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Lopez Law Firm PLLC Capital Family & Divorce Law Group The Law Offices of David Stein Barkat Law Firm Carolyn Goodman Attorney Capital Family & Divorce Law Group Law Offices of Sandra Guzman-Salvado MK Family Law Remus Enterprises Law Group Capital Family & Divorce Law Group Law Offices of Jeffrey N. Markowicz DiPietro Law Group, PLLC Michele Zavos Attorney at Law Kamkari Law Law Office K Lawson Wellington The Klass Law Firm The Law Firm of Andrea Hirsch Children's Law Center

1. Lopez Law Firm PLLC - Washington

· 42 reviews

1200 18th St NW #700, Washington, DC 20036

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Lopez Law Firm PLLC: what do users think?

Milos Stanojlovic: RARE LAWYER . In 2018 I hired Carlos to divorce me in Washington DC while I was living in Florida state. He was always available to talk on phone and he resolved my divorce case like piece of cake. Four years after, 2022 I contacted him to seek legal advice and he was extremely helpful. I highly recommend you to hire Carlos Lopez for your case and I hope that he can help you like he helped me!

Verónica A. Méndez: Mr. Lopez represented me in an inter-state child custody case. Mr. Lopez successfully advocate on my and daughters behalf. He approached the matter with professionalism and empathy. I appreciated his reassurance, transparency and open line of communication. Highly recommend Mr. Lopez for any family law matters.

Rashaad Richards: Mr. Lopez provided me with THE best consultation for my case. His level of professionalism and realness is unparalleled in his field. I highly recommend Lopez Law Firm.

_ctbz: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueMr Lopez is the BEST!!! I would recommend him all the time. He was great with communicating with us, always available when we called him even on the weekends and his off hours he always answer the phone when we had a problem. My daughter I haven’t seen in years thanks to Mr Lopez I see her every other weekend!!

Kharel Baker: I previously had a very difficult custody case and an unfair ruling by a biased judge. The previous judge disregarded that I had a history with 2 protective orders. I also live in another state which made it more difficult. Attorney Lopez advocated for me like no other. The other party was difficult and was able to drag out our case for a year and a half. Attorney Lopez keyed in on what mattered and debunked the other parties lies. He got the other party to lie about a lie! His delivery and approach in my case was savvy and direct. Needless to say, I was able to regain primary custody of my children and also gain parameters that will assist in the future. I highly recommend Attorney Lopez. He got my case on the right track and demonstrated an organized and aggressive stance on my behalf.

Tiera Sutton: Working with Carlos Lopez has been an amazing experience! I hired him to represent my family in a child custody case and he met every one of my expectations! I would highly recommend Mr. Lopez to anyone with legal matters that seem too tough to tackle. He’s very thoughtful and deliberate in explaining legal matters which will instill confidence and calmness in any client he represent. His professionalism is unmatched in the court room and his experience with the legal system are always on display. Thank you!

Jazz: I found Mr. Lopez on Google and contacted him regarding my modification for custody/child support case. He was happy to take my case but was honest and gave me the extra confidence to handle it myself. I provided him with updates and he gave me additional advice. I’m happy to say that I was granted permanent custody and child support. I really appreciate him as a person because most attorneys just want your money. I would HIGHLY recommend him to assist with any family case that you have! I would be happy to pay for his services in the future if I ever need it. Thank you Mr. Lopez!

Tiffany Kwok: I was honestly so overwhelmed with how to handle my unexpected divorce. I went around and researched various attorneys before settling on Mr. Lopez. He was very understanding and guided me through this extremely emotional process. Mr. Lopez was able to negotiate a martial separation agreement that was fair and advantageous for me. I highly recommend him for various reasons, 1. approachability, 2. accessibility (text and phone calls even at odd hours), 3. empathy.

Shpresa: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueMr.Lopez is a great family attorney. Highly recommend him. By having Mr.Lopez as my attorney things worked out in my favor. He continued to keep up with my case and continued to keep me updated with everything that was going on with my case. Never gave up on me and family. Thank you so much for all the work you put into my case.

2. Capital Family & Divorce Law Group - Washington



· 46 reviews

409 7th St NW #200, Washington, DC 20004

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Capital Family & Divorce Law Group: what do users think?

