synopsis/story behind the photo from the photographer is simply amazing. The 鈥淥nce Upon A Climb鈥 exhibit is also a must see! The story behind our quest as a human race to conquer Everest is wild. DC residents are doing themselves a disservice if they haven鈥檛 been to the National Geographic Museum at least once, and this museum should be a staple for any DC visitor.

Sonny Subido: There were two exhibits this visit. The first pertains to wildlife photography. The second exhibit was about reaching the summit of Mt. Everest. Both were exceptional. Purchasing tickets for one exhibit allows visitation to both. A win-win for all visitors 馃檪

sam camp: Excellent display on King Tut. Gift shop is one of the best with a wide variety and good prices.

Greg Goomrigian: Wonderful exhibits that as I understand change every fee months. Fantastic gift shop filled with books and Nat Geo gear. Would definitely recommend when in DC. The artifacts are amazing and displayed along with narratives that explain in detail not only what they represent, but who used and why. There are additional displays and a terrific movie adjacent to the pay portion of the site with additional artifacts and items on display.

Andrew M.: Amazing experience! Highly recommend it if you want to learn some history. Convenient location. Great for the entire family. 10/10, would recommend!

G Oulee: Came for the King Tut exhibit, amazing digital storytelling at the end!

10. Museum of the Bible - Washington

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400 4th St SW, Washington, DC 20024

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Museum of the Bible: what do users think?

M Lopez: Had been looking forward to visiting the Museum of the Bible for quite some time and finally got to. Purchased discounted tickets through Groupon which was a great, after walking in, I went to the front desk, presented the vouchers and was able to go in fast, we made sure to be there as soon as it opened. The museum is very interesting, they have so much information, so you will need more than a couple hours to go through it well. Loved the village and the Old and New Testament shows. They have a nice little playground for the kiddos. Their restaurant, Manna, was really good as well, just beware that they get very busy so make sure to get there early before the lunch rush. Look forward to visiting again soon!

Bradley P: What an amazing museum! It is so modern and well put together. They make great use of tech technology in their exhibits. I enjoyed the ride where it flies you around DC and uncovers hidden Bible messages. So cool!! Can鈥檛 wait to go back!!

Paul LaVigne: Wow! The museum of the Bible absolutely astounded me by its physical size, scope of exhibits, and the amazing amount of artifacts and modern day technology employed in its exhibits. There are six floors to this place. There is a very extensive exhibit with actual biblical artifacts/bibles stretching all the way back to 1,000 AD! Another exhibit includes a re-creation of a typical home and surrounding neighborhood in ancient Jerusalem. Another exhibit is packed with modern interactive technology that shows how the Bible has influenced life around the world we live in. I could go on and tell more but instead I wholeheartedly recommend you make this a destination place to visit when in Washington DC.

Pavel Kotyza: This is one of the newest museums in DC and I can assure you it is one of the most interesting ones. From the history to the modern days you can see how the Book of the Books influenced the generations. I really liked this museum even as a non religious. Great items to see and learn. Thank you for opportunity to learn more about this worldwide recognised book.

David: This place is amazing. Much better than I expected. I found it uplifting, educational and entertaining. Appropriate for all ages. We also went on the Washington Revelations ride on the 2nd level. We spent two hours there and barely scratched the surface. Highly recommend giving yourself plenty of time or better yet, split it up into a couple days if you can.

Roy Simmons: Excellent place to visit. Lots of beautiful artifacts and very friendly staff. You could easily spend hours in here as you visit the various displays. A lot of history that the average person may not be aware of. A definite recommend if you are visiting Washington D.C.

11. National Museum of the American Indian - Washington

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4th St SW, Washington, DC 20560

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National Museum of the American Indian: what do users think?

