Best Fibromyalgia Specialists In Washington Near Me

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1. The Washington Pain Center: John Dombrowski, M.D. - Washington

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The Washington Pain Center: John Dombrowski, M.D.
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Address: 3301 New Mexico Ave NW #346, Washington, DC 20016

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 883-8001

Business type: Pain management physician

The Washington Pain Center: John Dombrowski, M.D.: what do users think?
Timothy Tubbs
Timothy Tubbs: The office staff is first rate. They are friendly, efficient, and prompt to get you in to see the Doctor. Each visit, the wait time was less than 5 minutes. Dr. Dombrowski is the absolute best. He showed genuine concern with my pain and explained the steps to treat me with great detail. Best of all, I felt like an old friend rather than another patient. This office comes highly recommended! Thank you, Washington Pain Center. Tim :)
Jason Baum
Jason Baum: I sincerely believe Dr.Dubrowski has saved my life. He has done what previous doctors could not or would not do, minimize the debilitating, chronic pain that’s dominated my journey for almost three years. Not mention providing a pathway to ending my opioid dependency that my previous doctor was happy to make money off on a monthly basis. What’s equally gratifying is the remarkable staff who have the same commitment to patients as the doctor. The entire office is imbued with a “let’s solve this” attitude instead of “someone will call you back.” All in all, I feel lucky to have found this practice and recommend them without hesitation.
tim junkin
tim junkin: Dr Dombrowski was awesome for me today. He was patient, addressed all my concerns, provided relieving treatment and a path forward toward better health. Very appreciative.
Response: Thank you so much for the kind words. The office and I always appreciate feedback. We are so happy that you're on the road to recovery.
Zakee McGill
Zakee McGill: Dr D is quick & clever at distracting you while administering the treatment. Never have to wait very long to be seen. If you don’t get relief he is willing to try different methods. His office staff are very pleasant.
Response: Thanks for the kind words. I app your words, especial as a fellow physician.
Donny: Dr Dombrowski, and everyone in this office is consistently friendly, helpful, and compassionate. It’s always a pleasure visiting them, despite the difficulties most of their patients are enduring.
Elaine Murray
Elaine Murray: Dr. Dombrowski is a very patient, knowledgeable doctor. He really puts you at ease. I highly recommend him!!!!!!
Response: Thank you so much for the kind words. The office staff and I always appreciate how patients honestly feel.
Kevin Delijani
Kevin Delijani: Amazing doctor! helped handle my lower back pain quickly and was extremely friendly. Highly recommend!
Keith Wade
Keith Wade: We love Dr. Dombrosky! He is so open, friendly and thoroughly professional. He puts my husband at ease during a very stressful time for him. Relief from pain is imminent. His staff is proficient and friendly also. Highly recommend.

2. Joseph P. Laukaitis, M.D - Washington

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Joseph P. Laukaitis, M.D
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Address: 3 Washington Cir NW, Washington, DC 20037

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 878-6977

Business type: Rheumatologist

3. District Center for Integrative Medicine - Washington

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41 reviews
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District Center for Integrative Medicine
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Address: 1915 I St NW 7th floor, Washington, DC 20006