Christine Ruppert: Jeannine Gomez is an incredibly caring, competent, and dedicated attorney. We served many of the same clients (myself as a counselor), so I saw first hand how tireless she is in her work with her clients. She was able to explain complex law in a digestible way, and was very good about following up promptly with clients, and with me when I would ask for clarification on legal matters. She has an incredible amount of energy and passion, and genuinely cares for the individuals she serves.

Lisa Meehan: Jeannine Gomez is an amazing family law attorney and colleague. I had the privilege of working with her for over two years at the Legal Aid Society of DC. She serves her clients with empathy and expertise. Her fluency in both Spanish and French is a huge asset and so appreciated by all of her clients who she has been able to serve in their first languages. I would highly recommend her services.

Gaby Mendoza: Jeannine Gomez is incredible. She is a charismatic, compassionate family law attorney whose multi-lingual abilities allow her to reach far and wide in helping her clients. Her attention to detail in evaluating evidence in her work in custody cases has her unmatched. Her clients are beyond lucky!

Julie Glaubach: I have known Jeannine Gomez for several years and consider her the most powerful kind of attorney - passionate, articulate, honest and kind. She will work tirelessly for her clients, always smiling, never lacking in legal expertise or skills. She is as brilliant as she is caring - and a true advocate for her clients.

Wemi Peters: Jeannine Gomez was one of the first family law attorneys that I shadowed as a young lawyer. She was patient, professional, thoughtful and worked hard to achieve client centered results. In the courtroom, she demonstrated a clear understanding of the law and an ability to use her knowledge to benefit her clients. She is a strong advocate for her clients.

Apple DD: Jeannine Gomez was incredible lawyer.She is highly experiened of family law practice.She was compassionate and concerned for the well being of me and my daughter.She been helping me for so many years.She is kind,and quick to respond to my any questions. Thank you very much. I would highly recommend her services.

3. The Law Offices of David Stein - Washington

· 59 reviews

601 Pennsylvania Avenue NW #900, Washington, DC 20004

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The Law Offices of David Stein: what do users think?

William Clyburn Jr.: Working with Mr. Stein has been an amazing experience! I hired him to represent my family in a very contentious child custody case and he met EVERY one of my expectations. His thoroughness and professionalism are unmatched in the court room and his experience with the legal system are always on display! I would highly recommend Mr. Stein to ANYONE with legal matters that seem too tough to tackle. He’s very thoughtful and deliberate in explaining legal matters which will instill confidence and calmness in any client he represent. I can not thank Mr. Stein enough for all that he has done for my family and myself.

P Grivas: David did an amazing job handling my custody situation. It was a bit of an unusual case and involved an out of state family member. I initially approached an attorney in that state who did not handle the case very well. I then approached David who reviewed the previous work and presented me with some options based on his extensive knowledge of family law. He is very thorough in his approach and he determined what documentation would be necessary to make it straightforward to win our case. We followed that approach and were in and out of the courtroom in about 15 minutes - the judge quickly ruled in our favor. David always acted professionally and was great to work with. I highly recommend his firm.

shokitha flemmings: I have retained the law offices of David Stein on 3 different occasions, starting back in 2003. Mr. Stein has completed 2 adoptions and one guardianship for me. He is awesome, extremely dependable, and he’s always had mines and my children’s best interest at heart. He is the most professional but at the same time, caring and GO HARD attorney that I’ve ever dealt with. I will definitely use him again.

Brett Cohen: Our firm has known David for several years. He is knowledgeable in the law and maintains excellent relations with his clients. His skill-set as a litigator and advisor is excellent and he works hard to get favorable outcomes. We would recommend using his services.

Jpt Law: David Stein has one of the sharpest legal minds in the nation. His expertise with litigation matters are second to none. I have personally observed him in trial settings and have never seen him unprepared. He stays current on legal rulings and is willing to help those in need. I would not hesitate to recommend him to serve anyone in need.

Thomas Grubb: I was very nervous, stressed and did not know what to expect. Mr. Stein was very responsive, took time to carefully answer my questions and put my mind at ease. He delivered exceptional results given the complexity of the case and with utmost professionalism. He is ethical, dependable and an astute lawyer. I would highly recommend Mr. Stein to my family, friends, and colleagues.

David Garfield: I have known David Stein for more than 20 years and can attest to his integrity and the high quality of his work product. He has proven to be a capable attorney who has great success in his advocacy for his clients.