Cat Lady: The museum and its contents were well worth seeing. There are four floors of exhibits, a cafe (see my other review), a gift shop, and various education rooms. The accessibility leaves a bit to be desired. First, although there are some benches throughout the museum, there are not enough! I can鈥檛 say this enough, for anyone who has limited mobility, we need benches to be able to enjoy the exhibits. Also, the website does say there are complimentary wheelchairs on the first come first serve basis. I finally broke down and bought a scooter so I did not need that, but this museum is very large and if you struggle with mobility you will need it. That being said, the museum is so large it easily accommodated my scooter. I had no problem getting around and I was able to easily see the exhibits. The gift shop was ok. There was a lot of jewelry in it and a good selection of gifts. I thought it was very pricey and there was not a great selection of books. Finally, be prepared there is no parking at the museum. We lucked out and found street parking right out front. Also, when you enter you will need to go through a metal detector and they will search your bags. I have metal implants in my back so they had to use the wand to check me. They were all very nice. This museum is worth the trip!

Credible Critic: A very large museum, telling stories about the the indigenous people of North America. Its four floors with the open atrium at the center provides a grandeur for the museum, matching the beauty of the building from the outside. The exhibits tell the stories of many lives in the tribes, and what is the meaning of being Indians over many years in America.

Alexander Johnston: Great exhibits about the history and culture of the Indigenous peoples of North America, with a primary focus on their history from the 1600s to present day. Gift shop has plenty of accessories, clothing, literature and cultural items for purchase. Went on a Sunday, afternoon; not too crowded.

Amy Tucker: We thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this museum. Immediately when we walked in we were welcomed by a person at the information counter. He told us all about the exciting special exhibit we were going to get to view and where to look out for special details throughout. Around every corner was another fascinating, breath taking, confounding display. Do not miss this museum if you make it to DC. See our video of the museum on YouTube LINKINBIO

Vivian Pitts: A must see! Fun for children of all ages. Elevators available, so it was handicap accessible. We saw art and heard stories from various tribes. We went as a group and the kids loved it!

TimYeh: A must visit place! It is extremely sad to learn about the Act of Removal, trails of Tears and many other injustices that happened to the Americans!! At the end it teaches us a lot..!! The gift shop is full of art and wisdom..bought a book!! We have to learn so much from them! Disney has to be mindful of the words "savages" I found it very offensive while watching Pocahontas

12. Smithsonian National Museum of American History - Washington

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1300 Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20560

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Smithsonian National Museum of American History: what do users think?

Frenite: Incredible museum that features nearly all facets that encompasses American history. There is so much to see and explore that you can鈥檛 even do it all in a single day. This museum includes the history of mechanical devises, food culture, transportation history, pop culture, presidential history, and so much more. This museum really has it all. Since it is owned by the Smithsonian, admission is at no charge! It is very clean, accessible, well maintained, and certainly informative and educational for people of all ages. This is a museum that everyone should experience in their lifetime and I would fully recommend going here.

Paul: This is great museum to visit with the family. The layout is great to appreciate all facets of American culture. Highly recommended!! There鈥檚 also an area for kids to explore and learn. In addition, they have a cafeteria so you don鈥檛 need to leave far for food. A lot of seating as well to sit down and rest. Must visit.

Ben Matthews: This place should be called The Museum of American Everything. A super eclectic collection of what makes America special - from the Star Spangled Banner, to Judy Garland鈥檚 ruby red slippers. Be aware that many exhibitions are currently closed for renovation - so if you鈥檙e going for anything in particular, do check their website first. Unexpected highlights for me were the transportation exhibits, as well as the Presidential and First Lady sections.

Luke Chang: Free museum. Lots of interesting history, baseball, war, food, ruby red slippers, currency, etc. If you love history, you鈥檒l be here at least half the day. I enjoyed this museum quite a bit. Second time visiting, first time was 10+ years ago. 3 floors of history. Easy access from the metro. Short walk to museum from metro.