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 251-7541

Business type: Doctor

District Center for Integrative Medicine: what do users think?
Julie Mathew
Julie Mathew: Dr. Ranpuria was wonderful, listened to all my health concerns, and was thorough about discussing every single concern that I had. She is going to do a thorough workup on me and gave me a good plan to follow to improve my health, and I am looking forward to feeling better!
Response: Thank you for your kind review! Our doctors know to listen to their patients. We don't rush, and we don't minimize. If it's important to you, it's important to us.
Yimer Amare
Yimer Amare: I cannot thank Dr. Ranpuria enough for the exceptional level of care provided to me during my visit on February and April 2022. Dr. Ranpria spent almost 2 hours to go through the diagnosis to find the root course of my GI issue. Dr. Ranpria is very patient and a good listener. No words are enough to appreciate the service Dr. Ranpria provides me.As a doctor, Dr. Ranpuria gone above and beyond everything, I ever would have expected. The world would have been a much better place if all of the doctors were like Dr. Ranpuria. Thank you so much for everything that you have done.
Response: Thank you for your amazing words! We put the doctor-patient relationship at the top of our priorities, and studies show that patients who feel connected to their doctor have better outcomes. From our 90 minute initial appointments to our individually tailored plans, we want the the patient know we are deeply invested in their health journey.
Jason Johns
Jason Johns: I am soo greatful to have found Dr. Dsouza! After college, I found myself on multiple prescription drugs, stressed out and overall in a state of imbalance. I have since completely turned my health around with her help and guidance. I enjoy our sessions where I get to ask every question I have come up with since our last appointment. I always leave feeling like I have recieved more than sufficient information to further optimize my health. If you want a partner in your wellness journey that will be an incredible resource with a fabulous personality then look no further than Dr. Dsouza at DCIM!
Response: Thank you for taking the time to share your experience! Many individuals come to us because they feel overwhelmed by a health care system with multiple specialists, each treating their own set of symptoms, and rarely coordinating care beyond (hopefully!) de-conflicting prescriptions. We look at our patients holistically. We take time to ask questions that go back through their entire lives (and even before!). Most of all, we want to get at the root cause of the disease, not just the symptoms. We are honored to be "partners" in our patient's health journey.
Brittany Makufka
Brittany Makufka: Dr. Ranpuria is wonderful- she listens so thoroughly, addressed all of my concerns at each visit I’ve had, and was able to fit me in on short notice when I had some new symptoms come up. We came up with a plan together that I feel confident in and I am so thankful to have her expertise, listening ear, and guidance!
Response: Thank you for your kind review! Our entire approach centers on reinventing the doctor-patient relationship so that the doctor can become the patient's mindful partner in her healing journey.
Ellen Cronin
Ellen Cronin: Restful waiting room setting. Dr Ranpuria is very thorough and an excellent listener. I am deeply grateful to be working with her. 6 weeks later: Dr Ranpuria and I met yesterday to review results of medical tests that were done, and set next Steps. I deeply appreciate that she is an excellent listener, is open- minded (able to take into account unique experiences) and that we have quickly established a good working relationship. I had my third appointment with Dr Ranpuria yesterday, 8 weeks after above appointment.I left feeling full of gratitude for our working relationship, her listening and following up on skin rash as no other M.D. did in over 5 years, her breadth of knowledge, her expertise with thyroid disease, her openness to my input, to mention several. June 7, 2022 I went to Dr Ranpuria several years ago for low thyroid, a precursor immune system cancer and life long irritable bowel. 18 weeks ago I fractured my femur and had 2 surgeries; Dr Ranpuria’s guidance has been a major contribution to my recovery.
Response: Thank you for such a kind and thorough review! All of us at DCIM are "in it for the patients." We are so gratified and honored to be a part of their health journey, and we love to celebrate their wins with them. Our approach purposefully creates a physical *and* temporal space to "hear" our patients. Our first appointment, for example, is 90 minutes long because we know that every patient has a unique history...medical, emotional, and environmental.
Ilana Hulsey Rea
Ilana Hulsey Rea: My first appointment with Dr. Ranpuria was the empowering experience I was looking for. It is very important for me to work with health care practitioners who are collaborators in helping me achieve better health. I was particularly keen to find a doctor with an understanding of Ayurveda and nutrition to help support my at-home practice. Dr. Ranpuria was very compassionate with my initial anxiety that has developed from other experiences. She spent considerable time listening to my health history and then presented me with a course of action that we will follow in order to seek out and resolve the_ source(s)_ of my issues versus just calming the symptoms. That is my definition of healing. I left my appointment feeling more uplifted and hopeful than I have in years!