Bruckheim & Patel Firm: Mr. Stein is one of the premier family law attorneys in the DMV area. He is a strong advocate for his clients and familiar with the ins and outs of representation in the family sector in court. As a peer in the community, I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for competent and personable service.

4. Barkat Law Firm - Washington

· 36 reviews

2001 L St NW Suite 500, Washington, DC 20036

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Barkat Law Firm: what do users think?

Meg Dailey: Sheraz Barkat is not only good at what he does, he is also a very thoughtful and kind person. He took the time to explain each step of the proceedings, each item in every document, and was always available to answer my questions whenever needed. He was also very on top of everything, which really helped to ease my mind. 11/10 would recommend.

Chris Coleman: I attained Mr Barkat for a child custody case and he has exceptional knowledge of the law. He listens to his client and makes sure that they get the best outcome. I recommend him unequivocally!

Sean Douglas: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueI had a great experience using Barkat Law. Sheraz was extremely helpful and attentive. He was always available to answer questions, gave frequent progress reports, etc... and makes you feel like his most important client. Barkat Law will definitely get my business again in the future.

Candice Haynes: I had to hire attorney Sheraz Barkat and I am beyond satisfied! He was extremely professional, responsive and explained everything that was not clear me. I shared his contact information with all my friends and family members!!! If you are in need of a lawyer I can guarantee you will not be disappointed with Barkat Law Firm!!!!

Katie Strausbaugh: After struggling to work my way through filing for a divorce on my own for quite some time, I reached out to Barkat Law Firm and received a response immediately. Mr. Barkat got all of the needed information to me the same day and explained the process so I was aware of every detail. My case was filed within an week and the whole process will be resolved within 3 weeks from the time I initially spoke Mr. Barkat. I only wish I had reached out sooner and saved myself a lot of headache! The price is more than reasonable for the convenience and peace of mind in knowing the process is being completed quickly and correctly.

Y. L.: Sheraz is a caring and competent Attorney, he does a great job explaining complex legal issues, and states your options clearly. He provides very valuable legal advice at a reasonable rate. I would recommend Mr. Barkat to friends and family.

Gina TerryCARVANA: Mr. Barkat was the definition of professionalism. He was always well-prepared for each meeting and court appearance. Mr. Barkat was familiar with the the intricacies and players involved during court appearances and was very thorough in preparing me for all outcomes and situations. I highly recommend him for all family law concerns. Even during our first consultation, he was extremely helpful to me about my options and never once did I feel pressured to proceed down a legal representation path. He was honest with me at all times. Mr. Barkat is the best attorney interaction I have ever experienced. I felt well represented and that he really cared.

Tom O'Connor: Sheraz is a consummate professional and listens to every single need that you have. He has a tremendous ability to explain all the pros and cons of decisions in a professional manner, and to not push you to make any decisions until you are absolutely ready. He is very flexible and works around your schedule, and also is incredibly responsive. He is very transparent with his billing and makes the payment aspect as painless as possible. Highly recommend.

karan ganjoo: Mr. Barkat was exceptional in his services and very personable. For a person who has never rubbed shoulders with attorneys before, Mr. Barkat was very attentive and patient with me. He has thorough knowledge of the law, was very well prepared for the court hearing and was always available for any questions. I highly recommend Mr. Barkat for any family law issues.
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5. Carolyn Goodman Attorney - Washington

· 36 reviews

2000 P St NW #500, Washington, DC 20036

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Carolyn Goodman Attorney: what do users think?

R M: Going through a divorce is an emotional process that also requires sound legal advice. I retained Carolyn Goodman as my attorney and her services were simply superb. She is a true expert in divorce law and provided incredibly sound guidance throughout my entire ordeal. She explained each step of the process and was available anytime to discuss emerging issues or the best way to navigate a necessary pivot in strategy. She also listened and was an excellent voice of reason during a stressful experience. Her combination of deep legal experience with the ability to understand and help with the human side of the process was very special. Without her legal services and support, I would have never been able to achieve this level of success which such a difficult matter.

Erin: Carolyn was a wonderful attorney. She really made everything simple, walking me through every step of the divorce process. She is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. I highly recommend her as an attorney!

Benjamin Merrick: Carolyn was an outstanding lawyer — she offered sound guidance at every step of a stressful process, was always available, responsive, and communicative when I had questions, and never over-charged for her time. Very glad I chose to work with her, and would highly recommend!