MILKOS D SOSA: This is one of my favorite places in Washington DC. If you are an American and have not visited this museum, you have a debt to cover. If you are a visitor in the US and have not visit this museum, you will lose the opportunity to see almost the entire history of this Nation in a single building. The museum is very attractive and dynamic because the rooms show history through the different elements that make up the country. You can see the history of the US through politics, culture, transportation, numismatics, technology, wars, houses, etc. There are three floors full of information about how our nation was founded and how it has developed and grown. My favorite rooms are the Transportation room, the Presidents room and the First Ladies room. I think that the most important and solemn place in the museum is the Start Spangler Banner Room. The flag that inspired the National Anthem is preserved there. It is a unique space that will make you feel great emotion and pride. Without a doubt, this museum is a place that you cannot exclude from your list if you visit DC.

13. Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum - Washington

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1661 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20006

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Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum: what do users think?

Kersten Chisti Dryden: We went to see the Burning Man exhibit. Beautiful gallery, with lots of different rooms. We easily spent 3 hours in here, there was so much to take in, on all sensory levels. Lots of interactive art, including a VR experience, and a carved wooden chapel with little pieces of wood that you can write to loved ones who have passed, and add to the exhibit. Very well produced, all together.

Pakeezha: This is one of my favorite museums. It鈥檚 easy to get there and pretty small and they change their exhibitions in every few months which makes you want to go and visit more often. It鈥檚 always fascinating seeing the new designs. it can get crowded at peak times but they control the amount of people that can enter which is very nice.

Miss Guided: I visited the burning man experience. My niece and I wanted to be the simulator experience. The nasty worker said was very rude and nasty. Other than that the exhibit was amazing. I cannot take people鈥檚 action in account for how wonderful the museum is. Definitely a must see!!! It wasn鈥檛 too crowded on the Monday we went which was Labor Day. It was difficult to get some good picture of the mushrooms because of the crowds but still enjoyable. The exhibit is very tranquil and nice.

Ashton Menefee: Really cool museum to hit when in DC, awesome rotating exhibits. We saw the Burning Man, Dustin Farnsworth, and Crime Scene Diorama exhibits on a few visits. It鈥檚 an easy walk from anywhere in DC, close to the White House, and worth a stop if you want to see something different.

K A: I visited the Renwick Gallery with my family last fall and i was impressed with all the beautiful and extraordinary exhibits.The David鈥檚 best temple caught my gaze with its glow and I also love the disrupting Craft. A great museum rich in history and packed with lots of exceptional crafts. It鈥檚 a must see if you are visiting DC. I highly recommend to all tourists, locals, craft and art lovers.

H J: The burning man exhibition was on when we attended and it was a really good one. The space within the museum was used really well and the exhibits combined interactive, traditional and contemporary style pieces that appealed to the whole family. Definitely worth a visit once you are done with the White House! Recommended

14. Smithsonian American Art Museum - Washington

路 2588 reviews

G Street NW, 8th St NW, Washington, DC 20004

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Smithsonian American Art Museum: what do users think?

Theresann Pyrett: An amazing visit! You can swing in and just check out the Presidents or you can make it a longer visit and view all of the other exhibits available. I included photos of our favorites, but a definite must see in DC!

Hind KH: It is GREAT. Be prepared to spend at least 4 hours so you can take a look at all sections. It is really big and has a lot of galleries.

John St. Pierre: You can get lost in this place and spend an entire day in the midst of beautiful artwork, including paintings and sculptures. The museum is also attached to the National Portrait Gallery, and you can walk seamlessly between them. Nearly all of the art can be walked right up to and viewed up close and there is plenty of seating everywhere for sitting and appreciating the artwork around you. Probably not the best for small children, but highly recommended for anyone who appreciates fine art.

Matthew Hsu: Good place to visit to see a broad collection of art from colonial to contemporary times.If you are driving to this museum, I would recommend parking at the City Center parking garage as this garage opens 24 hours

Kathie Olson: Hadn鈥檛 been to this Smithsonian museum yet, and had just an hour to walk through. It was lovely鈥. I especially loved the folk art and Americana galleries.

