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Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens United States National Arboretum University of the District of Columbia Hirshhorn Museum American University Smithsonian Institution National Archives Research Center

1. United States Botanic Garden - Washington

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100 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, DC 20001

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United States Botanic Garden: what do users think?

ThePinkfreak805: A really beautiful and enjoyable place! They鈥檝e got some really awesome plant species here! The tropical room is especially great! Not only is it beautiful, but with the humidity you鈥檒l really feel like you鈥檙e in the rainforest! Also very cool to see the endangered plants you aren鈥檛 likely to see anywhere else.

Alex Navarro: Always lovely. The inside and outside gardens are full of flowers. Great place to take kids. They even have a children鈥檚 garden where kids can plant something and water it. So cute! You can spend a lot of time here if you like, but you can also easily see everything in about an hour.

Richa Rashmi: This is such a delightful retreat for an afternoon lunch or just a date in the different ecotones of the world. You could walk into a completely tropical climate full of tropical trees that have terrace views, or walk into a desert of cactus. There鈥檚 a section on medicinal plants followed by rare and endangered species which is mind blowing. I absolutely loved my shortest trip to Hawaii and then to a garden of orchids and roses. Be sure to checkout the inner and outer gardens. There are interesting wall murals of tea from China and other such use. But the most amazing part was the TOILET. Yes, you heard it right. It鈥檚 full of ornamental plants that smells amazing and the sound of water and birds will make you feel you鈥檙e in the cleanest part of the world, unlike what public restrooms are known for.

Jeremy Andra: The botanical gardens are a beautiful hideaway from the normal everyday views of the world. An amazing display of some of the wonderful offerings this world has to offer in the way of beautiful plants and miscellaneous greenery. We were shocked to find there is no charge to see any of this and would highly suggest you stop in and check it out.

Hyo Jin Moon: Beautiful garden that is open to the public for free. There are spots where you can sit and enjoy the weather and also the indoor green house that has so much to see (and learn. Lots of educational components). I highly recommend visiting here with kids of all ages.

Ben Matthews: If you鈥檝e spent the day walking up the mall and around the museums, then this is a fantastic place to unwind. The glasshouse is beautiful in its own right, and features plants from many different climates. And the outdoor gardens are equally lovely. Definitely worth a stop if you鈥檙e near the Capital Building.

2. Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens - Washington



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1550 Anacostia Ave NE, Washington, DC 20019, United States

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Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens: what do users think?

Madhu Kalepu: Located near DC, Maryland border. Plenty of parking and not so crowded when we visited during long weekend. Place is great for Beautiful nature walks, picnic tables and fresh air. We have spotted Turtles, baby Turtles, Cranes, various birds while doing boardwalk. Garden closes at 4pm and the entry is free. Restrooms located at welcome center

Life in La Plata: One of my all-time favorite parks: so much beauty. You can look at the plants around the ponds, or the ones growing in the ponds, and you can try to spot wildlife in the water and the trees. There are bike paths on the far side of the park (if you drive). Plan to go early, the park closes at 4pm.

Ash Pouvaranukoah: An awesome place to be! The place is crawling with so many types of critters. Restrooms are nice and efficient. Definitely a great quiet place to bring family, friends, or just yourself!

Jill Cobb: It was a nice winter/early spring walk along the ponds and boardwalk. Nothing was blooming, but we saw turtles, frogs, and fish. Seems like summer is the time for the flowers.

Lisa Gump: I came to the gardens with a group of students and it is a beautiful Park to visit. I will admit though that it was tough for us to find. We AR not from the area and it is not easy with all the construction to get here. The park is worth the navigation woes. There are lots of things to see and do.

Connie Massaro: This is a unique aquatic garden in the DC area. Best time to visit is in the morning. The water lilies and the lotus are spectacular. There are different small ponds where they grow the lilies and the lotus. Bring your cameras!!! There is also a boardwalk and trails along the river.

Steven Esquina: The place was really nice lots of plants with beautiful lilies, frogs, deer, even foxes if you are really lucky will scurry about there are smalls docks that you can walk on to get close to the water where you can see ducks there is even an elevated platform where you can see the whole pond!!

Sam Chen: A nice place to spend several leisurely hours. The time I went there the water lily was not quite blooming yet, it must be beautiful when it does.

3. United States National Arboretum - Washington

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3501 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

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United States National Arboretum: what do users think?

Eduardo Moser: We visited during cherry blossom days. They have a great variety of cherry trees and magnolias. It is a complement to know different cherry blossoms from those of the Tidal Basin. There is no proper public transportation, so the place is fairly free of tourists. We came to this place by car on the recommendation of a friend who lives in DC. The Bonsai collection is amazing. There is much to walk and explore. On a plain they have mounted the original columns of the Capitol. Bring some snacks and drinks, because there is no service in the place. Access and parking is free.