Jesica T: I cannot recommend Carolyn Goodman enough! I have been working with her since 2019 when my ex-husband and I initially separated, she helped draft a very thorough and clear separation agreement and helped with negotiating the terms. She was thoughtful and honored my wishes, while informing me of what I was entitled to, she translated exactly what I wanted into legal terms in the agreement. After a brief reconciliation my ex and I decided to divorce in 2021--almost 2 years later and Carolyn and this agreement were a saving grace! I was able to reference the agreement throughout the divorce and make sure my wishes and rights were protected. My divorce went through as quickly as it could and with minimal back and forth. Working with her I can say she truly cares for her clients and even followed up to ensure there were no issues post divorce.

C C: I hired Carolyn Goodman for a pre-nup on a tight schedule. She was most helpful, informative, and kept me up to speed every step of the way. As someone who has never been through this process before, I felt extremely well-informed after talking to Carolyn, and felt like I came out of this process knowing so much more than before. Her pre-nup is comprehensive yet clear and understandable, and I could not recommend her more, especially for people like me who are not familiar with family law.

6. Capital Family & Divorce Law Group - Rockville

· 158 reviews

110 N Washington St # 204, Rockville, MD 20850

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Capital Family & Divorce Law Group: what do users think?

Oral John: I could not have gotten a better advocate for my legal family matter. Tammy told me the things I needed to know, needed to hear, needed to do, and most importantly, the things she could do to help me. She and her team kept me keenly informed on everything in my case. Cost may be a major factor in a divorce and if you are anything like me, you want to be on top of your tab. There were no surprises in my bill - again, I was kept well informed. Finally, Tammy has a great legal mind. She knows her business and she fights with great tenacity. I challenge you to find a better advocate.

Cindy Carpenter: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, ResponsivenessI’ve had Tammy Begun for child custody services ongoing for 6-7 years. She always gives 110 percent and really gives her all to the case.Her professionalism coupled with her sincere compassion is a wonderful combination and a truly rare quality.

Batool Hasan: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueTammy and her team are nothing short of impressive. Family law can be difficult but the team does a great job of making the situation easier to get through. Tammys expertise is undeniable and I highly recommend her if you want your case handled with the care and sensitivity that it deserves.

Rhoda San Jose: Attorney Tammy Begun has been extremely professional and knowledgeable from start to finish of my case. She has the answers to all my questions and gave me good advice regarding my case. I don’t think I would be able to continue my case without her expertise on family law. She is always prepared and confident every time we were in court. I knew right away when I spoke to her over the phone with my consultation that she was the right lawyer for my case. It is not just her that was amazing, whenever I’ve come in contact with her or her team over the phone, they were very sweet and helpful. They care about their clients all the way through.

Abiha Abbas: Tammy Begun is an extremely skilled lawyer whose commitment to her clients is exceptional. Her knowledge in the field is apparent, and she will handle your case with sound expertise. Her staff is very responsive and will address all of your needs. I recommend her and her team for your family law cases.

Maria Robalino: This divorce was by far one of the hardest decisions of my life. I feel truly blessed to have gone through this dark and painful period with Tammy guiding every step of my way. She is a great strategist and really listened to what I needed. She was always straight forward with me and never kept me in the dark. She allowed me to be a thought partner in this process, which is something I really needed from my attorney. She helped me think of the best outcome for my little girl at all times and that is what I wanted. She was there for me on weekends, late at night if I needed to talk. Her dedication to the work is impressive. She aggressively, passionately, professionally and relentlessly defended my interests. That is what you want from an attorney. I recommend her 100%!

7. Law Offices of Sandra Guzman-Salvado - Rockville

· 173 reviews

11 N Washington St Suite 500, Rockville, MD 20850

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Law Offices of Sandra Guzman-Salvado: what do users think?

Cathy Beyer: Ms Guzman Salvado and her team successfully got me physical and legal custody of my grandson. She was compassionate, thorough and upfront about what I could expect particularly given the challenges caused by the pandemic. While I was very pleased with the legal representation at my trial last month, there were times earlier in the process when I wasn’t sure what attorney was working the case and information flow could have also been improved. Nevertheless I would recommend her team for custody cases.

Amanda Martinez: Sandra Guzman-Salvado represented me in a custody case and I can only say I am beyond pleased with her services. The team is well organized, kept open communication with me throughout the whole process. I started my case right before the pandemic, she went above and beyond to ensure I got the results I hoped for. I 100% recommended Mrs.Guzman’s firm for any child custody proceedings.