4. Arthritis and Rheumatology Clinical Center of Northern Virginia - Fairfax County

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Arthritis and Rheumatology Clinical Center of Northern Virginia
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Address: 8130 Boone Blvd STE 340, Vienna, VA 22182

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Thu

Telephone: (703) 734-2222

Business type: Rheumatologist

Arthritis and Rheumatology Clinical Center of Northern Virginia: what do users think?
Maria & Luis Benitez
Maria & Luis Benitez: Going into a doctors office, no matter how busy it may be, you want to feel like the top priority. The main focus of the task at hand. This is something I truly felt from each staff member from the moment I walk in each and every visit. I am quickly greeted and checked in. All staff members are very welcoming, friendly, and supportive. Despite the duration between appointments for me personally, they could be up to six months from one to the next. Dr. Tehrani is able to recall everything from that last appointment, the results from any labs or examinations done prior to my current visit, and already have an action plan to present my way. I am able to ask questions freely without feeling judged or discouraged. Being that I I am approximately one year into my new diagnosis, I have felt less fear and anxiety as a result of the phenomenal care, encouragement, and recommendations from my care team. Dr Tehrani and staff has made my Lupus journey less fearful and has made my symptoms more manageable. I truly recommend Dr. Tehrani he care UBB seeking because not only will you get copper medical attention Bethey compassion and empathy that comes along with it makes a world of a difference. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, MariaSonia Monastiriotis
Simran Kumar
Simran Kumar: Treat patients like numbers and do not care about them at all UPDATE: was seen again and admitted 20 minutes after the appointment start time. NP rushed the appointment and diagnosed me with a chronic disease without explaining what it is, what it does to the body, or future steps besides prescribing a medicine. How is that okay?? NP was rushed so manager could speak to me instead about the review and asked me to take it down since they “showed extra care” to me. I did not see that at all and she had no explanation or sincerity for anything besides the fact that a bad review is not good for the company. Once again, proving the group cares about numbers and not actual patients. Some staff is nice and helpful, but management and doctors should not be this immature- it is not okay to mess with someone’s health over a bad review.
B Lewis
B Lewis: Easy check in with friendly staff. Wait time is minimal. Dr. Tehrani and PA very thorough in updating your history and assessing your condition. Dr. Tehrani readily answers any concerns. I’m glad I found her and this practice.
Sheela Venkatesan
Sheela Venkatesan: Dr.Tehrani is simply the best rheumatologist I have seen!! She is so wonderful, has a great bedside manner and took the time to understand my needs and has provided me with the best care. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a rheumatologist, she is simply the best!!!!
Camelia Darroodi
Camelia Darroodi: Dr. Tehrani and her practice are truly exceptional. The level of care, attention to detail and expertise far surpassed my expectations. I’m so happy to have be under such great care and feel so safe. The front office is also effective and efficient. Finally feels good to have found an awesome practice.
Response: Thank you. We appreciate your feedback.
Gaby I
Gaby I: The front desk staff are really kind & on top of everything and all the folks who take your blood pressure at the beginning are really sweet too. The nurse practitioner i first saw didnt seem to listen sometimes but that wasnt the case when i went back and saw Dr Momeni, she was much more personable. Overall everyone’s really on top of their stuff and theyre all nice people.
Abi A
Abi A: Absolutely terrible. You’re nothing but a number to them. My mother had an appointment with Dr.Momeni and was only attended to for 5 minutes. She was having a flare up and couldn’t even walk. Yet she was just left alone in a room then told to leave . What kind of doctor does that? We were told to come in the next day at 8:30 am and weren’t attended to till 9 am. I followed her this time and the doctor barely said anything to my mother and gave her a cortisone shot. Prior to this mess, she referred my mother to a couple of specialists for a blood test and an X-Ray. Did she discuss the results with my mother ? No. We literally had to chase her down and ask. Honestly Dr. Momeni, you and your team need to do better. My mother spoke so well about you and your clinic as well. Beyond disappointed.
Response: The physicians and staff at Arthritis and rheumatology Clinical Center of NOVA take great pride in providing both courteous service and skilled expertise in treating patients. We are sorry that your expectations were not met. Your mother did not communicate with Dr. Momeni that she has knee pain and wants to have knee injection. Dr. Momeni had a family emergency that day and left after she saw your mother. She brought your mother back the next day for free knee injection after she learned that your mother wants to have knee injection. She went over all labs and imaging with your mother to make sure she understand why she has to see a specialist. We would encourage you to contact our office to speak to a manager regarding your concerns.
Samantha White
Samantha White: Dr. Tehrani was thorough and considered all of my concerns. She is friendly and easy to speak with. I did not feel rushed at all. I came to Dr. Tehrani to get a second opinion and I am glad that I did. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to confirm a diagnosis from elsewhere that seems off or was made too quickly.
Response: We are glad you are happy with our services