15. African American Civil War Museum - Washington

路 652 reviews

1925 Vermont Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

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African American Civil War Museum: what do users think?

Ellis Jackson: The amount (209K+) of names of the soldiers listed was mind blowing!

Michael Richardson: I felt a since of pride and self worth when I visited this museum because there are not MANY museums honoring our history! The staff there made me feel like I belonged to a great culture.

Afolabi: A MUST SEE IF ON A TRIP TO DC! I decided to go on a weekday to avoid the crowd. I recommend booking a scheduled time on their website first to bypass the entry queue. From the accurate timeline of history (early days of slave trade to modern slavery) to the well articulated story鈥檚 and narratives, you will leave this museum with a sense of soberness, humility and joy as to how far we have come as humans. The 2 hours we spent taking in all the history definitely wasn鈥檛 enough. If you really want to get a full experience, I recommend dedicating a full day to the museum!

Tim Wright: Text heavy exhibitions, but boy is it all needed and important information. The museum tells a comprehensive story of the black soldier via the black experience at large, including time periods well before and after the Civil War. Staff is A++++. One of the few museums that offer equally compelling experiences for visitors AND DC residents alike.

Robin Taylor: I truly enjoyed visiting the African American Civil War Museum and received a very informative history lesson from the Director before I wandered around! There was also an event going on but I was still able to get some great pics!! Will definitely be going back so I can see more!! Great place to visit!! So much HISTORY!!

Anita Randolph: I came here on a school field trip. The actors playing soldiers are great and good with children. They give an interactive lesson on what life was like for the African American Soldiers. Provided scavenger hunt for the children, then leads them to outdoor memorial ( better to visit when it鈥檚 warm out) Overall great experience.

Kevin Badon: I arrived in the midst of the museums relocation and was given a personal tour around the exhibits that were still available. Very informative and am excited to visit at the new and expanded location.

Cassandra Williams: If you have time stop and listen to the history of Africans Americians who lost their lives during the war. Glad our tour guide stopped here!

16. U.S. Navy Museum - Washington

路 327 reviews

736 Sicard St SE, Washington, DC 20374

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U.S. Navy Museum: what do users think?

Ari Rang: I am interested in military history and especially Korean war. While visiting DC, we found this Navy Museum. It is not the easiest museum to get in because it is located in Navy yard. First you need to register at welcome center so you need passport with you or ID is ok if you are US citizen. Children do not need ID if with a parent. There were many workers going thru same background check process so be prepared to wait 30 to 60 minutes. People at the office were nice and waiting room has A/C. Museum is in two buildings. Main building has mostly WW2 history. Second building has nice stuff from Korean war and also a little from Vietnam. We found cold war exhibition pretty interesting. Gentleman at the main building was very helpful assisting us. There were no other tourists at that time so it sure was exclusive visit.

Adrian Nagle: What a gem! We made a point to visit here while in D.C. My daughter is a huge fan of World War II Naval history and this was the place to be for her. Much of the museum is dedicated to World War II. Many gun turrets are displayed (manufactured in the museum building?). There are displays for many aspects of the Navy in World War II including Midway, Coral Sea, Japanese artifacts, ship navigation, and large detailed models of various World Ware II ships. I learned many little insights at these displays. There is also early Navy history at the front of the museum. The fight top from USS Constitution, an example of USS Constitution gun deck and construction display are very interesting and educational. My only complaints are some artifacts could have more detail (some did have QR code to learn more!), and the models inside glass cases were difficult to see due to reflects from light sources and nearby museum artifacts. We were the only ones in attendance. It takes effort to register and access the Navy base to get to the museum. I recommend filling out paperwork from website ahead of time. If you are interested in Navy history, I highly recommend this location!