Luis Estévez-Salmerón: Sandra Guzman Salvado represented me in a high conflict divorce and custody case. We had a multiple day custody trial because I wanted to have my kids with me just as much as my wife did. I am a good father and I was being denied the right to spend as much time with them without justification. Sandra prepared me and my case well and now I have shared physical and joint legal custody of my children. I am grateful to Sandra and her team for their work and dedication to my case. I recommend Sandra’s office to anyone looking for a custody or divorce lawyer.

Miladis Palacios: I am very delighted to have partnered with the Law Office of Sandra Guzman- Salvado. I was very pleased with the services and representation of the Firm during my divorce proceeding, Margarita was a pleasure to work with and the rest of your staff handled all my inquiries in a courteous and professional manner. Thank you for making my life easier!

Yvette Díaz Rodriguez: Sandra Guzman Salvado saved my divorce case. Sandra and her team tackled my case in 2 weeks before trial began. They were all working on my case 24/7 and I am extremely thankful for their knowledge of the law and professionalism throughout the case. I recommend Sandra’s firm wholeheartedly.

Jennifer Ahmed: It was a HUGE blessing that Sandy Guzman was my attorney during my custody case. She is kind, understanding yet bold, and firm as she passionately defends her clients. I felt that she truly had my son’s best interest at heart when I was clouded with anxieties about our custody case. She advocated for my son and I in ways that forever positively changed my life and the future of my son. I am so grateful to her and her team. Her team members were so nice to work with and extremely responsive. They went above and beyond to make the custody process easy on me. Sandy is like an angel disguised as an attorney. You would be lucky to have her and her team defending you.

Marina Wilson: Couldn’t say enough great things about Sandra and her team! They are thorough, super organized, prepared, kind and so much more. They took my case last minute and helped me get more time with my children than I even expected. Gave me advice on things I hadn’t even thought about. Sandra was very prepared on the day of the case and knew exactly what to say and do whichever way the case was turning. I was so shocked how passionately she fought for me and my girls, yet stayed professional. Loved working with her and her team. Excellent service.

8. MK Family Law - Washington

· 7 reviews

1717 K Street, NW, #900, Washington, DC 20006

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MK Family Law: what do users think?

Nathan Olson: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueSimply put, Melissa is THE preeminent attorney on international custody matters. She is an invaluable resource for clients and other attorneys. I cannot recommend her more highly.

Rebekah Sullivan: I have consulted with Attorney Kucinski as an expert in international family law on several matters. She is extremely knowledgeable in the law and procedures and her advice has been invaluable. I have also worked with Attorney Kucinski as a neutral mediator, and I have found her to be exceptionally skilled. She is thoughtful and professional.

Peter Stambleck: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, ResponsivenessMelissa is top notch. Her work ethic is 2nd to none and she is fully versed on all aspects of her profession.

David Sarif: Melissa is one of the best lawyers I know.

Susan Oehl: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

9. Remus Enterprises Law Group - Washington

· 18 reviews

1629 K St NW #300, Washington, DC 20006

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Remus Enterprises Law Group: what do users think?

Andrew Hardy: Remus Law Group has restored my faith in the law of civilized beings. I transported my life’s belongings across the country and when my belongings did not come and the trucking company gave me the run around, Remus law group, specifically Mr. Solon Philips was the force that made a unlawful company do right! Thank you so much for doing what I could not and becoming also my life long partner for legal services! ! I will always come back and refer Remus Law Group!

Arlena Chaney: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueSolon Phillips is a major force in fighting for justice for his clients; I can speak from experience. He is the one to have in your legal corner. I recommend him highly. Thanks Solon!!!

Jaimie Alana: I could not be more pleased with the level of professionalism and attention to my case that I received working with Remus Law. I was having issues with a certain hospital in Washington, D.C. Solon Phillips listened to me carefully, developed a strategy that I was very pleased with, and then executed the plan to a tee. He is not like most lawyers. He is more like a really nice psychologist who just so happens to know a lot about the law. If you have any legal issues, you should definitely consider calling Remus Law.