5. Rose Wellness Center - Oakton

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Rose Wellness Center
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Address: 2944 Hunter Mill Rd Suite 101, Oakton, VA 22124

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Thu

Telephone: (571) 529-6699

Business type: Holistic medicine practitioner

Rose Wellness Center: what do users think?
Anita Mills
Anita Mills: In just three visits to the center, I feel like they have already improved my quality of life. I like it that they provide all functional medicine services in one place. The practitioners at Rose Wellness patiently listened to my concerns and were very helpful. I look forward to continuing my journey for better health.
Alberta Hamilton
Alberta Hamilton: Insomnia has been an ongoing issue for me in varying intensity for as long as I can remember. I had tried over the counter medications with little to no success. I have also consulted with multiple doctors. I am thrilled to be able to write that the functional medicine approach employed at Rose Wellness is resulting in the most success I have experienced as of yet.
Dayana: Very Poor front desk service. I called and shared my mother’s health story and how she would like to be a patient at this wellness center. Danya told me she would call me the next day with an update. No reply. Each time i call i am told Danya is not available, and she will call me. No Call Back. I am disappointed in Rose Wellness Center because I called seeking help and care and have been left hanging for weeks. Breaks my heart.
Response: Dear Ms. Dayana, We appreciate your feedback. Here at Rose Wellness, we hold ourselves to high standards to provide the best customer service. We thank you for your patience and we are so glad we were able to address your concerns. In Good Health, Rose Wellness team (571)529-6699, option 3
Amanda Cooper
Amanda Cooper: I’ve been going to Rose Wellness for about a year now and have nothing but good things to say about them. The staff is very prompt in replying to my questions and concerns, and they’re very courteous and easy to work with. Being under Dr. Hirani’s care has been immensely helpful and eye opening for me. I’m still on the path to finding the root cause of my issues, but am confident that Rose Wellness and Dr. Hirani will continue to help me get there. I would suggest them to anyone looking for functional medicine and overall wellness.
Response: Dear Ms. Neely, Thank you for trusting us with your care. It is truly a pleasure working with you on your journey to optimal health and wellness.
Christine Daussy
Christine Daussy: I visited Rose Wellness Center earlier this year and was treated so well for all my health issues. When I first went to this facility, my skin was pale and my nails were brittle. My hair didn’t seem to have any life in it. Various other places couldn’t diagnose the problem but the wonderful team here did. They were able to correctly diagnose and remedy all my issues. I strongly suggest you visit this center for your health concerns.
Norton Thornbush
Norton Thornbush: After the industrial accident I was involved in, the financial compensation eventually came but the relief from and peace of mind that I so desperately wanted was harder to come by. Conventional medications and processes weren’t doing anything for me. Rose Wellness Center provided what I needed and so much more so I strongly suggest you seek this facility out.
Response: Hello Norton, Greatly appreciate your kind words. Best wishes and stay safe.

6. Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine - McLean

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49 reviews
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Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine
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Address: 6829 Elm St, McLean, VA 22101

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Thu

Telephone: (703) 532-4892

Business type: Family practice physician

Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine: what do users think?
Jamie Ritchie
Jamie Ritchie: My wife was met with compassionate care from the moment we stepped in the door. The administrative staff (Denita) is world class and willing to go out of the way to help in any way for patients. Harpreet is one of the most caring providers we’ve ever met. Her humble confidence and the way she passionately wants to see her patients get healthy is so encouraging. She is extremely knowledgeable and she is also an amazing listener, understanding exactly what her patient is going through so she can give the best medical care. After months of searching for answers, we are so glad to have found the Kaplan Center. We honestly would travel across the country if we had to, in order to receive their medical care. If you are suffering from long covid, look no further than the Kaplan Center.
Response: Dear Jamie, Thank you for taking the time to write this wonderful review of our Center and for entrusting us with your medical care. With my best regards for your optimal health, Dr. Gary Kaplan
tinder ooni
tinder ooni: They are a money making business first and medical practice second. There are people that do what Dr. Kaplan and company do better and care more about your health.
Matt V
Matt V: After years of suffering. Today after meeting Dr Kaplan and his team, I have hope to get better. I finally feel like I am under the right care I need.
Heather Nester
Heather Nester: I’m so grateful and fortunate to have access to the Kaplan center. I had health concerns that were ignored and dismissed by all my other providers. Not here, my concerns that were once treated as trivial were clues that Dr. Lilienfield and her team payed attention to and have the knowledge and tools to address. I am experiencing the best health outcomes now with their guidance.
Response: Dear Heather, Thank you for your kind review and for putting your trust in us!

7. Palmercare Chiropractic - Washington, DC - Washington

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278 reviews
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Palmercare Chiropractic - Washington, DC
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Address: 1140 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 950, Washington, DC 20036

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:45AM Thu

Telephone: (202) 828-8303

Business type: Chiropractor

Palmercare Chiropractic - Washington, DC: what do users think?
Paula Dyan
Paula Dyan: I was treated like royalty. The staff here is really nice & personable. You dont feel rushed. After reviewing my medical history, I was given a thorough exam. The experience was also educational. With charts & posters, Eric explained how specific vertebrae are effecting my body. I do wish I had spent more time practicing some of the exercises staff was teaching me. I will definitely return.
La Christian Taylor
La Christian Taylor: This was my first experience with chiropractic care. I am glad I did my research because Palmercare DC is thee best! I originally came in for lower back pain. I am pretty athletic and grew up playing sports so I am familiar to pain. However, this pain was unbearable. I went in for a consultation with Dr. Scott and basically cried my eyes out and told him I may need a new back. He calmed my nerves and I felt totally comfortable describing my pain. I took and x-ray and Dr. Scott explained what my issues were, created a plan and I began seeing him weekly. After my first visit, I felt so much better. I am about 4 weeks in of care with Dr. Scott and I feel like I have the back of a teenager. I will be coming to Palmercare even when my pain is all gone and will continue with maintenance. I am so grateful to Dr. Scott and the entire team at Palmercare! Thank you for your honesty and customer service!
Christine Tutor
Christine Tutor: My family and I were on a DC vacation when my hubby’s back started bugging him. He was in intense pain, and we had to cancel all of our tours. We see our regular chiropractor in Texas and was recommended a different chiropractor in Virginia by family members during the holidays. Unfortunately, his office was closed, so I did a Google search and chose Palmercare based on the reviews. Because of the holidays, most places were booked or closed, but Dr. Scott fit us in. We had two appointments at this place and both doctors (sorry, can’t recall the name of the second doctor) were EXCELLENT! They saved our vacation, and my hubby was able to get on the plane and have a comfortable flight home! With all the initial pain, my hubby was a bit of an a-hole, yet the front desk staff were very kind, patient, and understanding of him. They didn’t give him attitude despite his rudeness due to the pain, and I give them kudos for that (not sure I could have given the same good customer service to a blatantly rude customer!). If you want knowledgeable doctors and caring and compassionate staff, this is your place!
Response: Thank you for the kind words and wonderful review. We appreciate you sharing your experience with others. We are glad the treatment allowed you all to enjoy your time here in the district!
ANIKO Olah: I stumbled upon this office by accident but I am so glad I did! Dr. Eric is just wonderful, very knowledgeable, straightforward and very thorough. His energy is very contagious and you immediately have the feeling that he wants to help you get better! The office is very welcoming, great atmosphere (great music, too!) and the staff is super polite and helpful and a lot of fun! Love coming in here! Highly recommend!
Response: Thank you so much for the review. We are so grateful that you trust us with your health and we look forward to you reaching and exceeding all of your health goals!
Bo Hunter
Bo Hunter: Dr. Scott and his amazing staff Kayla, Bre, Janelle take such amazing care of me. The vibe is out of this world. Second to none with their services and hospitality. The music is amazing. Everyone at 1140 Palmercare is the best.
Jordan Stewart
Jordan Stewart: Dr. Eric and the entire staff are amazingly friendly, accommodating and also phenomenal at what they do! I was a first time, skeptical patient that came in on the 50$ special and left my first appointment feeling educated, inspired and ready to do the work necessary to allow my body to heal. As a current on going patient I feel continuously supported by the staff and and am always excited for my appointments. The office runs very efficiently and I rarely ever have to wait. It’s definitely worth the visit! Tell them Jordan sent you 😁
Nicholas Polydefkis
Nicholas Polydefkis: I had the pleasure of working with Drs. Scott, Eric and Ashley, not only were they extremely attentive to my care but they followed up with great care outside of the office with lifestyle adjustments. One of the best parts of this office is the extremely welcoming and accommodating staff. I would recommend Palmer care to anyone considering chiropractic care!
Response: Thank you for your recommendation Nick! That means the world to us and thank you so much for your kind words!