Jeff H: Tons of great information and exhibits and was not very busy. Only downside is the process of getting a day pass to get on the base.

Beatriz Benjamim: A little bit tricky to get into the museum, you have to go all the way around the fence and search for the only available entrance. The staff is very nice and helpful. The shop closes at 2:30 p.m. so if you want to buy a souvenir, make sure you get there earlier. It is very detailed and has a lot of mini ships and boats. Make sure you also go to the submarine museum which is right next to it! Enjoy =)

Barry Yen: Good and nice small museum

Robert Springer: This past Pearl Harbor Day (Dec. 7) I paid a visit to the National Museum of the US Navy at the Navy Shipyard in Washington DC. Built in 1799, the Shipyard is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and as a National Historic Landmark, and it is the oldest shore establishment in the US Navy. Being an active military installation, home to the Chief of Naval Operations and several other commands. You will need your identification and will have to pass a security screening to visit the museum. By DC standards it is a small but very interesting museum.

Jooma1572: Great Museums. Beginning of the Navy up to WWII in one building, Modern age in the other. Great models of lots of different ships and planes. Loved the informative displays and the staff was very friendly.

17. National Museum of Asian Art - Washington

路 975 reviews

1050 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20560

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National Museum of Asian Art: what do users think?

Credible Critic: Another beautiful museum from the Smithsonian line-up. One of our favorite. Its permanent exhibit covers many regions of the continent. Its roving exhibits are excellent with deep contents and elaborated theme. In our visit this time, we got to see the Zen exhibit and one of the complete Buddhist temple outside Tibet. Beautiful garden, nice ground. Great staff. Beautiful gift shop. One of a must visit museum in DC.

Oriane Boudinot: I love this museum! It is one of my favorites. Very simple museum with square floorplan, and the main exhibits are on the main floor. Gift shop, other areas in basement. Art focuses on different areas of Asia including Syria, Iran, India, Cambodia, China and Japan. The Peacock room is a very unique room to sit in. I love the two guardians at the end of each hall.

ThePinkfreak805: A really cool museum with some great displays. The peacock room is jaw dropping. Seriously soooo beautiful. The museum is divided into sections based on regions and its awesome to see the diversity. It never seems to be crowded here. I鈥檇 really recommend checking it out

Ari Rang: Smithsonian Asian Art Museum is not that famous and not that crowded either. I lived many years in Far East and very surprised to see these excellent collections from Korea and Japan. Besides art there is a lot about history. There was also small exhibition of Korean temple architecture.

Amir .A: Incredible collection of Pre-Islamic Persia (Iran) 馃槏. There is also an exhibition on Safavid when you walk in, not sure if it will be permanent. Stunning. Definitely check the books at the gift store鈥 poetry of Hafez & Rumi, most iconic poems on the topic of Love.

18. Naval Heritage Center - Washington

路 125 reviews

701 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004

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Naval Heritage Center: what do users think?

S A: My great Uncle was in the Navy during WWII and the museum and water fountain is a beautiful tribute to all who served off our shores. There are many places around the fountain to relax, read, have a snack, or people watch.

big guy12: Teaches you a lot about naval history. Great place to go to on a trip to D.C.

Shawn Bilak: Great place to visit. I particularly liked the library. Great historical books in there.

James RV007: Amazing walk thru US Navy & USMC history. Nice gift shop as well. Worth walking in!

Matthew McGrath: Full of history and stories from the men and women who served. Honored to be an American

19. Smithsonian's National Postal Museum - Washington

路 2101 reviews

2 Massachusetts Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Smithsonian's National Postal Museum: what do users think?

James Su: This is one of a nice museum in DC. Here you can learn the history of the postal service. Moreover, you can see the world of different kinds of mailboxes. This building was a local post office in DC built-in 1914 and became a museum in 1993. In this museum, you can also see many former transportation tools, such as the Plane, train, old school post car, and brougham. Enter this museum is free for everyone. You can learn a lot of knowledge from it.