Teresa Waiter: I contacted Remus Law because I was desperate. No other attorney wanted to take the time to even listen to me. No other attorney believed in me. I spoke with Solon Phillips and he was kind and considerate and understanding. He listened to me and my long sob story. He eventually took my case. I was awarded custody and the divorce was so much easier than I ever thought was possible. Thank you, Remus Law!

J Logan: Mr. Phillips has made himself available to handle any legal issue I have had in the past. He took care of one real estate concern I had within 12 hours of initially contacting him. It speaks to his knowledge base and efficiency. I will use him again without hesitation.

January Levere: Remus Enterprises Law Group provided legal advice and guidance during a difficult situation that took place within my company. I found them to be experienced, responsive, knowledgable and honest. While working with Remus Law, I felt as though my situation was in adept and trustworthy hands, and they did not steer me wrong.

10. Capital Family & Divorce Law Group - Fairfax

· 58 reviews

10505 Judicial Dr #201, Fairfax, VA 22030

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Capital Family & Divorce Law Group: what do users think?

Kyle Eichelmann: Tammy Begun and others in the office helped finalize my divorce. After my previous divorce lawyer was fired, Tammy took the time to understand my situation with a minor child involved and filed correctly while walking me through the process. The staff’s attentiveness to my case was superb! I strongly recommend others thinking about divorce or already involved to contact these experts as soon as possible. The cost is worth it, especially since I was unfamiliar with the necessary steps.

LARRY SCOTT: Jordan Nye is an amazing attorney. He went beyond his normal scope to help me in a custody battle. He was very responsive, professional and honest. I will definitely recommend him for any family law issue. Larry

Erin Thiebert: I have known Hope personally for over fifteen years. Her professional approach in service to her clients and with other attorneys sets her apart from many others in the legal industry. Her calm demeanor and no-nonsense personality allows her to provide the best advice to her clients, even in the most difficult circumstances. She is a true advocate for her clients and I am happy to recommend her services to others.

Jeff Thiebert: Hope is extremely talented lawyer who provides her clients with the knowledge and guidance needed to get through any family law conflict. With her years of experience, Hope has developed a stellar reputation as a strong advocate and a trusted member of the bar. From taking a case to trial to negotiating settlements, Hope is dedicated to providing her clients the best possible outcomes. I highly recommend Hope Rosen.

GRANT MOHER: Hope is an outstanding attorney. I had the pleasure of working with her for several years, and I can say that she is highly intelligent, hardworking, and an excellent advocate for her clients. She also maintains a high level of professional civility and is well respected by the bench.

Catherine Croft: My family law practice is limited to Prince William County. Hope has been my "go to" referral lawyer for family law cases in Fairfax County for many years. She is thorough, energetic, communicative and presents polished and succinct litigation arguments that serve her clients well. We met through litigation and she was opposing counsel. While that dynamic can be contentious, ours was not and the arguments remained those of the clients and not between counsel. I highly recommend Hope for your family law issues in Fairfax County.

Jill W: Hope Rosen was terrific to work with during a difficult time for our family. She is caring and warm, yet firm and professional. She backs up her confident demeanor with strong know-how and mixes it with compassion. I highly recommend Hope and would return to her again, if needed.

Brian Hirsch: Hope is a well-respected family lawyer among the local bar. While she is fully capable of advocating for her clients in court when necessary, she is an equally adept negotiator and has a practical approach to her cases. I only wish we had more Hope Rosens in Northern Virginia.

11. Law Offices of Jeffrey N. Markowicz - Washington

· 6 reviews

700 12th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

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Law Offices of Jeffrey N. Markowicz: what do users think?

Cianda Porter: I honestly loved working with Jeffrey. If you want a lawyer who’s honest, attentive, caring, and willing to fight for you, he’s that man. He worked with me and my schedule that had all types of crazy hours. I was going through a custody battle. He help me fight for my baby and helped me understand every angle of the law on what I could or could not do. To being a mediator between people whom shouldn’t have been involved but was. Awesome just awesome. Thank you Jeffrey!

Mouna Sumner: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueI hired Mr. Markowicz to help me with a custody matter in DC. Mr. Markowicz was extremely knowledgeable, professional, understanding, caring and patient. He is very strategic which is important when dealing with other lawyers. I highly recommend his services and expertise! I felt confident having Mr. Markowicz represent me.

Youssouf Kiendrebeogo: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueMr. Markowicz is an outstanding lawyer. He advised and guided me in a timely and effective way. He is very professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Mr. Markowicz.