8. National Spine & Pain Centers - Alexandria - Franconia

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139 reviews
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National Spine & Pain Centers - Alexandria
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Address: 6355 Walker Ln STE 507, Alexandria, VA 22310

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Thu

Telephone: (703) 738-4332

Business type: Pain control clinic

National Spine & Pain Centers - Alexandria: what do users think?
Bonnie Falk
Bonnie Falk: The Dr was excellent as was his staff except one member a physician assistant who was very short with me about me not hearing him and questioning him about the spinal shots that I was told I would be getting at this appointment. I ended up calling the physician assistant that had.sent me there. He seemed very upset with me as I was in tears by this point. He left and another physician assistant came in the room and he was very patient with me which was a big help. Again the Dr and the rest of his staff was excellent and accommodating.
Response: We strive to provide the highest quality in patient care. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us!
Melissa S
Melissa S: I’ve been a patient of Dr. Cherrick’s for 2 years now. Not only is he an incredible doctor, he’s a great person as well. He was the ONLY doctor to diagnose me correctly after seeing multiple doctors all over the DMV, including Georgetown hospital. Great bed side manner and sense of humor since day one. He took his time, really listened to my concerns and did a thorough exam. He knew where my pain was coming from immediately after exam but had me go for a MRI to confirm the extent. The MRI confirmed what he had originally thought. I had to have extensive surgery and instead of just telling me over the phone, he had me come in and discuss… explained everything, prepared me for a long battle but reassured me he would be there every step of the way. And that he did. I’ve had 2 additional surgeries since then and Dr. Cherrick has never let me down. I ended up in the hospital on New Year’s Eve in 2020 and they paged him, he called within a few mins to consult with ER doctor the best course of action for me. He is extremely knowledgeable but will be honest with you if he isn’t sure the answer. He has advocated for me and consulted with my surgeon multiple times. He genuinely cares about your quality of life and will do everything he can to help. I don’t know where I would be without Dr.Cherrick. So lucky I found him!
Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to share these thoughts. Our staff will pass along the kind words!
Carol Peterson
Carol Peterson: Worked me into their already busy schedule the same day an appointment was requested by my GP. All I encountered were helpful and kind and patient. A special thanks to Emma, Andrew, and Dr Manboobi for putting me at ease as they assessed my painful situation. Have already recommended them to a family member!
Response: Thank you for connecting with us about this experience with our staff. We will be sure to pass this appreciation along.
Morgan Rose
Morgan Rose: I went and seen Dr. Cherrick. I have been in pain since 2016 from and I stay in pain all the time since the accident a man hit me from behind at a standstill at 80mph and he died later at the hospital my back has been injured since then and I stay in constant pain ALL THE TIME. I literally seen him die before my eyes it was so heartbreaking and heart wrenching I will NEVER forget that day. I had a baby 7 months ago after carrying him for 9 months and picking him up now that he’s almost 19.9 pounds my back and my pain has gotten even worse so this was my honest last resort and it was a good choice. I honestly hate going to doctors, but I have to say I had a wonderful experience with DR.CHERRICK supper personable I felt so comfortable with him you can tell when someone is being genuine and