Da-Wang Wu: We came here in late April, and the Azalea blossoming was pretty amazing! Walking on the trail with the Azalea blossoming along the way was very nice. Parking inside the park can be tricky, so we parked in the lot right next to the entrance and walked 5-10 minutes to the main campus. Overall, it鈥檚 a beautiful place, and I would definitely come back.

CJ: Depending on when you visit the US National Arboretum, something different is peaking. In mid April, the fruit trees were just past peak, but the lilacs shrubs were close to full bloom. As I strolled thru the lilac grove, the soft lilac fragrance permeated the air. One of the US National Arboretum鈥檚 most prominent and a little puzzling landmarks is the old Corinthian National Capitol Columns residing on the Ellipse Meadow. The US National Arboretum was not the column鈥檚 intended home when they were quarried back in the early 1800s. Originally, the columns were built as a part of the east portico of the US Capitol Building now located about 3 miles away from the US National Arboretum. By the 1860s, when the dome of the Capitol was completed, the columns were deemed inadequate to support the new dome. It wouldn鈥檛 be until the mid 1980s before the columns would find their final home at the US National Arboretum. Twenty-two of the original 24 columns are on majestic display in Ellipse Meadow. During our trip to the US National Arboretum in mid April, the Azaleas were just starting to bud and bloom. So no good pictures this trip. Peak time for the Azalea garden at the arboretum is late April. I hear the Azaleas are a beautiful sight when the hillside is painted with splotches of different colors.

Karthikeyan Rajaram: Luck is when you run into a beautiful place like this without planning. Better luck is when you get into it in the company of a person who used to volunteer at this place. We didn鈥檛 really plan to be at the arboretum, considering that the Spring is still not Springy enough. We had seen enough of Cherry Blossoms in the Tidal basin area that we thought we could do something else. We just made it to this place on recommendation from one of our relatives, who also accompanied us. Since he was a volunteer here, he helped us navigate and gave us so much insights about the different kinds of plants, flowers, bonsais and the what the lovely people who work here, do. We drove around this place and still got to see more cherry blossoms, along with different other species of flora. The enchanting Bonsai museum is a must visit as it did take our breathes away. The old columns of the capitol and the grove of different state trees are some of the special features of this place. The flowers were not in full blossom and we definitely look forward to checking this place again in summer.

Logan Heilman: Visited for the Bonsai event they were having and had a blast. All the vendors were great and the museums bonsai and penjing exhibit was phenomenal. Will definitely be back.

Elisabeth 鈥淏eth鈥 Ostrander: We only had about an hour and headed to the bonsai area. Wow! To see living gifts from Japan and China that were started and cared for since before the birth of our nation was truly outstanding. Befitting our National Arboretum! Will return to see more treasures!

4. University of the District of Columbia - Washington

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4200 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008, United States

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University of the District of Columbia: what do users think?

Carolyn Taylor: This was a enjoyable experience, the seating was great for Covid safety . I would definitely attend an event here again

angel almonte: One of the best experiences I have had as a student. The professors were extremely helpful in guiding me to obtain an education . The facility is improving and they have an excellent student center. The student body is very a diverse population. The administration staff are as friendly. as you are to them. In other words if you act a fool than expect to be treated as one. 馃槉

C. M.: Took Spanish classes here for one year. I regret slacking on my Spanish.
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5. Hirshhorn Museum - Washington

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Independence Ave SW &, 7th St SW, Washington, DC 20560

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Hirshhorn Museum: what do users think?

preservefootprints: It was under renovation but you still can visit and enjoy art show inside without being distracted by. The Marcel Duchamp legacy exhibit 鈥淚t鈥檚 Art If I Say So鈥 was informative and interesting, if you plan your next visit, pay attention on the white toilet that was almost mentioned in some of the artworks. Can you count how many are they? 馃槈 Don鈥檛 miss out the drawing your shadow in 鈥淐all it A Little Game Between 鈥橧鈥 and 鈥楳e鈥欌 exhibit. While you walk between exhibits, don鈥檛 forget to feel the Mark Bradford 鈥淧ickett鈥檚 Charge鈥 that goes around the building. Check on the Laurie Anderson 鈥淭he Weather鈥 Exhibition! It was a breathtaking! Also don鈥檛 forget to stop by the lower level exhibit of Barbara Kruger 鈥淏elief + Doubt鈥 around the shop area. And when you leaving to the Sculpture Garden, don鈥檛 be surprised of the wide coffee tables from tree root in the lobby! Awesome!

Gary Seybold: The Laurie Anderson exhibit was simply awesome! It鈥檚 so good! This woman is a genius and I am so glad I saw her work here! If you have the chance to see it you should. You will not be disappointed.

greg hakala: Phenomenal visit to see the yayoi kusama visit. Arrived at 10:15am for the free allotted tickets and was able to grab 2 for 11:45am. Seems if you go in morning should be able to get tickets for that day, none are online.