Delores McIntosh: Jeffrey is amazing and did a great job with my case!

12. District Family Law - Washington

· 4 reviews

1717 K Street, NW, #900, Washington, DC 20006

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District Family Law: what do users think?

Miss E: I had a family-related hearing and when the other party "lawyered up" I felt very intimated to represent myself. Elizabeth Brown took on my case several days before the hearing. She was highly professional and was very well-prepared, even at such short notice. She was able to negotiate a mutually-beneficial settlement and I was pleased with her services and the outcome of my case.

Mick Silver: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueI cannot recommend Rebekah too highly. Caring, compassionate, hard-nosed professional advice and representation that transformed a potentially contestable divorce proceeding to an uncontested one. I had a bad experience with billing by a previous lawyer. Quite the opposite with this Office.

Melissa Kucinski: I have worked on several cases with Rebekah and her firm, and she provides solid legal counsel and is extraordinarily knowledgeable about D.C. family law.

13. DiPietro Law Group, PLLC - Washington

· 3 reviews

1025 Connecticut Ave NW STE 1000, Washington, DC 20036

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DiPietro Law Group, PLLC: what do users think?

R W: Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

14. Michele Zavos Attorney at Law - Washington

· 4 reviews

1604 Newton St NE, Washington, DC 20018

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Michele Zavos Attorney at Law: what do users think?

Michael Oberschneider: Great law firm! As a psychologist, I highly endorse the Zavos Junker Law Group. Michael Oberschneider, Psy.D, NCCE, NCPC Founder and Director Licensed Clinical Psychologist Nationally Certified Custody Evaluator Nationally Certified Parenting Coordinator

15. Law Office of Daniel A. Gross - Washington

· 4 reviews

1155 F St NW #1050, Washington, DC 20004

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Law Office of Daniel A. Gross: what do users think?

Rania MagicLoveQueen Jaziri: Hired for child custody case. He did a great job and made sure my Child was taken care of. Still provides me with assistance as needed.

Basar Bozdogan: Just to asnwer a simple question, they called me back and helped me with their professionalism and kindness. Giving their opinions with honesty made me write this review. Thank you again.

Jay Mykytiuk: Dan Gross is an aggressive and dedicated family law attorney. I would recommend him without reservation.

Vicente Troy Hunt: He cares very much about is client well being. Nice person.

16. Kamkari Law - North Bethesda

· 7 reviews

10411 Motor City Dr, Bethesda, MD 20817

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Kamkari Law: what do users think?

Hassan amini: Kamkari law firm is exceptionally good at whatever case you have. I have known them for over 10 years and used them on three occasions ,having a few businesses and properties etc. you must have a good lawyer on your side and Shane is very kind ,sharp and thorough person and we have always had the best results that we had hoped for. I definitely recommend him and his team and would always refer friend and relatives to him.

maziar shahmohammadi: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueI highly recommend Kamkari Law. Mr. Kamkari helped me with my case, and I was fully pleased with his work and professionalism, and his help throughout the process. He was very responsive and caring throughout the process and answered all my questions professionally and in a timely manner.

Dimitry Dawson: Shane and his team at Kamkari Law Firm is well-versed in Maryland laws, especially in personal injury matters. Throughout my personal injury claim legal proceedings he was very helpful and prompt in answering my concerns. That saved my valuable time and better equipped for the legal battle. The entire crew was very helpful and assisted me throughout the case. I recommend them highly as your legal partner in Maryland laws.

ani cherot: Shane is a great attorney and I feel lucky to have worked with him when I purchased my dental practice 5 months ago. He is professional and very good about responding right away whenever I needed to speak to him. Communication with him was easy and he certainly made the whole process less stressful for me. I recommend his services to anyone looking for an attorney.

Atousa Raissyan: Mr. Kamkari is one of a kind family attorney. He is caring, sharp, proficient, and an EXCEPTIONAL family attorney that I have come to know. I have had a very difficult divorce proceedings; I have interviewed many lawyers as well as worked with two separate attorneys; and no one has been able to come close to his dedication as well as strength. I highly recommend him as a family attorney specially if you have a difficult or unusual case.

Omid Kia: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueShane is a detail oriented and professional lawyer. Enjoyed working with him and he attended to all aspects of my case. I highly recommend him.