this man was. I was having the WORST DAY and he made it better by just listening and understanding. I literally have just wanted to die and I’m not over exaggerating but I didn’t want to go because I knew or at least I thought I would get judged for just saying I was IN PAIN. I can now focus on being a better mother and wife since I have found a doctor that actually listens and cares about his patients. I can say if you want a honest opinion that’s the best doctor that you should go to! He has a great bedside manner and I honestly enjoyed my visit he made me feel like family and it was like he understood my pain and THAT made the difference he didn’t look at me and judge me as if I wasn’t in pain because he knew I was in pain I almost wanted to break down and cry, I have been in so much PAIN lately that I haven’t enjoyed life and now we finally figured out what was wrong with me fibromyalgia which runs in my family, my mother has this very badly. Now I know I can go back and we can work on the pain and get down to the actual source of the issue. Thank you Dr. Cherrick you are very talented and great with your patients.
Response: Our practice aims to deliver the highest quality patient care. We love to hear about these positive experiences. Thanks for sharing this feedback with us!
Marge Tracey
Marge Tracey: Staff was professional but kind. They took good care of me throughout. Very glad l am under the care of Dr. Mahboobi! He has a wonderful nurse who works with him when medical procedures are performed. All excellent people. And Andrew Pfaff is absolutely a first-rate PA. I would go nowhere else for necessary medical care that l receive there.
Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to share these thoughts. Our staff will pass along the kind words!.
Ken Ward
Ken Ward: I’ve been a patient of Dr. Cherricks for over 20 years. Dr. Cherrick and his team have always treated me with respect, professionalism and kindness with a healthy amount of humor. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Dr. Cherrick.
Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to share these thoughts. Our staff will pass along the kind words!
Anon Anon
Anon Anon: Been a patient with this practice 5+ years. The current quality of care they are offering has taken a steady nosedive. It’s next to impossible to get anyone on the phone and they don’t return voicemails. Ever. It’s been an ongoing problem for months now. If you show up in person to try and address matters related to your ignored voicemails be prepared to be treated with a healthy amount of disrespect. You end up feeling like you’re the one at fault rather than the other way around. It’s a pretty jarring experience especially considering how great this practice used to be. Based on other reviews posted here it looks like others are having similar problems, especially with the phone. Patients deserve better and I can’t in good conscience recommend this practice to anyone anymore.
Response: Thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback. We would like to get a better understanding of how we can improve. Because of health privacy laws, we cannot comment publicly on your specific situation, but we would appreciate the opportunity to talk with you directly. Please send your contact information to or give us a call at 703-738-4332, and we will be sure to reach out to you as soon as possible. Thanks, NSPC Team
Aster Z
Aster Z: Dr. Abraham Cherrick was much friendlier than other doctors I’ve seen. He took his time to explain things to me and the PA that was with him (was also very nice). He asked questions and answered questions, really took his time. He reassured me that I don’t need surgery at this time based on my MRI’s, which a neurosurgeon has told me I’ll have paralysis if I don’t have surgery😫. I’ve confidence in making Dr. Cherrick my pain management doctor based on the above.
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