Emily Smith: I don鈥檛 usually write reviews of Smithsonians because they鈥檙e generally very nice. However, this one warrants a review because it is AMAZING. This is an absolute must see if you鈥檙e visiting DC. This museum is engaging, unique, and so informative with displays for both adults and children to enjoy. Definitely check this museum out, it needs so much more attention!!

Scot Sample: It wasn鈥檛 a super big museum, but the stuff they had was super interesting. Halfway through one of the workers stopped us and said hey make sure your taking photos, have fun! Was really glad he told me that because I was wondering what all I could take photos of. The museum is kindia off the beaten path so it wasn鈥檛 very busy at all. For being our 3rd time going to DC it was something nice to see that we hadn鈥檛 seen before.

Tyler Harris: Very good museum right outside of Union Station. One of the smaller Smithsonian museum but not diminutive. Outstanding displays on various post office topics. The exhibit on stamps and mail forensics were our favorite. One thing all of the Smithsonian do is have a wide range of displays that are good for old and young.

Ruth Bonacci: My husband and I made a quick stop. This museum is across the street from Union Station. The staff is very friendly and eager to share information about stamps. I wished we had more time. It is a worthwhile stop. I especially enjoyed seeing the names and pictures of famous people who collected stamps.

Deepak Jain: Wonderfully done like most Smithsonians, the Postal Museum takes non stamp fanatics and creates interest. Brought my 5 & 7 year olds and they got into all of the tactile exhibits. Crowd pleaser is the 18 wheeler semi the kids can sit in and pretend to drive.

20. National Museum of Women in the Arts - Washington

路 1209 reviews

1250 New York Ave NW, Washington, DC 20005

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National Museum of Women in the Arts: what do users think?

G M: Really nice museum. The architecture was amazing with the marble staircases and all. The art work was also nice. The photographs were really cool. Especially the one of Lucille Ball.

Syerra Carigo: Beautiful museum! I鈥檝e been here once before and was a little disappointed in the lack of art from women of color but I must say that has changed tremendously. I visited 2 weeks ago with my cousin and we were both happy to see new exhibits by female artist of color. They have a great collection of work right now that everyone can enjoy. The art work is beautiful, meaningful and touching all at the same time. It isn鈥檛 free and the tickets sell out fast, so I would definitely recommend buying a ticket before you go. They do have Covid safety precautions in place, so you have to stay 6 ft. apart and wear a mask.

Hilda Kroll: The NMWA opened in 1987 as the only museum in the world dedicated to women artists. The permanent collection features artists like Lavinia Fontana, the first successful professional European artist, to Amy Sharald, now famous for painting the beloved portrait of Michelle Obama. Special exhibits over the years have included a Danish art colony, quilts, Australian Aboriginal paintings, pottery by Maria Martinez, Rodante fashion and massive cedar sculptures. The museum is temporarily closed now for major renovations.

Liat Suvorov: This museum is exceptional! The exhibitions are beautiful and thought provoking. The visit was inspiring and exhilarating. To have this as my first cultural experience after the year we all had (the year of covid-19) was the perfect way to get back to life!

Katy Ferry: What a wonderful museum with so many amazing pieces in it! It had everything from oil paintings, to sculptures, to fiber art. The staff was helpful and friendly. Definitely check it out!

Sharon: great museum, the architecture is phenomenal and everybody was super friendly. tickets are very affordable鈥 i didn鈥檛 have time to check out the gift shop but i definitely recommend coming here!

Daniel Sweeney: We hosted our wedding reception here and It was absolutely gorgeous! The marble was cleaned and looked great with our setup. The facility was well maintained, and security was helpful. We could not think of a better place to have had our special night. The acoustics were even better than we would have thought. Plenty of space to dance as well! Additionally, it is a Unique quiet Museum in DC. Some very interesting art work, all done by women through history.

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