17. Law Office K Lawson Wellington - Washington

· 290 reviews

1003 K St NW Suite 805, Washington, DC 20001

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Law Office K Lawson Wellington: what do users think?

Angela Cameron: I am honored to relay my experience regarding the exemplary services provided by Mr. Wellington. Although the circumstances were excruciating and the situation was life changing, Mr. Wellington exercised tenacious compassion, support and sensibility while reacting to all (foreseen and unforeseen) circumstances with tenacity. Most importantly is his positive energy. Mr. Wellington always went the extra mile and reiterated that “this too shall pass.” It did, along with the best outcome ever. Thank you.

Ravneet Singh: I got into bad DUI incidents 2 and half years ago. It was a bad crash and they took me into hospital. But Mr Wellington, helped me tremendously and reduce my sentence to Reckless Driving. I highly recommend him for anyone with any situation in DUI.

Albert Ellis: Attorney Wellington was very responsive & spoke honestly about the chances of my case & was able to give his professional opinion to ease any concerns that I may have had. The best case scenario occurred & the case was dropped by the prosecution before going to trial.

Emmanuel Manful: Mr. Wellington stayed with this case for almost two years and advised me all throughout. Always nice to have a good lawyer to help you beat a traffic case. Highly recommended.

Charlene Todd: Mr. Wellington is by far the best lawyer you can ever pay for, I was Fighting 2 DUI’s @ once with one prior, and too be clear both dui’s where 1 year apart, it took three years due to covid to fight everything, I was stressed, nervous all the above but Mr Wellington wasn’t worried not one bit, an now I know why, he FIGHTS HARD, EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE not only with the court but you too (he wants you to stay on top of what you need to do so you can win) I am now doing 1 year of probation after a total of 3 DUI’s on my record! Oh an let me tell you one has been drop off my record of course after i complete all the programs the court has recommended. Just so you know he FIGHTS for his clients! So If you need a lawyer for any traffic case he is the person you have/need to go too!!! TRUST ME you will not LOOSE!! Thank you for all you have done for me it means everything i could be in jail, but now I’m sitting at home with no stress! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! TEAM WELLIGTON!!!!!

Kenneth Ragland: This guy is the best. He definitely knows what he’s doing. He puts you in the best position for court. A friend of mine recommended him to me and he was great. I will definitely recommend getting him for your legal problems.

Walter P: I would recommend Mr. Wellington very highly to anyone without a second of thought or hesitation. Mr. Wellington answered my initial concerned call on a Sunday afternoon and agreed to meet with me the very next day to discuss my case. He offered a very fair and reasonable price and he was worth every cent! He provided me with several resources to help aid me in my case and they all worked and paid off. He did not sugar coat things at all but he did calm me down from my initial stress and anxiety regarding this situation. In the end he got my case completely dismissed and I am very happy with him and his work. You are in great hands with him!

Candace Johnson: I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Wellington to anyone in need of counsel! He’s very personable, extremely resourceful and will fight for you!

Barock Atakilti: The absolute best DUI and criminal defense lawyer in the DC DMV! Thank you so much — I appreciate everything.🙏Selam.

18. The Klass Law Firm - Washington

· 3 reviews

1026 Monroe St NE, Washington, DC 20017

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The Klass Law Firm: what do users think?

Talia Chestnut: Great service

19. The Law Firm of Andrea Hirsch - Montgomery County

· 4 reviews

5425 Wisconsin Ave Suite 600, Chevy Chase, MD 20815

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The Law Firm of Andrea Hirsch: what do users think?

Lisa Castagna: Andrea gathered all the information and was able to communicate my options in a clear and honest way. She gave me a good estimate of how long it would take before closing the situation, and was extremely responsive to all my emails and questions. Even at the beginning of the pandemic with most businesses closed, once phase one reopened the courthouse she was very proactive to make calls and schedule my proceedings right away. She offered services at an excellent price and sent monthly emails to update me for my balance. I would recommend Andrea to anyone who she may be of help to. Wonderful service!

Marc Mitcham: Andrea was great to work with. My divorce was very straight-forward, but she helped me review documents and prep everything with no unnecessary billings or fees. She very quickly answered all my emails and phone calls and gave very solid advice.

20. Children's Law Center - Washington

· 16 reviews

501 3rd St NW #800, Washington, DC 20001

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Children's Law Center: what do users think?

A Peterson: Great Organization!

April Thomas: Love this place so much

Letoyia Brown: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

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