Isabel Berdeja: One of my favorite DC museums, it鈥檚 free! Saturday and Sunday get pretty packed, so make sure to arrive early if you want to avoid crowds. Also, tickets for special exhibits sometimes ran out, so if you鈥檙e looking to see one of those, book the tickets in advance (they鈥檙e still free, they just use them to manage the amount of people in the exhibit)

6. DC Department of Parks and Recreation - Washington

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1275 First St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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DC Department of Parks and Recreation: what do users think?

Olivia A. Chase: DPR takes on an intergenerational approach with my family and many families like mine. I am a grandmother raising a grandchild. They generate many programs that are suitable for this type of family. As an example, DPR has various Swim Teams in all 8 Wards of Washington, DC. DPR not only organizes Swim Meets each week; in addition, transportation to the Swim Meets is also provided making it possible for families to engage in the swimmers activities. This also allows families to participate as time keepers or to volunteer their time and energies in various other and sundry ways. Personally, I was ecstatic to be able to CHEER MY SWIMMER ON TO VICTORY!!

7. American University - Washington

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4400 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016

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American University: what do users think?

Praveen Sriram: Stayed here in the summer of 2005 for my internship in Washington DC and the experience was absolutely fabulous with the dining halls and the gym being my favorites. No complaints at all and excellent customer service from the residence hall staff. I sometimes wish I studied Accounting at this university than at the one I studied at. Great school and great residence halls. Highly recommend! A+

娲姌鍕: I have received my master of law degree (international legal studies) from the Washington College of Law of this school. It鈥檚 a very internationalized and excellent university. I really miss it.

Adam Cox: Graduated school here in 2005. Students are very engaged and staff friendly. Great place to study.

Sarah Ashworth: Loved my years at American!! Great diversity and learning community!

t Whittington: Great university. Amazing area. Amazing people.

TechCarsAnd EverythingElse: Mediocre University in DC. Georgetown is a better university.

8. Smithsonian Institution - Washington

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600 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, DC 20002

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Smithsonian Institution: what do users think?

Jean Bell: Free for kids under 2! Took our baby godson here and he loved it! There was even a nice area for children under 2 to play in. It had a boat and little jungle themed play area! We explored the whole place and the people there were very informative. They showed even us a lion and leopard! I took off a star because the rainforest walk through closed off their canopy area for renovations this time we went. Perfect way to spend a couple hours on a rainy day! P.S. The earthquake exhibit and recreation was awesome and informative!

Gayle Schultz: What an excellent adventure it was to visit the Smithsonian Museums! My only problem, was 5 days was not enough time for me. I stayed in a nice hostel walking distance to the museums. A healthy walking distance. Did take a bus a few times. Grateful to everyone that works in all parts of each museum. The hostel offered evening outings in DC, but walking all day I needed to rest when back to the hostel. Favorites were the art museums and the New African American Museum.

Jaime Nava: Great for the kids!Just recommend to come early and bring plenty of water!

Perks Advisor: The Smithsonian Castle is one of the many Smithsonian buildings located on the Mall. It is fun to view with its unique architecture and the beautiful garden that surround the Castle. Often times tourists are more focused on the other Smithsonian Museums but this is a great one to relax or to eat outside nearby.

Jonathon Koerner: This museum is someplace I remember going on field trips for the day. The overall size is quite large to do in one session unless you stay on course. I love all the information they have available, and some interactive areas. The food is expensive, but what do you expect on dc. I find it鈥檚 more of an experience to get food outside from one of the local trucks(falafels are good). As many people have commented you may need to buy tickets ahead of time during the covid era.

Daniel Bruce: I mean, you need like a month to see everything, there is just so much and it is all good and educational. Plan on at least a week here.

9. National Archives Research Center - Washington

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700 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20408

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National Archives Research Center: what do users think?

Stacy A: Worth at least one visit to celebrate US history. See the Declaration of Independence, constitution, and bill of rights. Room is dark and cold to help with preservation. No photos allowed at all. Entry was simple enough once I found it and staff was quiet but helpful.

Rodrigo Gonzalez: An impressive building which was made to preserve the national documents. In the exhibition, you can see The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. Congratulations to the staff and curators for such an impressive place. I recommend it.

Matthew Miller: In reality, you could make a very quick trip here and only see the most important things here--The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. With a bit more time, there are other exhibits to see, especially if you are interested in the archiving process and what gets stored in the National Archives. For families with younger children the Boeing Learning Center is a nice place with activities and hands-on materials. The staff there are keen to explain things and are clearly devoted to their vocations.

Wei Hsu: Amazing building and gorgeous architecture.

Nikoloz Gachechiladze: Considering that the place is free, it provides an amazing experience. You can see the originals of American Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and Constitution all within 15 minutes, if you have planned your route. There are other interesting exhibits, but these three are highlights and definitely worth a visit.

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